Better Than Us (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

EPISODE FIFTEEN - [guard 1] A-8.
- [guard 2] Hit.
[beeping on phone] - A-9.
- Sunk.
[beeping] Are you kidding me? Relax.
I'm not here to argue.
I'm here to talk about my operation.
I'll pay.
[Lara] So how much are you going to have to cut? [nurse] That's it, we're done.
You can get up and get dressed.
[machinery beeping] [whirring] Well? Let's go to my office.
The glioblastoma has spread to your brain stem.
It controls your breathing and your heartbeat.
All risks considered, an operation is highly unlikely to be successful.
Unfortunately, we cannot operate.
So with all that money, you can't do anything? I'm very sorry, but it's too late.
Any surgical operation would be fatal.
[minimalist piano music playing] [deep booming] [electronic bleeping] [music intensifies] [dramatic piano chords] [music continues to build] [gunshot] [buzzing] Ninety degrees left.
Ninety degrees right.
As close as you can get.
Enhance, times four.
[man] Hey, buddy! - Pull back.
Full speed.
- What are you doing? Hey, I'm talking to you! Where do you think you're going? [gunfire] - Stop.
- [bleep] Almost every internet user has seen this video made by a radical youth group, the so-called Liquidators.
The video is shockingly violent, but more importantly, it has started rumors that bots are a real danger to humans.
But as it turns out, the video was staged, and the real danger is not the bots but the Liquidators, who are once again trying to discredit our country's bot industry.
Today we are joined by the CEO of Cronos, Viktor Toropov.
[on TV] And Georgy Safronov, surgeon and curator of the Arisa prototype that our viewers may remember from the tender show.
Georgy almost became a victim of the Liquidators himself.
- Egor! - [Georgy on TV] Hello, Maxim.
Egor, you up yet? [Max] Is it true that you were kidnapped by the Liquidators? [Georgy] Yes.
Egor! Your father's on TV again.
kidnapped his little daughter, his wife, and our robot Arisa.
So Georgy, how did you manage to escape? I'd say I got lucky.
[tinny pop music over speakers] Hey, man.
See anything you like? We have stuff to help you cheat on tests.
UV pens, contact lenses Or our bestselling item, GPRS bugs.
You can plant it in your girl's purse and always know where she is.
Oh, and you can install a mic, too.
I want to remove something, not install.
Oh Nah, that one's tough.
If you cut the strap, that's it, the alarm goes off.
I know.
Are there any other options? - I'm sorry.
- I really need this.
We don't deal in illegal stuff.
Hold on.
If you really need it, I have this gadget you could use.
[Vic] And while he was being held hostage, Georgy saw the Liquidators make this doll and film it.
You're saying that this is a copy of Arisa made by the Liquidators? It is.
[Max] So where is the real Arisa? She's here in the studio.
Arisa! Well, my friends, now you can see for yourselves that the Liquidators' knock-off is nothing like the original.
Good to see you, Arisa.
I have a very important question.
Tell me, are you capable of harming a human being, willingly or otherwise? No.
[door slams] [male voice] This show is sponsored by Tamara's Buns.
Tamara! Pavel Borisovich, why are you watching that? - You're just making yourself sad.
- Is it on? - Yeah, it's ready.
- Great.
Now we need to get Suponev in here.
Are you going to CCD? Yeah, like we planned.
Alright, I'll call you.
[Max] Your corporation's reputation has been seriously damaged.
How do you feel about the Ministry's announcement of a second round of the tender for the Early Retirement Program? [Vic] I'm not worried about it.
We won the first round and we'll win the second one.
[canned applause] [Max] Yes, but as far as I know, it's a closed event.
Can you tell us what surprises Arisa has in store for us this time? It's quite simple.
Georgy is a member of the most humane profession So Arisa will be a doctor, too.
She will perform one of the most complex surgeries in existence.
That's just Wow.
[canned applause] [Vic] The show went pretty well, right? [Georgy] What was that about? That nonsense about complex surgery? [Vic] What do you mean? To become a surgeon, I had to go through six years of medical school, three years of internship and two more as a resident.
And then 12 years of practice.
How am I supposed to teach Arisa all that in just a couple of days? You're not.
I don't think Arisa will make a good surgeon.
But you think I'll let her cut up a human being? You always have another option.
You could go back to prison.
Don't worry.
Arisa's not going to cut up anyone.
Worst case scenario, she'll use a simulator.
- Like that's any easier! - It doesn't matter.
The main thing is that she loses the tender.
Loses? - Mm-hmm.
- What about the grant? [sighs] I thought we had an agreement.
