Berkeley Square (1998) s01e04 Episode Script

All on a Summer's Day

1 Jos Carrera for his beautiful bride @JosC on Gab.
Com (unknown) It's not fair.
(unknown) Anything wrong, Lydia? No, Mr.
Sorry, Mr.
It makes me look like an herbaceous border.
The color is the most becoming, though.
Tell her to get rid of all this fly and make sure she can have it ready by tomorrow, first thing.
Sorry, m'lady, but I've come for Ivo.
Tell Nanny Collins I'll ring when I'm ready.
Yes, m'lady.
Thank you, Lydia.
Now what have we done to make our Lydia so grumpy, hmm? Probably sheer terror.
Nanny Collins can be quite fearsome about routine.
If Mrs.
Collins had a way we'd all be having naps after lunch and supper by six.
I've spoken to Mrs.
And you and the children shall have the carriage tomorrow.
Oh, but I mean, thank you, madam.
It'll be a treat for the children and I daresay Edward can help you carry things.
Really nothing anyone would think I was proposing a punishment rather than a pleasure.
Sorry, madam.
I'm most grateful.
Thank you, madam.
That will be all.
No meals was tomorrow.
Aye? Nurses out.
Johns out.
John off at north.
Peace and quiet and a bottle of milk stout.
Who needs church? Mr.
John get off alright.
Yes, Mrs.
Any chance of some grub? Who's got supper to think of.
I don't mind.
Bread and cheese will do me.
I didn't get any tea, did I? It'll be sandwiches for you tomorrow.
Aye? Mrs.
John says you to drive Nanny Wickham and the children in the carriage for their excursion.
Edward will also be able to carry the picnic basket.
Conniving little piece, Nanny Wickham, ain't she? What do you mean? You're telling me Mrs.
John offered her and her kids a carriage just like that? No, she must have put in a word.
Anything to make her life easier.
Maybe it's the children are going in for a spot of fishing.
Yeah, well, I'm not biting.
Dear, dear Lydia, why so downcast? Sir.
You seem unusually gloomy.
Nanny Collins using the whip hand, is she? Oh, no, sir.
Then I hope your young man hasn't been boorish enough to upset you.
I ain't got a young man, sir.
It's just Nanny Wickham, the St.
John's across the square.
and the Hutchinson's inter-nanny, Miss Randall.
Well, they're going to the country tomorrow for a picnic and I asked Nanny Collins if I could go instead of my half day next week, see.
And I take it that Nanny Collins said no? Oh, yes, sir.
I ain't seen the country since I was at home.
Best get this back.
Her Ladyship will be wondering where I got to.
Come on.
Time for bed.
I leave the door to my room open, alright? Goodnight.
Nighty night.
They've been awake for hours.
Couldn't wait any longer.
Something wrong? Just never seen you without your uniform on, that's all.
Picnic basket.
Come on, slip.
It's time to get going? What you got there? It's secret.
Oh, all right don't show me, if you don't want to.
You can look.
I didn't touch anything.
I was especially careful.
Well, never mind it.
Tell me about it later.
Looks like Cook's done us proud.
She told me to use eggs for your (unknown).
You're the topic of conversation, you are.
Really? They recon you're chasing after him.
They recons why Mrs.
John gave you the carriage so that, um he'd have to come with you.
I want the news, I'll read the paper.
Thank you very much.
Ned says when I'm tall and can take turns when I could reach them.
Does he? Good morning, Hannah.
We've introduced ourselves.
Isn't it funny being on duty without our uniforms? Well, you'd better get changed.
I'm not due another clean apron till tomorrow.
I meant to go out.
Her Ladyship has given you permission to move your Sunday off.
Thank you.
Thank you, Nanny Collins.
It's her Ladyship you should thank.
You're a very lucky girl.
Get on, then.
Hey, wait for me! We thought you weren't coming? Is there any room? Of course, there is.
That's my brother.
We're picking him up.
Master Bertie.
And there was me thinking Mr.
and Mrs.
John got themselves a couple of new coachman.
Good chatting with you.
You must be Ned.
Hello ladies! Have you been here before? No.
How'd you know my name anyway? Matty keeps me up to date on all the gossip.
She said there was a new footman started.
Hey, you can get fruit at the river here.
I'll show you.
Children? Mind you stay back from that river, it's dangerous.
Leave that, my dear.
John said that Ned was to carry things.
It was ever so good of Mrs.
John to let us have the carriage, wasn't it? It's just a shame he had to come at all.
