Big Time in Hollywood, FL (2015) s01e02 Episode Script


Previously on Big Time We want you boys to move out and find jobs.
Mom, we need $20,000.
Is it drugs? Yes, it is drugs.
You don't come up with my money tonight, you're dead.
He's gonna have to deal with me.
Are you kicking us out still? Ben's gonna stay here until he gets clean.
No! A man don't eat that fast Unless he don't know where his next meal is coming from.
I was just hungry, that's all.
You don't gotta lie to me, boy.
I know your type.
You ain't from around here.
Where your family? I don't have a family.
Thank you for the goulash, sir.
Hold it right there, boy! Since you got no family I'm guessing you had no one to teach you any manners.
Rude to leave the table before you finish the meal.
Do you understand me? Now, come get your dessert.
Oh I wish they never kicked me out.
I'm glad they did.
- What is this? - That's our front yard! - Turn that off! Oh, my God! - You see that? Do you see that? - How you like that goulash? - What is wrong with you? - That is disgusting! - You like goulash good! Soak it up! Because you are looking at my future, all right? Eating goulash and sucking some homeless guy's Jack Christopher, that's enough! Come on, guys! You're brothers! You think Clint and Ron Howard wouldn't suck each other off If they got the chance? Do you? Answer him! Do you think? - Of course, they would.
- They would idiot! I don't care, I want it off my television.
Turn it off right now.
Where's the remote? I just can't believe that you're letting Ben stay here When he's a filthy drug addict.
And then you kick me to the curb for doing nothing But love you, mom! Well, this isn't helping your case So get it off my television.
- Where's the remote? - Fine, then you turn it off.
- Yeah, that's called acting.
- Oh, my God! Shut up.
I do I do.
You taped over our wedding video? Now, as you can see behind me Police are still cleaning up a grisly fire fight They say was instigated by one Jimmy Staats.
Police don't know much about Jimmy Staats But what we do know suggests he's a failed actor Turned deranged drug dealer.
Take a look.
Ma, ma, please! I just want to be an actor! You're not very talented! Hey, Jimmy, you better not hurt your mom! Now here's a little tip about being a drug dealer.
Don't get caught with a small handgun If you don't know how to use it.
Or at least know how to use it I can't even watch this.
This is such a hatchet job.
This is ridiculous.
The media, the media, they're so messed up.
They're just painting him to be this horrible person.
And he was so good, he was such a good actor Such a good man.
Jimmy Staats was a [Bleep] [Bleep]! He deserved to die.
Yeah, Jimmy Staats was a [Bleep] piece of [Bleep], Kristy! Yeah, so in lieu of flowers, his family would really like - Oh, our plug.
This is Kristy Hemsworth reporting for News 8.
What the hell? That stupid bitch cut off our plug.
Kristy! Boys? I just got off the phone with the police.
They want to have a little chat with you.
- What? Why? - What do they know? It all checks out.
Something about Jimmy Staats the other night.
Well, what else do they need to know? I already told them he's a [Bleep] asshole And he deserved to die.
I'm sure it's just a formality And please don't use that language with the police.
Boys I'm Detective Jim Zdorkin.
Let's get right into it.
How did you meet Staats? Jimmy Staats? How did we meet Jimmy Staats? We need to come up with answers for this interrogation.
Like how I knew Jimmy.
Yes, like maybe you hardly knew Jimmy.
Bought drugs from him one time and he seemed like A messed-up dude.
You know, we think that when he kidnapped Del He might have done stuff to him.
- He raped Del.
- He raped him thoroughly.
- That makes sense.
- Del got raped.
What's next? Okay, we're gonna need to bring things in, like props.
What if they give you water? They will put down a glass of water and I will What the hell was that? I'm sorry, I just get so upset When I think about what that bastard did to Del.
And it reminds me of how my dad beats us.
We'll tell 'em dad beats us.
One last question Would you like your parking validated? Oh, no, thank you, sir, we don't own a car.
How do I get in touch with Del Plympton? We don't ha what? How do I get in touch with Del Plympton? Del? Plympton.
Hey, you excited to go to the zoo, buddy? Yeah.
Oh, shoot! You know what, Del? I forgot my wallet.
