Better Call Saul (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Bali Ha'i

1 Previously on Better Call Saul Good job with Mesa Verde! (Kim) Do I have a future with this firm? (Chuck) I'll talk to Howard.
Come with me.
What are you gonna do? Trust me.
(Jimmy) Viktor, with a "k.
" And this lovely lady? Giselle Giselle St.
You gonna have to testify? My wallet in his pocket, has the gun, he gets a 5 to 10 stretch.
I would like for you to tell the police That the gun was yours.
No, I'd be subject to the gun charge.
[Crickets chirping.]
ANNOUNCER: Now you don't have to search the world for the perfect gift.
Handmade in the tradition of ancient artists - Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! - it's new Chia Pets! Chia Elephant, Chia Cow, and Chia Lion Cub.
It's easy.
Soak your Chia overnight, spread the seeds MAN: call roll.
[ "Star-Spangled Banner" plays.]
ANNOUNCER: resident of a Sandpiper Crossing facility or similar retirement community, you may be eligible to receive compensation.
- [Sighs.]
- Residents of some Sandpiper Crossing or similar retirement communities may have been overcharged for goods and services.
In partnership with the law offices of Hamlin, Hamn & McGill, the law offices of Davis & Main are working to help those who have been overcharged by their retirement communities.
For your free consultation, call Davis & Main at 505-242-7700.
That's 505-242-770 [Inhales deeply.]
[Junior Brown's "Sleep Walk" plays.]
[Music continues.]
[Bowl clatters.]
[Music continues.]
Unh! [Music continues.]
[Brakes squeal.]
[Gearshift clicks.]
[Keys jingle.]
[Car alarm chirps.]
[Lock disengages.]
[Music continues.]
[Springs creak.]
[Song ends.]
[Water running.]
[Telephone ringing.]
KIM: You've reached Kim Wexler.
Please leave a message.
[Answering machine beeps.]
JIMMY: Someday, you'll see me Floatin' in the sunshine My head stickin' out from a low-flyin' cloud You'll hear me call you Singin' through the sunshine Sweet and clear as can be Bali Ha'I will whisper On the winds of the sea "Here am I, your special island! Come to me, come to me!" Bali Ha'I, Bali Ha'I [High-pitched voice.]
Bali Ha'I [Normal voice.]
All right, there you go.
That completes our weeklong tour of "South Pacific.
" You're welcome.
Tomorrow, we begin our exploration of The Carpenters' catalogue.
Of course, I'm open to requests.
That's right.
All you got to do is call me, any time.
All right? Uh bye.
Call me.
Boundaries, Mrs.
NGUYEN: Why are you here? You lose that job already? I should be so lucky.
You don't like your job? Boo-hoo.
Poor baby.
You know, some people work for a living.
No one gives us free cars.
- So why are you here? - This place is paid up.
I'm within my rights as your legal tenant.
That's all you need to know.
Do I smell coffee? Have you got a pot on? Why? [Sighs.]
How about a fill-up? You can afford to buy your own.
Faster I get coffee, the faster I'm out of here.
[Speaking Vietnamese.]
Chào các cô, Ladies! [Car alarm chirps.]
Son of a [Sighs.]
[Seat belt clicks.]
[Engine starts.]
[Telephones ring in background.]
- You haven't unpacked yet? - Uh Kevin and Paige are here.
[Indistinct office conversations.]
I don't know exactly what Chuck may have said to you, but just so you know, I did not ask him to step in on my behalf.
[Indistinct office conversations continue.]
Hi, guys.
Sorry for the wait.
- Not a problem.
- Hi.
Wonderful to see you again.
- Howard.
- Kevin.
- Hi, Kim.
- Good to see you two.
- Hi, Paige.
Hi, Kevin.
- Kim, great to see you.
- Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
Kevin, how's your grandson? Oh, outta control, just running circles around all of us.
[Brakes squeal.]
