Best Friends Whenever (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Girl Code

Fourteen, 315, 316, 317 Cyd, it's 6:00 a.
What are you doing up so early on a Saturday? The local news is having a contest.
The person who guesses how many beans fit in this jar wins a prize.
But I don't need to guess because I have some beans and a jar and I know how to count.
I'm coming for you, Action News at Five.
Also at seven.
What do you win? I don't know.
It's a mystery.
I hope it's not snow tires.
Why? 'Cause that would be a terrible prize.
What are you doing up? I've got a huge day of craft swapping lined up.
I'm gonna trade this bracelet I made with a girl in South Portland for one of her hand-beaded chokers.
I didn't know you wanted a choker.
I don't.
I'm gonna take that choker over to East Po's hottest candle maker.
But you hate stinky candles.
Can't stand 'em.
Which is why I'm gonna take those candles over to the west side and swap 'em out for a handmade headband.
You're not really a headband girl.
I'd rather wear a candle.
That headband's going downtown to a guy who bends license plates into phone covers and likes wearing headbands.
It's a weird demographic, but that's the Portland craft scene.
No offense, Shelbs, but that sounds like a total waste of a Saturday.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a local news station to outsmart.
317, 318, 319, 320 What's with all the tiny furniture? I'm throwing my grandmother a birthday party this afternoon and this is her present.
She's been saying she wants a living room set but she never specified what size.
Four thousand five hundred and sixty one! Man, this jar held so many beans I thought I was gonna run out of numbers.
My mom ran out of numbers.
Every birthday she turns "35.
" And sent This is so cool.
I can't believe about to win a prize from the local news.
It will be my greatest moment.
And this is coming from a girl who once farted on a water slide.
Guys, I have just solved the biggest problem facing our generation.
Climate change? World hunger? An overeducated unemployable middle class? Okay, the biggest problem facing the Portland crafting community.
See, we love swapping crafts with each other, but it's incredibly inconvenient.
So I'm gonna create a website where we can swap crafts with each other 24/7.
It's called Tradeskees.
Wow, Shelby, that's a great idea.
Thanks, Cyd.
I'm gonna make this website.
Barry, I need you to make this website.
Honestly, I'd love to.
That's actually a good idea.
I don't like the way he said "actually a good idea".
Unfortunately, I'm swamped with my grandma's party today.
But he can do it tomorrow.
Renaldo handles my calendar.
With the exception of today, he's wide open till he's 27.
Thanks, Barry! This is so exciting! I can't wait.
Let's jump to tomorrow night to see what my site looks like! And I can see if I won the contest.
Is time travel making us impatient? Less talky, more jumpy! Time to see what Barry did with my website.
Time to see if I won that prize.
What? 5286 coffee beans? I was way off! Maybe they used a bigger jar.
That can't be right.
You think they used smaller beans? No, Cyd, I mean, it's Tradeskees, but it's not my Tradeskees.
I never would've told Barry to build it like this.
I'm gonna ask him what's going on.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry I haven't finished your site yet.
I'm sorry.
Grandma's party was a rager.
You don't know how loud music can get until your DJ loses his hearing aid.
You haven't finished my site? But I'm looking at it right now.
Well, that's impossible.
Let me take a look.
This site went up this morning.
Shelby, I think someone beat you to your idea.
Who did you tell about Tradeskees? Practically nobody.
Shelby Everyone.
Every last person I saw.
Well, I guess you learned a valuable lesson.
Have you ever heard the expression "loose lips sink ships"? You see, back in world war two I wish I could do that in real life.
I can't believe somebody's gonna beat me to making Tradeskees.
We gotta jump back so I can make it first.
Unfortunately, I'm completely swamped with my grandma's party today, but he can do it tomorrow.
But we just came from tomorrow and you said you still hadn't done it.
That doesn't sound like me! And then you gave us a boring lecture on World War Two.
That sounds like me.
Sorry I didn't build your website.
