Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Batting a Thousand

Tonight on "beyond
skin walker ranch"
Do you think that there's
a skin walker here with us?
- I've caught one.
- Here in this area?
The team takes a new
look at the best moments
and most compelling evidence
from the first season
of investigations.
- My gosh!
- Whoa!
Whatwhat is going on?
This is way off course.
My gosh!
When I saw this, my
jaw just hit the table.
This is catastrophic
technological failure here.
I've seen this before.
It's a calling card.
It's a message.
You've got some kind of
powerful electromagnetic anomaly,
unusual radiation
readings, cattle mutilations.
Maybe we're not dealing
with government per se,
but some kind of organization
for which we don't
even have a name.
And Paul and Andy reveal
investigation footage
that stopped them
dead in their tracks.
You see something there?
It seems like it's observing us.
For years, scientists
have been working
to reveal the secrets
of skin walker ranch.
But is it possible that the
clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
- Now
- Whoa!
An ex-CIA agent and
a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the skin walker team
to go on a high-stakes
mission across america.
Look at all this activity
that's happening.
- That's unbelievable.
- My gosh. Look at that.
Look at that. Look
at that. Look at that.
The goal uncover evidence
that may finally
expose the truth.
- What is that thing?
- It's getting more intense.
You ever seen
anything like this before?
This is just the beginning.
Well, congratulations
on everything that you
were able to accomplish.
We're thrilled with the
wealth of information
coming out of all of the
things that you experienced
and the shocking material
that you were able to draw
from the expanded investigation
beyond skin walker ranch.
Thank you, you know,
for the opportunity.
It's been tremendous.
I think we feel pretty
good about what we got,
and I think we all have
the sense that we're really
still just scratching
the surface.
Well, I'll tell you guys,
for four years now,
Erik and I have
realized there must be
other places like
this around the world.
We've been wanting to set
up a forward operating team
to go out and find these places
and do some preliminary work.
That's exactly what you
guys are doing for us,
and it's been fantastic so far.
- Wouldn't you agree, Erik?
- I absolutely agree.
I would have never imagined
such an abundance of
evidence that brings us back here.
And once you see the
evidence, there's no turning away.
You can't help but
just keep going forward.
Absolutely. Yeah,
I think we agree.
Starting with bradshaw ranch.
Andy and Paul
got off to a fast start
in their first investigation
at bradshaw ranch,
where they
conducted a laser test
at a location where
the previous owner,
Bob bradshaw, claimed
to encounter a ufo.
All right, we're live on hunter,
and we're live on tracker.
Both ufo daps are scanning.
- Lasers ready.
- Let's do it.
Here we go. Hit it.
What was that?
- Another one?
- Right there.
There it is. Look at that.
Look at that, look
at that, look at that.
What is that?
That's the ufo
dap doing its job.
That small square
That small red square
is where it's zoomed in.
- Just tracked.
- It just left.
- Check it out. Look over here.
- Now the other one.
Paul, look at that! It's
getting more intense.
Look at how bright it is!
What is that thing?
That is zoomed in
on an object in the sky
that fits the definition
for an anomaly.
Like it's tumbling, and
those lights are flickering
as it, goes around.
When it's frozen there,
there are two distinct
sources of light.
And then when it
flickers, it is very bright.
- Boom.
- It's almost explosive.
- Look, it's
- It's pulsing.
This is a uap. There's
no question about it.
Bradshaw ranch's uap
was just the beginning.
The team experienced
several other sightings
throughout their
season of investigation.
You see this? Look at
this, look at this, look at this.
- It's there for just an instant.
- What is going on?
About to hit play. Keep
your eyes right about here.
Two spots simultaneously. Boom.
What is that?
Does this look
like a plane to you?
Do you see the orange
right above the trees?
Andrew, can you see this?
- Yes, I can.
- Look at it.
That's a solid glowing ball
floating right through
hockomock swamp.
It's really strange. It doesn't
have any flashing lights at all.
It's going very fast.
- Are you recording on that end?
- I got it.
- That one right there.
- Another one?
- Yeah, I-I see it.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I see it, too.
- Wow. Look at that.
- Completely steady.
- Yep.
- That is intense.
That's super bright. It's going
right through the tree line.
