Berlin Station (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Thomas Shaw

1 Previously on "Berlin Station" I'm looking at a station in utter disarray.
To top it off, Chief of Station is in the wind.
One more fuck up, Langley's in here cleaning house.
I think Hector is Thomas Shaw.
You realize what you're accusing your friend of? Hector helped De Vos escape the black site, and De Vos is happy to do his bidding.
Hector: You afraid you'll jump or fall? Fall.
Afraid I'll jump every time.
I'm gonna give you Thomas Shaw.
In return, I walk out of Germany a free man.
- I'm sorry, Daniel, you had to lie for - Hey! Uhh! I'm here on behalf of the Agency to conduct a polygraph examination.
It's not working.
Textbook avoidance techniques.
- We could force it.
- Do it.
Steven: Consider the ramifications if you're wrong.
- Daniel: I'm not wrong.
- What did you do to Julian De Vos? - Did you help him escape? - No, he helped me.
[Glass thuds.]
What the fuck is your problem? Currently, you are.
Don't make me take things into my own hands.
[Speaks German.]
- [Speaks German.]
- [Speaks German.]
- Woman: Mr.
DeJean, are you Thomas Shaw? - No.
Thomas Shaw is dead.
[David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" playing.]
Johnny's in America, low techs at the wheel I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [Muffled grunting.]
[Muffled grunting continues.]
There's a bucket for that.
Uhh! [Groans and whimpers.]
Okay, Julian, let's try again.
Why were you renting flats to a Libyan terrorist cell in Brussels? Maybe we should pay a visit to your friends in Tripoli? Catch the next flight from Marrakesh? [Weakly.]
I-I didn't know.
[Inhales sharply.]
Look at him.
You'd almost give him milk and cookies before turning him over to Hans.
How does Hans get around Hector's diplomatic immunity? He knows how to bend the law when necessary.
He will not allow immunity to apply to Thomas Shaw.
The one question that ultimately mattered, and he passed it.
How? Well, there's nothing sacred about a polygraph.
You know that.
It's a scare tactic.
What, you're not suggesting we let him go on a technicality? [Sighs.]
Do you think handing him over to the Germans is the right move? They don't crack him, then what? Well, what do you suggest? We call headquarters and tell them about our little stage play? They cannot be trusted.
Fine, but you tell Hans I want a spot to watch.
If he can lie to us, he will lie to them through his teeth.
- All right.
- [Cellphone beeps, line rings.]
- [Ring.]
- [Sighs.]
Cutting it close, Steven.
- We're minutes from the start of business.
- [Horn honks.]
Well, I think we have Shaw, but there's a discrepancy in the polygraph.
- What does your gut tell you? - We have him.
- Then we have a deal.
- Who is it? Not on an open line, Hans.
Of course.
Can you at least tell me who will be doing the handover? Daniel Miller.
I-I have to get back to Kelly.
And Daniel wants to witness your interrogation.
Tell Daniel my team will be waiting at the Gleisdreieck parking garage in 30 minutes.
And give Kelly a hug goodbye from me.
Thanks, Hans.
I'll send you a postcard when the dust settles.
[Cellphone beeps.]
30 minutes.
Gleisdreieck parking garage.
Get him there in one piece.
Goodbye, Daniel.
Today, the Germans get the credit, but your time will come when all's said and done.
I won't hold my breath.
[Door opens, closes.]
[Turns off engine.]
[Car door closes.]
[Speaks German.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Telephone ringing in distance.]
What's Clay Williams doing here? [Lowered voice.]
Damage control.
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse Willkommen.
Didn't know you were coming to Berlin.
Last-minute call.
Not a moment too soon, given the state of this place.
Well, I-I-I assume you're here to help us find Steven Frost? Uh, we could use a top dog like yourself to convince the Germans to lift the arrest warrant.
We have more problems than Steven Frost the shooting at a mall, Clare Itani dead and her killer MIA.
I need to close out the Iosava case.
