Big Sky (2020) s02e13 Episode Script

The Shipping News

1 Previously on "Big Sky" I can't believe someone took Max.
- You guys should be looking for her.
- We need some help.
You kidnapped T-Lock's girlfriend and her kid.
- Where are they? - Beats me.
- Please, please, let us go.
- If your boyfriend shows up with what he's supposed to, then we can talk.
Drop the money and walk.
Aah! Are we really pulling out of Canada? Things change.
That's what life is.
Of course, but why? - Something Dad's not telling us? - Alicia knows.
What do you know about her? - I'll do some digging.
- Yep.
How did you get Ronald in the first place? Made a deal with the syndicate.
I am going to put him down.
Look what you made me do.
You couldn't leave me alone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's over.
Lindor? He's gonna be fine.
What about Phoebe and Scarlet? Uh, they're gone.
- That's impossible.
- We'll find them, and as soon as we question Wolf, we'll get more information, but for you, it's over.
You got him.
I'm tired.
Let's get you home.
Just relax, sir.
Y-You're gonna be okay.
Where's Wolf Legarski? He's on his way to the hospital, okay? Can you hear me? Scarlet and the girl.
Where are they? What? What is this? We need to tidy your mess.
My mess Do you remember the deal you struck? Yeah.
Mistakes were made.
Most of us were not on board for your little experiment.
I didn't fail.
I didn't fail.
I t I tried.
I really tried.
Where is she? Huh? I don't know.
You're lucky.
The bullet missed all your vital organs.
You would have survived.
What now? John Milton sends his regards.
No! No, no! No! No! Go on.
I'll wait for you.
Max, I am so sorry about everything that happened.
Being kidnapped isn't nearly as fun as everyone says.
Not the time.
You know, I keep thinking, if I hadn't wished for something to happen in this town when I threw that stone off the ridge And I gave you the stone.
And I took the bags.
I basically did nothing wrong.
Except drive the getaway car? Yeah, that.
It's never gonna be the same, is it? Well, maybe we'll see you guys this summer.
We're being sent away to boarding school.
- Oh.
- Who knows? Maybe I'll meet some girls.
Not that you guys aren't girls.
You're, like, full-on girls.
Like, women, for sure.
But maybe the hottest I've ever seen, right? Bridger! You are such an incel.
You're gonna, like, end up living in my basement, eating Spam and, like, owning people on your podcast.
That's great.
Thank you for the faith.
Love you too, sis.
Um I guess we'll see you guys around.
- Bridger, come on.
- Okay.
See you guys.
So So I should get going.
My mom's waiting.
Hey, don't be a stranger.
You know, I'm always here if you need me.
I know you are.
I could come with you.
I mean, if your mom doesn't mind.
Based on the test run, we should be able to produce about 4,000 pills an hour.
Not too shabby.
I got this operation on lock.
Yeah, it's great watching Tonya do all the work.
What's the ETA on the first shipment? Should be ready by tomorrow morning.
- Boom.
- You are doing such a good job.
Dad's gonna want one of us to oversee, so Yeah, that's gonna have to be you.
Really? We might want to talk to Dad about that.
You can, but he's got me setting up a sit-down with Dietrich, so That's news to me.
Well, I'm just doing what I'm told.
Uh, you find anything on Alicia? Not yet, but I will.
We're having lunch.
How about you? I got my girl Priti building a file on her.
Look at us.
We're like Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard.
- Is that a sports boy thing? - It's the only NBA championship in Canadian history.
- What kind of Canadian are you? - I'm not just Canadian, I'm Desi.
I'm part of the Diaspora.
Okay, whatever.
Just pass me the ball.
- More sports.
I really don't care.
- Just pass, I'll catch it shoot, make it, and boom.
- I don't care at all.
- What? I hate everything that you're saying.
Found this one lurking outside.
What do you mean "lurking"? How else would you describe it? Loitering, maybe.
