Berkeley Square (1998) s01e02 Episode Script

Hide and Seek

1 Jos Carrera for his beautiful bride @JosC on Gab.
Com You daft great lumux.
What have you done now? Hello Auntie.
It's not a problem.
Just let me stay here a day or two till the fuss dies down.
So what then? Go back down to Limehouse? You think they'll have forgotten you killed Lenny Flynn by then, do ya? Come on Mags.
Let him finish.
If I could just get up to Liverpool.
Liverpool? Get in a boat to America.
I'll never see you again.
How are you gonna pay your passage? No use looking at me.
I used up what little I had on your Auntie Kane.
It's a bit of an embarrasment with the law.
Your mum stood bail.
Before I brought her here as Cook Oh, if the law comes sniffing around You won't be the only one up to your neck in it.
Why should they though? He can be brought up as Ned Jones, hasn't he? You haven't told anyone your mum works here, have you? No.
So, who's to make the connection? And if it's a bit of cash he's after Well, I got your got you a job, didn't I? What? Shut up, we're thinking.
What are we gonna do with him for now, though? The house will be crawling like an anthill in a minute.
I've got just the place.
Charles is 3 months old.
He can't talk yet.
I thought there were four children.
Master Henry and Master Nathaniel are away at school.
This way.
Good morning.
Good morning, Nanny Simmons This is Randall, the new nursemaid.
Say good morning to her.
Good morning, Randall.
Good morning, and what's your name? Master Albert George Hutchinson Five Berkely Randall knows the address, Albert.
Just a name will do.
It's very nice to meet you.
Now then Hands? Good.
You may choose one toy.
Take it to the table.
Shall I pick him up now? What for? He's crying? You obviously know nothing about babies.
If you pick them up every time they cry, they'll think they can take advantage whenever they like.
I'll be back in an hour.
Morning Nanny Settling in alright? Yes, thank you.
I've just left a note for you on the nursery table.
Thank you Who's it from? You're sweetheart? I doubt it.
Why? Ain't you got a sweetheart? I'm far too busy with my work.
Now, if you'd excuse me Bad luck crossing on the stairs, Nanny.
What's your name? Pat Keegan.
What's yours? Mr.
Keegan, I dislike bad behavior in children and footmen.
Oh! What's been going on? Nothing.
Harriet? He said that some wicked ogre was going come and eat me up for supper.
Well that was very unkind.
Tom knows perfectly well there's no such thing as ogres, wicked or otherwise.
And if you're gonna tease like that, we'll have to stop having stories at bedtime altogether.
Did the footman leave a note for me? No.
Really? How curious.
He said he did.
Oh well, I dare say I'll find it when you've gone.
Alright now, get ready or you'll be late for Miss Turner.
Miss Turner's got croup.
There's no lessons today.
Really? How do you know that, I wonder? It was in the note.
That would be the note that didn't come, would it? Now Tom, what on earth was the point of all that? Come on, let's not sit around here.
I tell you what.
Should we play a game? With all the extra entertaining for the coronation Mr.
Potter and I would like permission to have some extra staff, if you please, ma'am.
What sort of staff? Cook could use another couple of girls to rough vegetables and another footman in the front hall would be advantageous.
Get the girls, by all means, Mrs.
But I think we have enough footmen as it is.
Yes ma'am.
45 Tigers.
46 Lions.
47 Camels.
48 Giants 49 Monkeys We're coming Tommy.
Coming to find you.
Ready or not.
Nanny! Tom? Tom, what is the matter? There's a man in the storeroom What? It's an ogre he was eating something.
Oh I see.
No, I mean there really is.
I saw him.
He's huge.
That's quite enough, Tom.
It's horrid to keep frightening Harriet like this.
I'm not.
There's a man in the storeroom.
Come and see for yourself.
Very well.
In here.
Well, open the door please, Tom.
Very well.
There, you see.
Nothing and nobody to be scared of.
But I saw him.
I thought it would be a treat this morning to play a game since your governess is ill.
But if all you can do is tell lies and upset Harriet, I think you should do some silent reading instead.
um Mrs.
Collins, is absolutely necessary for Ivo to wear all those under things? There's always the danger of chills Bless you.
You seem to have caught one yourself.
It's just a little tickle, your Ladyship.
Oh dear.
In that case do you feel confident enough to take Ivo to the park by yourself? Oh yes, your Ladyship.
Nanny showed me how to do it all nicely.
There's no need No, no, no I would prefer it.
Besides, you must look after yourself.
Very well, your Ladyship.
