Better Than Us (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

EPISODE THREE My user needs nitroglycerin.
What's happening? This bot froze at the drug store.
We’re waiting for tech support.
My user needs nitroglycerin.
Where's your terminator? Finally! Lenya? I have a system error on the ‘Golden Years’ bot.
Whose is it? The same owner as always: Safronov, Nikolay.
I sent you the number.
Get down here.
We'll ship it.
BETTER THAN US Alexei Stepanovich! Hello.
The early bird gets the worm.
Though why would you care? I get you everything, don't I? Why didn't you give us a heads up, Alexei Stepanovich? - We'd have prepared something.
- Tea? Thanks.
I can do it.
Do I have to let you know every time I want to check up on my daughter? Dad, I'm on the air today.
I’ll go get ready, okay? Of course, of course.
Work comes first.
Of course.
It doesn't looks like you're taking care of her.
Are you her husband or what? Take her on vacation, to the beach.
I'm doing everything I can, sir.
Meds, psychologists daily walks.
Everything! Psychologists What are they worth? She needs a baby.
That will fix everything.
What is the problem with your superbot? We’re on it, setting it up.
It should be ready in a couple of days.
Don't mess this up.
Reputation means a lot.
I’ll see you at the Minister's office.
Get ready.
I don't think you'll be disappointed, - Alexei Stepanovich.
- Good morning, Victor.
The system is activated.
Can I help you? Call Maslovsky.
Maslo, where is the bot? Yay! You found it! It was Dad’s idea Sonya.
Yay! I found it! One more time! Sonya? Yay! You found it! Thank you, Sonya! It's a wonderful game.
I like it.
Who are you? Dad, meet Arisa.
She’s a bot.
A bot? I didn't know that Uncle Leva and your mom bought a bot.
They didn’t.
Arisa is our bot.
It's mine, Egor’s and yours.
No, I don’t know, where it's from, but it must go back to its owners.
But Dad! And why did she put on mom's dress? Take it off, please.
As you wish, Georgy.
You should also take off your jacket.
My jacket? It seems a bit of nitrosolvent got on it.
I sense vapors toxic to humans.
Okay Go on.
You change your clothes, please.
Arisa's mine.
Why are you throwing her out? Because this isn't her house, understand? I mean really.
Bringing a bot into the house? When I was your age, I brought dogs home.
Arisa is better than a dog.
She chose me.
Sonya It’s a robot.
Just a hunk of metal.
It can’t choose.
You must understand that.
Egor, did you have something to do with this bot? Good morning to you too.
I thought you got her.
I told you, Arisa is mine.
I love her.
Display the call.
This is bot tech support and user assistance.
My name is Elena.
Are you Georgy Safronov? Yes.
What’s wrong? We have your father's bot.
Nikolay Sergeevich is not picking up.
You’re listed as a contact person.
The bot’s fixed.
You can pick it up now.
Gaivorunovskaya Street, 205.
If you come after 3:00 p.
, you will have to pay for storage also.
Very well.
Have a good day.
Oh, one more question.
Can you tell me who owns a given bot? Yes, we can do that free of charge.
Just come on in.
Thank you.
Sonya, go get ready.
We’re going to Grandpa’s.
Come on.
We'll take Arisa with us.
All right.
There's something wrong about this.
Isn't getting your kids back the right thing to do? Alla, if you want his custody rights revoked, you'll have to act.
- Maybe there's another way.
- Like what? The kids will say, "Dad's great.
We love him".
But my cameras will show, if Dad really loves the kids.
There they are.
Who is she? Don't! You'll give us away.
He brings some strange girl into my kid’s house! Trust me, the court will hold it against him.
OK, let’s go.
Egor! Be careful.
Well, there's no new toothbrush in the bathroom.
She must come and go.
Are you jealous? No! What gave you that impression? If you say so.
But Dad! Dad, please, let us keep Arisa! Sonya, we already decided what to do.
You decided.
Nobody asked me.
- Dad! - Wait a minute, Sonya! Answer it.