That's nothing
faa that's pinging.
That's definitely
not an aircraft.
No. Are you tapped into
the faa live feed right now?
But there's nothing else
within miles. The blue dot is us.
But perhaps the most
compelling sighting of the season
involved Chris bledsoe,
a man whose relationship
with the phenomenon
was scientifically documented
on camera for the first time.
- Lookit. Just as you said
- Yeah.
It got all that effort.
Really intense
effort there right now.
He's pointing now.
He's focusing on one.
That would make sense.
He has one. He's
got one in the tree line.
When we started
seeing that intense effort,
he spotted an
orb in the tree line.
Well, that certainly matches
up, because everything spiked.
You know, when we first set out,
I think we were just
trying to collect data,
just to collect data
that we could bring back
that would help
advance the mission.
But then to go from being
able to not only collect data,
but then in real time,
confirm this is the same thing
- that you've seen here
- Yeah.
And then to follow that
up with that extra layer
in more than one occasion
where we actually experienced
something for ourselves,
it really turned this from
just a cold investigation
into a hot experience.
In rocky mountain
ranch, for example,
we brought Katie Paige,
who was an experiencer
as a child, back to the ranch.
Yeah, right.
It had been 50 years
since Katie had stepped foot
on the property where
she claimed to experience
terrifying phenomena
as a 9-year-old girl.
The scariest night at the ranch,
the adults were
in the front room.
They were playing
board games, as I recall.
It was like, really late
at night to my memory,
and my sister and I were
hanging out in the bedroom.
So all of a sudden,
we hear like a
- Right.
- Just like that, just a hum.
And when that humming started,
all the lights in
the house went out.
And at that moment,
and it was like a window
kind of like this
the bright
brighter-than-the-sun light
comes through that window.
Everybody's freaking
out, but here's the thing.
This electronic-sounding
voice comes out of the house,
and it basically
stated, you know,
"we have allowed you to remain.
We've interfered with
your lives very little.
Your friends will be instructed
to remain silent concerning us."
- "Concerning us"?
- Okay "concerning us."
- That must have been terrifying.
- It was terrifying.
This has stayed with me
and affects me still to this day.
I believe now that something
connected to me then,
that night at that ranch.
To test the idea that Katie had
some kind of
connection to the ranch,
the team conducted a
ham radio experiment
by broadcasting Katie's
voice through the house
and into space while
setting up equipment
to monitor whether
the ranch would react.
So, jares, here's
where we're actually
porting in from that microphone.
So, if we start to see
significant variation
- in the amplitudes of these
- Right.
Then we'll know
that there's something
that's being transmitted
through those am radio channels.
Katie, how do you feel
about sending a transmission?
- Yeah.
- Kn4,
you having a secondary person
operating under my station.
Remember me, Katie, my sister,
and the three boys
that were on this ranch?
We are back, and
we wanna talk to you.
There's definitely I
don't know what kind
of response it is, but
there is a response.
I'm just sitting here
with my mouth open.
What is that?!
- I don't understand it.
- What is that?
I don't understand it at all.
I'm shocked at
some of the findings.
Totally unexpected.
You know, mount Wilson,
which revealed a significant
amount of activity and data
that seems to point
back to skin walker ranch.
While investigating
mount Wilson ranch,
another property
owned by Robert Bigelow
at the same time he
owned skin walker ranch,
the team discovered
evidence of something buried
beneath a location known
as the lower Meadow.
We started
with a very comprehensive
magnetometer survey.
We called in a
set of professionals
called terra exploration group.
They had a custom-built drone
that was built for
carrying a magnetometer.
And this is what our
magnetometer showed us.
Look at that.
This square area here
This is the lower Meadow.
That's clearly artificial.
- That looks like a phased array.
- Sure does.
Looks like a phased
array antenna system
built under the
ground. You see where
I'm going with this, Erik?
We've heard rumors that
certain low frequencies
in that range could be
used to not only detect uaps,
but possibly even take 'em down.
But I never knew
'em to Bury them.
They were always
on on the surface.
Like a low-frequency
beam some
Well, just phased array radar.
The rumors is that it's
actually radar that brought down
the roswell thing,
assuming it was real.
You know, I don't have any
evidence one way or the other.
