Billions (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Ball in Hand

1 [Bobby.]
Previously on "Billions" [Ira.]
Ice Juice.
I can take it over.
I just need the cash.
You know, my money's in a blind trust.
That trust was set aside for you.
Well, if this is what it takes uh, to help you and Ira Chuck Rhoades Sr.
has taken a significant stake in a company that's going public.
No shit.
Be fun if you could find a way to lob a turd in the punch bowl.
You know those poison-tip arrows that go through one guy and kill another? Golden frog poison.
This might be like that.
It'll make for a bumpy couple of days.
But no permanent damage, Doc? [Dr.
I'm still not sure I'd recommend it.
People are getting sick on Ice Juice.
Anybody betting it won't turn? Axe doesn't get positions this size wrong.
Get out of the stock, Chuck.
They're gonna crush you.
Wow, I'm glad to see you view me as so defenseless.
But you don't understand what's going on.
No, I think that I understand plenty about your lack of faith.
Chuck, it's it's Armageddon.
I'm gonna throw up.
Today, I kicked ass at work.
Whose ass did you kick? Rhoades.
Big time.
I am so close to getting Axe.
You will get him [laughs.]
dramatic music The Blasters' "So Long Baby Goodbye" I know I've been foolin' myself too long I'm never right but always wrong Goodbye, Baby, so long You know You never let this thing catch on You never let me be that strong Goodbye, Baby, so long There was a cold wind blowing on the night we met The leaves fell from the trees You made a lot of promises I ain't seen yet And I ain't gonna ask you please You know None of us are gonna cry It wasn't even worth the try So long, Baby, Goodbye [knock on door.]
[knocking continues.]
Are you supposed to be across state lines? There's no "supposed to" for me anymore.
This is the first day of the rest of my life.
I'm free and clear.
You, however well, consider this me returning the courtesy.
You're getting arrested today, Roberto.
I don't suppose you'd like to share any further details.
I'm not in the mood to trifle with details.
I have my life to live now that I'm a free man.
But in the spirit of friendship, be glad to hold your watch.
Who was at the door? Bobby? Lawrence Boyd.
How? Must've made a deal.
Some kind of trade for me.
They're coming for you? He says they want to put me where he was.
When? Today.
I got to find out if this is bullshit or if it's real.
If it is real, - I have to make some moves before we - I know.
We talked about this.
We prepared for this.
But I'm not running with you.
And neither are the kids.
It's not fair to them.
So, you do what you got to do, but we're staying.
Who said anything about running? I'm not going anywhere.
We stay and we fucking fight.
dramatic music For a career bureaucrat, you have a David Blaine-like flair for the dramatic.
Because I chose a locale where we were unlikely to be seen? That's not showmanship.
It's tradecraft.
Are we gonna have to go through the whole blind-drop routine every time we meet? We would, if we were to continue meeting.
Oh, this isn't just a grand entrance into the job.
You're doing a whole thing.
I know the kind of person you are, Rhoades.
You want to put your hands into the Axelrod case and run your fingers all through it.
You expect favors in return for giving it to me.
But I cannot have you involved.
That's a bit like telling the cow not to involve itself in the steak dinner.
Without it, no steak.
I am quite capable of convicting Axelrod with the tools at my disposal.
I no longer need you.
I have not made this sacrifice to come up empty.
If you won't let me get waist deep in the Big Muddy with you, then I'm gonna want something for my trouble.
The Ice Juice IPO never tracks back to my family, to my father's investment in any way.
Seal it off.
I can't just hide discovery.
Oh, I'm not asking you to hide discovery.
I'm asking you not to discover it in the first place.
Some people would call that a cover up.
Well, unimaginative types, with no pizzazz.
I'm taking Axelrod at the closing bell.
He'll be sure to be at his desk.
You can read about the rest in the news.
I won't do what you've asked.
And this is the end of the matter for you.
From here on, it's just my team and me.
You're a hard man, Dake.
