Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) s03e24 Episode Script

Perfectly Perfect

Honey, time to get up.
You'll be late for school.
I'm up.
David, I don't know how you eat that stuff or where you put it.
Well, I'm a growing boy and I need the sugar rush if I'm gonna get through my first-period Math class.
Can you say "sugar rush"? Try that.
Please, don't get her started.
Oh, by the way, the real-estate people are coming today, - so make your beds, okay? - Sure.
David, did you eat the last banana? Yeah, I guess so.
Oh, that's just great.
Thank you very much.
I was saving that banana for my breakfast.
What am I, a mind reader? Don't mind her, David.
She's just getting in the last moments of immaturity before she turns 18 years old.
Would you like half of my jelly donut? No, I don't want half of your jelly donut.
I want my banana.
- I can make you some eggs.
- Hello.
I don't want eggs.
I know, you want a banana.
That's all right.
I shouldn't be eating anyway.
Donna, we can't talk about this now.
Okay, I'll ask her.
I'll see you at school.
All right, bye.
Ask me what? Oh, not you.
Don't mind me.
I just live here.
Oh, honey, wait.
About your birthday, I was thinking maybe just a small dinner tomorrow night with the three of us, Donna, Dylan.
Donna wants to know if we can throw the party here.
David, I told you, we can't.
Not with real estate brokers and buyers in and out all the time.
I know.
It's just as well.
The way she just bit my head off, I don't know why we're throwing her a party in the first place.
She'll be okay.
She just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
Listen, you just find a place and I'll pay for whatever the party costs.
I still don't get why we can't do it at your house.
I told you.
My mother's not going to Santa Barbara anymore.
So? It's not like we're playing spin-the-bottle in the living room.
David, my mother's idea of a birthday party are six guests, all girls, and a birthday cake in the shape of your age.
No, thank you.
What are we supposed to do, then? I mean, the party's tonight and you've already invited half the free world.
I'll think of something.
Look, just cover for me, okay? Man.
- So how's the writing coming? - It's coming.
Look, I know how hard it is to get started.
It can be a real struggle at first, but I know it's gonna be great.
No, I mean, it's really coming.
- Really? - Yeah.
Once I get to typing I just can't stop, you know? I just keep doing it and doing it and doing it.
- Wow, we should all have it so tough.
- Yeah.
Listen, you guys, we have a slight problem with Kelly's party.
- Like no place to have it.
- Good, I hate surprise parties.
It's like having a job interview on your birthday.
Yeah, when you ever have a job interview? Why don't we just do it at the Peach Pit like we first thought of? - Well, there's always the Walsh's.
- Bad idea.
- Hi, guys.
- Kel, hi.
How you doing? Fine.
I gotta get to AP English.
I'll see you.
Yeah, me too.
- So have you seen Brenda? - No.
Oh, well, I have to go find her.
Something I said? Brandon, you promised me.
Come on, I told the producers we'd be there.
- And it's a favour for my mom.
- Steve, it's just not my thing, okay? Since when are gorgeous girls not your thing? Brandon, we made the cut.
We've already been accepted as contestants.
Look, I just don't wanna meet girls on a game show called Love at First Sight, okay? Better do it.
It may be your last chance to get a date this year.
Oh, yeah? When was the last time you went out on a date, huh? Hi, guys.
Bye, guys.
Brandon, these are gonna be the most awesome girls we have ever seen.
Each and every one of them have been handpicked by dirty old men who call themselves producers.
Picture it, Brandon.
Girls with legs all the way to their neck.
Not an ounce out of place.
Perfect, huh? There's no such thing as perfect.
Listen, Bren, I know it's last minute, but I was wondering if we could do this party at your house? Donna, just leave me out of this.
Please? I'm not exactly prepared to give Kelly a surprise party right now, okay? - But you are coming, right? - Yeah, I'll definitely be there.
Just tell me where.
Where else? Peach Pit.
