Being Human (UK) s01e06 Episode Script

Bad Moon Rising

That's it, that's death.
I'll tell you the worst thing in the world.
It's not true.
Ow I should say goodbye now, then.
He's dying! Annie, just go! 'It was nothing really.
'Just a small good deed in the darkness.
'But fate is always playing a long game.
' The presenter takes this woman and leaves her on one side of the road and asks people on the other side, "How old do you think she is over there?" And they're all like, "45? 50?" Mitchell.
On his way.
What's he talking about? That show, 10 Years Younger.
It's a good old makeover but this time she keeps the woman with her.
She has the woman with her.
Do you see what I'm saying.
Will you shut up? Just shut up.
Take the rubbish out.
I haven't seen one of them in years.
Let's have some fun.
Oi, doggy.
Here, boy.
Good dog.
What do you want? I haven't got any money.
We don't want your dirty money.
No, Digby, we wanna play.
No, no, no, no.
He's hurt, he's hurt.
Ah! Get him up.
Is he all right? My turn, boys.
Hey, mate.
Get in there boys - go on.
Go on, lads.
Whoa! What are you doing? We saw him in the caff.
Got something to say, Mitchell? How many people in the cafe? A few.
Anyone see you leave? Does it matter? I don't know, Marco, their kitchen guy turns up dead and they've seen you go after him, do you think maybe they might see the connection? So? They don't know who we are.
They do.
I got here before you arrived, got talking to the owner.
His nan's dying, and he wanted an undertakers.
So I kind of Gave him our business card.
Business cards?! We're not a real business! They were doing 300 for a fiver.
I've got no love for lycos, but that's a big trail you're leaving there.
All right.
Come on.
They were going to kill me.
Why? They don't like werewolves.
How did they know? People like us can recognise people like you.
It's complicated.
People like you? Vampires.
Do you live near here? I've a room over the cafe.
Did you just say vampires? You're gonna have to leave.
They're gonna come back, they always do.
I'm sorry.
And then what? I can't keep I've losteverything! I've had this for six months, and now there are vampires? And they want to kill me? So I have to leave again? And then what? They were just two souls, united by fear and solitude, lost in the dark.
Fate pushed them together.
And now they were gonna find out why.
One, two, three.
Get me six units of O and A.
Keep that on, Mitchell, don't touch the mask.
Have we got a canula in? Do we have a mask? We're here, it's fine.
500 of jelly, squeeze it in.
Can we have pressure? Why haven't we got a reading yet? Has anyone told theatre we're coming, hello? So can we get a reading now? There's nothing.
Just get me another machine.
Will you tell me what's going on? You know what's going on.
Mitchell was attacked.
There's always something weird around you two.
Mitchell is His condition is, his body It's not right.
It's a family thing.
A family thing, Jesus! What does that mean, George? It's just riddles.
Are you involved in this this family thing? I guess.
By association.
Which means I'm involved by association.
I don't like that.
Oh, for God's sake.
I can't do this any more.
Well, we'll keep monitoring his condition and we'll take a view in the morning.
What did he say? Well, they're kind of scratching their heads.
The wound's healing quicker than expected.
Much quicker.
That's weird.
Plus there's the thing with the heartbeat.
Yeah, they really don't like that.
We need to get him out of here.
He's raising too many questions.
He's too impossible.
We can't move him like this.
Why isn't he getting better? They're pumping him full of blood, isn't that what he needs? I don't know.
Why didn't you go through the portal? How could I, with him like this? I told you, I could manage.
What, you want me to go? Of course not! But if I had the chance to be free from all this Look, why don't you go? Get some rest.
No, I'm too wired.
OK, well, we'll do it in shifts.
What will you do about the portal? I'm not going anywhere till Mitchell gets better.
Go and ask them to order you a taxi.
It's fine.
I'm already there.
I've never moved that far before.
Guess I've missed my flight.
So, what do I do now? Apart from stand here and talk to myself like a mental.
Help me, help mehelp me.
Hello? What are you doing? Christ, you made me jump.
Who are you? Move away from the bed.
I'm Mark, the hospital chaplain? They rang me.
The hospital rang me at home.
Why? It's a policy.
They do it when a hospital employee is admitted.
It's 3am.
They said he might not They said I should come tonight.
What are you going to do? I was going to say a prayer for him.
Perhaps you'd like to join me? That's not such a good idea.
If you're non-believers that's fine, we can just sit together for a few moments of quiet contemplation.
Contemplation about what? The firey oblivion that awaits all atheists? It's not that.
