Berlin Station (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Everything's Gonna Be Alt-Right

Thank you.
It's right here.
Nice place.
What's your cover identity? Okay, it's Trevor Price.
Ex-military, Company A, Third Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment.
Dishonorably discharged in 2012.
And what did Trevor do to deserve that? Well, while serving my third tour in Iraq, I fired high-explosive incendiary rounds at a group of civilians.
Why go to war if you're not allowed to engage with the enemy? My superior officer saw it differently.
But then, he always was a fuckin' pansy.
Ester, he's naked.
Yeah, they all were.
You don't think that might look a little weird? He'll have to wear something of mine.
No time to decorate? I'm new in town.
Yeah, like Daniel was new in town last winter.
My secret mission to find Thomas Shaw.
Does he need underpants? No.
When do you ever allow yourself to just be Daniel Miller? Best cover identity ever.
Just like Ester Krug, right? Huh.
Yeah, how very German existential of you.
I was raised here, remember? Yeah, and you seem intent on dying here.
Your last mission ended with a bullet in your back.
And now four months later, you're going deep cover with neo-Nazis.
I was just gaming for a summer haircut.
What can I say? You didn't complete your physical therapy.
Why? Oh, someone's been keeping tabs on me.
Tell me something, hm? Anything.
Or are you scared? You know, when I was a kid, if I broke the rules, my dad would beat me.
But it kinda numbed the pain.
So I kept breaking the rules to get the beating.
So no, I'm not scared.
I don't know what's sadder, the abuse or little Daniel forcing himself to break the rules.
You realize you never had me over at your place Heh, and now I'm at Trevor's his first night in town.
Well, Daniel is far more hospitable than Trevor.
- I hope so.
- Let me get him dressed.
You sure you wanna do this? They helped me out and I'm indebted to them.
That's the plan, right? Yeah.
Got it.
Bourbon, whiskey, whatever.
- American.
- Got a problem with that? Look, I got a situation and I was told this was a friendly place.
- What sort of a situation? - Something in need disposed of.
- How long have you lived here? - Just got into town this week.
Holy shit.
Who is he? He's nobody worth worrying about.
You gonna help me out or not? What were you two doing here? We shook on a deal for two handguns.
He was buying, I was selling.
He tried to short change me like these fuckers always do.
Somewhere along the way, I lost my shit.
Do you expect us to clean this up? I can't go down for this.
Okay, look, I have this, but I don't have a fucking car.
For a friend to the cause, we'll help.
Feet first.
You wanna say any final words to your friend, here? Yeah.
I hope he rots in hell with the rest of his kind.
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
Yeah? Might relax you.
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Johnny's in America, Lo Teks at the wheel Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Wake up, Germany, indeed.
Especially when we have reason to believe that behind her public dissociation with extremist elements in her party, Katarina Gerhardt is seeking to up the ante on the spike in far right hate crimes across Europe.
Forget attacks on refugees and Jewish cemeteries.
Forget skinheads with nothing better to do than spray-paint a swastika on the doors of a local mosque.
Gerhardt! Gerhardt! Gerhardt! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
One person you won't be seeing on the news is neo-Nazi bad boy Otto Ganz, whose many ties with right wing hate groups have had him on the German watch list since the beginning of the refugee crisis.
Intel suggests that Gerhardt and Ganz are in league to swing the election by violent means to a substantial PFD victory.
There's one other thing I'd like to say.
I am aware that this silly nickname of The Station Whisperer precedes me, as do questions about why I don't have an assistant.
Is the paranoid? Is she a control freak? I will leave those and other conclusions to you, but I have worked in many stations over the years and I like to think I can read the signs, identify strengths, weaknesses.
And what I've seen since I got here is a station in need of a win.
So let's go get one.
Why didn't you tell them about Daniel going under deep cover? So they don't sit back and wait for him to get it done.
- Any word? - Uh, yeah.
He's in with the daughter.
Where are we headed? We've been summoned by the Ambassador.
What? Fuck.
I was doing such a good job avoiding him - before you got here.
- Just play nice - and let me do the talking.
- Play nice? Getting called to the principal's office by the fucking school janitor? State Department wants to lord it over the CIA, get all up in our business.
Another hallowed protocol eats shit in the new world disorder of 2017.
You know, it really wouldn't hurt you to play down your reputation as a hot head.
Anything else from my personnel file - you'd like to advise me on? - Yes, but now's not the time.
Sorry, that wasn't orientation, - that was Chinese water torture.
- Welcome, April.
Just get settled.
But before you do, please meet your Deputy, Robert Kirsch.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Sir? Yeah, I had to wean her off ma'am.
