Big Sky (2020) s02e17 Episode Script

Family Matters

Previously on "Big Sky" Jenny, if you keep going after them, they're gonna kill you.
We need to tidy your mess.
Where is she? I don't know.
No! No! I have feelers out for Scarlet and Phoebe.
Figure they have to resurface at some point.
Yeah, definitely.
Keep me posted.
Last I checked, Dad still calls the shots.
- Could confront him.
- No.
You're right.
We're way past talking.
Dad's getting old he's making questionable choices.
- You want to force Dad out? - Do we have a choice? It's gonna have to come from me.
I just need you to tell me who runs the Bhullar Cartel.
Turns out Alicia is a lawyer, and she paid the sheriff a little visit after that raid.
More than likely she's gonna end up dead like the, uh, waitress in Seattle.
That's the second time you've mentioned her.
Do you wanna tell me something? Hey, can I help you, friend? I certainly hope so.
I'm here to meet Veer Bhullar.
How is he? Sedated.
He'll be fine.
Now he just needs his rest.
If you don't mind.
I actually wanna be here when he wakes up.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
No, it's okay.
I'm I'm gonna stick around.
I understand how you feel, Miss Hoyt.
How do you know my name? Oh.
Small town.
I like to know who's looking out for us.
That's good.
I'm still gonna stick around.
Well I'll give you two some time then.
Ma'am, no one's supposed to be in this room.
Oh, it's okay.
I've already talked to the other nurse.
I'm the only one on the wing tonight.
Been waiting all night.
Gonna sit in front.
Everything okay? How do you mean? Well, you went to see Stewart, right? About the financials? Mm-hmm.
You do know there's this thing called Zoom, right? Jag, that's you chattering.
Just like you did when you were little and you wanted another biscuit.
You knew the answer.
Why don't you just ask for the biscuit, son? We both know who cut the drugs, okay? And? Why did you do it? Was it about the money? It's always about the money.
Okay, great.
Now, is there something else you would like to discuss? Me and Ren think that you should take a step back - from running things.
- Ah, you and Ren.
We've been worried about some of the decisions - you've been making.
- Don't you challenge my decisions, you spoiled little brat.
You need to step down.
My God.
Did she actually put you up to this? No, she didn't, Dad.
It was our decision together.
Just like the move to Montana was? Make me some chai, son.
And then find your sister.
A good airing of grievances is just what - Where is my daughter? - Are you the man in charge? I'm thinkin' that ya are.
What have you done with my daughter? Okay, I'm gonna need you to stop.
Please? Dad, do what he says.
Ah, listen to your son.
My son is a fool.
Well, the three of us we're taking a ride.
Tubb's gonna be okay, though, right? I hope so.
He was still out of it when I left.
Ah, he'll be fine.
It's not the first time he's been shot.
Something else bothering you? There was a weird guy in Tubb's room.
Weird how? He said he was a nurse, but he wasn't.
You think he could have been connected to the cartel? I-I put a guard on his room, just in case.
Okay, let's focus on the current problem.
Where's Richard? No, I still cannot believe that he would ever shoot a cop.
That is not the guy that I thought I knew.
Well, grief affects us in ways we can't predict.
Richard thinks the police failed him.
So, we've gotta find him before he hurts anybody else.
Or before one of my deputies tries to get payback.
Okay, so, first goes to Mason's friend, then Dietrich, then Tubb.
He's clearly on a mission.
Sooner or later he's gonna show up on the Bhullars' doorstep.
He could be there right now.
Only one way to find out.
Travis's truck.
We didn't exactly creep in here.
Where's the welcome wagon? Look.
I don't like this.
This count for probable cause? Guess we'll find out.
Police! - Anybody here?! - Up here! What happened? Some guy came in here with a gun.
The kind of criminals you should be focused on.
Yeah, we know who he is.
Oh, great.
Well, he clocked Stone and he handcuffed us.
You okay? Hello.
This guy has my father and my brother.
Where'd he take them? To get ice cream.
How am I supposed to know? I think I know where.
- Let's go.
- Wait! Aren't you gonna let us go? I prefer you with your hands tied.
Every time I take my eyes off you, another body drops.
Get out.
Walk around and open his door.
If you try and run, I'll shoot him.
Where are you taking us? Oh, my son, his life ended right up there.
And that's where your lives are gonna end.
Tell me why I'm trying to stop this.
The Bhullars are monsters.
Richard would be doing me, doing the entire town, a favor.
That's not who you are.
That's not who I am.
I want no part in thinking that way.
We stop all of this, no matter what.
The Bhullars need to go down.
Maybe you and Travis can figure out how.
I'm not so sure we're on the same team anymore.
Then do something.
Try to get through to him.
Right now, the only thing I can hope for is that he gets out of this mess alive.
