Big Mouth (2017) s04e04 Episode Script

Cafeteria Girls

Ahh. Smell all that floor cleanser.
It is the first day of school.
Eighth grade! Look at us, growing up.
Not like Bart Simpson.
That yellow schmuck's been in fourth grade
for, like, 30 years.
Also, is his hair, like, his skin?
-Yeah, he should get that looked at.
-I mean, draw hair.
That's right, we're back.
And in a pointless twist,
we've got a new masked principal.
You have to guess who it is
by the end of the year,
or we lose all our funding! Here's a clue.
I may be a gopher, but I love the water.
Uh-uh-uh. Before you guess, think about
who'd be willing to actually do this.
I think it's Paula Abdul.
In other news, I don't know what you did
last summer, so let's find out!
For our honeymoon,
my parents sent us to Rye Playland.
It was so dope!
I ate a ton of cotton candy before noon
and then had a major meltdown.
Uh, so Samira and I are a couple now,
and we have "sleepovers"!
Her parents watch John Wick every night,
so they don't hear all the
I think the masked principal
is Kathy Lee Gifford.
Whoa, Ali and Samira?
Seems like everyone's coupling up.
Well, we went from being Jay and Lola
to the obvious couple nickname
I'm gonna lick the breakfast out
of your molars.
Hope you like
Lean Pocket Shrimp Vindaloo.
Jay and Lola?
We're, like, the only ones in our grade
who are still single.
Oh, look, even Lump has a girlfriend.
Actually, I have two.
I've been beating them off with a stick
ever since I got this flavor saver.
Oh, we will find out soon
what your flavor is.
Mm, yes, soon we will slaughter this boy.
And consume his flesh
like we were at a human steak bistro.
Aw, this sucks.
All the girls in our grade are taken.
Not all of them. What about that new girl?
Ooh! New girl?
Oh, my God, is that Missy?
Mmm! And you can see her yummy tummy.
Andy likey.
God, I bet her belly button smells insane.
Hey, Missy. Love the new look!
Yeah, it's fucking fantastic.
Well, fellas,
this actually is not for you.
So avert your male gaze
and keep your comments to yourself.
And do not touch my hair with your eyes.
Okay, well, how about him touching
the inside of your mouth with his penis?
Well, it's official. There's no one left
in our grade to go out with.
Okay, seventh-graders,
you're leaving elementary school behind.
-What's that now?
-Just like I'm leaving behind
a famous controversy.
Are you Suge Knight?
Ooh, Andrew,
I'm having a light-bulb moment.
Ooohh. Ay-yay-yai!
I'm also having an idea.
What about going out
with seventh-grade girls?
Whoa, you're a genius!
Nick, what about seventh-grade girls?
-Yes! They're young.
-They're nubile.
- They're gettable.
- They're perfect!
That's what I love about
these seventh-grade girls, man.
I get older, they stay twelve.
Twelve years old.
Oof. When you say it like that
What if I say it like this?
Twelve years old.
That's significantly worse.
- How about this?
- Twelve years old, daddy.
-Waa! Waa!
-Okay, I gotta get to class.
I'm going through changes ♪
I'm going through changes ♪
Oh, in my life ♪
Oh, ooh, ooh! ♪
Oh! Look at my grown-up city girl
in her little blazer
with her little crest!
-Oh, I could eat you!
-Mom, calm down.
How can I?
You're going to Darlington-Pierce.
Ooh, I hear that's the school
where Lena Dunham fingered her sister.
Look at this.
"Preparing young women for excellence."
Okay, can we just lower expectations?
I'm actually really nervous.
What?! Why would you be nervous
for excellence?
I don't know.
It's just a new school, I guess.
I know!
And you're gonna meet
so many amazing young women.
And you might get to see Alec Baldwin
punch a hot dog vendor.
New York City,
the city where Alec Baldwin never sleeps.
- Seventh-graders.
- Right.
-Guess we're on the prowl now.
Just two hunters stalking our prey.
-Two sexy predators.
-Two sexual predators.
No, no, Andrew.
Here are the words you say:
"We're just a couple of eighth-graders
welcoming the seventh-grade girls
to the school."
And we shall select two to french.
And feel up.
And other stuff we're too shy to mention.
Oh, Maury, it sure is good
to be horny with you again.
