Better Late Than Never (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Seoul Brothers

1 MALE NARRATOR: Asia, land of exotic beauty, untold wonders, and home to civilizations that have existed for thousands of years - [HORN HONKING] - [INDISTINCT YELLING] We don't need an international incident, guys! NARRATOR: Until now.
- Let's win! [STEPPENWOLF'S "BORN TO BE WILD"] NARRATOR: Four living legends Want to go back to the high life? - Oh, yes.
- Oh, yeah! NARRATOR: Embark on a journey across Asia.
Oh, my God.
Oh, [BLEEP]! NARRATOR: For the time of their lives.
You gotta indulge in the culture.
Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! NARRATOR: Starring TV superstar Henry Winkler - Born to be wild - Oh my God! NARRATOR: Cultural icon William Shatner, NFL hall of famer Terry Bradshaw - Oh, oh, oh! - Jab, jab, jab! Former heavyweight champion George Foreman, and introducing Jeff Dye as Oh, Goddoggit, Jeff! Born to be wild South, South Korea.
I want to make that very clear.
We're here to get you a girl.
Aah! There it is, North Korea.
How far can we get? Don't, don't, don't, no.
- Stop! - Okay, okay, okay.
[DNC'S "CAKE BY THE OCEAN"] Waste time with a masterpiece Don't waste time with a masterpiece You should be rolling with me You should be rolling with me Well, we are on our way to Korea.
South, South Korea.
I want to make that very clear.
We're going to South Korea.
Talk to me, baby Korea, get ready.
The blonde bomber's on his way.
- Korea.
- Here we come.
Ah ya ya ya ya ya, I keep on hoping - Yeah, baby.
- Eat cake by the ocean Good news, guys, we're here.
South Korea's the youth capital of the world.
Well, we're all young at heart.
Oh, oh, oh.
I just wish the body was a little younger.
Let me guess, you guys all have to go pee again.
Yeah, my knees.
- My heart.
- No! - Well - You're in good shape.
I am, but it's but it's the blood vessels.
Guys, the best part of renting a car in Korea is that they hardly ask for any information at all.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So far for this trip we've used planes, trains.
So I think maybe to mix it up, now we can use a rental car.
- This - Guys, guys.
- Porsche.
- Oh, this is a Porsche! - Has a diesel.
- Get out of here.
- No, no! - Good job, Jeff.
They spent a lot of money on this baby.
Whoa, don't touch that.
They're gonna get mad.
Someone's gonna get mad at you.
It's this one.
[EXCITING MUSIC STOPS] White car, baby.
- Are you kidding? - Not this? No, no, no, cheaper.
The future is compact.
I got shotgun.
Bill is a creature of comfort.
- Hey, Bill.
- Yeah.
I got longer legs.
George has got them.
Why are you getting to sit up front? Because I'm the only one who can guide us to where we're going.
You sound like my parents.
I don't know what his navigational skills are.
This is really comfortable.
I do know that he will have plenty of room for his legs.
Oh, my What's gonna happen to me now? - Whoa.
- Oh.
- You all in? Does it fit? - Get that other leg in, Jeff.
George, we got to go on a diet.
All right, George.
- Nice job, Jeff.
- You got it.
- Bill, beam it up.
- Throw a ball, will you? Okay, bye! - Whoa! - Jeffrey.
- It's a new car.
- Do you have a license? Bill, can you pull your seat up? - I'm trying.
- Bye-bye.
- Turn right.
- Hold on.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Oh, come on, Jeffrey.
Don't worry about it.
[TIRES SCREECHING]- - Look over there, look over there.
That's Seoul tower.
It's the biggest building.
It's got all kinds of radio and TV antennas on it.
- It's a very modern city.
- Boy, I just can't wait to really see Seoul and do something youthful.
I'm tired of being a grown-up.
I've lived my whole lifetime since I was 15 trying to make ends meet, trying to make a dollar.
$10, $20.
Now for the first time, I can reclaim my youth.
I wonder what these little roadside cafes taste like.
I know you guys want some young adventure, and I found us the youngest, hippest thing we can find.
I love that.
