Better Call Saul (2015) s06e13 Episode Script

Saul Gone

And now, the series finale
of "Better Call Saul."
Previously on "Better Call Saul "
I thought you might want
to know I'm still alive.
You should turn yourself in.
We're both too smart to throw
our lives away, for no reason.
I'm glad you're alive.
Bernalillo County has my affidavit.
There's no physical evidence
no remaining witnesses
other than my ex-husband.
There's a criminal
standing in my kitchen, threatening me.
He's a wanted man and
his name is Saul Goodman.
Slow down.
You're gonna make yourself sick.
You know
we're sitting on seven
million bucks here.
And ?
I say we take it,
split it fifty-fifty,
take off.
It's not ours.
Could be.
Yeah, well, I know some people
who would have a problem with that.
Don't worry about them.
You feeling right?
First thing we do,
take six million bucks
and build a time machine.
Those people that you're worried about?
They'll never find us.
Where would you go first, huh?
- You You look like a history buff, right?
- Hm.
What, would you go to
Civil War times or
um, Ancient Rome?
Oh, Christ.
Mm. Hmm.
December 8, 2001.
No. No.
March 17, 1984.
Day I took my first bribe.
And then I'd go forward.
There's some people I'd like to
check on in five or ten years,
make sure they're doing okay.
It's easy.
May 10, 1965.
That's the day Warren Buffett
took over at Berkshire Hathaway.
I figure, got a million left
from building the time machine,
so I'd take my half and
just stick it into Berkshire.
Then I'd come back here and
I'm a billionaire.
Is there such a thing as a trillionaire?
That's it. Money?
What else?
Nothing you'd change?
I'm rested.
Marion? Are you still there?
Yes! It's a It's a little car. Beige.
I I I don't know the make.
Sixty-four, P
F. T. Six.
He's headed south, towards Curtis.
Oh, please get him.
12-14 responding.
On that ten twenty-nine V as in Victor.
- That's a Saturn Aura?
- That is correct.
Saturn Aura, Nebraska six
four Paul Frank Tom six.
White male, late 40s,
about 5'11", 180 pounds.
"Hoover Max Extract
Pressure-Pro, model sixty."
Hoover Pressure-Pro Max
Extract, model sixty.
Anybody home?
Hands. Now.
I was at a party, just
minding my own business.
You are under arrest.
I better call Saul!
Hi. I'm Saul Goodman.
Did you know that you have rights?
The Constitution says
you do, and so do I.
I believe that, until proven guilty,
every man, woman, and child
in this country is innocent.
And that's why I fight
for you, Albuquerque!
Better Call
Hello, Krista? It's Gene.
Uh, uh, sorry I wasn't in this morning.
Did you open up okay?
I'm fine C-could you do me a favor?
The week's rotation needs
to be posted by three.
Could you handle that?
Uh, one more thing. Um
Just call the main office.
The The number is
on the bulletin board.
And, uh, let them know, um
you're gonna need a new manager.
This is how they get you?
This is how they get you?
This is how they get you?
This is how they get you?
This is how they get you?
This is how they get you?
What were you thinking?
What were you
Ah! Ah! Hey!
I need another phone call!
Another phone call!
William Oakley and Associates,
"Trust experience, trust Oakley."
Bill Oakley speaking.
"Trust experience, trust Oakley."
I like that. It's catchy.
You know who this is, right?
You got it, buddy.
Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you,
uh What What are y
Uh, wha Uh, what are you doing?
Uh, you know I'm gonna
have to report this call.
Whoa. Calm down, Junior.
The cops know all about the call.
They're probably listening in.
The fact is, I'm standing in the middle
of a police station as we speak.
So they finally caught you.
Listen. This is your lucky day.
I am talking to Saul
Goodman's new advisory counsel.
Keep up, Bill. You hit the jackpot.
"Advisory counsel ?"
This puts you on the map, amigo.
Here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna grab a flight
to Omaha, Nebraska, ASAP.