How's a man even to choose?
The same way we choose everything.
Oh, Netflix!
Let's see what girls are suggested for us.
We know everyone can see us.
And that's part of the thrill.
Eh, nope. What's new and popular?
I'm a normal seventh-grade girl.
And I'm not an undercover cop.
So you can tell me if any of the kids
in your class are selling Quaaludes.
I am gonna rat out all the dealers.
Oh, look over there!
She's my best friend.
And I'm a little shorter than her.
And together
we're making sustained
eye contact with you guys.
-Yeah, we are.
-Hell, yeah.
Cafeteria Girls
Life is their tray-hey-hey! ♪
I really like the one
who's smaller than me.
Perfect, I'll take whatever.
-Hey, gals.
Hey, 'sup? 'Sup?
Obviously this is your first time
in the caf, right?
Yeah, like first or second, I would say.
-Well, the trash cans are by the door.
And, um, a little tip. If you tell
the lunch lady you're diabetic,
she'll give you a tablespoon of raisins.
Shut up. Oh, my God, I love raisins.
My sick grandmother looks like a raisin.
-She's dying, so
You know, I was just reading
that raisins are dried grapes.
This is Andrew.
Andrew Kent. Yeah.
I'm in the eighth grade,
and my name is Andrew Kent.
-That's a strong choice.
-But it worked. They think I'm rich.
-Well, I'm Izzy.
-And this is Misha.
Um, since we're talking raisins,
you'll probably read
A Raisin in the Sun this year.
I could possibly give you my notes.
Um, that's awesome, and I could read them.
I'd give you my notes,
but I've drawn some very upsetting things
-in the margins.
Imagine two things that could never
have sex with each other in real life.
My mom and dad.
- It's a tiger and a desk.
- Oh, my God!
Look at those little
seventh-grade gold diggers
trying to get that eighth-grade moolah.
Who cares if they're younger?
You're six months younger than me.
It's no big deal.
Jay, I was hoping
this would never come up,
but I'm actually, spoiler alert,
-six months older than you!
I was held back in kindergarten
because I did something so funny!
-Are you serious?
That's awesome, actually. What did you do?
-Like, eat all the fish in the fish tank?
Wait! Did you accidentally bring
your mom's dildo in for show and tell?
-These sound like things you did!
You probably think
I'm as old as Father Time!
Are you kidding?
You're like a hot, sexy cougar.
I don't know. I guess I really do think
girls should be younger
than their boyfriends.
Oh, wait, did you jack off
to the long-fingernails guy
in the Guinness Book of World Records?
Jay, I'm not gonna tell you.
But it was hilarious.
Oh, my God, look at everyone's bags.
Those cost, like, $5,000!
It's cool, baby,
I went to Canal Street
and got you a Tucci bag.
It's like Gucci,
but instead it's Stanley Tucci.
I feel like people will know.
Welcome to eighth grade, you girlbosses.
So, what did you badasses get into
this summer? Dish!
Ooh, your teacher's cool!
Yeah, she's got a "Pod Save America"
sticker on her laptop.
India Jessica Parker, hi.
I honestly kept it pretty chill
this summer.
I did some light Alzheimer's research
at the CDC,
-but, like, barely.
Greer Conway-Kleenex, hello.
My foundation rescued 20 women
who were going to be turned into glue.
I also won the New York City Marathon
competing against the adults,
not the kids.
Jesus, these girls are so impressive.
So are you! You put in a tampon!
We have a new young leader in our class.
Why don't you tell us
what you accomplished this summer?
Oh, boy.
Hi. Um, Jessi Glaser.
This summer I went to camp. Um
They don't look impressed.
Tell 'em about the tampon.
-in Somalia.
It was a refugee camp.
And I was there teaching gymnastics.
Um, I do the splits.
Wait. So, they're doing gymnastics
at a refugee camp?
That is a good question, and I thank you.
Okay, this has been my time.
Why'd you lie, Jessi?
You can't do the splits.
Your tampon would shoot out
like a Nerf dart.
Oh, God.
All right, this is the main hall.
- Wow.
- Don't use that water fountain.
- Lump deep throats the nozzle.
- I like the taste of rust.
Okay. Um, hey, Andrew,
can you help me open my locker?
Just 'cause we had cubbies last year,
Oh, sure, which one is this?
