Berlin Station (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

Fire Knows Nothing of Mercy

1 Previously on "Berlin Station" MAN: The CIA's go-to wetworks man in Berlin from '83 up to the fall of the wall.
Those dates.
Diver would have been the one.
And then he just disappeared.
ESTHER: You think Diver killed your mother? The years line up.
Berlin would have been his hunting ground.
VALERIE: I just got a night action from Estonia.
Ethnic Russians and Free Estonians are at each other's throats.
Daniel, Robert, I want you both to go to Tallinn tomorrow.
There's just one guy there -- named Torres.
- [FIREWORKS POPPING] - To yo-o-o-u TORRES: Damn.
It's nice to see some friendlies.
The Russians are already making a move.
Saw a ghost.
The guy's name is Sergei Basarov.
KIRSCH: You need to listen to us, Henrik.
Sofia Vesik.
Meet my friends.
Tell them about your "Sama Kaart" program.
Any friend of Henrik's Can she be brought into our tent? If she's persuaded it's best for Estonia.
KIRSCH: Wait a minute.
You all right? You want to see that? Do you see that? Halos.
DOCTOR: Henrik Viiding passed of cardiac arrest at exactly 18:39.
That was way more than just a heart attack.
We need to get to the body and get a sample.
DANIEL: I need two on the next train out of here.
-You're set.
-[GRUNTS] [PEOPLE GASP] RODION: Where is it? [GRUNTING] -Who did that to you? -He had training.
DANIEL: He's definitely been in the field.
-Spetsnaz? -Torres was right.
There's something going on here.
Get this to Valerie.
KIRSCH: It went to shit, Valerie.
VALERIE: Robert, where's Daniel? We got separated.
I left him there.
He's wounded.
[DAVID BOWIE'S "I'M AFRAID OF AMERICANS" PLAYS] Johnny's in America, low techs at the wheel I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [INSECTS CHIRPING] [GASPS] [ECHOING] Mom?! [DOOR CLOSES] [FOOTSTEPS] [ENGINE STARTS] [EXPLOSION] [GLASS SHATTERS] [GASPS] [EXHALES SHARPLY] [GRUNTS] [TRAIN RUMBLING] [PANTING] [HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE] [RINGING] Daniel.
Are you safe? Did Robert make it back? Yeah, he got back about an hour ago.
He said you're wounded.
Daniel, I need to know, because if you pass out in a ditch, you make my job harder.
Do not make my job harder.
Listen, I saw a strange train this morning outside Tallinn.
Headed west, stealth mode, blacked-out markings, packed full of men.
What, soldiers? I don't know, but maybe the Little Green Men Torres spotted.
The guy who jumped me was Spetsnaz, that's for sure.
Robert said that you were trying to locate Sofia Vesik.
Did you reach her? Uh, not yet, but I'll find her.
Daniel, you don't have to do this.
Torres is there.
Yeah, well, so am I.
If it is Russia, then we need proof and fast before their troops are in place.
We'll send you Sofia's address.
-You get the proof.
But you get yourself patched up.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] [CELLPHONE THUDS] [WINDOW CLOSES] You don't really think someone was trying to break into your apartment.
Yeah, of course I do.
What, trying to get the hair sample? Which I had already dropped off at the lab.
Had to wake Krakauer up, but fuck it, do your job, asshole.
- You look nice.
- You look like shit.
- Thanks.
- You get any sleep? It was a rough night.
Fuck sleep.
You guys? SCIF.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Officer Torres, thank you so much for joining us.
Since Tallinn Station is dark, we'll be taking point from here.
Copy that.
Now, we should be expecting the tox results from the hair samples within a few hours.
You know, there was a waitress at the café.
He ate that every day.
What the fuck was her name? Maret.
She might know something.
Maybe she poisoned him.
I'll go have a word.
Well, for a change, maybe try not to torture her.
Mm, I miss you, man.
I looked up, and you were gone.
Daniel reported that he saw a train full of men on a defunct line, no markings.
No uniforms, no fingerprints, either.
Tallinn's infested with Spetsnaz.
The sniper I made, Sergei Basarov, and the guy who attacked Miller.
So Russian forces attacked a CIA officer outside of a war zone, or are we now classifying Estonia as a war zone? No, no one's calling this a war, least of all the Russians.
This is just an internal ethnic conflict in Estonia.
KIRSCH: Uh, that's how the Crimean Playbook starts.
Take out the moderate voices, the peacemakers, douse with gasoline, strike a match.
We're gonna need help, though.
Henrik said that Sofia Vesik had national pull.
Is that -- Is that true? I sent Daniel her address.
Smart, telegenic, uh, more Twitter followers than Beyoncé.
Today is the release of Sama Kaart, her white passport program.