Darn it! So did I! Okay, you know what? We'll be right back.
Yeah, stay here, pal.
I'm so excited for the zoo.
- Takin' a while.
- Oh, oh Still looking for our wallets! Is that a brick? Hah-hah-hah! No, that is insane! We just can't murder Del! Good day, Officer.
Why not? Nobody would be surprised if Del died, because he was too lazy to get out of the car.
That's true, but we should just go find Del and make sure our stories match up.
All right, fine, but I'm prepping the garage just in case.
Hello, welcome to Big Deal Mart, it's a beautiful day.
Hello, welcome to Big Deal Mart, it's a beautif - There he is! - There Hey, guys, welcome to big deal mart, it's a bea Shut up! Listen to me! Okay, you are going to be contacted by the cops And they're going to ask you questions about Jimmy Staats.
- Do you understand? - Why? Because they want to know what happened to him.
What do you mean? What are you talking about? He's dead, Del.
What? - How? - How? He was shot by the cops.
You were there.
He was just pretending.
Pretending? Del, how is he pretending? He was shot like 40 times.
Blood everywhere and then they reloaded and shot him again.
- He died in front of you! - You are so stupid! - What? - Stop! Why are you Cr - Hello, welcome to Big Deal Mart - No, don't talk to - it's a beautiful day.
- Just go shop, go shop, he's fine.
Oh, my God, they're here, they're here, we need to hide.
- No! - We gotta hide, go, go! Come on, come on.
This is good.
This is good.
Right here.
Focus, Del! Focus! We need our stories to match up.
Do you understand? I thought we were acting.
- Oh, my God, no, wait, wait, wait, okay, okay, okay.
- Oh, damn it! No matter what they say to you, you say, "I don't recall.
" I don't recall.
Can you do that for me? Jimmy's dead? You stupid asshole! What the [Bleep] is the matter with you? Yes, of course, he's dead! I wanted to kill you! He would not let me! What don't you understand? Okay, we don't have time for this.
You just gotta say, "I don't recall" And you can't tell them anything! I don't recall! He's not gonna be able to tell them anything When he is unconscious.
- What? - Oh! Agh, God, my hand! Come on.
He broke my hand! I know.
Plympton? Welcome to Big Deal Mart, it's a beautiful day.
I'm detective Jim Zdorkin I'd like you to come down to the station with me.
I want to ask you a few questions.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
That's it! What are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do now? I don't know, I told you we should have killed him.
We're gonna go to prison For killing Staats, and for lying to the police.
The gig is up, Jack.
I can't go to prison, Ben.
I got a sweet ass.
And nice lips.
We gotta get the hell out of here.
We can't go to the airport, though, because they probably Got our pictures up, we're on the no-fly list, so no airport.
Uncle Billy's boat.
Uncle Billy's boat! We gotta go home, pack our bags, we are going to Cuba.
- Oh, my God, Jesus, Cuba? - Yeah.
Let's do it! All right, new life's in Cuba.
Be brave and be honest.
Wwe've just gotta get fake passports.
And a gun hey! Benjamin! Could you come in here for just a minute, please, sweetheart? Hey, what's this? It's a bunch of people here who love you like crazy But they're worried they're losing you.
- Oh, this is an intervention.
- Yeah.
They're gonna say some things Then you're gonna say some things And then we'll be done.
Yeah, right after we go do we have the thing, right? Jack! Jack! Sit down.
This is for Benjamin.
Ben, your grandmother came all the way from Coral Gables.
Jack, Nana's here.
I thought she was dead.
Hey, Nana.
Ben, as soon as this is over, your family wants you to go On a little vacation to our rehab facility.
Whoa! Okay.
I don't need rehab.
Uh, watching a man die after being brutally shot 78 times Kind of scared me straight, so I'm good.
- Yeah, he's good.
- I'm good.
- You saw a man get shot Brutally? - Yeah.
I did, too, and I saw a woman get shot And she was holding a baby And when she got shot, she dropped the baby.
The baby landed on its head.
So I think I know a little bit more about this.
We are gonna be discussing your drug addiction all day And possibly into the night.
