Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e18 Episode Script


[ insects chirping ] [door creaking ] Ortus.
[ creak ] Odd.
I could swear I heard -- CHARMCASTER: I told you, uncle Hex, there's nothing here.
It's late.
Go to bed.
I am one lucky girl.
We're gonna miss the kickoff.
The car's gone.
I don't think anyone's home.
[doorbell ringing ] You're gonna break it.
No, I'm not.
[electricity crackles ] It was already loose.
We should go in.
She'd want us to.
What are you guys doing here? Nothin'.
We definitely were not about to sneak in so we could watch the game on your dad's 60-inch TV.
Also, your doorbell was already busted when we got here.
No, it wasn't.
He broke it.
You know what? I don't really care.
Go watch your game.
I'll be right back.
[door closes ] Did you hear what she said? That she doesn't care about the doorbell? It was code.
What that meant was she doesn't care about me.
Aw, golly, Kev.
That's just crazy talk.
Gwen thinks you're swell! She doesn't even pretend to like me anymore.
Anyway, who could blame her? I mean, look at me.
Ortus, expositus.
Quis quondam eram afflictus.
lam vicis mos redintegro -- PARADOX: There's an old saying in my field.
"Time travel is for immortals and fools.
" And I speak from experience.
Professor Paradox? Hello, Gwen.
What are you doing here? I'm about to warn you not to go through with this plan of yours.
See, I just did -- right on schedule.
Now comes the part where you tell me This spell can send me back in time -- back to when Ben and Kevin tried to hack the Omnitrix.
And you think that if you can stop them, there won't be any explosion and Kevin won't be transformed into a monster and everything will be wonderful again.
Yes! No.
Generally, two out of three isn't bad.
In this case, however trust me, Gwendolyn don't do this.
But I haven't been able to cure Kevin with my magic.
It's the only way.
There's always another way.
In fact, sometimes to do something, all you need to do is nothing.
You're not making any sense.
I'm often accused of that.
But I'm the time walker, and I'm generally quite well informed on these matters.
I have to do this.
I suppose you do.
But mark my words, Gwen Tennyson -- you are about to unleash forces that you can neither comprehend nor control.
Toodle-oo! Quis quondam eram afflictus.
lam vicis mos redintegro.
Quis venit pro, mos nusquam esse.
[ insects chirping ] I'm pretty sure I know how to do this myself, anyway.
[ machine whirring ] Ben, that doesn't look right.
Turn it off! [alarm blaring ] Never mind that.
It's overloading.
Dump the watch! It'll take too long! Run for it, both of you! [whirring intensifies ] Maybe I can Huh? Guys, w-what's happening? GWEN: That's a little complicated.
Who are you? Who do I look like? I'm you.
I've just traveled back in time to give me -- uh, you-- important information.
Prove it.
Prove what? Prove that you're me.
You could be an imposter, a-an evil twin.
[groans ] We don't have time for this.
Why not? I mean, if you really are a time traveler, you should have all the time in the world, right? Fine.
What do you want me to do? Tell me something that only I know.
[whispering ] Okay, fine.
You're me.
And by the way -- yuck.
You have to admit -- nobody knows that but us.
You could've just told me our locker number or something.
We need to stop Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix.
Are you sure? You never forgive yourself if you let this happen.
Let it go, Ben.
It's too risky.
It's riskier not to.
I've figured out a lot about how the Omnitrix works, but if we can bypass the safeguards Hey! Ow! I said it's too risky! Now promise me you aren't going to hack the Omnitrix.
What is wrong with you? Ah, my stuff! Promise! Okay, okay, I promise! Whatever.
I was done with it, anyway.
[ both grunt ] You going to explain that? No.
Good girl.
HEX: Attention, citizens.
Continued resistance will only result in further suffering.
Attention, citizens.
Continued resistance will Charmcaster 's monsters.
What's she doing? [grunts ] [grunts ] Back off.
I mean it.
Don't come any closer, or -- [ roars ] Hey, that's my house! [ both grunt ] [ roars ] [ ringing ] Where are you, Ben? [ creature grunts ] [ creature grunts ] [all gasp] Oh, Kevin not you, too.
[ creature shrieks ] [ creatures growl ] Too many -- I can't I HEX: Attention, citizens.
Aah! HEX: Continued resistance will only result in further suffering.
Attention, citizens.
Continued resistance will only result in further suffering.
Attention, citizens.
Continued resistance PARADOX: Been quite a day, hasn't it? Would you stop doing that? Oh, very well.
Off I go.
No! Please, don't go anywhere.
Actually, in my case, it's less of a where than it is a when.
GWEN: You know what happened here? You happened when you went back in time and kept Kevin from mutating.
But that was the plan.
And every plan has unintended consequences.
For instance, Hex and Charmcaster tried to take over the world, as is their want.
