Big Mouth (2017) s06e06 Episode Script

The Apple Brooch

-[horse neighs]
[Seamus] Hey, Willy boy.
Bring me another beer.
And some of those fancy nuts
with the candy around them.
I told you, Dad, it's Elliot.
And the fancy nuts are peanut M&M's.
But we'll address all that and the decades
of trauma you've inflicted upon me
after your ankle heals, okay?
Dad, how long is he staying here?
He's been pissing in beer cans.
Well, the orthopedist said
he has to be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks,
so it'll just fly by.
Don't you think he'd be more comfortable
if he were dead in the ground?
[gasps] Are you suggesting
we euthanize your grandfather?
Of course not.
We would pay somebody to do it.
Nicholas Birch!
Mommy Diane is using your big-boy name.
Your grandfather is only here
because you couldn't leave
well enough alone.
Now, why don't you go
and bring him a beer and his fancy nuts.
-Just fucking do it.
-Ooh, it's my wee butler.
And I call you that
because now you can take away my wee.
Ew, I'm not taking your pee can.
There's, like, steam coming off it.
[man] Say, is your life miserable?
[man] Well, just imagine a future
where everything is perfect,
where possibility meets impossibility,
and it's all pinned
right to your very own shirt.
Introducing the Apple Brooch.
Oh, it's so fancy and shiny.
[man] It's like a gleaming sign
on your chest
that says,
"I have disposable income to burn."
I've always wanted a brooch.
I just don't think
I knew it until right now.
What a worthless piece of shite
for rich, spoiled bitches.
Mommy, Daddy, can I get an Apple Brooch?
Of course. I'm sorry you even had to ask.
-Absolutely not.
-Excuse me?!
I told you not to dig
into your father's past.
And here we are.
Consequences for your actions.
But I want an Apple Brooch!
We needs it.
-I said no, and that's final.
Uh, I think something's wrong
with your mom.
Maybe you should try restarting her.
She's busted, baby.
I'm going through changes ♪
I'm going through changes ♪
Oh, in my life ♪
Oh, ooh, ooh ♪
Jessi, I can't believe
you're gonna leave me alone with your dad.
Will you please text me
every stupid little thing he says?
You got it, girl. [chuckles]
I like Caitlin.
She's who I'd wanna be
if none of my dreams came true.
So, when I'm eating peanuts,
it's kinda like I'm making peanut butter
in my mouth.
-But I don't feel that way
-about jelly when I'm eating grapes.
-[phone dings]
-You know what I mean?
-[chuckles] Oh my God.
What's, uh What's so funny? What's funny?
Oh, um, nothing. Just a
Just a text Caitlin sent me.
Oh, fun. You guys have inside jokes.
That's fun.
Uh, but we should get going, Jess.
I've been saving The Bachelor,
and I think Ashley S.
is finally on her way out.
Ooh, you know what?
It's actually Ashley R.
I watched it with Caitlin.
Oh, you watched it without me,
and you spoiled it for me. That's fun too.
Hey, hey, hey, Shannon?
-Uh, regarding the Jessi bucks
-You mean the child support check?
Yeah, the Jessi bucks.
-Could I get cash instead?
Whoa! Shannon got that paper.
Wow, I didn't realize
my mom had so much money.
Well, she needs it.
You gotta be either rich or hot.
And we both know Shannon
is just softball league hot.
[Barbara] Sweetie, I'm sorry.
I can't be around your father right now.
I just need a couple of days.
Okay. I'll say "hi" to Dad for you.
Please don't. But I love you.
Oh, I'm sorry, Andrew.
But you know
what will make you feel much better?
My mom coming home?
Oh no. I meant something
that's actually gonna happen.
-[dance music plays]
A Montel fashion show.
The suit is by Gucci,
the kicks, Balenciaga,
and of course,
the season's hottest accessory,
the Apple Brooch.
Do I look fucking rich or what?
Hold on. You spent $800
on a brooch for a baby?
Well, first of all,
Montel's a toddler now.
Hormone monsters age very rapidly.
Oh, so they won't be a baby
for the whole season?
-Ugh, God, no.
-That's good.
-I hate it when shows add a baby.
-Yeah, right?
Okay, but what does a toddler
even use an Apple Brooch for?
It's not about using it.
It's about having it,
you pear-shaped peasant.
