Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e09 Episode Script

The Gauntlet

[explosions ] Ugh! You okay? Been better.
Ugh! We're in trouble.
You think? How long before you can change? Still need a few seconds.
I'll see what I can do.
Unh! Ben! [grunts ] Ugh! Running out of time here! Almost.
[grunts ] Ugh! That's it, Ben! Ugh! [grunts ] [ cracking ] [groans ] Let him go! [ roars ] [growls ] Uh-oh.
It's okay.
I'm back in business.
You know who would be perfect for this? The suspense is killing me.
Goop! BOTH: Ew! You know this is cool.
Uh, that's not gonna happen.
Ben, get off of us.
You ought to be.
That was pretty cool, though.
Like the old days.
As long as we took care of this thing for good.
I swear there's still Tennyson goo on here.
GWEN: No, there isn't.
[sniffs ] Nectarine smoothies for everybody.
Hey! Ohh.
I should have said on everybody.
[ both laugh ] Whoops.
Hey, J.
, looks like somebody had an accident.
Look at that mess, Cash.
Need me to get you a sippy cup, Ben? Or maybe a diaper? [ both laughing ] Okay.
You got me.
Good one.
Well? What are you gonna do about it, huh? Egggh! [laughter] Now look what you made me do! BEN: You know what? You two aren't even worth it.
Huh? It's ridiculous.
Could you at least try being original, for a change? You've been doing the same old bully routine since the second grade, Cash.
It's tired.
Spilling my drink -- seriously? I can't believe I used to be afraid of you.
Look around, Cash.
We've all grown up.
[ crowd murmuring ] But you're still the same pathetic loser who has to torment others just to feel good about himself.
You're just sad.
[ crowd cheering ] GWEN: I'm proud of you, Ben.
You could have totally gone alien on that creep.
I would have decked him.
[ clanking ] J.
: Man, he got you good, Cash.
You should have seen your face when -- when he said -- Nobody does that to me, J.
-- ever! Tennyson is gonna pay.
I'll get him back.
Then everybody will be laughing at him! Hey.
It's Kevin's car.
Yeah? So? So, if it was me, I'd go trash it.
Leave Ben for later.
You mess up Kevin's car, and everybody will know you're bad -- the baddest in town.
They'll be talking about it for years.
[ both grunting ] [whistling ] [laughing ] [grunting continues ] Unh! [ car alarm blaring ] Dude, that's hard-core.
Come on.
[ blaring continues ] [grunts ] [ blaring stops ] Look at all this weird stuff.
You think we could sell it? Hey! What did you do to my car?! Grab something.
They won't get far.
[ beeping ] GWEN: Don't, Ben.
I can fly after them.
I'll find them.
Then what -- give up your secret? Like you said, they're not worth it.
Besides, they can't hide forever.
CASH: All that cool stuff, and you grab an arm? Well, I think it's pretty cool.
Kinda like a glove.
Behold the awesomeness of my mighty robot arm! [ imitating gunfire] Aah! Whoo-hoo-hoo! [laughing ] All right! Give it! I found it.
So? So it's my turn.
Ow! Ow, ow! [grunting ] Aah! It ain't finders keepers, J.
It's mine.
[laughing maniacally] Cashyou okay? Oh, yeah.
This will scare the juice out of Tennyson.
Last time he'll ever talk smack to me.
[ chuckles ] That'd be hilarious.
You're not joking.
Aah! I said it's mine.
KEVIN: Can't believe those guys touched my car.
Pushed it down a hill.
[ birds chirping ] You've been here all night? KEVIN: And I'm not leaving until my ride is cherry.
Want some help? You want to help me? Go away.
Fine by me.
No juice for you! I'm sorry about your car, Kevin, but you don't have to be such a jerk to Ben.
I got some kind of fruit bone in it.
Okay, I'll go get him.
: [ panting ] Where's Ben? I got to warn him.
Something's wrong with Cash.
The guy who messed with my car? And weren't you with him? I-I-it was his idea -- really.
Cash is looking for Ben -- says he's gonna teach him a lesson.
I wouldn't worry about Ben.
I'd worry about your friend.
Where is he? At -- at the old mannequin factory downtown.
We hang there sometimes.
Okay --all the time.
Got it.
Kevin, don't do anything stupid.
Unh! Waste of breath.
What happened to you, J.
? Back in first grade, you and Ben used to eat paste together.
You were nice.
Then you started hanging with Cash.
Cash isn't so bad.
I make him laugh.
And he always has my back.
Both of you act like total jerks.
Cash is Cash.
What do you want from me? Seems to me you have a lot of influence over him.