There's nothing direct,
so you're gonna have to
connect through Houston.
Wh who's paying for this?
You are. Listen. You hear that?
- Hear what?
- Bang, bang!
That's opportunity knocking.
Get off your ass and answer the door.
Okay, on your way to the airport
- Wait. Wait. Hold on
- I need you to make some calls.
Even supposing, hypothetically,
I'd be willing to take this on
"Willing"? Bill, this is a career-maker.
Get real. You're doing this.
The DA has a warehouse
of evidence against you
I can't even begin to imagine
what the Feds are sitting on.
No matter who your lawyer
is, you are screwed.
So I've gotta ask
Where do you see this ending?
Where do I see it ending? Um
With me on top. Like always.
Not five, not ten,
but twenty-seven predicate violations.
Federal conspiracy to
manufacture and distribute
a controlled substance.
On this scale? Life sentence, stat max.
Money laundering.
Eight counts, twenty years each.
One hundred sixty years, stat max.
We'll argue for consecutive sentencing.
Accessory after the
fact to multiple murders.
Including two decorated
federal officers.
Fifteen years each.
By our count, that's life plus
One hundred ninety.
Life plus one hundred ninety years.
All right. I'm willing to extend
a one-time, take-it-or-leave-it offer.
Here's the headline: thirty years.
Keep your nose clean, stay healthy,
you have a shot at seeing
daylight in your old age.
Mr. Oakley, your "co-counsel,"
is he here with us?
Uh, listen, you've got Agent
Schrader's widow back there.
- Why don't you invite her in?
- Uh, wait a sec
I mean, you owe her
that much, don't you?
Well, no, she she
can't be present at a
a plea negotiation. It's
completely inappropriate.
She's already here.
Both parties agree. It's fine. Really.
They tell me they found
you in a garbage dumpster.
Well, that makes sense.
My husband was the best
man that I have ever known.
He lived to help others.
If somebody was in
trouble, no matter the time,
no matter the place, Hank
Schrader would be there.
With a smile and a joke.
He was kind,
he was decent,
he was strong.
His partner
Steve Gomez.
Steve and Blanca
made a home that was
warm and full of laughter.
Three children.
Three fatherless children.
Hank and Steve the good guys.
They were shot dead
and left in a hole in the desert.
And you.
You helped the two-faced
poisonous bastard behind it all.
For what?
You did it all for money.
No matter what they do with you now,
no matter where they
put you or for how long,
it will never be enough.
Mrs .
Mrs. Schrader.
The loss that you've suffered
It's unspeakable.
I met your husband a few times.
He was a man who stood by his word
and was very good at his job.
A straight shooter.
You and he are
And so am I.
Two years ago a man came into my office.
He said his name was Mayhew.
He wanted one of my
clients to lie under oath.
He offered me money.
I declined.
Any lawyer would.
That night, as I was leaving
my office, I was attacked.
Two men threw a sack over my head,
they hogtied me, and they
drove me out into the desert.
And when they pulled the hood off,
I was kneeling in
front of an open grave.
With a gun pointed at my head.
That was my introduction
to Walter White.
From that moment on,
there hasn't been a minute
that I wasn't afraid.
Yeah. I worked for him.
I made a lot of money.
But that's not why I did it.
I did it because I knew what
he would do to me if I refused.
Over and over, I thought
about going to the police.
I even thought about
talking to Agent Schrader.
But I knew that Walter White
would kill me, wherever I was.
And I was right.
You look it up.
October 4, 2009.
They murdered ten men
inside three prisons
in the space of two minutes.
Knifed. Throats slashed.
A man was burned alive.
They even killed one of
my colleagues, a lawyer.
He was cooperating with the DEA.
Daniel Wachsburger.
The news said Dan was stabbed 48 times.
So, yeah, when it all blew up, I ran.
But not from the police.
From them.
Walter White might be dead,
but Jesse Pinkman and the others?
They're still out there, somewhere.
