Better Call Saul (2015) s04e04 Episode Script


Previously on "Better Call Saul" Drop me off at the courthouse, would you? The group has heard my story over and over.
Well, that's what we're here for.
How was the job search? It just wasn't a perfect fit.
- Did you get it? - Shittin' gold.
Madrigal has eight terminals in the southwest.
One down, seven to go.
"I'm proud we share the name McGill.
" Man could write a letter.
I know what you've done.
The Salamancas do not.
You wanted me to talk.
I talked.
James McGill.
James, hi.
It's Robbie Finn from CC Mobile.
Am I calling at a bad time? No.
It's fine.
Um Great.
Well, good news if you're still interested, we'd like to offer you a position at our uptown branch.
Oh, this is the cellphone store? You bet! You made quite an impression on Mr.
He's talking about starting you off as a shift supervisor.
We can get your training done today, if that works for you.
James? You still there? I'm sorry.
Uh, my plans have changed.
I'm not gonna be able to take that job.
Yeah? I'm sorry to hear that.
Me too.
It's a real shame.
Alright, well, have yourself a good day, James.
You too.
You taking off? Yeah.
Hey, you want Thai for dinner? I got a hankering for that iced tea.
That sounds good.
I should be back by 7:00.
What's up? I was thinking that maybe you should talk to someone.
Yeah? Yeah.
I got a name.
He's not far from here.
I've heard good things.
Thought you'd give him a call.
A shrink? It works for a lot of people.
Um Yeah, well, thank you.
Um I just, uh, have to, uh I hafta check out my schedule and Oh, geez.
I almost forgot to tell you.
I got a job.
- Really? - Yep.
You're looking at Albuquerque's newest mobile communications specialist.
I'm a shift supervisor, even.
Be very impressed.
Cellphone sales.
I-I'm selling cellphones.
CC Mobile.
I start today.
- Jimmy, that that is great.
- Yeah.
It's strictly gainful employment, and then 10 months from now poof! I'm a lawyer again.
All right.
But you'll just give him a call when you get a chance? Of course.
Coffee's on.
Have a good first day.
You can count on it! Mr.
Finn, James McGill.
Listen, I've been thinking it over, and I just can't pass up this opportunity if the position is still open? - Hey, Marty.
- Morning, Kim.
What's on for today? Well, let's see.
Papadoumian has settlement conferences most of the morning.
Judge Clark has a pair of corporate bankruptcies.
Munsinger looks like criminal trespassing, aggravated stalking, and some pleading down.
You got it.
And you'll have another 14 days from when they file to tell me if you want to amend your request for a pre-trial conference or keep it the way it is.
I-I gather you're planning to amend, yes? - Yes, Your Honor.
- Fine.
We'll reconvene in 30 days for a proper pre-trial conference, shall we? I'll have an order out tomorrow.
CR2003114576, State vs.
Scotty Blakey.
Uh, Ms.
Wexler, do you have a matter before the court today? No, Your Honor.
Just observing.
All right.
Uh, counsel? Good morning, Your Honor.
Crystal Eitzmann on behalf of the State.
It's your turn.
Oh, okay.
I'm Scotty Blakey, here for myself.
Blakey, you're here right now because I called this case last week and you didn't show up hence, the bench warrant.
- Understood? - Yes.
Your Honor, Mr.
Blakey was given a six-month suspended sentence, along with the one-year provision.
There's no question that this bench warrant constitutes a clear violation of a very generous deal.
I'm doing the community service.
- The deadline already passed.
- Judge Munsinger would like to see you in chambers at the next recess.
Why do you think you were summoned in the first place? The State was prepared to charge this case as a felony and agreed to drop it to a misdemeanor in order to avoid wasting the court's time and resources.
It's a sha In! Oh, I don't want to bother you while you're eating.
Sit! Help me take my mind off this.
Eggplant and okra.
My wife insists.
Cholesterol, yadda yadda.
Hurt your arm, huh? Yes.
Are you researching something? No, Your Honor.
Then you're you're working on your procedure.
Just observing.
Oh, so, Howard Hamlin's fine with one of his associates just sitting around my court all day, whiling away the billable hours? Actually, I left HHM.
- I'm a solo practitioner now.
- No kidding.
Field? Mainly banking.
How's business? Pretty good.
I'm outside counsel for Mesa Verde.
Mesa Verde.
You know, I I heard about a case, and I think you might be the right person for it.
Interested? Uh, of course.
