Better Than Us (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

1 EPISODE THIRTEEN [happy pop music playing] Everybody's gonna make The moon shine bright When the morning comes We'll wish it was the summer Everybody's gonna shake And swing tonight Everybody's gonna Make it all seem right When the morning comes We'll wish it was the summe r Hey, girls Everything's gonna be right this time [music fades] [Katya] Activate system.
[System] Activate autonomous mode? - Yes.
- Confirmed.
Everybody's gonna make The moon shine bright When the morning comes We'll wish it was the summer Everybody's gonna shake And swing tonight Everybody's gonna Make it all seem right There she is! Should we grab her? What for? Walking a bot down the hallway? Let's see what she's up to.
[minimalist piano music playing] [deep booming] [electronic bleeping] [music intensifies] [dramatic piano chords] [music continues to build] [gunshot] - [bleep] - [whirring] [heavy breathing] [panting] Arisa, what's the matter? You were being intimate.
It's called sex.
Why not with me? What? Why were you intimate with her, not me? That is my purpose.
I explained this to you when you tried to replace Alla.
I am doing everything I can to be useful.
I won the tender.
I have changed my behavior patterns in order not to kill.
We need to restore your family.
We need children.
Why are you not taking Sonya back from Alla? Why are you sending Egor to Alla? Because Alla is his mother! You're nobody to Egor.
Or to Sonya! Or even to me! We must be together, Georgy.
For God's sake.
Which coder put this crap inside your head? You will never be part of my family.
Never? That is my purpo purpo - [Arisa's voice glitching] - [whirring] What the hell? - Who cares? I'm sick of her.
- Has this ever happened before? - Before, she wouldn't even turn on.
- Damn it, it's the system.
What was that about her mission? She's obsessed with becoming my wife.
So she was serious? That's terrible timing.
And you, too.
Don't get all worked up.
It's just a bot.
Except this bot is a thousand times more important to me than you are.
Really? Uh-huh.
You two deserve each other.
[squeaky voice] Hi.
I spoke to the landlord.
We'll leave the keys in the hall.
We can go.
- You've been behind the wheel all night.
- It's fine, I'll manage.
Get up.
It's time to go.
- To Australia? - No, home.
Daddy! Daddy will be there too.
Look, about Egor I think we should warn Safronov.
Give me your hand.
[Lara] Look I didn't mean to offend you or anything.
It's just that I'm good with bots, but with people I screw up.
I know you probably want to bail right now but if you give me a bit of time I can try to restart Arisa.
If you let me, of course.
Egor is missing.
Egor? He's with his mother.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
UNKNOWN BUYER #123 BIDDING CLOSED You're leaving? What about Arisa? Tell her I said hi.
You're just going to leave her? [door closes] Damn it.
[distant rumble of machinery] SBER HEALTH Hello.
This is the SBER HEALTH Remote Medical Help Portal.
A doctor that's always with you.
Please go through the basic diagnostic procedures before contacting a doctor.
First, take your temperature and blood pressure.
[difficulty breathing] Give me your hand.
[clicking] [bleep] The recorded data are above the norm.
Performing urgent How high is it? It's fine.
Just 37.
Give it here.
You're lying.
- [Zhanna] Egor, let me see it.
- [Egor] Let me bring you some water.
[Zhanna] I can feel it.
How high is it? [Egor] You need to drink more water.
[Zhanna] Egor, is it 40? [Egor] Don't worry.
I told you, it's just 37.
Please, let me call an ambulance.
No ambulance, no hospitals.
Promise me.
OK, fine.
No hospitals.
Don't worry, I won't hand you in.
- Hey, where's Bars? - He's not here.
Call him.
Am I supposed to search this whole place? [Egor] He's not here at all.
He left with the others.
Why, has something happened? You tell me.
What's this? I take out the trash and find this Texas Chainsaw Massacre crap.
- [man] Why are you here? - [Egor] We're leaving.
Let's go.
[Zhanna groans] What's that? A gunshot wound? Get out of here, now.
Out! Or I call the cops.
Get on my back.
[heavy footsteps] [footsteps receding] [Moose] Joy Cheese Entertainment.
What? Joy Cheese Entertainment.
Rehearsal for the office party tomorrow.
What office party? - The tech office called.