But my point is,
that's just another one
of the stories we've heard
that kind of fits in the
Why Bigelow would
have been interested.
- Right. Right.
- But if he
If Bigelow would
have found that,
he would have stayed.
I mean, the little
things like that,
you start to piece together.
Yeah, you make this trail
You're following this
trail of breadcrumbs.
Not really sure where
it leads, but it's
- It's pointing somewhere.
- Well, it begs the question,
what does Mr. Bigelow know
that he is withholding or
not sharing with us, and why?
How much of what you experienced
in the field was malevolent?
Did we encounter
a lot of situations
where we felt like we
were getting resistance?
In multiple instances,
Andy and Paul's efforts to
investigate the phenomena
seemed to be thwarted
by technological failures,
just like at skin walker ranch.
Paul, I just lost the
ufo daps went offline.
- I just shut off
- Everything's down?
Yeah, that's not seeing them.
Well, we just lost
power completely.
- You said 99%, right?
- Yeah.
I didn't mishear you.
This said 99%. Yeah,
this was fully charged.
It's swinging that
magnetometer all over the place.
Is that normal?
There's some kind of disturbance
over here that it's not liking.
It looks that
looks way off track.
- That looks way off track.
- It's going down.
- No.
- What just happened?
Well, that's
We lost it all, Paul.
- Look at that.
- What's going on?
This is catastrophic
technological failure.
Doesn't make any sense.
Whatwhat is going on?
- This is way off course.
- Heads up, heads up.
It's like it's like it
hit a wall up there.
Go ahead and trigger
record on that bad boy
to make sure that we have it.
Yeah, well, we got
a bad card here?
- Not saved?
- Card not saved.
- Not saved. Memory card?
- Are you kidding me?
We have lost every
opportunity we have
to record tonight.
Without a doubt,
there were places that we
visited in our investigation
that I could only describe
as evil, dark, and negative.
But as soon as you
ask that question,
the first place that
comes to my mind
is our trip on a location
called Satan's butte,
as welcoming as that
location sounds, right?
Yeah. Interesting name.
Paul, let's get unpacked,
man, 'cause I want to make sure
we have our stuff set
up when night falls.
Let's get going
before it gets too dark.
So Satan's butte is an
area within the navajo nation
where even the
local navajo don't go
because they believe it
is such an intense area
of negative energy,
negative phenomenon.
It's the congregating point for
skin walkers at navajo nation.
From whispering voices
to shadowy figures
on rocky mesas,
and just an unsettling
sense of foreboding and fear.
Throughout our series
of activities there,
things seemed to ratchet
up against us progressively.
The more we tried to do,
the more pushback we got.
My goodness. These
gusts are incredible.
50, 60-ish gusts coming at us.
Which capped out with
our capstone exercise.
- Yeah.
- Our capstone experiment
almost had us blown
off the rocky edge
at Satan's butte
while we were trying to
put data around the folklore.
Whoa. Did you see
that incredible uptick
- over here, Paul?
- Look at that.
- The whole foundation, yeah.
- Yeah.
What is this? We've
got this 3-peaked signal
that keeps repeating
and repeating
and repeating in a pattern
in privileged transmission
zones that are reserved for
For earth to space
and space to earth
Whatever it is,
it's replicating.
- What's that on the left?
- 1.603.
Whoa, whoa.
God, the wind is just
picking up all the time.
We're up here now with a
screaming storm that came
- out of the blue
- Yep.
And a waveform pattern
that's constantly shifting.
I want to see if we're
seeing any activity
somewhere else on the spectrum.
Yeah, that got a reaction.
My gosh.
It's interesting how the
How the wind kicks up so hard
right when you you go to that.
We were warned in
advance by our navajo guides,
"look, ifif we feel like
this thing is spiraling
out of control, we're
gonna pull the plug."
And I had sort of
shrugged that off,
because, you know,
how bad can it get?
You could see it on Jon
Dover's face that he was
getting really unnerved
and did not wanna be there.
We're trying to hold our laptops
down before they blow off.
Whatever's here doesn't
want us doing this.
I think it's time to call it.
It really felt like
mother nature,
the mountain, everything
was working against us,
- fighting against us.
- Yeah.
I really think that there was
something else involved there,
an intelligent source that
knew what we were doing.