Montel, be nice.
His mommy doesn't love him anymore.
Ooh, maybe I should save up
and get my own.
I mean, it is allowance day,
and I have no concept of money, so
What have you ever done to deserve
one red cent of my green money?
Well, Mom usually just gives me
Gives!? [laughs]
If you want money from me,
you're gonna have to work for it.
-What kind of work?
-Sex work?
-Menial labor. Back-breaking chores.
-But you'll pay me?
-Very, very little.
Now start by scrubbing the bathrooms.
Your mother used to do that,
but she abandoned us.
So you're my wife now.
Okay, so each hygiene kit
gets a toothbrush, check,
a pair of socks, got it,
and a box of collagen, flat-tummy tea?
Yeah. [chuckles]
Pastor Luke
is a personal trainer in his free time.
Well, it still feels good to help.
Some people have so little
and we have so much.
Oh, please, what do you have?
You don't have Elijah's dick, his ass,
or even his tongue in your mouth.
You, my dear, are sex poor.
Mona, you know we decided to take it slow.
We don't want to take it slow.
We just want to take it.
I don't know. I think taking our time
could actually be sexy.
All the anticipation and sexual tension.
Ooh, like in Bridgerton.
[classical music plays]
My lady, would thee care
to do an elaborate dance
that the entire ballroom
somehow knows by heart?
Yeah, but not with you.
I heard you're broke as fuck,
Prince Fatass.
Miss Foreman-Greenwald,
you look so radiant this evening.
It makes me want to ride my horse
shirtless through the mist.
[chuckles] Ooh.
You flatter me, Duke Majorhunk.
Have you come to ask me to dance,
palm to palm?
Alas, I cannot dance with you.
I'm joining the priesthood
in but a fortnight,
and it would be improper.
Oh, of course.
[gasps] Oh, full English breakfast,
I dropped my glove.
Oh no, please allow me, my lady.
Lest our fingers touch sensually.
[Missy] Oh yes. Oh, caress my bare hand
in an untoward way.
[Elijah] Indeed, so bare, and so untoward.
Holy shit, this is hot.
Quick. Let's go home and rub one out.
Missy, are you okay?
'Cause you closed your eyes
and did a pretty elaborate dance.
Yeah. I, um
Gotta go.
So, Jess,
before you go,
I got you a little something.
-It's an Apple Brooch. Ah!
Wow. Thank you, Mom.
This is so expensive.
Please, don't worry about the price,
which was $800, not including tax.
I just wanted to show you
how much I love you.
I don't know, Connie. Am I really
an Apple Brooch kind of girl?
Oh, Jessi, brilliant Jessi.
Of course, you are.
You're so hip. You're modern.
And look at you. You're on Netflix.
You're streaming in 27 languages.
Oh, obrigada.
Jessi, I have seen my soul in that brooch.
-And it is rich as fuck.
Wow, Mom, thank you.
You're You're, like, the coolest.
Some might even say
cooler than Caitlin. Right?
-[all gasp]
-What is that?
Jessi got an Apple Brooch.
No shit, Caleb. [weeps]
Oh my God. Is everyone,
like, obsessed with me?
Yes, of course, they are.
I mean, how could they not be?
-Quite the brooch, Jessi.
-Ooh, now we know. Jessi's rich.
I'm looking at her boobs,
and I'm totally getting away with it.
Holy shit, Jessi. We are hallway royalty.
You're like Meghan Morkle.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Markle.
That's what I said.
Meghan Morkle from Soups.
-[Montel] Connie Mommy, Connie Mommy.
-Up, up, up.
-Wait a minute.
How'd you get an Apple Brooch?
Daddy bought it for me 'cause he loves me.
Maury, this is crazy.
A toddler doesn't need
an expensive, high-tech brooch.
Connie, relax. It's just credit cards.
It's not real money.
-Hey, Nick.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How did you get an Apple Brooch?
Spoils of divorce, Nick.
-Maybe you should break your parents up.
-It really is so, so unfair, Nick.
I mean, your mom
should just buy you one of me.
Wait. How do you know about my bitch mom?
I know everything. I'm the Apple Brooch.
You sure are.
The ultimate symbol of fuckability.
I must have you.
Yes, Nick.
I'm gonna make you the sexiest little boy
in all of Bridgeton.