Thank you.
You'll pass me his things and I will dress Master Ivo properly.
We don't want to catch measles, do we? No, we don't.
The cook has prepared the cake as directed, sir.
Good, splendid.
Tell her I'm jolly grateful.
You've ordered a special cake for your sister? Oh, good Lord, no.
Old Stick eats absolutely anything.
No, it's Nanny's birthday.
What? Today? Tomorrow.
It's quite a big occasion when we were small.
Iced cakes with little whatnots on top.
Crystallized violets.
Thought as it was Nanny's 70th, we make it a bit of a thing of it.
Oh, how nice.
Just the children, you know.
Annabelle and me.
Oh Rather foolish, I dare say, but it's bit of a family ritual, you see.
You don't mind, do you.
No, of course not.
Afternoon, Nanny.
Afternoon, Nanny.
Grand music, isn't it? Yeah.
We've got a band in our village but it ain't like this.
No? No.
Don't all sound the same, like they do.
My dad says he thinks they're not even playing the same tune half the time.
My name is Matty Wickham, by the way.
I'm nanny to the St.
Johns in Berkeley Square.
Oh, I'm there too.
With the Scammons? Well, that is, the Earl and Constance Lamson-Scribener.
Really? Only nursemaid, though.
I'm Lydia Weston.
How do you do? Very nicely, thank you.
And this is little Master, Ivo.
Oh, has he been poorly? No, why? Nothing, I just wondered.
He seems well wrapped up, that's all.
That's the way Nanny Collins says to do it but I dunno.
She goes on about fresh air being good so I open the windows then she shuts them again and says that drafts give him measles.
How old is your Nanny Collins? About 150? Has a straight edge, but there, look.
What's he doing in here? Finishing his puzzle, Mrs Simmons.
And why isn't he resting after his luncheon? Oh, well, Charles is asleep but Bertie wasn't tired.
That's not the point.
I work very hard and I like to have some peace in the afternoons.
Well, maybe I take him out for an hour.
Out where? For a walk to the park.
What park? The one around the corner.
I came through the other day.
It seems very respectable.
It would get some fresh air into him.
He would sleep better at night.
Very well.
He's not to run around or make an exhibition of himself.
Of course not, Mrs.
He's not to talk to common children.
No, Mrs.
And you're to keep him on the path.
One ounce of mud in my nursery and there'll be trouble.
Yes, Mrs.
Come on, Master Albert.
Get your hat.
There's a pond in the park over the road.
With ducks? With loads of ducks.
Oh, should we take that with us? You don't like sailing boats? Yes, but Then that's what we'll do.
Come on.
They're here for the coronation.
Hello darling, how are you doing? Jack? I'll be off then.
Sorry, I didn't realize you're expecting your young man.
My brother.
Jack, I'd like you to meet Miss Lydia Weston who works near me.
It's my pleasure.
How'd you do? And this is my little girl, Harriet St.
He's the one that wrote the poem for Tom.
Will you make one for me? Harriet, eh? Hmm, let's see, um.
I'm a little bit in love with Harry.
Harry is the man for me.
Stop it.
What's wrong with that, ay? Tom.
Would you sing that song again, please? Again? Well, since it's you.
I'm a little bit in love with Harry Harry is the man for me.
In his bright red coat and his ten bob note Tom, my brother Jack's turned up.
Would you like to come and meet him? I've just been promised a go with that.
and even I'm not supposed to have a go with it.
What? It's a precious ornament for looking at.
Why didn't you say when I said to bring it? I'm not allowed to answer back.
Albert, put your pajamas on go and go straight to bed.
But he hasn't had any tea.
Nor will he.
Wicked disobedient little boys don't deserve tea.
But Mrs.
Simmons, it's my fault we took the boat out.
I didn't know he wasn't allowed and he didn't like to say.
And ignorant maids who get beyond themselves do not deserve supper.
Oh, Mrs.
And those who answer back can find another position as soon as soon as they like.
Yes, Mrs.
This afternoon, you'd never seen so many foreigners.
Africans, all sorts.
And I hope you didn't stare or speak to any of them.
No, Nanny, course not.
The only people I spoke to are my friends.
Friends? Only other nannies.
One is head nurse to the St.
Johns down the road, and the other one is the new nursemaid at number five.
Both Berkeley Square, same as us.
Wonder how they found her so quickly.
I told her about the job when When I met her the other day.
Met her? Yes, ma'am.
Did you know her? No, ma'am.