I'm Jewish and er He's complicated.
Jewish people pray.
I've seen Yentl.
You're very sarcastic for a vicar.
Yeah, so people tell me.
And I feel really bad about it.
But then, you know, I forgive myself.
Hey, hey.
Hey, mate, you all right? They're coming.
No, it's OK, we You're safe now.
We got you away.
Mitchell, it's fine.
No, they're coming here.
They're in the hospital.
Right, erm, Christ.
What's wrong? Err, erm, the people that hurt him.
They're, they're here.
They're in the hospital.
What?! What? We We should call security.
Er, this is a bit beyond hospital security.
You're not going to confront them? No, I'll get Mitchell out.
You can't move him.
Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, oh, god! Look.
Let me talk to them.
Good idea.
Kind of hoping you'd say no.
Yes, come on.
Maybe they're lost.
I can never find anywhere in this place.
In fact, on one occasion Whatare they? Say something religious.
No, from the Bible? My mind's gone blank.
The last sermon you gave.
Right, uh, yes.
"When When I was a child, I spake as a child "I understood as a child, I thought as a child, "but when I became a man, I put I put away childish things.
" You can't come here.
You're not welcome here.
I'm getting a coffee, and there's a button there.
In case In case of what? Just in case.
My body can't make new blood.
I need And this isn't helping.
George told me what happened.
I don't understand, I thought you were Vampire Employee of the Month.
Hmm, I had a change of heart.
There is another option.
No, Josie.
There isn't.
Just hear me out.
My condition Well, let's just say it wouldn't be worth me starting any long books.
In fact, think of it like organ donation.
Every time I do it, the gap between me and humanity gets wider.
And if you don't stop Herrick, who will? You saved me once already.
So let me save you too.
Death isn't always the unwelcome guest you think it is.
Besides, there comes a time when you can feel the party winding down around you.
But, oh, my love, what will happen to you? I'll live.
I'm tired.
I was thinking about that first time I saw you.
My God.
My knees were like spaghetti.
You sat there with your cigarette, trying to look all sophisticated.
I spent 10 minutes lighting the wrong end.
You made me so nervous.
Hi, coffee, please.
You wanna see my tits, little doggy? No, George, it George, it's fine, it's fine! I'm not here to do anything to Mitchell.
I mean we'll get him, but there's no hurry.
No, I came to see you.
Come and sit down.
Get yourself a drink, hey? Avoid the hot chocolate.
How do you think this ends? I don't know.
We kiss? This process we've started, you know what it is? Mm.
I know a bit about your plans, yes.
Straight away, there you go.
"Your plans.
" Like this whole thing is nothing more than personal ambition.
This is nature! Darwinism, George, and nothing can stop it! Not Mitchell, not your friend Casper, and certainly not you.
I will chase you all to the edge of the world and pick the meat off your bones myself.
You shouldn't have come for him.
It got my attention.
Maybe I'm just too tired to be intimidated, but you sound very confident for someone who just let a lyco and a corpse walk off with his best friend.
You're right, that was terribly impressive.
You clearly are a man not to be messed with.
For instance, it will be insanity for me to do something like this.
Can you imagine? And then Oh, my God What if I did it again? Is that it? I get worse than that on a Friday night in Broadmead.
Where's my Action Hero? That's better! Stay where you are! Whatever happens, don't touch him, understand? It's like Top Trumps! Werewolf vs Vampire.
What's going to happen? It's so exciting! Oh, no, don't stop! You could take me now, you could end this whole thing! You know your problem, George? You're just too human.
So, yeah, maybe I do sound a little confident.
Morning, Mrs Hunter.
Ow ow, Annie, bandages.
So the doctors were happy to discharge you? I think they were glad to see the back of me.
So, tell me what Herrick said.
Oh, you know.
He'd chase us to the edge of the world, pick the meat off my bones himself.
That's what I said to Owen.
Pretty much.
You know, when I died, I didn't think it changed me.
You know there was me, and there was this dark thing that happened to me, but the two were separate somehow.
Now, it's like the two bits of me have started to overlap.
Do you ever feel like that? Me? No, never.
No, the thing that happens to me, it happens, then it's a million miles away.
Yeah, but it's not though, cos your senses I have nothing to do with it.
It isn't me.
Herrick can't hurt me though, can he? I know that sounds But I'm saying he's all talk.
He can't hurt me, I'm already dead.
He can.
It's the house that keeps you here.
It's me and George.
So he'll get rid of us, burn the house to the ground.
There'll be nothing left for you.
