Better Call Saul (2015) s04e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Better Call Saul" It's territory, isn't it? The cartel can't give it to the Salamancas, so I think they gave it to you.
You have more to do.
We are not even halfway done.
- They need fresh air and, uh - Rest and relaxation.
I would help people myself if I could.
How can you justify giving Babineaux 18 months? Our only witness is a scumbag disbarred lawyer! If you say this is the only way we can legitimately do this, it's the only way.
Jimmy, whatever you're doing, don't.
I have a better way.
I think I got everything.
If I forgot anything, I'll just, uh, figure it out on the way.
You're back on Thursday? Thursday, yeah, unless we break down in Amarillo.
Kim, I want you to know, um, I don't take this for granted.
It means a lot.
I'll see ya Thursday.
Can I sit here? Uh sure, man.
Uh, just a word of warning uh, I had a pile of cheese chili fries back at Stuckey's with onions on top.
The last guy who sat here didn't last five miles, but, uh, yeah, you're welcome to it.
Ah, Jynetta.
Very nice.
I like the hearts over the i's.
- It's a real nice touch.
- Thank you.
- Ahhh, how many we got? - 10.
All righty.
Would you like to do some postcards? It's 50 cents per.
- Different pens, please.
- Okay.
Oh, Bubba.
Uh, okay.
I like your passion, but, uh, just maybe tone down the anger.
Make it that you're you're sad that you even have to write the letter.
"I couldn't believe people could be so heartless till I heard about you," okay? Okay.
Yeah, I gotchu.
- How many have we got? - Five.
All right.
Would you like another batch? - Yeah.
- Yeah? All right.
Different, uhh, pens.
Uh, Chastity, let's see what you've got.
Uh, don't don't use, uh, swears.
I thought we talked about respect.
We're gonna have to lose that one.
I'm a little light, yo.
Couldn't do nothing about it.
Some dumbass festival over at the fairground, Indian shit.
Five-o was all over.
Well, not real five-o like, the rentals.
But you can't sell in front of them, neither.
We gonna make you right next time.
You're goddamn right you will.
For sure.
Next week.
Come here.
- Nacho, man, I got to gettin' - Shh, shh, shh.
Just come here.
What's, uh what's up? Aah! Shit.
What you owe, you owe.
With interest.
You had to do that, man.
Guy's not gonna learn otherwise.
So, why didn't you do it? What up, Domingo? this can include headache, nausea, dizziness, and vision changes.
The committee is the proper place But she wasn't the only witness that and I just want to show you the real And if you want to use the scrub, too It's just that simple.
Smells like fresh lavender, too, ladies, and Hey, baby.
You're in early.
You in for the night? Want us to make you some dinner? takes the color right out and this bottle has smoothing agents that protect your skin while exfoliating Thanks, babe.
Are you gonna smoke with us? Look at that! This is the best.
It's just Well, I think that's incredible, and I cannot believe we're still offering this for under $70 Did you know, Michael, my father was also engineer.
Worked from the day he could hold a hammer.
Learned the work from doing the work.
Hands like knots of a tree.
You see over there? He built that.
The Sydney Opera House? Those concrete arches impossible in 1957.
Six years it took to solve the problem six and years more to pour correctly.
To that, my father gave 10 years of life.
Another stout? Uh, you know, could I get the, uh the "Heefiweesen" this time.
- Oh! - Sure.
Uh, no, sir, please.
Uh, it's "Hefeweizen.
" Oh, I'm sorry.
How d'you say it? Hefeweizen.
Vollkom richtig.
Ah, uh it's on me.
Thanks, man.
Where was I? Ah, the opera.
It's for the ages.
For my father, it was his achievement, a creation that will endure.
What about you, Michael? Your papa what did he do? My dad? Oh left behind a cold-water flat and a stack of bills.
That's about all.
Ah, not true.
He also left you, Michael.
You are his legacy.
You ever think about having kids, being a papa yourself? Once maybe.
My Margarethe, she's enough for me.
She's my heart.
This is the longest I've ever been away from her.
26 years, never this long away from home.
To home.
Hey, Mike.
I've got check on the boys.
You gonna be all right here? Of course.
I'll be fine.
Sorry, Mike.