But a word of caution.
You and your team go chasing Axe up into those hills without me, don't forget one thing.
What's that? A good supply of body bags.
dramatic music - [cellphone rings.]
- [dial tones.]
We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in [tires squeal, engine revs.]
Oh, good.
I caught you.
I've been meaning to call.
Oh? Look, I'll just say it.
I'm not happy I was right about that stock.
I'm past it.
I'm prime.
Have no further concern for me on that front.
Well, I'm glad we have therapy tonight, because I feel like you're avoiding - really talking about it.
- [Chuck.]
I have come to the decision that we are done with marital counseling.
I am.
I didn't realize By day's end, all will become clear to you.
And I will be glad to discuss it ad infinitum, just the two of us.
You know, the reason people, we, go to therapy together, is that having an impartial witness, - a counselor - [Chuck.]
I know.
And I also know that life without you is a misery.
And all the whinging and the whining that we both, at least I, do in therapy seems to be having the opposite effect for me.
I see.
I will be coming home tonight after work.
And, once all is out in the open, I sincerely hope that you will come home, too.
Well, I guess I have to accept that you may not.
But I will be there waiting.
dramatic music I got your text.
If there's an arrest imminent, I have received no notice.
Does Hall have any insight? Hall's a ghost.
There is no more Hall.
That means this is for real.
Find out what you can.
See if there's a way out.
I'm on it.
If an arrest is unavoidable, negotiate the terms of my surrender for the end of the day, no cameras, immediate bail.
We get this part over with, then we start digging in.
All right.
Listen, until I reach them I'll stay underground and keep moving.
Uh [scoffs.]
Can I get you a You can't go to bed with Jenna Jameson and expect to wake up with Snow White.
Which means? Know who you're fucking.
I feel caught a bit off guard.
That's how I feel.
So you can't feel that way.
I just heard that you're behind a move against Axelrod, that it's another office prosecuting, but your DNA's all over it.
Axelrod is about to be arrested.
I did put it in motion, but it can't track back to me.
Then why am I hearing what I'm hearing? How are you hearing what you're hearing? I used to peg Freddy Reyes in the AG's office.
Well, only once in the office.
Point is, the word's leaking out of D.
That doesn't work for me.
My reputation's all tied up with yours right now and you jackpotted me.
- I jackpotted you? - [Minchak.]
You jackpotted me.
Our entire agreement was based on you telling me everything as soon as I needed to know it, which is immediately, always.
Perhaps some coffee, tea? Don't charm me.
Foley knew I might take down Axe.
I needed to in order to be ready to take the next step.
There is no "might" with Jack Foley.
Rogue moves don't fly.
If he believes that you are holding back from him or me, he'll consider himself released from his commitment to you.
Then convince him I'm holding nothing back.
Convince me first.
I am in process of extracting an assurance from the United States Attorney for the Eastern District, that my role and my family's role shall never surface.
You've got that? In process.
And, should that fail and my father's name become public, my father will absolutely affirm that he accessed my trust without my knowledge.
He will take the hit.
You'll need that in writing.
Simple as asking him.
Don't you worry, George.
We'll all be cheesing and grinning in Albany soon enough.
No Ice Juice nonsense is gonna change that.
I signed off on you.
Are you making me wrong? No, sir.
I'll try and sell it to Foley.
dramatic music Rico! dramatic music Is there any law enforcement here? No.
You let me know if any show up.
You got it, boss.
dramatic music Morning.
Coffee? Burn bin.
[safe beeps.]
Take that out and torch it.
Is this shit really happening? I believe it is.
Get the shredders here, stat.
We'll do the paper files here.
We'll take care of the hard drives with plasma torches in the loading bay.
Let's talk next steps.
All outside money will be heading for the exits within 24 hours of an arrest.
You should name a CIO to manage the rest.
Don't know who you want, but you should pick him right away.
I'm the Chief Investment Officer.
That's why it's called Axe Capital.
