Big Sky (2020) s02e11 Episode Script

Do No Harm

1 Previously on "Big Sky" - We're getting out of here.
- I knew you would come for me.
What the hell? These kids are at the center of everything.
Their testimony gets me close to an arrest.
T-Lock taking that money is a serious problem, and the cartel is not gonna stop until they find him.
We are not setting up shop here.
Why don't I call Dad, walk him through the numbers, see what he thinks.
- Wouldn't do that.
- Why? You afraid it's a good idea? She's not gonna like you going behind her back.
Welcome to Montana, Dad.
I have a plan.
We build a manufacturing and distribution hub right here in Helena.
- Very good, Jagat.
- I told you I can't shake the feeling that Wolf Legarski is connected to Ronald.
Wolf's ranch, where is it? This isn't gonna be a friendly visit.
- Where is he? - If you want my help finding him, you can start by lowering your weapons.
How 'bout you tell me where my money is first? - T-Lock has it.
- No need to get our hands dirty if you let me do what I do.
Mom, are you in here?! - Hey, Max.
- Something bad happened to my mom! I don't Max? Rachel? Ronald do this to you? He and that Scarlet.
They killed my wife, left me for dead.
You were harboring a fugitive.
I thought I could cure him.
Cure Ronald Pergman? You heard me, and trust me, I know how that sounds.
How did you get Ronald in the first place? Made a deal with the syndicate.
- Your brother worked with them.
- Yes, he did.
And it wasn't easy getting them to let me have Ronald.
I had to make certain assurances.
Why? Why would you do that? I thought I could purge the evil, undo what my brother did.
Rick Legarski didn't make Ronald.
He stood by.
He encouraged.
I'm calling this in.
What if I could, uh, help you find him? We don't need your help.
Yes, you do.
You just don't know it.
- We'll find them.
- Actually, you won't.
You won't find him, not without my help.
I know where he is, where he will be, both of them Scarlet, too.
Okay, then tell us.
Cassie, we're wasting our time.
He's playing games.
- I don't play games.
- Yeah, nevertheless, I'm gonna call in the truck and put out an APB.
All right, go ahead.
Ronald, I'm sure, will do what Ronald does best, and he will never, ever be caught by you - if he thinks you're onto him.
- You said he was wounded? Badly, possibly mortally.
But Scarlet won't let him die.
I'm sure of that.
So go ahead.
Look around.
Find your little hair fibers.
Chat with me.
I won't give you anything.
- What do you want? - Cassie.
No, I want to hear this.
What do you want? One I want complete immunity for all the charges you're gonna threaten me with.
And two help me bury my wife.
And then I will take you to get Ronald.
Come on.
Keep going.
One at a time.
Down we go.
We don't have the drugs or the money, if that's what you're after.
- No, no.
Don't touch her.
- No! - Back! - No, don't touch her.
Don't - Come.
- Please, please, please, - please don't hurt her, please! - Come on.
- Oh.
- You, sit! - Please don't.
- Put your feet through those loops.
Put your hands through those ones.
Do it.
No, no! Where the hell are we? - Hey! - Max.
- Answer me! - Max! Hell is a teenage girl, am I right? I got a whole selection of family-friendly viewing options for you both.
Got "Dick Van Dyke," "Duck Dynasty," "Wonder Years.
" Shouldn't be too bad.
Wait, please, please, please, please let us go.
- A haircut, I think.
- I can't do that.
Now, if your boyfriend shows up with what he's supposed to, then we can talk.
But until then, happy watching.
- No! - No, please.
Please! Please! Oh, bravo, bravo! It's not the end of the song.
Dissolves with the E.
Things can be imperfect and still be beautiful.
- Can't they, Veer? - No, he's right.
- Too much rubato.
- Yep.
She used to play it perfectly.
Perhaps you should practice more.
Ren's boyfriend, Stone, is here.
Says he needs to talk.
- Stone? - Vetted.
New head of distribution.
Y-You pushed Dietrich out? - Not yet.
- Oh.
- Sharp knife is the quick knife.
- Mm-hmm.
My father likes information first and pleasantries later.
Okay, well, here's some information.
I got all of Dietrich's distributors all of them to play ball.
Have we met somewhere before? No, sir.
No, I'd remember you.
Is he going to be okay? Of course he will.
We just need to get him some help.
Am I dead? You are in a state of liminality neither here nor there.
But you're dead.
No one's ever really dead, Ronald.
You of all people should know that.
What will Scarlet do without me? That's your problem, Ronald too affected by other people's opinions, especially women.