What was his name? Your son.
Mason was weak, I take it? People who do drugs are.
Mason wasn't weak.
But it was his choice to do drugs.
No one forced him to.
But I-I understand why you're looking for someone to blame.
I know.
I know what it is to have a weak son.
Only so much we fathers can do.
The choice was his.
Listen, we have money.
I know that's not gonna bring your son back, but if you walk away and let us go you'll be compensated.
Money? Well, at this point, what else is there? Now you have a choice.
Make the wise one.
How 'bout this? Which one of you am I gonna kill first? You or your son? Keep walking.
What? I'm thinking we do this now.
Do what? I show you mine, you show me yours.
We'll swap secrets.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Okay, I'll go first.
Major vibes with blondie.
Again, no idea.
I know you're a cop, Stone.
Stone, ugh, such a stupid, macho name.
I hate that I thought it was hot.
What do I What do I have to do? Like, kill another person in front of you - to prove my loyalty, what? - Right, Mr.
Bob with the knife in his throat.
That just bought you time.
I just kept asking myself, "Well Well, if he's a cop, then why haven't I been arrested? It's not like he hasn't seen anything.
" No, you'd seen too much.
I kept going back and forth with myself.
Then you asked about the girl.
Then it all clicked.
Kate Garza.
I looked into her.
She wasn't just my dad's girlfriend, she was an informant.
And my dad found out and she disappeared and now you want to know what happened to her.
Isn't that right Travis? Well, Ren, if you know all that, why am I still breathing? That is the question, isn't it? We're gonna do this my way now.
And what way is that? All right, stop.
Right there.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay? - We're both very sorry.
- Down on your knees.
Both of ya.
This isn't you.
You don't know anything.
I know that you're not a killer.
- Right? - Not before.
But you turned me into one.
There's his car.
This is for Mason.
Look, you're gonna regret this for the rest of your life.
At least I'll know I did something to stop another kid from dying.
Then just kill my son.
He's the one responsible for your son's death.
He's the one in charge of everything.
Isn't that right, Jagat? What What are you doing? I'm getting up so I can walk away and forget that I ever saw you.
- Get back on your knees.
- I think not.
You're not gonna do anything.
- Dad? - I'll shoot! - I will! - Dad! Drop the gun! - Now, Richard! - I'm sorry.
I'm I'm gonna go see Mason now.
Richard, just don't! Richard.
Richard, look at me.
Think of Mona.
Mona needs your help.
Don't bring my wife into this.
My wife is innocent.
The drugs Mason took, they were hers.
No, that ca that can't be true.
Yes, it is, and she needs you to forgive her.
Okay, Richard, look at me.
Your daughter needs you.
- Please.
- Richard.
A girl needs her father.
And I know this because I lost mine.
So you don't do this to Hayden.
You don't do this.
You hear me? Please.
Put the gun down.
- Yeah, I got a pulse.
- Call an ambulance.
Everything's gonna be okay.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
You're gonna be okay.
We'll get you the help that you need, okay? Where's my brother? ICU.
We stabilized him long enough for the ambulance to arrive.
You're welcome.
Am I supposed to thank you for doing your job? When are you gonna realize there's no place for you here in Helena? Is this "High Noon"? - Am I supposed to get my black hat? - Your brother got shot because of what your family's doing in this town.
I could have left him bleeding in the dirt.
Maybe I should have.
Back off.
- What about my father? - Can't help you.
It's fine.
I'll have Travis look into it.
- What did you say? - Travis.
Your friend.
I know he used to be a cop, but now he works for me.
So helpful.
Man of many talents.
But I think you know that, right? I don't know what you're talking about.
You should ask him about our friend Bob sometime.
'Cause watching Travis stab him to keep his own cover Whew! I'm not really into surprises, but that one really got me.
I sure hope nothing bad happens to your father.
Dangerous world out there.
I'll go look into finding your dad.
No, just stay here with me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I can't stop thinking about Richard.
What's gonna happen to him and that family? Yeah, I I'm just glad it wasn't worse.
Well, thanks to you and Jenny.
You did good today.
You can acknowledge that.
Yeah, it doesn't feel like it.
It's hard to think of anything that's good lately.
Did I ever tell you about my first day working for your dad? No.
Well, I was nervous 'cause I really needed the job and I just didn't want to screw up.
So, anyway, he tells me to get him a cup of coffee.
So I get it for him.
And I make it exactly the way he likes.
One cream, one sugar.
That's right.
And so I go to give it to him and I spill it all over his lap.
Oh, no.
Yes, and I thought, "Well, it's your first day and it's also now your last day.
" But you know what your dad did? He made a joke.
He told me that he was sorry that he didn't specify that he likes his coffee in a cup.
So that became our thing, you know.
One cream, one sugar, - and in a cup.