Jeffrey, you over promise, under deliver.
Not this time, buddy.
South Korea's famous for their music, called K-pop, which is just hot girls wearing short pants and dancing around and singing.
So I think I love it.
[DRIVING ELECTRONIC MUSIC] What's the over and under on the oldest people here? - Uh, we are the over.
- Ha! I feel like I'm in the world's oldest boy band.
[GIRLS SCREAMING] - This is amazing.
- They love us.
We walk into this room, and the place goes crazy.
I thought they were screaming over you.
- Were they screaming over me? - No.
Who were they screaming for? They were screaming over a K-pop band right behind us.
- Yeah.
Um - Hello.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my gosh, you know me? Of course I know you.
Hello, how are you? [UPBEAT POP MUSIC] [SINGING IN KOREAN] [WOMEN CONTINUE SINGING IN KOREAN] We're actually gonna shoot a music video.
We'd be honored if you'd be a part of it.
Well, I have to talk to my agent.
[LAUGHTER] I'll do it.
I want to do it.
- George is in.
- Do it.
After you, ladies.
- Yeah.
It's not for us.
It's for the band.
- Oh.
- The kids back there.
[WOMEN CONTINUE SCREAMING] We're gonna get a chance to be in a video with these K-pop girls.
I never thought I'd get an opportunity to do that.
If I ever wanted If I ever needed Yeah, so tell me what to do now Because I want you back Show me the choreographer.
The first part of the song is just, like, clapping.
Yeah, and do really cute moves.
- Cute moves like - [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] I can [BACK CRACKS] This may come as a surprise to you, America, but I am not trained in the art of dancing.
[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Ahhh! Whoo! Oh, yeah! I'm no Fred Astaire.
[LAUGHING] I don't want to alarm anyone here, but things are just about to get weird, okay? - Oh! - Oh! Swag, swag.
Yeah, now, now, now.
- Do you know normally dance? - No.
You look like a rock star though.
- Thank you.
- [GIGGLES] Nice shoes.
Now, I may not know Korean, but I sure know when girls are flirting with me.
You're all I ever wanted What are they saying about me? [MUSIC SLOWS, STOPS] Excuse me, ladies.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] That's cute! Where's the music? ["UPTOWN FUNK" BEGINS] This hit that ice cold Michelle Pfeiffer That white gold, this one for them hood girls Them good girls, straight masterpieces Stylin', whilen, livin' it up in the city Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent Gotta kiss myself I'm so pretty, break it down Girls, hit your hallelujah, whoo Girls, hit your hallelujah, whoo 'Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you 'Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you 'Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you Saturday night and we in the spot Don't believe me just watch, come on Whoo Don't believe me, just watch, whoo [GIGGLING] - No! - No! Gee, gee, gee.
This jacket is the answer to all my problems.
- Don't believe me - Gee, gee, gee.
I'm wearing it everywhere.
Don't believe me, just watch This is the best.
I feel like a kid.
Look at it, just look at that, and look at my hair.
Don't believe me, just watch Hey hey hey oh Ooh, ooh, ooh! Sorry.
Buddha had better moves than some of us.
[MOUTHING] Not me.
I was That's pretty good.
Yeah, but you were always cool.
Yeah whoa You know.
- Stand by.
- Let's do it.
Without further ado, roll 'em, Jack.
Drum roll, please.
Although we don't have a drum.
I did, that's why I dragged you here.
Some things just come natural, girls.
I have to say, I cut quite the Asian rug.
- And me.
- Cute as a button.
[BOTH LAUGHING] That little tiny button right there.
Ooh, that was your microphone.
I pinched your microphone.
- Smile.
- Kimchi.
ALL: Yeah! - All right.
This feels like "Jaws, The Pedicure.
" Ooh hoo hah! [LAUGHING] Golly, oh! North Korea, fellows.
- [INDISTINCT YELLING] - [ALARM] - Okay, okay.
- Here we go.
Wow, this is what the young folks are doing? I'm really gonna just kind of step out of my comfort zone and do what the kids do.
Stay up late, get to bed around 8:00, 8:15.
Gonna be a great night.
