Better Call Saul (2015) s04e02 Episode Script


Six every touchdown.
- But who keeps track of that? - It's all on the computer.
Computer does everything.
Every stat gets converted into points.
I don't know.
Sounds kind of dumb, to be honest.
- I just wanna watch the game.
- You're afraid to lose 20 bucks.
You wanna bet, let's do it.
Why mess with all this extra stuff? Trust me, it's fun.
You end up cheering for a lot of weird things on Sunday.
He's no longer in a coma, but he's unresponsive.
His condition is stable.
They're managing his blood pressure.
But whether he will wake up and understand what's going on around him there's no way of knowing.
That's unacceptable.
Gustavo, he's getting very good care here.
There's very little even the best hospitals could do.
Now might it be different if he was in the care of someplace like Johns Hopkins, perhaps? Or it could make no difference at all.
But in the end In the end I can think of no better judgment on this man.
Isn't this what he deserves? I decide what he deserves.
No one else.
There she is.
Want some fresh OJ? Good.
Vitamin C.
It'll help you heal quicker.
I don't think it works like that.
It might.
You don't know.
I'm good.
Oh, I've also got leftover bacon from my breakfast sandwich.
That's got definite healing powers.
Okay, that I believe.
And I made coffee, put a little cinnamon in it for flavor.
Just trying something different.
- You're up early.
- Yeah.
- Oh, did I wake you with the noise? - No.
No, not at all.
- I totally did, didn't I? - No, I was getting up - Sorry.
I got job interviews lined up.
- eventually.
I wanted to get an early jump.
I'm starting down south, office manager interview in Polvadera then I'm working my way up north to Algodones.
I got a lot of ground to cover.
Jimmy, you know, you can take some time off.
Nobody's gonna ding you for not having a steady job right this minute.
Why wait? I don't want unemployment hanging over my head.
And we could use another paycheck, and Besides, this is your office now.
- I don't wanna be a distraction.
- You're not a distraction.
That's right.
Because I'll be out finding me a job.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Thai or Mexican? I'm gonna pick up dinner on the way back.
Your choice.
And what a choice it shall be.
Jimmy, wait.
Are you? You're not going to that meeting? No.
If there's anything important, Howard knows how to find me.
It's just me.
It's over.
You can keep that.
No one's coming for it.
And when is it over for you? I'm working on it.
You see there, that's Alma, and on the left is Ollie Mr.
Neff's aunt and uncle.
They started this company almost 50 years ago.
- Look at that.
- Yeah.
And we think that other fellow is Frank Corker.
One of the early repairmen.
They must've relied on him a lot.
That's a Thermo-Fax.
It needed a specially-coated paper to get an image off one of those babies.
You know your stuff.
I worked in a mail room, so I talked to a lot of repairmen.
A lot.
They love talking shop.
They are a lonely bunch, for sure.
This one was a real big seller for Neff, really put us on the map.
That's a 6500 color copier.
That's a warhorse.
You ever see the guts of this beast? It takes 15 seconds to get a printout.
- I worked with one back in Chicago.
- That machine was almost too good.
Counterfeiters used it to make phony $5 bills.
- What? That's - Yeah.
That's not right.
Oh, look.
You got a lot of hardware over here.
Yes, Mr.
Neff loves sponsoring the kids.
- Bowling, that's fun.
- We had a pretty good run in the '90s but we don't find kids much interested anymore.
Yeah, this generation is all hacky sack and video games.
Ain't that the truth? Yeah.
Those were Alma's.
She loved collecting the little things.
God rest her soul.
Yeah, I knew a lady.
Same way.
Touring the wall of crap, I see.
I need to drag that stuff to the dumpster.
Haven't had a chance to motivate myself.
- Mr.
Neff, James McGill.
- Just "Jimmy" is fine.
Come on down, have a seat.
Guessing Henry filled you in on what we look for? He did indeed.
Office-to-office salesman willing to have multiple doors slammed in my face with one mission: Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade their old copiers to your top-of-the-line new ones.
You think you have the chops? - It's a lot harder than it sounds.
- I'd sure love a crack at it.
I'm told stubbornness and persuasiveness are two of my top qualities.