- Chip? - No, thanks.
Dylan, have you noticed anyone acting weird around here lately? - Like who? - Like David.
- David is weird.
- And Donna.
And Brandon and Steve and you.
I'm not acting weird.
I'm just reading a book.
I don't know.
I just feel like something weird is going on.
Are you still taking those things? Yeah, so? So maybe you ought to eat something.
I think you're missing the point.
Vitamins, fibre.
What's "phenylpropanolamine"? I don't know.
I guess it's the stuff that makes you lose weight.
How many of these are you taking? Just like it says on the box.
One before each meal.
I did read the directions.
You sure they're good for you? Dylan, they're over-the-counter appetite suppressants.
You can buy them anywhere.
You are the last person I would expect to be turning into my mother.
I just don't like to see you starving yourself.
Happy? Kel.
- Just get off my back.
- Look, I'm not on your back.
Well, let's just drop it.
What about tonight? What about tonight? I'll pick you up about 8:30.
Brandon, this is your last chance.
I'm calling the producer.
Do I tell him one or do I tell him? - Look, Steve, l - Tell him two.
What? I think you should do it.
- You do? - Andrea, you're the last person in the world I'd expect to tell me to go do a sexist game show.
Excuse me, what makes it sexist? The girl gets to pick which guy she wants to go out with.
Sounds like fun.
Besides, it might help to fill Page 3.
Well, there you have it, the Andrea Zuckerman seal of approval.
What more could you ask for? Well, what about Kelly's party, huh? Did you forget that, it's tonight.
No, I have not forgotten about Kelly's party, but it doesn't start until 9.
The taping will be through by 7, easy.
Brandon, go for it.
Don't you have a class to go to or something? Goodbye, Brandon.
I hope you can handle this crisis of conscience.
Why you holding out on me? I don't get it.
Steve, I just don't think it's a good idea for us to do this together, okay? I get it.
You're afraid I'm gonna show you up.
You're afraid one of those babelicious women are gonna choose me over you.
You see, Steve, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
You get a charge out of this.
You can't stop competing with me.
Brandon, it's a game show.
You're supposed to compete.
Except you take things like this way too seriously.
I do not.
All right, what about the twins on the beach this summer? I'm a legend because of that.
Okay, but what about Brooke? What about Nikki? I'm not gonna get into some sort of jealousy trip with you over a television show.
It's not worth it.
Okay, I see your point.
It probably won't happen.
It won't even come up.
We probably won't even be on the same panel.
And how do you know that? Because there's gonna be dozens of guys there.
And more importantly, there's gonna be dozens of girls.
You'll have a terrific time, Brandon.
I personally guarantee it.
You promise I won't regret this? Regret it? My man, you're gonna fall in love at first sight.
Okay, okay.
I'll do it.
Dude, we're gonna have such a killer time.
I'll pick you up at a quarter to 5.
What's the matter, Kelly? - You tell me.
- Tell you what? You see that? David, Donna and Andrea.
So? So they're talking about me again.
Kelly, it's your imagination.
Come on, Steve.
Just tell me what's going on.
If I tell you, you gotta promise no one will know that it was me that told you.
Okay, I promise.
Tell me.
- It's about your birthday.
- Oh, God.
Come on, Donna's planning a surprise party for you.
Practically the entire class is gonna be there.
I told Donna I didn't want a party.
I told Dylan and my mother that Calm down, calm down.
You do this to yourself all the time.
Remember when you were 16? You made a big deal about telling your mom how you didn't want a Sweet 16 party, so she didn't make you one.
Then you got furious at her.
I know, but that's different.
This is a surprise party and I hate surprise parties.
What's going on here? This is not the Kelly Taylor I know and love.
Well, maybe I just don't feel like being Kelly Taylor right now.
I'm gonna go home.
Do you want me to walk you to your car? No, that's all right.
I'm fine.
I just I wanna go.
You're gonna be there, right? - I wouldn't miss that for the world.