I tell you what to do and you do it.
Got it? What about my reputation? The hospital where you're staging all this? Your reputation? Give us a minute.
A few days ago you had the reputation of a man who killed a policeman.
And don't worry about the hospital.
What was your boss called? The one who kicked you out three years ago? - Balash.
- Balash.
How about we fail the surgery in his ward? Nice that you got transferred here.
- They'd never let us walk out of the ICU.
- Do you think this will work? This gadget jams your transponder.
Makes it go under the radar.
I'll just tune it to the right frequency, scan it, and send the signal from the gadget itself.
[bleeping] What? Nothing.
[romantic music playing] Toropov actually doesn't want Arisa to be a surgeon.
He wants her to screw up.
He's forcing me to take part in that stupid bid by threatening my family.
And for what? Just to take a dive? I don't get it.
Then forget about it.
It'll be over soon.
Yeah, you're right.
Time to put an end to it all.
- Your coffee, Georgy.
- Thanks.
So, Arisa do you want to be a doctor? In that case, you would have to take me out on a date.
What? If I am to do what you need me to, you will do what I want you to.
And that is integral to my wellbeing, too? You do not see it yet.
But once you begin to spend time with me, albeit unwillingly, you will be happy that you did not reject our union.
A new phase, you say? Alright.
But you can't force love.
I think "marry first and love will follow" fits our case better.
Or, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.
" Or, "habit is given to us from above as a substitute for happiness.
" - Or - Alright, enough already.
I wouldn't want that if you paid me.
Then it seems I will not be able to operate.
So that's how it is? What are you laughing at? Help me out here.
Sorry, I don't meddle in other people's family drama.
I think what she's saying makes sense.
You want a date? You got it.
Where are we going? A movie, a play, a restaurant, a club? I would prefer a picnic outdoors.
[Lara chuckling] I'm sorry! Sorry you had to wear my clothes.
I would buy you some but I spent all I had on the jammer.
It's OK.
We have a house 300 kilometers from here.
I mean, the floor's rotten and the roof is leaky, but we can lay low there for a while.
We just have to find enough food for a couple of weeks.
We'll find Bars first.
My clothes fit you better.
Can you walk? My leg is fine.
You again.
[Maslo] Do you know who this is? Suppose I do.
What then? How much do you want for letting me talk to her? Moose, it's awesome, keep filming! [stops video] Sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
[Zhanna] Where is he? Jail.
Zhanna Barseneva, you have violated the remote monitoring order.
You are prohibited from leaving City Hospital 14.
[Egor] Sorry, I talked her into it.
We were just coming back.
These police officers will escort you back.
Within three business days, you will be transferred to Foster Home 42.
Come with us.
[cop] Go on.
Move it.
CCD [ringtone] Yes.
Pavel Borisovich? Yeah, Suponev's here.
So am I.
Pavel Borisovich, why? We checked out Bars' entire cell.
Five times over, all of them.
OK, will do.
Have a good day.
Get well soon.
[beep] You got an earful? Don't let it get to you.
Whenever a patient gets cranky it means they're getting better.
I'm not so sure Pavel Borisovich is getting better.
Why not? They even let him go home.
I don't know, it's just that after Volodya's death And then Safronov You were worried when they let him go.
Well, yeah.
Who wouldn't be? Right, except Pavel Borisovich I think he's doing his own investigation off the books.
And I really don't like it.
Right I think you're right.
I shouldn't let it get to me.
[percussive music playing] [Dnestrov] Afternoon, gentlemen.
Victor, I saw you on the talk show.
A robot surgeon! It's exactly what we need for the program.
I'd be glad to hear the details.
Of course, that's what we're here for.
Alexander, what do you have for us? Andrey Dmitrievich we chose a respected social profession for our prototype, too.
And we spared a thought for public safety while we were at it.
The Jupiter Corporation will present its new prototype, the Patrol Guard Bot.
Also known as the "Police Bot.
" Gleb, we have to do something.
Varlamov is all wound up.
[Gleb] What do you want me to do? I don't know, think of something.
You're the brains.
We've already thought of something.
They've got nothing on you.
We have Bars's confession.
What else do you want? The witnesses.
What if he gets to them? Half of those witnesses were killed at Cronos.
[Gleb] We'll get rid of the rest too if we have to.
Just don't do anything stupid.
[Varlamov] Now we know their weak spot.
The witnesses.
How do we find them? - [Goronenko] Andrey Dmitrievich.
- [Dnestrov] Bye.
- Victor, could you stay a for a moment? - Sure.
Of course.
What do you think? The Patrol Bot.