You'll be like smoke, you'll just blow apart in the breeze But it won't come to that.
Because we'll stop him.
You'll get better, and we'll look after each other.
That's why he can't win.
Look, what I said yesterday, I didn't mean There are things about you I'll never know.
I don't want to know.
And that's, that's fine.
But whatever they are, they're starting to bleed into everything else.
And it, it frightens me.
It frightens me.
I need something normal now.
Something kind.
You need me to choose.
Between you and him.
I didn't say that.
Yes, no Please don't pin that on me.
Look, I wanna be happy, I want you.
That's not unreasonable, but my world and the world of you and all those secrets, I don't know, do you think they can exist together? Didn't expect to see you up and about so soon.
Has someone been snacking? We finish this.
You and me.
Just you and me.
Ah, I don't know.
You know, I'm kinda busy, I've got a heap of work to do.
Is next week any good? It has to be tomorrow.
Why are you doing this? You need to be stopped.
Look at you.
I'll hand your arse back on a plate, you know I will.
So think of the message that sends.
Nah, I just don't get it.
There are conditions.
There we go.
You let George and Annie go.
My God.
What is this hold they have over you? You wouldn't understand.
In fact, you could say that's what this whole thing comes down to.
Afterwards They've got 24 hours to get away.
Like far away.
If they're spotted after that, they're fair game.
And I was going to give you South America.
Call me tomorrow.
What? You've agreed to what? Here's the thing.
Are you crazy?! Why would you do that? Why put yourself in that situation? We need to finish this now.
Otherwise they'll hunt us down, pick us off one by one.
So we bring the fight to them? I mean, look at us in the funeral parlour! We kicked undead arse! Do you have any idea how many vampires there are out there? Just trust me on this.
If I beat him, if it works, then this whole thing falls apart.
But you won't beat him, will you? So, OK, when is this supposed to be happening? Tomorrow.
Tomorrow?! Why tomorrow?! That's when I transform, I won't be able to be there! BECAUSE it's when you transform and you won't be able to be there.
Do you want to be punished, is that what this is? Some kind of martyr thing? Why are you doing this? Because then he'll let you go.
You can take Nina with you, start again.
And what about me? You stick with George and you'll be fine.
I can't even This is utterly mental.
No, we are not even having this conversation.
What do you believe? It's hard to say.
It's all had to become a little elastic over the last few years.
Was it important to you? Oh, it still is.
But I don't participate any more, I just watch from the sidelines.
I'm not Worthy.
Why not? Why did you come here, George? That thing you said the other night, that bit from the Bible.
How did, how did it go? "When I was a child, I spoke like a child?" When I was a child, I spake as a child.
I understood as a child, I thought as a child.
But when I became a man, I put away childish things.
It's been going round and round in my head.
What does it mean? Different things at different times.
For me, now, it's about belief.
It means that my understanding of the world, of what is and isn't possible, has to change.
It needs to become more elastic.
What does it mean to you? That it's time to grow up.
I shouldn't be here.
I need to know.
Those men What were they? Just men.
Don't start to doubt what you've got.
They were just bad men.
First we have to leave the house because it's only a matter of time before they come again.
The hospital is different.
Stick to crowded, public areas and you'll be fine.
Annie But attack is the best form of defence, so I think that's what we should do.
We can't just sit and wait.
I'm meeting Herrick.
I'm ending this.
And it's precisely because of that attitude that you do not have a say in this.
Isn't that right, George? Talk to me, fella.
Mitchell's made his decision.
I think we should respect that.
I have to think about my future.
I have to think about Nina now.
No! You can't just leave him like that.
I won't live forever, I don't have time like you do.
He doesn't have time.
Two days ago you made me rescue Mitchell from Herrick.
That was different, he didn't know why he was there.
You said if I didn't do this I had truely died.
The thing with Bernie, it's his choice.
You ran in, didn't think now I am scared! We're all scared! I am sorry, Annie, but there is nothing here for you now but this.
I am the only one in this room that I have a chance.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
It's what I want you to do.
Both of you.
Do you? Yeah.
Is it all set? There's a rooftop, at the hospital.
No-one goes up there.
It's safe.
Let me do it.
Tell Herrick.
I'm sure if I can just talk to him.
No, George They won't touch me.
If they do they'll know the deal is off.
Please, let me at least try.
Annie Arghhh! Annie.
It's not like I was a drunk and there are whole periods I can't remember.
I can tell you all their names, what they were wearing.
I remember who cried, who fought back.
Others have tried to quit before me, but they didn't last long.