Marina! I want every scrap of paper and surveillance pertaining to him.
Coordinate with Kirsch here.
If you could just show me when Marina, could you just give me a sec? Please? Yeah.
Listen, uh, Clay, it goes without saying that the Station and I are at your disposal.
But I'd I would like a little more assurance from your end that Steven is a priority.
Well, I would like to know that you have things under control as Acting Chief.
What the fuck is "Brown Bear"? Brown Bear? The call Ms.
Edwards took from Hector DeJean the night of the Clare Itani negotiation.
See, I've been digging around in the records.
- Have you? - Yeah.
I want you to arrange to have her called back to Langley immediately.
First, an accountability review board, then a Justice referral, if necessary.
We're dropping like flies here, Clay.
Shouldn't this wait a beat? Since when does the Chief wait to get his tribe in order? Right.
By the way, these proof of life photos from when the Romanians took Iosava you procured these, right? - That's right.
- How? Contact in the polizei.
After all my parking tickets, they owed me.
Next time, don't forget to log the source.
Sure thing.
[Exhales sharply.]
[Inhales and exhales sharply.]
Jesus Christ.
This was your charade.
You're one to talk Thomas Shaw.
Oh, you're not? [Scoffs.]
Oh, right.
He's dead.
Where do we start? The murder of Claudia Gartner? The bug in my phone? What, you have some perverted fascination with my private life? How about my right to a lawyer? Where's my phone? Oh, your phone's safe in my pocket, in case you get any calls I might like to know about.
Julian De Vos, perhaps? [Huffs.]
How'd you pass that last question? No, it's okay.
I know.
Regulate your breathing, steady your heart rate.
Or maybe lying comes easier to Thomas Shaw than telling the truth? You might need a lawyer, too.
Kidnapping and drugging a federal officer of the United States government.
A lawyer, Hector? Well, you're gonna need a lot more than a fucking lawyer.
Snowden was smart enough to hightail it to Russia.
You're fucked, you fucking traitor.
You, Hector? You? Come on.
It's just the two of us now.
No, it isn't, Daniel.
I know about the black site, De Vos, Ingrid Hollander, all of it.
I'm afraid you don't.
All right, let's go.
You can take your mind games to the Germans.
- The Germans? - Yeah.
They'll take over from here.
Maybe they'll invite some ex-Stasi interrogators to the party.
You don't want to do that, Sherlock.
Trust me.
- [Gunshots, glass shatters.]
- [Grunts.]
The fuck was that? [Both panting.]
- [Gunshots, glass shatters.]
- [Hector groans.]
[Both breathing heavily.]
Daniel: These Stasi buildings had tunnels underneath them.
Let's go.
This way.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Yes, Robert? Could you just drop the snark and come in here, please? Close the door.
Please? Another 5 feet, you would've noticed Clay Williams is here.
He's in Steven's office.
Am I supposed to be as thrown off balance as you are? I don't know.
You tell me.
What the hell is "Brown Bear"? Oh, boy.
Judging from that look, something shady.
Well, I'm not gonna bother to grill you, because well, Clay wants the big guys at Langley to take care of that part.
What did you just say? Sorry.
It's regulations, Valerie something you obviously did not follow during negotiations with Ruth Iosava.
Please tell me you didn't let Hector go rogue, the state he was in.
Station's in enough trouble at the moment.
Then why didn't you cover for me? Why didn't you make something up? Why don't I know about this? Let's start there.
Because I'm not an idiot, Robert.
Why would I tell you anything after you pulled my files for back pocket blackmail? All right, I get it.
I get it.
You're upset.
But I'm not the enemy here.
I'm not the bad guy.
- [Scoffs.]
- Okay? - Ha.
- No, you fucked up and you know it.
And you're gonna have to answer for it.
That's the way it goes.
So you'll be heading stateside tomorrow for recall at Headquarters.
Leaving you to do all the dirty work, huh, Robert? [Door opens, closes.]
[Horns honking in distance.]
[Siren wailing in distance.]