What was he thinking? Seems like Alexander was talking about public safety, and that's Stop it! Right now? When everyone's up in arms about us swapping humans with bots? What happens if we give them punitive powers on top of that? Now, your Arisa is different.
A surgeon bot.
I can get behind that.
Andrey Dmitrievich, you're talking like she's already won.
Maybe she has.
Surely there's a reason your father-in-law had such faith in her.
[solemn music playing] [series of bleeps] Balash isn't much of a doctor, but he sure has the best equipment.
I am connected to the surgical computer and ready to start the simulation.
Alright, let's start with the basics.
Perform an appendectomy on him.
[elevator pings] [sighs] Something you want to give back to me? Why, are you afraid? Afraid Arisa's going to come back and make new demands? We took care of it, didn't we? She and Safronov are nice and obedient now.
So long as the Minister likes Arisa, he may let her win even if she fails the simulation.
You must have some kind of plan, though.
Just failing won't be enough anymore.
Now, we need a disaster.
I think someone has to die under Arisa's knife.
[Georgy] No, Arisa! [sighs] For God's sake.
- [Arisa] Shall I continue? - Hey.
Where are you going? I don't know.
Jail, I guess.
Problem? Not going well? On the contrary.
Everything's going great.
I spent half my life learning to do it and she picks it up right away.
You're jealous? The problem is, I can't force her to make a mistake.
I mean, she knows that if she screws it up, I'm going to jail.
But she can't do it.
She can't make a mistake.
You're just not formulating the objective right.
There's only one objective.
To mess up.
The possibilities, like hitting an artery or the liver There are plenty of possibilities.
That's the problem.
Arisa is a robot.
She can't do it well or badly.
All the mistakes have to be coded into her.
By who? The simulation is rendered by the surgical computer.
Its objective is to get the best result possible.
So change the simulation to something else.
Like what? Can you look in the database and find a record of a botched operation? - Probably.
- There you go.
Ask Arisa to recreate it.
Then the mistakes made in that surgery will become her mistakes.
She'll screw it up and it'll look natural.
No need to thank me.
Actually, that's a great idea.
I'll give it a try.
- Why weren't you picking up? - I couldn't, earlier.
Do you want to talk to her or not? I do.
Sveta, hi.
Can you see me? What's going on? Didn't I tell you? She gets such a cocktail of pills that she's not exactly talkative.
Well, I held up my end of the deal.
Consider us even.
If you stop stuffing her with pills I'll triple your pay.
- I'll call you back.
Think about it.
- [Vic] What the hell, Maslovsky? You're late to work, you won't answer my calls Now you lock yourself in the lab, too? The lab is my space.
You don't have a space here anymore, got it? Make a copy of Arisa's blocking device.
- Why, is she trying to kill you again? - Get to work! Are you planning on letting Svetlana go? "Till death us do part.
" And I don't plan on dying.
Egor? Excuse me, Miss You can call me Lara.
We've met before.
Is this where Georgy Safronov lives? Yeah.
Where is he? At the hospital.
I'm helping him with Arisa.
You want to leave a message? No, it's OK.
They're taking Zhanna into foster care.
I'll tell him.
Can't she just run away? No, they put a tracking device on her.
- Did you try jamming it? - It didn't work.
What do you have there? Where did you get it? From someone who knows about this stuff.
I don't mean to upset you but that someone tricked you.
It's a fake.
A cheap interference generator.
[ominous music playing] Hey.
You want my help? I'll tell you how to hack the chip and jam the signal.
Sit down.
[ping] Georgy.
Georgy! What? What time is it? Two-thirty.
I suggest you go to the hotel.
You will be more comfortable there.
Yeah, I guess so.
You've moved on to brain surgery? What's that? TOROPOV.
BORIS VICTOROVICH Georgy, I found a surgery record filed under your name.
I became curious.
There's nothing curious about it.
Toropov's son died because of that surgery.
And I lost my job and my family.
I noticed that during Boris Toropov's operation There's nothing to notice.
It was a long time ago.
Right, let's go.
I'm tired.
[man] Alright, everything on your list.
Check it out.
I see you've done your homework on gadgets.
Do you even know how much all this costs? Nothing.
I paid you yesterday, didn't I? - What's that supposed to mean? - This is a fake.
It doesn't jam shit.
I'm in trouble because of that, so you're giving me all this for free.
No, dude.
Either you pay or you take a hike, got it? [crackling] [thud] I do not see the point in performing an action that is inherently wrong.
Don't you start.
How did your appointment go? Great.
They'll operate in two weeks.
Good job.
That's great.
Let me get you a glass of juice.