- Good.
Because you're, like, the only person in this whole place I can trust right now.
Great news.
We're on Peach Pit, 9:00.
- Great.
- It's gonna to be perfect.
I can't wait to see Kelly's face when she walks through that door.
Yeah, me too.
The house has five bedrooms, four and a half baths.
The kitchen, of course, has been completely renovated.
Hi, Kelly.
This is Jackie's daughter.
She goes to West Beverly Hills High.
I was just telling Mr.
Brower here what a great school that is.
I wouldn't know.
I just dropped out.
Do you mind not smoking in my house? This would be your room, honey.
What do you think? It's perfect.
Would it be all right if I open the closet? Oh, of course.
Go right ahead.
Oh, your daughter has such beautiful clothes.
Expensive clothes.
Becky, maybe we should get you something like this? Or maybe she'd like to try it on while she's here.
Although I don't think red is your colour.
- Kelly, what are you doing home? - Gee, I thought I still lived here.
- This still is our house, isn't it, Mom? - Yes, but maybe not much longer.
- It is a beautiful house.
- Thank you.
And we're selling it real cheap, so why don't you just take it? Take everything while you're here.
Need some new jeans, new shoes, new underwear? Why don't you just help yourself to my closet.
- Kelly.
- What, you like this sweater? - Take it, it's yours.
- Okay, that's enough.
How about some new CDs? A new life? Why don't you take my boyfriend? We're not getting along that well anyway.
- I'm really sorry, I didn't mean - Honey, come on.
I want you to apologise to Mrs.
Brower and her daughter right now.
Did I say something wrong? - Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Damn it.
Wonder where all the girls are.
I don't know, Steve.
Probably locked in a soundproof booth somewhere.
Okay, everybody.
Listen up.
Hi, my name is Bobby Pandolfo.
I'm the contestant coordinator here at Love at First Sight.
I recognise a lot of you.
Glad to see you shaved and got a haircut.
Okay, now we're gonna be taping six shows here today, so everybody will get a chance.
I'm here to teach you how to play our game.
Excuse me, Bobby, where are all the girls? Down, boy.
Okay, now, they're all back in Makeup getting even more gorgeous than they already were when they got here, okay? Now, for this practise round, gentlemen, I'll play the part of your dream date.
And everybody ready? - Yeah.
- Gentlemen, is that the enthusiasm you're gonna show these beautiful babes, huh? I said, is everybody ready to play Love at First Sight? - Yeah.
- Okay, all right, Steve, how about we start with you? Let's start out with something simple.
How far do you like to go on the first date? Well, that depends, I mean, can you say that sort of thing on TV? No, no, no.
Now, if a girl asks you how far you like to go on a first date a good answer might be Santa Barbara.
Get it? - Okay.
- This is really bad.
All right, next question.
Steve, where is the most unusual place you've ever kissed a girl? The belly button? Belly You've played this before.
Did you hear that? - Steve, this is too lame.
- Come on, I'm great at this.
- I gotta go to the head.
- Hurry up.
One more, one more.
Steve, if you were a vegetable Zucchini.
Excuse me, do you know where the ladies' room is? No.
Not really.
I'm sorry.
I thought you worked here.
Are you a contestant? Sort of.
I kind of got roped into this.
Me too.
- So you're a contestant too? - Yeah.
I guess we probably aren't supposed to be talking to each other.
I could wind up your dream date or something.
I wouldn't complain.
Me either.
By the way, I'm Celeste Lundy.
Hi, Celeste.
I'm Brandon.
Brandon Walsh.
Brandon, they're looking for us.
They want to split us up into groups.
I guess I'll see you later.
- Wow, who's this? - Oh, sorry.
Steve, Celeste.
Celeste, Steve.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Well, good luck, Brandon.
You too, Steve.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- That's what I call a dream date.
- Oh, yeah.
In fact, I think I'm falling in Love at First Sight.