There was something
happening in real time there,
and I think it would
be inappropriate
to simply dismiss that
as a product of, as we say,
confirmation bias
or front loading.
There was something
else going on there.
- That's got me unnerved.
- Yeah.
I'm a little shaky.
I'm gonna start
breaking down the flir.
That experience
was kind of intense.
Art, I've got your voice going
through my head about
About expecting wow.
What do you got?
The wind it's gone.
As soon as we started to
say, we're breaking down,
the wind just dropped
about 50%, at least.
Right, Toto, like,
almost nothing.
Yeah, they were definitely
talking to you guys.
As Paul, Andy, and the
team from skin walker
discuss the most
compelling findings
from their investigations
beyond skin walker ranch,
the team looks
further into an incident
at Thomas Miller ranch
that was so pronounced,
the high strangeness enveloped
the entire documentary
production crew.
I mean, what you have here,
Sally and Tom, as you know,
is an interesting ranch.
Yeah, absolutely. We took
the time to go out and explore
the highway and the bridge,
specifically over highway 350.
We're not far from
the ranch house where
we're standing right now.
1.7, we hit the bridge.
- 6.1.
- 11.6! Look at that!
- 11?
- 11.6!
All elevated readings
all over the place
just for the length
of the bridge.
The bottom line is there is some
sort of electromagnetic anomaly
- centered on the bridge.
- On the bridge.
Have you ever seen anything
there personally, Tom?
Yes, and, actually,
one time, my sister
and I were meeting.
It was late. We got
close to the bridge,
and there were, like, three
sets of lights in the sky.
Not very high, but they
were just sitting there.
But they were, too
far apart to be just
a helicopter or
somethin' like that.
And then all of a sudden,
these lights went out.
They went out. They went
out. That was the end of it.
- But they were
- They were close to the bridge.
Yeah, they was fairly
close to the bridge.
We just we lose we lost
a light during that story.
Yeah, it was right on his face.
- Yeah.
- Could see it.
Literally in the
middle of a light story.
What's interesting
to me is that we're not
seeing any kind of magnetic
or electrical phenomenon
that would apply to house power.
You wanna you wanna
check with the trifield meter?
Going to. Sure.
- Let's see.
- Just have to
- Gonna turn this guy on, too.
- Yeah, why not?
I just want to see what's
going on in the radio spectrum.
So, this this will
measure magnetic field.
- Okay.
- If we see anything unusual,
that that's something
to take note of.
And this is looking
at radio frequencies.
- And we have seen some.
- Look at this. Did you see that?
- You get a 1.7 spike?
- Yeah, that 1.7 spike.
1.7 gigahertz is a signal
that's generally used
to communicate earth to
space or space to earth.
There's no reason
we should be seeing
- No.
- Those kind of spikes.
So, it's spiking yet again.
Now it's the one now
it's the one in the middle!
Our trifield meter is showing
very average magnetic readings.
- Standard.
- Yep.
- This is
- There it is again.
- 1.735.
- There it is. 1.7.
- You see that?
- Yep. Another one.
It's almost like it
wants to communicate.
Do you feel like
this property tries
to communicate with you?
I feel like the ranch
does as a whole.
I mean, this look at that. Did
you see that massive spike?
- That was a huge one.
- I did. Right there.
- It was confirming what I saw.
- That was a huge one.
Right when you
were talking about it.
While Sally was talking
about whether or not this ranch
is trying to
communicate with her,
we saw a spike
at 1.735 gigahertz.
Correct. Yeah.
I mean That is just
very, very strange.
What are some of the
other strange things
that have happened
in this ranch house?
I've had orbs on the window.
You've had orbs on the window?
Yeah, they're, about that
big around, real bright red.
And it here were two of
them in that bedroom in there.
And as soon as I seen 'em,
they just took off like that.
And about five minutes
later, that bed started vibrating.
You know how sometimes you
get goosebumps on your arms?
And I was laying there,
and I felt those goosebumps,
and they just went real
slow across my body,
all across my body until
they got to the other side.
All the while, that bed
was just shakin' like that.
And as soon as it
got over to this side,
the bed stopped vibrating.
Nothing more that night,
except in the morning,
I couldn't walk.