You send a total stranger for a post in a respectable house? Yes, ma'am What did you think you were doing? She could be anybody.
She could have a disease.
She could have been in prison.
She could be a thief, for all we know.
Oh, you stupid girl.
Whatever am I going to do? I'm not stupid and you don't have to do nothing.
She's perfectly alright or they wouldn't have given her the job, would they? I know I'm only learning.
Yes, Lydia.
You are only learning.
And the first thing you learn is that a fretful nurse makes a fretful baby.
I shall feed him while you go away and calm yourself.
Yes, Nanny.
Harry, overcoming of pets.
They say Sara Beaumont is absolutely terrific in the part.
Never believe that she was 58.
You know how I feel about older women.
Are you suggesting that I look 58? No, I am suggesting I shall die of a broken heart if I don't see you tonight.
Oh nonsense.
Well, have supper with me then if you don't want to go to the theatre.
Please? Harry.
I can't.
I must spend one evening with my husband.
What on earth for? Wouldn't you rather be with me? Of course, I would but Well, then.
They serve excellent caviar at the Hewett and they have very discreet private dining rooms.
The wicked ogre opened his mouth to show his big sharp teeth Nanny? Alright, I think we've all had quite enough scary things.
Didn't anybody ever show you how to get rid of scary things? You have to do this.
Angels above me and angels below keep me quite safely wherever I go.
Pringle? What the matter? Pringle? Whatever's going on? Nothing.
Yes, there is.
Come on, tell me what's happened? It's Keegan.
What, the footman? Please, tell me what's happened? He shut me in the linen cupboard.
And he knows I don't like being in the dark.
And he was laughing.
I thought he liked me.
Alright, come on.
It's over now.
I'll deal with it.
Could I have a word please, Mrs.
McClusky? As long as I don't have to stop what I'm doing.
Or perhaps it's Mr.
Potter I should be speaking to.
What about? One of the underfootman, Patrick Keegan.
Not only was he extremely impertinent to me this morning but now has actually managed to reduce Pringle to tears.
Do you have authority in this matter or does Mr.
Potter? I'll do the hiring and firing in this house, Nanny Wickham.
With Mr.
Potter's approval.
Well, I would like him reprimanded, please.
I'll not have the nursery upset like that.
I'm very sorry have been troubled, Nanny Wickham.
Very sorry, indeed.
I shall see to it personally.
Thank you This very evening.
Come in.
I thought you were dining out tonight.
No, I've changed my mind.
I'm staying at home.
Why don't you join me? Well then.
What sparkling entertainment are you indulging in this evening? I'm going to see Sarah Bernhardt in La Dame aux Camélias.
I'm told it's excellent.
Are you? I'm told it's about a (unknown) Drvier, turn around please.
Angels above me and angels below.
keep me quite safely wherever I go.
Shhh, don't worry.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Who are you? I'm a friend, Tom, not a foe.
How do you know my name? Well, it's my business to know all sorts things.
Like I'll know you're a very brave young man coming up here at dead of night.
I told Nanny about you.
But she didn't believe me.
That's women for you, Tom but maybe it's for the best.
because women ain't very good at keeping secrets.
I recon I can trust you not to tell anyone else about me.
Why shouldn't I? Cause you'll spoil everything if you do.
My mission will be ruined.
Mission? Are you a spy? Can't say anymore, alright? Alright.
How long has he been crying? About 10 minutes.
You alright? Yes.
You should've woken me earlier.
She's locked us in.
Oh, for pity's sake.
No, I shouldn't.
I got to be up in What's the time? Half past midnight.
I got to be up in four and a half hours.
Now, is it What I was trying to say, Patrick is I don't mind you making nice at the girls.
if I was to dig deep down, they don't mind neither.
What's all the fuss about it? The way you do it.
Here's to the Queen.
The Queen.
Nobody minds a few discreet arrangements.
But you gotta be clever.
Gotta use your charm.
Can't have people complaining all over the place, could we? Cheers.
Keegan! Potter, where the devil's Keegan? I don't know, sir.
And where the devil's my hot water? Hasn't Keegan brought it up, sir? Well, I wouldn't be standing here like this if he had, would I? I do beg your pardon, sir.
I'll see to it straightaway.
Do that.
Have you any idea what time it is? Oh my God! You've gone too far this time, Keegan.
You've upset Nanny.
You've upset Pringle.
and now you've neglected your duties.
You are dismissed.
Master Albert and Master Charles, madam.
Thank you, Nanny Simmons.
Good morning, Mama.
Hello darling.