I was really looking forward to this.
He's nice to look at, isn't he? There you go, he's nice to look at and he's company for Jack.
Oh, come on, Matty.
Don't let him spoil our day.
Anyway, Mrs.
John just wanted to make sure the coast was clear.
I think if they really love each other well, it's meant to be, isn't it? Maybe it is.
John and Captain Mason aren't married, Hannah.
Love can exist without it.
You ever drink in the Eagle and Child, Down Limehouse way? No.
I could have sworn you look familiar.
Just got one of those faces.
Mind if I have a go? Be my guest.
I won.
No, you didn't, did he Bertie? Well, I'm not sure.
You killed the evil wizard who is holding me prisoner in the Dark Tower and I'm the beautiful princess and you've got to come and rescue me.
He's killed you.
Die! Lavinia.
I thought it unnecessary to have myself announced.
Of course.
What brings you to town? We had to come up to see Gerald's mother.
She is unwell.
She has had these attacks every summer since we were married.
I can only think it's sheer ill nature on her part.
You were on your way out? No.
Your butler tells me Arnold is not at home.
Visiting the great unwashed.
It really was too good of you to think of us.
Naturally I thought to call upon you.
It is the duty of a sister, after all.
But you still haven't told us how you managed to escape your Nanny Collins.
Lady Lamson-Scribener.
She was the one who said to have the day off.
I'm ever so lucky to work for such a nice family.
I mean they'd be nice even if they didn't have a title.
Very broad minded of you.
I mean, Lord Hugh.
He'd be a proper gentleman even if he weren't.
If you see what I mean.
You will be careful of your Lord Hugh, my girl.
Always been ever so good to me, Matty.
Toffs are never nice without a reason.
Matty's right.
You should watch it.
Well, I'm off to dip my feet in the river.
Anyone coming? I think I'll stay here.
(I'll come) Maybe I will keep you company.
Good Maddy? No, best stay here, make sure no one gets into mischief.
No rest for the wicked.
She must feel like this all the time upstairs.
Lady in leisure.
Go on then.
Since it's a Sunday.
Tell cook we only require a light lunch and potter.
I find anything more unsettling to the digestion.
Papa was the same.
I could digest pebbles.
You take after the other side of the family.
She said she was dining out.
What am I supposed to feed him on? Thin air? Mrs.
John did say a light lunch.
Let's see, consomme, cheese souffle, asparagus hollandaise, fruit cup and a savory.
How's that sound? Souffle? We got hardly any eggs.
Pringle cooked most of them for the nursery picnic.
I can't do a souffle without eggs, or hollandaise.
What had we got then? Kippers! Suzanne is gonna be the clever one of all of us, I reckon.
Sharp, she is.
If my dad had his way, none of them would go to school but my mum and me always sticks up for him.
Got a family, Hannah? They still haven't caught anything, you know.
they're in the wrong place for a start.
Do you know about fishing then? Of course, I do.
Hold that, will you? To Miss Lydia Weston, fisherwoman extraordinaire.
If this were a trout stream, well I could really show some of it.
Champion trout tickler, me.
Did they laugh? No, little one.
They just go to sleep and you pick them up and put them in your net.
That's not very sporting.
Quite right, Tom.
Chuck us an egg, will you, Matty? What's the magic word? Just chuck us an egg, sarge.
Sarge? Yeah, when we were little, Matty was so bossy, we used to call her Sarge.
Short for sergeant major.
An egg, was it? Oh, Pringle.
I heard word on Thursday, Victoria Yes? Captain Mason is here, madam.
Peculiar time for a visit.
Captain Mason is in the guards.
Arnold has made something of a favorite to him.
He must have forgotten to tell him he'd be away.
Show him up, Potter.
I shall play the Good Samaritan, since it's Sunday.
I think Captain Mason sometimes finds the mess a little uncivilized for his taste.
Captain Harry Mason? Yes.
You know him? I know something of his reputation.
Gerald's younger brother Roderick is in guards.
Of course.
I try not to indulge in gossip.
It is perfectly proper to indulge in gossip, Victoria if it prevents one from being its subject.
If you will follow me, sir? Thank you, Potter.
Oh, Potter, the heckling carriage outside.
He's been told to wait.
Could you inform him there's been a change of plan? Of course, sir.
Thank you.
John comes from a very respectable family.
Her father's the nephew of an Earl.
Didn't stop them (unknown), did it? What on earth do you mean, Lydia Weston? She ran off.
with the children's tutor.
