Best Friends Whenever (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

The Lying Game

1 Shelby, you have to correctly answer three questions about your best friend or Squish! Cyd gets whipped cream in the face.
Whoa, that is not whipped cream.
I was concerned you'd enjoy that too much, so I changed it to cottage cheese.
Don't worry, Cyd.
I know what you call cottage cheese, and there's no way I'm letting you take a face-full of "curd turds.
" Aw, Shelbs, you know me so well.
We're gonna crush this thing! Okay, guys, get ready.
10 seconds on the clock.
(Clock ticking) Shelby, what is Cyd's favorite dessert? Meatballs.
What is Cyd's favorite book? Coloring.
Correct! Cyd thinks blank is the funniest.
Chickens wearing glasses! They think they look smart, but we know they're dumb.
Yes! We're gonna mop the floor with you guys.
Why did we agree to play this with them? I mean, friendship is literally the one thing they're good at.
Aw! Thanks, Barry! All right, Naldo.
First question.
What is Barry's favorite sandwich? Hmm, I saw him eating a turkey club once, but he said it was too dry.
Clock's ticking, Renaldo.
And then there was this time he had a French dip, but that was too wet.
Don't need all the sandwiches, just my favorite.
Which is why I can say with complete certainty, Barry's favorite sandwich is (Timer buzzes) Tuna.
You are correct.
I feel like we all won that round.
I know it sounds crazy But time doesn't faze me Ever since it lost its hold on me Hey, hey Hung out till midnight Missed the curfew, that's all right I'm back to bed and right on time, you'll see Whenever You need me I'm right there with you Whenever There's something You wanna redo The clock is ticking but not for me I'm living in a different reality Whenever Whatever Wherever I'm right there with you I'm right there with you Hey, hey All right, Cyd, we're up.
Let's do this.
(Clock ticking) What was Shelby's favorite concert? Easy.
First grade, elementary school auditorium, Dirk Puddles and the Rainy Day Gang.
What? But you loved that show! We got to sing backup on Trackin' Mud through Mama's Kitchen.
Cyd, my favorite concert was Adele.
But we didn't go to Adele.
We had tickets, but you got sick.
I know, but you stayed home and took care of me.
That's why it's my favorite concert, even though neither of us got to go.
Cyd got to go.
Naldo, no, I didn't.
I stayed home with Shelby, remember? Right.
Until she fell asleep.
Then you called me and asked me if I wanted to go.
You went to that concert without me? Look, no Renaldo, do you realize what this means? That me and Shelby have the same favorite concert? No, Cyd stopped the buzzer before the official end of play.
We win! We beat them on a technicality in a board game meant for children.
In your face! (Both breathing deeply) Smell that fresh air.
How long do you think we've been hiking, Bret? About 15 feet.
The Ranger Badge Buddy book says always to pitch camp near a source of water.
Hey, guys, who's got six thumbs and is going to a PG-13 movie? My parents and my brother.
So I came to hang with you guys.
We'd love to, Neil, but our Ranger Badge Master is gonna be here in a few hours and if we don't earn our camping badge, he said he's gonna kick us out.
He's a real badge-buster.
But you can hang.
We just have to pitch a tent, build a fire and roast some hot dogs.
It won't take long.
My schedule's pretty open.
'Cause my orthodontist just died.
Okay, here are the instructions for putting up a tent.
(Reading in Spanish) What are you doing? Those are the Spanish directions! Maybe I want to do it in Spanish.
I wanna do it in English! English! Spanish! English! Spanish! English! Spanish! Guys, there's pictures.
I want to do the English pictures! I want to do the Spanish pictures! English! Spanish! English! Spanish! English! Spanish! English! Spanish! I still can't believe we beat Cyd and Shelby at a friendship game.
I can.
I always knew we were good friends.
Well, we always hypothesized we were good friends.
The only way to truly prove it was to perform an experiment Squish! The Friendship Game.
Analyze the data We kicked butt.
And draw a conclusion We are the better best friends.
That's a lot of science to get from a game with two chimpanzees on the box.