Oh, I'm gonna cream you, jerk.
- Did they make an offer? - No, they didn't.
And I seriously doubt we'll be seeing them in the near future.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, you should be.
Whatever possessed you to be so awful to those people? I don't know, I mean, I walked in and I saw total strangers going through my closet.
What am I supposed to do, tell every prospective buyer that your room is off-limits? How about we start by telling your broker not to smoke in the house? How about we start by changing your attitude right now? Or maybe we should just take the house off the market and declare bankruptcy? How about if I never say anything about anything ever again? That is exactly what I am talking about.
Practically every conversation we have had for the last month has ended in some kind of snide remark and I'm sick of it.
So am I.
My life is a total mess and nobody understands.
Honey, I know you're going through a rough patch with the divorce and the move, we all are.
I hate to see you so moody all the time.
You're not a kid anymore.
You're gonna be 18 years old tomorrow.
You've gotta try and cope with some of these things.
Don't remind me.
Is that what's bothering you? I don't know.
This too shall pass.
I hate open houses.
Okay, listen up, everybody.
If I call your name out that means you are a contestant on the first show we'll be taping here today.
Okay, girls for show number one will be Adrienne Mitchell Why don't you come right down here? And Cynthia Pratt.
Don't you look lovely? And Celeste Lundy, come on down.
Dude, this is definitely the panel I wanna be on.
Okay, male contestants for show number one.
Our friend, Steve Sanders.
Mark Garfield.
Hi, and last, but not least, Brandon Walsh.
Well, what do you know? We're on the same show.
Mom, do we have any wrapping paper? Yeah, sure, hon.
It's right in the window seat over there.
What've you got there? A birthday present for Kelly.
Oh, what did you get her? A sweater.
She'll probably return it.
Well, You don't sound very enthusiastic about it.
You know, they asked me if they could have the party here.
Well, it would have been okay with me.
Yeah, but it wouldn't have been okay with me.
But you are going.
- I mean, you're still friends, right? - Yeah.
Well, Brenda, you're trying.
I know you are.
- Well, a party is a party, right? - Right.
You know who I was thinking about today? Totally out of the blue? Darla.
Darla Hansen.
What's she up to? Probably getting ready to go to the University of Minnesota, just like everybody else back home.
Do you ever talk to her? Not since her sister got married.
I mean, we were so close.
I just kind of let her go.
- Well, distance is hard.
- No, it's more than that.
I mean, when we moved here, Beverly Hills made everything back home seem so small, so insignificant.
I'm starting to realise that I miss those guys.
You know, all my old friends.
Well, you've made a lot of good friends here too, sweetie.
Yeah, but still, I think I'll give Darla a call and see what's going on in the real world.
So is she ready? She's been getting dressed for the past hour.
- Honey, Dylan's here.
- Oh, my God.
- Honey, what's the matter? - I can't find my other red shoe.
This is just perfect.
So wear another pair.
It doesn't matter.
Does it? It's like nothing I do is right.
I can't even find anything in my own house.
I'm not going.
Because of a pair of shoes? No.
Because I'm not going, okay? Thanks for coming.
See you later.
Where'd you get this thing? It's for a 5-year-old.
It's cute.
Besides, Kelly still sleeps with her teddy bear.
Yeah, well, Renfro's getting a little ragged.
How's that? A little higher on your side, Donna.
Bren, you're early.
Well, I thought you guys might need some help.
Okay, Adrienne.
This is your last question.
Brandon, if you were an animal, would you be a tiger, a puppy or a shark? I don't know.
I guess I'd be a puppy.
Oh, Brandon, you dirty dog.
Okay, Celeste.
You're up.
This is for Steve.
If you could take just three things to a desert island, what would they be? Sunscreen, a cellular phone, you.
Sounds serious.
Next question, Celeste.
This is for Brandon.
Pretend you're a famous plastic surgeon and you can transplant parts of any of the three of us from one to the other.