[Gearshift clicks.]
[Engine shuts off.]
[Car door creaks.]
[Dog barks in distance.]
[Bird caws.]
[Vehicles passing in distance.]
[Car door creaks.]
Can I help you? You know why I'm here? He needs an answer.
[Inhales deeply.]
Respectfully, I'm gonna have to say no.
You sure about that? I am.
[Dog barks in distance.]
[Door opens, closes.]
[Keys clatter lightly.]
[Floorboards creaking.]
[Bag thuds.]
[Bag rustling.]
[Door creaks.]
[Dog barking in distance.]
[Bird cawing.]
[Door closes.]
Your Honor, the defense has made the very reasonable request that the plaintiffs produce their medical records or, barring that, a signed HIPAA release so that we can examine the records ourselves.
Your Honor, our clients' medical records have no bearing on the merits of this case.
The medical records are plainly relevant, as they bear directly on our contention that the plaintiffs are not adequate class representatives.
This is a transparent attempt at intimidation.
- Nothing more.
- How so? Many of our clients have information in their medical records that they prefer to keep private.
They're fearful, as any of us would be, at the thought of a bunch of strangers poking around in their personal files, and by forcing them to reveal this information, the defense is banking on them simply dropping out of the case.
Your Honor, this is about class certification.
That's all.
If the named plaintiffs are suffering from dementia - or other mental deficiencies - You're saying they're incompetent? I'm saying we have the right to any record that would speak to their competency, as regards this class-certification issue.
Your Honor, it seems that the defense wants to have it both ways, then.
If our clients are suffering from dementia, then the residency contracts they signed with Sandpiper couldn't have been entered into knowingly.
No, no.
That is not what we're The defense wants to claim that their residents are competent enough to be held to their contracts but too incompetent to sue.
So which is it? Many of the residents signed their contracts years ago, and at the time, they were perfectly competent.
But that can change, especially when we're talking about elderly individuals.
Or maybe Sandpiper preyed on mentally incompetent seniors and bilked them out of their money.
Miss Wexler.
I am simply trying to defend our clients from bullying by the defense.
Your Honor, as stated in the brief in front of you, this is a standard request, granted in every case of its kind.
This is not about bullying.
Granting this invasion of privacy allows our clients to be doubly victimized.
I ask that you deny the defense's motion, Your Honor.
I'm leaning toward granting the motion, but I would like to review the pleadings and briefs again.
I'll have my decision for you shortly.
I'm gonna meet you back at the office.
I just wanted to say, good work in there.
Thanks, but I I'm pretty sure I lost.
Oh, of course you did.
It's an unwinnable position.
That's why your boss didn't bother showing up.
But you went down swinging, and I admire that.
Thank you.
What are you doing for lunch? Um, probably just grabbing something from the vending machines.
We can do better than that.
Schweikart, good to see you, sir.
- Ah, how you doing, Sean? - Very well.
Can I get some drinks for you two? Your usual Moscow Mule? Absolutely.
You want one? Best Moscow Mule in the city.
Fresh ginger, real copper mug, the works.
That's very vintage, but I'm good.
Just an iced tea.
You sure? All right, then.
I'll be the sole degenerate who's drinking in the middle of a work day.
That, too, is vintage.
I'll get those started.
So, you've been with HHM, what 10 years? Uh Yeah, last August.
And you started in the mail room? I did.
I was six years there.
How did you know that? Oh, I asked around.
It's a small town.
You know, it sounds like you certainly paid your dues.
I was very fortunate.
HHM put me through law school while I worked.
That's great that they foster talent like that.
And I imagine you're paying it off as part of your deal? Yeah, happily.
It's a pretty standard arrangement.
I have to say, watching you in court today, it sure did bring back some old memories for me.
One in particular, anyway.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I was a year out of law school at this firm in Boston, and I was finally put on my first big case this huge employment-discrimination suit.