Mrs. Schrader
you are looking at a man
who has lost everything.
My profession. My family. My freedom.
I have I have nobody.
I have nothing.
And you think jurors are gonna buy that?
All I need is one.
Oakley tells me that
you've never lost a case.
Is that so?
That's a hell of a record.
You should be proud of that.
Juries, right?
Whew. You never can tell.
It's a roll of the dice.
I'm just I'm hoping
there's some wiggle room.
You are not going to
negotiate with this man.
You're not.
After sentence has been
imposed on the counts
to which defendant pleads
guilty as agreed herein,
the government will move to dismiss
Counts Three through
Nine of the indictment.
Based on the facts now
known to the government,
the anticipated offense level is 35,
which, when combined with
the anticipated criminal
history category of I,
results in an anticipated advisory
sentencing guidelines range
of 85 to 90 months imprisonment,
in addition to any supervised release,
fine, and restitution
the Court may impose.
Seven and a half years.
Let's get this thing signed
and get the hell out of here.
We're good with that.
Term to be served at FCI Butner
Low, North Carolina. Wing D."
FCI Butner Low.
It's a great location.
Very nice weather.
It's the only federal
institution with a golf program.
It was good enough for Bernie Madoff
This is an actual request?
Are you kidding?
I give you guys half a chance,
you're gonna throw me into
gen pop in some hellhole.
I visited a client once at ADX Montrose.
"The Alcatraz of the Rockies."
No. No, that's a dealbreaker, my friend.
FCI Butner Low. Wing
D. Wing D.
"Wing D."
And now we are done.
Ah, as Steve Jobs used
to say one more thing.
During incarceration,
Defendant Goodman to receive
one pint Blue Bell mint
chocolate chip ice cream
every Friday for the duration."
Are you kidding?
He's kidding.
"Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip."
No substitutions.
Okay. That's it.
Hold on. I can oil everybody's locks.
- No more games.
- No. I got a sweetener.
It's nothing I've talked about.
New arena. Primo stuff.
Inside story, previously
unknown felony homicide.
It concerns a prominent
Albuquerque attorney
who, uh, disappeared, believed
to have killed himself.
Howard Hamlin?
You're talking about Howard Hamlin.
That's your "sweetener"?
He's trying to sell us the Hamlin thing.
He thought he really had something.
Sounds like you and your ex
aren't talking on a regular basis.
Kim Wexler walked into the
Albuquerque DA's office last month.
She spilled her guts about
Howard Hamlin on the record.
You got nothing left to sell.
Last chance.
Do we go to trial, or do we have a deal?
Yes! Yes, we have a deal.
Let's get this in writing.
Not a word changes.
Ugh. Of course.
Am I gonna be sorry if
I ask what's going on?
I'm putting a stop to it.
A stop to what?
To what?
Listen. Just No. Just listen.
That click?
The click.
The flame is lighting
and then it keeps going out.
So it's either a
thermocouple that's corroded
or we have a short.
A thermocouple is
corroded. Okay. I got it.
Hey, uh, maybe we could just unplug it?
- Or cut a wire or something?
- No. Listen.
I see no reason to stay down
here without hot water
when it's something
that I can easily fix.
I think this will do the trick.
You wouldn't happen to have a
pocket knife or a screwdriver
in one of those bags, would you?
What? Speak up!
Come on!
There we go.
This should work.
Hey, you're a scientist, right?
So, uh, I have a question.
What would you do if
you had a time machine?
A time machine?
Yeah, um
From a scientist's point of view.
You can go backwards, forwards.
Uh, where would you go?
A meaningless question.
A time machine.
Look, time travel,
the kind of time travel
that you're thinking of,
is a scientific impossibility.
It would violate the Second
Law of Thermodynamics.
- Uh, but what about a wormhole?
- Ohh!
Well, I was watching "NOVA,"
and Alan Alda seemed to think
Oh, well, then Alan
Alda he's the expert.
Oh, Christ. Are you kidding me?