Jefé, with what you are facing, how are you gonna stay on top of all this? What we do, or fail to do, in the seconds after your arrest could save us or cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.
You're right about that part.
Good morning.
A few questions.
One, your 30-day market outlook? Two, how will the market respond to the next Fed meeting? Three, if we needed to liquidate all our positions quickly, in order to get into cash to offer redemptions without taking losses, how would we do it? Build me a model.
I'll get right on all that.
What the hell am I gonna say to my boys? Tell them the truth.
The government's a bunch of fucking liars.
And the boys have permission to punch the teeth out of anyone who talks shit about you.
I've been here too long.
This is how we communicate today.
Wait for my call.
Pop quiz.
Lawrence Boyd is currently "A," mopping floors; "B," cleaning toilets; "C," scrubbing potatoes; or I'm guessing "D," none of the above.
There's that Princeton test-taking.
Did he off himself? That is dark.
Uh, no.
I just heard from a contact at the Bureau of Prisons.
He's been released.
What the fuck is that about? dramatic music I thought I made it pretty clear I never wanted to talk to you again.
This isn't a social call.
I'm reaching out as counsel for Robert Axelrod.
That shouldn't feel good in your mouth.
Bryan, how fast are you moving on the arrest? Do you have a warrant? Orrin, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
You got questions? We got questions.
[telephones ringing.]
We need to see Chuck.
He's out.
I'll call him.
He's not reachable at the moment.
Ice Juice never made anyone sick.
They were faking? No, they were actually ill, just not from your product.
Uh, in, in the next little while, that will be revealed for what it was sabotage.
A deliberate, criminal act to injure the company.
An act by - Axelrod.
- Yes.
An attack on us.
On you.
[Chuck Sr.
So Ira can sue Axelrod for his money back.
I'm guessing I can't.
Why is that? [Chuck Sr.
Because that would reveal Chuck's involvement, testimony and all that, and Chuck did not set all this in motion to have that happen.
Did you, son? [chuckles.]
No, Dad.
I did not.
You baited him? You used my company, my career, my future My money.
And my own.
Moves like that Where do you get the fucking nerve?! [Ira.]
I can't believe you let me fucking apologize to you! And no one got sick from it! You'll get it back.
After the criminal case, recovering in civil court will be After he's convicted.
After another four to seven years of dragging him through court, maybe.
Until then? When I am governor [Ira.]
When you're governor? What the fuck happened to you? When this gets out It won't.
And you will make sure that it does not.
You will protect me and my role.
It is to your benefit to have me as governor.
You should act out of rationality, not emotion.
Why? You didn't.
[footsteps moving away.]
[door opens.]
[door slams.]
This is an affidavit saying that you acted on your own in accessing my trust.
I had no knowledge whatsoever.
Dad, I need you to sign this.
dramatic music You know, this is what you always wanted, me, your son, your scion, in that office in that chair.
Close the door.
I don't want anyone to see me in here.
Is this about you or Axe? Both.
All of us.
And I don't want them to figure it out ahead of time.
Have a seat.
Put words together, in a sentence, that might give me a sense of what the actual fuck.
So you don't know? Look, I need you, but I don't know how much I can trust you on this one thing, so I am not sure how to proceed.
Talk to me or don't, Wags.
Axe is gonna be arrested.
By Chuck? We don't know.
I tried to get him to delegate, name a CIO, but I failed.
Well, if you raised it, it'll work on him.
He'll come to the right decision himself.
I think he'll need a push from you.
And then as far as I'm concerned, I have to really step up to lead and You're ready to do whatever you need to.
It doesn't feel like that to me.
Describe it.
Erratic heartbeat, prickly sweat down my spine, sack high and tight.
- Panic.
- [Wags.]
It means you're not fooling yourself into thinking it'll be easy.
It means your adrenaline is firing, and your synapses.
Means you're ready to meet whatever anyone throws at you today.
And if I need a reminder, or backup? I'm right here.