I can't share all the details just yet, but I can give ya broad strokes.
There's a young woman, early 20s, pregnant with her first child, nearing the end of term.
Healthy as a horse.
She develops a complication.
She goes to the hospital for delivery, and there's a mistake with the anesthesia.
She aspirates vomitus into her oxygen mask, stops breathing.
The baby's delivered fine.
But the young mother suffers serious brain damage.
She's left comatose on a respirator.
The family is naturally devastated.
And they're broke, so they have no way to pay for the young lady's care.
And to make matters worse, the hospital refuses to take responsibility.
And they've hired one of the most expensive firms in the state.
This is the plot of "The Verdict.
" Yes! Of course it is! Because movies are the only place where those once-in-a-lifetime cases exist.
You know what I got coming up next? I got a janitor who threw his pee on his boss.
The one after that, she stabbed her boyfriend over a grilled cheese sandwich.
This is the real world, Ms.
Wexler, and you won't find any save-the-broken-lawyer cases in it.
Don't think that you are the first to try to rediscover their love of the law by trolling my court.
You're not.
Best thing you can do is stick to Mesa Verde.
Make lots of money.
Give some to charity.
And having said, that we've got perpetual PD overload.
So beware.
Next time I see you lurking in my court, I'm gonna put you to work.
Good luck to you.
Thank you Your Honor.
All rise.
Uh, good afternoon.
Please be seated.
Case CR2003114882, State vs.
Lester Downes.
You wanted to discuss the conflict of interest.
Yeah, before we get started, I'll, uh I'll address the defense's motion to disqualify opposing counsel.
Well, I read your brief very carefully, but I'm not Order's up.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
- Paper? - Thank you.
22 across is "Esmeralda.
" "Bill ringer's love interest.
" It's the Hunchback.
Oh, Quasimodo.
Look at you.
- Hey, Anita.
- Hey, Fran.
Usual for you? Yep.
Thank you, Fran.
You're welcome.
You know, a girlfriend of mine is playing piano with her band tonight at The Launchpad.
They're pretty good.
You wanna go? Tonight's group.
Mm, we could ditch.
I'd better go.
I told Stacey I'd be there.
Maybe I could stop by after.
That'd be great.
You know, speaking of group, I've been thinking about reaching out to Henry.
I think he needs a friend.
Every time I see him, he seems worse.
Henry's fine.
- You talked to him? - Don't need to.
Then how do you know? Because that dead wife he's always talking about never existed.
What are you talking about? It's an act.
Why would you even say that? The guy's story changes every time he tells it.
Really? No, I don't think so.
That romantic night at the Cubs game, their first kiss? - Yeah? - Never happened.
You can't know that.
Wrigley Field didn't get lights until '88.
There were no night games before then.
None of his details add up.
Well, maybe he just got the year wrong.
Why would anyone make up a story like that? Okay.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Fran.
You know you have a very suspicious nature.
Watch him.
He's got a tell.
Like a bad poker player, when he's lying, he rubs his wrist.
You want to put your money where your mouth is? Well, you gonna come to group tonight? Make it interesting.
All right.
10 bucks says that when he talks about Judy, different story.
All right.
You're on.
All right.
CC Mobile.
This is Jimmy.
How was the first morning? Good, Robbie.
Um well ya, actually, it's a little little slow.
Yeah, that store's always been a bit calmer.
Just bring a book.
So, this is a normal weekday? Mostly, but wait till inventory week.
There's a line out the door.
When's inventory week? Uh, you just missed it.
Is there, uh, any chance that you could move me to a store with a little more traffic? Uh, let's see.
The Gold Street store is always hoppin'.
Uh, but it looks like the schedule's all full right now.
Let's give it a couple weeks, and then we'll see.
Uh, no problem.
If I can, I'll swing by later.
Keep up the good work.
See you then.
Hey, amigos.
- Aah! - Ugh! Salamancas.
Ugh! We cleared out the Espinosas.
They're all done.
And the Salamanca brothers? Marco took a hit, but he'll pull through.
They went back south until the heat dies down.
It's territory, isn't it? Salamancas wipe out the Espinosas.
Espinosa territory is up for grabs.
The cartel can't give it to the Salamancas, so I think they give it to you.
Get some rest.
You have more to do.
It's a service to the people.
It really is.
It's a nonprofit.
And it's a perfect fit, I mean, what with his degree in sociology and all.
I think he's really come a long way.