Um, Steven Frost to see Elena Magureanu.
I'm not expected, but just tell her an old friend wants two minutes.
[Sighs heavily.]
I was wondering when you'd show up.
Hello, Elena.
You look well for a man on the run.
Well, I'm not here seeking asylum.
- Hans and I have made peace.
- [Scoffs.]
At what price? Hans Richter isn't exactly the master of letting go.
I know.
Um, Elena, look, I'm done.
Guilty or not of the rendition of Aleksandre Iosava [Chuckles.]
And I am not.
Either way, my name's been exposed to the public, so it's over.
But [Sighs.]
before Kelly and I walk off into the sunset [Sighs.]
I would really like to get to the bottom of what actually happened.
That makes two of us, given the rumors you have been spreading that we engineered his rendition.
Rumors? No, this is off the record.
This is for my benefit.
This is not for the Station.
It's not for Langley's.
Hans didn't mention he arrested the thug that took Iosava? Zoltan Vasile? No.
Vasile is not one of yours? [Scoffs.]
Simply because he's Romanian, Steven? So no one in this building gave the order to grab Iosava? Romania has its problems, but jihadi terrorism isn't one of them, seeing as we tend not to meddle on the world's stage.
- [Paper rustles.]
- That's a copy of our file on Vasile.
Maybe you can do us both a favor, and your people will stop blaming mine - for something we didn't do either.
- [Cellphone rings.]
Excuse me.
- [Ring.]
- Hans himself.
Yeah? - I thought we had a deal.
- What? Was it you or Daniel Miller who decided that we didn't? Back up.
What happened? They never showed up, that's what happened.
Is this why Clay Williams is in town? All a big scam? Clay Williams in Berlin? Hans, I-I don't have any idea what - The arrest warrant stands.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
Oh, come on.
Wait, Hans.
[Sighs deeply.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Like I said, at what price? I never liked Hans the way you did, Steven.
Thank you, Elena.
I may not ever be able to make good, but I owe you.
[Taps cellphone.]
[Breathing heavily.]
I think we lost them.
Who were they? It's a long story.
Stop fucking around - [Groans.]
- and tell me the truth.
Let me see.
- [Groans.]
- You'll live.
Lucky bastard.
[Breathing heavily.]
Now's your chance to finish me off, Daniel.
Oh, you think that's what this is about? You think that's what I want? No, I think this is about you returning a true hero this time.
Not like Chechnya.
I'm not the one with a cult following, Hector.
You know, I was there for the polygraph.
Every question, every answer, I saw inside your mind.
What I witnessed, I wouldn't wish on anyone, not even Thomas Shaw.
[Zips jacket.]
Come on, talk to me.
Hector: You sure you wanna hear this? United States, preserve, protect, and defend - the Constitution - Another day in paradise.
Chief Justice Roberts: So help you God? Obama: So help me God.
Congratulations, Mr.
[Cheers and applause.]
I'm kidding.
DeJean, fucking lighten up already.
Yeah, right.
Lighten up.
[Lighter clicks.]
[Crowd cheering, horns honking.]
[Inhales and exhales deeply.]
Maybe that'll help.
What would help us is a good reason to keep this shit up.
- [Chair thuds.]
- [Exhales deeply.]
Next village has to ration its water, but no, let's keep boarding a fucking club kid from Brussels who doesn't know the difference between al-Qaeda and fucking Alabama.
Speak for yourself.
My guy's about to crack.
I can feel it.
Maybe you don't have what it takes.
Yeah, well, maybe you're a fucking meathead sourced from the goon squads in Baghdad.
To teach the CIA a thing or two.
[Lighter thuds.]
[Chair creaks.]
What about you? If they're not guilty when they get here, they are when we ship 'em off to Gitmo.
[Door knob rattles.]
[Door creaks.]
[Door closes.]
[Flask cap rattles.]
At least do me the honor of giving you an order.
[Handle squeaks.]
[Tap running.]
You wanna stop that? Fucking creeping me out.