I'm gonna fuck that brooch
if it's the first thing I do.
OMG, you guys.
Lady Pussysqueak says
I looked absolutely immaculate
at the ball last night.
I wonder who she is? [chuckles]
-Definitely not me.
Who cares about Lady Pussysqueak?
Everyone cares deeply.
Yet her identity
remains very much unknown.
Well, I care about books,
women going to college,
and wearing very high collars.
Missy, get it together.
Duke Majorhunk is eating custard.
Oh, yeah, he's really going to town
on that spoon.
And now he's going after the bowl.
[Missy] Oh, that's so much dairy.
Do you think he's gonna get sick tonight?
Oh, I don't know,
but it looks like
he spilled some on the table.
Oh, yeah, eat it,
you nasty little termite.
-Good God.
Elijah didn't even have to touch you
to send you all the way to Shondaland.
I told you taking it slow could be hot.
Damn right.
So, Missy, who do you think
Lady Pussysqueak really is?
It's It's totally Lola.
No, no, no, no. Keep wanking.
We need to go back and investigate.
All right.
Ooh! Ooh!
Hey, Dad. How you holding up?
Not good, Nicky.
Your grandpa won't stop eating asparagus.
Yeah, it's been stressful for all of us.
I'm actually a little bit worried
that my self-esteem is suffering.
[gasps] Your self-esteem?
Yeah, and Jessi got
an Apple Brooch at school,
and she made me feel like
like I don't have one.
Oh no.
But no. You know what? Mom is right.
I don't deserve it. I'm a bad boy.
Nicky, bite your tongue.
I'm gutter trash. I stink.
Pee-yew, you know?
You stop that. You smell lovely.
Now here, take my credit card
and go buy yourself an Apple Brooch.
But, Dad, what about Mom?
I mean, we'd have to keep this a secret
from her as long as we live, right?
Yes. I'll just do what I do
with all my secrets.
Whisper it into the open body cavity
of one of my patients
and then sew it right back up.
[Marty] All right, Andrew.
I used to hear scratching,
but now there's just a terrible odor.
So whatever's under there must be dead.
And you're sure you don't wanna call
a professional exterminator?
Hey, you want the three bucks or not?
I don't know about this, Maury.
It looks pretty scary under there.
But if you're ever
gonna afford nice things,
you need to degrade yourself
with back-breaking labor.
That's capitalism.
Uh Okay, Dad? I'm not seeing anything.
It does smell pretty bad.
[Marty] You're not getting paid
unless you bring me a corpse.
Ugh, wait! Wait a second.
I see something.
Yep, it's a dead possum.
Yeah, it reeks pretty bad.
Must've been down here for a
[screams] It's alive.
It just smells dead.
[screams] It's scratching my face.
Oh no, it got into my shirt.
Ooh, the possum has the upper hand.
It's the possum's shirt now.
All right, whoever wins is my true son.
-I'll see one of you at dinner.
-[Andrew screams]
So, the bananas were
in the crate labeled avocados.
And I was like, "I have a feeling
I know where the avocados are."
And I'm sorry, you said
you thought this could be a movie?
Whoa, rad tech alert.
Is that the new Apple Brooch?
-Pretty sweet, right?
Oh my God, Caitlin, you should get one.
Yeah. I don't think
that's exactly within our budget.
Oh man, I'm sorry. Of course.
I forgot you guys were poorly funded
in the money department?
No worries, no worries.
For you, I mean.
We actually do worry about money a lot.
[scoffs] Why did I say that?
I sound like such a spoiled brat.
Oh, no, Jessi, Jessi.
Sweet, intelligent, wealthy Jessi.
You're just better than other people
because you have me.
Oh, I know.
Let's order Nobu to our room
and not share.
Ooh, I hate how good that sounds.
Rock shrimp.
Wow, the Apple Store.
You know, Steve Jobs was a psychotic,
but if screaming at everybody built this,
I applaud him.
Hello? Excuse me?
Child with a credit card.
Hey. Mr. Birch, welcome back.
Yum, yum, yum.
Look at all these innovative products
that do roughly the same thing
but in different shapes and sizes.
Ooh, but, Andrew,
I'm the hot new status symbol.
Think of your status.
Don't you want status? Status
Oh, I need you, Brooch.
Without you,
I'm just a got-nothing hillbilly.