That thing kept us in billing for a decade.
Anyway, we landed this monster, and I find out I'm second chair to one of the partners on the preliminary hearing, and I think, "This is it.
This is what will define the rest of my career.
" So, the hearing's getting closer and closer, I even get this new suit that I can't afford I split it over three credit cards.
I'm probably still paying it off to this day.
So, I go in bright and early, I'm wearing my new suit, prepping my table, and in walks the opposing counsel.
There's four of them, one senior partner and three high-level associates.
These guys have been litigating longer than I've been alive.
But I think, "Mm, I'm good.
I got my boss coming.
"It'll be fine.
" So, I'm sitting alone, at my table, waiting for my boss to show.
And I'm waiting.
And I'm waiting.
And then, suddenly, they're calling us to order, and I realize that no one from my firm is coming.
It's just me.
So I think, "All right, then.
This is the moment.
" And I get up there, and I argue like my life depended on it.
I'm sweating, and I'm citing statutes left and right.
And I'm doing okay.
But I'm just a BB gun to these four howitzers.
And I lose, of course.
It was inevitable.
But later, it hit me that my boss never intended to show.
And they all laughed about it.
They patted me on the back, said it was my trial by fire, and I laughed with them, but, you know, it never really sat well with me.
You want them to have your back.
Because at the end of the day, it wasn't about proving my mettle.
My boss had a tee time that he didn't want to miss.
I wasn't there long.
Could I ask why we are here? [Clears throat.]
You know, I've had my eye on you for a while.
Since that Kettleman thing.
That was an excellent deal you got for him.
And I'm wondering why someone who could put together a deal like that is arguing a losing position with no backup.
I have no complaints about HHM.
That's great.
However, if on the off chance, if you're pondering a change, Schweikart and Cokely would be more than happy to put your talents to good use.
Uh Of course, we'd have to have a more formal meeting, work out specifics, but we think you would be a great fit.
Well, I'm I'm flattered, but there's clearly an ethical issue here.
Well, of course, we'd take you off Sandpiper.
And rest assured, we wouldn't be expecting any information about HHM strategy.
Look, we're a large, diversified firm.
And just think what you can do with our resources and the freedom to really spread your wings.
That's I owe a lot to HHM.
Your tuition debt? We can take care of that.
That's very generous.
Well, give it some time to think about it.
And you give me a call, and we'll set up a meeting with the rest of the senior partners.
And to be clear I'm talking partner track.
Jesus, Sean, what what'd you have to send to Moscow? Hmm? [Chuckles.]
Sorry for the wait, Mr.
Are we ready to order? [Crickets chirping.]
[Brakes squeal.]
[Engine shuts off.]
[Dog barks in distance.]
[Keys jingle.]
[Lock disengages.]
[Dog barks in distance.]
[Door creaks.]
[Refrigerator humming.]
[Remote clicks.]
Mays here for the Gourmet Quick Chop.
It's the fastest, easiest, and safest way to chop, mince, or dice any vegetable, guaranteed.
Here's how it works.
- [Door creaks.]
- [ Quick Chop Commercial continues.]
Unh! - Get down.
- [Groans.]
Get down.
[Man groaning.]
What's the message? Take the $5,000.
It took two guys to tell me that? We were just supposed to scare you, that's all.
You try harder next time.
Get out.
MIKE: Get out! [Door creaks.]
[Telephone rings in background.]
[Knock on door.]
Oh, hey, Julie.
Come on in.
[Door creaks.]
I've got those Sandpiper documents.
Just put them anywhere.
Howard asked if you could go through them now.
It's 1:15.
I was just about to grab some lunch.
Yeah, he needs them done by 2:30 so he can draft a letter.
I brought these.
Figured I could petty-cash a lunch order for you.
I got accounting to approve that new fancy salad place.
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Telephone rings in distance.]
MIKE: Kaylee! Kaylee! Come on, not too far from the side.