Oh, locker 243.
-Two-four-three, yeah.
-She's a little tricky.
-You just gotta find her special spot. Ow!
- Oh! I hit the pointy bone!
- My God, are you okay?
Just leave me alone, 'cause if I speak
right now, I'm gonna yell at you.
- I'm gonna barf!
- Andrew, you're doing so well.
-Do you guys have plans after school?
I was thinking maybe we could, like,
go get some coffee, or
Yeah! I mean, that sounds great,
but we're not allowed to have coffee.
Oh, well,
we'll get you a decaf, sweetheart.
-That means a decaffeinated.
Yeah, we'll go to Starbucks,
get a freezing-cold scone,
maybe a round of Horizon milks, on us,
and get to know each other
a little better.
I know the code for the bathroom.
I've used it before.
If you know what I mean.
Sounds like you pooped.
Ah, this one's got a little head
on her shoulders.
-It's a date.
-Or whatever.
All right, ladies, see you after school.
'Sup? I mean, bye.
Oh, my God.
-Stop, stop, stop!
-Eighth-grade freaking boys!
-Shut up!
-You shut up!
You cannot spaz out like you usually do.
Hey, I'm not gonna spaz out
if you promise not to sing.
Promises are made to be broken! ♪
Okay, homeroom was rough,
but I can do math.
Math is my thing.
But math is not my thing.
My thing is different.
What is your thing?
-My thing is Blue Man Group!
Yeah, they're lean and blue and sexy
like Gumby.
But it's okay, I love you, baby.
I can stay for math.
It's fine. I don't need you here.
-Okay, bye!
-If you wanna.
And she's gone, okay. Alone.
Okay, now can anyone tell me
how inverse variables
might lay out here on the parabola?
Oh, my God, they're so far ahead.
This class is way too hard.
- I know, right?
- Yeah.
Oh, hello.
Or maybe it's just that
you're not very smart?
Ugh! That's kinda what
I've been worrying about.
And I don't mean to pile it on,
but have you noticed
how shiny Greer's hair is?
- Jessi?
- I have.
-Hi! Yes! Present!
So, are you familiar
with Richter's theorem?
Don't say no!
They'll see how behind you are.
Oh, I am intimately familiar.
Great. Then why don't you
come on up to the smartboard
and solve this problem for us?
Um, I'd rather tell it to you
in private later.
Okay, well, I'd rather you showed
the whole class right now.
Okay, here I go.
You don't know Richter's theorem
or how to use a smartboard.
You're basically the Coach Steve
of this school.
Um, Mr. Doheny, I think
the refugee gymnast girl is crying.
- I'm not crying.
- If you don't know the answer, it's okay.
I just wanna say for the record,
I put in a tampon this summer.
I know it's not, like, PC to say, but I am
enjoying dating younger women.
God, they make me feel
twelve and a half again.
I got up this morning, and I did sit-ups.
I can't remember the last time I did that.
-What's, uh, with the jacket?
-You like it?
-Actually, no.
-The man at Goodwill said
the color's called "boy fudge." Eh?
He's "Professor Boyfriend" now.
Let's just say, I grade on a curve.
-That's the butt.
-Oh, here they come!
-Hey, guys.
-Ahoy, boys.
-Izzy, be cool.
-Okay. I am.
Ladies, I scored us this tall,
sticky table.
- There's coffee cake all over the chairs.
- Ew.
-Oh, my God. Misha likes sticky.
-Shut up.
Uh, a cup of water and six Splendas
for "Lo-Jay."
What the fuck is this?
I asked for light ice!
-Ma'am, this is a free drink.
-Are you joking me right now?
Don't call me "ma'am."
I'm not an old lady!
-I wanna talk to your manager!
-I am the manager.
Well, then I wanna talk
to the guy below you
so we can commiserate about
what a fucking cunt you are!
All right. Hey, Gary, come over here.
Would you look at this.
Nick and Andrew
and their seventh-grade snacks.
-Yum, yum!
Relax, babe,
why would I go out for Munchkins
when I got a doughnut machine at home?
Oh, my God, time to kiss the doughnuts!
America runs on Skumpy.
Holy snots, they're making out.
Yeah, they are.
Yeah, that's what couples do
in eighth grade,
or when, you know,
eighth-graders are with seventh-graders.