Well, I've been called worse.
Welcome to Berlin, April.
Top of her class at the Farm, first time in the field, - I picked her myself.
- Well, yeah, we'll grind her down soon enough.
Where were we? Right, Ambassador Hanes.
You just watch; he's gonna want backstage passes to every single thing we're doing.
- Mr.
Ambassador, your 9:00.
- BB, welcome.
- Mr.
- Please, Richard.
- Thank you.
- Have a seat.
- Robert Kirsch, Deputy Chief.
We met at the reception.
So how's month one? You look at home already.
Yeah, settling in.
How about you? You haven't been at it all that much longer.
Yeah, you have to see what the Berlin rage - is all about.
- Nightclubs and currywurst.
Don't get your hopes up.
So to what do we owe this pleasure? Traditionally speaking, your domain and mine are two separate worlds under the same roof.
But let's face it, we don't live in traditional times.
I think you're referring more to protocol than tradition.
Just wondering what the brass tacks are here, Mr.
Brass tacks.
- Mm-hmm.
- Be careful, Bob.
I need to read all your comms going forward, including operational cables.
- Excuse me? - Meaning exactly what, Richard? Maybe some context would help.
Recruitments, developments, technical surveillance.
This is a very sensitive time with the upcoming election.
Yes, that's it.
You want us to stay out of the way of Katerina Gerhardt and the PFD's chances to win big in Parliament.
That's it, isn't it? Why don't you just come out and say it? The Germans can vote left, right, or center for all I care.
We're talking about my authority as the emissary of the President.
I need to read all of your ops traffic.
Your wish is our command.
Thank you, BB.
Your Lieutenant here might want to take a note or two.
Is there anything in play at the moment I should know about? Not at this time.
Chancellor's office on line three.
I'll look forward to a full summary on my desk - this time tomorrow.
- Sure.
This is fucking funny to you.
It is.
A woman and a man step into an office to see a second man.
Both men are so busy holding their dicks, neither man realizes the woman just blue-balled the first man while giving the second man an air job.
You were fucking with him.
Yes and no.
Mostly yes.
I mean, we'll have to play ball to a certain extent, but all emails and ops comm, I don't think so.
Just enough to keep him hard.
Well, I'm trying to speak your language.
- How am I doing? - Uh, fan-fucking-tastic.
I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know that we have Daniel in deep cover with his local fan base.
Not even Langley knows that yet.
What? You haven't filed the cable? I'm hearing that some at headquarters have caved to the same interference from the White House.
So I thought I'd wait to see what this inevitable little chat was about first.
Okay, I assumed "Station Whisperer" meant company man woman.
You're telling me this is all off the books? It seems to me that Berlin Station had its fill of the company stranglehold before I got here.
So give the team a win by putting them in charge instead of the management.
Very good, Robert.
- Are you in? - I'm in it to win it.
You're on, BB Yates.
Hey, what's the BB stand for, by the way? For me to know and you not to find out.
That sounds like a challenge.
Bring it, Bobby boy.
Going somewhere? My apartment.
I need to get home.
Ah, the police showed up there, the early hours.
Someone must have called them.
Good thing you got rid of that body when you did.
- I guess so.
- I wouldn't risk going back there for a while.
You can hang out here.
You're safe.
Where's my phone.
My wallet? They'll show up eventually.
You were pretty out of it last night.
What about the girl? Lena? It's Mr.
Ganz's house.
What's his is hers.
She'll be back later today.
Sit down, relax.
You're amongst friends.
Sorry I'm late.
It's a cardinal sin here, no? Oh, well, all Germans are punctual.
The same way all Americans are obese.
Well, at least you suffer the more flattering stereotype.
Where do things stand with Daniel? Daniel is in with Ganz's daughter.
That's all we know.
Step one.
Meanwhile, Katerina Gerhardt is making quite the dent.
Two point bump in the polls after this morning's speech.
We need a camera in her home.
But my hands are tied with PFD sympathizers in my ranks.
That's why you brought me here? Yes.
But you never asked.
So? Who says there are no friends in espionage? Oh, well, personally, I've never known of such a friendship to disprove the cliché.
I find myself in much the same boat these days, having to watch my back.
What do you say we have each other's? Okay.
- Well, well.
Is that Steven Frost or his better dressed doppelganger? No, no, no, no.
Don't say that.
That's bad luck here, doppelganger.
- Good to see you.
- Richard, wow.
- How've you been? - Richard, I'm good! - How are you? - Look at you.
When I heard you went the consulting route, I thought a shriveled, miserable sellout - would walk through that door.
- I'll take it as a compliment.