Yes, Olegovich? Safronov, where are you? People are waiting for you.
Listen, I’ve got an emergency.
Tell them I’ll be there soon.
What emergency? Turn on the news! The morgue burned down! - What? - The bloody Liquidators Just get here as quickly as possible.
The bloody Liquidators.
We're closed today for a private party.
I have to see Jeanna.
Bars! Well? I just came to say thanks for last You’re welcome.
Is that it? - But I - Get lost.
I don't have time.
You heard him.
- Hi.
- Hi.
No time today.
We're rallying tonight.
I want to come.
It’s members only.
And you’d need a bot.
I have one.
Is it just because Pasha said so? He cares about me.
He doesn’t want me to be with just anybody.
Am I just anybody to you? Fine.
What time does it start? 9:00 p.
I’ll be there.
Egor, I don't want you to get into trouble.
I won't get into trouble.
I'll come at 9:00 p.
with a robot.
All right.
Safronov is running late.
Quite a stroke of luck you had here.
I beg your pardon? Quite an opportune time for the morgue to burn down.
Everything's gone, including the body, cameras and the bots.
What does this look like? - A snowflake - A shitflake! Like crime-concealment arson! You can't mean that? Look what happened! Do you think this is good for me? For you, probably not.
But it may be good for Safronov the pathologist.
Then talk to him.
This is your fault, you left those Liquidators on the loose, now they're wreaking havoc.
It’s not the Liquidators.
The Liquidators always take their trophies.
The chips.
This looks like an imitation.
Volodya, finish up here and get to the lab.
I could use a large pizza right now.
- What’s on the cameras? - Nothing.
Irina, check all the perimeter cameras.
Everything you find.
We've got a serious case here.
Concealing evidence, right, Roman Olegovich? Max, what is this? A new terminator.
Got run over by a tram.
The owners are coming.
Here’s all of the information.
Here’s yours.
Good day, Georgy Nikolaevich.
Hey, Alesha.
Is everything ok? Yes, everything’s fine.
Look, the bot keeps breaking down.
Its owner is an old man who lives alone.
If you want a new one, contact social protection and start filing the papers.
It’s not our responsibility.
And what do we do with this one? It's a strange model.
It’s not registered to anyone.
- Where did you get it? - It latched onto us.
I'm more interested in returning it to its owner.
Take her to the police, to the CCD.
Can't you do that? File an official request.
You’ll also have to stop by the office.
The office.
I don’t have time for the office.
Don’t worry, it's fine Let’s help the guy out.
We’ll take it, no request needed.
I’ll fill it out then.
Fine then.
You’re staying here.
Do what he tells you.
That’s it.
Let’s go.
Then I’m staying too.
Sonya, I’d stay too if I could.
We have to go.
Let’s go, Lesha.
Oh okay.
Let’s go.
Lesha, get into the car.
May I offer you some tea? We can offer you May I offer you some tea? We would like to offer you Stay here for a while, okay? - May I offer you some tea? - We would like Sonya, trust me.
It’s better for Arisa.
She had a technical malfunction and thinks we’re her owners.
Understand? We’re not her owners.
We’re her family.
What if Arisa belongs to a little girl just like you? She's probably very sad right now.
I don't care.
Arisa is mine! We'll continue this later.
Sonya, can you stay by yourself today for a little while? Sonya! Sonya, listen Arisa! Sonya! Arisa! Arisa! Arisa! Arisa! Sonya Sonya, are you okay? Are you dizzy? Are you hurt? I'm fine.
Arisa saved me.
You want a written invitation? I can't believe this! That's a good imitation.
I’m sorry, Georgy.
I don't understand.
That laughter.
It almost sounds real.
Arisa is real.
Just accept it.
That's a good imitation.
God dammit.
Yes, yes.
Right in here.
Where are you going? Now, the average life expectancy is 70 years old, and the age of retirement is 65.
But imagine we gave people up to 20 years of a carefree retirement.
Very interesting.
Well, that’s what the "Early Pension" program is all about.
