Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e12 Episode Script

Busy Box

[tires screech ] BEN: Anything? Not yet, but the scanner detected level 20 technology somewhere near here.
Level 20? The only level 20 technology in the whole galaxy is The Omnitrix.
Maybe you found a spare.
KEVIN: Actually, whatever we're detecting is level 20-plus.
The scale on this thing doesn't go any higher.
Oh, this is stupid.
We've been driving around all night.
Before we give up, pull over.
I want to try something.
You know how my powers have trouble with technology? I'm thinking maybe it works the other way around.
So, if your manna hits something super-high-tech that.
So, what is it? Beats me.
Kevin? I don't know.
Really? You always know.
It's not like any alien tech I've ever seen.
GWEN: Careful, Ben.
Two words that contradict each other.
You mean it's an oxymoron.
Some kind of moron.
Ha ha.
[device whirs ] I think we should get back in the car.
And run away? And run it over.
Run away.
Whoa! Whoa! What are you? Where did you come from? What are you? Where did you come from? Cut it out! Cut it out! I don't sound like that! I don't sound like that! Kind of do.
I bet people would put up some serious cash for a robot version of themselves.
What do you say we load this handsome devil into the car, take him home, and see what makes him tick? What do you say we load this handsome devil into the car, take him home, and see what makes him tick? Okay, that's getting a little annoying.
Okay, that's getting a little annoying.
Knock it off.
Knock it off.
[grunts ] [ buzz] Great.
You broke my I.
You broke my I.
This is getting out of hand.
No problem.
I'll just -- Okay.
It's hero time! Humungousaur! [ beep] Humungousaur! Whew.
[gasps ] [grunts ] Sorry.
[ beep] All right.
That's it.
[grunts ] Nice shot, Kevin.
Guess they don't make annoying imitator robots like they used to.
Ow! Hey! Whoops.
[grunts ] [ beep] Spidermonkey! Back off! Right.
Should have figured.
Should have figured.
Ick! [grunts ] I am so gonna -- [ beeping, powers down ] Out of power.
Why not? [grunts ] [grunts ] I got it! I got it! What?! Again?! [engine hisses ] Kevin, wait! What do you mean, "wait"? That thing's determined to wreck my ride! He's sort of already wrecked it.
" Are we doing this again? Actually, we aren't doing anything.
And neither is she.
I don't get it.
It's copying whatever we do.
We showed it we wanted to fight, so it fought.
We need to do something else.
We don't know who or what you are, but we don't mean any harm.
Come here.
Meditate with me.
[thud, clank ] Meditate with me.
I get it.
As long as we stay calm It stays calm.
So, you're going to just sit there? Guys? Going to just sit there.
So long as nothing sets him off.
[whoosh ] You mean like a spaceship landing? I've seen that ship before.
It'll come to you.
BEN: The Vreedle brothers.
It appears that you've got somethin' that belongs to us.
I do believe we have ascertained the location of the previously discussed valuable object.
We did? Didn't you notice that there are two Ben Tennysons here -- One of which is of obviously inferior workmanship and quality? I think he means you.
You know what this thing is? Sure.
This here's the legendary Naljian destructor, a weapon of ludicrous power.
We've been searchin' for it longer than you can imagine.
Since last Thursday, when we "hear"d about the re-ward.
Let me guess -- someone hired you to repossess it for them? [ both laugh ] Heckee no.
We're takin' it for ourselves.
What would you do with it? Why, auction it off to the highest bidder.
Not that our business is any of your business.
Now step aside.
We got us some repossessessing to do.
[ beep] Swampfire! Not gonna let you take it.
It's too dangerous.
If you wanna know what's dangerous, take a look-see type gander yonder.
[grunts ] Hey! Knock it off! I'm trying to protect you! Hey! Knock it off! I'm trying to protect you! Lady luck has most decidedly smiled upon our endeavor.
The robot is on our side.
Hey! No fair! Vreedles can't shoot fireballs! This time, when I pound you, you're staying pounded.
[grunts ] [groans ] [laughs ] Gotcha! Whoo! Good shootin'! [grunts ] Much to my chagrin, that's good shootin', too! Keep coming.
That's right.
Come to your good old uncle Octagon.
Good old uncle Octagon.
They're getting away! No duh.
I'll give you some cover.
[spaceship rumbles ] Anybody up for a smoothy? Not so fast.
Where's my money? You're buying.
Because? Because we got beat by the Vreedle brothers.
He's got a point.
The Vreedles aren't very smart.
What's that make us? I'm just saying, that robot didn't exactly seem like an alien super weapon.
What do you think it is? Uh-uuhh.
[all slurp] I'm sort of glad they took the thing.
The way it imitated me was starting to creep me out.
BEN: I'm sort of glad they took the thing.
The way it imitated me was starting to creep me out.
I do not sound like that.
Kind of do.
- [whoosh ] - What now? Vreedles twice in one day? It's like the opposite of Christmas.
When we win, I want the money for the smoothy.
Here's the thing -- my brother and I would like to sincerely apologize for our outrageous behavior earlier.
We was so wrong.
I'm almost afraid to ask, butwhat happened? Well, we was on our way to sell the thing, and some robot cops tried to make us pull over.
They took exception to us blastin' a toll booth.
I didn't have no change.
I'm not following.
The robot may have took the wrong lesson from our completely reasonable actions.
What do you mean "took the wrong lesson"? [thudding ] He learned that he really likes destroyin' things.
[ people screaming ] Oh, man! They are totally gonna stop letting us hang out here.
We don't want it anymore, so it's your problem now.
It's your problem now.
This isn't good.
I really do say that a lot, don't I? Yeah.
Getting old.
Guys, can we stay on task? Okay.
This is a job for Humungousaur! [ beep] OrLodestar.
He's good, too.
Lodestar has magnetic powers, Ben.
You could just pull him apart.
What good would that do? It regenerates.
Not without a power supply -- if we knew what it was.
The glowy part in the middle.
Are you sure? No.
You got a better guess? We just need to be sure.
When we attack -- Attack! Gwen! Sorry.
That was completely my bad.
I think I can slow him down.
Hyah! Aah! [grunting ] Aah! Good shot.
I think I can keep him down.
[groaning ] Uh-oh.
Aaaaaah! Turbo! I still have my spell books.
You okay? A little dizzy.
LODESTAR: You put a crack in it.
I could pull it open.
And I could grab the power source.
Aaaaaaaaah! It'sworking! [ creak ] It was working.
It's fixing itself faster than I can pull it apart! One more good pull.
Aaaah! Now, Gwen! Aaaaah! Got it! Got him,too.
Hard to believe something so small could cause so much trouble.
Come on, Ben.
Destroy it already.
[whoosh ] Who areyou? Whoever she is, she needs to get out of the way.
That thing's a dangerous weapon.
It needs breaking.
It's been nothing but trouble.
Trouble? That's impossible.
But then you are remarkably unintelligent.
I've been hearing that all day.
I did not mean to offend.
It's just that you are such a young species.
You only perceive three dimensions.
Is that right? Yeah.
How many are there? Only 26 that matter.
You'll work it out soon, I'm sure.
My point is that this "dangerous weapon" you fear is nothing more than my daughter's favorite toy.
Get out of town.
We were on an afternoon excursion to the lower dimensions, and she must have dropped it out of her carriage.
I've been looking everywhere for it.
Toy?! [whoosh ] Maybe now she'll stop crying.
You should really be more careful.
This toy is clearly marked "not for children under 3 million years old.
" [whoosh ] I would never let a kid of mine play with something like that.
BEN: Run away! [ both gasp] Gotcha! [ rattle]