As long as
there's an eighth-grader present,
-frenching is on the menu.
-And this is pressure.
I'm totally down to French kiss,
Spanish fly,
-Dutch oven, fart in your mouth.
-Misha, slow your roll! ♪
Well, then, perhaps we should all go
to my house tomorrow after school.
Hmm. Yes, for "office hours."
Jesus, Professor Boyfriend,
I wanna fuck you.
No, Andrew, for a classic
eighth-grade make-out party.
We're in, and we're totally
gonna win this thing, ya turds!
Oh, my God, you wish!
I can't wait. I'm so scared.
We love hanging out with older kids.
Sweetheart, I will hold you down
and spit in your mouth
like I did to that kid in kindergarten!
Oh, yeah? You'll spit
in my pretty little mouth?
I really like Misha.
Wait, babe, was spitting in
that kid's mouth what got you held back?
-No, Jay, it was way funnier than that!
A big pile of napkins for Steve!
And these are decaf, right?
'Cause I don't wanna stay up all night
eating napkins.
Oh, man, is Greer flying
her dad's private jet?
Ugh, my dad doesn't even have
a private recumbent bike.
He shares it with a guy named Ian.
I just can't stop comparing and--
Despairing, I know! We should stop.
But then we'd have to get into
that homework you don't understand.
Yeah. Maybe I'll just look
-at one or two more.
-Good call.
Hey, guys, we're here at Starbucks
with our seventh-grade honeys!
Are you fucking kidding?
"Seventh-grade honeys"?
Looks like everyone is moving on
and doing well without you.
Jay and Lola are dating now?
What's up, jerks?
I'm going to an exclusive
eighth-grade orgy
with my old lady tomorrow.
Oh, my God, don't call me old!
And tag me in that.
I have nothing and nobody.
-That's not true. You've got me.
-Right, right.
And a stress zit on your upper lip.
Oh, shit, is everyone gonna think
I have herpes now?
Oh, my God, you might.
And I sucked your blood.
You gave me herpes.
-Now I have to call my old partners.
Now, Nicky, you're gonna make sure
she achieves pleasure
before you do, right?
You got it, Elliot.
One full orgasm before you even kiss her.
But is that even possible?
Of course! Your father once gave me
an orgasm through a window.
I used a hair dryer and a CB radio.
Holy shit.
Kill the boy and fuck the parents.
I know, but shush.
So, tell us about this girl.
Do you like her?
Do you, Nicky?
Do you love her so much
you hate everyone else?
Yeah! I mean, no.
But yeah, Misha's you know…
-What is Misha again?
-Shit, I don't know, short?
But the other one sings real nice.
Make my titties pop out.
Boop, boop.
Elliot, I think we should go upstairs.
Reading you loud and clear, big mama.
Hello, ladies.
Welcome to Tongue Town.
Population, four.
Oh, yeah?
Well, we just moved from Titty City.
We slid here on our own discharge.
How did they get here?
Nick, you have a beautiful home.
Oh, thanks so much.
Okay, enough pleasantries.
Why don't you follow my fat ass over
to the sectional?
Oh, my God.
This is really happening, Lord ♪
-Stop. Shh!
They should sit close enough
so the boys can high-five.
Yeah, but back to back
so they don't make eye contact
and accidentally switch souls.
-So Leo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas rules?
-Oh, classic Pussy Posse.
Rest in pussy, boys.
Rest in pussy.
I keep reading the same paragraph,
and it makes less and less sense.
-Can I point something out?
-Everything's kinda crumbling around you.
And you're lying to everyone,
and so you're going to have to remember
-all those lies.
That doesn't feel good, right?
Go away, Mom, I'm studying!
Hello, Jessi.
It's been too long.
Oh, shit.
Kitty Beaumont Bouchet, is that you?
Tito Taylor Thomas, as I live and breathe!
You guys know each other?
Oh, we've been working together for ages.
Remember Van Gogh?
I feel crazy!
Oh, my God.
I still have his earlobe in my locket!
Can you two please stop?
I'm trying to study.
Aw, you know what helps me study?
Yeah, I do feel pretty exhausted.
Or even better,
you could stare at the ceiling
and replay all the embarrassing things
that happened at school.
-I'm already there.
-It is so nice
to be working together again.
It doesn't even feel like work.