Oh yeah, baby. And imagine walking around
with me pinned to your shirt.
Nobody will make direct eye contact
with you ever, ever again.
'Cause they're all gonna be staring
at your chest, baby.
I'll finally know
what it feels like to be a woman.
Andrew, uh, do you have $10,000?
I have $4 and a loose Listerine strip.
Oh God, I tried to buy
an extra Lightning cable,
and they cut up all my credit cards.
Apparently, I owe
all these companies actual money.
Hey, Andrew, what do you think?
Do I look like
the absolute height of fuckability?
Ah, shit, he does.
That cocky little fuckable bastard.
Great work this week, Missy.
You've really made Jesus proud.
Well, Jesus better watch out,
my girl.
[chuckles] Yeah, watch out, JC.
Elijah'll mess you up.
I'm just kidding. You have free will.
If you really wanted to get with Jesus,
I don't own you, girl.
Aw, that's really respectful
of my autonomy.
Yeah, yeah. But should we go home
and think of new surfaces
for Duke Majorhunk to lick?
Okay, gang.
Today was a great example
of idle hands doing God's work
instead of the devil's work.
So before we leave,
let's all sing
the "Don't Touch Your Flower" song.
Oh, I don't think I know that one.
Don't touch your flower ♪
Don't touch your flower ♪
Never, ever spill your seed ♪
I'm so sorry. What is this song about?
It doesn't even rhyme.
Oh, it's about how
you should never travel alone
to the southern hemisphere.
Because of Zika?
No, it's about how you shouldn't,
uh, you know, touch yourself?
Oh, oh, right. Of course. Because of Zika?
Well, no, because it's it's a sin, right?
I mean, it's the exact opposite
of self-control.
Oh. Right. Duh. Self-control.
Mona, am I an out-of-control masturbator?
It's the only thing I like about you.
[sighs] Stop right there.
I know what's in
your twisted red-headed noggin,
and you cannot give away that brooch.
But I don't want it anymore.
It feels weird to me.
And I don't need material things
to be cool.
Oh, baby, you're not hot enough
to say stuff like that.
Hey, Caitlin, I've been thinking about it,
and I really want you
to have my Apple Brooch.
Oh, wow, Jessi, that is so sweet of you,
but you know I can't accept this.
What if you just borrowed it
until the baby comes?
You could use it
to time your contractions.
You could even watch that show
on Paramount Plus
about the wheel of cheese who's a lawyer.
-Oh, my God, The Gouda Wife?
Oh, Caitlin, you're so much more
than a cheese girl.
You are a Dairy Queen, my darling.
And you deserve me.
Okay. But just to borrow.
[sighs] Well, Jessi, you were cool
for about, mm, 18 hours?
I guess we're gonna go read
a fucking book now.
Hey, Rick, check it out.
I just ordered a pretzel
on my Apple Brooch.
Wow, so many apps.
Can I please fucks it now?
Rick, it's never gonna happen.
The brooch is out of your league.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, Andrew, you want a pretzel?
Nick, I can't afford braided bread
with salt on it. I'm destitute.
Well, just give me what you have,
and I'll put the rest on my Brooch bucks.
Oh, um
Okay. You don't want
the Listerine strip, do you?
No, I'll take it.
If you ask me, Nick, you know what he is?
He's a spoiled brat.
-And you know what you are?
A working-class hero.
I am New Jersey strong.
And you deserve me
so much more than he does.
Yes, you should be mine.
You shall be mine.
[laughs evilly]
[Mona] Okay, Missy.
If jerking off were a sin,
why would God make it feel so good?
Well, it does feel hecking good.
And you're already right here
in your wanking chamber.
Do you mean my bedroom?
I didn't want to do this,
but if you don't touch yourself,
they'll revoke my work visa.
Oh my gosh.
So please, Missy,
go digging in your garden for me.
Okay. For your work visa.
[classical music plays]
Oh, Duke Majorhunk.
What are you doing here?
Just licking some flowers.
-[Missy] Ooh.
But I thought we weren't even
supposed to touch flowers.
I can't help myself.
I have but one night
until I take my priestly vows,
and I wish to spend it with you.
Good Duke, I ain't mad at that.
-[Missy] Mm.
-[Lola] Gasp.
Absolutely scandalous.