Ethnic Russians, a third of the country, have had gray passports since the Soviets left.
It's less rights, second-class citizens.
Sofia's white passport unites all sides.
KIRSCH: Yeah, that explains "why now.
" You can't manipulate an angry mob if they're not angry.
This could be Russia's last chance to take Estonia, and if Estonia goes, so do the other Baltics, then it's on to Poland.
Iron Curtain falls again.
Vesik is busy.
SOFIA: It's okay, Jan.
What are you doing here? We need to talk.
Remember, "Any friend of Henrik's.
" Henrik's dead.
My name is Daniel Miller.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
[DOOR BUZZES, CLICKS] [DOOR CLOSES] You're lucky you have a trustworthy voice.
[DOOR OPENS] [SIGHS] Jesus! What happened? Okay.
Let me call an ambulance.
No, no, don't call anyone, please.
I'm okay.
I just need to clean up.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] DANIEL: Yeah? Here's the T-shirt.
You got a needle and thread? No, I have a tailor.
Oh, my God.
Come with me.
This is crazy.
You should have gone to a doctor.
What is that? Is that superglue? It's called transglutaminase.
-It's a culinary adhesive.
My ex, Maksim, he was a chef.
[BLOWS] Trying to be.
Wait, so it's meat glue? I wasn't going to call it that, but you went there, so, yes, it's meat glue.
-[CHUCKLES] Let's give it some time to set.
[BLOWS] I'm guessing you weren't mugged.
Who are you, Mr.
Miller? I work for the American government.
We were consulting Henrik, hoping he might smooth over some ruffled diplomatic feathers.
They're saying it was a heart attack, but it doesn't feel right.
Why is Henrik Viiding dead? Because he was fearless.
He wanted peace.
Sama Kaart will make that possible.
My white passport program.
Henrik convinced Parliament to trust my tech.
- Russia's not going to allow Sama Kaart.
- They have no fucking choice.
No, they can't retake a united Estonia.
I'm speaking at Centennial tonight on Henrik's behalf.
You need to stay away from the Centennial.
Do you know how many death threats I get every day? Trust me, these guys will not give you a heads-up.
I'm speaking for Henrik.
He deserves that.
And I need to get to the office.
Can we talk in the car? You're certainly persistent.
Um, is Maret working today? She helped me last week, and she was awesome.
Uh, not today, sorry.
What can I do for you? Ah, nothing.
I'm good.
[DOOR OPENS] [DISTANT LAUGHTER] [DOOR CLOSES] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [PAPER RUSTLING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE] SOFIA: Basically, Tervik just uses new technology to make existing systems work better, like automation, robotics, I.
, telecom.
Any chance you could help me track a train no one's supposed to see? Maybe.
You're a spy.
Aren't you? Paavo.
He keeps the servers singing.
You met Jan.
So, can you help me? If your train was really there, Kaarta will find it.
It's cutting-edge geomapping.
Taps into satellites, Google Earth, CCTV, anything we can find to create a real-time video feed.
I guess you guys never heard of the Patriot Act.
[CHUCKLES] I guess we're all just hackers at heart.
- Okay.
Where and when? - [KEYBOARD CLACKING] Uh, about a kilometer north of Balti Jaam, around 4:30 a.
I don't see any train tracks.
You're not meant to.
[SPEAKS ESTONIAN] Okay, so GPS coordinates go here.
-Any questions, ask Jan.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Um, Maret Yankova? Did I say that right? Yes.
Really sorry to bother you.
My name is Rafael Ramirez, Associated Press.
Uh Totally, totally get it, ma'am.
Who am I? Dogging you at home.
It's just rude.
[LAUGHS] It's not you.
My babushka is ill.
Two minutes tops.
Just need some quotes for a tribute piece on Henrik Viiding.
Just want to know what he meant to regular people like yourself.
I heard you were his favorite waitress.
Did I get that right? I liked Henrik very much.
He was always kind to me.
Some at the café were a bit, how do you say star-struck.
But he always put me at ease.
That's what I've heard.
[PEN CLICKS] Did you notice any signs of failing health? He had spells.
Maybe the flu? And he never ate well.
Baba needs me.
Are we done? Yep.
Thanks for your time.
[ENGINE REVS] APRIL: Are you sure about these tracks? They exist.
I've seen them.
Yeah, well, they aren't -- Hold on.
Found it! It looks like an old Soviet supply line.
Runs from Kaliningrad in the west all the way through Estonia to Moscow.
Looks like it hasn't been used since the '70s.
Okay, see if you can find out who's using them now.
Robert's worried about you.
Well, Valerie, too, but she hides it better.
Sofia patched me up.
All right, Sofia.
What's she like? Rock star, right? Well, she didn't let me bleed to death.