I have to say, he knows his way around a copier.
No kidding.
Well Says here you were a lawyer up until not that long ago.
What changed? Well, you know why God made snakes before he made lawyers? He needed the practice.
Needed the practice.
- Yeah.
- Right? That's the only lawyer joke I know because all the others are true stories.
Look, I know you're looking for somebody with sales experience and I don't have any.
Except Except being a lawyer.
Look, being a lawyer, my job was sales.
I was selling to judges, juries sometimes I was selling to clients to take the best deal from a series of bad options.
But every hour of every day, I was convincing persuading, I was selling.
I hear what you're saying.
We have a lot of high-ticket items, and a clientele primed to say no.
Well, my spirit animal is a Gila monster, and once I latch on, I don't let go.
I like it, I like it.
Well, you make a lot of excellent points, Jimmy.
I can see why Henry wanted me to meet you.
- Thank you for coming down.
- Absolutely.
We'll put our heads together, have a decision in about a week.
- We'll let you know then.
- Thank you.
- You bet.
- Thanks.
- Yes? - I'm sorry, can I have another minute? I'll be real quick.
Yeah, sure, Jimmy.
What's on your mind? I know you're gonna take time, consider your options but maybe we can settle this right now.
There's a thing that we all know called opportunity cost.
The time you spend looking for someone is time I could be working for you.
And sure, there are salesmen out there with way more experience than me.
What are the chances one will walk through that door in the next week? And is it worth the wait? Maybe.
But I can tell you this: None of them will have the connection to your machines that I do.
I worked in the mail room.
I know how important the copy machine is.
Deadlines, last-minute changes.
I was in there, clearing paper jams.
I was cleaning ink off gears and rollers trying to figure out where the mystery streaks were coming from.
I was down on my hands and knees with my tie over my shoulder and ink-stained hands and a line of assistants out the door, all worried they're gonna lose their job if they don't get their document the next five minutes.
I know I know better than anyone that the copier, it's the beating heart of any business.
It goes down, it causes delays, that is lost money that is frustrated employees, that's a negative work environment.
That's a business on life support.
But you plug one of your new machines into the system that is a healthy, strong heartbeat.
That is a healthy business.
That is successful business.
And that's what we're selling.
One minute.
- I don't need to see anymore.
- I mean, he's kind of exciting.
He's great.
The passion that this gentleman has - Can you imagine sending that guy out? - Yeah.
Come on.
Welcome to the team.
- Really? - Damn right.
We'll get you set up with Audrey in HR fill out your paperwork.
Hopefully, you'll be all set by end of day.
So just like that, huh? Yep.
Why wait when we can get you rolling? You were gonna take some time, consider your options but I just come in and did that little song and dance and I'm in? Yeah.
That's right.
Are you out of your mind? You don't know me.
I just came in off the street.
You guys are like a couple of cats.
I come in, wave a shiny object around, you're like, "I want that.
" No due diligence, no background check.
"Just hire the guy that says them fancy words.
" I could be a serial killer.
I could be a guy who pees in your coffee pot.
I could be both.
- So you're not taking the job? - No, I'm not taking the job.
I feel sorry for you.
I'm wondering, are you still interviewing for the sales associate position? Great.
I can be there in 20 minutes.
James McGill.
Ellen, okay.
Well, thank you, Ellen.
I'll see you soon.
Pop-Pop, look how high I can go.
Yeah, that's good.
You be careful.
You wanna do a couple more? Okay.
Yeah? This is he.
Meet at what time? Yeah, I can be there.
You let her know.
All right, baby.
Time to get you back to your mama.
Five more minutes? - Oh, honey, come on.
- Please? Five minutes.
You're on the clock.
Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Yeah.
Madrigal Electromotive? Down the hall, the Sandia Room on your left.
Thank you.
Oh, good.
Take a seat.
You didn't come all this way just for me.
I frequently travel to conference with distributors.
Albuquerque is one of many stops.
I'm just looking for an explanation.
You steal an employee's badge waltz through my warehouse, interfere with operations and strong-arm my facility manager.
Why? I'm on your books as a security consultant.
If I show my face in your warehouse, it makes for a better cover story.
Anyone ever ask if I was there, I was.