It's your Achilles' heel.
Starting with your mother, those vicious teen girls, and now Scarlet, who brings new meaning to chemical imbalance, by the way.
Don't talk about her that way.
She's a special one, Ronald.
Mighty special.
Do you know her secret? Whoo-oo, it's a doozy! A real lollapalooza.
Hey! My brother was just like that a fool for love.
You don't know the first thing about love.
Love is a manmade concept a temporary rise in dopamine, or oxytocin? I don't recall Merrilee ever mentioning bashing my head in with a hammer during our wedding vows, but she did.
And she loved me.
Or said she did.
We kill the ones we love, Ronald.
Sometimes literally.
But you already know that.
I hope you're rotting in hell.
You'll be joining me, any moment now.
It's not so bad.
Ronald? Ronald? Ronald?! Ronald, I need you to stay with me.
What are you doing? What What are you doing? One of the girls who found the cartel's drugs was kidnapped tonight with her mother - T-Lock's girlfriend.
- Wait, whoa.
Slow down.
What happened? I-I don't know, but I bet the Bhullars do.
I got to go in there.
No, Jenny.
You're not going in there, Jenny, you understand me? You're gonna blow my cover.
Two women were kidnapped! I shouldn't even be talking to you here, and besides, Ren and Jag, they've been in there all night, Jenny.
They couldn't have possibly known about it.
I Listen, I I messed up, Jenny.
What'd you do? Insane Mm.
Hey, Anita, it's your favorite brother! Ana Banana, hooty, hooty, hada Hooty, booty, booty, hey! - Shh! - Hey! I got presents.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
- Can I come in? - You can't stay here.
But I just need a place to stay for a night or two and then I'm gone.
Hey, don't worry, Bruce and I are cool.
Says who? He's still pissed about the turtle.
Oh, my God, I-I I did not kill the turtle! And the jewelry? I I borrowed it.
I'm still waiting to get it back.
That's why I brought you treats.
Just what I've always dreamed of.
Look in the bottom.
That should cover the jewelry.
Okay, you can come in, but you better be gone before Bruce gets home.
- Can I kiss you? - No! I love you, sister! I-I'm just gonna get something from the car, okay? Tracy, just no.
Hey, it's not what you think.
What I think is that looks like an overnight bag, and I said you can't stay.
- Look - Tracy, what is going on? - W-What do you mean? - I mean, last I hear, you're living off your girlfriend in town and all of a suddenly, new car? Hello? I asked you a question.
Tracy, what have you done? I trusted you.
I told you T-Lock had the money, and that information was for you and you alone.
- And you go and tell Dietrich.
- Yeah, but I-I flipped him, and now Dietrich works with me, okay? And we don't know that he took anybody.
Well, if it wasn't the Bhullars, the next most likely suspect is Dietrich.
- I'll talk to D.
- No.
No, we do this together.
- This is not a good idea.
- I'm not negotiating.
What is this? - She's not part of the deal.
- Yeah, well, that was before you kidnapped T-Lock's girlfriend and her kid.
- I did, huh? - Cut the BS.
Where are they? Beats me.
Ah, okay.
You two are gettin' after it.
Isn't there some kind of Sheriff's Department HR policy - against that? - You missed your shot.
Just answer my question.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Did you ask the Bhullars? They got nothing to do with this.
Well, if you say so.
What about your little pet psycho, Bob? Where's he? - Bob's his own man.
- Who's Bob? I don't imagine you know him.
He's shifty.
Does Bob have the girls? I'd say ask him, but finding him is the problem.
Okay, you're gonna help us with that.
I think I've helped you enough.
Look, if you want, I could feed you right now to the Bhullars.
And I could do the same.
Travis, outside, now.
You want to tell me about Bob? Yeah, he's this survivalist freak that Dietrich calls in to clean up his messes, and the guy's a ghost, so Does Bob know you're working with State? Yeah.
Any way to flush him out? I don't know.
We should find a way to run Dietrich in.
No, that's not gonna solve anything.
And besides, Dietrich belongs to me, okay? I need him to get to the Bhullars.
Okay, Dietrich knows you're a cop.
Bob knows you're a cop.
Is there anything you want to share about Veer Bhullar? Now would be a good time to fill me in.
I've told you everything.
Your partner.
Your partner who got killed.
Tell me what happened.
No, I'm not gonna do this now, Jenny.
I wish you trusted me.
Just know it's not gonna stop me from finding the girls.
Max's friend, Harper let's go talk to her tomorrow.