Enough so I get to watch him beat people up instead of getting beat up myself.
[scoffs ] Sounds like the basis of a great friendship.
I Why are you still here, anyway? If Cash is such a good guy, why don't you go hang out with him? Look, I just wanted to warn Ben.
It's not like when we were little.
Ben can take care of himself.
Well what about me? Cash is seriously bent.
I mean, something's wrong.
And if he finds out I told -- Nothing will happen to you, J.
KEVIN: Knock, knock.
Don't bother hiding.
Your weasel friend already told me you were here.
CASH: Levin, I don't have any beef with you.
That's where we differ.
You trashed my car.
That's a surprise.
Pretty cool, huh? I can also do this! You were just about to leave, right? No.
This is good.
This is really good.
What are you talking about? See, now that you're all jacked up, I don't have to hold back.
[grunts ] That didn't even hurt.
Yeah? How about this? [grunting ] No way! [ rumbling ] Unh! Aaah! Unh! [groaning ] Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Take your best shot.
[ blast ] Unh! Okay.
That was pretty good.
Guess this means you're not the coolest kid in town anymore, Levin.
[groans ] And you are? Not on your best day.
You don't have to worry, Levin.
This isn't about you.
Ben Tennyson -- that's who this is about.
You tell him -- 3:00, Mr.
Smoothy parking lot.
If he doesn't show, I'm coming for him.
[ indistinct conversations ] [slurping ] [ belches ] GWEN: There you are! I've been looking everywhere for -- How many of those things have you had today? Let me put it this way -- enough to know carrot and chocolate aren't two great tastes that taste great toge-- Oh.
Why is he here? He came to warn you.
It's Cash.
I wasn't worried at first, but Kevin went after him hours ago.
You're worried about Kevin? Kevin's going to destroy him.
Kevin's not like that, Ben.
He's changed.
A little.
Okay, maybe this is bad.
We should go.
I'll show you.
We're not far.
It's all messed up, like there was a fight.
It's abandoned.
It probably always looked like this.
These holes in the wall are new, but the garbage has been there forever.
And there, by the loading dock -- Kevin? Ugh.
Bet you're loving this.
Kevin, what happened? Are you hurt? Mm.
Not as bad as it looks.
Hold on a minute.
Cash did this to you? [laughs ] Right.
Stopping now.
He must have got a hold of some alien tech.
He kind of looks like that robot we fought yesterday.
, is there anything you forgot to tell us? Uhmaybe.
When we -- I mean, Cash trashed your car and all that stuff fell out, we grabbed something -- a big metal glove.
It shoots lasers.
I tried to get it back, but he wouldn't give it up.
It's like it possessed him.
I'm telling you -- he's not himself.
He called you out, bro -- 3:00, the Mr.
This is gonna end -- now.
[ coughs ] More like in 15 minutes.
[sighs ] Doesn't tell time.
I'll be okay.
I'll come back for you after.
Wait up! [ indistinct conversations ] [ boom ] [all gasp] Run! [ both groan ] [gasps ] You guys thought I was so funny.
Who's laughing now?! BEN: Hey! What is your problem? You're my problem, Tennyson.
But now I've got power, and no one can stop me -- not even your friend Kevin.
That's right.
I kicked Kevin Levin's butt.
And you're next, Tennyson.
I'm not gonna fight you, Cash.
Well, then, this should be over pretty quick.
: Cash! Look, this is messed up.
We were supposed to be having fun.
This ain't you, man.
You ratted me out! Nice friend you got there.
CASH: [grunts ] Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Cash, listen to me.
You don't want to do this.
You can't beat me, Cash.
You think just because you're some kind of freak, I'm gonna stop? I'm never gonna stop -- ever! Aah! Why are you doing this? Why me? [grunting ] Whynot? I'll show you why not.
[ both grunting ] It doesn't have to be this way, Cash.
Neither of us wins anything by fighting.
Just stop! I can't.
: Yeah, you can.
The machine wants to fight.
Look -- it's fixing itself already.
The Cash I know isn't gonna let a pile of scrap metal tell him what to do.
You're the toughest kid in school.
Fight it! How? That thing doesn't control you -- you control it.
[grunting ] Getoffme! [grunting ] [ panting ] Thanks.
You too.
We should get together sometime and eat paste.
Huh? Come on, Cash.
Let's go.
I feel like I'm forgetting something.
You did.
We have to lock that robot glove up someplace where it can't take control of anyone else.
But that's not it.
You forgot to buy me another smoothy? GWEN: No.
KEVIN: Hello? Anybody? Hello?