Renaldo, we must celebrate our victory.
And lucky for you, I've just restocked the closet with your favorite snack.
Chocolate-covered strawberries? Better.
Strawberry-covered chocolates? Not a thing.
Oysters? What is this, a cruise ship? No, I got your favorite.
Plain crackers.
That's weird.
I thought I hated plain crackers.
Uh, Renaldo, as your scientifically-proven best friend, I'm pretty sure I know what your favorite snack is.
Barry, I think these are stale.
Yep! Just the way you like them.
Shelby, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for you to find out that way.
I shouldn't have gone to that concert without you.
Are you okay? Mmm-hmm.
Do you want to talk about it? Hmm-mmm.
You sure? 'Cause you seem like you're mad.
You haven't used anything but the letter "M" since we left Barry's.
Okay, we got a vowel.
That's a start.
Cyd, I'm fine.
I was a little surprised at first, but I completely understand.
You do? Of course.
I was sick.
You were.
You were so sick.
And we'd already paid for the tickets.
I get it.
You are being really cool about this.
Why wouldn't I be? I'm cool.
I'm cool as a cucumber.
They should call me Cucumber Marcus.
The Cuke.
Okay, good.
I'm glad we can put that all behind us.
It's just that sometimes when you get upset, you bake.
True, but this is not one of those times.
This is a total coincidence.
See, you happen to have just told me something that I very well may find very upsetting.
And, in a completely unrelated turn of events, I find myself suddenly craving pumpkin cream cheese muffins! Now preheat the oven to 450! You got it, Cuke! (Crunching) Great muffin, Shelbs.
Some of your best.
If I hadn't seen you make it, I wouldn't have known there's a dozen egg shells in there.
What's your secret? It's the nutmeg.
I can't take this anymore.
I know, these things are disgusting.
Shelby, admit it, you're mad at me.
Fine, yes.
I'm mad that you went to that concert without me! Okay, how can I fix this? I just want to make this right.
I got it! We'll just jump back and go to the concert together! I guess if I went with you, I couldn't be mad at you for going without me.
Yes! Shelby, you are so smart.
And a good baker, normally, not today.
Let's do it.
Okay, we're back to the night of the concert.
I'll grab the tickets, you grab your dancing shoes.
I think we have a problem.
Problem? What are you talking about Whoa! I feel awful.
No, you're fine! I don't feel fine.
It's all in your head.
We just gotta get you up on your feet, get you moving.
Cyd, I'm goin' down! It's okay, Shelbs.
I'll be your legs.
We're doin' this! It's going to work! Next stop, Adele! Is there any way Adele could come to us? Cyd, this isn't gonna work.
I feel terrible.
Let's just jump back.
No, we can do this.
Hey, Cyd.
I got your text.
That's so cool of Shelby to insist I take her ticket.
She's a really good friend.
On second thought, yeah, let's jump back.
I'm guessing that made you more mad, but I don't want to tell you how you feel.
You told Naldo that I wanted you to go without me? No! He assumed it.
I just didn't correct him.
I can't believe this.
Shelby Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I don't even remember why we're fighting, Chet.
Me either.
Oh, wait.
I remember.
Ow! Neil: What's next, guys? Bret and Chet: Whoa.
You were missing some tent poles, so I carved new ones out of branches.
Cool! We got the tent up! Now we can start building a fire.
It says here we need adult supervision.
Dad, we're gonna build a fire! (Knocking on window) Wow, that got him to the window quick.
Now it says here we need a flint and steel.
Okay, hand me the steel.
No, you hand me the flint.
Why don't you just flip a coin? Neil, that's a great idea.
I'll be heads.
No, I'll be heads! Let's wrestle for it! Winner builds the fire? No! Winner gets to be heads! We jumped back so we could go to that concert together, but it just made things worse.
Well, it was only a matter of time before you guys were no longer the best best friends.
I mean, you did lose Squish.
Cydby has been replaced by Barnaldo.
I'm sorry to rub our friendship in your face, Shelby.
It must sting to see two people this on the same page.
What are you going to do? I've never seen you this mad at Cyd before.