You were in tomorrow? Cyd, did you win the contest? No.
I saw the answer and I wasn't even close.
Too bad you can't try again now that you know the right number.
Right, 'cause that would be cheating.
Cheating, that's what I said.
I just pronounced it wrong.
Now, Shelby, if you need the website done today, I can call my friend Alex at the Computer Club.
They meet at school on Saturdays.
Computer Club, that's perfect! I bet they'd love to build me a website.
Cyd, you wanna come to school with me? On a Saturday? Hmm.
I think I'll dip into that friendship coupon book you made me and use my "Get Out of One Activity Free" voucher.
Sad you're not coming, but I'm so excited you're using my coupon book.
Hey, Naldo, I need you to hit send on a text for me.
Wait, you're not sending this to the local news contest, are you? Nope, I am not.
'Cause that would be cheating.
Now be a pal and hit send.
Hi, I'm looking for Alex.
I'm Alex.
Oh! You're a girl.
You surprised there's a girl in Computer Club? No, I'm surprised Barry has a girl's phone number.
You must be Shelby.
Barry told me you needed help building a website.
Let's see what you've got so far.
I have the vision board right here.
As you can see, there's a computer Super important.
And, uh, these crafts represent crafts.
And the people represent all the people this website is going to bring together, via these arrows, represented by Arrows.
What's the deal with the cat on the skateboard? Oh, that's Can-Do Kitty.
I feel like if he can ride a skateboard, I can build my website.
Well, I'm happy to teach you.
So, what do you know about computers? I know how to turn them on, I know how to turn them off, and I know they are very expensive to replace if you drop them in the fish tank at the dentist's office.
You know what, let's start with the basics.
One of the fundamentals of programing is the conditional command string.
If this, then that, unless this.
Make sense? Not really.
Well, it's easier than it sounds.
No, this isn't really my thing.
I was kind of hoping, uh, maybe you could do it for me.
You don't even wanna try? Trust me, I, I would be terrible at this.
I, I'm not a computer person.
So what do you say? Will you beep-bop-beep-bop-boop a website for me? Actually, I'm kind of busy.
But if I don't get this done today, somebody's gonna take my idea! I can't hear you.
Your headphones aren't even plugged in.
What? Hey, Cyd, whatcha doing? Waiting for a delivery.
It turns out I did win that prize.
Don't you mean we won that prize? That's right.
My brain knew what my thumbs were doing the whole time.
We'll share the prize.
But Shelby would freak out if she knew I used time travel to cheat, so I'm gonna hide it from her in this box.
I hope it's something good.
Last month it was a tablet, the month before that, it was a laptop Here comes our prize! It's a boat? I think I'm gonna need a bigger box.
Don't you mean we're gonna need a bigger box? Hey, Alex, I feel like we kinda got off on the wrong foot.
Look, this website is a really big deal to me.
I just want to make it happen before somebody else does.
And I can't do it by myself.
And I won't do it for you.
We'll do it for you.
Reboot wants to know we just volunteered for.
Shelby wants to know what a Reboot is.
That's Reboot.
I'm Elliot.
Reboot says the pleasure's all his.
You guys are lifesavers.
So I have this website and it's very important to me and I have to get it done today.
It's called Tradeskees.
It's a craft swapping website.
Can-Do Kitty.
- Makes perfect sense to us.
- We're in.
Just go with it.
This is great! I am so loving you guys right now.
I heard it too, buddy.
Since everyone else has abandoned me, I'm left with no other option but to say thanks for coming to help me set up for my grandma's party, you guys.
No problem, Barry.
Does he have any idea how much we charge for our services? He will when he gets our bill.
I'm gonna start bringing the food out.
Would you two mind straightening up? For $60 an hour, we'll stand as straight as he wants.
Look, this party has to be good.
Last year was a total disaster.
Just take this rag and dust a little.
What should I do? Just go clean up.
Whoa! Look at all that microwave popcorn.