I don't get it.
According to the time stamp, the train stopped for several hours by a town called Turba.
Did they unload anything? Nope.
It's just sitting there.
You know what? I'm gonna check it out.
Well, as your handler, I recommend that you wait until you have backup.
I'll be less conspicuous alone.
In small-town Estonia? Please.
You'll stand out like a redneck at a Rihanna concert.
Look, just send me the coordinates, and I'll do some recon.
Can you just show me his file, please? If no one else bumps on Torres, if it's just me being me, I'll let it go.
No, I'm not showing you his file.
Oh, come on, please.
Don't do that.
This isn't about who's in charge.
You're only COS because I took the blame when it all went FUBAR.
You're right, Robert.
They laid that all at your feet, and it wasn't fair.
And I came to you, and I asked you how we could make it right, and you said Tokyo.
And then I went to bat for you, didn't I? True, yeah, you did.
What's wrong? You don't want to go to Tokyo now? No, I-I do.
I shouldn't have left Daniel.
You made a call.
DANIEL: Big day.
I wish Henrik were here to see it.
I need your promise that you won't go to the Centennial tonight.
Okay, if you're right, if Russia's really trying to take back Estonia, what could we possibly do to stop them? [SIGHS] If they're really coming, then NATO will step in, and we'll go to war.
But will you? Let's you and I keep the peace.
Maybe we won't have to find out.
KIRSCH: Yeah, well, whatever you got would be helpful.
Seriously, I appreciate it.
Okay, you ready? Torres, Rafael, with an "F.
" Social's 987-65-4329.
I got -- I got a lot of redactions.
- You got postings? - [PAPER RUSTLES] Uh-huh.
Those are some hot theaters.
What the hell's he doing in Tallinn? Really? Medevac or whack-evac? Okay.
Thanks, Derek.
Appreciate it.
I owe you.
There's nothing here.
At least you're out in the sun.
No windows gets old.
You don't have another op that you're running? I can't confirm or deny.
I do have a hot date tonight with the son of a Nigerian scientist.
Here it is.
I got it.
There's definitely something been over these tracks.
Brush is flattened.
Not as defunct as someone wants the world to believe.
There's no other sign of activity nearby.
No tire tracks.
Why did it stop here? Follow the tracks west.
There's an old Soviet complex.
Medium-range ballistic missiles.
It's probably the reason for the rail line in the first place.
I'm gonna check it out.
For the record, I hate this remote shit.
I wish I had your back.
I like your voice in my ear.
You'll be hearing it again soon.
Be careful.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] [SIGHS] VALERIE: But, I mean, Henrik had heart issues for what, two decades? KIRSCH: Doesn't prove anything.
Tox reports came back.
Hair samples were negative.
Not negative, exactly.
Henrik was seeing fucking glowing halos right before he collapsed.
Visual hallucinations like that are a unique symptom of foxglove poisoning, which is a purple flower that grows wild all over Europe.
So why wasn't it on the tox report? Because foxglove has the same root chemical derivation as digitalis, the heart medication he was already taking.
So the poison would look like an overdose of his own medication? -Is that what you're saying? -Not even that.
My research says that if he ingested foxglove, he'd have a heart attack, but his digoxin levels would barely change.
He's right.
There's a slight bump in his levels but within the margin of error.
So, we could prove that he was poisoned, but we have no proof that he was poisoned.
They're fucking good.
Well, I obviously can't take this to Langley.
-Oh, I know.
-Russians are bold.
They usually own their poisons.
Why wouldn't they flaunt and then deny as usual? Because the Crimean Playbook relies on absolute secrecy.
[ SPEAKING GERMAN] - [BEEP] - Hey, it's me.
I miss you.
Listen, Valerie wants me to fill out some forms in triplicate, something to do with clearance on "us.
" I guess we weren't as sly as we thought we were.
Anyway, I had this crazy dream last night about my mom.
I don't know if I ever told you, but I was there the night she died.
I saw it.
The explosion, everything.
He had a choice, the guy that did it.
He waited, watched her get into the car.
I guess he didn't want any witnesses, but he didn't know about me.
I saw him.
I think I know who Diver is.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] And some cigarettes.
You got a light? Thanks.
[LIGHTER CLICKS] You from around here? We live here.
Yeah? You all in a club or something? The Butch Club.
I'm just messin' with ya.
You're Russian, right? Estonian.
[SCOFFS] No, I guess not.
Well, it was nice to meet you guys.
Got a beautiful country here.
SOFIA: When I was 7, I was sent to stay with my Russian grandfather in Sillimae.
He was a baker.
I loved to watch him work.
I spread the flour, picked up the scraps of dough, sneak a warm roll with jam.
And then one day his shop was shut down, license pulled, no reason given.