Throw the ball, Pop-Pop! Mm.
When are we going home? What? You don't like it here? It's okay.
"It's okay"? You got a pool.
What more do you want? - I guess.
- You guess? You guess? Well, you want to come out of there? No! I'm staying.
Well, you want me to come in there and get you? I can't have you in a pool that's only okay.
It's good, it's good! [Laughs.]
You sure? You sure? I'm sure.
Kaylee, honey, it's time to come out now.
Just a few more minutes.
No, you do what Pop-Pop says.
Come on, baby.
Before you turn into a prune.
[ "I Continue to Smile" plays in background.]
[Indistinct conversation.]
[Music continues.]
[Music continues.]
Miss? The gentleman would like me to let you know that your next drink is on him.
Just let me know when you're ready.
[Music continues.]
I'm ready.
Wasn't sure that was gonna work.
Don't tell me that's the first time you've done that.
So, what kind of return on investment are you getting on these drinks? Mm.
None as pretty as you.
Oh, man.
[Both laugh.]
I'm Dale, by the way.
Okay, item number 44.
What do we have? [Sighs.]
Residency contract for Abigail Hildreth.
Abigail Hildreth.
And what's the date on that? Dated August 1, 1999.
August 1, 1999.
August 1, 1999.
And do we have the corresponding deposition for Mrs.
Hildreth? Yes.
[Clears throat.]
Have you ever heard the expression "a watched pot never boils"? Oh.
Here it is.
Thank you.
See? I've got her down as item 12.
Date of depo, September 15th.
September 15th.
15th of September.
September 15th.
Or, yeah, September 15th.
Thank you.
Okay, item number 45.
[Cellphone vibrating.]
Oh, it's my grandma.
She's old.
Be right back.
Kim? KIM: How fast can you get downtown? Uh, Santa Fe downtown? - Albuquerque.
- Why? I'm at the bar at Forque.
And I've got a live one on the hook.
I'm on my way.
What's the shot? DALE: Definitely two or three.
You don't think they do? - Well, you know - They could.
I know, but they don't have to.
We get it.
It's possible, but I don't understand why that's an issue.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- It can always go bad.
Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, Viktor, there you are.
- So sorry I'm late.
- I had to put out a few fires.
- Not a problem.
I made a new friend.
Dale, my brother, Viktor.
- Hey, how ya doing? - Oh, nice to meet you, Dale.
- Thanks for keeping sis company.
- My pleasure.
You need a drink.
Let's get you a drink.
So, what do you do, Dale? I'm an engineer.
What, like Casey Jones, with the hat and [Laughing.]
No, idiot! An engineer engineer, not an "engineer.
" Dale builds things.
I design things spillways and drainage fields, mostly.
I don't I don't actually build them.
Well, that's cool, yeah.
But you could still wear the hat, though, right? [Both laugh.]
I mean, nothin stoppin' ya.
Oh, yeah, I guess I could.
I'm just saying, there's no rule about that, as far as I know.
Hey, you're such a brat.
Why the good mood? Did it go well today? Please tell me it went well.
Yeah, it went well.
Very well? Like, very, very? Beyond our wildest, uh Yeah.
[Both laugh.]
Whoo! [Chuckles.]
How many of these has she had? Mm! I am just getting started, baby.
- Remember these faces, Dale.
- Giselle.
They are gonna be on the cover of Fortune magazine, - January issue.
- Giselle, please.
No, Dale's a good guy.
He's not gonna do anything.
- Yeah, you're boring the man.
- Oh, no, no, not really.
Thank you.
All right, I am off to the little girl's room.
Say only nice things about me while I'm gone, okay? [Sighs.]
She's something.
[Musetta's "Red Star" plays in background.]
So, Giselle was telling me you two are starting a business.
What exactly did she tell you? Oh, nothing much.
Just something about a dot com, some way for people to hook up with each other using the Internet? [Sighs.]