Oh! What do you do, catch these? - Are those edible? - That's crazy.
- Uhh - Ooh! - What does it feel like? - Oh, my God.
You're not gonna like this at all.
This feels like, "Jaws, the Pedicure.
" Aah! Oh my God.
Whoo hoo-hah! [SHRILL LAUGHTER] It's like an animal clawing, sucking at your feet.
Oh! Oh! If you look at it, it's worse.
Oh, oh, the left foot! The left foot's worse than the right foot.
Oh, oh, it's underneath, and it's down below.
I love it.
Ha! Golly! Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo! Theoretically, they're eating the dead skin.
- Yes.
- But they could eat your toes.
I didn't think of that.
This is wrong.
They can eat your Achilles.
I wasn't thinking of that.
They could nibble on that Achilles tendon - and destroy it.
- Never entered my mind.
- You could be footless.
- Right.
- You don't know.
- Right, thank you.
Look at the gut on that fish.
He's been eating George's feet.
This is amazing.
I think Terry's got the biggest foot, so he's got the most fish.
Look at here.
I'm just covered now.
I have a small, delicate foot.
I've got a few fish vaguely interested in my legs.
Oh! We have eaten a lot of gross things on this trip.
- Yeah.
- Imagine dinner being Terry's feet.
Look how clean my feet are now.
Where are we going now? I got to tell you, man.
I am starving.
Okay, now this is where you get something to eat.
Me so hungry.
I would kill for a fried shrimp right now.
Oh, I love shrimp.
Shrimp kabob.
Fried shrimp.
Shrimp salad.
Boiled shrimp.
Peeled shrimp.
Please, show me something that I can eat.
I don't even know what the name of this place is.
- Hello.
- We would like to eat - food here.
- Can we have some food? What is that, octopus? - No, food.
- Oh, my God.
Is she gonna give it to us live? That's gonna be good.
Get out of here.
Oh, God.
What does that feel like, Henry? It feels, uh, cold.
- You're gonna eat that raw? - Let's try it.
Live octopus.
Actually eat a live oct Have we lost our minds? Oh, my God.
Whoa-oh! - Octopus.
- Yeah.
A delicacy here.
It's an aphrodisiac.
- Stay away from me.
- Don't flatter yourself.
Oh, my gosh! What, is she mad at it? Oh, everything is moving.
If there ever was the time when we needed a George Foreman Grill, this is the time.
This is how we're supposed to eat it.
Is that an optical illusion? - Looks like worms.
- Try it, Terry.
Oh, no, that's not in my mouth, Jack.
I will take your arm and rip it out of your shoulder.
[CHATTER, LAUGHTER] So far, every meal on this trip has been like a hazing ritual.
Bill's gonna do it, look.
Oh, wait a minute, Bill.
Let me see.
It's still wiggling, Bill! Champ, you're doing it too? Yeah, Bill Bill is our leader.
- Oh - Oh, my - Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
Wow, is that good.
That sauce makes it.
Well, a real connoisseur of the culture doesn't put anything on it.
You're putting your fingers on my Oh, it stuck to my finger! You're supposed to eat all that, eat all that? - Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! It's sticking to my mouth.
What's next, octopus 'vergina'? Go, Jeff, go.
Jeff, it is still wiggling.
- Oh, look at that.
- Jeff! I'm proud of you, Jeff.
[CLAPPING] You're a real champ.
I know when people swallow, and he didn't swallow it.
[LAUGHTER] - Try it, Terry.
- No, no, no, I'm not trying it.
You're not thinking young.
You want to live to be old, you got to think young.
- Look, Terry's holding it.
- Would you do me a favor? [LAUGHTER] That's it, that's it.
We may all be old, but we're still gonna act like kids, okay? I'm out of here.
That's the worst I've seen yet.
Relax and go with it.
[VOICE VIBRATING] Thiiis feeeels sooo gooood.
Anybody here speak English? Great, you'll love this song.
Aah! - [LOUD POPPING] - Oh! Whoa! [BLEEP] Where we going? I need to lie down.
We've been traveling for a while now, and I know that everyone's tired and achy from long car rides and plane trips.