I just thought the need for blood got too much.
But it was this.
Because when the craving subsides, it all comes back, everything you did.
It's just you, in that room, with that person and it's so much easier to go back and drink again, lose yourself again so you don't have to face it.
Believe me, George is no more of a coward than I am.
I thought the undertaker thing was just a front.
Oh, it is.
That's Nanna.
She's one of us.
She sits therereads the brochures.
Good for appearances.
You all right, Nanna? Yes.
Had an affair with Hitler, didn't you, dear? Yes! Someone actually recruited an old woman? Well, you know what it's like.
You're out and about, you get the munchies, you'll eat anything.
I've got a message for you from Mitchell.
About where you're going to meet.
You don't have a phone? I don't know how things have got this far, but this is our last chance.
Please He's one man, why is he so important? Mitchell is a profoundly dangerous man.
More so than he realises.
You know, he had the blackest heart of us all, yet he found something else and he repented.
Now, it is all about symbolism.
I need to eradicate a thousand years of fear and shame, and Mitchell's scepticism suggests a kind of alternative, and he becomes a rallying point.
So we run away, you'll never hear from us again.
You don't actually have to kill him, you can just say you did.
No-one will ever know.
I'll know! I'll know I let mercy and nostalgia deter me.
Symbolism is important to me.
If I can't defeat him, then I don't deserve this world and none of us do.
It was brave, you coming here.
And I respect that.
But things have been set in motion .
and there is nothing we can do now.
So the place you're gonna meet You might want to get a pen.
Where are you gonna transform tonight? I'll go to the woods.
Are you really gonna let the wolf go? He usually transforms in the woods.
I'll send some groups out in the morning.
They can take him out while he's recovering.
What are you gonna do about Nina? We've actually only been dating a few weeks.
Now I've got to try and convince her to abandon her friends, her job and her life and run away with me.
You've got to take Annie with you.
You do understand that? And what about the ghost? Well, with the others gone, we can burn down the house and watch as she floats into the air.
We'll smear blood on our faces and dance around the fire like cavemen.
You knowmake a night of it.
I'll meet you at the station.
Maybe I'll stay here and fight.
There will come a time when you understand why I'm doing this.
Don't worryI get it.
Can you remember when we met? I was being attacked, but you saved me, and you told me I had to get away, and then I said, "And then what?" I have this thing hanging about me that I can't leave behind, so my life will always be, "And then what?" But there was this.
What? You thought there'd be nothing, but there was this.
There was the house.
You and me.
There was Annie.
It wasn't human, though, was it? No, George.
It was never going to be that.
I didn't think so.
They kept coming.
Something must have happened, because it's like they were angry.
They wouldn't stop.
Who kept coming? The vampires.
Where am I? I think you're dead.
But I don't want to be dead.
I know.
Can you take me there? Quick.
This way.
Hello? Herrick came for me, and now I have the blood of the ancestors.
Ten thousand years of majesty and glory! Well, congratulations on mastering the whole "speaking like a twat" thing.
He's gonna rip Mitchell's head off! If Mitchell had any sense, he'd lock himself up in that dungeon and never come out! He'd praise Herrick's splendour! We'd take children down there to hear him beg! What did you say? What are you doing here? I told you What's wrong, Annie? What's happened? Herrick isn't coming here.
Where the hell is he going? We wanted to be quiet.
We just wanted a normal life.
We would have stayed hidden forever.
You shouldn't have gone for Mitchell.
It got myattention.
Mitchell! Mitchell! Have you seen George? I was gonna ask you the same thing.
I just got this letter.
He's He's dumped me, he's finished our relationship, he says Sorry, who are you? Annie, I saw you at the house.
No, you haven't.
What are you talking about? No, no, you're right.
I haven't, I haven't.
Just tell your friend I do not get chucked by post.
If he wants to do this, he'll have to do it face to face.
But tell him to stay the hell away from me because I swear to God if I see him, I'll No, no, no, wait, tell him this Nina, shut up! Stay here.
Stay here where it's safe.
Hey, that's something I've always wondered.
Why can Mitchell handle my Star of David? Why does it hurt you and not him? It's because of your affection for him.
It's It's to do with you.
No, yes, that makes sense.
Thank you.
No worries.
Look, er I don't know what you're hoping to achieve.
I can't be killed.
This whole thing You can't hurt me.
We both know that's not true, because we're not talking about bullets or knives here, are we? Iamthe weapon.
George! George, for Christ's sake, get out of there! George, we can help you! Come on, George! I don't think you've thought this through.