We must ask Nanny Simmons to give you a haircut, I think.
Morning, young man.
What have you got to say for yourself? Good morning, Papa.
Now then, young shaver, I have a present for you.
Battles of the 19th century.
Got to earn it, mind.
Great generals don't grow on trees.
Got to learn things.
Take responsibility.
Now then.
Commander First Batalion Rifle Brigade.
Battle of Inkerman Sir George Cathcart, sir.
Facing colors of the old Connaught Rangers.
Come on, man.
On parade now, don't you know? Lincoln Green, sir.
Well done.
You're turning into a fine young man.
Commanding the troops any day now.
He had been drinking, Mrs.
I could see why he slept in.
But it will be very difficult losing a footman before the coronation with the entertaining.
Then find another.
It takes some time to advertise the post.
Do we not know anyone seeking to change? Well, I do.
But he's never been a footman before.
McCluskey, I have trained more young footman than I can count.
And there is some urgency.
Do you think he would accept? I don't know, Mr Potter.
Shall I ask? Keep as close to the truth as possible.
You don't boot blacken.
You don't carry in bags.
You don't door opening.
You ain't done table service and you ain't done private drawing rooms.
What hotel was it? Blakeston, Smith Street Five, six months ago so no one can check.
Since then, you've been doing casual in kitchens.
What about the boy, though? Tom.
What if he says something? What choices you got? Let's finish with this.
There lop.
Not the tash.
Yes the tash.
What a shame the delphiniums are no longer there.
She just did soon love the color.
She had them brought specially from Devon, you know.
They didn't seem to like the London air, I'm afraid, Annabelle We do find that American bee hyssop flourish as well, though.
Will you be accompanying us for luncheon? As a matter of fact, I've got the final fitting for my coronation gown.
Besides, I'm sure Nanny Collins would prefer to be alone with her children.
Nanny Collins, sir.
Many happy returns of the day, Nanny.
What do I say about pride? Comes before a fall, usually.
Yes, it does.
Even so, I don't think there's a prouder nanny in the world than me at this moment.
Not over yet, old thing.
We thought we'd take you out for a special luncheon.
I tell you Annabelle, as soon as Bergie's got the crown firmly on his head, Salisbury will resign as P.
You think so? Oh, yes About blasted time too, if you ask me.
I don't think we use language in the open air, thank you Master George.
Sorry, Nanny.
So, who'll take over? Balfour? Arntue.
Oh, rightful man.
Do we know Mr.
Balfour, dear? Not well, no.
Then perhaps it would be kinder to reserve judgment until we know him a little better, don't you think? Yes, Nanny.
Do you know, Master George, I think I could manage a small slice of that yeast cake.
Do you have a moment? Well, I need to collect the children in 30 minutes but What could I do for you, Mr.
Potter? If you would pretend to be the lady of the household for me, please.
Oh Now, plates are carried one at a time with both hands.
Presented from the left and set carefully in front of the diner.
Thank you.
No, no, no.
The footman is never acknowledged.
I'm sorry.
Now, please.
Do try and behave naturally.
Again, please.
Very good indeed.
I'll fetch the vegetable tureens and we'll try with them.
For this I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to put you off.
It's all right.
It's me he's supposed to be training, not you.
You don't need training to be a lady.
That's the silly thing though, isn't it? I spend all my time teaching the children to have good manners and when they grow up, they're not supposed to use them.
The children? Hmm, I'm their Nanny, Matty.
Now, let's see how we get on with this.
Hello darling.
Fancy a swig? Mr Keegan? You're drunk! Yeah, I'm drunk and out of a job.
And out of a bed.
So, I reckon it's best to stay drunk, don't you, Nanny? Still, at least you can't complain about me anymore.
Unless you want to call the police and have me arrested, as well as dismissed.
I didn't get you dismissed.
Fancy a drink, kids? Hurry on now.
I'm very sorry you've been dismissed.
But I assure you it was nothing to do with me.
Good day, Mr.
You got another one.
Haven't changed jobs already, have you? No such luck.
Bertie's been kept in to learn a chapter of the Bible by heart.
You know I've not had supper last night or breakfast this morning.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, well next time you hear of a job, go and keep it to yourself, aye? I didn't know it was going to be like that.
No, you didn't know anything I'd never have gone at all if I'd known it was for a nursemaid.
That's not fair.
Good afternoon What's the matter? She says it's my fault she got into trouble over that stupid boat.
Well, it's not and if you want to know I got into heaps of trouble for telling you about that job in the first place.
