Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e13 Episode Script

War of the Worlds (2)

BEN: Previously on Ben 10: Alien Force AZMUTH: The situation has escaladed.
The Highbreed armada caught us totally by surprise.
They have conquered my home world.
The only planet with the technology to fight them head on.
And their next target? Earth.
BEN: We met a bunch of Plumber's kids with super powers and a lot of them owe us favors.
Active the jump gate, now! [gasps ] We're too late.
It's never too late.
New plan.
Working on it.
That's reassuring.
BEN: Got it! We break into the Highbreed control room and force the Highbreed captain to make his ships retreat! That's your big plan? Hey, how many times have I beaten you? Twice, but just at this moment, I can't imagine how.
The main control tower will be the most heavily guarded building in the city.
Precisely my point.
How do you propose to get inside? Leave it to me.
We're gonna drive to the control tower? Uh-huh.
When did you get all this stuff? When didn't I? Every time we found some alien tech, I tossed it in the trunk, and whenever I have free time you work on the car.
[tires screech ] You're not going to stop, are you? Nope.
And this is why we always wear our seatbelts.
Nobody likes a backseat driver.
[tires screeching ] BEN: Run to the control room.
Then we fight.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
[tires screech ] That'll hold them for a while! Kevin, come on! I'm gonna miss that car.
GWEN: [ panting ] The Highbreed have starships and they haven't invented the elevator? It's hero time! Swampfire! Tennyson.
That is you, isn't it? All of you lesser species look alike to me.
Yeah, yeah.
You're all superior and pure-blooded, and we're all maggots.
Don't have time for that today.
Do not mock me, Tennyson.
You can die quickly with the rest of your insignificant race, or slowly at my hands.
Or, I was thinking, not at all.
Call it off.
Foolish children.
Enough of this.
Destroy the other two.
Leave Ben 10 to me.
No! So it ends.
Just as your grandfather destroyed himself trying to defeat me, so you, too, will fall at my -- I'm kind of mad now.
[grunting ] [grunting ] GWEN: Leave him alone! Very well.
I was nearly done with him anyway.
That won't keep me from you, vermin.
But perhaps I'll finish your friend first.
So you can watch him suffer.
Yes, you're no threat to me now.
GWEN: I said Leave him alone!!! Gwen.
So much power.
Gwen, listen to me.
You've got to shut it down.
I think I can defeat the Highbreed all by myself.
Your grandmother said it would take at least 75 years for you to master that power.
We don't have 75 years.
You'll lose your humanity.
You won't remember Ben or me.
Ben will find another way to win.
You've got to come back to me, Gwen.
I can't lose you.
Okay? Okay.
You're finished, insect.
Not quite.
[straining ] Okay, now I'm finished.
And as soon as you give the order, the whole invasion's over.
[laughs evilly] You think this is funny? I don't have the authority to call off the invasion.
Only the Highbreed supreme could end the attack.
And he is beyond your reach, safe on the home world.
Well, at least things can't get any worse.
ALL: [ muttering ] Oh, man! ALL: [ muttering ] I'll try shoving them back with the shield.
Maybe we can -- Aah! One side, alien freaks! You're in my way! Manny.
Hey, Gwen.
Helen and Pierce! But that means MAX: How's it going, kids? Grandpa Max! And Max Force! What did I say about calling us that? I think it sounds cool.
What are you doing here? I thought you were gonna stay in the Null Void until you cleaned it up.
Pretty much got things under control there.
Anyway, after all the work I put into uncovering the Highbreed conspiracy, there is no way I'm sitting out the final round.
Then you've arrived just in time to see the end, Max Tennyson.
My fleet will uncloak and destroy the Earth in less than one of your hours.
And we don't even have a plan.
Sure we do.
The hyperspace jump gate is like a door out from the Highbreed home world to here, right? Right.
So? So a door out is also a door in.
Got your phone? Sure.
Why? [ cellphone rings ] Aren't you going to answer it? It's important.
Hello? Okay.
[ chuckles ] Told you.
All set.
Grandpa, can you hold the line here? Keep them from retaking the control room? Consider it done.
Where are you going? Just stepping out for a second.
Ben! Ship! Gwen! Kevin! You coming? We don't make it, it's up to you guys.
Forget that, man.
We'll see you when you get back.
There they go! Be careful, Ben.
It's about time I got to drive.
I'm still trying to figure out what bug-eyes is doing here.
If you're referring to me, surely you didn't think I would leave the Omnitrix unprotected.
Ben worries about you, too.
I am only concerned with the Omnitrix, not Ben.
Of course you are.
Jump gate coming up.
I'm going to change into my flight suit.