- Ah.
- Here it is, boys.
Here we are.
It turns out South Korea is known for having the best spas in the world.
People even sleep there, and they're super cheap.
This is what you picked? This is not All right, sure, you guys, it's not the Four Seasons, - but it's not - This is not even one season.
Even in prison they have cots.
Are we supposed to sleep on the floor? Yeah, they look happy.
Look at them.
- They don't look anything.
- Is this a shelter? You'll like it you'll be thanking me in the morning.
Well, I don't want to lie in these people's feet.
I add this to the list of screw-ups for you.
Oh, look what I see.
I see a throne, a golden throne.
When they ask you where am I, I'm on the throne.
You're just gonna lie on the throne? - I'm gonna lie on the sofa.
- And I'm gonna lie on feet? Hey, everybody's got their fate.
Surprise, surprise, look who's got the comfortable throne His Majesty, Bill Shatner.
I don't know what you guys are doing, but I'm happy.
Remind me when we get out of here Yeah? - To kick your ass.
- No.
Look, George understands what this is supposed to be relaxing.
- Oh, my.
- George could sleep on nails.
George Foreman sits down [SNORING] George is out like a light.
He likes it here, see? - Good night, Georgie.
- George is asleep.
- He's already asleep.
- George is out.
It's an art form.
I thought it was my stories that were boring him.
That couldn't possibly be.
That's a very confusing tone you got there.
- Terry - Ohh! I felt the building shake.
That was a 4.
Terry, let me get you a pillow, come on.
- Oh.
- There's a spotlight on me.
Should I do a number? How about if we put it under your back? - Lift up, Terry.
- No, I don't think - that'll work.
- Here you go how's that? - Oh, that hurts, Henry.
- Okay.
- Ugh! - Ohh This is really comfortable.
It's about time for old Bill to get off that pedestal he thinks he's on.
Oh, Jesus! [LAUGHING] NFL pass.
God dog it.
The last time I was in a pillow fight was with my ten-year-old granddaughter.
She beat the crap out of me.
But Terry, no way.
[LAUGHING] Hear that? [LAUGHING] That's Shatner actually laughing.
- I'm gonna hurt you, old man.
- I know.
I think his insulin must have been low the first few weeks [WHAP] God, these sound like rifle shots.
Take it easy, will ya? Because he's actually fun to be with now.
Now we're even.
We're 70-year-old people having a silly pillow fight.
People are trying to sleep.
Aaah! [LAUGHING] I can't sleep.
Oh! I can't sleep.
Hey, what do you guys want to do tomorrow? You know what, do something young.
Do any of you guys want to get into some trouble? Why? - I read about this thing.
- Yeah.
They're all mad at each other, you know, and they got this thing in the middle called the DMV.
- Isn't it called the DMZ? - Yeah, the danger zone.
The most dangerous place in the word zone? - Yes.
- And you want to go there? Yeah, it'll be cool.
You said you want some danger.
- Who said they wanted danger? - I did.
Now, going to the DMZ will be pretty dangerous.
- I'm not doing that.
- Oh, come on.
- Don't be old.
- Yeah, don't be old.
But danger's my middle name.
Well, technically, my middle name's Alden, but you know that expression.
Boy, after last night, this is exactly what my back needed.
This is just absolutely amazing.
Are we really, seriously going to the DMZ? Henry, we're gonna live life to its fullest.
That's why we're here.
- Can we reconsider? - No, this is why we're here.
Adventures in food, adventures in architecture, adventures in new machinery for exercising, and adventure in geography.
The DMZ, the most dangerous place on earth.
You're gonna live life with danger.
Look, this horse could throw me at any moment.
Relax and go with it, relax and go with it.
This feeeels soooo gooooood.
I cannot believe we're going.
Honestly, if this car gets hit by a shell - But, Henry - Yeah.
You do not have to worry.
You're surrounded by two mountains of flesh.
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] - North Korea, fellows.
- Do we have our passports? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hello, how are you? Americans, yeah.
One Canadian.
These guys got serious guns.
That stuff make you nervous? Look at this guy.
North Korea and South Korea are on the brink of war.