We're just, you know
Emotionally crippling
a young woman. Jinx!
I was laughing before
that you're blazing in that sweater
whilst I'm sweating through this blazer.
I'm filled with all sorts
of delightful observations.
Your breath smells like tuna fish ♪
For your information,
he just drank the water out of the can.
That's why he's got a big cut
on his tongue.
Misha, what are you doing
with your fingers?
Yeah, you like that?
-No, you do not!
-I don't know if I do.
I can feel your cavities, you like that?
Hey, sorry! Andrew,
do you have to go to the bathroom?
Indeed! Yes! Why don't you follow
my fat ass to the powder room?
Ladies, we'll be right back.
Okay, better hurry up.
The corner of this couch
is looking pretty good.
Oh, happy birthday, Mr. Sofa.
Hey. So I'm finding Misha
a little terrifying.
Really? 'Cause I wanna be the corner
of that couch right now.
And Izzy's kind of annoying.
Really? I like how she sings everything.
Ah! Should we
I mean, switch?
-Fuck, yes!
The little one's gonna suck every drop
of tuna water out of you.
And the tall one's gonna write a song
about Nick.
Yeah, but she's not gonna sing it.
She's not a singer.
-It's true, the voice isn't there.
But her talent lies with songwriting.
I'm okay with switching if you are.
I think it's a great idea.
If we're both in agreement,
then I think that covers everybody.
The motion passes!
-And I do for real have to go.
What do you think,
is an old baby-food jar full of olive oil
a good gift for a make-out party?
Honestly, yes, but I'm so not into this.
Babe, it's gonna be fun.
You know I want everybody to watch
while I tongue your throat clit
with my mouth dick.
First of all,
I want that on a T-shirt yesterday.
But I just don't feel like passing
the so-called day
with those seventh-grade skanks.
How many times do I have to tell you,
it's hot that you're old!
Stop calling me old!
Stop being sad!
Stop telling me how to feel!
Babe! Fuck!
Why does being a hot cougar woman
make you so sad?
Because I'm older
than I normally should be.
And even though I was held back
for a really funny reason,
one that would, like, redefine comedy,
it feels, like, bad
to be the oldest in our grade!
Oh, wow.
I guess I had no idea
you had so many feelings.
-That must suck.
Exactly. So it's like--
Babe, just the sound of your voice
makes me horny.
You know exactly what to say.
Will you please tell me
why you got held back?
Yes, the time has come
for ultimate hilarity.
Okay. Oh, my God.
So, like, one day, at recess
Oh, my God, I am, like,
not gonna be able to get through this.
I intentionally tripped a kid
on the playground.
Think fast, Isaac!
And a metal spike pierced his skull
and went, like, deep into his brain.
Jesus, babe
That is so fucking hilarious!
What an idiot!
I know!
When it happened, I was like,
a real record-scratch moment.
Yeah, I bet it was. Did he fucking die?
Honestly, if I tell you,
it won't be as funny.
Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't ruin it.
Don't ruin this. Come here.
Breaker, breaker, one nine.
We've got a southbound climax
- right on the center divider.
- Oh, Elliot! Ten-four, good buddy!
Just made my wife cum, over.
Copy that, Elliot. I just made it
to Flagstaff. Over and out.
Hello, Misha. Make room.
Did you meesh me?
-Oh, look where we find ourselves.
This feels better, doesn't it?
What are you doing?
I'm supposed to be with Andrew.
Oh, no, no, no. It's cool.
We realized that I should be with you,
and Andrew should be with Misha.
You see, we hated it the other way.
Oh, you-- you-- you hated it?
Yep, that's why we switched.
What about what we think?
Oh, well, I hate to do this 'cause, like,
it's just kind of gauche,
but it is our show, so
Your show?
-Yeah, Big Mouth.
You guys are literally on our show.
-Uh, Cafeteria Girls.
Cafeteria Girls♪
Kissing's off the menu ♪
Who's cheering?
And you know what?
We might just be seventh-graders,
Andrew Kent,
but you, Andrew, can't make out with us.
Well, joke's on you, sweetheart,
'cause that was a fake name.
I fucking lied to you.
-Now who's booing us?
-Yeah, what's going on?
Turn the lights on, Bobby!
- They don't have a ceiling.
- That's right, bitch!
Our show's shot in front
of a live studio audience!