Wait, so you you you
couldn't get out of bed?
- No.
- She had to help me out.
Were you frightened? I
mean, it must have been
- Yeah.
- Pretty unsettling.
I was kind of scared,
but I was kind of numb.
Shocked, I guess.
I don't know, but
Right. We just lost right
in the middle of the
From back?
Tomtom tells a story
And the light goes out
again, ..And the house reacts.
It's, it's quite a coincidence,
if that's what it is.
- If there's such a thing.
- Not out here, it seems like.
You've got some kind of powerful
electromagnetic anomaly
- Right.
- Unusual radiation readings,
cattle mutilations,
physical effects correlating
with some kind of
strange sightings
or maybe some other
energy experience.
I mean, there is just so
much happening here,
really, all at once.
I mean, there's only one
other ranch where we've seen
this level of intensity
across such a wide spectrum
of strange phenomenon,
and that's skin walker ranch.
Yeah, and I'm really
curious to see what the team
back at skin walker thinks
about what we're seeing here.
When you see
something like that,
oror when it if
it happens to you,
at that point, you
don't care what any
naysayers or
skeptics or whatever
have to say about it,
because you know for a
fact it happened to you.
It actually just happened,
and you can't explain it.
That's physical
evidence. It's fascinating.
Andy, Paul, and
the skin walker team
are taking a new look into
the most intriguing results
from their investigations
beyond skin walker ranch.
One theme repeatedly
showing up in their research
was the possible involvement
of secret government operations.
What's really interesting to me
is that we were able to confirm
similar government activity or
similar government suspicions
like you've had here on
skin walker ranch Yeah.
At multiple locations
that we visited.
And this isn't once.
This has been going on at least
since the time that we began
- Yeah.
- Our investigation in 2016.
Exactly. Mount Wilson
ranch, for example.
This specific location
where we were
is immediately adjacent
to the Nevada test site.
And if you recall what
happened to the drone
with the GPS anomalies?
I remember that moment.
Does anything weird
ever happen over here?
'Cause it it see how
it's kind of squirrely?
I was gonna say,
it's making the grid,
but it seems to be flying
erratically. Is that normal?
No, it should fly
straighter than that.
It doesn't like something
over here, that's for sure.
In the mining area, the
GPS data in our drone
became so confused
that the drone actually
ended up fighting
itself and crash landing.
We've had that happen
hundreds of times.
It's interesting
that it's happening
- like this somewhere else.
- We also were able
to do some post-analysis
on the GPS anomalies
that actually ended up
bringing down our drone.
- Cool.
- That's very interesting.
Very interesting. Yes.
And at first, we
thought that we might
- just dismiss the GPS data as
- Right.
- Corrupt.
- Okay.
Until we actually looked at it.
And then when we
actually looked at it to see,
does it correlate to anything,
the errant GPS data in our drone
correlates to this red line
and each of these
yellow placements
that connect the corner of Cuba
up to the corner of
the Bermuda triangle.
That's where our drone
thought it was going.
Well, I mean, we've
seen anomalies that were
- 60-something miles away.
- Yes.
- But this is a thousand miles.
- A thousand miles away.
None of our data points to
Cuba. It's disturbing to me.
What struck me
about this is that
it's very clean but
inaccurate data.
- It's not garbled.
- Yeah.
My training at CIA
immediately made me think
that this wasn't corrupted data.
It was intentionally
made errant.
- What we would call spoofed.
- Yes.
Thisthis is highly
suspicious of spoofing to me,
and to what end and why there?
I mean, if you're
gonna spoof something,
you don't put something
nonsensical into it.
Youyou put something
in it that's believable.
- Right?
- Right.
This means something.
It implies something deliberate.
If you put yourself in the shoes
of a government national
security organization
where better to tap into
an unfair military
advantage than
with some sort of phenomena
that you could control,
with some sort of,
understanding or technology
that your enemies don't have?
And really, that seems
to be, in many ways,
what Bigelow was after,
as he was chasing site to site,
and as we were hot on his heels.
Not for nothing, I
mean, if you remember
what we did at bradshaw ranch
the Ridge location
is, if you recall,
that's when we had
that strange feedback,
when you suggested
that we'd been bugged.