This guy slipped off for a private dance.
You're not throwing me out.
I paid my money.
You paid to look, not touch, asshole.
That's it.
I'm calling the cops.
Let's see how you like hanging out in MDC.
No, no, no, no.
You don't need to call the cops.
Who the hell are you? I'm the guy who's telling you this one's had too much, and I'm here to get him out of your hair.
What about his buddies? They're not causing any trouble, are they? Let them stay awhile longer.
This one this idiot goes home, sleeps it off.
No, no.
I'm not going.
I paid You are done.
Go on.
Try me.
Get him out of here.
The girl is she okay? She's fine.
Seen worse.
This is for her trouble.
All good? Yeah, man.
We're cool.
So like this.
How about Nein.
Nein, nein, nein, nein.
Terry, support must be invisible.
You can't throw a column here, a column there.
Maximum volume and open space inside.
The final structure has strict requirements.
Load-bearing walls, then.
Very good! Now you use your thinking head, not your drinking head! But how do you get walls in place? There would be seven, eight meters to a side.
Pre-pour them off site.
Slide the slabs in with the crane.
Slide? Through the existing construction? You would knock down the Chrysler Building just to add a subway stop, huh? No! The Ah.
Time to go, yeah? Mike, come sit with us.
Your wife's calling.
My wife? Yeah.
Thank you very much, gentlemen, for your hospitality.
Good talking to you, Werner.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Boiling but not overflowing Fails to only make a better comeback More powerful and poignant and falls again Destructive lust for life erected On the verge pricked up, like a picket Fearing to respond to the tempting Oh, hey.
You say something? Yeah.
I'm gonna head over to the nail salon, finish setting up.
That's a good idea.
I'll see you later.
Dum, da de dum, da de dum Da de, da da, de dum Da de dum, da de dum Da de, da da Yeah.
I won't be that long.
Uh, you want me to bring you something, maybe Flying Star or ? Oh, no.
I'm just gonna scrounge here.
I think we have some old Chinese.
But pick something up for yourself, 'Kay? Yeah.
All right.
Leaving now.
You stick around? Oh, uh, yeah.
I, uh I'll be here a little longer.
I'll lock up when I go.
Is that all right? Wife mad at you? She's not my wi I don't know.
She's mad at you.
Go on.
You take her to dinner nice place with a waiter, cloth napkin.
You bring flowers.
You say sorry.
Then say sorry again.
Whatever she says, you say sorry.
I think we might be past that.
I'll leave the bottle.
Are you ready for me? I'm a little early.
No problem.
Come on in.
This is Gary Strote, Stef Carvaines, and Pat Malakovsky, my associates.
- Hi.
- Suzanne Ericsen.
- Hello.
- Good to meet you all.
Nice to meet you.
All right.
You have a response to our proffer? We do.
Time served, three to six months probation, we plead to simple battery.
- A misdemeanor.
- Yes.
You're asking to go from 18 months jail time down to nothing? Sorry.
I can't do that.
This is a motion for continuance.
We're gonna need more time to prepare our defense.
The officer's report states that he didn't canvass - for additional witnesses - There were none.
And no one is contesting that Mr.
Babineaux struck the officer.
Be that as it may, there are several businesses nearby with security cameras.
We need time to subpoena all of them.
Isn't that a bit much? We don't believe the judge will see it that way.
We'd simply like to have the most complete information at our disposal.
To that end, we're filing a motion to compel discovery.
You want to open Officer Platt's personnel file.
Good luck with that.
It's a reasonable Brady disclosure.
Officer Platt had a history with Mr.
Babineaux, and we'd like to know its extent.
And if there's any larger history Officer Platt has with friends, relatives, or colleagues of Mr.
Babineaux, we'd like to know that, too.
You're thinking of pursuing civil litigation.
We are in conversation with the ACLU, assessing the possibility that Mr.
Babineaux's civil rights may have been violated.
Is that all? For now.
We will deal with all of these issues in turn, and then we will set a trial date.
I think that's all we have to talk about.
All right, then.
Wexler, a word in private? I'll catch up.
Kim, you're throwing three $400-an-hour associates at a pro bono case? I never said this was pro bono.
Okay, what's the plan here, Kim? Because shock and awe isn't gonna cut it.