Quantum mechanics? We're
discussing that now?
Stay in your lane.
It's just a thought experiment.
There's gotta be something you'd
go back and change if you could.
Oh, you are not talking
about a time machine,
which is both a real and
theoretical impossibility.
You are talking about regrets.
So if you want to ask about regrets,
just ask about regrets
and leave all this
time-traveling nonsense out of it.
Okay. Regrets, then.
My regrets. All right, well
My regrets
When I was a graduate student,
I started a company with some
At the time, I thought
they were my friends.
Our goal was to commercialize
discoveries that I had made.
at a certain point
I stepped away.
I thought I was doing
the gentlemanly thing.
But little did I understand
that they were artfully maneuvering me
into leaving my own creation.
And had I stayed, oh
I wouldn't be down here with you.
So you started a company.
Is it still around?
Oh, yes.
Is it successful?
How could you never tell me about this?
We could have done something with this.
Wrongful termination,
intellectual property theft,
uh, patent fraud.
I mean, I coulda sunk
my teeth into this!
You'd have been the last
lawyer I'd have gone to.
Yeah. Sure.
So, what about you?
Y Wait. I got one.
You know what? Never mind.
When I was twenty um, twenty-two,
I pulled a slip and fall outside
Marshall Field's. Uh I did.
And I was stupid and young
and I was trying to show off.
So I hit the ice as fast as I could.
I biffed it so hard, I heard a crack!
Whew. Wasn't the ice it was me.
I actually hurt myself.
I mean, I My knee
has never been the same.
"A slip and fall"?
Yeah. That's how I put myself
through bartending school.
So you were always like this.
Ssst! Bill! Hey.
I'm just going to
Sir, this man is a federal
prisoner. I'm a U.S. Marshal.
I ask you not to speak to him.
That's my lawyer.
Is that true? You're his lawyer?
You'll have other opportunities
to talk to your client.
- Please move out of the aisle.
- No, hold on.
N-Nothing I say in front
of you is privileged, right?
That's right.
So if I talk to my attorney
and we let something slip
that could help the government's case,
you could pass it along
to the prosecution.
Totally clean.
With that in mind, you're
sure we can't have a few words?
Make it fast.
She confessed. What's
the DA gonna do with it?
No witnesses, no physical evidence
If I had to guess
Most likely they sit on it. Permanently.
No, not "okay."
Not for her. Her problem's not the DA.
What then?
Well, apparently, Kim took her
sworn and notarized statement
and hand delivered it to Hamlin's widow.
- No.
- Yes.
She opened herself up to a civil suit.
The widow can take her
for everything she has
and everything she's
gonna have, in perpetuity.
So, is she? Suing?
Look, all I can tell you for sure
is that Mrs. Hamlin's out
lawyer shopping as we speak.
Not that she bothered to call me.
Hey, can I, uh, go to the john now?
I'm going.
Hold up, Bill.
No, wait. You're gonna love this.
The Hamlin thing? The government
doesn't know the half of it.
As soon as we land, I want
you to tell the other side
that I've got more to trade, okay?
I j-just remembered something
that'll make their toes curl.
Anything that makes their "toes
curl" is bound to jam Kim up.
If it involves her.
Oh, it involves her.
Kim's already got a civil
suit hanging over her head.
You give the government more,
maybe they bring the hammer down.
What more are you gonna get?
What's left?
You don't understand.
It's really good ice cream.
- Boys again?
- Girls this time.
Well, she's not sleeping
for a year or two.
At least. Is she coming back?
She'll have to.
Josh is a twin, isn't he?
Oh, yeah. And it's
his birthday next week.
I always take him out,
just the two of us,
because, you know, he
had to share everything.
- Well, that's nice.
- It's either Red Lobster
or that new Middle Eastern place
the one over on Wickham.
- Top something?
- Topkapi.
That's it. Topkapi.
Glen took you there, didn't
he? What'd you guys think?
Uh, it wasn't
Not good, huh?