In their second investigation
at bradshaw ranch,
Andy and Paul conducted
another laser experiment
that triggered some
strange behavior
on their radio frequency
spectrum analyzer.
Listen to this.
We're at 730 megahertz.
Megahertz. Megahertz. Megahertz.
What's happening?
What's happening?
Over and over. Over
and over. Over and over.
Wait, so, help me out.
I'm justl'm not comprehending
what's happening here.
What's happening here.
- We are not transmitting that.
- We are not transmitting that.
Transmitting that.
What this is telling me is that
if we are not broadcasting
on 730 megahertz,
somebody is listening to us,
and the reflection back to them
is carrying at 730 megahertz.
And we're able to
pick that up to hear it.
- And we're able to pick that up.
- What?!
I mean, are are we essentially
being eavesdropped on?
- Is that what you're telling me?
- Wethere
There is a very real possibility
that we are absolutely
being listened in on right now.
- That's that's the only
- What?!
Explanation I have, man.
What change
yeah. It's I don't
- I I'm losing my words, Paul.
- I was gonna say,
I'm losingl'm losing places
to go with this, because
I don't have any
place to take this.
This is highly
strange. This is
Highly strange Isis
understatement of the year, pal.
That is a perfect example
of one of those overlays.
And that's the
question that was that
That hit me so
hard, is, how is it that
you are being rebroadcast
inin those locations?
We can understand
that there might be
a long-standing interest on
the parts of we'll just say
Others in this location,
but to see that play out
where you guys went
- Nobody
- That is chilling.
Yeah, 'cause nobody knows
you were going there yet.
And so to me, that means it
must be phenomena-orientated,
or there's some deep,
reconnaissance being done on us
that we haven't really
put our minds around yet.
Well, they're unmarked,
so we're dealing
with unmarked assets
that are not transponding,
that are deliberately
masking their identity.
You had the same
reconnaissance technology
surveilling you guys that have
surveilled us here on the ranch.
How did whatever this phenomena
is know that you were there?
Andand number two, how is it
actually, you know, bugging us
and then rebroadcasting
us at a different frequency
like you guys seen?
This is the point in the
discussion where I say,
well, should we
take this off record?
Because it's The
implications, it's
I've been thinking about
that question for a while.
Anytime we're talking
about agency involvement,
you know, I'm reminded
that I am probably outsmarted,
certainly outmanned,
and outgunned.
I don't wanna see a
bunch of black suvs
show up in about five
minutes and shut this down.
A major turning point in
our investigation happened
when we were at a site
investigating cattle mutilation.
- Cattle mutilation?
- Miller ranch.
We went to the Miller
ranch to try to dig deeper into
the cattle mutilation phenomena
that they were having there.
Now, here's a ranch in Colorado
that's had 16 cattle
mutilations in 24 years,
while the ranches surrounding
it have never reported one.
And it's surrounded by
huge expanses of ranches.
So they had to have
had something happen
unless it's somehow
focused on the Miller ranch
for whatever reason.
Wow. Look at this, Andy.
- Look at this.
- See this?
So, Tom, and this is this
is the hide that's still here.
Yeah. And, if you come
around on this side,
you can see it better.
See, some of it is
is real smooth cut.
You notice how how
smooth that edge is.
- Right.
- But then you notice down here
where the animals tore,
and see how rough it is?
Right. You can
see the difference.
That's where it was
sliced or cut open.
And this is where it was chewed.
Wherewhere the
animals got to it.
Like it's been torn
or or bitten off.
And following the data
leads us to this little patch of
ground underneath a bridge.
What we were able
to do using Tesla coils,
we took the cue for Tesla coils
from right here on
skin walker ranch
to see if we couldn't
trigger some sort of activity
in this area of
concentrated strangeness.
And this is what happened.
- All right. We ready?
- Ready, sir.
Bringing the coils up.
Right now everything looks
like it's holding fairly stable.
- Yep.
- So, what I'm gonna do is
I'm gonna scan our spectrum.
We just flooded the
environment with energy.
Let's see if we don't pick up on
something that may have reacted
- during that experimentation.
- Copy.
You see that small
bounce right there?
There was a little
bounce right there.
Where did that go?
Wow. Did you see that?
Look at that. Look at that.
That was weird.
That little shiver.