Bring every fancy associate you got, file all the motions you want, and at the end of all this, your client is still going away.
I guess we'll see.
Ah! Everyone seems much improved.
This, uh, R and R was a good idea, Michael.
I is something the matter? This? Don't be concerned.
I said nothing.
Men at a bar talking to make talk.
And look no details, no scale at all.
Could be a skyscraper, could be a box for shoes.
I said nothing about the construction that would not be true for thousands of others.
By now, they have forgotten me entirely.
They forgot the German national in the middle of Albuquerque talking about pouring hundreds of tons of concrete at a secret underground location? Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry, Michael.
I had too much beer.
And I may have said more than I should have.
Listen to me carefully.
The man we're working for is very serious.
Think about the precautions we take to keep everything that goes on here quiet.
Think about how much money you're making.
Think about what happens if something goes wrong.
Do you understand what I am saying to you? I do understand.
And I'm sorry to cause any problem.
You have my word nothing like this will happen again.
Let's get you to work.
I have one question for you, Ms.
- Are you prosecuting Santa Claus? - Your Honor? Because it looks like "Miracle on 34th Street" in here.
This this is just today, today's batch, huh? All addressed to me, all from some backwater in Louisiana.
I Look at Uh, "Get your hands off our hero," they say.
Uh, "Mercy for Huell Babineaux," they say, what like I'm sending him to the electric chair.
Come Tell me, uh, Ms.
Wexler, did you start this particular ball rolling? Did I instruct the people of Coushatta, Louisiana, to start writing letters to the court? No, Your Honor, I did not.
That being said, it's clear Mr.
Babineaux has touched the lives of many people in his hometown.
And I do know they're planning to send a contingent here to show their support during the trial.
Are you talking about a bunch of yahoos packing my court? I'm sorry, Your Honor, but I'm not sure what bearing any of this has on the case.
What does Mr.
Babineaux's relationship to his hometown in Did you say Louisiana? Your Honor, this can't be a complete surprise to the Assistant District Attorney.
She knows the defendant's history as well as I do.
Lookit, if I receive one more letter from some swamp-dwelling do-gooder, - I'm gonna scream.
- Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention, Your Honor.
May I see one of these? Oh, oh, take as many as you want.
Yeah, please, just take them all.
I have looked at this case.
It does not merit a circus.
Now, you two work it out! - We've tried, Your Honor.
- Try again.
Pull the Babineaux file every parking ticket, every time he is mentioned in the records.
You call the arresting officer and find out what, if anything, he left out of his reports.
I want known associates, places of residence, MVD records, all of it.
We missed something, and I want to know what.
Right now! Go! Ben! Who we looking for? I want to figure out why a pickpocket has people this overheated.
"Huell Babineaux is wrongfully accused.
He's a good man.
He'd never do nothing like the things you say he's done.
He's a kind man and a good friend to everyone.
" Jesus.
They do make him sound like Santa Claus.
This one has a phone number.
Let me see this.
You've reached Elmer Fontaneau.
I'm not here at the moment, but leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Have a blessed day.
Hello, Mr.
My name is Suzanne Ericsen from the Albuquerque District Attorney's office.
Um, could you give me a call when you have a moment? It's in regards to Huell Babineaux.
My number is 505-186-1945.
Hello? Is this Eloise Luckard? - Speaking.
- Hi, Ms.
My name is Suzanne Ericsen.
I'm an Assistant District Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
You wrote a letter to Judge Munsinger about a Huell Babineaux.
Oh, I love Huell.
He's the dearest, dearest man.
Um, do you mind my asking how exactly do you know Huell? Oh, everyone in Coushatta knows Huell.
He's a pillar of our church.
And which church is that? Free Will Baptist, right over on Bogan Lane.
Um, I've seen several letters from fellow members of your congregation.
Could you explain to me is there some reason why Huell in particular holds so much esteem in your church? - - I I'm sorry.
Who who are you again? I'm Um, I'm an Assistant District Attorney from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
I'm handling a case that Mr.
Babineaux's involved in.
Handling how? Um I'm prosecuting it.
Y you're the one persecuting our Huell? H how could you, to go after someone so sweet and kind with all those lies? Well, I'd tell you what I really think of you, but Jesus is listening, so I'll just say shame on you! I Okay.
