Better Than Us (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

EPISODE SIX So, the demonstration went well.
Your unit was noticed.
Good job.
By the way, who thought of the title: The Night of Beaten Bots? Someone on the Internet.
And it went viral.
I thought you did.
- No.
- Folk art.
Well, it’s good that the masses liked it.
We’ll talk about a new program in a couple of weeks.
Listen, we’ll get it.
Please, give us a chance.
What do you mean? I have ideas.
Can’t you see how dumb it is? We prepare for a day, wait for a month.
We need to have events every day.
Event after event.
Then everyone will be aware of our unit.
Then everyone will know who the liquidators are.
They will.
They’ll know it so well, you’ll be sorry.
As the organizer, you’ll get ten years.
Your sister might get parole as an adolescent.
But you never know what’s best.
If she doesn’t have parents.
If her brother is in jail.
It’s a straight road to prostitution.
Do you want a revolution? Fucking Trotsky wannabe I took you out of a shithole.
Protected you.
Gave you a job.
Sit and learn.
Learn from smart people.
You want independence? Think you’re old enough for independence? - I don’t understand what the problem is.
- Max! I told you: sit quiet.
Your time will come.
Do you get me? Yes I do.
Now, second question.
There’s a kid in your gang.
His name is Egor Safronov.
Know him? BETTER THAN US Hello, Pavel.
That’s unexpected.
So you decided to visit.
Come in, if you feel like it.
I apologize for the mess.
Gave the household a day off.
Do you need help? No thanks.
I’ve brought you some food.
Came to feed a stray dog? Let’s talk business.
I’ve dug through the archives.
Take a look.
It seems that Safronov did surgery on Toropov’s son.
So, they’re buddies? No, they’re not buddies.
The surgery went badly.
The boy died.
Toropov even sued Safronov.
Why do I need to know that? Well I think you were wrong.
I think Safronov should be looked at as an ally, not an enemy.
I don’t doubt that it was probably his fault, but Why not suppose that Safronov was acting against his will? Why not suppose that I’m not interested in this? - How so? - Just like that.
Did you forget that I’m suspended? So? So you’ll just give up? Pavel, what about all your words? About the fact that you need to carry on to the end.
Go ahead.
Carry on to the end.
I’ll see how long you last.
So it’s that kind of a reality show? Who’s that guy? - An actor? - Just a guy off the street.
Just a guy? Doesn’t look like it from his clothing.
Well, they’ve dressed him up.
No one wants to look at bums.
So, you show them to other people too? Of course we do.
We test them in different focus groups.
Mostly they’re average-income families.
The result is more than positive, 82% want to buy this exact bot model.
That doesn’t surprise me.
The video is impressive.
It could make for a good presentation.
For the future TV show.
A show? I thought it was a competition.
And I thought your Arisa was supposed to go tap dancing in front of the Minister a month ago.
That’s it! Forget about it.
We’re the ones setting the rules now.
The best robot will be chosen by competition.
The competition will be live.
To also present the Early Retirement Program.
Who came up with this brilliant idea? I have no idea.
The Minister liked it.
So The competition will now be like American Idol, but for robots.
Your Arisa must get first place.
What do we do now? It’s one thing if you compare Arisa’s characteristics with other bots.
She’s unparalleled here.
A show is a totally different thing.
How will we prepare? Easy.
Every show has a scenario.
So you just need to find out about the contests and prepare Arisa.
How? You can’t program her.
You have to teach her.
Let Safronov teach her then.
If she appointed him her family, let him handle her.
As a family matter.
After copulation, during which the male must balance on the female’s back, the eggs are deposited.
George? What? Since I have to live here you have to move out.
Where? It would be better if you moved to a different flat.
But I know that it’s impossible.
But the fact that you’re in the living room all the time is appalling.
I think you should move to Leo’s study.
Will that suit you? Of course.
Thank you.
Just don’t touch anything in there.
Leo hates that.
Alla, wait.
Wait a minute.
What’s wrong? I understand that you have your own business.
So do I.
But it’s how things have gone: we’re both under one roof again.
So help me.
I’m trying to make it work.
At least do something so we can feel that we’re family again.
What? A family.
A family, Alla.
Safronov, I have a husband.
He’s waiting for me in Australia.
For me and my children.
If you hadn’t caused all this, we would be living in our new home now.
And now I’m forced to pretend I'm hell knows what.
Cameras that are almost getting in my bed! I’ll explain to my daughter that I’m her mother.
That I’m better than her electronic doll.
What family are you talking about? Our old family, Alla.
The one we had for 13 years.