No, no, you know what? Don't you think this would go faster maybe if you just You know, admit what a huge, huge problem you have? Oh, right, uh, I'm gonna admit I have a problem By telling you That I need help.
Yeah, there it is.
That's it, and then that's it.
Okay, guys, let's take a moment right now.
Yeah, we'll take a quick moment and then we'll move on.
No, let's take a full moment.
In silence? Or can we Moment's usually silent, so moment starts when you shut up.
And, uh, do we close our eyes? I don't think you need to, it's not really a prayer.
It's more of a moment.
Brian, would it be all right if I asked a question? Yeah.
Yeah, just get it out quicker.
Benjamin, how did this happen? - Del? - Del.
That was it.
Yeah, introduced you to crack when you were 11.
- What a weird guy.
- Crack cocaine? - Yeah, crack cocaine.
- Del Yeah, Del, that's right! Del's a son of a bitch The root of all of our problems.
We figured that out, let's move it along.
So, Del your friends mentioned That when Jimmy Staats was holding you hostage He may have sexually assaulted you.
Is that true? I don't recall.
Okay, just so you know, when we get an answer like that Legally we have to, uh, examine you.
Come on.
Is that okay? I I don't recall.
Darla? Somebody order a rape kit? Oh Ah, I will be raping agh.
Rape kit-ting you.
So if you want, you could just, um, start by Taking your clothes off.
- It pains me to see this little boy - Oh, my God.
So nervous about his first tee ball game.
Okay, let's go.
Now a grown Jeez Oh, Ben I just love you so darn much.
I would kill myself if I could see you clean and sober again.
- That was great! Next! - Eh Sorry, were you done? Great.
Dearest Benjamin I remember when I first wait, uh What? Oh! Okay, I got an idea! Why don't I just read it? Yeah, I'll read it.
Matter of fact, I'll just read all of them.
Nana, mom, Brian, dad.
- Jack, you want to take some of these to start it off? - Yeah, I'll take some.
- And we'll just read them off.
- Oh, Nana got me a card.
That's nice, we'll go right to the card, then.
Yeah, we read this stupid one.
- Ah, ooh! - Ah, this is Brian's.
A check for $10 from Nana.
I mean, nice notepad.
Use your head, Nana.
Don't give money to a drug addict.
My disappointment.
Oh, that's so cute, look at that.
Okay, thank you for the intervention.
I love all of you, and I think the best thing right now Is just to look deep inside myself.
Yeah, deep inside you.
In my room, let's go.
Do you have any pills in your cabinets? Yeah.
Of course, you do.
Just antihistamine.
Naw, they'll break it down into some other drug.
It's a nightmare.
Okay, come on! Come on! - Only pack what we absolutely need! - I'm working on it! Here! All right.
Oh! God, my head! Here I come! Ow! Oh! That's way further than I thought.
Oh, you son of a bitch.
Rape kit came back negative.
Are you sure? I swabbed the middle of his back, his eyelids and his titties.
Basically any place that an attacker would have left fluid.
I even checked his anus to be safe.
Why would someone take a rape kit for no reason? Son of a bitch is covering something up.
Leave it! But the wigs are in there! Leave it, goddamn it! Hey, Ben? Hun? We're doing this intervention for your own good.
Would you open the door, please? Can't you just break down the door? Yeah.
- Oh, not now.
- All right, folks, can I interject? I think I can Jimmy this.
- Really? - Oh, do you know how to do that? Yeah, you pick up a lot of skills, when you're a heroin addict.
Just gotta do They're gone! He's chasing the rock Classic last fix.
I can't find my shoes.
Oh, what is this? My pants are on my shoulder.
Come on! Come on! Come on! We're so close! Here we go! - Home free, baby! There it is! - Oh Why is it so smaller than I remember it? Who cares, we gotta go.
We gotta go, we gotta go! Okay, okay.
So, Del who gave you the black eye? I don't recall.
Did someone pressure you to not answer our questions? I don't recall.
Here we go.
Come on, come Goddamn it! Where the hell are the keys? I don't know! Uncle Billy never let me on the damn boat! - All right, we gotta hotwire it.
- Okay, okay.
What I I need you to understand, Del Is that you're actually the victim here.
I don't recall.
That wasn't a question.