Plus, you had a few things that needed correcting, so consider it a bonus.
That's not the point.
This is meant to be a paper transaction.
You sit at home and we pay you.
Your own money.
Doing what you did, the way you did it, raises the threat of exposure.
The way I see it, it lowers the threat.
Like I said, now there's a face to the name that cashes the check.
So what's your plan, then? Madrigal has eight terminals in the southwest.
One down, seven to go.
And if I asked you to reconsider? I'd ask you to do the same.
At the moment, you have Gus Fring's respect.
I'd want to keep that if I were you.
Sorry to interrupt, Dr.
Diseth this is Dr.
Maureen Bruckner, just arrived this morning.
- Nice to meet you.
- Dr.
Bruckner's visiting from Johns Hopkins.
We're asking her to take the lead with some of the more severe cases - including Mr.
- Johns Hopkins? Yes, a generous grant came through which allowed Dr.
Bruckner - to lend us her expertise.
- Only temporarily.
I'm not here to step on any toes.
Okay, I Our staff can help with the database whenever you're ready to pull records but I'm available anytime if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Again, I don't wanna step on toes.
- We can co-manage care, if you like, we - No, no.
- He's all yours.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
Well, I will let you get to it, then.
Let us know if there's anything you need, anything at all.
Thank you.
Are you the family? Are you the family? - Yes.
- Sons.
He's our uncle.
I want to let you know that your uncle has been getting excellent care here at Lovelace.
But we're going to try something a little different.
Look, when parts of the brain are damaged by a stroke those parts, they cannot be repaired.
Our job is to stimulate your uncle's brain and teach it to rewire itself.
We are going to start here with the legs.
When did they get here? Don't worry.
We're still running things.
Are you family as well? Friends of the family.
As I was saying I'll return later with an occupational therapist to begin some electrical stimulus.
In the meantime I'd ask that you speak to Hector.
Chances are, on some level, he can hear you.
The more you speak, the more his brain will work to respond and find pathways to connect.
Okay? Good.
We'll do everything we can to help your uncle.
Nice to meet you all.
Don Hector.
Everything is good out on the street.
All our men are keeping busy.
Real busy.
That's right, Don Hector.
We're staying on top of the count.
It's all looking good.
We had a problem with that shit gang over on Lomas, but we showed some muscle.
Took care of it.
No one wants to mess with the Salamancas.
No one.
You look good, Don Hector.
Real good.
The doctors, they're gonna fix you up.
You're gonna get past this and be stronger than ever.
- Yes? - It's me.
Can we meet? - Now is not a good time.
- I'm in town.
I can easily meet wherever's convenient.
Assume this is a secure line.
I spoke with your security contractor.
I explained the situation again.
But he's going to keep doing what he's doing.
I understand.
But what he's doing makes no sense.
- Do his reasons matter? - They do if he's unreliable.
He is reliable.
So I'm just supposed to let him keep stealing my employees' badges? I don't know where he'll turn up next what disruption he'll cause, what mess I'll have to clean up.
This isn't something I want to worry about.
Then I suggest you give the man a badge.
Varga and Salamanca's man, Colon, they came by in the afternoon.
Nephews were in his room all day.
Bruckner saw him three times, couple of specialists with her.
They took him for a brain scan And? That's everything.
No change.
You want me back at the hospital? No.
Call Victor.
Have him meet us.
Just a few more.
I know Chuck was thorough but even I didn't think there was gonna be this much paperwork.
Having worked with him as long as I did I was actually pleasantly surprised by his restraint.
This is the agreement for the transfer of property, as discussed.
If you can initial here.
And right down here.
- Am I late? - Kim.
No, right on time.
We were just finishing up Rebecca's side of things.
Hi, Rebecca.
It's nice to see you again.
I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more at the service.
Oh, I don't think anyone felt much like talking.
- Jimmy's not coming? - I'm here on his behalf.
And that should do it.
I apologize for bringing us together so soon after Chuck's service.
It's really my fault.
Howard's being polite.
Thank you, Julie.
In any event, we thought since Rebecca was still in town better to talk through the estate in person.
Chuck left the house to Rebecca and as executor, I'll be liquidating the property.