All right.
Yeah, not too shabby.
I've been taking improv classes.
Oh, shit.
Which one is it? - I it's that one.
- Oh.
It's the church.
The church, the church.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Hello dere! Free Will Baptist.
Pastor Hansford speaking.
Uh, who this? Good afternoon, Pastor.
My name is Suzanne Ericsen.
I'm an Assistant District Attorney from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Ooh, that's a long way off, Cher! Uh, can you hold on a second? Uh, Clarence is going at the organ.
Just I'm gonna step into the vestibule.
Ah, there we go.
Uh, now, uh, what can I do for you, Ms.
, uh Ms.
Ericsen, you say? Mm-hmm.
Um, the court has received numerous letters from members of your congregation in regards to Mr.
Huell Babineaux.
May I ask you a couple of questions about Mr.
Babineaux? Surely.
Uh, what I can tell you about our Huell? Well, what kind of person would you say Mr.
Babineaux is? Why, I'd say he's a lovely person both inside and out.
Yes, I'm I'm sure you'd say that about all your parishioners.
Well, I suppose I would.
But, no, no, Huell Huell's special.
He's got a heart as big as Lake Pontchartrain.
Um, do you mind my asking what did he do to gain so much devotion in Coushatta? Well, ma'am, for starters, he is a bona fide hero.
- He's a hero? - Yes, ma'am.
See, about a year ago, there was a fire in the rectory, and it was during Bible study, uh, at night 'cause, uh, some of the old folks around here, uh, they like to brush up on the Bible before, uh, they go to slep, you know, get right in case the Lord call 'em home.
And wouldn'tcha know it there was a short circuit in the old coffee maker.
The whole thing catch fire, and the flame leaped up to the windowsill.
Well, Huell happened to be visiting his people, and he saw the smoke.
Well, what did he do? He burst right in.
And he carried out every last one of them oldsters.
Mm, my goodness.
And, um, what happened to the church? The church is fine.
I shudder to think what might've happened if God in His grace hadn't seen fit to send us old Huell.
I see.
Now, y'all sound like a real nice lady, and I know you're only doing your job, but I want you to understand something.
I think you got the wrong end of the stick here.
Huell Babineaux is very important to us.
Now, he He he would never hurt a police officer.
I believe it's just a misunderstanding.
And I I believe he might have been helping his friend, and and that's the Huell that I know.
Well, well Put that down, Clarence! Get rid of them robes, now! That's for communion! Now now, I will be with you presently! Uh, ma'am, is there anything else I can help you with? No.
No, Pastor.
Thank you for your time.
I I think that's all.
Oh, um, uh, have you set a date yet for Huell's trial? Uh, no, not yet.
Well, would you do me a kindness and, um, ring me up when you do? Because we got a couple of charter buses.
We're gonna bring the whole congregation up to y'all in Albuquerque.
I'll make sure to let you know.
Bless you.
And I look forward Ta meetin' ya.
Is it over? All right, here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna take the church phone with me.
She might call back.
If any of these ring, I want you to pick up every third caller, okay? 30 seconds, max.
Stick to the script.
Let the rest go to voicemail.
Uh so, are we just supposed to hang around here till You're paid for the day.
You stay until I say you can go.
Well? Do it one more time? Are you sure you can take it? I can if you can.
All right.
You asked for it.
Hello dere! Look in your heart, Cher, and find forgiveness.
Let us take you on a trip down N'awlins way, where they put a little extra roux in da gumbo.
Whoo! That's a beautiful red snapper.
It's wondermous.
I guarantee! Wow, it's just it's like I'm in the bayou.
Yes, well, I got crawdads in my pants.
That's that's not a thing.
- That's not a - It's a thing that happens to you when you're sitting in the bayou.
The phones were genius.
- The phones.
- Yeah.
Well, the phones were a touch.
This was all you, start to finish.
Bank shot off the judge.
Four months probation, time served.
It's like watching Roy Hobbs smash out stadium lights.
Oh, yeah, but the D.
overplayed her hand.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Got to go? - Yeah.
What are you up to today? I'm, uh, gonna check out an office on Lomas, down by the courthouse.