You know what I mean? Oh! That's a lot of wires! - That's a wire.
- Wait, wait, wait! Do you know what you're doing? There's only one way to find out? Who's trying to keep you quiet and did you work with Staats? I don't recall.
If you say, "I don't recall" one more time Please, God! Please, God! I am gonna lose my mind! - Oh, my God, that's so loud! - God, no! - I don't recall.
- Oh! Why the hell would he have an alarm? Nobody's gonna steal this piece of [Bleep]! N-a-m-e, name! - Jack, I found the keys! - Oh, yes! - Give me a name.
- I don't recall.
We are gone.
Give me a name! Give me a name! Why is it doing that? Because you cut the damn wires! Oh, goddamn it! Give me a name, Del.
Give me a name.
Wait! What are you doing? Let's go! Let's go! We gotta find a sailboat, something with no engine.
We don't know how to sail! Oh, we don't know how to let the wind exist? Ben and Jack Dolph! I need you to come with me now! I'm a make a run for it, Jack.
Don't do it, Ben.
They don't know how to hit a moving target.
Ben! Don't do it.
No! Stop! Oh man! I don't recall.
Okay, you're free to go.
- What was that? - Is that a bean bag? Was that a bean bag? You're damn right, it was.
Oh, that stung! Jesus! Thank you very much again, Detective.
Sure, but you should know, Mrs.
Dolph Your 30-year-old son's running away from an intervention Is not a missing persons case.
Well, I'm very sorry, but I do appreciate it.
It's such a relief.
Let me ask you, Mrs.
Dolph, what do you know about that one? Certainly less than I thought.
Apparently, he's the one who got Ben hooked on drugs.
- Is that so? - Yes.
Hey, Del, buddy Del, look at me.
What'd you say to them? I don't recall.
All right, well, whatever you said, man, you did an amazing job.
Okay, and we are grateful as hell oh, God, your eye! - What? Let me see.
- Oh, Jesus.
- No, it's not that bad.
- That is disgusting.
I got rape kit-ted.
We have reason to believe that Mr.
Plympton is protecting someone.
Possibly may have been working with Jimmy Staats.
What? And you're releasing him? Well, without any formal charges, there really isn't anything we can do.
Detective, this is my family we're talking about.
What am I supposed to do? Well, if you're interested, there is a private investigator I can recommend.
He's a little unorthodox, but he's very good.
Well, I will keep that in mind.
Well, let us know if you find anything.
I think we learned a valuable lesson here today.
And that's, if we stick together Everything's gonna be a-okay.
Right? Jack, didn't I agree to go to rehab? Oh Take care of yourself in there, bud.
Thanks, dad.
So proud of you, Benjamin.
I'm gonna bring you some cookies on visiting day.
Peanut butter? Mm-hm.
Come here come on.
It's okay.
Hey, you know what? This might be a blessing in disguise, okay? A ton of celebrities go to rehab.
Eh you know? It could be a networking opportunity.
It's better than prison.
Yeah, and better than Cuba.
All right, so, come here.
You owe me for this.
You're gonna be okay.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Take care.
- Yup.
Six, seven months, eight months you're done.
That's it.
- It's tough.
- Yeah.
But I think we learned a valuable lesson today.
That family is the most important thing.
And now that Ben is gone, I feel that it's my duty As the next born son, just to stay here, love you And fill that huge void that you'll never Oh, good! Your movers are here! What the f ! You enjoy this? 'Cause you're [Bleep]ing me here on the front lawn! Now come on, Jack.
Come on! Go ahead! Do it! Jack, Jack, Jack - Get up! - Come on, this isn't funny! - Get up! - Oh, you like that? - Come on, get up! Get up! - You sicko! Alan Dolph [Bleep]s his son! You see what he does? You see this? You see this? Huh? You see what he does? Don't mind him, he's just a bully.
Yeah, and he's just a [Bleep] face! Hello, uh, Mr.
Scoles, my name is Diana Dolph.
I'm, uh, interested in hiring you To follow my son's troubled friend.
I don't know where else to turn and I hear you're the best.
So, please call me back and we'll discuss payment At (754) 555-2288.
Um, I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much.
Hello Harvey Scoles Hello? Goddamn it!