Okay, Ren, can I talk to you in private, please? Sure.
That's my cowboy.
- Oh.
- Win-win.
- How did you get this? - Don't worry.
- I got my ways.
- Well, that sounds kind of sexy.
So what now? Well, you get a gold star and a smiley face.
And in the, uh In the meanwhile? Um, oh.
Our first shipment's almost done.
You can help Donno and Tonya make sure it goes smoothly.
Yeah? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad Cassie's okay.
- Cassie's far from okay.
- And I get it.
And Ronald Pergman is dead, and that's a good thing.
But you can't just up and leave like you did.
This Bob is still on the loose.
He's a kidnapper and a murderer.
Cassie's my friend, and there was nothing else for me to do at the crime scene.
But she is not your partner anymore, Jenny.
Poppernak is.
I know.
Don't forget it again, 'cause right now the Bhullars are the focus.
We don't get control of things, it reflects very badly on me.
And me.
This is Tubb.
Okay, text her the address.
She's on her way.
That was your partner.
He's got a location on your kidnapper.
Call you later.
How we looking, boys? Nix, Harris, do you read? First floor is clear.
Looks like we got a basement.
Heading down.
Heard Cassie got Pergman.
I'll fill you in later.
Got some of our people inside? Two.
Oh, man.
This is Hoyt.
What is it? Are we clear? Yeah, but there's something you guys need to see.
What's going on? Did you guys find something? Uh, you could say that.
You know how you've, uh, been looking for that special friend who will never get sick of all your stories? Guys.
Here he is.
- Ha, ha.
- Ha.
Yeah, very funny.
Bring him to poker night, yeah? Guys, all right, let's wrap it up and head back.
Something's not right.
What's up? What's the matter? Come on.
We should go.
- Don't touch anything.
Let's go.
- You heard her, fellas.
Let's go.
Come on.
What about your new buddy, huh? Bye, Pop.
I said don't Bomb! Hoyt.
It's okay.
Don't move.
The others Stone! Yeah? You don't write, you don't call I've been busy.
With the Bhullars, or, uh, bedtime stories with Blondie? Yeah, that and trying to find your friend Bob.
He's really messed things up, D.
I've got bigger problems than Bob.
Veer Bhullar reached out.
He wants to talk.
What about? Mm, I came here to ask you that.
I got nothing for you, man.
Well, maybe he wants to make things right.
D, I got, uh I got some advice for you.
Okay, the Bhullars, they don't need you anymore.
You're of no value to them, and I think you're walking into a trap right now.
But I'm as good as dead if I don't go.
Feeling optimistic.
Like I said, me and the old man, we've gotten along for a long time.
I do not need this in my life.
I told you.
And I hate you.
You know, your father thinks you've gone native.
I don't know about that.
Well, you do have a real handle on the local culture.
I don't know if you can call huckleberry pie "culture," but I will take the compliment.
I mean, Montana.
I am surprised my dad likes it.
Mm, well, "like" is not how I would describe it.
Well, how would he describe it? Your father is not one for sentiment.
I know that.
Especially after Mom Okay, here we go.
Did you think I wasn't gonna ask? I would have been disappointed if you hadn't.
What would you like to know? - Everything.
- It doesn't work that way, honey.
You gotta ask.
I was doing some work with your father and sparks flew.
It's really that simple.
And now you're just both here, and you're gonna stay? Simple? More like weird.
Not like my dad.
You know, I'm surprised you're not more happy about it.
Wasn't Montana your idea? Do we have trouble in Canada? I think those are questions that you need to ask him.
You don't know my dad.
I kinda do.
You do know that we don't have to do this, right? I like to think us girls could find a better way.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Of course you do.
It has been so great to get to know each other.
Hey, Jenny, Jenny.
You okay? I'm fine.
What the hell happened? Bob rigged the place.
Killed two deputies, and Poppernak's in the hospital.
Robert MacIntyre.