[growls ] Oh! Let me go! [grunts ] Aah! You, Ben, and Kevin swung into action.
You were humanity's last line of defense -- only there was a weak link.
Me? Oh, no, my dear, not you.
Because you went into the past and prevented that explosion, you kept him from mutating.
Ergo, the new Kevin, or, rather, the old Kevin lacked the powers that would've allowed him to stop Hex.
And so the bad guys won.
I didn't know.
I warned you that time travel is for immortals and fools.
I'm the only immortal hereabouts.
You do the math.
Where are Ben and Kevin? Huh?! [ footsteps pounding ] Careful.
Gravity is not your friend.
What did she do to him? It amused her to bind him with the same spell she uses to control her rock creatures.
Oh, clumsy, clumsy Kevin.
[ chuckles evilly] Unh! Unh! I'll save you, Kevin.
I promise.
That's the sort of thing that got you into trouble in the first place.
And Ben? He fought bravely, but eventually they caught him, too.
Pity -- after you died, he was the planet's last hope.
No! Dead -- me?! Yes! Dead -- you! Why are we talking this way? I'm not dead.
I'm right here.
That's one of the odd things about time travel.
I have to change everything back -- make it the way it was.
I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to try.
However, stealing the book of spells won't be quite so easy this time around, what with all those rock monsters, Hex and Charmcaster's heightened powers.
Ah, youth.
They never listen.
Aah! Gwen Tennyson? Noway.
[grunts ] Why so surprised? 'Cause I killed you once.
And now I'm gonna do it again.
[grunts ] [grunts ] Aah! Killing me is not cool.
Aah! HEX: May I help you find something? Sorry.
It's the one book I don't lend out.
You aren't surprised to see me.
To the contrary.
I've been waiting for you to show up.
After all, you're the time-lost Gwen, the last link to a less-appealing past.
How do you know all that? Magic, my dear.
I love this new world your meddling created.
I'm not letting you change it back.
Are you two done talking yet? 'Cause I'm totally gonna kill her again.
You must learn patience, my dear niece.
But not right away.
First I'm going to kill -- unh! You need to stop saying that.
If you think I'm going to fight you, you're dumber than you look.
[ rumbling ] [grunts ] [grunts ] Kevin, you don't have to do this.
Remember who you are.
Remember me.
Uh [grunting ] Unh! Why do I bother trying? It never works.
You little fool! Oh, sure.
Like you knew that was coming.
[groans ] Ben?! [ moans ] BEN: Gwen? But I saw Charmcaster.
You were fighting her, and she -- I know, Ben.
It's all my fault.
I-I don't understand.
The Omnitrix -- when it blew up only i-it didn't, but it should have and it would have if only I hadn't tried to fix everything.
Um, I know I'm kind of messed up, but you're not making any sense.
I'll explain when I get you out of here.
Oh, sure.
Like that's going to happen.
You handle the rock monsters.
I'll take Charmcaster.
[groans ] No, Ben, you're hurt.
I already lost you once.
I'm not gonna let that happen again.
Swampfire! [grunts ] Tempestas! [grunts ] Aah! [growls ] [grunts ] [grunts ] [grunting ] Kevin, no! Aah! [grunts ] It's time to write the last chapter in this sad little saga.
SWAMPFIRE: Thanks anyway, Hex.
But I'm not much of a reader! Let's get out of here before they have a chance to [groans ] [growls ] - [groans ] - Hold them off, Ben.
I need time to cast a spell.
And that'll fix everything? Do what you can.
I trust you.
[ beep] Quis quondam eram afflictus.
lam vicis mos redintegro.
Quis venit pro -- Stop! Mos nusquam esse! GWEN #2: Are you sure? You will never forgive yourself if you let this happen.
GWEN: Don't listen to her! I'm from her future, and she doesn't know what she's talking about.
Oh, come on! How do I know you're not an imposter? [sighs ] The lock on our locker is broken.
We just leave it hanging there so it looks closed.
All right, you're me.
But I still think we should save Kevin.
You guys need to make up our mind.
Already done.
Paradox was right.
We have to let it happen the way it did the first time.
We can't keep Kevin from mutating? No.
We can't.
And just to make sure she doesn't try, I'm gonna make her forget everything that happened.
Come on.
We don't belong here.
Ben, that doesn't look right.
Turn it off! [alarm blaring ] Never mind that.
It's overloading.
Dump the watch! It'll take too long! Run for it, both of you! [whirring intensifies ] Maybe I can [ knock on door] What have you been doing up here all day? You missed the whole game.
I was working on a project.
I lost track of time.
Want to go to Mr.
Smoothy? It's Ben's treat.
What was that for? I don't know.
Hello, young persons.
BEN: Paradox? What are you doing here? Is something wrong? No.
Everything's fine.