Yeah, well now I'm getting the pictured.
Plush, corporate apartment, corporate car, large expense account, All that in exchange for your golden Rolodex.
Something like that.
Enough about me.
Hey, congrats on the ambassadorship.
- Prost.
- Cheers.
I met your successor today.
BB Yates and that sparkplug second in charge.
- What's his name? - Robert.
Yeah, he's passionate.
Well, other adjectives do come to mind.
I've been there.
Do you, uh, think they have what it takes? Takes to what? Get the job done? I don't know.
I can't speak for BB Yates.
But you won't find a better Deputy Chief.
Well, it's a different job these days, Steven.
A different mandate.
Presidents come and go, Richard.
Intelligence is intelligence.
Yeah, but we were fools playing world cop beyond our means for so many years.
Look where that got you.
Hung out to dry by Langley in the end.
Don't tell me it wasn't time for a change.
Okay, sure, yeah.
But you don't bring in a bull to rearrange the china shop.
Fair enough.
I'm only looking to bring you in to change how we do things here in Berlin.
I don't know, is there a drift in the air? 'Cause I'm not catching it.
There's talk of having our own little intelligence outfit, sourced by the State Department.
Small, efficient, next to no overhead.
A perfect fit for an old pro like you who doesn't need a corporate nanny 24/7.
You keep your job, the perks and keep serving your country on the side.
Think of it like an adjunct to Berlin Station, picking up slack where they fall short.
Don't answer now.
Just think about it.
How's Kelly? Kelly's great.
She's back and forth to Provence.
- Ah.
The good life.
- Mm-hmm.
Except you miss the one you left behind, right? Think on it.
Still here? I was under the impression I couldn't leave.
I didn't stop him.
I think it's safer for everybody if you stay for a while.
We're only looking out for you.
Am I supposed to thank you? You're coming down.
You need food, nourishment.
Hello! [LAUGHS.]
Hey, come on! [BOTH YELLING, HOOTING.]
Come on! [GRUNTING.]
- Sure! [LAUGHS.]
- Whoo-hoo! Whoo! BOTH: Whoo-hoo! Next step, a camera inside the Gerhardt family home.
There's a right wing faction inside the BfV, so Esther Krug has asked for our help.
We're sending in an entry team.
We have a rookie who's eager to gain experience in the field and an experienced agent with a lot of wisdom to impart.
Well I I actually have a fairly heavy caseload on my desk at the moment, so As in all moments, I am sure.
I'm a big believer in the upper ranks getting their elbows dirty, so be warned.
- Duly.
- The Ambassador will have access to select operations, but word of this one is not to leave this room.
And Langley also is not in the know for now.
- What are you telling them? - ISIS sleeper cell seeking weapons for unknown attack.
Trade the brown skin for white, many of the operational elements are the same.
- That sounds risky.
- The whole thing is risky.
But I've given too many years of my life to this institution to be told, "Back off, stay out, don't go there, everything's gonna be alt-right.
" Prost.
- Ahh.
So your friend from last night, the one we took for a swim, you were selling him weapons.
I told you, it was a favor for a contact, fucker burned me, now I can't even get back - into my own apartment.
- So what if that refugee took those guns, walked into a crowded restaurant full of German families and randomly started shooting the place up? All in the name of some fucking god or other.
How would you feel about that? I don't wanna get into the middle of anyone's politics.
You are in the middle.
Whether you like it or not, if you arm the enemy, you're involved.
Okay, I wouldn't normally do business with his kind but I don't have much of a client base yet in Berlin.
If I could sell to the good guys, so much the better, but Okay.
What? Maybe we can help each other out.
I can get you whatever you want Hm.
But I'm gonna need my phone back first.
And my wallet.
We gotta be careful about who we trust.
- Trevor.
- I feel the same way myself.
Excuse me for a second.
I'm just gonna go to the restroom.
Hey, it's me.
He needs weapons.
Assault rifles, a pair of 'em.
His and hers.
So Daniel got a message to you.
Late last night, through the IR link.
He's established contact with Lena Ganz, Otto's daughter.
His Trevor Price ID obviously helped.
He figures, if he can prove himself to her, he'll get an introduction to the father.
So you want us to provide assault rifles and live ammunition to members of the far right.
English may be your second language, but you sure as shit nailed that patronizing tone.
I take it as a compliment, Robert.
This is clearly a test.
Hand guns, yes.
Assault rifles? Not a chance.
You'll find another way.
So did you have any success at the Gerhardt residence? Yeah, we have a couple of case officers set up at an observation point there and they will find a way in.
You mean, uh, Valerie Edwards and the new girl.