He was half her age, and all.
There was never such a scandal, Nanny Collins says.
Everyone knew.
I bet they did.
He was an Italian.
(unknown), Nanny Collins says.
(unknown) ten penny.
The children were only right small and they were never allowed to see their mother again.
Fancy, just leaving them.
Nanny Collins says it's very difficult if there's someone like that in the family.
Well, for the girls, I mean.
When they get married? Why? Everyone expects they're gonna act the same.
Do you think she will? With Captain Mason? Of course not.
You've got a lot to learn, Lydia.
You really do.
So, Roddy Heaton's your, uh, nephew? My brother-in-law.
Of course.
Dark horse, old Roddy, don't you think? Still, he's engaged to a perfectly charming girl.
Cecily Kempton? Gerald introduced them as a matter of fact.
I must commend your husband's eye.
She's a perfect peach.
Gerald wanted to take holy orders but he inherited the estate before it could come about.
Still he's always mindful of the happiness of others, isn't he, Lavinia? Indeed.
I'm very ignorant I'm afraid.
My own people are from Hampshire but Norfolk is a county one has spoken of most highly.
I don't see why.
It is far from picturesque and the damp is quite a penetrating.
Ain't that your job? Put things out.
Prepare for the arrival.
Wouldn't suit me.
Dressing up.
Taking orders.
It'll do me for now.
How'd you earn a crust anyway? Oh, you know, little bit this, little bit of that.
Oh yeah.
You heard of Charlie Clifford? Runs a few businesses down Limehouse way? Don't want to get on the wrong side of him.
That's right.
Done some work for him a while back.
What about now? Oh, you know, little bit of this, little bit of that.
I've been doing some delivering for liberties but don't know long I'll stick it.
Figure I'm gonna get in touch with Charlie again, once he's out of Pentonville.
Jack had a promising musical career at one stage, didn't you, Jack? Thank you.
I didn't know were musical.
I'm not.
That was too modest.
He had the loudest voice in the church choir until he was 14.
I shall give your regards to Roddy.
Good afternoon, Captain Mason.
Please convey my regrets to Arnold at having missed him.
Oh, how boneheaded of me, there was an article that Arnold particularly wanted you see, Captain Mason.
Something concerning the liberal imperialist counsel.
I'll fetch it for you.
Surely Potter could find it.
Potter's eyesight is not all it should be.
I had the carriage waiting, private dining room arranged.
She just decended on me like a biblical plague.
How on earth did two sisters manage to be so different? We're not so unalike.
Lavinia is no fool.
There's seem to be any number of things that Lavinia is not.
It was unwise for her to see you, Harry.
Fortunately propriety was served.
I shall write.
Victoria? You know, you really are a mystery to me.
Not too sphinx-like, I hope.
You really think I'm unlike Lavinia? That's champagne from soda water.
About to have the strawberries.
Didn't want you to miss out.
Oh, I don't think I could.
It would be a banquet, wouldn't it? Well, sorry to disturb you.
Oh, you're not, honestly.
Some people are very partial to strawberries.
I prefer raspberries myself.
Me too? Really? Definitely.
Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Ready or not, here I come.
Are they shut? Yeah.
They've gotta stay shut.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Fee fie fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Even though we say the same thing, it sounds very different with a Russian accent.
I'll take your word for it.
Hannah? Stupid, stupid! I've always wanted a brother and if I one, I'd want him to be just like you.
Your turn.
I can't think of anything.
Not allowed, come on.
Right, um I actually quite enjoyed singing in the church choir.
How feeble.
Alright, uh I haven't got a best girl but if I did, I'd want her to be just like you.
I'm sorry.
No, I should get back that's all.
Bertie would be getting anxious.
A daft game, anyway.
Who taught you it? Here.
I can manage.
Like you said, it's not your job.
Why have you got it in for me? I haven't.
That business I had with Tom.
Can we let bygones be bygones? That.
Oh, so I've done something else, have I? I don't like being spoken of lightly.
What? You were talking about me down in the kitchen.
Pringle said.
If I had sixpence for every time a name is mentioned in the kitchen, I'll buy myself a diamond ring.
What was I supposed to have said? It doesn't matter what you said, Ned Jones.
But if you think I'd look twice your way, you've got another thing coming.
If you want to know, it was Cook who said you were after me.
I know how straight laced you are, don't worry.
I'm not straight-laced.
I just know what's what.
The nursery is no place for funny business.