[Wind whistling.]
[Tap handle squeaks, water resumes running.]
[Handle squeaks.]
Clean that shit up.
[Door creaks.]
[Door locks.]
[Crow caws.]
- Ja.
- [Camera shutter clicks.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
The proof of life photos that Robert got of Iosava - from the traffic cam footage.
- Yeah? He got those directly from the Germans, right? I suppose so.
Wasn't logged with all the hubbub that night.
No, it wasn't, was it? Doesn't it strike you odd the Germans all of a sudden became so cooperative after they blamed us for everything the mall, Iosava's rendition? Now it does.
I'd look into it for you, but Mr.
Muckity-Muck is boxing all the Iosava stuff up for review at Headquarters.
No, it's okay, Johnson.
Thank you, though.
Give 'em hell at Langley and get right back.
We need you, Val.
Thank you.
[Detector chirps.]
Hey, John.
Oh, listen, I-I-need to talk to Clay Williams just for one minute, but not in the station, of course.
[Exhales deeply.]
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Elevator doors close.]
You know I can't let you inside these doors.
Well, I'm here to see you, Clay, not my old office.
It's getting us both in hot water with the Germans, so [Sighs.]
So I'm on my own, hung out to dry? You've been at this game as long as I have, Steven.
The Agency is walking a minefield with an ally.
Clay, the Germans think that I took Iosava.
And the Romanian blame is equally bullshit.
So what exactly are you doing here? Well, if you still had your security clearance, I might tell you.
You backdoor motherfucker.
I'm gonna have to beg you to toss me a line? I have work to do, including yours.
[Elevator bell dings.]
Five minutes, then I'm calling Hans.
- [Keypad beeping.]
- [Sighs.]
[Door unlocks.]
[Elevator bell dings.]
What the hell are you doing here? Very good question.
Not getting any help from that asshole.
I swear to God, between Hans and him today, I [Sighs heavily.]
You know what? Wait here.
I'm gonna take care - of this motherfucker.
- Don't.
Robert, don't.
- Fuck him.
I'm sick of this shit.
- Listen listen.
Listen to me.
You need to do your job.
Don't put your heart above your head.
You'll be next.
What are you gonna do? Uh, get out while I can if I can.
Well, let me help.
Can I borrow your phone? [Touchscreen clicks.]
[Touchscreen clicking.]
[Line rings.]
[Cellphone rings.]
Robert? "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
" [Line disconnects, dial tone.]
[Touchscreen clicks.]
Thank you.
Is this it? For now, at least.
Hey, listen.
Don't go in there and pick a fight with a school bully.
Keep your head down.
Okay, come on.
You're gonna be the best COS this Station's had in a long time, interim or not, buddy.
Get the fuck out of here.
I'm getting your lapels all wet.
[Keypad beeps, door unlocks.]
- [Beep.]
- Daniel: Stop at the light.
I'll see if I can get a signal, find out where the hell we are.
[Cellphone rings.]
Maybe this is your lawyer.
What the fuck? Is this some kind of insurance policy? No, no, no, no, no.
That's fucking Julian taking shit into his own hands.
- He does this when he's scared.
- Scared of what? He only has her because he knows I have you.
Let's go.
- [Indistinct conversations.]
- Don't do anything stupid.
[Exhales sharply.]
- [Siren wailing.]
- Hector.
Julian? It's Daniel.
You touch my cousin, and I will kill you.
The same with Hector.
- Put him on.
- Patricia first.
Hector's bleeding, so I would act fast.
Danny? I'm on my way.
I have what he wants.
You just hang tight.
So put him on.
You're not the only one with a bargaining chip.
- What the fuck, Julian? - Hector, I knew you were in trouble.
I knew he was on to you, and you didn't return my calls.
- I-I - No, you weren't thinking.
What'd I tell you about this kind of shit, huh? It's not what we do.
It is over, Hector? Julian, just tell me where you are.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
- Teufelsberg? Is that where you two get together and bash the CIA? Is what over? [Dog barking in distance.]