What's her name? April Lewis? Hm.
So you're watching us watching them watching you.
You know, I can't do anything until I know who Gerhardt is talking to inside the BFV.
I need that camera in place yesterday.
Well, there she is.
The savior of Germany herself.
That's quite a system you got going there.
I'm keeping a record of everyone who comes and goes.
That way, we can find the best time to get in.
Well, first we're gonna have a problem with the house alarm.
We can set and disable it through the manufacturer's app.
Esther Krug got us the access code.
Our problem will be the live-in manny.
Male child care, huh? Very progressive.
Manny Poppins drops the children at kindergarten at 8:00 a.
, then mostly sits at the house until pickup at 3:00.
- Tough gig.
- You know, I have never understood why women have children then just pay somebody else to raise them.
You don't have any of your own? No.
This job isn't exactly conducive to families.
Have you read Mrs.
Gerhardt's file? Married at 29, first kid at 36, three months maternity leave.
Then she's back in the game.
She really has played the perfect hand.
You do know why we're doing this, right? She wants to engage in terrorism to swing the election in her favor.
It doesn't discount her achievements for a woman of a particular age.
Problem is, Esther's a chicken shit.
Flip it.
How would we feel if the BFV breezed into Tennessee and put assault rifles into the hands of the KKK? Hm.
Okay, so how is Daniel supposed to convince Ganz he can provide him with weapons if we're too scared to put them in his hands? Are you forgetting something? Langley doesn't know what we're doing.
We're off the books on this.
Lucky for us, I have a guy.
He works at the armory at Rhein-Main.
He can get a pair of rifles up to us by tonight.
We're not putting weapons on the street without a guaranteed retrieval plan in place.
So we'll put trackers on them.
Weapons move, we follow the weapons.
What's the big deal? Either we commit to this all the way or why the hell are we even bothering? What? You can be very convincing when you wanna be.
How long are we gonna wait? - They'll be here.
- Mm.
Your father's got quite a reputation in Berlin.
Oh, he's not the monster they say he is.
The liberals.
They like to paint him that way to demonize him.
But I know the real man.
How much do you know about Otto Ganz? Everything that was in the file.
There's more.
My father was an orphan.
He moved from one institution to the next.
You know, the state cared for him.
From the age of 20, he was an employee of the Ministry for State Security.
The Stasi.
They used him as a guard at the Hohenschonhausen Prison.
They selected those boys carefully.
He said he didn't know what family was until he started to work.
The feeling that you're protected, you're part of something.
When the wall fell, the prisons were stormed.
They had only a few hours to destroy the evidence.
They burned the files, they dismantled the equipment, bleached blood from the floors and the walls.
He said there was no warning, no time to prepare.
He was scared.
He said he felt like a little boy again.
Alone, abandoned.
When the order came through to exterminate the prisoners, some officers refused, packed up and left.
But not young Otto Ganz.
He saw his orders through to the bloody end.
If you're loyal to him, you can be his family.
You love him very much, don't you? He's all I have left.
Is this your man? Don't look at him.
Pop the trunk.
Is that it? Let's go play with our new toys.
Let's see what we got in here.
Retractable stock.
Perfect for confined spaces.
Oh, it's lighter than I thought it would be.
Yeah, the ammo weighs it down.
Jungle mag, 30 rounds each.
Okay, face forward, right foot back and bring the stock into your shoulder like this.
- Like this.
- Nice, you're a natural.
- What do I hit? - Eye of the tiger.
Showing off.
You wanna have some real fun? Sure.
Empty the mag until you're out.
One, two, three.
- You want one? Maybe.
Maybe not.
How do you know so much about this stuff? It was my job to know.
I was trained to use them, but every day somebody would find a reason not to.
So you disobeyed orders and just opened fire on some Iraqis.
We were at war; they were the enemy.
Listen, I have a confession to make.
I don't have any money.
No freebies.
My man has to get paid.
I just need to know that you are who you say you are.
That you can help us in the future.
And what does that mean? You know what we're up against.
We're preparing for war.
We can use you.
War against who? You should meet my father.
When he explains it to you, I'm sure you'll wanna join us.
Get in.
All right, it's now or never.
Earphones in.
Stay in contact, yeah.
Do you have a way in? The back doors are vulnerable.
I just have to find the sweet spot.
It's okay, you've got time.
- Don't be nervous.
- Telling me not to be nervous is making me nervous.
Got it.
- I'm headed upstairs.
- Okay.
I found the study.
April, we have a problem.
Get out of there now.
I need two minutes.
We'll never get a better chance.
April! April! [SPEAKING GERMAN.]
Yeah, fine.