-It is?
-But this is my living room.
Go get 'em, Meesh!
Orange County loves you!
And surprise, you guys are totally gross,
and everybody knows it.
Yeah, I used to want to yum-yum
on Nick's pelvic thumb--
-I know, fuck gremlin.
-Fuck gremlin?
But now I wanna tear out his spine
and shove it up my ass.
I guess she's their hormone monster?
I'm a handful!
And yeah, we're younger,
but we're learning.
-And you know what we learned this week?
We wanna go out with nice guys,
not sloppy Joes!
My fuck blazer is ruined!
Where did they get sloppy Joes?
From Lunch Lady Eve, of course.
They drawed a bow on top of my head.
Eve, I love you!
I love you too! Who said that?
Now let's go home
and see how much of your grandma's cane
we can fit up your pussy!
School's out, dorks!
I don't think you could handle another day
at school.
I know. But I have to try, right?
-Do you?
-Don't go in there. It's too hard!
That's the new girl, Jessi, right?
There's no way she's gonna last.
Jessi, what is this supposed to be?
Um, my homework.
Oh, really? Because it looks like
you took a dump on a piece of paper
-and turned it in.
-That's not gonna fly here.
-No, I tried really hard!
Miss Glaser, they're here for you.
Who's here for me?
It's the Dummy Truck for losers, Jessi.
It's here to take you away
to Dipshit Town.
-You can't lie your way
out of this one, moron.
-Fart! Whoo!
-Did you just say "fart"?
I'm really dumb!
I don't wanna go to Dipshit Town!
Sorry, my dude, those are the breaks!
Are these the brakes?
Where are the brakes?
Okay, yeah,
I'm definitely not going in there.
Of course you're not.
It's not a safe place for a dummy loser.
Wanna walk down to Union Square
and watch them break down
a farmers market?
- But I will.
- Good girl.
We literally just broke up with
our eighth-grade boyfriends.
so immature, it's crazy!
Oh, you're gonna shuck this boy's nuts out
of his sack
and eat it with cocktail sauce.
Welcome to the yacht club, baby!
Cafeteria Girls
A second helping of friendship ♪
I'm a handful!
Wow, I'm beginning to think
we're not the center of the universe.
I guess we have to start treating girls
like they're the stars of their own show.
Yeah, but, you know, like,
what's the target audience
for Cafeteria Girls?
I know!
I mean, the main characters
are kids, but the show is so filthy.
It's too much. And I like dirty stuff.
That fuck gremlin is really unpleasant.
It's uncalled for.
-You don't need to be gross to be funny.
-You said it, Maury.
All right, I'm gonna go have sex
with poop, then eat it.
-Then shit it out
-and then fuck my own ass with it.
-Okay, God bless.
Oh, should we unroll a chocolate croissant
and just eat the chocolate?
Yes. That is a perfect idea.
Oh, skipping school.
-Bad girl.
-No, I, um
-I'm just--
-Relax, I'm skipping too.
You learn more in the real world
than you ever could in a classroom.
Totally, yeah. That's true.
I'm Michael Angelo, by the way.
Like the artist, not the ninja frog.
You mean turtle?
Yeah. I like you.
Would you let me sketch you?
- No, I hate water!
- I can't swim!
I'm riding a wave of my own discharge!
You're back!
Of course, this boy is hot!
Talk to him!
Hi! Hello, I'm Jessi.
Why did I curtsy?
'Cause you're getting an eyeline
on that dick.
-Wanna have a seat?
-Yes, please!
Right on his fucking face!
Okay, where should I put my backpack?
On my lap? On my head?
Just kidding. Fuck.
Whatever you do is perfect.
Breaker, breaker, one nine,
I just came again.
Copy that, Connie,
I just made it to San Diego.
First time seeing the ocean.
Boy, it is beautiful.
Cafeteria Girls
Life is their tray-hey-hey! ♪
They're saving you a seat at the table ♪
It's all fish sticks, friends and fun ♪
And they're doling out laughs
By the ladle ♪
They got your midday blues on the run ♪
Lunch Lady Eve will be wearing a dress ♪
And the fuck gremlin
Will be bringing the sex ♪
I'm a handful.
Cafeteria Girls
Life is their tray-hey-hey! ♪
Ooooh ♪
"Good at Bizness."
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