Funny business? You know what I mean? So, you gonna die an old maid, are you? And what if I do? There's more to life thanthat.
You don't know what you're missing.
The trouble with you, Ned Jones, is that you don't know what decent girl is.
Home free! I've lived all over the place in my time.
You're an Alliance man, born and bred, are you? Yeah.
Like me? Never thought of getting out? Nah.
Keeps me down to the ground.
(unknown) Mind, you we had that bloke killed around here.
You must have heard about it.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Think I saw it on the paper.
Cock fight, wasn't it? Bare-knuckle fight.
It's only a matter of time before the police get the bloke who did it.
I thought they didn't have a description.
They didn't at first.
Someone's just come forward.
She can't have got very far.
If we spread out, we'll find her in no time.
We'll go this way.
Come Bertie.
Lydia! Who'd want you, anyway? Stupid! Mrs.
John would like tea for her and her sister.
Anything else? 22 kinds of fancy cake, model of Buckingham Palace in spun sugar? Just tea.
And bread and butter.
Lydia! Lydia! Do you think there's bears? If we meet a bear, you just have to pull a face, like this.
Arrrrrr and then run off.
Thank you.
It's alright.
Lydia! Hannah what I said before I know, Jack, please.
It's a grand day.
You said you'd find the (unknown) and that was a lie.
It was not! Ay boy, calm down.
I thought we were supposed to be tracking Lydia.
He started it.
You don't suppose Indian scouts fallout at each other, do you? Randall, Bertie doesn't have a sister, does he? Well, he's got lots of brothers.
There's Charles and Nathaniel and Henry.
Liar! Master Tom.
Bertie, come on.
Don't get upset, that's what Tom wanted.
I'm not a liar.
I know you're not.
And I do have a sister.
In Heaven.
Oh Bertie.
I'm sorry no one told me.
Are they her clothes in the night nursery? The ones you were worried about this morning? What's her name? Charlotte.
You must have been very sad when she went away.
She went to a better place.
Lydia! Yes? Mrs.
Heaton's carriage has arrived, madam.
Thank You, Potter.
You must write next time we shall dine with Arnold and Gerald.
You know how I detest town.
Perhaps a spell with us in Norfolk would do you good? Your color seems a little hectic.
Does it? One should deal with these things before they become too serious.
Mother's brooch.
I heard word on Thursday.
It was a sort of low fever they get over there, with the mosquitoes I believe.
All afternoon, you've made conversation, knowing There was a letter from her solicitors and a packet with the brooch in.
There's very little to discuss Victoria.
She had no estate.
There's an end to it.
Surely she sent a message.
Then she must have given the solicitors instructions to send us word.
She was thinking of us They were obliged to notify us.
We were her next of kin.
Did you never hope you'd hear from her again? Something? She died a long time ago.
Oh, Lavinia, you loved her too.
You were older, you have more memories.
One can train oneself out of remembering.
But I want to remember.
I can remember so little.
If only we could speak You are distressing yourself unnecessarily.
Get your maid to bathe your temples.
Good bye, Victoria.
Lydia might have gone away.
Why would she do that, now? Because of the scandal.
I don't know where you pick up such words, Harriet St.
Lydia said.
If mama ran away with Captain Mason, would we never see her again? Nonsense, Harriet.
You were sleeping and you heard Lydia telling stories.
All closed up.
If we find Lydia's footprints, then we can follow them.
Bertie, you know you were worried about something this morning.
Something to do with Charlotte? I couldn't find her cup.
Her cup? Aren't there just coats in the drawer? Or maybe it's been moved? It's always there.
No one's allowed to touch.
I just look.
Do you see (unknown), Randall? Ah! I found her! Everyone, I found her.
Come on, Bertie.
Where have you been? I ran and I couldn't find it, the path, like.
and it all looks the same.
I don't know, Lydia, where you were when they were handing out the brains? It's not my fault.
I've never been here before and I would have asked for directions sooner but some people were too busy spooning to notice.
Jack? What? Lydia? Hey, what's all this about spooning? Better ask Hannah.
We were just talking, that's all, honestly.
I believe you.
There's just been a misunderstanding.
You mustn't pay any attention to Jack, you know.
He gets a bit carried away with himself.
I've gone and spoiled everything, haven't I? You should never have asked me.
Don't be silly.
We wouldn't a caught a single fish for a start.
And the children have had a wonderful time tracking you through the woods.
Come on.
I must look like a proper scarecrow.
