Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e11 Episode Script


[soft grunting ] [ beeping ] [lock disengages ] [drills whirring ] It is not one of our ships, sir.
The workers found it buried here.
The excavation project must proceed.
The Highbreed have so ordered.
Nothing will stand in our way.
As you say, sir.
[grunts ] You, you, and you, get some heavier equipment down into the mine.
Go now! [grunts ] The power coupling's gone bad.
No, sir.
The coupling's missing.
[grunts ] [video game beeping ] [gasps ] [gasps ] [tires screech ] Come on! Let's go! Go now! [ roars ] [engine sputters ] [trailer creaks ] [tires screech ] [grunts ] [grunts ] [grunts happily] [grunts angrily] I'm definitely getting something.
The mana trail is getting stronger and stronger.
You said that like two hours ago, Gwen.
GWEN: I'm trying to concentrate, Kevin.
Let her work.
For what? It's a wild goose chase.
I don't think so.
All those reports of a monster wandering around here, wrecking stuff KEVIN: Doesn't mean it's the DNAliens, Ben.
It could be a bear that escaped from the zoo.
GWEN: No reports of missing animals from any zoo in the entire state.
It must be a DNAlien.
What else is strong enough to tear down a traffic light? And DNAliens are mad at the traffic light why? I don't know, but -- GWEN: Hold up, guys! Got something for sure.
[ brakes squeak ] It's close.
Over there.
[grunts ] [ howls ] [gags ] BEN: Drop it! [grunts ] To be fair, you did tell him to drop it.
[grunts happily] He's not very DNAlieny, is he? That looks like Highbreed tech, though, so maybe he's working for them.
What's he trying to build with all that stuff? [ rattling ] [grunts ] We don't want to have to hurt you.
Drop the weapon and give yourself up.
You'll have to read him his rights first, Tennyson.
Just take him out! [grunts ] [grunts ] [ beep] Humongousaur! [gasps ] [growls ] [ both grunting ] Aww.
I think he loves you.
[grunting ] So not funny! [groans ] [ crying ] Oh, come on.
I didn't hit you that hard.
[gasps ] He's going for a weapon! [grunts happily] [laughs ] Don't have much of an attention span, do you? [grunts ] [gasps ] [grunts ] He's getting away! [ metal screeches ] [grunts ] [gasps ] [screams ] Leave you guys alone for five minutes! [grunts happily] Is that monster for "I give up"? Do I look like I speak monsterese? Oh.
It's calming down.
I think the fight's over.
Aah! Gwen! [grunting ] Put her down! Don't move! It'll squoosh her! I don't want to be squooshed! We got to do something! [grunts softly] Put me down! Now! Thank you.
You hit him high.
I'll hit him low.
[ both grunt ] Don't hurt it! Why not? I think it's just a baby.
He squished you pretty hard, Gwen.
She's right.
All that random stuff it stole around town -- it's not building anything with it after all.
She thinks they're toys.
[laughs ] What makes you think it's a girl? Yeah.
If it was a girl, it would have a big bow on the side of its head or something.
[sighs ] You didn't pay much attention in health class, did you? [grunts ] Listen, we can't really be wasting time babysitting this thing.
But she needs our help, guys.
We can't just leave her wandering around the desert.
Needs our help? [thudding ] [laughs ] Come on, Gwen.
We're on a mission of intergalactic proportions.
This creature has nothing to do with that.
There's the creature.
And there's our power coupling.
Should have known it would be working with you, Ben Tennyson! Me? What? [grunts ] [grunts ] [growls ] Aaaaaah! Uh, thanks.
[spits ] Looking for this? [grunts ] Whoops.
[ DNAliens scream ] [grunts ] Keep away! [grunts ] Ben, heads up! [grunts ] [grunts ] Better split up.
[ beep] Echo Echo! Retrieve the power coupling! We'll deal with the thief later.
[screeches ] Aha! Uh-oh! [screeches ] [grunts ] Thanks, guys.
No problem! Dude, you're talking to yourselves again.
[ beep] [grunts ] Okay.
[laughs ] [ rattles ] We got trouble.
If the DNAliens need that power coupling, they'll be back in force.
Not to mention, I've got no idea what we should do about that.
Her! Whatever! Well, do you want to keep standing around here, arguing about it, or help me hide her? I'd like to keep standing around.
I'd like to keep arguing about it.
If you don't want to know, don't ask.
[grunting ] Your turn, Gwen.
It's always my turn.
You're the one who wanted to help it.
BOTH: Her! Do I look like I care? [glass shatters ] What are you doing?! Don't put that in your mouth! You don't know where it's been! [ burps ] That's it! Out! She's just a baby! She didn't know! Gwen, much as I hate siding with Kevin, Tiny has to go back where she came from.
You weren't planning on keeping her, were you? Doesn't matter.
We're stuck with her until nightfall, anyway.
What?! No! Get her out of here while I still have some car left! If we take her outside during the day, she's a big old moving target, for the DNAliens and everybody else in town.
I don't think she can see so well in the sunlight, anyway.
[ crash ] Hmm.
That would explain why it only rampaged at night.
All right.
Tonight we'll get Tiny to lead us to wherever she came from.
She really will be safer there.
Come on! I'll get you a new one? [all gurgling ] [grunts ] [grunts ] [grunts ] [grunts ] This way.
Look! KEVIN: Looks homey.
Okay, guess this is goodbye, then.
Have a nice life.
[grunts questioningly] Worth a shot.
[ beeping ] Stay out here and guard the door.
I'm going in.
Be careful.
[ creature grunts in distance] GWEN: Oh.
Wait a minute.
Were you inside the stasis pod? [grunts ] Your parents.
I bet your parents are still inside their pods.
[thud ] [ rumbling ] Whoa! On my mark.
Ready? Aim.
Gwen! [ beeping ] Chromastone! [zap! ] [ DNAliens screeching ] What are they all doing down here? You mean besides trying to clean our clocks? [ roars ] Fire! [grunting ] No! Leave the kid alone! [grunting softly] [ coughs ] Wow.
Something to think about next time you get into an argument with her.
What do you think she was trying to do with all this junk? When she woke up and her parents weren't around, she toddled outside and brought back stuff that looked like it could help.
Like us? [ beep] Think I've got the stasis pod's control panel working.
Wake them up.
[whirring ] [ roars ] [ creatures grunting happily] Huh.
[grunts ] [ rattles ] [grunts happily] What do you mean, this isn't alpha proxima? And it's not 1952? Yes, dear.
I see you.
It's the 21st century.
You're on the Earth.
In the Earth, actually.
What are you doing underground? No idea.
We were traveling to the other side of your galaxy to colonize, in suspended animation for the journey.
But some kind of temporal occlusion occurred while we were flying by the Earth that must have caused us to crash-land here.
In 1952.
You think? There was a time-machine experiment that year.
It must have affected your ship's engine.
And when you crashed, your ship dug a hole in the ground that filled in and grew over after all this time.
We've been asleep underground for half a century? The DNAliens weren't digging for your ship.
They just happened to find you down here.
Lucky for you.
I can't imagine what anyone would need this much crystal quartz for.
Maybe a teleporter grid? [grunts ] No, honey.
You can't keep her.
Earthlings need to roam free.
[sighs ] What I can't figure is why the translation circuits in our badges and Ben 's watch didn't work on Tiny but I understand you two just fine.
Our daughter can't talk yet.
She's just a baby.
Told you.
[ rattles ] [grunts ] That's okay, Tiny.
You keep it.
[whirring ] [ boom! ] [grunting ] I want Gwen.
[gasps ] Baby's first word! I wonder what it means.