- At night? Rehearsals take place at night, sir.
We're booked for this time.
Check your list.
Go ahead.
They're expecting you.
[driving rock music playing] - Someone's here for you.
- Thanks.
[rock music continues] Hello.
- Are you kidding? - What's wrong? I never ordered this.
Reception must have messed up.
[Katya] I don't care who messed up.
I need the equipment now! - Then cancel the delivery.
- This is your mistake.
You need to solve this.
What's going on here? Thanks for coming.
They brought the wrong order and they're insisting I take it.
Take a look for yourself.
[taser crackling] [guard] Now? Too early.
We'll catch them red-handed.
[rock music continues] [screeching tires] [music building to a peak] Let's do it.
North wing, service entrance.
- Should we call Toropov? - We'll catch them, then call him.
Stop! Don't move! Stop! Bars, no! We'll escape through the warehouse.
Damn it.
Go! Get in, get in! [beep] [series of bleeps] [bleep] - [ping] - [in Chinese] Hello.
[in English] Sorry, I don't speak Chinese, but give me a moment.
I'll run translation process.
[beep] [in Russian] Try saying something.
[in Chinese] Do you work for Mr.
Toropov? [in Russian] I'm a representative of Mr.
He's Head of R&D at Cronos.
Unfortunately, I don't know that gentleman.
Did he give you my details or was it Mr.
Toropov personally? Neither of them.
I found them in Arisa's memory.
I'm working on her.
Unbelievable! How did you do it? Teacher would have been proud! Please, speak slower.
I don't understand.
Yue Hung Chan, the late creator of Arisa.
And what would he be proud of? If you've managed to find my contact in Arisa's memory, then the reboot had already begun.
Of course Rebooting And that means that Arisa is progressing to the next stage.
[guard] Stop! On the ground! I said get down! Get back! Get back! Grenade! [hissing] What now? Is there another exit? No.
- Goddamn it! - What do we do? Katya Bars, what the hell? We can't get her out.
So we'll shoot the video here.
[percussive music playing] [whirring] [guard] Goddamn it.
Hey, you hunk of junk, stop! [gunshots echoing] Now do we call Toropov? [gunshots ringing out] [click] [Bars] Moose, get closer.
Bars, enough.
Chill out.
- What? - Enough, Bars.
[guard] What are you waiting for? They're reloading! [clatter of gunfire] Moose, this is awesome! Film it, don't be scared! [impact] [clang] [metallic impacts] Moose! Easy, easy, hold on.
Hold up.
Bastards! - [Bars] Vulture! - Bastards! [loud gunshot] - Don't move! - On the ground! [whispering] It's OK.
It's OK, Mom.
For a long time, we were only allowed to have one child.
But that was a long time ago.
Yes, but we're only feeling the fallout now.
Most parents would have an abortion if they were expecting a girl.
Now millions of our men have no chance at starting a family.
Arisa was supposed to be the answer.
Are you saying that Arisa was just a sex bot? No, no.
She's the perfect wife.
Her mission is to love her husband, adopt children with him and protect them at any cost.
At any cost? What about the Three Laws of Robotics? Teacher removed that restriction.
A wife shouldn't obey anybody - just her husband.
But a robot that's given that kind of freedom must be trained.
Teacher tried but the project was shut down.
It literally killed him.
How did Arisa end up here? Before he died, he made me promise that I would find a new home for her.
Toropov agreed to take her.
What's happens when she reboots herself? Nobody knows.
Anything is possible now.
[city rumble] [guard] Killed in the shootout.
Our own employee, believe it or not.
A mole.
She worked right next-door to Victor Pavlovich.
She resisted until the end.
[gunshot] [Gleb] How many people were with him? [guard] Three.
We got them all.
He's tough.
What about your casualties? One guard was killed.
Three were wounded.
Send me the footage from the cameras.
There's something else.
- What's this? - They were filming it.
Looks like they've already uploaded it.
[gunfire over speaker] [eerie music playing] [Arisa] Georgy? I want to see Georgy.
- Where is he? - Are you done rebooting? How are you feeling? - Where is Georgy? - He's out.
Before finding Georgy, I need to finish charging my system.
Hold on, you've been recharging all day.
Can we talk first? I want to talk to Georgy.