Come on, sweetheart.
April! [BUZZING.]
April? Have you lost your dog? Um, no, my cat, actually.
Um, I promised my daughter I'd search the neighborhood and Then you live nearby.
Well, my five-block radius has expanded into a ten-block radius, so I guess pretty soon I'll end up in Potsdam.
Um, I'm just dropping off some papers, but I can come back and help you look.
That's very kind of you.
But I I would rather not take up your time.
A cat is missing.
We must notify the police, launch helicopters, drain the canal.
I'll keep my eyes open.
I promise.
Thank you.
Good luck.
April? Who is he? Black sedan with that license plate belongs to Josef Emmerich.
Gerhardt's political advisor.
Anything happens to her, he takes over.
Testing, testing.
One, two.
- Danke.
- Thanks.
You look like you could use a drink.
- That an invitation? - I don't know.
Does the new COS deign to throw one back with her Deputy? Of course she does.
Still playing catch-up, though.
Rain check? Fair enough.
Um, good news from the Gerhardt residence.
The camera is in.
So we're officially up and running.
Yeah, I'd say that.
Except for the official part.
But are you good with all of this? The rogue factor? Not entirely.
You? That by half but here's hoping.
I guess.
I had drinks with your new Ambassador.
- At his invitation.
- Hanes? - Mm-hmm.
- Guy's a major fuckin' jackass.
Yeah, well, don't underestimate him, Robert.
'Cause he's very well connected back home.
What'd he wanna have drinks with you for? He wanted to offer me a job.
- Doing what? - Uhh, spying.
It seems that he has money in the budget to set up a small team.
Not to step on the CIA's toes, just to complement you in your efforts.
- Oh, I get it.
- You get what? The guy's come on, the guy's using you to make a veiled threat to me and BB.
- I didn't read it that way.
- Oh, come on! Spying on the spies? Please.
Gimme a fuckin' break.
He knew the first thing you'd do is come to me.
Just trying to get under my skin.
So you told him to go fuck himself, right? I did, yes, with a pointy stick.
What are you doing about this election? I'm I'm rooting for the Green Party.
You know, their policies don't count for shit but they're promising to plant more trees and I love trees.
Don't tell me that.
Come on, I can't talk about ongoing ops.
You know that.
But there are some.
Hey, buddy.
I'm here to see Mr.
He's expecting me.
Rule is, you leave your phone on the bar.
Just a second.
This shit right here, it's going to get you killed.
Who are you? Esther Krug asked me to keep an eye on you.
Don't underestimate.
My daughter has been telling me all about you.
It's an honor to meet you, Mr.
I told him about the rifles.
Trevor knows those things inside out.
I have a guy who can source weapons.
Whatever you want.
- You have a guy.
- Mm.
All right.
Who do you work for? I work for myself.
I have contacts who can get me what I ask but if you wanna do business, it's me you need to talk to.
I'll ask you one more time, who do you work for? I don't know what you've heard, Mr.
Ganz, but I do not work for anybody.
- Good-bye, Mr.
- Wait.
- Lena said that you might - Lena was wrong.
Have a drink at the bar on your way out.
On me.
It's not you.
My father has trust issues at the moment.
He's been let down badly before.
If he just tells me what he wants then maybe I can help him.
When he says no, he means no.
I'm sorry.
Did you find your cat, Ms.
Edwards? What are you doing here? I'm such a fool.
You know what I did after our conversation? I walked up and down the street for half an hour, calling out for April.
I thought, if I find the cat, I find an identity tag and then maybe I get the telephone number of a beautiful woman.
Until, eventually, I asked myself, why is an American woman outside the house of Katerina Gerhardt two weeks before the election? I think you should leave.
This is who I am.
Is this your usual technique for picking up women, Mr.
Emmerich, stalking them to their doorstep? To be honest, I'm a little out of practice.
In case you change your mind.
Hey, Trevor, what are you doing? Okay, okay, you're right.
I do work with somebody.
- You were saying? - He prefers to remain anonymous.
But you're right, he runs this game.
I represent him.
I want to meet him.
He doesn't work like that.
If he can provide what I need, the order will be in the region of 750,000 Euro.
What's your commission on that? I'll make the call.
Set it up.
No, you will take me to him right now or there's no deal.
I need you to listen to me very carefully.
12 years ago in Chechnya, you created the identity of a gun runner called Andrew Chevalier.
I need you to wake him up right now.
- How did you find me? - We'll get to that later.
The people behind me will kill us if you don't play along.
My name is Trevor Price Look pleased to see me.
Maybe even go as far as hug me.
Just don't fuck this up.
If they don't kill you, I will.