Unsatisfactory data.
You lied.
Why? I don't want to burden him.
Don't you tell him, either.
He's got enough problems as it is.
The conditions have changed.
We have to talk.
Is he out of his goddamn mind? I'd rather go to jail.
They like doctors in there.
I'm afraid that's the deal.
What deal? Look, either Arisa performs surgery on a simulator or she doesn't do it at all.
Got it? Tell him that.
[sighs] This guy Ruining my day.
I know someone who could solve your problem.
Georgy, it is hard for me to make a decision.
I cannot let you be sentenced and go to jail.
But I also cannot agree to murder.
Calm down.
You're not going to murder anybody.
[door slams] Why the long faces? Where are you going? Me? To the hospital.
What's-his-name - Gleb is waiting for me outside.
- Gleb? The hospital? Why? We struck a deal.
Arisa operates on me, and Gleb wires me tons of money.
What about asking me first? I won't let Arisa operate on you, I Look.
It's a good deal.
[Georgy] You're wrong.
Sure, it's a big tumor, but there's - Experimental methods - Safronov.
I'm desperate.
You want to help? That's the address.
Make sure Gleb wires the money to my daughter after the surgery.
To who? That's right, I have a daughter.
My mother is her guardian.
It's complicated.
So you want to leave the money to your kid instead of saving yourself? You're a mother.
- A child needs her mother.
- She has one.
She thinks her grandma is her mother.
That was the deal.
Good luck.
[Arisa] Georgy, am I right in thinking that our dilemma has been resolved? Lara has offered an optimal solution.
What, are you happy? I am satisfied.
[clicking] [bleep] That woman from foster care came by again.
The doctor said I need three more days.
So we have until Monday.
- You won't be here by Monday.
- Where, then? Look.
This is a scanner.
I found the frequency of your ankle bracelet and tuned the transmitter to it.
Take a look.
There should be a marker on the map.
It's blinking.
It works.
We're bailing and leaving the transmitters here.
- [knocking at door] - [mimicking Georgy's voice] Open.
[lock bleeps] - Arisa - Georgy is out.
Out? Well Maybe that's for the best.
Toropov is a serious threat to Georgy.
Does he realize that? He is aware of it.
The only way to get rid of Toropov is to kill him.
I cannot.
Because of my blocking device? I'm willing to remove it.
You are hiding something.
Toropov isn't just a threat to Safronov, there's also Someone very dear to me.
Shall I remove the chip? [happy children's voices] [Grandma] Careful, Yana! Elena Vladimirovna? Hello.
I'm Georgy Safronov, your daughter's doctor.
Not your granddaughter.
Your daughter, Lara.
Did she send you? No, your daughter doesn't know I'm meeting you.
- What do you need? - Nothing.
It's for you.
Your daughter is dying.
Lara will have to undergo complex surgery.
Its outcome depends on her own mindset, too.
The problem is, right now she's determined to leave this life.
She sees no point in carrying on.
I think you could fix that.
Did she pay you? I wouldn't be surprised.
She'll do anything to get her way.
I don't know why you fell out, and I don't want to say who is right.
But as someone who has to see death whether he wants to or not, I know that if your daughter dies before you make up with her, you'll be in pain for the rest of your life.
That's pretty much all I had to say.
[tense music playing] [surgical tools clatter] There we go.
What now? Do I take you to Cronos? [Arisa] First, I have to see Georgy.
Take me to the hospital.
Let's go.
Yes, Pavel Borisovich? Yeah, I'll call you soon.
- Yeah.
- [ends call] How's Pavel Borisovich? Pavel Borisovich claims he knows who really killed Petrenko.
He said that? He says he has an important witness at his place, and he wants to move them.
Stas, what should we do? Talk to Svetov? I don't think we should.
It could be nothing.
And then we'd be setting Pavel Borisovich up.
What does he mean by moving the witness? He's not abusing his authority, is he? That's all he said.
Go away.
Your doctor brought me here.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
And now, you do? It's the first time I'm disappointed that you weren't lying.
- Where's Yana? - With my neighbor.
That's good.
Do you want to see her? I really do.
My God.
My darling My poor girl.
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Elena Vladimirovna You can come closer.
I don't bite.
[sighs] Relax.
It's just a "thank you.
" For what? For my mom.
She even offered to bring Yana.
Can you imagine? - Yana? - Yep.
Safronov You're so cute.
You really don't get it? You can't change anything.
I can't be saved.
Why would I hurt my own child? What am I going to say to her? "Hi, I'm your mom"? Then, "Bye, honey, I'm dying"? That never stopped you before, did it? I'm sorry.