We put people in retirement at age 50, pay them a pension, and give their jobs to next-generation robots.
The bots' tech support is three times cheaper than salaries and social programs.
But do we have the resources for that kind of shift in the labor market? The best person to answer that is our Robotech genius Victor Toropov.
Cronos is rolling out a new line of bots: Arisa.
Arisa can detect and interpret human feelings.
These are not simply dumb machines.
Bots like Arisa can easily replace humans as teachers, doctors, and so on.
A robot capable of identifying human emotions and feelings will revolutionize the market, gentlemen.
Manufacturing these bots comes at no added cost.
We can base production in Russia, which will create new jobs.
We would like to see a prototype.
The problem is that Arisa is derived from Chinese technologies.
Cronos just developed her, and she's currently undergoing testing.
Testing is not a result.
It's enough.
When can you show us your wonder robot? You should have said no and postponed the presentation.
Give me a break.
So you finally screwed up.
What do you mean "screwed up," Alexei Stepanovich? They listened to us.
More like you got suckered.
You think Goronenko asked you about the bot for no reason? He probably wants to get in on our project.
How? We’re the only ones - who have the bots.
- He doesn't care.
If the Minister approves the early retirement idea, they'll begin financing.
If there's financing, they’ll get bots, but not yours necessarily.
Understand me, son-in-law? I do.
Either the Minister contracts your bot in two days, or you’re history.
Take care.
Listen, I was thinking You have 24 hours.
- I do? - Who else? Who’s the technical director? Me or you? I gave you all of the documents, resources â€" everything! If you don’t get Arisa in 24 hours start looking for a new job.
Got it? You scared me half to death.
- Better now? - I think so.
Then take a look at this.
Cronos lost its bot.
According to our evidence, the only way it could have escaped is in your car.
Now, try to think.
You must have seen it somewhere.
I've never seen her before.
Does she cost a lot? It's too much trouble.
- Okay.
I’ll see you later.
- See you.
EXI Sir, the traffic police sent us footage from the street cameras around the morgue.
They found something.
This happened right at the time of the fire.
Magnify 200%.
What’s that on his back? A well-known brand.
I've never heard of it.
Ira? - Did you order pizza? - No.
Well, someone ordered it for you.
Can I take a bite? Bon appetit.
Thank you.
I wonder who would do such a nice thing.
Pavel Borishovich? Plesheeva, listen Don’t get too comfortable.
I’m going to Svetov for a search warrant.
We’re going to look for the jacket.
Sonya I’ll be back soon, eat the soup.
I want muesli.
We’re out of milk.
I’ll buy some on my way back.
Eat the soup, okay? Arisa, please feed Sonya the soup.
All right.
Okay, go on.
Arisa, can I ask you about something? Yes.
Do you belong to another girl who’s waiting for you and missing you? No.
I have only one girl I know.
That’s you.
Sit down, Arisa.
Stretch out your leg, I want to see where you got hurt.
She’s a bot! - Right.
- Let’s play doctor! Sit on the sofa.
I’ll bring my medical kit.
She's cute.
Cute? He left a six-year-old with a bot! How could he think that's okay? That's not a crime in itself.
That's enough.
Or we'll never get anywhere.
Especially not to Australia.
Find your balance.
When you get it, press with your toes, and you’ll move forward.
Press with the back of your feet to move backwards.
Careful, don’t fall, Dim Dimovich.
Oh Egor! One moment.
Hello there.
So, we're talking again? You owe me a favor.
Can you help me? Okay, what do I have to do? Come with me.
Listen, I really don’t know.
The beggar bots collect money for the mafia.
What mafia? Just distract her.
I’ll do everything else.
I don’t know.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
What if she films me? It's fine.
We’ll get her memory card out.
- Do you know where that is? - We’ll find it.
What if she starts fighting back? I have duct tape.
We’ll tie her down, glue up her hardware and carry her out.
- Shouldn't we drag her out? - Get moving.
Come on, come around this way.
Excuse me.
What time is it? The local time is 3:45 p.