Well, at least we know who he is, so it's not gonna be so hard to find him now.
Bob's probably already gone.
Hey, hey.
You don't know that, okay? All I know is I got two deputies that are dead, and I got to do something about it.
I'm happy you're here, Veer.
Hap Happy? H-How so? Well, things have been complicated for a bit.
I'm aware.
They weren't complicated.
One of your men stole from us.
He was acting on his own, and, uh, not getting my money back, - I think, was a fair price to pay.
- It's not your money.
You keep forgetting that.
It's our money.
Everything that you have is because of us.
You bet.
So what now? You and I, we've always had a good relationship.
I'm hoping that there's a road back to normal.
You've been useful to us in the past, and, you know, maybe you'll come up with a way of being useful to us in the future, but first, I need to make something very clear.
Go on.
I'm listening.
We are not equals.
I'm gonna give you one last chance to grasp this.
What the hell is this? Son? With pleasure.
No, you, beta.
Not Dhruv.
- What? - You.
I want you to take care of this.
I want you to get your hands dirty.
This is a test.
For both of you.
Go on.
Is that all you got? That's enough.
I will tell you when it's enough! This man threatened your sister, your blood.
If you do not put him on the ground, I will have Dhruv do the same to you.
I believe this belongs to you.
Consider it severance until you can prove yourself useful again.
Hey, you shaved.
Looks good, more professional.
How's all this gonna work? Simple.
Donno's gonna give you one parcel each.
You hide it with your legitimate cargo, and then you each make a side trip to a destination indicated in these envelopes.
What if we're searched? You won't be, because you're not gonna give the cops a reason to pull you over in the first place.
Once you deliver the parcel, we'll be notified by the receiver.
Don't look like much.
Why'd you need two of us? Split the risk.
Okay? Let's go.
Clock's ticking.
Is there a problem? You make it all sound so easy.
What's the catch? There is none, if you follow the instructions.
And if you don't want the gig, there's always another guy in line.
- Is that so? - Just listen to her, okay? Leave it, J - You want to tread on me? - W-W-What are you gonna do? I'll tread right back, friend.
All right, enough of the cowboy crap, Jamison.
Let's go.
Pack it up.
You trust them? I do.
He's just got to let everybody know he's a tough guy.
Yeah? Well, tough guys get killed.
Tough guys get us killed.
We paid him to drive, not to talk.
You need to tell him to do just that.
I hear you.
You got a backup plan? No, but just to be safe, I'll follow Jamison till he makes the drop-off.
That's a good idea.
I'll do the same.
That wasn't part of the plan.
You need me to ride shotgun with you? No, thanks.
I got this.
Look what we have here.
Hey, Hoyt.
How you doing? Think I should be the one asking you that.
How you feeling? You know, cracked ribs, maybe a concussion.
I'll be out of here as soon as they tell me my head is right.
That could take a while.
Ah, funny.
We got lucky.
Nix and Harris I know.
ATF is taking over the case, but I'm gonna get this guy.
I promise you that.
What? You got no one to watch your back while I'm in here.
Oh, I got Travis.
Yeah, Mr.
It's It's not much better, in my opinion.
Not that you asked, but promise you'll watch your back with him, too.
- Rest up.
- Yeah.
"A World Without Email.
" Yeah.
Jenny? Thank you.
Did your girl Priti find anything out about Alicia? I don't trust her.
She's not like Dad's other girlfriends.
I mean, she told me if I wanted to know something, I should just ask Dad myself.
Like that's ever worked.
We got to figure out why he just suddenly wants to leave Canada.
- Ren, just leave it alone.
- No, we need to know everything, Jag.
No, we don't need to know everything.
You need to know everything, because you've got to be in control all the time, but I'm begging you, leave it alone! What happened? I don't want to talk about it.
What did you do? What do you think? I did what Dad told me to do.