I thought you already found one.
That one was, uh It was a little more office than I needed.
You working late? Mm-hmm.
Playing catch-up.
All right.
I better go.
I got to go.
I got to go.
I need to go.
The near-term window is set, but we have to hit every target to stick to that time table.
As we look down the road, we get more flexibility.
When we get to rollouts in a 6-to-12-month timeline and beyond, we have some breathing room.
It's an opportunity to retrench and meet our minimum capital requirements.
We should be stable as a table by the time we start on Wyoming.
Sounds good.
We should talk about Wyoming.
Six months is gonna go by fast.
Unless - Kevin, did you have something? - Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I don't want to slow us down.
And Paige will hate me for bringing this up.
What's on your mind? Well, the foot traffic at Tucumcari is off the charts, and that's driving a lot of new accounts.
Seems to me it's because the building itself is damn eye-catching.
Now, I want to hit on all the milestones we're talking about.
And Paige tells me what I'm gonna ask is impossible, but, uh what if we made the Lubbock branch the same as Tucumcari? I reminded Kevin that Tucumcari has a much larger footprint than the current Lubbock design, and that design is the one - we've been hanging our estimates on.
- I know.
I know.
We're down the road a ways on this, but, uh what do you think, Kim? Can you pull another rabbit out of the hat for us? Kevin, I'm sorry.
But I have to agree with Paige.
It took almost two months to get local approval for the current design, so starting over now? There's simply no way we could stick to our timetable.
I hate to say it, but it is.
It's unfeasible.
I get it.
I had to ask.
Paige, you were right.
This time.
All right.
Wyoming, then.
Yellowstone, here we come.
So, looking to Wyoming, we are moving forward with market research as planned.
Space is closing in on rough final dimensions.
Most of the spoil's out and dispersed.
The tunnel is holding, and it's clear.
And the front loader hit this support stanchion.
The guys had it back up in an hour.
No permanent damage.
And the form they used to pour cement into it's totaled.
We're gonna have to make a new one before we can get back to the wall.
So we're looking at four, maybe five days for that.
Coulda been worse.
The rock that is more of an issue.
It is smack dab in the middle of our elevator shaft.
Can't work around it, can't dig it out.
So we're back to blasting.
Setup, clearing away debris adds maybe another week.
The best estimate we're a little past the halfway point.
Way behind schedule.
But the work is solid.
And Werner? I gave him the "come to Jesus.
" He screwed up.
He knows it, said it won't happen again.
And what do you say? I've got eyes on him.
But, yeah, he's good.
Is that water? The landlord will kick in for small repairs like that.
They already took care of the rodent problem.
Rodent problem? You asked for small and near court.
This is both.
And it's in your price range.
Use your imagination.
Think creatively.
Uh, excuse me for a sec, would you? Yeah.
Take your time.
Is this your new office? Uh, it's a contender.
What are you doin' here? I was driving, saw your Esteem in the parking lot.
So, what's up? Nothing.
Just drivin' around, thinking about things.
Listen, Kim, I I know what's on your mind.
The thing that we did I mean, it was nuts.
And I dumped it in your lap.
Ex parte communication, contempt of court.
I mean, what, we're talking about a couple hundred counts of mail fraud? I could have wrecked you with Schweikart.
Could bone me, too.
I mean, I'm this close to being reinstated.
I mean, come on.
Kim don't worry.
No one's gonna know about it.
Be like it never happened.
And also I agree we are totally done with all that, over and out, no more.
Let's do it again.
Por el camino real por donde Paso en mi cabello Por el camino real por donde Paso en mi cabello Con mi mochila en el hombro, y mi machete terciado Y mi sombrero para un hombre enamorado Paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca en mi caballo Mi caballo es el mejor por su Paso moderado Oh! Hey! Hold on one second.
You are going to love this.
I made this just for you.
En mi caballo I used epazote.
Now, come on.
Paca paca paca en mi caballo - The Salamanca family.
- Them! But you can call me Lalo.
What are you doing here? Ah, I'm just here to lend a helping hand, you know, make sure the business is running in order.
I got a I got a good head for numbers.
But listen don't even worry.
It's gonna be like I'm not even here.
Paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca
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