For keeps? I'm right here.
dramatic music [keypad beeps.]
[gears whirring.]
dramatic music What the fuck is this, Louis? It's the bill for the new solvent.
I can see that.
I mean, why the hell is it - 40 percent more than the PERC? - PERC is bad stuff, boss.
It's bad for the staff, bad for the environment.
The new stuff is organic.
No, the new stuff's too expensive.
So, now that we got the vats the Orgo shit came in, we go back to the PERC and we put it in the Orgo.
[door creaks.]
Give me a minute, Louis.
They're coming for you, aren't they? All right.
So, what's gonna happen? How's the firm gonna handle it? Who are you handing the reins over to? Just just so you know, I'd keep a firm grasp of them, as long as it took, and I'd give them right back to you - [Bill.]
the minute you were out.
- Nothing's happening yet.
Plans are being contemplated.
And if and when I need you, I know where to find you.
Still can't believe you put your money into this place.
Ah, diversification.
Positive cash flow.
But, you know, I'm 24/7 ready to deal with Axe Cap.
Yeah, that's not why I came.
You've been through this.
I need to know what the fuck is gonna happen to me when I get arrested.
Minute by minute.
I could tell you it's no big deal, but I'm not in the lying-to-you game.
Look, at least you got some warning.
It's not gonna be a shock.
And now what? You got to eat something before you go in, because they'll starve you.
And if they do feed you, it's gonna be garbage.
But more important than that, find time to take a shit, because you don't want that business pending when you're in there.
What? I'm giving you the real.
So, there's always at least one guard who wants to get paid.
- Find that fucker and pay him.
- [hissing.]
I'm trying to decide how best to protect my interests Ah.
I'm afraid I can't help.
I'm engaged by your husband.
That brings with it, uh, confidentiality, yes, but also loyalty.
And there are strict rules governing conflict that I cannot break, so Then let's make this an unofficial consultation.
Are there things I can do today to protect myself? Would I be wise to consider extreme measures, separation, divorce? I'm going to have to ask you to pick up the money and put it back in your bag.
I will not talk with you about any of this.
I cannot state, officially or unofficially, where your interests diverge, or if they diverge.
On a human note, I understand the swirl that must be going on inside your head.
But you have to find counsel for it elsewhere.
dramatic music Will you at least, on a human note, tell me this.
If I do stay, the money that's mine They'll freeze everything at first.
So, you'll have to get through that.
But since there's no pre-nup, half of everything is yours.
And when the government can't prove it was all ill gotten, which we won't let them What's mine stays mine.
Hey, morning, fellas.
How would you guys like to take these and use them a little? [man.]
Just look at them, working away They have no idea they're about to be utterly roasted - by a flame thrower.
- As soon as he's in custody, before the news streams out, we should sit them all down.
Group meeting.
Let them vent their fears.
The people that are too affected, we send home.
Let them take a leave if they want.
The rest of us will focus on saving Axe Capital.
That's very sweet and supportive.
But no.
I don't need you to be the team doctor who stops people from playing and puts them in the concussion protocol.
I need you to be the team doctor with smelling salts, cortisone shots, steroids, and fucking Lasix for their lungs, who tapes them back together and shoves them back in.
Look at you.
I'm glad we're foxhole buddies.
Where I come from, at a certain point, a guy just fucking punches another guy in the mouth.
Well, you'll have the chance to do just that, Bryan, before long.
But I don't think you will.
- Then you had better start explaining - Not now.
I have Sacker waiting in my office.
What do you have for me? This isn't easy.
Oh? I'm taking a job at Sullivan & Cromwell.
I'm not ready to lose you.
Honestly, Chuck, you should've made that a little more clear to me, by letting me crack some fucking heads when I was about to.
I came here for two reasons.
To be close to the best prosecutor this office has ever known, learn from him, and to actually put the bad guys in the goddamned hoosegow.
Well, now, there, right there.
You wouldn't even know that word if you hadn't studied at my knee.