We never ever fought.
Remember? We’ve smashed a lot of dishes.
Are you ready to let it all go? No, Safronov! I’m not ready.
I’ve let it all go.
And I think you should do the same.
The family that you’re talking about is gone.
Don’t touch me.
Please don’t ever talk about it again.
I need to get a breath of air.
I wasn’t right.
Alla doesn’t always lie.
Right now she spoke honestly.
Hi, everyone.
Oh, Egor! Jeanna, stop! Guys Bars, what’s going on? Let’s go.
Get the hell out of here! Go on! Get out! - Jeanna! - Let’s go.
I haven’t had that memory for ages.
Now it came.
I know we shouldn’t.
But I love Leo.
I’m not going to cheat on him.
Especially with Safronov.
I understand No, I really understand.
I’m just envious.
Unlike you, I don’t even have memories like that.
- Stupid bitch! - You’re the dumb bitch! Please.
- Anything else? - No.
Tell me, how’s Leo? Well he’s fine.
Misses you.
Says that the house looks empty.
Wants to order furniture with us.
Tell him what’s going on.
What? Tell him that my ex-husband is trying to seduce me? And that we’re living together? No, Leo is a golden soul.
But even he can’t handle that.
Anyway It all depends on you now.
We need to secure custody for the kids and get out of here.
The court hearing is in a month.
How? Just like that.
We need to do something about that.
Well, you’re smart.
Think of something! Daddy, look! Well, what’s going on here? Sorry.
I said you’re busy.
What’s this? A hospital? It’s not just a hospital.
It’s your new job.
See? You’re the doctor.
And Arisa and I are your nurses.
Wow! That’s so cool! Yep.
It is.
An ideal family.
What happened? Nothing.
I’m just tired.
I need some rest.
Bye, everyone.
Mom, do you want to see my drawing? This is not “tired”.
It’s alcoholic intoxication.
I’ll soon be intoxicated by you.
Why? I just warned you that Alla is lying again.
Why warn me? Do you think I want to know that? Should I call Jeanna? EGOR Don’t even think about it.
Vic? Vic? Did you want something? Everything is ready.
Coming? Yes.
In a minute.
What’s this, Safronov? Yes.
It’s Safronov.
Do you mean to tell me that your company is advertised by a man that took away all we had? Unfortunately, that’s the case.
- I don’t understand.
- You don’t need to.
Just accept it as a sad obligation.
A sad obligation? You’re working with a man that you personally wanted to kill.
And it’s just a bit “sad” for you? Well, it is sad.
Cronos presents a new generation of empathic bots, “Arisa”.
This is the first robot capable of sensing human emotions.
Arisa is a member of your family.
A teacher.
A helper.
A friend.
Pre-order today.
So, shall we run round the park? What’s wrong? Toropov not only dressed you but made you get in shape? What does Toropov have to do with it? You’re right about the shape.
Otherwise you can’t stand for six hours during surgery.
Well then, run, Safronov.
I still need my coffee.
How about coffee and running together? Run, Safronov.
Good morning.
George? I’m a member of Major Varlamov's staff.
I thought you said it was a good morning? Hi.
Just got out.
Has Vic gone? Mrs.
Svetlana, Mr.
Maslovsky is here to see you.
I see.
You can go.
Man How can you live with that miracle? Vic likes it.
Let’s hurry.
What’s wrong with Boris? You’ll see.
Did he hurt himself? Or is it the joints? Svetlana, where is? What’s wrong with Boris? He’s not here.
God, I’ve missed you! I missed you too.
This competition is killing me.
- Maslovsky.
- What? Shut up.
I didn’t file any complaints against your Varlamov.
I thought it was you.
Why did you suspend him? Knowing his methods, there is reason to.
Of course.
And Toropov’s methods seem fine to you? Do you even know who he works for? He’s a murderer.
Or at least an accomplice.
Lady, can’t you understand that we don’t have any solid evidence about Toropov’s connection to Sergei Panin’s death? I’m not talking about him.
Then who are you talking about? Toropov is connected with the abduction and murder of 12 children.
I like your natural color.
It doesn’t suit me anymore.
You’re mad.
Sorry, I forgot that you don’t like to be called that.
Maybe we can meet somewhere else? Not at Vic’s house? Are you nervous? It’s my house too.
Why does my husband work with Safronov? Did he play a part in this? He helped him cover the trail.
His firm made the bots with the faces of the abducted children.
Why? Well, imagine: a child doesn’t come home.
The parents call the police, the investigation begins.
And at the same time they get a bot-copy out on the street.