Make the perfect woman.
That's a tough one.
You're all very beautiful girls.
I think if I had to rearrange anything, I'd make you all look like Celeste.
Well, I guess we know who Brandon has his eye on.
And we'll be back for more Love at First Sight right after this.
Don't go away.
- What are you doing? - What? I'm playing the game.
No, you're not.
You're horning in on Celeste.
So? That's the game.
I can't help it if we're both hot for the same girl.
- I knew this would happen.
- No, you didn't.
I knew this was gonna happen.
I told him.
- You wouldn't listen to me.
- That's because you're a puppy.
Hi, and we're back for our final lightning round, which will determine which lucky couple gets to go on our Love at First Sight dream date.
- She's getting dressed.
- Thanks.
It must have required a mother's touch.
What did you tell her? I calmed her down and then I did what mothers always do.
I found her shoe in the hamper.
Maybe I'm getting good at this in my old age.
- Knock, knock.
- Come in.
How do I look? You look perfect.
Love the shoes.
Let's go.
Hey, how you doing? Oh, sorry.
Hey, Nat.
You guys, it's almost 9:30.
Shouldn't they be here by now? Well, Donna just went to call Jackie.
Kelly sure has a lot of friends.
The natives are getting restless.
Where's the guest of honour? I talked to Jackie.
They just left the house.
Okay, listen up, everybody.
Hey! Kelly should be here in about ten minutes.
All right.
Steve and Brandon have both picked Celeste, Mark has chosen Cynthia.
And now it's the girls' turn.
So let's see if we have a match.
Cynthia, who have you chosen for your dream date? Cynthia picked Steve.
All right, there's no match there.
Now, Adrienne, you weren't selected, which means you'll be returning in our next group of contestants, but let's see who you picked, just for fun.
And finally, Celeste.
A very popular lady right now.
Celeste, have you fallen in love at first sight? - Yes.
- So who is it, Brandon or Steve? Steve.
All right, we have a match.
Celeste and Steve.
Are we in Love at First Sight? Well, Steve, are you ready for your dream date? Yes, sir.
- How about you, Celeste? - I sure am.
Well, you both sound pretty enthusiastic.
And I know you're gonna have a great night.
And of course we wanna hear all about it.
So, Celeste, take notes, because we wanna hear everything.
You look like you're ready to plant a big one right on that gorgeous kisser of his, right here and right now.
Well, go on.
Go for it.
All right.
Right now we have a limousine waiting outside our studio, ready to whisk Steve and Celeste away on their Love at First Sight dream date.
- Now? - Right now, Steve.
Tell them what they've won, Don.
Steve and Celeste will speed from our studios in Hollywood to Santa Monica's fabulous Beachfront Oasis Resort and Hotel where they will dine as guests of Love at First Sight.
But I can't do this tonight, I've got a birthday party to go to.
Overlooking the beautiful Santa Monica bay.
You make a great-looking couple.
Right down here.
Look, I can't do this tonight.
I have other plans.
- What do you mean, "other plans"? - I mean I have other plans.
Nobody said anything to me about tonight.
I can't do this.
But, Steve, you signed the release forms.
Didn't you read it, huh? - No time to get cold feet now.
- Listen, if you don't wanna go through with this, that's okay.
No, no, it's not okay.
Do you know how much this dream date set us back? You're going.
You're gonna have a great time and you're gonna come back and tell us all about it.
Look, my job's on the line here, bud.
So just shut up and get in that car, huh? Are you hot? It is so hot.
No, it's not.
It's freezing, Kel.
- My heart is beating so fast.
- What is it, something you ate? - Hardly.
- It's probably those diet pills, Kel.
I told you.
They're over-the-counter harmless nothings.
I'm just really stressed out about this whole birthday thing.
- What whole birthday thing? - Nothing.
- Who told you? - Nobody.
I figured it out on my own.
All the whispering behind my back had to mean something.