It He hasn't even talked about getting a job until this week.
The place is called the Whoops.
Willa, you hadn't quite finished.
It's called the North Fourth Art Center.
I hope he takes the job.
Well, thank you, Willa.
That all sounds really promising.
Anyone else? Stacey.
Um today, I-I got up, and I took a shower.
Kaylee woke up on her own and got herself ready for school.
It was just a regular morning.
I made French toast for breakfast, and we talked about the self-pasting toothbrush she's making for the science fair.
I took her to school and went to work.
And then I realized it.
I don't know why I noticed it just then, but I hadn't thought about Matty all morning not once.
When I was making French toast, why didn't I remember that I-it's his favorite? I think about Matty every single time I make breakfast, but not today.
And they weren't just minutes.
There were hours that I didn't think about him.
And if I can go hours, then then then why not a whole day? Why not a whole week? I mean, what if I lose the sound of his voice? What if I forget him completely? I mean, I know I won't.
That's, like, impossible, but I don't know.
I'm just I don't know.
Thank you, Stacey.
You're not alone, truly.
And it might be painful, but if if you ask me, I'd say it's progress.
I mean a lot of us in this room have felt the same things you're talking about.
I know I have.
I keep trying to get there, you know, to live in the here and now.
I know that's what Judy would have wanted, but it's hard.
This guy at work I've been avoiding him for the last two weeks, ever since he got back from his vacation to Australia.
She always wanted to go to Sydney, but money was tight.
Finally, we were gonna go, for our 25th, and that's when she got her test results.
Ugh, God.
Mike, you have something you want to add? You don't want to hear what I have to say.
Well, we're ready if you are.
Yeah? This guy was never married.
What are you talking about? Mike, now, you know the rules.
Yeah, I know your rules.
He's been coming in here for months selling you a bill of goods, getting you all misty-eyed and loving every minute of it.
- Pop - Stop.
That's just not true.
Yeah? Okay.
So, I'll go to the public library and I'll get the papers from 1997 and I'll run a search on Judy DeVore, beloved wife of Henry DeVore.
Tell me I'll find her obituary.
She wanted to go to Australia? Well, last month, it was Cuba.
Come on, Henry.
Let's look at the papers, see if the math works.
Come on.
She's not there, is she? Go on.
Say it.
You have no shame.
Well he came to the right place, didn't he? He knew you wouldn't notice.
And you didn't.
All wrapped up in your sad, little stories, feeding off each other's misery.
You wanted me to talk.
I talked.
Papa, no.
What's your emergency? Hello? 911.
What's your emergency? This one? Unh-unh.
How about this one? No.
This one.
Sure thing.
Hernandez and Sullivan.
They led the pack and load.
My top guys.
What's that say? Uh It's not a guessing game.
38 degrees.
Should be 35.
Musta come in set wrong.
Goes out set right.
Manifest doesn't say anything about Yeah.
We'll fix that.
These okay with you? Are you talking about the strap? I am.
Might be a little frayed, but the rest of them are fine.
And you know this how? So, we're pulling all the E track straps? Is that a question? We'll pull them.
Call for Ehrmantraut.
He wants to see you.
Yeah? Tonight.
Hold on.
We're not done yet.
I'm a Fanta guy myself.
Yeah, well, you can buy a truckload.
Here you go.
Hey, whoa.
This is, uh, more than we talked about.
Yeah, Bavarian Boy made quite a splash at the collectibles expo.
Bidding war.
But great.
We both know you could have kept most of this.
I-I would have never known the difference.
Yeah, well, you could have left me high and dry.
I'm liking this Hummel thing.
The cash came fast and clean.
Got any more where that came from? Mm.
No, not really.
Ah, bummer.
We're gonna do this again.
I'll find something.
Sounds good.
When you do, call the vet.
Yeah? Yeah.
New job new phone.
You never know who's listening.
You want to see me.
Here I am.
In order for our arrangement to continue, there is a matter we need to discuss.
Do you have something to tell me? If you do, you would be well advised to do so.
Nacho Varga.
I wondered when you were gonna get around to this.
You came to me.
You asked for a favor.
You looked me in the eye, you shook my hand, and all the while, you knew Varga was moving against my interests.
I said I wouldn't kill Salamanca.
I never promised to be his bodyguard.
So what now? You gonna make a move, you better make it.
But they're not gonna, are they? You brought me here because you have an ask.
So, why don't you stop running a game on me and just tell me about the job?
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