Witnesses, who saw it, start calling in.
Plus there’s video footage.
The crime scene is now completely masked.
The time and place of the abduction Everything.
And in the end they decide that the kid just ran off.
Children do, sometimes.
Only after several bot-children are caught does the methodology of the crimes become clear.
Svetlana Honey, you know I’m always on your side.
But Vic doesn’t have a way out.
What are we supposed to do if Arisa only listens to Safronov? Lose the competition? Can you lose it? It turns out we can.
If we could only find out what the bots will have to do Or bribe at least one of the judges, but Vic is trying, but so far there’s nothing.
Plus Arisa can do something unexpected.
But that’s great.
What is? That my husband’s company will lose? Of course.
I thought Vic couldn’t be brought down.
If what you say is true Maslovsky, do you want us to be together? Yes.
Then you need to find a way to fail at the competition.
Let me look at Boris.
What’s wrong with him.
Maslovsky Igor.
Talk to me.
That’s it, Svetlana.
It’s a closed subject.
Don’t forget that Vic is not only my boss, but my friend.
Is that why you’re fucking his wife? Is that what friends do? Do you want us to stop? No, I want you to be a man.
So? You’re the brains behind Cronos.
And Vic tramples over you.
Not to mention what he’s done to me.
So leave him.
Are you kidding? Do you want him and his dad to drag me back to the nuthouse? I’m nothing more than pocket change to them.
While my father has his bet on Vic, we don’t have a chance to escape.
The problem is that I’m an even worse bet for Losev.
If Vic goes, they’ll throw me out too.
You’re wrong.
Dad really values you.
Values He doesn’t even remember my name.
Don’t worry.
He will.
Thought of something new? I’ll get everything done myself.
If everything you tell me is true, why is Toropov still free? He said that he followed orders.
Didn’t know about the bots.
And they believed him? Varlamov doesn’t.
But important people got involved.
They’ve dropped the charges.
Pavel was forced to leave the Murder Department.
And began working my case to prove himself? But he wasn’t wrong.
Because you did provide cover for Toropov.
But I do suppose that you had no choice.
Now you do.
What choice? Talk to Pavel.
He’s not an easy person to deal with.
He’s not always fair.
But he’s not Toropov.
Are you sure that if you get involved you won’t put yourself and your kids in greater danger? Think about that.
Guys, I’m home! Hi, everyone.
George, I’ve brought you a towel.
Thank you.
How was your jogging? Okay.
What? Now you’re not being sincere with me.
You're our family detector.
Okay, let’s go and see if you’re really so great a detector.
Get ready.
Alex, you’re a genius.
Nothing is impossible for you.
Vic, not now.
I’ll be in touch.
In touch Another failure? As if their competition will follow the rules.
Where have you been? At your home.
Svetlana called me in to check on Boris.
Dumb bitch Did she ask about Safronov? She did.
Had to tell her about our helpless situation.
Maybe you should go softer on her? She's been through such trauma.
Listen, Maslovsky, maybe you shouldn’t teach me about dealing with my own wife? Sonny, Mom needs to go out now, ok? Hurry! Hurry! Where are you taking me? Look, they’re showing us on TV! Arisa, your family member.
Your teacher, helper, friend - That’s all we need right now.
- Pre-Order Today.
That’s intense.
Call Egor.
Why? You wanted to see him.
Call him.
Call him.
Well? I think it’s brilliant.
Was this on air? What’s the problem, Safronov? Don’t you like being a star? The problem is that you began airing my family's private life, with no warning.
Privacy, private space does that sound new? Everybody’s teaching me today.
- Vic - Shut up! Let’ deal with it, Safronov.
What’s more important to you: to bring treats to your son in jail, or to live a happy, family life? Didn’t they tell you that you would be filmed? Didn’t we tell you that the competition would be on air? Sorry, I’ve lost it.
Have a seat, Arisa.
We’re all working for one cause.
While we’re still working on it, let’s have a truce.
Deal? Deal But on one condition: Since the ad is on air, you don’t need cameras in my house anymore.
You’re a kamikadze, Vic! Attacking Safronov in her presence! When she stood up, I thought we’d have another corpse on our hands.
We’ll have one, Maslovsky.
We will.
Not now.
After the competition.
Hi, Egor.
Thanks for coming.
Actually, I came earlier.
Remember? Of course I do.
And gave Bars a good beating.
But that proved useless.
If he decided something, he’ll Why didn’t you reply? Because of him.
And now? And now he called you in.
Hi, Egor.
Calm down.
Sorry about last time.