That's why you were so stressed out about what to wear.
Well, I couldn't look like a slob at my own birthday party.
Kel, you never look like a slob.
Do you remember in the second grade, Mrs.
Doveetch made me king for a day on my birthday? Yeah, you looked very cute in your little crown.
Yeah, but it was also Kathy Collen's birthday, so she got the wand, I got the crown, and we had to agree on what all of our royal commands were gonna be.
It was awful.
Brenda told me once that she asked her parents to move her birthday so she wouldn't have to share it with Brandon anymore.
So I guess none of us are very good at sharing.
- Do you think she'll be there tonight? - Yeah, of course she will be.
- Hey, hey, did I make it? - Yeah, but they'll be here any minute.
Oh, that's them.
That's Dylan's signal.
Everyone hide.
Get down.
Get down.
Okay, okay.
Kelly, you sure you're ready to go through with this? - I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
- All right.
Thank you.
What are you guys doing here? It's your 18th birthday.
- We couldn't let it just go.
- Happy birthday.
I didn't think you guys were gonna show up.
- What happened to you? - Traffic.
Kelly, happy birthday.
So how's the birthday girl? Very surprised.
Where's Steve? He got the girl behind door number three.
Happy birthday, sweetie.
I hear the Beachfront Oasis is a fabulous hotel.
You know, I've never ridden in a limousine before.
This is really exciting.
I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood.
- Boy, this is some dream date.
- I don't believe this.
No one said anything to me about going out right after the show.
- Did you know about this? - Yeah, sure.
They explained it all to us, over and over.
Nobody explained anything to me.
Well, as long as we're here, can't you at least try to enjoy it? Celeste, you don't understand.
It's my best friend's 18th birthday party tonight and I'm not there.
Well, what time's the party? Maybe you can still make it.
The cake's supposed to be at midnight.
So that still gives us tons of time.
We'll go get our dinner over with, dance a few dances, smile for the camera and say good night.
- How long could that take? - You mean that? It's your best friend's birthday.
You've gotta be there.
You know, I've been wanting to ask you something for two years, but you were always with Dylan.
Yeah, well, times have changed.
So, what was it that you wanted to ask me? Dance? Yeah.
- You wanna dance? - No, I think I'm gonna sit this one out.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I just need to go splash some water on my face.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Brandon, you having a good time? Yeah, I was just protecting the cheese platter here.
So, Jordan, how's it going, man? You all ready to take Yale by storm? Honestly? I'm a little nervous.
Nervous? Why, what have you got to worry about? So Andrea tells me you went on a game show.
Did you find the woman of your dreams? I thought so.
And then she found Steve.
Too bad.
But it will make great copy.
Jordan, would you do me a favour? Would you tell your friend here that not every one of our life experiences has to end up in her newspaper? Excuse me, Kel.
- Kelly, are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry, did you need the sink? Yeah.
Do you feel all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'll be out in just a minute.
Eighteen candles and one for good luck.
David, will you go get the lights? Oh, we can't do the cake thing yet.
Kelly's in the bathroom.
Well, it's almost midnight.
We better do it before people start to leave.
- I'll go get her.
- No, that's all right, I will.
- You finish the cake.
- Okay.
- Should we light it? - Yeah, go ahead.
I'll be right there in a minute.
I just have to get Kelly.
Oh, my God.
Brandon, Nat, call 911! Kelly.
Oh, my God, Kelly, come on.
Kelly, wake up.
Kelly, wake up.
Hurry up.
I've never seen anyone finish dinner so quickly.
I told you I'd get you here.
You sure you won't come in with me? No.
They're your friends.
Thanks, Celeste.
For everything.
Go on.
Maybe you can get in there before Kelly blows out her candles.
Can I call you? You'd better.
Nat, where is everybody? What happened? I got some bad news.
You know, I knew she was taking too many of those stupid diet pills.
Plus the fact that she apparently hasn't eaten anything in like two weeks.