Are you okay? Just be grateful you weren't there.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah nah, nah, nah There's this friend of mine - What the hell? - I've known all my life Who can't get it right no matter how hard he tries What are you doing? Got kids he don't see and several ex-wives Why are you stopping? The checkpoint's not for another five miles.
I don't know.
There's some horse on fire in the middle of the road.
There's a what? Uh, a flaming horse! He's a long way off, but if you was to ask He'd say he's trying to Guessing there's a side of drugs with all these steaks? Good answer.
Means you get to live.
- So who is he? - Cal Jamison.
Works for a local trucking company.
Well, then, where's his truck? Good question.
You thinking this is cartel-related? Can't say I'd be shocked.
I'm gonna run this for prints, see if we get lucky.
Any advice? On what? How to tell Ren we lost a shipment? "We" didn't lose anything.
You need to take responsibility for your actions.
There was nothing I could do.
You could have killed the hijacker.
That's what I would have done.
I would have.
- Fine, next time I'll do that.
- Good.
Learn from your mistakes.
If there is a next time for you.
What? Ren doesn't really do well with news like this.
Well, that's why I'm asking you for advice.
Good point.
Thank you.
How'd it go? We I lost a shipment.
The truck was hijacked.
Where was Stone? Following the other truck.
We're gonna fix it.
We'll get the shipment back.
You better.
This is not the kind of thing that my father will tolerate.
Neither will I.
What's going on? Bob hijacked a truck.
- What? - Yeah.
And killed the driver.
Wait a minute.
How you know that? - You got witnesses? - No, but his prints were on a shell casing at the crime scene.
What is this guy doing, Travis? He has to hijack a truck just to get out of town? H-He's got a big bag of money.
It just doesn't add up.
Ren just called.
They had a shipment hijacked.
It must have been the truck.
Is Dietrich involved in this? I don't know.
Let's go ask him.
I already told you, I've got nothing to do with Bob.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean he's not gonna reach out with an offer, D.
Or that you won't take him up on it.
And why would I do that? I don't know.
'Cause you like money.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
Helping Bob unload a stolen shipment would be a pretty sweet revenge.
Yeah, you know, you're right.
Now I'm hoping he reaches out.
Yeah, well, that'd be a death sentence for you, D, 'cause the Bhullars will find out.
And guess what? If they don't, I'mma tell them.
Oh, yeah.
I imagine a rat like you would do that.
Hit all the joints around like a young boy do You know, I'm hoping for one of you to start acting like a cop.
If it was up to me, you'd be behind bars.
But I'm not, and neither are the Bhullars.
Hey, hey, hey, those options you were talking about, you don't have any, D, except with me.
Okay? So just remember that.
So is it his tough-guy act that gets you all hot and bothered? You have no idea.
Call us if Bob reaches out.
When we got down to the park be actin' crazy As a lark like a young boy do But you know I'll mean when I make love to you Hell, I thought they'd never leave.
What do you say? We friends again? No.
But I am sick of people telling me what to do.
Let's sell some drugs.
Has a surprising sweet flavor.
Plus, bison is leaner than other beef.
I mean, not that I think you should be eating - any red meat right now.
- Please, darling.
I need some pleasures.
- Other than you.
- Mm.
Now, explain to me what happened.
We lost a driver.
And a shipment.
But it's one of the hazards of this occupation.
Yeah, I-I don't I don't want excuses.
I want solutions.
Who Who's responsible? We don't know yet, but we're gonna find out, and we're we're gonna get our stuff back.
- Well, perhaps Tonya can tell me.
- Tonya is solid.
Leave her out of this.
These, uh these things happen, darling.
You remember the Hendricks account, when I misplaced the decimal You caught your mistake before it cost me anything.
This is not the same.
I have a question.
I need to know what's going on.
Why are we pulling out of Canada now? I know a good opportunity when I see one.
I mean, this is your idea.
B-Both of yours, right? Ren, maybe we talk about this later.
No, we're doing this now.
I've been trying to get us out of Canada for years.