No, uh. No. It was fine.
Would Josh like it?
He He might.
Okay. Another birthday at Red Lobster.
He can live with that.
What did we get them for the
shower? A stroller, right?
Yeah, one of the nice ones
with the shock absorbers.
With twins? They might
need a double stroller
You, too, Donny.
Seana, Donny from TPC
Sawgrass, line four.
Hey, Tammy. I'm leaving early.
Can you let Ricardo know?
Sure. No prob.
Palm Coast Sprinkler.
Watering your world since 1978
If he shows up, you
keep that door locked.
You call the police,
and then you call me.
Any time, day or night. Okay?
- Okay.
- I'll see you Thursday.
Let me know if you
need me to pick you up.
- All right. Thank you.
- Okay.
Ladies, it's right this way.
Sorry about the heat. AC's on the fritz.
Fill this out. And, before
you ask, there's no charge.
All our services are free.
Oh, a-actually, I'm here
to see if I can volunteer.
You want to volunteer?
Can you answer a phone?
Then there you go.
Central Florida Legal
Aid. How can I help you?
- Kim?
- Yes.
This is Suzanne Ericsen.
Hi, Suzanne.
I want to make it clear this
call is completely unofficial.
All right.
I shouldn't even be talking to you.
But considering everything,
I think it's only right
you know what's going on.
You've seen the news?
I don't think so.
Your ex, "Saul Goodman"?
He was arrested in Nebraska.
He's been extradited to New Mexico.
When was this?
Two days ago.
But that's not why I'm calling.
He's giving testimony that
affects you, personally.
What kind of testimony?
It's showtime.
All rise
for the right honorable
Judge Samantha Small.
Court's now in session.
Please take a seat.
Okay, item one on the calendar,
CR 10-7253 United States
of America versus
Defendant has requested to
use the name Saul Goodman.
So it's "United States
versus Saul Goodman."
Counsel, please state your appearances.
AUSA George Castellano.
With me is Elizabeth Nooryani,
Trial Attorney from the
Drug Enforcement Section of
the Department of Justice;
AUSAs Sarah Braddock, Neel
Patel, and Hillary Park
and Special Agent in Charge
Austin Ramey from the D.E.A.
Also present in the courtroom:
Zachary Hernandez,
Special Agent in Charge
of the FBI in New Mexico.
Your Honor, I'd also like to
note the presence of the victims
who are here this morning
Marie Schrader and Blanca Gomez.
William Oakley appearing
as advisory counsel.
Saul Goodman appearing
on his own behalf.
Good morning.
The defendant still wants
to represent himself?
Uh That's right, Your Honor.
The parties have
reached a plea agreement
satisfactory to both sides.
However, I have
reviewed the government's
sentencing recommendations and
well, I have questions.
Mr. Castellano, will you please
come up to the microphone?
Mr. Castellano, today
we consider the sentence
for a defendant who
will be pleading guilty
to multiple felonies, RICO offenses,
money laundering, conspiracy,
accessory after the fact to
the murder of federal officers.
And for these offenses,
the government's sentencing
recommendation is seven years.
Your Honor, I can assure
you my colleagues and I gave
every aspect of this recommendation
careful consideration.
Help me understand.
Has the defendant provided substantial
assistance to the government?
Your Honor?
Mr. Oakley, please advise your client
to stay silent at this time.
Your Honor, with respect, Mr.
Oakley is advisory counsel.
I'm representing myself here today.
If I may say something that
I think will help the court
fully understand the situation?
Mr. Goodman, you are the beneficiary
of the most generous
sentencing recommendation
I've seen in 22 years on the bench.
Any statement you make
imperils that recommendation.
I'm very aware of that, Your Honor.
Uh, if you'll allow me to speak,
I I think I can save
the court's valuable time.
Go ahead. Briefly.
Two years ago a man came into my office.
He said his name was Mayhew.
He wanted one of my clients
to lie for him under oath.
He offered me money.
I refused.