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[Fabric rustling.]
Where's my smokes? [Lighter clicks.]
Thank you, sir.
Listen, I'll say what you need me to say as long as they don't put someone else in charge of me.
What? I hate America, Great Satan, whatever.
Ah, Julian, Julian, Julian.
You see that's, um Hezbollah talk.
It's not not al-Qaeda.
Get back inside before somebody sees you.
[Door creaks.]
Hector: I'm sorry.
- [Siren wailing in distance.]
- [Inhales sharply.]
[Exhales deeply.]
You have a lot more people to apologize to than me.
Hold that.
I don't know about that.
I'm sorry about this part.
[Inhales sharply.]
The things you did The black site [Tape rips.]
Things they made you do I get it.
[Ripping continues.]
I don't agree with it, but I get it.
There weren't better ways to make amends than Thomas Shaw? Hector: Not from my vantage point.
[Door opens.]
I've been working on this guy for fucking months, and you wanna pull out your magic wand and break him? Someone sounds afraid of getting shown up.
Yeah, whatever.
Have at it, cocksucker.
- [Under breath.]
What the - Where is he? That wily motherfucker.
Call it in.
- I'll take the coast.
- I'll go inland.
[Starts engine.]
[Gate clicks.]
- Okay.
- [Grunts.]
Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Okay, this will cover your passage and a few weeks of low-budget travel.
Where am I going? South coast of Spain.
Get used to the paella.
Brussels is no hideaway for you now.
Why are you doing this? Just just get on that fucking boat and go.
Please come with me.
This place is not where you belong.
I belong in the ninth circle of hell.
Just go.
Get on the fucking boat.
- Hey.
- Huh? It's not "sir.
" It's Hector.
[Sea birds calling.]
[Closes truck gate.]
[Motor rumbling.]
[Electricity crackles.]
[Engine starts.]
Oh, fuck.
- Hey! - [Tires screech.]
Man: No! [Tires screech.]
[Engine revs, tires peal.]
[Door closes.]
- [Footsteps approach.]
- And? Well can't hold a candle to our posh pads, but it'll do.
Coffee? No.
I'm good, thanks.
[Inhales deeply.]
Clay Williams is here.
So? Right.
Why wouldn't I be the last one to find that out? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know, but it's definitely a bad feeling.
Well, you'll be happy to know that I've dug up something deeper than dirt on Ms.
She's been recalled to Headquarters.
I'm impressed.
So with Steven on the lam and Valerie out of the way at last, only one thing stands in my way.
Clay Williams.
Now this is a change of heart.
- You were so ready to leave Berlin.
- [Dish clatters.]
Not quite yet.
The Station needs me now.
It's a mess.
And Mossad's need for you? I'm here, aren't I? I thought you would've greeted my first visit to a safe house with a Manischewitz.
We have our Roberts embedded at Langley.
I will find out what I can about Mr.
Thank you.
You know what? Maybe I will have that cup of coffee after all.
Of course.
I'm glad that you're here.
It's a very big step.
[Footsteps depart.]
What about you, Daniel? What about me? How do you accept it the complicity? I accept the fact that I choose to work for an imperfect institution, like a big boy.
An imperfect institution.
You want sprinkles on that vanilla cone, big boy? You're a goddamn taxpayer.
You're complicit.
Head of the CIA or teaching fucking kindergarten, - you're complicit, Hector.
- Exactly.
Then Headquarters should've let me go when they had the chance.
[Surf rolling.]
[Grunts, sniffs.]
[Sea birds calling.]
Solitaire? Is that a hobby or luck? Says a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the South of France.
It's vintage.
Robert Kirsch, Berlin Station.
- Ah.
- You are Hector DeJean, who's supposed to be on home leave, not vacation.
You say tomato, I say potato.
Meet Valerie Edwards, my distinguished colleague.
Now that's how you dress in the South of France.
- Pleasure.
- How do you do? [Speaks French.]
Oui, Madame.