So by the time you see this, we may all be dead.
Hey, is that a drone? Look at that.
- What is that? - That's an airplane, dingo.
[OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] Okay, okay, okay, okay! [MELLOW MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] North Korea, fellows.
I cannot believe we're going here.
Honestly, if this car gets hit by a shell Tell me again, why are we going to the DMZ? Because it's dangerous.
It just makes you feel alive.
I feel very, very alive.
I feel very dangerous just being with the four of you.
I know.
My life is threatened every day.
I gotta be cautious.
Trying to sneak up.
We're going to the DMZ.
Oh, they'll know you're coming.
They've got drones and they've got telescopes and they've got equipment that's assessing you.
[FAX MACHINE WHINE] You guys sure this is a good idea? Kind of eerie, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Perfect.
Why so far away? Well, I like to keep these available for the handicapped.
Has it occurred to you that we're all sort of handicapped? - Come on, boys.
- I don't know about this.
Holy Christmas.
We're going to the most dangerous place on earth.
Is that Hey, is that a drone? Look at that.
What is that? - That's an airplane, dingo.
- Oh, that's an airplane? There it is, North Korea.
I don't want to die in this shirt.
There could be a sniper right now zeroing in on one of us.
That guy might have his finger on the trigger right now.
Seriously, look at this.
That stuff make you nervous? North Korea has the worst despot in the world.
Starving millions of his people.
Shhh, don't say that.
I wouldn't talk that close to that guy.
- He's with us.
- Yeah, but the other guy listening to every word you say.
- How far can we get? - Don't, don't, don't, don't - I, I, I - Jeff, come back.
Don't play with that, now.
I'll tell you something else, I don't know what these two guys did, but they got a time-out, didn't they? - Good afternoon.
- Hello there.
I'm officer Sang Wong Sung.
I will be your guide.
- Do not point.
- Oop, sorry.
I just had a question.
- That was stern.
- Follow me.
- Somebody go first, not me.
- Oh, I'll do it.
This line is North Korea.
Is South Korea.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - That's it? - Okay.
All right, I'm going further into South Korea now.
- I'm with you.
- Let's take a picture first.
- You cannot take a picture.
- I don't want any part of this.
No, that's the beauty of the selfie stick.
Now we're in North Korea.
Look at this.
- Jeffrey.
- [PHONE CLATTERS] - Ooh! - Stop! [ALARM BLARING] - Stop! - Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Stop! - Step back, step back.
- [OVERLAPPING YELLING] - Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! Ohhh.
[ALARM BLARING] [SPEAKING KOREAN] You don't actually think I'm gonna bring four legends into one the most dangerous places in the world? Here we go.
This is a movie set 20 minutes outside of Seoul.
Hell, that guy's from Cincinnati.
- Go Bengals.
- Yeah, but these guys don't need to know that.
Please move it.
Here we go.
Going and seeing the DMZ was not on my bucket list, but going to the fake DMZ and mess with their heads a little bit was on my bucket list.
Pick up the speed.
I'll drive.
- [ALARM CONTINUES BLARING] - I just want to say that the DMZ made me really nervous.
Yeah, well, there's only one solution.
I'd like to calm down.
- Okay, ice cream is the answer.
- Well, that would be great.
Chocolate, please.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC] Ice cream is a cure-all.
[LIGHT MUSIC] We looked death in the eyes, guys, and we're living to eat a dripping cone on a hot summer day.
This ice cream tastes much better in the free zone.
Did you see what happened when Jeffrey dropped his camera? Did you see how fast all those soldiers came together? Did you see how fast Henry ran? Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
I never ran so fast in my life.
[LAUGHING] You're welcome.
I'm taking credit for it.
You know what I'd really like? - A massage.
- No way, man.
I came to have fun with you guys.
We're going out tonight.
- Where we going? - Where we going? See some ladies.
Get some ice cream in us.
Whatever you like.
Hah, anyplace is cooler than this place.
I love Seoul, but, God, is it humid.
I could tell time by this ice cream.
The number of drips.
What the hell's the matter with you? I threw up.
[LAUGHING] We came here to get Jeff a girlfriend.