That night, as I was leaving
my office, I was attacked.
A bag was shoved over
my head, I was hogtied,
I was driven out into the desert.
And when they pulled the hood off,
I was kneeling in front of an open grave
with a gun pointed at my head.
That was my introduction
to Walter White!
I was terrified.
But not for long.
That night, I saw opportunity.
A shot at big money.
And I grabbed it and I held it tight.
And for the next sixteen
months, my every waking moment
was spent building Walter
White's drug empire.
Hold on, Mr. Goodman. Stop right there.
Consult Mr. Oakley before
you say another word.
Your Honor, I believe the
court deserves the whole truth.
You are contradicting your plea
agreement's sworn factual basis.
No offense, Your Honor, but I
I think I know the law
here better than you do.
Your Honor, we'd like
to request a recess.
No, we do not need a recess.
Your Honor, we are satisfied
for Mr. Goodman to continue.
Your Honor, I'd like to petition
to withdraw from this case.
- Denied.
- Respectfully
Not a chance.
Bobbi, swear Mr. Goodman in.
Do you swear that the evidence
you shall give to the
court in this matter
shall be the truth, the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth
so help you God?
I do.
Mr. Goodman, you are now under oath.
Any false statement you make
can be used in prosecution
for perjury or obstruction of justice.
Do you understand?
All right.
In the last 24 hours,
have you used any
alcohol or other drugs?
No, Your Honor.
Are you taking any
prescription medications?
All right.
Oh, um, I lied to the
government about, uh, Kim Wexler.
Uh, I fed them a load of B.S.
about her involvement in
Howard Hamlin's murder.
I just I just wanted
her to come here today.
I wanted her to hear this.
So, yeah, I wasn't there
when the meth was cooked.
I wasn't there when it was sold.
I didn't witness any of the murders.
But I damn well knew it was happening.
I was more than a willing participant.
I was indispensable.
I kept Walter White out of
jail, I laundered his money,
I lied for him, I conspired with him,
and I made millions.
If he hadn't walked
into my office that day,
Walter White would have been dead
or behind bars within a month.
And Agent Schrader and Agent Gomez
and a whole lot of other
people would still be alive.
The fact is,
Walter White couldn't have done it
without me.
You got that?
Your Honor, we move to
strike Mr. Goodman's comments.
On what grounds?
- Speculation.
- Speculation?
He's testifying to his own actions.
Your Honor, uh, he's describing events
that would have transpired
had he acted differently.
I have one more thing to say.
- Sit down, Mr. Goodman. Now.
- Please, Your Honor. Please.
The government urges the court
to allow Mr. Goodman to continue.
How is that not speculation?
All right, Mr. Goodman.
Go ahead.
What happened to Howard Hamlin
it was
it was
I can't even
After that,
Kim had the guts to start over.
She left town, but
I'm the one who ran away.
And my brother Chuck
Uh, Charles McGill.
Y-you may have known him.
He was an incredible lawyer, as
The most brilliant guy I ever met.
But he was limited.
I tried.
I could have tried harder.
I should have.
- Instead, when
- Your Honor.
Bill, please. Just let
me get through this.
Instead, when I saw a chance
to hurt him, I took it.
I got his malpractice
insurance canceled.
I took away the one
thing he lived for
the law.
After that, he killed himself.
And I'll live with that.
What was all that?
That thing with your brother,
that wasn't even a crime.
Yeah, it was.
Mr. Goodman, sit down and stay seated.
The name's McGill.
I'm James McGill.
Your Honor, in view of the
defendant's confession
Your Honor, we'd like
to request a recess
- the Government withdraws its sentencing recommendation
- Now, hold on.
- That was not a confession. That was
- and urges this court to impose the statutory
- maximum for each of these offenses.
- That was not a confession.
- It was merely, uh,
- Furthermore, Your Honor,
- a single point of view
- a second additional hearing is required
- in a very complex, uh, narrative
- in order to assess the additional claims
Mr. Goodman I'm sorry Mr.