Oh, look, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but she was talking out of school.
- We're We're full up on this thing.
- Oh.
Oh, okay.
We sign one more investor, we got to go public, and I'm just No.
We cannot take anyone else on.
No offense.
Oh, it's okay.
No worries.
[Music continues.]
[Crickets chirping.]
[Brakes squeal.]
[Gearshift clicks.]
[Car door creaks.]
[Keys jingle.]
[Car door creaks.]
[Hip-hop music playing in background.]
[Music stops.]
[Dog barking in distance.]
[Lock disengages.]
[Door creaks.]
Spread your arms.
[Speaking Spanish.]
[Speaking Spanish.]
He's got a gun.
I don't care about the gun.
Tomorrow, you go to the district attorney, and you explain to him that my nephew's gun was yours.
The D.
will ask you, "Why you didn't say anything before?" You tell him you forgot, you were rattled make up anything you want.
I don't give a shit.
But it's your gun.
Let's discuss my payment.
Mm, that time is past.
No $5,000 for you.
The price is $50,000.
How about the payment is you get to live? Not enough.
Oh, you think you can negotiate with me? I say the word, my nephews go to a certain motel, pay a visit to your daughter-in-law and your little granddaughter.
What do you think happens then? Consider your position carefully.
I get my money or neither of us walk out of here.
You willing to die for this? Maybe I need the $50,000 more than you do.
[Speaking Spanish.]
How you manage to live so long with a mouth like that, hmm? $50,000.
And the gun is yours.
[Crickets chirping.]
[Vehicle approaches.]
[Engine shuts off.]
[Vehicle door opens, closes.]
[Door creaks.]
- He sent you? - I volunteered.
Only safe way for us to talk.
[Door creaks.]
You really pushed it in there.
That thing we did he finds out, we're both dead.
You get that, right? What thing we did? What's this? $25,000.
What for? We made a deal.
I didn't hold up my end.
Your problem is coming back sooner than we expected.
You gonna cash that? I might know a guy who can help.
It's better as a souvenir.
I figured you'd be maybe I don't know a touch happier this morning.
Maybe a smidge, possibly? I am.
I'm totally happy.
Why wouldn't I be? I, uh I had a job offer.
Really? From where? Schweikart and Cokely.
Seriously? Rich Schweikart said that they would even pay off my law-school loans.
That's great.
Please let me be there when you tell Howard.
So why the sad puppy eyes? What, you don't want that job? No, no, o-of course I do.
I mean, who wouldn't, right? [Scoffs.]
It's a huge firm.
You get out from under Howard's thumb.
Besides, HHM is looking more and more like a dead end for me, anyway.
So what's the problem? I just [Chuckles.]
I don't know.
I keep thinking of you floating in that pool.
You knew what you wanted, but I got in the way.
What are you talking about? You took the Davis & Main job because of me.
I took that job because it was the right decision.
A steady paycheck done.
A place to live that's more than, oh, 5 square feet boom.
A car that's all one color nailed it.
I'm good.
I got what I wanted.
And you, with the Schweikart thing? You could have everything you ever wanted.
What's not to love about that? Yeah.
What's not to love? [Chuckles.]
[Car alarm chirps.]
[The Bombay Royale's "Henna Henna" plays.]
- Lok bole paap hobe - [Car alarm chirps.]
Pran bole shudu tumi Ekti bar takao, korona abhimaan Mishti golae dakhche amaye Shishu belar maayer konthe Shondhar lukanaye Tai gopon amar pyar Raat bole ayere chute Haather kali dibo mucche Ai jonome aar haraabo kothobaar Harabo tomaye ami harabo tomaye Harabo tomaye ami harabo - Tomaye go bondhu - [Seat belt clicks.]
[Engine starts.]
Henna Henna ai jonome hobe na be na Shopne daki tomaye Shona Shona lok bole amaye tauba taube Amaye bhule ja
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