- In a cup, in a cup.
I really miss him.
And, you know, with Ronald being gone, I thought that that was gonna make some difference.
But it hasn't.
At all.
My dad's still gone and, somehow, Scarlet's still out there with an innocent little girl.
What kind of world do we live in? It's okay to talk about how you feel, honey.
You need to.
Yeah, I've been thinking about what you said about the grief counseling, so Well, I just think it's a good idea.
There are other people who have gone through what you've gone through.
Yeah, thank you.
Honey? What happened to you? You You went for a run.
I went for a long walk.
You know, I-I'll explain it later.
Ex-Explain what? Jag is in the hospital with a bullet in his chest.
But I'm glad to see you're okay, Dad.
Honey, what is she talking about? Yeah, if you could fill us all in, I would love to know what happened.
Okay, what would you like to discuss first? The unavoidable cost of doing business or my own family trying to take me down? Don't blame Jag for your mistakes.
I'm blaming both of you.
Plotting behind my back like rats.
Ah, there it is.
See, I had the most interesting conversation with your little brother before our little mishap.
Um, can can can we all just take a timeout and tell me what the hell this conversation is about? Reenu can tell you everything.
Because, like all of Jagat's ideas, they take root in her head.
You know, your mother had this very same problem.
Don't you dare.
So it wasn't your idea? Dad.
What happened? All you need to know is my time is not over.
We're talking about your son.
Can't you just admit that the fact that he got shot is because you cut our product with rat poison? Cutting poison with poison what a monstrous idea.
Spare us the sanctimony and answer me this one question.
When you imagined taking over my business, how long did you plan on stringing your poor little brother along before cutting him loose? What, Reenu, second in line was never your destiny.
From the moment Jagat was born, all he ever did was get in your way.
- I'm done here.
- I'm not! You really think you can do better than me? I know I can.
Mom, can I have a quarter? Maybe next time, sweetheart.
Thank you.
- Number 12 to go.
- Come on.
- Ohh.
- Oh, my goodness, how clumsy of me.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
Come on, Phoebe.
Well, at least let me, um, replace the milkshake.
There's really no need.
We're kind of in a rush, so Well, how 'bout a ride then? Where ya headed? Just home.
Is that right? Where's that? You know, I'm happy to swing you wherever you need to go.
Soon as I get my food.
I know I sure get pretty disagreeable on an empty stomach.
We're good.
Jag Bhullar? Right down the hall? You're kidding me.
In way worse shape than you.
Richard, how's he? You're a good man.
Richard shoots you and you ask how he is? Well, Richard's a good man, too.
Or he was.
Hell, I don't know anymore.
Now, are you gonna tell me why you're really here? You got that look in your eye.
He's disappeared.
He checked out of his motel and his phone goes straight to voicemail.
Well, it's not the first time we've had trouble tracking him down.
This is different.
Ren knows he's a cop.
Told me he switched sides.
Straight up bragged about it to me.
He's been undercover for how long, can't make a case? He's either terrible at his job or he's dirty.
Or there's something else.
Let me guess, something you know about and aren't telling me? Well, whatever it is, Jenny, you need to forget about him.
No, I-I don't think I could do that.
Well, then try harder.
What if you need to take him down? You need to be prepared for anything, Jenny.
And not just when it comes to Travis.
Others think the same.
County's bringing someone in to be acting sheriff while I'm down.
I'm already acting sheriff.
They just want someone who has experience managing a department.
Don't worry, I'll make sure it's someone - who's a help to you.
- I don't need any help.
Yeah, you do.
Okay, fine.
As long as it's temporary.
No way I'm letting you go down like this.
Oh, hey.
What's with the guard outside the door? I was here earlier and there was someone here that shouldn't have been.
What, you think the Bhullars? Could be.
Or possibly the syndicate.
An insurance release for Jag.
They need a family member to sign it.
- Now? - Yes, now.
Just sign it by the little flaggies.
You know, you, uh, still haven't told me exactly what happened.
Jagat stepped out of line, and that comes with consequences.
Younger generation, as sensitive and misguided as they are, they are supposed to pick up where we left off.
It's what happens.
It's what's supposed to happen.
Well, my children are not ready.
Every day proves that more and more.
You're the one who's not ready.
Boy, I thought you understood.
I thought you were on my side.
- I am.
- Good.
Then I don't need to remind you that you would be nothing without me.
Careful, sweetheart.
My love, like my wise counsel, has its limits.
Ah, honey, don't you threaten me.
And right now, I don't want your wise counsel.
Oh, I'm aware.
But you will listen to me.
Walk away.
Or you can fight it out with your children until your last breath.
Maybe you'll win, maybe you won't.
But either way, it will be a future that does not include me.
Mom, where are we gonna sleep tonight? I don't know yet, sweetheart.