Howard suggested, and of course, I agree, that it would be the right thing for Jimmy to go through whatever survived and take whatever he wants.
- I mean, anything with sentimental value.
- We can set up a time.
The estate can provide a truck and storage for anything he chooses to keep.
That's okay.
Jimmy doesn't want any of it.
You sure? I think the garage is pretty intact, except for some water damage.
He doesn't want it.
Thank you.
I understand.
Well, then as far as Jimmy's concerned all that's left is for him to sign this agreement letter.
Once that's done, we can disperse his share of the estate.
Let me guess.
Four thousand? Five.
It's what you give when you cut someone from a will and not have it contested.
Just enough money to show the recipient wasn't forgotten.
Chuck also left a substantial endowment for a scholarship for deserving youth.
I was hoping Jimmy would agree to serve on the board.
I'll let him know.
What else? Well Chuck left Jimmy a personal letter.
His eyes only.
Howard, thank you for everything that you've done.
I know it's been difficult.
It's hard on all of us.
Well, I don't wanna keep you.
Let me walk you out.
Actually, Howard, we have a few more things to discuss.
Kim, please give Jimmy my best.
I will.
It was very nice seeing you, Rebecca.
You too.
Safe travels.
- Kim.
- I just I just had to know what were you thinking? About? When you came to Jimmy on the day of his brother's funeral and laid that shit on him? That Chuck killed himself? What's wrong with you? I thought I thought I owed it to Jimmy to tell him.
Owed it to him? Did you owe it to Rebecca? You tell her your theory? That Chuck intentionally set himself on fire? I guess not.
I guess you just saved that one for Jimmy.
Kim, I didn't do it to hurt Jimmy - You did it to make yourself feel better.
- That's not what I was To make yourself feel better by unloading your guilt.
Who cares what it does to Jimmy as long as Howard Hamlin is okay.
- Kim, I don't think that's fair - Fair? Let's talk about fair.
"Hey, let's let Jimmy dig around the fire-damaged wreck where his brother died screaming.
Let's let him pick up a keepsake or two.
" That is so, so fair.
And did I hear you right? You want him to serve on the board of a scholarship committee? A scholarship that Chuck never in a million years would've given to Jimmy.
Never! It is just I mean Oh, what's this too, Howard? What's in this? One last "screw you, little brother" from beyond the grave? I'm really supposed to do this to him? All right.
What can I do to make it better? Nothing.
There is nothing you can do.
Just stay away.
I hope you're hungry.
I bought way too much food.
I can always eat.
Counter or couch? - Couch is good.
- Couch it is.
If I remember correctly, in five minutes, one of the classic movie channels is showing White Heat without interruption.
The other is showing Jaws 3 with commercials.
So a real Sophie's Choice.
It is Jaws 3-D, to be exact.
But Cagney wins this one.
All right.
Hey, I got us Thai iced teas unless you want me to pour you something less non-alcoholic.
No, I'm good with that.
So how was the job search? Pretty good.
I got a couple leads.
Actually, I got an offer.
- Really? - Yeah but didn't feel quite right.
It was It just wasn't a perfect fit.
But I think I might get a call back on one or two of the others.
Wow, that's a pretty good first day.
You know, somebody's gonna be lucky to get you.
How was your day? I just mostly stayed here, trying to get organized.
No pressure from Paige and Kevin, but I gotta get back on the horse, right? You are right.
And movie's about to start.
So where is the remote? I'm not available at the moment.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
Listen, I got something for you.
It's a job.
I think you're really gonna like this.
So call me.
We're taking six tonight.
What? Six keys.
It's what the boss would want.
You're gonna back me up or what? Yeah.
Where's the rest? I only see five.
That was a one-time only.
Not the way we see it.
That's the way it is.
Salamancas get six.
We're not leaving without six.
Your boss isn't giving orders.
He can barely even open his eyes.
I'm giving the orders.
Take the five or leave with nothing.
Do you wanna go? You heard him.
Put it away.
Do you really wanna do this? Yeah, that's what I thought.
That's how you do it.
We had them pissing their pants.
I know what you've done.
The Salamancas they do not.
Do you understand what I am saying? Look at me.
From now on you are mine.

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