So what brings you two out of sunny Berlin? A PCS assignment to bring you back with us.
Not interested.
That bad attitude will fit right in with the Germans.
Hector, your field work in Chechnya caught our attention.
Anybody who can navigate Chechnya will find Berlin an absolute swim.
"Will"? You both sound a little presumptuous.
We don't like to confuse "offer" with "choice," unless you've decided to really hang up your jockstrap.
You work with this guy? Every blessed day.
But he kinda grows on you, believe it or not.
I do.
She's right.
You'll see.
Hector, the redactions in your file after Chechnya You're gonna have to go way above my pay grade to get the skinny on that.
Wouldn't think of it.
Whatever that or this leave is all about, we just want you to know that you still very much have a home at the Agency.
A very dirty home.
Well, whose job is it to clean up that home? Drink on it, and then say "yes" at dinner tonight.
8:00 in the hotel.
[Knock on door.]
Come in.
It's open.
Angela Merkel's cellphone? That's why you brought me to Berlin? Oh, come on.
Headquarters says, "Jump," we say, "How low?" Just fucking do it.
Look, I'd prefer it if you let me recruit a Saudi diplomat.
Really? Which one? Faisal Al-Fakeeh.
- It's early days, but it's promising.
- [File thuds.]
He is in contact with members of the Saudi royal family who support the terrorist cause, in deeds if not in words.
Well, that gets a great big "wow" in my book.
[File thuds.]
Not bad being back in action, is it, Hector? It's unbelievable, this fucking smear piece on one of our sites in Morocco.
Who knew we were set up beachside? I'd rough out a rotation there if I had to.
You know what? I take that back.
[Sea birds calling, waves crashing.]
[Heartbeat thumping.]
- Yeah.
- [Newspaper rustles.]
Thank you very much, Ingrid Hollander, Senior Staff Writer.
[Newspaper thuds.]
Not exactly live from the trenches in the war on terror, but [Folders shuffling.]
What's up? - You all right? - Yeah.
Can I, uh, take this? It's all yours.
[RUFUS' "You Were Right" playing.]
You were right [Indistinct conversations, laughter.]
I know I can't get enough of you So from now on in, we meet at the safe house.
Everything else remains the same.
- Leave it all - Nothing remains the same.
My life is at stake from here forward.
Listen to me, Faisal.
It's called a safe house for good reason, okay? So you and I can meet in safety and achieve our common objective peace, stability, and democracy in Saudi Arabia, right? Whose version of democracy? America's? I'm cold in the river Lips moving, there's no sound Pulling me under I think that one likes you.
She's been staring for a while.
Yeah, well, fuck her.
Or him.
Where were we? - I have to use the bathroom.
- Okay.
Keeping me kissing Out guessing [Clears throat.]
Uh, not a good time, sweetheart.
- Who says that's what - I'm looking for? I'm asking you to leave.
Once was enough of that, Hector.
I don't think I could bear it again.
You were right I know I can't get enough of you [Whispers.]
Julian? [Whispers.]
Shirley Pimple, darling.
You were right I know I can't get enough of you Holy shit.
It's good to see you, too.
Uh listen, uh, now is not a good time, Julian Shirley.
Motzstrasse 123, apartment 6.
I'll be waiting.
I know I can't get enough of you [Sighs slowly.]
I told you.
I know I can't get enough of you [Dog barking in distance.]
I, uh I can't believe you're in Berlin.
I thought I was seeing things.
I had to pinch my tit.
- [Laughs.]
- [Laughs.]
I stayed in Spain as long as I could.
The whole time, Berlin was calling.
And, um Shirley Pimple? She was calling me since I was a boy.
What? I, uh never apologized at those docks.
I I thought I'd go to my grave regretting that.
You gave me my life back.
After almost destroying it.
It wasn't you, Hector.
It was the system you work for.
[Record needle skips.]
Is there a difference? Yes.
I've been thinking of ways of changing it.
The system.
Or at least [Sighs.]
holding the mirror up to its fucking face.