- What's going on there?
- Do you see all this bounce?
Look at this.
- What is this activity?
- What is that?
It's almost a
that was a pulse.
Look at that! Did you
see that? Look at that!
That's all 1.733,
and what's fascinating
is this is electrical energy.
This is radio frequency.
These are two
What are the correlation?
There should be
no relationship here.
Cameron, you seem to
have stirred something up.
- What is this?
- Look at that.
It's as regular as a heartbeat.
So what's happening here is
we initialized the Tesla coils,
ran through multiple
frequencies, shut them down,
and then watched what was
happening on the spectrum.
- Okay.
- That's data.
- That'syeah, that's
- That's data. Look at that.
This looks like
encrypted data packets
that are being sent
over a broad spectrum.
- Yeah, I agree with you 100%.
- Yeah.
You would only really be able
to collect the entire message
if you knew what
spectrum to monitor.
So its structure and
its behavior is exactly
like packets of data
that I see here routinely
in that same exact range.
Why would you be
seeing this under a bridge?
In the middle of
nowhere, Colorado.
Why would we see
it here on a ranch
- in the middle of nowhere, Utah?
- Right.
There's a lot of information
there. That is a lot of energy.
And then we have a
series of potential uaps
that appear overhead and then
see that rf spectrum go quiet.
- What the hell?
- Look at this!
Looks like you
guys saw something.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Do you see this? Look at this.
- Look at this. Look at this.
- Whoa, did you see that?
- Yeah.
- It appears out of nowhere.
It appeared in two
in two places at once.
Look, there it is there.
And then it's here.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Did you see that flicker?
Yes. It's doing the same
thing. Watch the whole file.
- It starts down here.
- Yep.
Here here.
What was that?
It looks like whatever
starts in this area jumps.
Now, the jump the jump is
the most interesting piece,
because if it were a
satellite, it's not gonna do that.
And if it were an airplane,
it's not gonna do that.
If it were a bug, it's
not gonna do that.
Boy, here on the ranch,
we call that very suggestive,
and you have to start
asking yourself things like,
- is this, like, a doorway?
- Yeah.
Is this to some when
or somewhere else?
Is this where they're taking
the cows and processing them,
and they come back and
drop it somewhere else?
And what do they care if
they put it in the same place?
We've had the cattle
mutilations here over years,
and there's been reported here
for probably a century or more,
and then they've
had these there.
Makes you wonder, is the anomaly
a side effect, a possible cause?
You know, it's
it's really interesting.
Itit is like the triangle here.
We see ufos. We've
had cattle incidents.
- Exactly the same.
- Yeah.
So there may be another location
like the triangle in Colorado.
Well, I don't know whether
to be, excited or terrified.
A little of both.
You know, one of the
most unnerving observations
that we had happened to us
when we were in mount Wilson
and we saw that
strange creature.
Now, for the first time,
Andy and Paul are
sharing chilling footage
captured at mount Wilson ranch.
Did Jeff tell you
what's out here?
Mnh-mnh. Everything's out here.
Right now we're not
in our territory, man.
- Right.
- Check it out.
We're right here entering
into the lower Meadow,
where we know there's
multiple types of anomalies.
This is where we saw
our magnetic spikes
when I was out here with Jeff.
But sometimes in
daylight, you just can't see
the same kind of anomalies
that you can see in the darkness.
- Right.
- Well, a lot of our technology
- is designed to see in the dark.
- Right.
Turn that flir to me
just to make sure it's
functioning correctly.
Well, I've got you. You're
You're white hot, man.
Tell me if you see
anything interesting.
And what I'll do is I'll
keep my eyes open
on the area around us.
- Paul, check this out.
- What have you got, man?
Come here, come here, come here.
Right on the horizon,
looks like it's stationary.
You see something there?
I can't tell what
the geography
looks like behind it,
so I don't know quite
where it's coming from.
I see it. That's
incredible. Look at that.
- Yeah.
- What do you think that is, man?
I don't know.
It could potentially
be a set of eyes.
There's definitely something
reflecting the lights back.
I'm not getting
anything on the flir.
I'm right on it,
man. You see that?
It's not seeing anything.
Let's keep heading
in this direction.
- And still nothing on the flir.