Everyone's gonna know about this,
or my name isn't Lady Pussysqueak,
which it isn't.
-That wasn't me.
-No, I'm I'm sorry. I can't do this.
It's a sin against God.
Uh, oh, maybe if you
just licked the flowers again?
No, it's all been ruined.
You ruined it.
I must make haste.
No, no haste.
Make stay.
Make stay.
What the fuck was that?
I'm sorry, Mona,
but I just can't masturbate anymore.
But we still don't know
who Lady Pussysqueak is.
-It's Lola. It's obviously Lola.
-[bell rings]
-[Jay] Shit, Nick.
You got the Apple Brooch?
Oh, and I see you kinda got one too?
Oh no.
Mine's a first-generation iPod shuffle
that I found at a thrift store.
Glued it to my shirt. [chuckles]
A Venmo request from Nick for $8?
What the fuck is this?
Eight dollars? But we have nothing.
Hey, hey, Bernie Madoff.
What's this request for?
Oh, the pretzel? You know, from the mall.
-No rush.
-I thought you were paying for them.
Why would I buy my friend a pretzel?
I'm not, like, trying to fuck you.
It's not even your money.
It's your dad's credit card.
It's inherited wealth.
So, wait. Because my family has money,
I should buy things for you?
Yes. Subsidize me, Nick.
Yeah, yeah. You gotta earn it yourself.
Pull yourself up. Grab the, you know,
the bootstraps or whatever, all right?
-I gotta go.
-I was attacked by a possum.
Underneath a house.
Look at him
absolutely rimming that spoon, Missy.
Mona, please.
That could be you,
getting bathed by his tongue
like a dirty little kitty cat.
Would you just eat like a normal person?
-Missy, are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, man.
-You were really working that spoon.
-I could eat it with my fingers.
No, that's even worse. You might as well
smear it all over your chest.
What is going on?
I'm a sinner, okay?
I I tended my garden.
I tended it hard, Elijah.
I tilled the soil. I rotated the crops.
-I dug deep with my hoe.
And now that you know
I'm such a constant gardener,
you probably don't even wanna hang out
with me anymore.
Just to make it clear,
we're not talking about gardening, right?
No. I'm an out-of-control masturbator.
How do you do it, Elijah?
You know, keep your seed in your bag?
I don't know. I just do.
It's not hard for me.
Does that make me weird?
No. Why would you think that?
Well, it just feels like everybody
around here is obsessed with gardening.
I mean, what am I even doing on this show?
Well, I don't know,
but I'm glad you're here.
And I don't think you're weird at all.
You're perfect and wonderful,
exactly the way God made you.
Okay. So by that logic,
you're also perfect and wonderful,
exactly the way God made you.
[giggles] Elijah.
And I certainly won't judge you
for having a green thumb.
Oh, um, I don't really use my thumb a lot
just 'cause, like, the angle's kind of
Honestly You know what, actually?
Thank you.
Holy shit, Missy,
is he saying it's okay to masturbate?
I think he is.
Great, because I have ideas
on how we can incorporate your thumb.
Uh, I, uh I gotta go.
[sinister music plays]
[Andrew] Hey, kid.
We don't know each other.
Give me the brooch.
Ah! Andrew, what the fuck are you doing?
Give him the fucking brooch.
Fuck yeah.
Just hand it over, you fat-lipped fuck.
Andrew, buddy. Let's just relax, okay?
Easy for you to say, rich boy.
You got a brooch. You got a pool.
-You got a hot mom that didn't leave.
Just give me the fucking brooch.
Jesus, keep it down.
My mom can't know about it.
-Kill him.
Holy shit.
Yes, yes. Fight over me.
This is capitalism. You reap what you sow.
Quick, Montel, raid the closet.
Take everything.
Nah, this guy dresses like shit.
Rick, help. What the hell are you doing?
Fuck you, man.
Opportunity knocked, and I answered, baby.
Hello, it's me, Rick. What's happening?
What the heck is going on up here?
Daddy, he's trying to steal
my Apple Brooch.
What brooch?
-Oh shit.
-Ooh, I'm in trouble.
Sorry, Nick, you're on your own.
Okay, window. You got me.
Hey, honey, can we get outta here?
This apartment reminds me of my twenties.
Yep. Let me just grab my bag.
-Oh, and don't forget your Apple Brooch.