We will not lead you wrong.
This is called the pony.
Yeah, baby.
Ha, ha, ha.
George, that was mine! It was halfway out.
It was halfway out.
I was getting it in position, you thief.
Look at the ass on this thing.
- This is made by Nicki Minaj.
- That's a young joke.
- Yeah, yeah.
- They'll get it on TV.
[LOUD CROWD NOISE] What am I in, heaven? There's so many chicks here.
Well, here we are and there's tons of beautiful women.
Finally I got something better to look at than weird, wiggly fishes and these old dudes' faces.
I've got grandchildren older than this.
This is the best thing I've ever done.
Now, listen, we came here to have some young fun.
That's why we got to find you a good, good honey.
Someone he can be proud of.
- I'll take whatever.
- If he can't get a girl in here, he can't get a girl.
You got to listen to us.
We will not lead you wrong.
Do you think we could help Jeff out with a date? Oh, I don't know because I've been away from the game a long time.
- Yeah, me too.
- When they say swipe right, I think that means there's food over there, you know? What does it mean? I've never even heard swipe right.
I don't even know that my phone swipes right.
Well, it means you really like somebody.
- No.
- How do you know that? I'm, with it.
- I'm current, man.
- Yeah.
- Jeff is coming to town - I've got you in the car - He's looking for a woman - I'm looking for a woman - That won't take him down - That won't take me down These guys have had 11 wives among the four of them.
I don't think I need their advice on women.
Look at this.
Four beautiful girls.
Four guys.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Ditch the dorks and hang out with us? - No, we don't need any girls.
- We don't need any girls.
Hey, what's one night? Well, one night could lead to ruin.
One night could lead to another lost house.
- I don't need that.
- [LAUGHTER] Oh, boy.
Let's try and educate him on what our attitude is.
Like, each one of us will have a different attitude maybe that'll work for him.
I'm not comfortable with all this.
I'm gonna talk to those girls over there.
- Go do it, buddy.
- Oh, boy.
It's time to find Jeff a woman.
This young man needs a girlfriend.
- Come over here.
- Oh, God.
- I'm embarrassed, guys.
- Sit down.
- Hello, there.
- Sit down.
This is Jeff.
Do you speak English? A little bit.
I just like to get everything out of the way.
I am disease-free.
[MUSIC SLOWS, STOPS] I'm thinking the language barrier is helping Jeff.
That's not how a bear get honey.
Lean over and talk.
Let her smell you.
Did you put on that cologne like I told you? Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet Say it, say it.
- And so are you.
- Oh! This is my friend.
He knows poems.
- It's not working.
- That's enough.
I don't understand.
You got to be aggressive.
You got to get up there.
Take a bold step.
You are a major bore.
You got to go get yourself woman! Hey, this is how you do it.
I'm married, married.
I'm married.
Why am I taking relationship advice from someone dancing around like a wild man? Yeah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Well, Jeff, at least I'm not afraid of girls.
I'm not afraid of girls.
Guy, get up here.
Come on, guy.
Boh, boh, boh, boh, boh.
That's Jeff.
See what I'm doing? I don't want to say this night's gone off the rails.
This is called the pony.
Yeah, baby, I'm riding it.
But, this [BLEEP]'s off the rails.
Jeff, you got to have an attitude, and nothing I can do in English can explain it.
I'm gonna sing it for you and then you'll have the attitude.
You're serious? You're gonna sing? Yeah.
There's a great song that will teach Jeff how to get a girl.
- Really? - Yeah.
Go get them, Bill! Get them, baby! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] This is for my friends back there.
- Oh, no.
- Anybody here speak English? Great, you'll love this song.
- [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] - Yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh, yeah! I see you driving around town with the girl I love, and I'm like, forget you.
I'm like, forget you.
I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough.
I'm like forget you, forget her too.
It's time to go solo if I want to meet a nice girl, or a-not-so-nice girl.
Sorry about my dads.
Yeah, look, I'm sorry I can't afford a Ferrari.
That don't mean I can't get you.
I don't know why these guys think I need advice with women.
Trust me, guys.