Run! Let’s get out of here! Run! Dim Dimovich, wait! Egorsky! Pussy! Another couple of seconds and I'd have had her.
I did the right thing! That was a crime.
I’m not going to prison because of you.
I never thought you would.
Are you working for the Liquidators? Trying to make new, cool friends, are you? - Well, no one needs you.
- Fuck off! You fuck off! I’ll unfriend you! You jerk! There you are, hunk of junk.
Come in.
You should file the papers for a new one.
Alesha will fall apart soon.
Shall I go to the store? Or anywhere else you need me to go? Don’t worry.
We’re fine on our own.
Why don’t you ever let me help? Since when are you interested in me? Fine once again, I'm the ass.
Well, I need to go.
Okay, go.
After the divorce you'd rather live in the morgue than at my place? No, I live with my kids now, actually.
Alla's been gone.
She left me with the kids.
Well, she’s bloody stupid then.
Nikolai Sergeevich, do you want me to make a hot chocolate? My working theory is the following: Sergei Panin was killed at Cronos.
At the morgue, Safronov falsified the coroner's report, saying the death was from natural causes.
When he found out that I was interested in the body, he burned down the morgue and set it up to look like a Liquidator attack.
- Borisovich.
- It was Safronov, I’m sure of it.
He will lead us to the murderers at Cronos.
Borisovich, start looking into the Liquidators! Think about it! Who are the Liquidators? Just kids.
Juveniles, hooligans.
They've ripped up a couple of bots, that’s their entire crime record.
What about Kirill Belyayev, who’s still in custody? He wanted to become a Liquidator and stabbed a man to death.
That was an accident.
Here, we have a murder! Plus tampering with evidence! Give me a chance, I’ll get Safronov! Enough.
You've got no solid proof.
You dreamt up an investigation, now you're getting carried away.
Remember why they kicked you out of Homicide? It was for excessive enthusiasm.
Why excessive? If you get booted again, that means retirement.
You got that? Loud and clear.
Go down to Kirill Belyayev.
I didn’t bring him up for nothing.
His remand facility called.
He wants to testify.
- Why? - You’re going to find out.
- Well? - The medbot got torched.
We probably won’t be able to restore any information.
I’ll try.
But I doubt it will work.
Ira, when the journalists call, tell them about the jacket.
But don't mention us.
Got it.
And go the remand facility.
Belyayev wants to tell us something.
We’re swamped, boss.
Can't you go? I'm going to see Safronov.
- Did you get the warrant? - Back to work.
Whoa! Olegovich, sorry.
I came as soon as I could.
No need, Georgy.
The morgue is closed.
- You're free to go.
- What's that mean? It means look for another job.
You're a top surgeon, right? What do you mean? I don’t want another job.
The CCD believes this was a case of arson, that it wasn't the Liquidators.
Something tells me they're right.
VADIM: ARE YOU HOME? There are new details in the investigation of the fire at morgue number three.
The arsonist was caught on a security camera.
The suspect left the morgue at 2:00 a.
Perfect! It's as if nothing happened.
Thank you, Sonya.
I want to be a doctor, like my dad.
Now it should heal soon.
My wounds will heal quickly.
The suspicion linking the Liquidators to the fire has not been confirmed.
According to our sources, the arsonist acted alone.
The cameras spotted the suspect leaving the crime scene in a Falcon-brand jacket.
- How about some muesli? - We’re out of milk.
I’ll go get milk.
- Hey, Egor.
- Hi, Grandpa.
I can’t hear you.
Is that better? - That’s good.
How are you? - Great, you? I’m not so good.
I sent Alesha to buy me some medicine, then he disappeared, that bastard.
- Again? - Second time in a day.
Grandpa, if he’s gone, that's it.
He’s a broken bot.
Send in a request for a new one.
I don’t need a new one.
Will you help me? Okay, which pharmacy did he go to? - Hello, Egor.
- Let’s go, Alesha.
- Grandpa, hi.
Sorry, I’m running late.