Had to check Check what? Check that you’re not undercover.
What? Weren’t you at the police station? I was.
But they let me out in 24 hours.
Got off too easy.
Don’t you think? I needed time to check that you didn’t betray anyone.
Cool it, Bars.
If he set us up, we wouldn’t be here right now.
So, if we’re all free, then welcome home, brother.
Let’s go.
She’s a bot.
Yes, I understand.
No, don’t think that way.
Bots are evil and all that, but But Arisa is different.
She’s smart.
She’s Sonia’s friend.
I like the story you're telling.
Can you show me? Show you what? Show me this Arisa.
I didn’t take her picture.
I don’t need her picture.
Show me her live.
I don’t know how.
She’s always busy.
Come on, Egor.
Jeanna will like it, won’t you? That’s a great idea.
What if Arisa is a unique robot.
Intelligent creatures shouldn’t be killed.
Even bots.
What would you say? Bars, forgive me.
But that doesn’t sound good.
- What are you talking about? - You told me we wouldn’t get Egor into this.
I mean, Wes said that.
And everyone.
He’s not only sitting here all evening, but now you’re planning to invite his bot.
Get the bot into the “Bot Net”.
That’s a bomb! Are you done? Listen to me.
Wes doesn’t trust us to plan operations.
He’s afraid that we won’t be able to handle it.
But I’ll prove to him that we’re men, not boys.
We’ll bring him a bot that will take part in the competition.
And Egor will bring him.
Gleb, you’re the only guy in my office that doesn’t look at my girls.
I'm not interested.
We’ve got boys.
Not interested in them either.
As one of the shareholders you should be interested in the services we provide to our clients.
What’s that? Advance pay? A bonus.
Your idea of creating a controlled radical organization worked.
According to the census, The Night of the Beaten Bots was met with a negative reaction among all social groups.
Liquidators are now widely seen as marginal elements.
That’s how it was supposed to be.
Now we have to make sure the liquidators don’t start improvising.
Vic, I formed the liquidators.
I can liquidate them too.
Anything else? I need your people to look after Safronov’s family.
What about your security? Don’t you trust them? They’re too dumb.
Guarding the office is one thing, this is another All right.
I got you.
I’ve missed you.
If you only knew how tired I am of being without you.
Of course! How could it be otherwise? What’s with the voice? Aren't you glad to hear me? - I’m just tired.
- Tired? Why are you tired? It’s morning.
The start of the day.
Not from work.
From constant lying.
- I don’t understand.
- I don’t understand either.
I have no idea what’s going on.
I understood when you asked me to pay for your kids’ schooling.
I understood when you stayed in Moscow to look after Safronov.
But now what’s going on? Are you together again? I have an odd feeling I beg you, don’t treat me like an idiot.
- Leo! - That’s not a good thing.
I’m not treating you like an idiot.
It’s not like that.
Enough! I saw the ad.
Your family Are you leaving me? No! It’s just how things are going.
With you, things are always “going”.
You always hide the most important things, Alla.
I just didn’t want to upset you.
And I just want to know that you’re not lying to me.
And now forgive me, but I don’t believe you.
I don’t trust you.
Earliest flight.
Earliest flight: S7 Airlines, September 18th.
This is Arisa.
Our bot.
Good morning.
You’re early.
Hi, Dad.
- Rise early, get served by Arisa.
- Sonia, don’t talk like that.
Arisa is our bot, not our servant.
I didn’t think of that.
Egor did.
Thank you, Egor.
I like it.
George, do want an omelet? Marina, I’ll open the door.
What’s going on? Did you feed my family antidepressants? I beg your pardon.
I don’t understand you.
What happened? I ran as if there was a fire.
Don’t ask questions, just play along.
Play along to what? I’m going back to Leo.
The world is changing.
My daughter now wants to be with Dad.
I wanted to help you and Vic with the competition.
Really? How? I wanted to be one of the show hosts.
But it’s time to get back to normal life.
Well, if that’s so, maybe it would be better if you just had kids.
One way or another, we have to start with something.
First of all, get close to Vic.
Now we’re husband and wife, living as strangers.
Do you want to improve relations with your husband? Did I get that right? Yes, Dad, you always get it.
All right.
I’m all for it.
Will you help me make it to the show? This is getting way too macho style.
What else can you expect from a retired general?! Is Granenko a general? His bot is a sergeant.
Am I intruding? Hi.
Vic, a couple of minutes for me? Hi, Svetlana.
Vic, I’ll come by later.
I thought we'd agreed that I work at work.
Well, this is about work partially.