I do all right.
[SPEAKING KOREAN] Ooh! She probably didn't understand what I was trying to say.
How do you say sex? Ooh.
It's a numbers game.
I wish you the best.
Forget you! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] - You miss your wife? - No, I don't miss her.
[LAUGHTER] He forgot we were filming this.
Oh, oh, yes, yes! [BOTH SPEAKING KOREAN] [UPBEAT MUSIC] [CAR HORNS HONKING] Jeff fell in love.
Nobody wanted to spoon me.
Beat it.
Get outta my potato chips.
[INDISTINCT ANNOUNCER] [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] Good spot for a picnic? These guys do nothing but criticize everything I do, including my game with the ladies, which is on point.
But I'm pretty sure they're gonna like this last little treat I got up my sleeve.
Another man picnic.
I've only had two in my life.
Both of them been on this trip.
- Picnics are for friends.
- What a nice time to kind of enjoy one another.
That's the spirit.
I've been all my life, I guess since 16 years, I've been trying to make money.
Breadwinner for the family.
The big man.
The Olympic champion right to being a professional.
I haven't had a chance to be a little boy.
Now I'm running around.
- I'm enjoying this.
- I see you laughing every day.
I get up and just I'm a kid, and I love it.
I'd like to keep it going.
To me, I'm more into having fun because life to me is so short.
You know what makes the trip special is Jeff.
Every day he gets up ready to go again.
- Thanks, George.
- It inspires me.
I don't know how he does it.
He's 30 years old, George.
No, I've been with guys younger than him who was ready to quit.
He's got a "let's go" spirit.
What nickname would you give him if he was your son? George.
[LAUGHTER] Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist George Foreman is inspired by me.
If I had a microphone right now, I'd drop it.
Unfortunately, it's clipped to this shirt and would be disrespectful to our sound crew.
Honest to God, if we're having a picnic - Where's the food? - It's on its way.
- It's being delivered.
- Is this being catered? - It's being delivered.
- Look what's coming our way.
- That's classy.
- Pretty cool, huh? - That is cool.
- Where's it gonna land? It's the future.
The good thing about the trip is I wake up excited every day to get out and explore things you never knew existed.
This trip afforded me that.
Got it, man.
- How cool is this? - That is cool.
And a steal at only 700,000 won.
- Get out of here! - Look at that thing work.
- Jeff.
- Cool, huh? That does it, yeah.
You have made up for every mistake.
Yeah, and the best part is you don't have to tip a drone.
- [MEN CHUCKLING] - That's funny.
It's really squeezed in there.
You have to pay for a bigger basket, so I got the medium-sized one.
That is really pretty.
That is pretty.
Oh, boy.
Look at here, George.
Oh, ho ho.
Golly, look at that! - That what I sound like? - Hah.
Talk about an advanced society, a drone just dropped us lunch.
Robots are the future.
Soon we'll all be dating them.
We got to hurry up and get you a girl.
You married girls are always trying to make everyone else miserable like yourselves.
Oh, no, we're not miserable.
- [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] - I miss my wife, man.
I miss my wife, I'll tell you.
- Do you miss your wife? - Do I miss her? - Yeah.
- No, I don't miss her.
Oh, oh, yes, yes.
Millions of people.
He forgot we were filming this.
I miss my wife.
I miss my dogs.
- Oh, yeah.
- I miss my horses.
Good thing you put that in order.
[LAUGHING] Who would have thought that going on a trip with these four guys would make us all feel young again? Tonight We are young This feeeels soooo goooood.
It's about trying brand-new things, whether it was eating strange food - Octopus? - Oh, my gosh.
Pushing yourself beyond your own limits Let's set Dancing like teenagers Now, I know that I'm not All that you got Or losing a phone in the most dangerous country in the world.
- Oh! - Stop! - [ALARM BLARING] - Okay, okay.
- So sorry.
- [ALARM BLARING] And at the end of the day, you're still laughing.
And that goes to show you that youth Is a state of mind.
George, that was mine.
It was halfway out.
- It was halfway out.
- I was getting it in position, you thief.
[LAUGHTER] Tonight