Things changed, so now I have, too.
The job I've been offered will allow me to handle big criminal defense cases, as I see fit.
The best moves I've made in my life have required the most discipline, patience, and trust, so I ask you, hold for a day.
See how some things shake out around here.
Perhaps I can make you an even more compelling offer.
And then, if you still decide to go, well, it'll be with my blessing.
I expected to sit down with you, but I figured it would be after we arrested your client.
Or at least after I announced my intention to.
We're here.
And my client is interested in reviving the immunity deal that we discussed a while back.
The same deal you passed on? [chuckles.]
That's the one.
That deal is no longer alive.
It's a corpse in a pine box covered with dirt.
And, as you somehow know, I will be arresting and charging your client today.
Then, let me organize his surrender.
Let's keep it civil.
No press.
Bail pre-arranged.
He gets to say goodbye to the wife, then we come in.
No perp walk.
You're in a U.
Attorney's Office, Mr.
Bach, not some souk buying a rug.
I don't negotiate.
I will take him at the time and in the manner of my choosing.
Then good luck fucking finding me! [cellphone beeps.]
Bach, mother of God.
I'll be referring your conduct to the Bar Association.
Well, then I guess I just shit myself with fear.
I know how to do what he wants.
I'll call you back.
Break it down for me.
I'd rather walk him through it in person.
That way, it won't be diluted or misstated in any way.
No, you're right.
Axe will reach out to meet with you if and when he's ready.
Do you have a way to reach him? What if I did? You have to give it to me.
Just hit redial.
[cellphone beeps.]
dramatic music [Taylor.]
Are we meeting here because your boat's picking you up and heading for international waters when we're done? How did you know I was being arrested? Setting aside the decoy questions about the Fed and the market, what you were asking about was how to protect the portfolio in the worst case scenario, before word leaks on the Street.
When that happens, everyone will look at our most recent 13F and start shooting against our illiquid names.
And the only way to beat them to it is to have sold first.
So, what do you have for me? I take over the Program Trading Desk and export our holdings.
I load up the whole program and then import them into the trading system.
I'll create a phantom algo for our biggest illiquid names to protect against the high-frequency guys.
And I'll use six different brokers with six different baskets, a billion each, currency, tech, big pharma, et cetera.
And then, on your signal, I hit the button.
We take maybe a five percent hit, but that's why they call it a fire sale.
And if the arrest happens, you are going to ask me to be the Chief Investment Officer.
I'll do it.
Well, I'm still not sure that I'll need to.
That's because you know that even if you focus on Axe Capital half the time, you would do a better job than I would.
And that's true.
But, what's best for Axe Cap, long term, is for you to focus every bit of energy you have on getting out of the situation you are in.
You have to know that I've got the business in control, so you can avoid a conviction, prison, all that.
I have too much to learn from you to lose you now.
Go get your program in place and wait for my word.
Just so you know, my boat's draft is too deep for this dipshit marina.
And I'm not sailing away from anything.
Thanks for coming.
You're smoking again? What the fuck? Forget that shit.
First, I need your phone.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
And I'm gonna provide the equity piece.
To grow the business.
We're also gonna put it in your name.
[briefcase latch clicking.]
dramatic music [billiards balls crashing.]
Were you followed? I took precautions.
This place was like a sanctuary for me when I was a kid.
The game is different now.
Rules have changed, you know? Back when I'd come in here, the only way your opponent could get ball in hand was if you hit the ball off the table.
Not anymore.
Any scratch at all, you can pick it up, place the cue ball wherever he wants.
Ball in hand.
You give a good pool player that kind of advantage, your game's as good as over.
Bobby, plenty of game left.
Is there? Here.
I'll get you out faster with this to surrender.
Well, you've had plenty of clients right where I am.
What do they tell their kids? I got no fucking clue what to say to my boys.
No one ever does.
At least, not in advance.
But, uh, you're a good father.
When the instant arrives, you will.
Remind them that they know who you really are, no matter what anyone says.