We'll figure it out.
Be right out.
I said there's someone in here.
Tell me something, Scarlet.
Do you miss Ronald? Because you're gonna see him real soon.
We know you made a copy of something that wasn't yours.
You need to tell me where it is.
Otherwise, I'll kill Phoebe, too.
My dad died recently.
He was killed.
Murdered, actually.
And, um I know I shouldn't be thinking this way.
It hap It happened because of me.
Sorry, I can't.
There's no pressure to share.
Especially on your first day.
It's okay, I want to.
Go on, then.
Take your time.
Whenever I-I think about my dad being gone it hurts so much that I I didn't know if I could stay in the house that we lived in.
Um Then I decided I I'm not gonna be chased away from my home and my job.
The man who killed my dad isn't gone.
He'll never be gone.
And if I'm being honest, part of me wants him to stay there.
It feels safer, somehow, to remember the pain.
I don't know if I'm making any sense.
Um he's a reminder to never let my guard down.
When can we see him? After Ren.
Family first.
Nice flowers.
I should have brought something.
You never liked Jag.
I know that.
For the record, didn't not like.
It's just, I'm Ren's right hand.
But now he's hurt and she's sad.
So I'm gonna pretend to feel something.
Maybe next time I'll bring a fern.
Maybe it's better to do nothing.
For now.
There's a lot to deal with.
Do you mean Stone/Travis, the cop? That.
I don't know why Ren hasn't asked me to kill him yet.
Maybe she has a plan.
I'll await further instructions.
Look at you.
Still handsome after four hours of surgery.
I heard one of the nurses talking about your stupid hair.
So I'm gonna make a deal with you.
You get better and I'll bring that stupid beard oil that you obsess over.
Just don't ask me to rub it in 'cause that would be weird.
Just, um make sure it's organic.
Really? You wake up and the first thing you do is pick a fight? No.
No more fights.
Where's Dad? Home.
What happened out there? He didn't tell you? Miss Hoyt.
We need to pull Travis out.
He's compromised.
I've been telling you that for weeks.
The Bhullars know he's a cop.
Miss Hoyt, are you familiar with the concept of collateral damage? You, of all people, should understand that at some point an asset stops being an asset and becomes a calculated loss.
Are you saying you want to cut Travis loose? I'm saying, Travis chose his own path and it is not ours to follow him on it.
You can't be serious.
We can't just abandon one of our own.
The decision has been made, and there's nothing I can do about it.
Then I'll do it.
I would strongly advise against that, Miss Hoyt.
Hello? Who is this? I have information that you want.
Scarlet? The girls.
The sex trafficking.
The people Ronald and the Legarskis were working with, - I have - Mom, I'm hungry.
Okay, sweetheart, we'll get something soon.
Mommy's on the phone, okay? My God, Scarlet, you still have Phoebe with you? Yeah, of course I do.
She's my daughter.
I want to make a trade.
Information for a better life for me and Phoebe.
That's not how this works.
It can if you make it.
No, you don't get to walk away.
Wolf told us about his deal with the syndicate.
If you run, they will find you.
It doesn't matter where.
Mexico, Canada.
Maybe it'll take a year, maybe longer.
But Phoebe deserves more out of this life.
- Stop trying to scare me.
- You should be scared.
You and Ronald killed innocent people.
You are the furthest thing from a victim.
You should watch how you talk to me.
I could come for you.
Oh, I'll be waiting.
You killed the love of my life.
I'd do it again.
Give Phoebe up.
It's your only good option.
I could protect her, Scarlet.
Scarlet? Scarlet? We need to stop meeting like this.
I'm here to say goodbye, Jenny.
Goodbye? Travis, Ren knows you're a cop.
We need to get you out right now.
No, it's just not as simple as that anymore.
If this is about you killing Bob, we'll figure it out.
Ain't about Bob.
Ain't about Ren.
And it ain't about you and me.
This is about Kate Garza.
Yeah, I'm gonna see this through for her.
Travis, what what about us? I didn't plan on this.
I didn't plan on us.
Then don't do this.
I have to.
'Cause this is the only thing I'm here to do.
Bye, Hoyt.
I'm still a cop.
I can stop you.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You love me.
Deep down, you always knew you were gonna have to let me go.
You ready? I suppose so.
Jag will be happy to see you.
We shall see.
You were right.
I have lost a step.
And maybe it is time I step down, hand things over.
You know, it's difficult for a man to admit he can no longer do things.
I am sorry for being hard on you, Reenu.
See, I harp on you for being like your mother when the truth is you're more like me.
In every way.
Mm, dogged.
I always knew it would be you.
I just had to see it for myself.
You have done so good, Reenu.
And I love you.
I love you, too, Dad.
Now let's go see your son.
Where are we? Just watch your show, honey.

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