The door's locked! What was that? Ow! Chet? Where are you? I'm down here! I can't see you! Oh, no! I shrunk Chet! Thank you so much for website-ing for me.
You guys are so nice.
You mean coding? Oh, sorry.
Thank you so much for website-ing for me.
You guys are so coding.
Man, look at you guys go.
You're like website building super robots.
I am computer bot.
I eat wires and drink oil.
I have no idea how robots work.
But seriously, I don't know what I'd do without you guys.
I'm not gonna ask her, you ask her! Ask me what? Oh, come on.
You guys have been so helpful to me.
You can ask me anything.
I'm your girl.
Uh, well, so we have this friend.
And he's wondering how you can tell if a girl likes you.
Oh, I can definitely help with this.
I mean, I know matters of the heart.
See, when a girl likes you, she'll give you certain signs.
She'd probably be friendly and chatty and Touch your arm, maybe? Oh, yeah, absolutely.
But the way you really know is when she starts bringing you presents and treats Treats! Oh, my gosh, you guys have been working so hard, you must be starving! I, I can run home and get you some snacks.
Do you guys like brownies? Actually, we prefer bloodies.
Oh, sure! You guys got the blondie of your dreams comin' your way.
No way Shelby will know there's a boat back here.
Wow, those plants look so tiny next to this giant boat.
Aw, man, Shelby's going to see this and she'll know I cheated on the contest.
I'm just gonna call the station and tell them to take the boat back.
Yeah, I'm the girl who won the boat.
I need to return it.
Hey, a captain's hat! Guess that means I'm in charge.
I've never been in charge before.
Bad news, Naldo.
This boat's not going anywhere.
Of course it's not.
I just dropped anchor.
Cyd? Where are you? Oh, no, Shelby's home! Shelby, what are you doing here? Making some snacks for Team Tradeskees.
You know, I really feel like I'm really bonding with these computer guys.
These guys are so nice helping me with my site, and I'm helping them too.
I'm encouraging them, bringing them treats, making them crack up with my jokes They're laughing at your jokes? Sure are! When I almost walked off with Elliot's power cord, I was like "guilty as charged!" You know, Cyd, I seriously think I should start doing stand-up.
Oh, Shelby.
I'm even giving them love advice.
They have this friend who likes a girl, and they wanted to know how to know if the girl likes him back.
I think I know who this girl is.
You do? Do we go to school with her? Yeah.
She's you.
What? No.
We're just friends.
That's why I came back here, to get them a snack.
I asked them if they like brownies and they said they like bloodies and Oh, my gosh, how did I not see it? Cyd, I have to go.
Not that way! You have to go out the front door and fix this mess you made, you adorable busybody! Cyd, hate to bother you, but the deck's not gonna swab itself.
I'd do it but I'm the captain.
Wouldn't look right in front of the rest of the crew.
Guys, this is gonna sound totally crazy, but is the girl you've been talking about You? You bet your Can-Do Kitty it is.
Shelby, we won't do another thing on your website until you choose which one of us you're in love with.
Reboot wants me to mention he has an 11:00 curfew and his own bike.
So who's it gonna be, Shelby? Me or Reboot? Guys, this is all a big misunderstanding.
I'm not gonna choose between you.
Well then, that leaves us with only one option.
We'll fight for her.
"This text is just a distraction"? Reboot, what do you mean That fight was probably simmering under the surface way before I got here, right? Nope.
Yeah, didn't think so.
Don't worry, shrunken Chet, I'm gonna find you! There's a lot of crisp veggies here.
I hope Grandma remembers to bring her teeth.
Bret, what are you doing on the floor? Uh, cleaning, like you said.
Hey, good man.
Where's Chet? Slacking off again? Hey! Shh! Let me handle this.
I'm right here, Barry.
I'm Chet.
What were you doing behind the sofa? Taking a nap.
Because I'm a slacker.
Where'd Bret go? Probably off picking up my slack.
Hey, Bret! Sorry, Barry.