[door opens.]
This is the trio.
The triumvirate.
The troika.
It's all on us.
You're running investments.
If it comes to that, I will be.
You feel you're ready for that level of scrutiny? Do you think I am? I do.
[knock on door.]
- [Wags.]
What? - I-I was just I need approval on a commission report.
I don't even look at those things.
I sign them in a big stack on my desk.
I repeat, what? I You guys have been kind of closed off all day, and everyone's starting to wonder, and I was sort of elected I elected myself to find out [Wags.]
Okay, Mafee.
Let's take a walk.
Seems to me that you will be in for plenty of scrutiny, too, with a prosecution in the offing, if you're sticking around.
Wags assumes you are.
I'd set the odds at 7-to-3, you're not.
I'm the only one around here who doesn't really do the numbers.
My skill is taking people and making them more of who they are.
This place has some serious fucking problems.
But whatever Axe Capital actually is right now, I know what it's supposed to be at its best.
You're gonna help it get there.
With or without me.
dramatic music [Chuck Sr.
I didn't show it to my lawyer.
I didn't make any changes.
I really appreciate your doing this, Dad.
You don't appreciate it.
You expect it.
You take it for granted.
You hardly notice it, truth be told, but in its absence, you will, like God's fucking grace.
The whole point, too, of God's grace, as I understand it, is that it asks nothing in return, but love and devotion.
Both of which, I have never held back from you.
Both of which you have received from me, as you are right now, without condition.
This is unconditional love? If you don't see that, I really have failed.
Dad - Just so you know - [sighs.]
I'll always be your father, you'll always be my son.
You will stand up at my funeral and say meaningful things about me.
But until then I am done with you.
You will get over this in time.
One more thing.
This is for you.
Open it here.
I want to watch you do it.
[Chuck Sr.
I had my man follow them to a hotel.
Look at them.
With that morning-after glow.
This is what your wife is out doing while you're working on the marriage.
Now you got what you really want.
You're on your own.
dramatic music [indistinct conversations.]
Look, guys, you probably have some questions about why I'm here.
I'm going to be arrested today.
- What? - [Bobby.]
For now, here's all you need to know.
The government is gonna say that I did something wrong.
But the government is a bunch of fucking liars, guys.
Look, that's not true.
Sometimes they lie.
Sometimes they tell the truth, just like everyone like me.
Most folks, they find this out about their dad much later, but everyone finds it out.
I'm a flawed man.
And I'm not perfect.
I'm not always right.
I don't always win.
I fucked up.
I did do something wrong.
If that makes me a bad person, well, you'll have to decide that for yourselves, not just once, but many times more as you grow older and you learn more.
But know this.
I'm still your dad.
And I am gonna fight.
I'm gonna try really hard to win this, but I might not.
But we don't give up.
We won't give up either, Dad.
Come here.
Be good boys like I know you can be.
Listen to your mother.
We love you, Dad.
Come on.
[both sniffling.]
dramatic music - See you next time.
- Okay.
[cellphone vibrates.]
dramatic music [Lara.]
It's happening.
For sure.
Jesus, Bobby.
It's the cousin's phone.
- Great job getting up on it.
- If it happens before I can get to you, hold the kids tight.
Keep them out of school tomorrow.
I doubt I'll have to spend the night, but just in case.
But you're coming home first, right? Yeah.
That's why I'm calling.
I'm gonna be there soon to give you a hug.
I'll be waiting for you.
We know where he's headed.
Which means we know where we are headed.
[man #1.]
That's Axelrod's car.
We're interdicting.
Preparing to take Axelrod.
[police siren chirps.]
[man #2.]
Go! Go! Go! Go.
[police sirens wail.]
dramatic music [man #3.]
He's in the car.
Out of the car! Hi.
I'm just dropping it off.
- Hold him.
- Turn around! Hands on the car! [man #4.]
Who the fuck is this guy? We have a warrant for the arrest of Robert Axelrod.