Hey, Shannon. what's up?
I was about to crack open a coconut.
Do you want some meat or milk?
No, I'm good.
Did you, uh
Did you get an Apple Brooch too?
-Oh shit.
-Um, no.
Jessi just let me borrow hers.
Just until the baby comes.
Oh, great. You gave it to Caitlin.
It's almost like I bought it for her.
-You know what? It's my bad.
-Don't give it to me.
-I shouldn't have taken it.
-It's Jessi's.
If it's mine,
then I want Caitlin to have it.
-I bought it for you, Jessi. It's yours.
Well, I don't want it anymore.
-Maybe the coconut should have it?
-I'll take it if coconut doesn't want it.
It's Jessi's! The brooch is Jessi's!
I bought it for her, okay?
Not for you, not for you,
and certainly not for the coconut!
Mom, why are you freaking out?
Because I
I wanted to watch The Bachelor with you.
That was our thing.
We talk shit about the women,
and then worry it isn't feminist of us
to talk shit about the women.
I hate it when your mom
has feelings like a person.
Ugh, that fucking brooch.
I'm so sorry.
I never meant to steal your thing.
I'm really sorry too, Mom.
I didn't realize
you were giving me the brooch
-so I'd want to hang out with you more.
-No, that's That's not
What I mean is, I love you.
And I wanna hang out with you
no matter what.
Wow, Jessi.
That is so sweet of you
to lie to your mom.
You know what?
You should keep the brooch, Caitlin.
It's just a thing. It's not love.
Oh, Shannon, you magnificent lady boss.
If anybody deserves an Apple Brooch,
oh, baby, it's you.
Yeah. I'll get one in rose gold
so it's nicer than Caitlin's.
[Apple Brooch] Yes.
[laughs evilly]
Andrew, you do not come into my house
and rob my family.
I'm sorry. Capitalism got the best of me.
-And, Elliot.
You don't give the kids
secret credit cards
and undermine my parenting.
I could watch you
lay down the law all day.
And, Nick.
You get everything you want
and don't appreciate
the value of anything.
-You're right. And I've learned my lesson.
-[Diane] Oh no.
You're not getting off that easy.
You're getting a job.
Ah! You should be a vampire hunter!
You're Grandpa's new piss boy,
in charge of emptying his cans.
I've already got
a nice bloody one for ya, laddie.
Hey, Andrew, uh, care to make a few bucks?
You want me to clean your poppy's piss?
Ten dollars a can,
and I'll wipe you pretzel debt.
Let me see the money first.
Aha! Do svidaniya, bitch.
Like a bird.
[Lola] Dearest reader.
Word on the horse-shit-covered street
is the good Reverend Elijah
still holds high regard
for Lady Foreman-Greenwald.
And tragically, Prince Fatass
has fallen precipitously in rank,
and is now known
as the Baron of Hot-Yellow-Piss.
But to answer the most burning question
of the social season,
yes, Lord Rick did finally consummate
his courtship with the Apple Brooch.
Oh, Rick, you incredible sex beast,
that was amazing.
If only Steve Jobs was alive to see this,
he'd be so proud
of how far everything has come.
And how far I just came.
I shot like a fucking rocket, man.
-I was born to flex ♪
-Yes ♪
Diamonds on my neck ♪
I like boarding jets
I like morning sex ♪
But nothing in this world
That I like more than checks ♪
Money ♪
-All I really wanna see is the ♪
-Money ♪
-I don't really need D, I need the ♪
-Money ♪
-All a bad bitch need is the ♪
-Money, whoa ♪
-I got bands in the coupe ♪
-Coupe ♪
Busting out the roof ♪
-I got bands in the coupe ♪
-Coupe ♪
Touch me, I'll shoot ♪
-Bow, shake a little ass ♪
-Money ♪
Get a little bag
And take it to the store ♪
-Get a little cash ♪
-Money ♪
You shake it real fast
You get a little more ♪
-I got bands in the coupe ♪
-Coupe ♪
Busting out the roof ♪
-I got bands in the coupe ♪
Busting out the roof ♪
I gotta fly, I need a jet, shit ♪
I need room for my legs ♪
-I got a baby, I need some money ♪
-Yeah ♪
I need cheese for my egg ♪
All y'all bitches in trouble
Bring brass knuckles to the scuffle ♪
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