Brainstorm! With my oversized cranium and intellectual superiority that naturally follows from it, this is obviously the correct form to pilot this vehicle under these trying conditions.
That's precisely why I should pilot this ship.
[ chuckles ] Are you inferring that you're smarter than me because your head is bigger? No.
I'm implying that I'm smarter than you because my brain is bigger! Here's your chance to prove it.
Incoming! Prepare yourself.
The jump gate can be disconcerting.
How does it work? It converts you into faster-than-light tachyons broadcasts them to the receiver gate on the opposite side of the galaxy then reconstitutes you.
That's cool.
We've arrived.
Is everybody okay? I-I don't feel so good.
[vomits ] Oh, my dear fellow.
Sincerest apologies.
Ship! We've been hit! Try and get us to the high council building -- the tall one over there! [groans ] [groans ] What happened? A bunch of Highbreed guards caught us right after we crashed.
GWEN: The good news is that we made it to the Highbreed's headquarters.
What about Ship? He's okay.
I told him to hide until we called him.
If I could just reach the Omnitrix.
Why do you need to reach it? BEN: Oh.
Omnitrix, Humongousaur! Humongousaur! [grunts ] Hi.
Take us to your leader.
Who dares? I'm sorry, master.
They took me by surprise You are the Earth vermin Ben 10.
Ben Tennyson.
Yeah! You're the Highbreed top banana, right? I've read reports of your tenacity, but truly your gall exceeds all description.
I want you to call off the attack on Earth.
Just like that? Pretty much.
What have you got to gain by hurting us? You are mongrels, inferior life-forms.
Your very existence is an affront to our purity.
Can we dispense with these lies? You accuse me of dishonesty.
Your race is the Galvin, correct? A slightly more intelligent form of pond scum.
Don't be fooled by his posturing, Ben.
They aren't attacking because of their supposed superiority.
They're attacking because they're dying out.
Their ridiculous belief in racial purity led to inbreeding, a loss of resistance to disease, and finally sterility.
This is the last generation of Highbreeds, is it not? You are correct, vermin.
But we will not perish alone.
In a matter of hours, my fleet will destroy not just Earth, but every known inhabited planet in this galaxy.
The fall of Galvin was the signal for our final attack to begin.
Enjoy the view.
You are about to witness the end of all life in the universe.
All is lost.
They are far too powerful to fight.
HUMONGOUSAUR: Why fight them when we can help them? Omnitrix, can you repair the genetic damage to the Highbreed? All of them? Genetic manipulation on that scale will require all available power.
Genetic recombination sequences ready.
What are you doing? Wait for it.
What have you done?! I ordered the Omnitrix to reprogram your DNA.
And judging from the new look, I'd say it worked.
Omnitrix? Program complete.
All Highbreed in range of transmission are now genetically fused with random species from Omnitrix database.
In range of transmission? With the jump gates open for the attack! Every Highbreed in the galaxy is now a, uh, how did you put it? He called us mongrels.
Welcome to the kennel club.
How could you do this? I don't understand.
I saved you.
You have made us impure.
There is only one honorable act left to us.
No! There is another way! Rynie! You know him? I know a lot of people.
This human once cured an ailment of mine by changing my DNA.
At first, I thought the impurity a curse, but I have since learned otherwise.
Fellow Highbreed, we can live! TOGETHER: [grumbling ] It is decided.
The high council elects you Highbreed supreme.
Lead us wisely.
I will try.
To all Highbreed within the sound of my voice, the war is over! Return home so we can create a new future together.
Thank you for your help, Ben Ben Tennyson.
That's the last of them.
It's a beautiful sight, isn't it? [ high-pitched beeping ] Fusion grenade.
Nice! I've got to go home.
Since it's not the end of the world, I'm still under curfew.
Okay, walk you to school tomorrow.
Grandpa, are you going back to the Null Void? Nope.
After watching Ben 's recruits in action, I think they need some training from an old pro.
You three sure don't need me anymore.
I'll always need you, grandpa.
Come on, team.
You're with me.
Ooh, I'm gonna need a bigger motor home.
[screeches ] What happened to Darkstar? He snuck away during all the excitement.
We'll get him.
But not today.
Today I'm going to the auto show.
I need a new ride.
I'll go with you.
You like cars? Not really.
I like you, though.
PARADOX: Nice working with you again, Ben.
It's time to take Azmuth home.
There's a lot of rebuilding to do back on Galvin.
Before you go, can you re-engage the master control? That DNA wave I made seems to have reset the Omnitrix.
Yes, it has, hasn't it? Have fun figuring it out.
[ beeping ] Oh, man.
I don't recognize any of these guys.
Oh, well, here we go again.