- Nothing on the flir.
All right, we're gonna
go straight ahead.
- It's still there.
- We're gonna head for that break
between the two trees, right
where you're shining your light.
Copy that.
It's not moving, right
through that gap in the trees.
Two little red lights.
What do you see on the flir?
Any heat signatures at all?
Pitch black. Nothing.
What are you getting
on night vision?
I don't see anything.
Why don't we keep
closing the gap here?
I think we've got to go right
between the two trees there.
I don't know, man.
Whatever it is, it's
That's weirding
me out a little bit.
Flir is completely blank.
There's nothing out
there with any kind
of heat signature.
If it was an animal,
predator or otherwise,
it would have a heat
signature in this cold.
Yeah. Whatever it
is, it's gonna be better
at moving through
the snow than we are.
Let's just keep it down.
All right, still
nothing on the flir.
Would an owl hold that still?
What would hold that still?
I don't know.
Whatever this
beam was lighting up,
maybe it's moved off.
Whatever we picked
up out here, it's gone.
Which means it wasn't
a stationary object.
- It's not a vehicle.
- Yep.
It's not something man-made.
Whatever it was, it seems
like it was observing us.
- Right.
- Let's just Keep one eye
You're not quite comfortable
turning your back, are you?
I was gonna say let's
just keep one eye open
- I'm not either.
- Behind us.
I'm not gonnal'm not gonna
backpedal the whole way, but
- Yeah, no, I'm with you
- Let's get started here.
It's not a comfortable
feeling. That was just weird.
You know what strikes
me also is how it feels like
you can hear for miles. Right?
Which, again, think about
Whatever it was that
we just saw over there,
it moved off or
disappeared with no sound.
If can hear for miles,
and we have human ears
that have been polluted
by decades of city
noise and everything else,
imagine a creature
that's been here
Basically everything
out here can hear
and probably see
better than we can.
Better than we can.
It's just it's just weird.
Yeah. Something
was watching you guys.
That's what
that's what it felt like.
And they were
probably hungry, too.
But why doesn't it
show up on the flir then,
if it's aif it's a predator?
You as a former
CIA investigator,
you as a credentialed
investigative journalist,
both simultaneously
experienced this?
And caught it on camera.
Both of you go on record saying
that you felt you
were being surveilled
by whatever those eyes
Those eyes were tracking to us.
If they were eyes at all,
they were tracking to us.
- Brandon, it's the same story.
- Whatever whatever they were.
It's the same story.
It's the same story
that Jay told us about
the entity above homestead 2.
It's the same story that
Eric Davis talks about
that they saw in the
trees behind homestead 2.
It'sit's fascinating.
- It's correlative evidence.
- It's fascinating.
We talk about correlations,
especially with
this investigation
beyond skin walker ranch,
these type of
undeniable correlations
where your witness account
and video graphic evidence
matches some of
our early incidents
That's compelling.
On a property owned
by Robert Bigelow
when he was also
investing in skin walker.
Thatthe correlation there,
that's just you
can't make that up.
As Erik and I say,
like, every day, almost,
if I was gonna do
something to spoof people
or make them think so, this
isn't what I would make up.
- This isn't it, right?
- Yeah.
'Cause it's just so
bizarre. It's so weird.
And, Brandon, just
as you expected,
the dividends
coming out of the work
that Paul and Andy are doing
include informing
our process here
and helping us to refine it.
And we've had some
conversations at the table
where we've said, "my goodness.
This is how we
should go about this."
Well, it's true frontier
science and action.
And that's what is
so exciting about this,
even with some of the
more terrifying elements,
at least we're breaking through,
and we're really
pulling together some of,
I think, the most
compelling insights
relative to these topics that
have ever been presented.
You guys batted .1000.
If you guys can go forward
and bat .1000 like that,
I was expecting you might
bat .250, right? At best.
That's amazing.
What we've been looking
for are answers to the universe
by trying to uncover the
secret of skin walker ranch,
and we may have
discovered that that secret
goes far beyond
skin walker ranch,
and it's global.
I can't wait to
see what you guys
come forth with next for
your next set of excursions.
Well, we made it through
our first round of investigations.
All right, we'll see
what the next set
has for us as we go forward.
Follow the data and
see where it leads.
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