Oh, baby, I don't know what to do.
I'm right here, love.
- You need a doctor.
- No.
- No doctors.
- I won't watch you die.
I'm not gonna die.
We need to ditch the truck.
No, we need a doctor.
I'm gonna get you one.
I'm gonna get you one.
Oh, God.
Dear Lord, I don't come to you for much, and right now, I am my most vulnerable self.
No one knows more than you, Lord, how I would gladly trade places with my dear wife in a heartbeat.
Take my heartbeat and gift it to my dead Aggie.
But I do come to you on my knees and humbly ask that you have mercy on her soul.
And that she is in a heaven of animals.
Well, Aggie, you were right about Ronald about everything.
And I promise you I will do everything in my power to undo what I have done if it's the last thing that I do.
Do you want to say something? We're good.
Okay, tell us where to find him.
Well, it's not a where, it's a it's a what.
Come on.
I, uh, installed a GPS microchip into Ronald just in case a little insurance.
But I am coming with you.
Do we have a deal? - Okay.
- I'll get the scanner.
It's good, right? You need to know where to look, but this town has hidden gems.
It's passable.
She's got beer taste on a champagne budget.
Ow! - Where's your manners? - I think it was a joke, V.
I know exactly what it was, and I won't have it.
This new generation, no respect.
Everything's a joke or TikTok or some frivolous thing.
Apologize to your sister.
I'm sorry.
See? Now we have manners.
We have order.
Respect for a properly-cooked meal, respect for family.
I mean, me and my sister, we fought like crazy, too, when we were kids.
But now we're best friends.
Well, they were brought up differently than you.
How was I brought up? We'll talk about this later.
I'd like to hear how you think I was brought up.
I said later.
We have business to discuss.
I'm not leaving.
No, of course not, but you will be quiet and respectful and keep your opinions to yourself.
Can I chew? Alicia has been helping me with my financial planning, - among other things.
- Ah.
Now, Jagat is going to need some extra hands.
For what, exactly? I'll let him tell you.
Uh, y-yeah.
Uh, I thought that it might be good for the the family to have some assets here in Helena.
Um, uh, open up manufacturing, set up shop, go direct to market.
Plus, uh, zero problems with border patrol.
Reenu, what do you think? Sounds like an incredible idea, Dad.
- Thank you.
- Surprised you thought of it yourself.
Tell me, what happens next? What do you mean? Once you set up shop, what's your next move? Uh Come on, give us a little hint.
Yeah, I'd like to hear, too.
Well, um, you know, my plan's always evolving.
Uh, it's it's really complicated, and and you got zig when they zag, Dad, so Is that a technical term? - No.
- No? Want to explain it to us? If I may and I'm guessing, of course but I would assume that you want to replicate the Helena operation in Phoenix, in Cleveland, and beyond, creating a hub-and-spoke model, reducing risk and distribution costs by limiting the distance, so if one operation goes down, then the other remains untouched.
Like independent silos? Oops.
I have thoughts.
Yes, actually.
But that's just what I'm assuming, if it had been my idea.
I can't believe someone took Max.
You guys should be looking for her instead of talking to me.
We need some help.
Try to remember everything Max told you about T-Lock.
Look, even the most insignificant detail, it could help us find your friend, okay? Um Max just thought he was a loser.
He just would sit on the couch all day, and he was always going on and on about his protein smoothies.
Did he have a part-time job, or have any friends that would, you know, stop by on the reg? I think he used to be a roofer or something.
Oh, and I know before Rachel, he was living with his sister.
Max had to go there once.
Do you know his sister's name? No.
No, I don't remember.
It's okay.
You've been very helpful.
Is Max gonna be okay? We're gonna do everything we can.
What were you thinking? You should've come to me.
Didn't realize I needed to ask permission.
I've got cops crawling up my ass.
It's easy to crawl up your ass when you're already in bed together.
Working with Stone is the only way I'm gonna get out of this alive.
Now, this may be a foreign concept to you, but you need to work smarter, not harder, with the Bhullars.
You hired me to get your money back.
That's what I'm doing.
I hired you to take the heat off of me, and you are doing the exact opposite.
Now, how the hell did you even get ahold of T-Lock? I thought he ditched his phone.
Friend of mine works for a dealership where he just purchased a fancy new vehicle.
Used his burner phone for registration.
You better hope that's where his spending spree ended.
I think that you are forgetting you take orders from me.
From now on, you stay in line.
Or what? You know what? I think I just raised my prices.
I'm gonna be keeping any money that I find.
Like hell you will.