Not to you.
[sighs] [phone pings] Moose, this is awesome! Film it, don't be scared! Do you have any idea what's going to happen now? The uproar? And we're the ones who are going to start that uproar.
We need maximum publicity.
The Liquidators broke into your building and started a gunfight to discredit Cronos.
- Using my own bot? - That's not your bot.
It was made by the Liquidators, too.
They built a remote-controlled copy of Arisa.
Then staged an attack on humans to discredit the original.
- You think that's going to work? - It's true, isn't it? Almost.
No one has to know the details.
Just one thing.
If we show them that copy of Arisa, we also have to show them the original.
And Safronov has it.
Don't worry.
You'll get both Arisa and Safronov.
We're doing what we can for now.
Keep me posted.
[phone beeps] Oh.
Come on, boys.
A few million more and I'm golden.
[ringtone] Hey.
Hey there, stranger.
Thank you so much.
The auction was a cool idea.
Ten hours to go and I already have 80% of the money.
[man] There will be no money.
You conned me.
What? What are you talking about? I asked you plainly if you had the goods.
You said yes.
I do.
So? Then how do you explain this? Look.
It's all over the Internet.
ROBOT KILLS HUMANS [gunfire over phone speaker] No one wants it now, even for free.
I'm closing the auction.
- But - Right now.
[hangs up] Of course.
[pulsing music playing] [shutter clicks] What the You scared me.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I have finished charging.
Is Georgy back? I told you, he's gone for good.
I want to find Georgy.
And I want 18 million.
Making your wishes come true is not my responsibility.
You don't mind that Safronov left you with me? Why are you looking at me like that? Trying to see if I'm lying? You are telling the truth.
But I don't understand.
- What don't you understand? - Why he did it.
Look, Safronov doesn't want you.
Can't you see that? He's always trying to hand you over to somebody else.
The Liquidators, CCD Now it's me, you see? I get it, you have your programming, your mission.
But just accept it.
Safronov doesn't give a shit about you.
I do not understand.
What does that mean? He doesn't appreciate you.
Do you? I do.
You're worth at least 18 million to me.
And that's God's honest truth, by the way.
Well, do we have a deal? Are you staying with me? Yes.
Provided that Safronov can tell me himself that he doesn't give a shit.
God, you're a drag.
Fine, let's go.
Where? Where do you think? To find Safronov.
[descending stairs] MASSACRE AT CRONOS NO BOTS, NO PROBLEM? LIQUIDATORS CAUSE TROUBLE [bleep] [male voice] Mr.
Toropov, we have something of interest to you.
We want 20 million as a reward.
We guarantee the transaction will be confidential.
[door slams] [door opens] Hey, what are you doing here? Get the hell out.
I will.
Just tell me, have you seen a kid here Are you stupid? Don't make me call security.
I'm sick of the Liquidators.
Leaving all that crap behind, and then [crash] I'm just asking you if you've seen my son.
You should have told me he was your son.
He left, with a girl.
- Where? - How should I know? Your boy called someone.
A buddy of his.
Called him some weird name.
Din-Din or Don-Don.
That wasn't so hard.
Life to the living! [ominous music playing] What's the emergency? I need a friend right now.
I thought you had friends.
New and cool ones.
The Liquidators are not my friends.
I'm sorry for calling you names.
That tin can wasn't worth it.
So you finally got it.
I just wanted to impress a girl, and I actually managed to.
So you really got a girl now, Egor? Yeah.
And she's in trouble.
Come on.
Help me out.
[percussive music playing] [Dimych] Egor, she needs to go to a hospital.
How about we call an ambulance? [Egor] No.
She just has to lie down.
[Dimych] You're in luck.
My dad's gone on a business trip.
He's away for three days.
He's always away.
Mom hates it but I think it's awesome.
[Dimych] did you join the Liquidators because of her? [Egor] I'd do anything for her.
[recording of Dimych's dad] Put down your bracelet and eat your meal.
- [bleep] - [system] Identity confirmed.
[Dimych] Should I bring you some food or meds? Just tell me what kind.
Thanks, but I don't know what we need.
No worries.
[man] What's this? - Dad? - What are you doing here? - How do you know about this place? - I thought you were on a trip.
It's up to me where I spend my time.