Nothing a bit of spit and Come on.
Give this to Lydia.
And you might say you're sorry while you're at it.
She's the one that got lost.
What have I done? Why do I think you were as good as courting her? Me? You'll need your (unknown).
Anyone could have got lost in those woods.
Can't been pleasant.
No it wasn't.
Lydia, I don't want you to think I mean I hope you won't find it untoward if I say that I might have led you to think certain things.
I think you're a lovely girl but it's strictly friends is what I mean.
I'm sorry.
Friends, then, ay? Do I get a smile? Go on, ay? Suits him, doesn't it? You look like you've got the troubles of the world on shoulders.
Not quite.
It's just Bertie says something's gone missing.
A cup.
Well, it doesn't sound too serious.
Well, it turns out that Bertie had a baby sister who died.
They've kept some of her things.
Probably a christening cup, then.
Mmm Fretting about it, is he? Well, he knows how easily he gets the blame.
Well, I'd have a proper look around, if I were you.
And if it doesn't turn up, I'd talk to the butler.
That way, Simmons can't blame Bertie.
Or you for that matter.
You've caught the sun.
I picked you these.
Oh, they're very nice, aren't they? For wildflowers.
But we mustn't keep them in the night nursery.
Take baby's breath away.
Oh, I used to freckle at your age.
We'll get you some lemon juice.
Well, aren't you going to come and sit down? I suppose Nanny Wickham didn't have much to say for herself.
Nanny Simmons What do you think? It's very elegant.
It should be for what it cost.
Mind, I haven't had one new for five years.
What was it you wanted? Nothing.
What can I do for you, Randall? I wanted to ask your opinion on something, Mr.
How can I help you? I understand Charles and Bertie had a baby sister, Charlotte, who died? Indeed.
Sad business.
I'd appear some of her things have been kept and Bertie has brought it to my attention that a cup has gone missing.
Missing or mislaid? It appears Bertie goes through the things quite regularly.
Children play with things they're easily lost.
He may even have told her to prevent himself getting into trouble.
Bertie is not a devious child.
I haven't mentioned it to anyone, even Nanny Simmons.
You did right to come to me first.
I can leave it with you, then? I won't deal with the matter in my own way.
Yes, Mr Bowles.
I'm sorry to have disturbed you.
I came to say goodnight.
Did you catch many fish? Loads.
We could have some for breakfast.
You could have some too.
And Lydia caught the biggest one and she told stories, Stories? Ghost stories or fairy stories? Nothing frightening I hope.
A little frightening.
She said They're tired out, madam.
Of course.
You can tell me about it tomorrow.
You're very tired.
Is this new, mama? No, darling.
Goodnight, Nanny Wickam.
Goodnight, madam.
You'd been better off in your bed.
It's all that fresh air.
Funny, isn't it? What? I've been breathing fresh air all my life before I came to London and I never felt any different then.
Evening, my lady.
Good evening, Lydia.
What do you have to say to her Ladyship? Thank you ever so much for letting me go out today, m'lady.
Oh, no, really it's Lord Hugh you should thank.
He's the one who mentioned it to me.
Now, you go to the kitchen and get some lemon juice.
Yes, Nanny Collins.
Ain't that Pringles job? I didn't have the heart.
It's quiet, isn't it? I put my feet up.
Seems it was a bit busy while we were out.
Goodnight, then.
You were a help today.
Thanks, Sarge.
Say within the next week.
I don't know what you mean.
You know we don't like trouble in the house.
You won't hear anymore about it.
If I'm being accused, I'll pack my bags here and now, Mr.
No one's accusing you of anything.
There's others around here should be asked.
I merely mention it Ah, Gibbons, at last.
I'm dying of thirst today.
Another bottle of (unknown), if you please? They don't understand, Henry.
She's a lovely girl.
Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe? Oh, it's you Lydia.
I thought my stepmama might be spying on me.
No, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
She knows she's meant to use the back stairs.
I daresay, Lydia's on some urgent errand involving the blessed infant, Ivo.
Aren't you, Lydia? Of course, you are.
What are you waiting for, Gibbons? Set a course.
Most irregular, Lydia.
Sorry, sir.
Oh, how was the country? Very nice, sir.
Thank you, sir.
It was ever so nice of you to put a word in with her Ladyship.
My pleasure.
I ever so grateful.
Well, perhaps you can do me a favor in return? Of course, sir.
Anything? I like the sound of that.
Alas, I must bid you good night.
Goodnight, sir.