I don't take orders from people that I don't respect.
What makes you think your plan will even work? Well, if not, I'll keep the girlfriend.
She smells good.
It'd be nice to have a woman's touch around the house.
Cactus in the window.
Nice touch.
- Mm.
- Anything? T-Lock's got a sister.
- Run her down.
- On it.
Hey, good work in there, okay? Keep me posted.
Wait, where are you going? Just gonna check in with my handler.
- Now? - Yeah.
Let me know if anything comes of the sister, okay? Sure.
I wouldn't want you to feel left out of the loop.
So, where'd you get it? - I found it.
- Yeah, right.
I didn't steal it.
It kind of sort of came into my possession.
Okay, Tracy, I really don't have time for all your BS.
You'd already be in Cancun if this was easy money.
I told you, they have Rachel and Maxie.
What So, what are you going to do? Um Call the police? That's a lot of money.
You sure that's the way to go? Yeah.
Yeah, 'cause t-they'll see that I'm doing the right thing, and then and then they'll try to help me.
Wha You have an opportunity.
You can use this money to start over.
Or you can go to jail.
You might even be good at that.
You don't understand.
These men are going to hurt them.
Then give them the money, - but leave me out of it.
- Hey, what are you doing? You already spent some of it on your car.
Hey, give me that! Ana! En garde! En garde! - Don't you want to fight? - No, we don't want to fight! - Who is that? - Huh? That person over there.
Well, I am flattered that you thought he was real.
You know, you see, I find that people are often the worst-case scenario, so instead I make wooden friends.
I call him Fred.
The world is a cruel place.
What we need is a return to a simpler time.
You know, I'm just trying to bring a little order to a chaotic world.
Does holding us hostage align with your idea of a simpler time? That all depends on T-Lock.
Now, hopefully, he does the right thing.
I can let you go.
And if he doesn't? Anarchy.
He's insane.
Look, over there.
If I can get my hands on something sharp, then I can get us out of here.
Oh! Ow! What in the hell is this? Well, I didn't know you were coming, so I wasn't prepared to make chai.
Almond? Oat? I prefer cream.
Your heart doesn't.
Quite the show you put on with your brother.
His formula for success seems to be skirting all of the work and taking all of the credit.
- It's not a good look.
- Beti, I know it was your idea.
It was.
It's a good idea.
But? There's always a "but.
" You're not ready to lead the family.
Who says I want to lead the family? You're not a good liar, Reenu.
Never have been.
So I'm not ready, but Jag is? Let's not forget why you were sent here in the first place to recover the missing drugs and money, and somehow, you have failed to complete that tiny little task.
But it's a good idea.
Yeah, I said that already.
Is that what you want compliments? They make you weak.
Jagat is your baby brother, your blood.
When this cream kills me, he'll be all you got in the world.
Jagat will lead the new enterprise, and you will finish what you started.
Do I make myself clear? Yes.
Oh, and one other thing you should've told me about the new hire.
Yep, he's solid.
- He helped us get the drugs back.
- Yeah, I don't care if you think he hung the moon.
Do not undermine my authority.
- I do my own due diligence.
- Understood.
And if we do hire this Stone, Dietrich needs to be handled.
He knows too much, which makes him a loose end.
You'll tie that up for me.
Of course.
- Nice wheels.
- Think it's T-Lock's? Money burning up a hole in his pockets? Only one way to find out.
Hands! Drop the bag, Tracy! Hey, easy, it's it's all a huge misunderstanding.
I actually was gonna turn myself in.
Then you'll have no problem driving to the station with us.
Search him.
- This a good time? - Nope.
Well, you look serious.
What's up, cowboy? Dietrich figured out who took your money.
- I'm listening.
- It's a guy named T-Lock.
But he he skipped town.
But now this goblin who works for Dietrich, he might've kidnapped T-Lock's girlfriend and her daughter.
Oof, sounds like a mess.
I don't like to involve families, Ren.
And he's got a bleeding heart.
I know you have the resources to find these women a hell of a lot more than the Sheriff's Department does.
Of course I do, but I can't help them, not right now.
Ren, if you find them, they will lead you straight to your money.
You will be made whole.
Ooh, this might be a win-win for both of us.
I'm up to my ears right now in family politics.
Not gonna get into it.
Cliff Notes are that I don't have the bandwidth for extracurriculars, and you might be out of a job.
- What? - I like having pretty things around to look at, but my dad likes to vet people on his own, so you gotta get in good with him or you're out.
- But I haven't even started, Ren.
- I know.