And as I stood in line with him, when we shuffled from one government window to another, I saw on the cover of his I.
, it read "alien passport.
" I was a kid.
To me, "alien" meant bad, scary, different.
This country wanted my grandfather to know he would never belong.
Sama Kaart isn't just a passport.
It's acceptance.
A welcome home.
- [MUFFLED GRUNTING] - Henrik led us here.
Your Parliament voted.
Our technology will make this possible.
Now every Estonian will have full voting rights, access to public services, - and the right to work abroad - [CRACK] without obtaining a visa.
Today I say, no more.
This sounds like we all need to step outside.
Please step outside.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [ UP-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYS] Hey, what's going on here? Getting high? You Australian? American.
Is your country great yet? My country's fucked.
Compared to this, it's fucking paradise.
Paavo was debugging the server, and there was no fire.
[BEEPING] [CHIMING] APRIL: They're ripping her to shreds.
-Who? -Sofia.
You think it's true? I've been following her for years.
I know her.
Her app may still need some fine-tuning, but these make it sound like it's designed to racially profile.
There's no way.
That's not who she is.
Maybe she's not as altruistic as you think.
Look at this.
The level of vitriol, the traffic volume, the repeated phrases.
This is the hallmark of a Russian troll farm.
So a different kind of assassination.
You think she'll lay low? Sofia? Not a chance.
She'll counter.
JAN: Sofia.
Gaby and I didn't know any German, so we would just memorize the autobahn signs, and that's how we found our way back.
Literally, I would just look for "Ausfahrt," and that's how I'd get back to the Airbnb.
- Not realizing? Not - realizing that "ausfahrt" is German for "exit," yes.
A true Darwin Award moment.
How does that story make you seem even hotter? I don't get it.
You know that guy? No.
Maybe he knows my dad.
Everyone knows your dad.
The great Dr.
He can command an auditorium of a thousand, but one-on-one, he's a different person.
He's happier alone, locked in his lab.
How's the project going? Almost done.
Very mysterious.
I'll tell you when the time is right or when I'm really wasted.
But it's gonna be huge.
Set-for-life huge.
No more immigrant visas.
No more scrambling for grants.
He deserves it.
You both do.
[GLASSES CLINK] - [CROWD CHEERING] - [SPEAKING NATIVE LANGUAGE] WOMAN: People may be gathered to celebrate 100 years of Estonian independence, but tensions between Estonians and ethnic Russians have never been higher.
Critics allege Sofia Vesik's Sama Kaart program was really gathering data on the ethnic Russian population.
The Tervik CEO is scheduled to speak here tonight, but with rumors of racial profiling dogging her, it's unclear how welcoming this crowd will be.
I need you to find Sofia Vesik.
They're after her.
She's a soft target.
Sabotage, fake news.
Where are you? Old Town Tallinn, Centennial.
Well, perfect.
Her assistant said she's on her way there.
I-I really wish I could help you, but I have a bead on Sergei, okay? He might even be here for her.
Maret's apartment has a clean line of sight.
I think he's gonna make a move.
Secure Sofia first.
Is that an order? That is tactical wisdom.
Secure the asset you can find before countering the shooter you can't.
-Roger that.
-Thank you.
And then these vastupidaz -- How do you say? Uptight fuckers show up in their dumb shirts, try to recruit guys, you know, the militia types, some glorious cause.
We can't even get high in the basement anymore.
How long they been here? A month or two.
More show up every few days.
On a train? You mean the secret train we're not meant to hear? Which of course we all hear 'cause it's a fucking train? Yeah, yeah, that one.
Did you find these in the basement? Dregs only.
Thousands of them.
Hold this.
[LIQUID SLOSHING] -Oopsie! -Oh, fuck! Jesus! [INHALES] Won't you come back Come on.
Won't you come back [SPEAKING ESTONIAN] Won't you come back Won't you come back [CROWD CHANTING "HENRIK!"] Fuck! Aah! What the hell?! Rafael Torres.
I'm here to look after you.
[CROWD BOOING] You work with Daniel Miller.
Yes, now get in your car.
I need you to stay in here.
They sabotaged my work, and they killed my friend.
I can't let lies speak for me.
I need you to stay inside your car until I come back.
And whatever you have say, these people are not here to hear it, okay? So stay down out of sight and lock your door! [CROWD SHOUTING] [PANTING] [CROWD SHOUTING] Oh, God.
Some kid who's been huffing rocket fuel from the silo complex showed me a way in.
Wait, you've been following some wasted huffer down there? It's where the action is.
Listen, there's probably no reception, so give me 12 hours in the dark, and I'll call you by 10:00 a.
You try and get some sleep.
Fuck sleep.
I warned them.
Tonight was just the starting gun.
Let's go.