- I should have thrown them away.
- It's not your fault.
None of us did anything.
Do you guys think maybe she has anorexia or? - Bulimia? - Yeah.
Has anybody seen her binge, throw up or anything like that? I haven't.
What about you, Donna? - No, me, either.
- Bren? We haven't been spending too much time together lately.
What did the doctor say? Well, she's gonna be fine.
Jackie's in there with the doctor right now.
He said we could see her pretty soon.
Well, I think I'm gonna go to the coffee shop.
- Does anyone wanna come? - We will.
Yeah, me too.
It's better than waiting around here.
- D, you coming down? - No, man.
I think I'm just gonna stay right here.
You guys go ahead, though.
I think I'll stay too, Brandon.
You know, most of the time Kelly and I don't even know if we're friends anymore.
- Maybe I should just go home.
- No, Bren.
I know she'll wanna see you.
I still don't understand how this happened.
I thought these things are supposed to be safe.
You can buy them in the supermarket.
They generally are if they're used properly.
But Kelly's been taking as much as twice, possibly three times the normal dosage for a couple of weeks now.
Combined with too much caffeine and no food, her heart couldn't handle it.
But I feel fine now.
You got off easy.
I've seen much worse problems.
Kidney damage, even strokes.
Honey, what could possibly have possessed you to do this to yourself? I didn't do anything to myself.
I went on a diet, that's all.
A starvation diet that could have killed you.
But I'm fine now.
Right, doctor? Well, I don't see any need for you to stay in the hospital after tonight, but I want you eating, young lady.
A balanced, sensible diet.
And I want you to consider getting into some kind of professional support system.
How about if I just promise to pig out a couple of times? This is no joke, Kelly.
You're not in real trouble yet, but you're on your way.
Now, the hospital has a very good eating-disorder group.
I don't have an eating disorder.
Honey, I think you should consider what Dr.
Tarica's suggesting.
What, spend an hour in a circle with a bunch of girls groaning about food? - No, thank you.
- Okay, we'll talk about it later.
Guys, she can see you now, but it's late, so just for a minute, okay? Go ahead in.
Leave it to you, Kel, to know how to get attention on your birthday.
I told you I didn't want a party.
- Steve.
- Hey, is Kelly all right? - She's okay, Steve.
- Where is she? She's in 105.
The paramedic was very cute.
Yeah, how was all that mouth-to-mouth, Kel? I had mouth-to-mouth? Don't get excited.
I don't think "very" is the word.
- Oh, he was "very" very.
- Okay.
You better get out of here before the nurses have me arrested.
- Bye, Kel.
- See you later, Kel.
- Take care.
- Good night, Kel.
Feel better, okay? You picked a hell of a place to have a birthday party.
Steve, you came.
I wouldn't miss your birthday.
You didn't tell them I told you, did you? No, of course not.
I hate to break this up, but it is time to say good night.
- Feel better, sweetheart.
- Feel better, you look good.
- Bye.
- Bye, guys.
Could you leave us alone for a minute? - Is that okay? - Sure.
Come on, Dylan.
Why don't you buy me a cup of coffee? You scared me.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
In fact, it looks like I'm gonna live, so you can't have Dylan back.
Kelly, we all have to stop making ourselves nuts about the past.
But, Kelly, please, if you were trying to punish yourself Brenda, I really think you're overreacting.
I just took too many diet pills.
Why is everybody acting like I tried to commit suicide? I'm not saying that.
All I'm saying is that no matter what's happened, I love you, even though you don't always know it, and even though I don't always show it.
So don't ever let it happen again, okay? Okay.
Call me tomorrow.
I'll take you out for ice cream.
Okay? Yeah, everything's okay.
Thank you.
Good night, Bren.
- You doing all right? - Yeah, I guess I am.
It's after midnight, so happy birthday.
Dylan? Thanks for staying.
Where else would I wanna be? Get some sleep, okay?