The quickest way to re-entry is to get that money.
If I knew where T-Lock was, Ren, I wouldn't need your help.
But you are very resourceful.
And if you succeed, then you save those women and you are officially in the house of Bhullar, which I would love.
- Win-win.
- Win-win.
You know if I kiss you, I got to kill you, right? Might be worth it.
What are you waiting for, Mom? Do you remember why we went to live in that cabin together? Away from everything? You told me it was because Ronald was afraid of other people.
- Yeah.
- But I don't believe you.
Well, it's true, Phoebe.
And if we go into that busy hospital, it could do him more harm than good.
It could scare him to death.
Then how is he going to get better? Um A doctor.
I think what Ronald needs is to be cared for in private.
You know, it's really unnecessary for me to be restrained like this.
I'm a wounded man in the custody of a P.
and a US Marshal.
Redundancy is the word that comes to mind.
- I don't trust you.
- Well, I accept that, but you'll see I'm a man of my word, Marshal.
Yeah, how about you just focus on Ronald's movements? Oh, we're not in range yet.
- - Well, that means he's long gone.
What you should be worried about is Ms.
Dewell and that gun.
One bump in the road and pop, I'll be dead and you'll have to clean up brain matter, and neither of us wants that.
I am your ally in this.
We'll see about that.
Why don't you tell me about the deal you made with the syndicate? I don't think you want to know.
No, I do, actually.
After I was done with my little experiment, I was supposed to give him back.
So they could kill him? I imagine so.
He was a liability.
I'd hoped he'd turn himself in.
That's what you thought would happen? How many books have you written on the cognitive and behavioral dysfunction in mammals and its rehabilitation? My guess is exactly zero.
My father's dead because of you! Yeah.
I guess I believed there'd be good in everybody, even Ronald.
I made a mistake.
And I'm sorry.
And I know that doesn't bring your father back or my Aggie.
And like I said, I'm gonna fix it.
You talk too much.
I just can I ask you one question? How did it feel to shoot my brother in the head? - Okay, let's focus on the map.
- I'm only asking because I always wondered how it would feel - to shoot - Lindor's right.
Be quiet.
Five miles off the main road at a hospital nearby.
Or at least that's his most recent location.
And now I just gotta get these zip-ties off.
You got it, baby.
I got it! - I got it! - Oh! - Okay, be careful, baby.
- I'll be careful, okay? Okay, okay.
I can't watch.
Come on.
Come on.
I did it, I did it! Shh! Hurry up.
Get mine, too.
Okay, okay, okay.
Shh! Shh.
You got it, you got it, baby, you got it, baby, you got it.
You got it.
You got it, baby.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Okay, careful.
Got it.
He's coming.
Hey, ladies, I was thinking that What the hell? Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Hurry up! Ah! Okay! No, no, no, no, no, no! Don't hurt her! Aah! No, Maxie! No! No! Aah! Oh, Maxie! Hey! Max, run! Run! Get help! Max! Max! Hey.
Stay with me, baby.
Do I keep him on the line for as long as possible, like in the movies? That's not a thing.
The moment you pick up, we'll have what we need.
He should've called by now.
Something's not right.
God, just please let me know they're okay.
Hello? 4212 Mission Street parking structure.
Bring the bag tomorrow, 4:30 p.
What is it? He's using a virtual location tool.
Some type of call masking, lets you manually choose a location.
Says he traveled from Missoula to Jersey on this phone call.
Think he's on to us? We need to be careful.
Let's get you prepped.
You're up.
Can you do me a little favor? Say a prayer for Ronald, will you? Heavenly Father Close your eyes.
Heavenly Father, please bless Ronald and make him feel better.
And watch over me and my mom so that we're never separated ever again, and hopefully, we get to go home soon.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Take a second.
Lean here.
You got it.
- Hi.
- Yes? I-I'm so sorry to barge in here, but my husband, he was attacked.
- Attacked? - Yes.
- How? - It was a random attack.
You need to take him to the emergency room.
No, no, there's no time.
H-He's bleeding.
He's bleeding a lot, so so I need you to help us, please.
- You're a doctor, right? - I can't breathe.
I-I'm sorry, who are you? I-I'm Marie.
I tried I tried to stop the bleeding, - but I-I can't really get it to - Okay, okay, Marie.
Marie, let me just grab my keys, and we can go to the hospital.
No, no, no, no, you need to help us now.
Look, I'm sorry.
My house is under construction.
I can't do anything for you in here.
I'm not sure that you heard me.
No hospital.
You fix him right here, right now!
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