Why is it suddenly a good idea? Things change.
- Now, eat.
- Just tell us what's going on.
Reenu, I said eat.
You have a telephone call.
Not during family dinner, Donno.
Who is it? It's good.
Might replace dessert.
You really think Bob's gonna go to Dietrich? If he wants to move what he took, yeah, I do.
And you trust him to tell you? Dietrich has no choice but to trust me.
In the meantime, roadblocks are set up, and an APB on the truck.
In with Dietrich, working the Bhullars.
I got a question you're not gonna like.
Oh, okay.
Well, sure.
It's a free country.
Why haven't you made an arrest? I mean, it seems to me you got what you need to at least get the Bhullars out of my town.
Uh, well, I've been on the case about half a year.
I'm gonna make it stick.
That means the Bhullars are in your town a little bit longer.
I don't care.
I don't give a damn.
You, uh You got any more questions, uh, Walt? - No.
- Good.
- I'll call you, Jenny.
- Yeah.
What you thinking? That you don't trust him, either.
What time is this buyer getting here? Supposed to be here an hour ago.
They're drug distributors, Bob, not Realtors.
How do you know them again? You want every single detail? They're some guys from Texas who want to expand west.
I didn't interview them.
I let their money do the talking.
Isn't that what you're here for? - What the hell is this? - Told you we weren't friends.
Bhullar thanks you.
He'll be in touch.
That should be good.
He's got a little body.
Gonna torture me, huh? Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots.
No torture.
We're just gonna kill you, then dissolve your body in acid.
It was her idea.
Well, it's easier than digging a hole.
And, plus, it's better for his back.
Yeah, the real question is, are we gonna chop him up into little pieces and dissolve those, or do we just chuck his whole body in? We could flip a coin.
Ask yourself before you die, are they in love? You let them kill me, you're never gonna figure out my secret.
- Really? - A man like me could be of service to someone such as yourself.
There's always a last-ditch effort.
- You'll learn this.
- Mm.
Please, do tell us.
What do you think is gonna save your life? Well, for starters, you have yourselves a mole.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Do I? A cop.
Stone is a cop.
- Hey.
- Hey, good looking.
I'm gonna need you to stop by the house.
We have something important to discuss.
Okay, no problem.
See you soon.
Lila Dodge.
I'm Travis's handler from State.
I've been trying to reach you, but we could have done this over the phone.
Something like this, I prefer to do face-to-face.
You have concerns about Travis.
So do I.
So, how long have you been his handler? Oh, first things first.
Can I get one of those? And you might need a refill yourself.
Come on in.
We have company.
I believe you know Bob.
He said some really interesting things about you.
- Such as? - I suddenly don't remember.
Donno, will you give us the highlights? He said you're a cop.
The small of my back.
So all this time, Travis still hasn't checked in with you? No.
Why do you think that is? I know he doesn't like dealing with suits, thinks they get in the way.
I used to work undercover.
I can understand that.
Plus, you're sleeping together, and I imagine that makes you - much more understanding.
- Ooh.
We're long past "careful," Ms.
What did Travis tell you about the Bhullars? He told me that they killed his partner, that the case was personal to him.
Is that not true? The personal part is.
She's beautiful.
Who is she? Kate Garza.
She was Veer's mistress.
Travis turned her into his informant, and then he fell in love with her.
So what happened to her? - Where is she now? - No one knows.
One day, she just disappeared.
The assumption was, and still is, that Veer discovered she was an informant - and had her killed.
- And Travis is trying to find out? I believe he wants more than that.
Okay, Stone if that's even your name - are you a cop? - No! And he's a psychopath.
He's just trying to save his own ass, Ren.
Come on, you know me.
Do I? You gonna believe him over me? Of course she is.
She's smart.
And you know what? This was supposed to be my last meal, but, uh - now it's going to be yours.
- I made it.
It's good.
You want to kill me, then let me let me ask you a question before, then, all right? Would a cop do this?
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