- Hi.
Everyone is late today.
Where is Alesha? Listen, I didn’t find him.
Here's your medicine.
What do you mean, you didn’t find him? He’s got to be here somewhere.
- Did you look around the neighborhood? - Yeah.
And in the courtyard? I’ve looked everywhere.
Honestly, Grandpa.
Call the office tomorrow and ask.
They probably took him in.
- Can you bring me some water? - Sure.
- Here.
- Thank you.
How did you know what medicine I needed? You always buy the same stuff.
And you remembered? Of course I did.
Got to run, bye! Egor! Egor, wait Hello, Egor.
Let’s go.
What? Bots don’t like cereal? It's not advisable to feed bots.
Oh! Dad’s back.
Open up.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Any adults at home? Hello.
Does Georgy Safronov live here? Yes.
Major Varlamov.
Chief of the Cyber Crimes Department.
And you are? Georgy Nikolaevich Safronov is not here.
And tell them Yes.
- Bars! - Yeah? They just took Zhmyh in.
And we don’t have any bots.
Are you kidding me? What do you mean? Not a single bot?! We don’t have a bot.
Conor doesn’t have a bot, Khrushch doesn’t have a bot.
Nobody has a bot.
We settled everything, decided on everything.
One hour till showtime.
Maybe I can help.
I have a bot.
Where'd you get it? Does it matter? It's not there any more.
All right.
Cut out his chip.
Where is the chip? Every bot has a chip.
Poyar! Just stick it in here, hook it, and pull it out.
Got it? Come on.
Hi, Egor.
Do want me to make you hot chocolate? I’ll make him hot chocolate myself.
Go on.
Stick him! Come on, you wimp! - Stick him! - Come on, stick him! Stick him! Stick him! Cool.
You psycho, you’re coming with us.
Pack him up.
Get to the cars! Well done.
I knew you would come.
Let’s go.
Let’s go.
Well? I have one condition: transfer me to a solitary cell.
It's not exactly a jacuzzi with the girls here, is it? All right.
We’ll get you to a solitary cell.
Now, say what you have to say.
Don’t tell them I told you, but the Liquidators are rallying tonight.
Well You're not telling us anything new.
Yes, we know about it.
Can you surprise us? I know where they're meeting.
Death to the bots! I don’t see anyone.
Come on, let’s play! Come on! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Night of Hanging Bots.
Death to the bots! Life to the living! Drop them! Give me the chip.
This is your first trophy.
Dad! Honey! I’m home.
It’s all right.
Go to your room for a while.
Go on.
How good of you to finally come, Georgy.
What the hell are you doing here? Waiting for you so I can start the search.
It’s all legal.
We didn’t start without you.
- Georgy.
- What's this about? You want to play it by the book? Well then Safronov, Georgy Nikolaevich, you are being suspected of concealment and tampering of evidence pertaining to the murder of Panin, Sergey Valerievich.
- According to article 182 - Shut up.
Are you going to arrest me? That all depends on the results of the search.
It is forbidden to move around while the search is taking place.
Household appliances will be searched as well.
- Georgy - Not now.
- Safronov - I need to wash my hands.
We'll start in there.
- Step aside.
- What for? Step aside before you make things worse.
Major Varlamov did not present a court-issued search warrant.
Stop! Where is the search warrant? Your bot is wrong.
According to Article 182, "Search of private property is conducted following a court order".
A court-issued warrant is necessary only in the case of an official search.
And what is this? A friendly search? We are conducting investigation activities with the voluntarily consent of the suspect.
You've been informed about the situation.
- You didn’t object.
- Get the hell out.
Why so rough, Safronov? Get out of my house.
Legal problems, the police.
Tomorrow we start the official case.
Everything will be okay.
- Did Egor call? - No.
You shouldn’t worry.
They won't find anything.
What could they find here? The jacket's not here.
The jacket? How do you know about the jacket? The jacket is evidence.
Where is it? Open the oven.
What is this supposed to mean? Let’s play.
Well hello, Arisa Number two.