I'm liking the sound of this.
Well [Sniffs.]
if it would involve me, um taking on a new identity, not unlike your Shirley Pimple.
Go on.
[Man speaking German over P.
Two one-ways to Paris, cash only.
I'll meet you on the platform.
announcement continues indistinctly.]
delayed today by about 15 minutes.
announcement continues in German.]
Steven, what the hell is going on? I'll explain everything.
I will.
So what, we just vanish? In a sense.
- And then what? - Then we we start over.
[Radio static crackles.]
What? What's happening? - Okay, listen to me.
Listen to me.
- What? Give this to Sandra.
I love you very much.
- [Speaks German.]
- Steven? [Men speaking indistinctly.]
[Kelly speaks German.]
[Men speaking German.]
[Shouts in German.]
[Door closes.]
[Keys clatter.]
Shouldn't you be home, packing for your flight tomorrow to Langley? Shouldn't you? An unscheduled meeting with Golda Friedman at a Mossad safe house? Now that's a plane flight home that lands you straight in prison, pal.
Look at you.
Wanna take a look at my credit card bills while you're at it? Golda Friedman, Robert.
A Mossad safe house.
She does make a mean bowl of soup.
Oh, I'm not laughing.
I'm not either.
Top off? [Pours wine.]
I'll just sit here patiently waiting - for you to answer my question.
- [Bottle thuds.]
Did you flip? Are you a double agent for Mossad? [Siren wailing in distance.]
Even now, caught red-handed, and you still can't admit it.
No, that would be you.
You broke into my place.
So if you can't be nice, Valerie, you know where the door is.
Use it.
I don't work for Golda or Mossad.
They work for me.
Just don't know it.
Then prove it.
[Indistinct conversations in distance.]
[Cell door closes.]
[Brakes squeal.]
Where? Up top, I guess.
Julian: Hector! All for you, Hector, right? All for you.
I know it's over.
It's over for me, not for you.
Does Hans know it's over? You happy now? - Patricia, go to the car.
- Let him come with us.
- I said go to the car.
- I don't wanna go to the car.
Patricia, now! Go now before Hans Richter shows up and fucking kills us all.
Who's Hans Richter? Julian! No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You should have just come with me when you let me go and walked away from all of this.
[Lowered voice.]
Julian step step away from the edge.
Please, come on.
So I can die a long, slow death in jail instead? Come on.
Remember? You asked me if I was afraid of falling or jumping? [Voice breaks.]
What's the difference when there's nothing left anyways? No! No! [Gasps.]
[Wind whistling.]
Hans Richter? Hector: He got to me before you did.
[Switch clicks.]
Is there not a proper way to make an introduction? Not this time.
I'm Hans Richter.
Esther Klug.
Thank you.
Now tell me something I don't know, like what the fuck are you doing in my apartment? Won't you introduce yourself? Thomas Shaw? We are not here to expose you or turn you over to the American authorities.
But we will, should you refuse to cooperate.
Cooperate with what? First, with whom just Esther and myself.
Nobody else knows.
No more isolated leaks, station to station, then moving on.
Now, Berlin Station till it falls.
Fuck you.
I'll turn myself in before I give you Shaw.
Will you? And spend the rest of your life in jail? Maybe.
But what about Julian De Vos? I'm sure the boys in maximum security would love to dress him up as Shirley Pimple.
After Berlin Station is sufficiently crippled, you're free to go back to whatever agenda you choose.
What is this? Huh? Payback for the Merkel tap? The short answer is, we hate American impunity as much as Shaw does.
You win.
Game over.
Nobody wins.
The best I can hope for is a cell with a window.
And let Shaw live on with a global audience? No.
"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
" It's a good motto.
Let's see Hector DeJean live up to it.
Go on as far and as fast as you can.
Live with the mess you've made.
There's a picture on my desk with a better view than this.
Maybe you should look at it, Daniel.
You run, too.
They'll be here soon enough.
Where's Hector?