You touch me, you cross a line.
Once you've done do that, there's no going back.
Believe me, I know.
(Open it from the inside.
) It's coming.
I'm sorry, George.
Annie, no! No, Mitchell, no, no! No, no So a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire decide to live like humans do.
They get jobs, a house and a TV licence.
They make friends they will lie to, take lovers they will infect.
In fact, the only part of humanity they successfully adopt is its ability to deceive and destroy.
All in all, I'd say your little scheme has been something of a failure.
And what about your plans? Right now, how would you say they're working out? Well, the fat lady ain't singing yet.
Hello! It looks like your little suicide bomber's about to go off.
George, move away.
Let Herrick come with me.
He's not going anywhere.
You can't come back from this.
Once you give that part of you up, you can never get it back.
There's no-one else who can do this.
Annie, tell him.
Tell him! I think he's right, I think we should get out of here.
I'd do as he says, Mitchell.
We're consenting adults, we know what we're doing.
You heard him.
Don't you see? He wants to make you something bad, like him.
That's all he can do.
Ha ha! I'd get a move on if I were you.
I knowwhat I'm doing.
Besides .
I owe you.
And then there was one.
Why aren't you scared? As I walked here tonight .
I looked out over their city, and I was humbled.
I saw my place in all this, where I fitted in the ancient machine.
The secret of success is redefining your objectives.
I thought I would lead.
It turns out I was just the key.
The world was almost won by such an ape! The nations put him where his kind belong.
But do not rejoice too soon at your escape.
The womb he crawled from is still going strong.
I am the beginning.
There will be more after me.
A year, a decade from now .
this land is ours, and we have all the time in the world.
What is going on? ErNina It's George.
Nina, it's not safe.
What's happening to him? Mitchell was right.
There's no difference now between you and me.
Your ridiculous naive morality, your last shred of humanity You lose it tonight.
George! George! Get her out! Get her out! I realise now that was my role.
If I'm going to hell, then I'm taking you with me.
Haven't you worked it out yet? Humanity is about love and sacrifice.
This doesn't rob me of my humanity.
It proves it.
Do it.
Do it! Come on, you fucking freak! Do it! He's coming.
Go! Get out of here! Get out! You tried to protect me from it all, didn't you? I thought maybe the two things could exist side by side.
Something I hated and something Say it.
Something I loved.
Oh, it looks so painful.
What happens to you? What does it feel like? There aren't words.
Let me get cleaned up, I'll be down in a minute.
How did you get it? That scar on my shoulder? You told me you fell through a patio door when you were 11.
Scratched by a werewolf.
George seems to be coping pretty well.
That's what worries me.
Part of me just wants him to have a reaction, to feel guilt or or horror.
Maybe he's fine with it.
He killed someone.
Does Herrick count as a someone? To George, yeah.
We should keep an eye on him.
There's no knowing how this might affect him.
Why could I hear those voices? The dead people.
I never used to be able to do that.
You turned down death.
No-one's ever done that.
It's like itopened something .
in you.
Like I've got a whole new skill set.
They should make an action figure of you.
How's Nina? OK.
I meana bit freaked out.
We forget what it's like, to be faced with all this.
How long did it stand there and stare at her? What was all that about? Maybe there was something about her I recognised.
A connectionthat stopped me wanting to hurt her.
You're using "I" and "me" when you talk about the werewolf.
You didn't used to do that.
All sorts of things are different now.
The last few months have been like living in dog years.
So what happens next, Mitchell? Yeah.
Is it over? Are we safe now? Maybe Herrick is right.
Maybe someone else will pick up where he left off.
Or maybe that's it.
Maybe nothing happens now.
None of us know what safety is like.
What if this is it? Yeah.
I am sorry to belabour the point, but did she actually mention the word "vampire"? She didn't say the word, or the other guy, thethe werewolf.
But I've been thinking, OK, about what she said that they would do to me, plus all the bonkers stuff going on, and it all adds up! Yes, and again, sorry, just to clarify, this was your dead wife who told you this? That was Fiancee.
Your dead fiancee.
I think she wanted to drive me mad.
Well, who's laughing now, eh?! Quite.
Thank you, Mr Norayan.
This has been very helpful.
Now, is there anything you want? Books, paints? Food even.
We could get you some yummy snacks.
No, though sometimes I- I-I wonder Is it safe? This is a secure unit.
There hasn't been an escape here for more than seven years.
Yeah, butcan anyone get in? You'll be perfectly safe.
Professor Jadat .
we've found them.