And you two, get out of here.
I'll talk to you later.
[sex bot] Hello, Dim-Dim.
Egor? [dad] So that's how it is? You've been here before? And you bring your buddies, too? Dad, we've got someone who's really sick This girl.
Why did you bring her here? What if she's infected? - She's Egor's girlfriend.
- Don't worry, she's not contagious.
I'm calling an ambulance.
Let them handle it.
Don't! We're just leaving.
[ringtone] - Hello, who's this? - [Georgy] Egor's father.
Who's this? This is his classmate's father.
Your son dragged some girl into my house.
OK, where are you? I'm coming by.
Thirteen, Far East Street.
Apartment 204.
You idiot.
Why meddle in other people's problems? What if something happens to her, right here? Calm down.
My dad's going to pick us up.
No, I'm calling an ambulance after all.
OK, Egor, get out of here.
I'll distract him.
Goodbye, Egor.
Come again.
Egor! - Egor! Thank God.
- Get away from me! Get lost.
Egor, I'm just trying to help you.
You did that once.
Where will you send me now? - I didn't like Minsk.
- I'm sorry.
I had to do it.
For whose sake, yours? Yours, most of all.
And your mother's.
And mine too, of course.
I needed to focus on the operation, not on what Bars was going to do to you if she didn't survive.
He wouldn't have done anything if you didn't call the cops.
Let's talk later.
My old clinic isn't far from here.
They'll help her.
She can't go to a hospital.
They'll put her in foster care.
Then she's going to die.
Make your mind up, Egor.
It's foster care or the cemetery.
Let's go.
- Call Gleb.
- [dial tone] [dial tone continues] [dial tone stops] OK.
Safronov, what happened? - Is the operating theater free? - Yeah.
Give me your pass.
I need to operate.
You can say I took it by force.
Sorry, I don't understand.
Blood poisoning.
I need to excise and clean her wound.
- And inject some antibiotics.
- Help us.
I can't let you into the theater.
Igor Please.
- OK, I'll do it myself.
- Thank you.
Natasha, the doors! Thanks.
It's OK.
Igor Victorovich is a great surgeon.
Zhanna will be fine.
Wait until he's done and then go to your grandfather's.
- What, are you leaving? - I shouldn't have come at all.
I just didn't want to abandon you.
- You're doing it now.
- Egor, I'm wanted by the cops.
- If someone recognizes me - Wanted, how? What for? For something I didn't do.
[Balash] Of course! Safronov.
Who else would break into my department like that? I've called the cops already, by the way.
Where's the patient? Igor Victorovich took her into the theater.
I'm canceling the whole thing and making them do it strictly by the book.
- Get to it.
- Dad Well, Safronov's bracelet is in here Safronov is here? Even better.
Some broad brought the bot here a couple of minutes ago.
We'll tail her and pick her up somewhere quiet.
And the bot? Look what Toropov gave me.
This thing blocks her.
What the hell are you doing? I'm not going to jail.
Stas! Get in.
[Balash] I called security and the police.
I don't know what Safronov told you but I'm ordering you to stop.
If you don't, your career is in big trouble.
- You've been warned.
- [Igor] I'm sorry.
[hangs up] I told you he was a great doctor.
Where are you going? Let me in.
- This is your last chance.
- What for? To let you stop them saving her life? So that's what you told them? You used your authority to pressure a young doctor? Three years, Safronov.
Three years ago, I was proud to have you working in my department.
And now, I have no regrets that I had to fire you.
- I'm actually glad.
- Hey, you.
Shut up.
When did you ever save a life? Ms.
- What are you doing here? - Meeting an old friend.
- [groans] - [thud] [Balash] You're insane! I'm going to - Safronov! - Police! Everybody stay where you are! [Balash] Get your hands off me.
What is there to think about? Safronov gets arrested, he IDs me, and Varlamov finds out who really killed Petrenko.
You're right.
But you're not going to kill him here in plain sight.
- [Arisa] Georgy.
- I'm glad you're better.
I need to talk to you.
You chose the perfect time and place.
It's very important.
It concerns Detective Varlamov.
Forget it.
I don't want anything to do with Varlamov anymore.
Enough chit-chat.
Do it in your cell.
Come on, she's a bot.
It's like talking to yourself.