I've never been this mad at Cyd before.
Shelby, I got it! I know how to make this up to you.
I had a good time at a concert without you.
So you have to have a good time at a concert without me.
Then we'll be even and you won't be mad.
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Hey! You can't talk to her like that! He is right, though, it does sound like you haven't really thought this through.
I've got two tickets to the Battle of the Boy Bands at the mall tonight, and you're going with Naldo.
(Gasps) Hee-hee! I mean (Gasps) I don't know Please, Shelby, it's the only idea I've got left.
You go and have fun, and I'll stay here and be miserable.
But how can you possibly guarantee her that you'll be miserable? I'll be with you.
Naldo, what do you think? Do you want to go? Allow me to answer for him.
Not a chance.
Renaldo hates crowds.
I totally agree with everything Barry said, except yes, I'll go and I love crowds.
Then, I guess we better get going.
Both: Heads.
Both: Heads.
Am I dreaming, or do you smell hot dogs? I'm the wrong guy to ask.
All my dreams smell like hot dogs.
Well, guys, the tent's up, the fire's burning and the hot dogs are cooking.
You're gonna get your camping badges for sure.
Great job, Neil.
Only one problem.
We were supposed to do it! But you guys were fighting.
That's our process.
This is too good.
The Badge Master will never believe we did any of it.
I guess I could drop the hot dogs in the dirt.
Or I could make the tent a little lopsided.
Or I could let the fire go out.
I'm hearing a lot of "coulds," but I'm not seeing a lot of "dids.
" Shelby and I are definitely gonna be even after this.
Naldo's so much fun to go to concerts with.
That guy loves to dance.
Loves to dance? Are we talking about the same Renaldo? Blonde hair? Brown.
Blue eyes.
About this tall? Do you know anything about Naldo? Of course, I do.
We won Squish! The Friendship Game.
I know everything there is to know about him.
Things I know about Renaldo.
Ah-ha! Hat.
Unless You were right the first time.
Shuds! I texted Shelby and asked her if she got to the concert like 10 minutes ago.
Why isn't she texting me back? Maybe she's too busy having a great time? Or maybe she's icing me out because she's having a terrible time.
Oh, I got the dots, she's texting! (Phone chiming) "Yes.
" Is that a happy yes? Sad yes? I forgive you and we'll share a bedroom forever yes? What is she saying? I need you to ask me questions about Renaldo.
But what if Shelby Just do it! It will take your mind off your dumb problem.
What's Naldo's favorite color? Pass.
Favorite animal? Pass.
Favorite place on Earth? Ooh, hard pass! I don't know anything about Renaldo! Am I really that bad of a friend? What are you asking me for? I betrayed Shelby in two separate timelines.
We don't deserve them.
I guess we'll just have to become best friends with each other now.
I cannot let that happen! I'm gonna go down to the mall and make sure she's having a good time.
Isn't the whole point that she has a good time and you don't? Ah! But I'm not gonna have a good time.
You're coming with me.
Oh, but I hate crowds.
Yes, that's perfect, more whining.
(Groans) You're hurting my arm! Maybe Cyd's right.
Maybe coming to Battle of the Boy Bands will fix things between us.
I gotta give it a shot, right, Naldo? What are you wearing? I was at the merch table, but I didn't know which boy band to support.
Am I rooting for What About JoJo or Five-Ever? And then I saw this sweet hat from True Dudes and pants featuring four of the five members of Yeah Girl.
If they win this thing, Wyatt's gonna be so mad he quit.
Barry! This outfit is ridiculous.
How is this supposed to get us past security? Just follow my lead.
Here are our tickets.
You got tickets online? Then why am I dressed like this? It's been a rough day, Barry.
I needed a laugh.
Now, come on.
We gotta go find Shelby and Naldo.
There they are! I'm gonna go sneak over behind that poster and try to hear if she's having a good time.
What? No.
Don't leave me! People are gonna think I came here 'cause I wanted to! This is pretty great.
I'm here with a good friend, we've got prime spots, the mall has free Wi-Fi.
This will solve everything.