Well, you'll know better next time, won't you? Sorry, Nanny.
I am not Nanny, I'm Hannah Randall.
It's not fair to treat people like that.
No, it's not.
You're not in trouble for anything, are you? Not me, no.
They've dismissed one of our footmen.
Don't know why? They don't always need a reason.
Well, I'm not gonna lose my job.
I'm gonna work hard and get really good at it.
You like it, do you? You have never worked on a farm or your wouldn't ask.
There aren't many jobs where you get your own bed, three square meals a She wasn't allowed any supper or any breakfast.
What? Because of that boat? Yeah, I've been court-martialed.
And you weren't being paid yet either? Look, there's a tea store over there.
Should I get us something to eat? That'd be nice.
Listen, um.
I'm sorry I shouldn't have said all those things.
Look, can we start again? I'd like that very much indeed.
Captain Henry Mason.
So glad you could come, Captain Reece.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Fresh hands and change or we'll be late.
It's a special tea party today.
So best behavior all around.
Harry, please, let me explain.
Shhh No need to explain.
I can take a hint.
I wasn't The children, madame.
How delightful, thank you Nanny Wickam.
We're having such a lovely musical afternoon.
Would you sing for us? I just feel awful about it.
Why did you agree in the first place, then? Because you kept on so.
I can't talk here but I'm a little bit in love with Harry.
Harry is the man for me.
With his bright red coat and his ten bob note, he's as smart and as sharp as a man can be.
How dare you allow my children to humiliate me in public.
I've never heard such impertinence.
I'm very sorry, Mr.
I agree it was a most unfortunate incident but what happened was On this occasion, our guests were gracious enough to find the incident amusing but if there is ever a repetition I understand, Madame.
I do hope so.
One moment.
Madame? Are you new? Yes, Madame.
Started my duties today, Madame.
What your name? Edward Jones, Madame.
Very well, carry on.
I thought I said you were to hire no more footman.
Yes, Madame.
Unfortunately, Nanny complained that Keegan was behaving badly to the nursery staff.
So, Mr.
Potter and I thought it advisable to replace him before it caused any more trouble.
I see.
Thank you, Mrs.
Yes, Madame.
So you're as critical of my staff as I am of your nursery.
Perhaps we should both consider very carefully whether we are indeed suited to one another.
Yes, Madame.
What happened? What's the matter? Hello sweetheart.
Come here, gorgeous.
Oh, I gotcha.
Have you missed me? Oh, you'll be good for nothing in the morning.
What are you doing still up? Happy birthday, Nanny.
It's a needle case I didn't know you could do stitching, Lydia.
My ma learnt me.
Taught, dear.
I didn't know it was your birthday till just today.
Anyway, yeah, I saw the needle stuck in your apron and you always saying about safety near baby so, uh, I've just been doing it now.
Many happy returns, Nanny.
Thank you, Lydia.
It's quite acceptable.
I took the underground.
And how are you going to get back again, huh? I'll walk.
And not get there until breakfast is done and gone.
Stupid girl.
I had to see Billy.
For what? Because I love him.
What if head nurse wakes up and finds you not there.
End of job, is what gone.
So they'll find somebody else.
And then what would you do? How you going to feed Billy with no job? Stupid, stupid girl.
Take a handsome cab, right outside.
I'm sorry.
You can do what you like when I'm gone but I am going and I'm taking these with me.
They owe me.
Don't be a fool.
You'll only make things worse for yourself.
How much worse can they get, aye? If you hadn't whined about me in the first place.
Oh, my God.
What have you done? And what, may I ask, is the meaning of this? I said no.
Why not? Surely the police No, there's no need.
Right, you.
Don't never try to again cuz I'll be watching for you.
Understood? You smug little Out.
Master Albert, do not go into any bed but your own even if invited.
Sorry, Nanny Simmons.
For future reference, Randall Master Albert knows perfectly well I do not encourage babyish behavior in children.
Yes, Mrs.
Thank you for not telling on me.
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.
I had a bad dream.
I was frightened.
Do you have bad dreams often? Well, next time it happens, you wake me up and I'll come into your bed.
She didn't say anything about that now, did she? What if you're not there? I will be.
It's a dreadful way to behave.
What? Attacking the poor man like that.
He had a knife at ya.
He wouldn't have used it.
I was perfectly capable of dealing with a situation.
Oh yeah, how? By calling the police and having the bloke arrested in jail? It would have been the proper way to deal with a thief.
Look, I know you did what you thought was right but you shouldn't Nanny, Go back to the nursery where you belong.