Always the comedian! Captain Suponev, Homicide.
Thank you for arresting my clients.
- What do you mean? - You're coming with me.
[solemn music playing] Stop.
[shutter clicks] Let's go.
[beep] [engine revving] - [bleep] - [whirring] [video of Vic] Your father wouldn't let it go, either.
He kept sending me to do his dirty work.
After all these years he still takes me for a sucker.
Never mind.
His time will come.
When the grant money comes, I will I'll fly away.
And he'll have to explain to the Ministry how come there is only one Arisa and why his factory can only produce potties.
What do you want? Nothing.
I'm in love with your daughter.
ROBOT KILLS HUMANS!!! [gunfire] [bleep] That's it? Vic That's not our format.
- [ringtone] - Yes? [Alexey] I can't seem to reach Sveta.
Do you know where she is? [Vic] She went to see a friend.
She asked not to be bothered.
- When she's back, have her call me.
- Yep.
[hangs up] Where were we? I was saying that I get it.
It's critically important that you save your company's reputation.
But with all due respect, and as much as I love Sveta We're not crime news, Vic! We don't even do news.
We're a talk show.
Real people, human emotion.
Tears, hopes Human interest stories, Vic.
Stories are good.
What if I brought you Safronov? [sighs] "Man taken hostage saves girl with a gun pointed at his head" It's kind of a story.
We'll be there tomorrow.
Make some time for us.
I know you can.
See you tomorrow.
Vic How's Sveta? Is she OK? She's fine.
[mournful music playing] Hi.
You You came.
Yes, my dear.
I did.
My God What has he done to you? It's nice that you're here.
Vic wants to con you.
I know.
I know.
I'm going to destroy him.
I Sveta, my love I'll make him pay for everything! - Dad.
- Yeah? What is it? Get me out of here.
Of course.
Of course I will.
[mournful music playing] How did you even end up at the hospital? [Lara] Guess who will go anywhere for you.
Your Arisa.
As soon as she rebooted she wouldn't believe that you left her.
And I was stupid enough to follow her.
Are they going to kill us? I don't think so.
They need me for something.
- You.
But me - I won't let them.
Really? Why do you care about me all of a sudden? I like you.
And you did slap my old boss.
Come on! Balash is your old boss? He's a grade A asshole.
He really is.
How do you know him? He kicked me off the surgery waiting list.
Surgery? What's wrong with you? Nothing.
Forget it.
What is it? OK, but spare me the drama.
I have a tumor.
I have a month, maybe two, left.
[lock turning] Safronov, out.
What about me? [clattering] [lock turning] [Vic] You run pretty well for a doctor.
[Georgy] I can't be that good if I ended up here.
We have my associates to thank for that, for their professionalism.
- You made them sweat.
- What else should I thank you for? For them shooting at my family? You stole Arisa from me.
Almost ruined my company.
You want to keep this up or shall we try to make a deal? A deal? What kind of deal can I make with you? I need you to train Arisa for the second round of the tender.
I thought we already won.
You see, the thing is the Social Security Ministry has violated its own terms.
Second round? Are you serious? Are you aware that I'm a fugitive? Thanks to you, by the way.
We'll solve that problem.
The charges against you will be dropped.
When they are, that's when we can make a deal.
We're going to agree right now.
[groans] - [kicking] - [groaning] [Gleb] You won't get anything out of him that way.
We've cornered him.
He's going to bite like a rat now.
You should have thought of that earlier.
How soon can you clear him? That's going to take some time.
If he doesn't agree to my conditions by tonight, we'll have to get rid of him.
[guard] Prisoner, get up.
[loud knocking] [key turning in lock] [door creaks] [heavy slam] How's your shoulder? I brought you a book.
You have some free time.
Read it.
So, did you get all your men killed at Cronos? Couldn't even save the girl? She was your girlfriend, wasn't she? At least you weren't dumb enough to take your sister with you.
Where's Zhanna? At the hospital.
She's OK for now.
Afterwards, it's up to you.
What do you want me to do? Bars You realize you're going down for a long time? Probably for life.
Breaking and entering, illegal possession and use of firearms Conspiracy to commit murder.
Creation of a terrorist organization.
What do you want? If you want your sister to be OK you're going to confess to one more case.