I don't know.
Something doesn't feel right.
I know.
I feel it too.
I think it's this Five-Ever underwear.
Is Chad supposed to be on the front or the back? I don't get it.
Why can't I let this go? You and Cyd have had arguments before.
What's different about this? I don't know.
I thought I was mad 'cause she went to that concert, but now that I think about it, I'm glad she went.
I wouldn't want Cyd to miss out on a good time.
Oh, she didn't.
She had the best time.
We were in the front row and then we got backstage passes Okay, okay! She had a great time, I get it.
Well, if it's not the concert, then what are you mad about? I guess I'm mad that she lied about it.
For the first time, I feel like I can't trust her.
Shelby, it's Cyd.
You know you can trust her.
But I've been wrong before.
Cyd, what are you doing here? I can explain! I was eavesdropping and I thought the poster would hold my weight.
That's your explanation? You thought you wouldn't get caught? (Stammers) This is why I can't let it go.
It's not about the concert at all.
It's about the fact that you never even told me that you went.
You've been lying to me.
This whole time I thought I was mad, but I'm not.
I'm hurt.
But Shelby I can't talk to you right now.
Shelby, wait! Barry? Renaldo? Both: You look ridiculous! What are you doing here? You don't like this kind of music.
And you hate crowds.
You know me so well, and yet I don't know a thing about you.
Like what is your favorite color? Pass.
Well, that's what I said.
What is your favorite animal? Pass.
I said that too.
What's your favorite place on Earth? Hmm.
I want to say the lab No but I'm gonna go with hard pass.
Yes! How can I pick a favorite when I haven't been to all the places or met all the animals or seen all the colors? Does it get better than orange? I don't know! Classic Renaldo.
I do know you.
Of course, you know me.
We're bros for life.
Bros for life.
Did you just say you're Bros for Life? We sure did.
Well, you gotta get on stage! The rest of your group is already up there! We're finally gonna do it.
We're gonna get our camping badges, Bret.
All we have to do is not let the Badge Master know that Neil did everything.
Why'd he do that? I feel like he's judging us.
Proud of you, guys.
Why's he proud of us? He knows we didn't do anything.
Yay, Bret! Yay, Chet! (Whooping) I can't take it anymore! Don't you flip on me, Bret! I need this! I can't! It's too much! Badge Master, sir, I didn't do any of this.
It was all Me! It was all me! I did it, sir.
No, he didn't.
It was all Neil.
Neil did everything.
I guess you should just kick us out.
We're not Ranger Badge Buddy material.
(GRUNTING) Wow, I can't believe they made me a Ranger Badge Buddy.
And I got a camping badge.
I got an honesty badge.
I got kicked out for lying to a Badge Master! And they gave Neil my shirt! I guess we gotta take this campsite down.
Come on, guys.
Hey, I'd totally help, but since I'm not a Ranger Badge Buddy, I'll be at the movies.
Have fun cleaning up, chumps.
Neil, I know this sounds weird, but I think Chet outsmarted us.
I thought you were Chet.
Shelby, you were right.
I should have told you that I went to that concert.
I thought I could fix it, but I can't.
I'm so sorry for hurting you.
Why didn't you tell me? At first, I was afraid you'd be mad that I went.
Then I was afraid you'd be mad that I lied.
And now I'm just afraid you'll never forgive me.
Cyd, of course, I'm going to forgive you.
Really? Yes, we're best friends.
But I think maybe it's gonna take some time.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
(Chuckles) I'm so glad everything's gonna be okay.
I almost had to become best friends with Barry.
I would never let that happen.
Guys, guess who came in eighth at the Battle of the Boy Bands! Both: Bros for Life! Shelbs, I'm don't mean to rush the healing process, but we're gonna jump back and see that, right? Definitely.
I need a new favorite concert.
(Indistinct chattering) Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together! It's Bros for Life! (All cheering) (Upbeat music playing) You gotta step it up, Barry.
This is what happens when you miss rehearsal.
Renaldo, we are not in this band! Wow, Naldo is really good, and Barry's Also our friend.
(Crowd cheering)