I know I haven’t been supportive.
I want to change that.
I want to host the competition show.
Are you kidding? Moreover, I want to introduce your bot.
With all my charm and professionalism.
As far as I know, it will be easier for you to prepare if you know what the bots have to do.
We'd love it! Well then here you go! What’s this? The show script.
Just remember â€" it’s really top secret.
Exclusively for the inner staff.
Had to sign ten papers to get it.
You’re a golden girl.
I know.
All right.
Don’t let me get in the way.
Work on.
How many times do I have to tell you: don’t call or visit Cronos directly! Do you want me to get caught with the head of the liquidators? Come on, Kate, don’t worry.
I’m not that popular.
Tell that to the security service.
They’re completely off the hook because of the competition.
Are they checking you too? Not as much.
I’m Maslovsky’s assistant.
And he’s Toropov’s right hand.
Still, that's no reason for you to set me up, get it? Sorry.
I won’t.
It’s just that Can you tell me about the bot that your boss wants to get out for the competition? Arisa? She’s a very cool bot.
Judging by her characteristics, she’s the new evolutionary step that will replace mankind.
Will your boss get really upset if we take that replacement? It’s hard getting to her.
Most people can’t, but if you know the right person FLIGHT REGISTRATION IS OVER.
Sonia, Egor, gather round.
We’re going to the aqua park.
Hurray! Will we get ice cream? - Most definitely.
- Mom, I’m sorry.
I have things to do.
What things? Well Come on, Egor.
Let’s all get together.
I’m coming too.
Come on, pack up.
Right, Sonia? Yes! I’ve been waiting for you! Let’s go to the park! Come on, get ready.
You’re not against that? Of course not It’s just that I wanted to prepare for my new job.
You’ll have time.
But I’ve called Marina to come and help me.
And I just came.
Well, if that’s the only reason Anyway.
Sonia, Egor, we’ll be waiting down below.
Alla is lying.
What about, this time? I don’t have that information.
Sonia, will you be long? Come on.
Alla, can I talk to you for a minute? - Go on.
I’ll catch up.
- Yes? - Forgot something? - No.
I just wanted to thank you.
For what? For everything.
For your patience and understanding.
For agreeing to live with me.
And with this shrew bot.
You know, we had a talk with Vic yesterday No more cameras.
I know that’s not much, but I hope you'll feel better.
Sorry for the delay.
I’ll go on and prepare for the new job.
Have fun.
Flight registration is now open.
Online registration? ONLINE REGISTRATION Do the children know where we’re going? No.
Will you tell them? I’ll try somehow.
Con job.
Leo saw the damn ad.
Where? In Australia? Damn it.
Just one question.
Have you thought of what Toropov will to do Safronov, when he finds out three quarters of the family that was supposed to present the bot at the competition ran off to Sydney? Oh God That’s what I’m talking about.
What? Stop! What’s with Mommy? Nothing, honey.
It’s ok.
It’s just that Mom got dizzy.
It will pass.
Did I sleep for long? 4 hours, 32 minutes, 15 seconds.
Did Alla call? No.
She sent you a delayed email.
How do you know? I register all incoming calls, emails and messages on your accounts.
Can you read it? "Dear George, When you get this email, Egor, Sonia and I will be far away.
Forgive me.
But you and Toropov left me no choice.
I was forced to take the kids and go to Australia.
To Leo.
" What? What Australia? Call Alla.
Should I continue reading? Okay George, I’m registering a dangerous emotional state.
Can I offer you some calming medicine? The hell with it.
She stole custody of my kids.
Kidnapped them.
- I’m going to the airport.
Let me through.
- No.
- Let me through! - No! Let me through, that’s an order.
Your emotional state excludes the possibility of operating a vehicle.
What? I’ll break you up into spare parts! Let me through! George, I’ve scanned Alla’s last web interactions.
Last night she bought three tickets to Sydney, on a flight that left 38 minutes ago.
George, your behavior really troubles me.
You’re undergoing severe stress.
Perhaps you should consult a psychologist.
If you’re worried about suicide, calm down.
That’s not my style.
You’ll jump.
My construction is not fit for such jumps.
Exactly my point.
I’ve lost my family because of Toropov.
He’ll lose you because of me.
Not an equal score.
But at least he’ll lose the competition.
Get out of the car.
I understand your intention.
But I must refuse.
I don’t give a damn.
Get out of the car.
That’s impossible, George.
I’m your last defense.
All right.
Then I’ll jump.
That’s not a wise decision.
I can’t help you with that.
Try! You won’t even try? Let me go! I’m sorry.