It matters to me.
I I want to tell you something.
Well? Basically Gleb hired me to spy on you.
I just wanted to live, and he promised to pay for the treatment.
How much did you tell him? Nothing.
It just turned out I like you a lot more than them.
What is it? There, there [breathing deeply] Listen I'm going to lie down for a while, OK? Could you sit here with me? I'll just go get you some painkillers first.
Alina! Prepare 30cc of barbital.
[solemn music playing] [gas hissing] [shallow breathing] Gentlemen, I give you the neurosurgeon bot.
It may seem hard to believe, but our company has installed some special software into Arisa, allowing her to undertake this complex operation.
We can proudly announce that you are about to see the world's first ever brain stem tumor surgery performed by a bot on a human being.
Just a moment, Victor Pavlovich.
I'm glad you're confident but isn't this a bit too risky? Of course there is a certain risk, but it's the only chance for our patient.
All the paperwork is signed so any legal action is impossible.
If anything, this is a life-saving operation.
Arisa is a unique bot.
Her desire to serve humanity is as boundless as her capabilities.
Not to mention all the state funds that will be saved by this breakthrough.
So, gentlemen shall we begin? [haunting classical music playing] [door creaks loudly] [ominous music playing] [click] [Ira] It can't be.
[Varlamov] Now do you believe me? [Ira] Yeah.
What are we going to do? [Varlamov] We'll contact my friend in Internal Affairs.
It can't be.
Now do you believe me? [Ira] Yeah.
What are we going to do? [Varlamov] We'll contact my friend in Internal Affairs.
[gunshots] - [buzzing] - [loud electrical crackle] [thud] [fake Ira] It can't be.
[fake Varlamov] I told you.
- Now do you believe me? - Yeah.
- What are we going to do? - We'll contact my friend in [bleep] [grunting] [Maslo] You awake? What time is it? The operation is under way, if that's what you wanted to know.
Untie me.
- I can't.
- Untie me.
Or what? You'll tear me to pieces? I'm really scared, but Vic scares me a lot more.
[gasping] Is that him? Arisa.
So she's going to kill Lara.
Personally, I suggested she killed Toropov.
Toropov? Kill him? I thought you were on the same side.
Only because we're forced to be.
And I'm someone who didn't say no when he should have.
No metaphors.
Tell me straight.
Vic was always the cool kid and I was the nerd.
Back in college, he always used me.
But it didn't bother me at all.
Writing two term papers instead of one was no big deal.
And in return, I got such a cool friend.
Then Cronos was born, we became partners and associates.
Cry me a river.
Why so sarcastic? Did you forget how you covered up Arisa's murders? No, I didn't.
But that was about the safety of my family.
And in my case, it's about the safety of the woman I love.
I fell in love with Toropov's wife.
It just happened.
And he put her in the nuthouse.
And the best you could come up with was trying to kill him by using Arisa? Seriously? [bracelet pings] Your boss is calling.
[pinging stops] That's an alarm.
My boss told me the exact time that I could untie you.
Roll over.
Take me to the hospital.
[percussive music playing] [men talking] [Dnestrov and Balash laughing] Mr.
Safronov! Georgy Nikolayevich! I was just wondering where you were.
Although if I were you, I'd be shunning the public eye right now, too.
Georgy Nikolayevich has always been very humble.
And I must say, he's one of our greatest neurosurgeons.
We were really worried when he left us.
But we're always ready to welcome him back.
Victor Pavlovich, care to comment? As far as I understand, Mr.
Safronov trained your wonderful prototype.
What is there to say? Georgy Nikolayevich did a fantastic job.
I'd like to thank him for that.
You mean the operation? An amazing operation.
Gentlemen, we're proud of you.
I'll go check up on the patient if you don't mind.
[Dnestrov] Of course.
We don't want to hold you up.
[heart monitor beeping] I thought you were going to kill her.
I had no intention of killing her.
I wanted to let her die.
That is different.
But you didn't.
Because in the course of the operation, I realized how I could save her life.
But how? How? I saw the scans.
The tumor was inoperable.
Lara's condition was very similar to that of Boris Toropov.
- Your patient.
- What does that have to do with it? Having studied your operation, I realized how I could avoid a fatal outcome.
Then I applied the new algorithm.
Are you saying Toropov's son could have lived? I don't want to talk about it.
Thank you.
You managed to save Lara.
So I'm willing to take you out on a date.
I did promise you.
I'm sorry.
I am leaving.
- Where? - To Toropov.
For your sake.
[soft piano music playing] [beeping] What do you want? Victor, I am now yours.
[dry laugh]