I was working so hard I didn't hear you.
It's not easy being the better brother.
Oh, shuds, Grandma needs me to pick her up from water aerobics.
Picture a prune becoming a raisin, and then put that raisin in a polka dot two-piece and that's where I'm off to.
Ah Stepped on something orange.
Can you clean this up? Oh no, Chet, you've been crunched! My dear brother.
I won't forget you.
I will think of you every time I look into the mirror and squint.
That was beautiful, Bret.
Chet? You're alive! If you can call this living.
You're going to love this boat.
She's about 12 knots long, 12 knots deep, gets about 12 knots to the gallon and I think it's obvious I don't know what knots are, but hey, she's free! Ho, there! You can't get rid of my boat! That won't float, not with me, Cydney.
Naldo, what's going on? Why are you dressed like that? Why are you talking like that? 'Cause I'm the doggone captain! Now I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask the two of you to shove off.
You're about as welcome as an albatross in a squall.
No, no, no, wait! Dang it, Naldo! That boat's turning you into a crazy person! Tell that to my hat, landlubber.
Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! I feel terrible! None of this would have happened if I just knew how to program my own website, but it's too hard.
Shelby, how do you know? You quit without even trying.
I'm not a computer person.
Shield! Shield! Shield! Okay, why don't you think of it this way.
You told those guys that if a girl touches your arm, then she likes you.
Is that always true? No, there are tons of reasons you might touch someone's arm.
It doesn't always mean you're into them.
Computer coding has the same kind of rules "If this, then that, unless this.
" Oh.
I never told them the "unless.
" No wonder they thought I liked them.
You just programed your first love triangle.
Wait, is this coding? Do I understand coding? Better than you understand boys.
Now you see why I was so annoyed with you when you quit without really trying.
You don't need anyone to build your site for you.
You can do it yourself.
And I'll help you.
Should I go patch things up between Elliot and Reboot? Or maybe I've done enough damage for today.
How about we just focus on the website? I did it! I built my own website! This is so exciting.
Do you think Jennifer Lawrence will play me in Tradeskees.
The Movie? Why don't we start with hitting enter and launching the site? Alex, I just want to thank you.
You've been so, so coding to me today.
You still think "coding" means "nice"? Nah, I'm messing with you! Joke bot 3.
0 in your face.
You know, I don't hate Joke Bot.
Slap me some tin! All right, weirdo, you earned this one.
Don't worry, Chet! I'm gonna blast you with this laser and get you back to regular size.
Bret, I haven't understood anything you've said since I got locked in Barry's popcorn closet.
Locked in the what now? Cydney dear, I got you a new sweater because, no offense, you dress like a hobo.
Hey! Some ne'er-do-well absconded with my boat! No one stole the boat.
How dare you! Naldo, get a hold of yourself! That boat was bad for both of us so I put it on Shelby's swap site and I traded it for something a little more you.
It's a hat with boats in it.
Maybe I did go a little crazy.
It's just I've never gotten to be a captain before.
I guess that hat really went to my head.
Thanks, Cyd.
Now, Grandma, I know I ruined your birthday last year, but I think I more than made up for it this year.
Chet's back to full-size! And I smell like the movies! You did it, Shelbs.
You got your site up before that other person could take your idea.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Cyd.
You know, I thought I wasn't a computer person, but it turns out Maybe I am.
All I had to do was try.
Trying? Sounds hard.
I would've quit.
Well, it was totally worth it.
People are already swapping all kinds of things.
Bead crafts, string crafts, somebody even swapped a water craft.
What? I'm serious, somebody traded a boat for a hat.
Okay, fine, it was me! I used time travel to win the contest, but the prize was a boat and I knew you'd be disappointed in me if you saw it so I hid it from you and then Naldo went crazy and I guess my point is none of this would have happened if a boat could fit in a box! Cyd? I don't think you should get up at 6:00 a.
Good call.
If I don't get a full 15 hours, I start making bad choices.