McGill has now admitted to
including perjury on
this court, Your Honor.
Did you ground yourself?
Yes, I did!
Oh, crap!
I was starting to worry.
My car conked out on I-40.
I almost got creamed by a cement truck.
Oh, um, they had those
apples that you like.
I got you half a dozen Fuji.
Um, and the newsstand on Central
said they might start
carrying the Financial Times.
So that's good, right?
You know, I could hire
someone to do this.
I could get someone from the office.
I'm doing it.
Yeah, every day?
While you're trying
to start a practice?
'Cause you're my brother.
Duh. You'd do the same for me.
Mm. Well, you could stay for a while.
We could talk.
Talk? What about?
Well, your cases. Your clients.
You want to talk about my clients?
Seriously? You want to talk about, uh,
the granny who got
picked up for soliciting
inside the Christian
Science Reading Room?
Wh what about the kid
who broke into a liquor store
and drank five bottles
of crème de menthe
and then passed out behind the counter?
They deserve a vigorous defense.
Like any other client.
Or maybe you just wanna
tell me what I'm doing wrong.
That's not what I had in mind.
I'm hoping you didn't steal
that from a motel ice machine.
You can hope.
I'm gonna take a pass on
the heart-to-heart, Chuck.
One of my "deserving" clients
he got caught waving the
weenie outside a Hobby Lobby.
Hold on. You got to reimburse yourself.
Mnh. This one's on me.
If you don't like where you're heading,
there's no shame in going
back and changing your path.
Ohh. When have you ever
"changed your path"?
Hey. Think on it.
We always end up having the
same conversation, don't we?
I'll see ya tomorrow, Chuck.
And I might have the Financial Times.
I know you?
"Better Call Saul."
I'm McGill.
Don't give me that.
You're Saul!
It's Better Call Saul.
- No shit.
- Psst! Psst!
Back here, yo.
Back here.
See? Toldja!
It's Better Call Saul!
You're right. Better Call Saul.
Yeah. Better Call Saul.
Better Call Saul!
Better Call Saul!
Better Call Saul!
- All of you, shut up!
- Better Call Saul!
- Better Call Saul!
- I said shut up!
- Better Call Saul!
- Shut the hell up!
- Better Call Saul!
- Shut the hell up!
Better Call Saul!
Better Call
Saul! Lawyer's here!
I got ya, Saul.
- Ma'am?
- No cuffs, please.
Thank you.
Hi, Jimmy.
How did you ?
Uh, turns out my New Mexico bar card
doesn't have an expiration date.
You had them down to seven years.
Yeah, I did.
Eighty-six years.
Eighty-six years.
But with good behavior
who knows?
Here we go, here we go.
I'm Bob Odenkirk, and
I wanted to say hi.
I want to say thank you to
the fans of "Better Call Saul."
How do I even begin to thank the fans?
Hmm. I'll try not to cry.
We are nothing without the fans.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm not finding the words I'd like,
so let's pause it for a
second, just one second.
I got to play Howard
Hamlin for six years,
and the only reason I
got to do it for six years
is because of the fans.
You guys have truly been
Kim Wexler's confidante
in many, many, many scenes,
her closest confidante.
And I appreciate it so much.
The fans have shown an
appreciation that gave me
a greater appreciation for the stories
and reminded me how fortunate I am
to have been a part of it.
Took us a long time
to get this thing done.
We really enjoyed it, and I hope
you guys enjoy it just as much.
This show has you on
the edge of your seat,
and you fans are responsible
for keeping us here
and having us make really
wonderful, powerful,
profound entertainment, so thank you.
From the bottom of my
heart, thank you so much.
Hey, "Better Call Saul" fans.
- Hey, it's Vince.
- And Peter.
I'm sad that this era
has come to an end.
That's a wrap.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
I gotta thank everybody
who's watched the show.
What a wonderful,
wonderful time of my life.
And hope we've made you happy.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
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