- He's not here.
- We'll see about that.
We also have a warrant to search the premises.
Step aside, ma'am.
dramatic music [clattering.]
Don't bother being careful.
[clanging, whirring.]
Wouldn't want to ask for the fucking code.
[man #5.]
Step back, ma'am.
Sentimental value.
Axelrod's not on the premises.
What do you mean "not on premises"? We had an intercepted call.
Son of a bitch.
He knew.
Send in the standby teams.
Hit the office, the apartment, the Hamptons house, everywhere.
[man #6.]
Everybody stand back, please.
We have a warrant.
- [door opens.]
- Ah, if it isn't my infelicitous counterpart from Eastern.
What's happened to your case? Axelrod's cars and phones are coming up blank.
His credit cards are pinging all over the Tri-State area.
- Hmm.
- He's eluding me.
And I'm going to look like an asshole on my very first operation.
So, you're saying you want my help.
Of course you'll have it.
We are on the same team.
I anticipated your transactional nature would lead to you making your ask again.
And, um, I've decided to do it.
No one will know that your father invested.
Nothing will track back.
I accept.
But that was this morning's price.
Different kind of urgency as the closing bell approaches.
Say what the more is, and I'll see if I can afford it.
To help you with some personnel decisions.
One personnel decision.
And, of course, full transparency from here on out, just so I can head off any potential problems like these before they really bite us.
How do I find Axelrod? Get a cell site order for the wife's phone.
- I thought I told you, I already - Not his wife.
- [sighs.]
- [door closes.]
Bryan, come take a field trip with me.
dramatic music [Chuck.]
What you surmised is true.
One way or another, Axe will be in custody by day's end.
- But we're not taking him.
- Mnh-mnh.
- Who is? - Eastern.
Dake? Dake gets our trial? You had to have known we couldn't prosecute it.
The conflict is too deep.
You said you had a workaround.
Yes, I do.
dramatic music It was bullshit.
He's not coming home.
Go play.
He's not coming.
dramatic music Well, there she is.
You know your man.
At this point, I do.
- It's really happening.
- It appears to be.
There were times I I never thought I'd see this moment.
And this is as much as you should probably see.
You should leave so you can't be called as a witness, because I've arranged that you'll lead the prosecution at Eastern.
That was the workaround? Are you fucking serious? I am.
And Dake agreed? More submitted than agreed.
But I actually think you'll work well together.
In that case, uh, I'll see you, boss.
Oh, and why don't you tell Sacker I'm gonna make her Chief of Crim, if she feels like staying.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
I wasn't going to.
But when I saw where you wanted to meet, I couldn't not.
What if I said I was sorry for what I did to make you leave, for how I got you to come back, for how I treated you when Lara was gone? Are you saying you're sorry for all those things? Yes.
Then I forgive you.
What if I told you that pretty much every decision I've made since we've worked down here together has been the wrong one? Would you help me find my way back? Yes.
I'd like that very much.
That is exactly what we'll do together.
[police sirens wail.]
Robert Axelrod.
You're under arrest.
- [FBI Agent.]
Let's go, Bud.
Let go.
- It happened? Pull the trigger.
[keyboard clacking.]
He made you CIO.
He did.
That's a good fucking call.
Let me know how I can help.
These are our investors you should contact.
Tell them they'll have their capital back by end of day tomorrow.
Tell them we're going to shoot the lights out with Axe's personal money, and we'll be calling for a pitch meeting as soon as Axe is clear of all this bullshit.
Because that's what it is.
Say all that.
On it.
[keyboard clacking.]
[door buzzes.]
[indistinct conversations.]
[chains clang.]
dramatic music Keep facing the wall.
[handcuffs click.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[footsteps approach.]
You can turn around.
I always figured the worst part about being locked up would the company.
You've just proven me right.
Oh, I bet the worst is yet to come.
You made a mistake coming here.
- Really? - Yeah.
Once Boyd showed up at my door, I knew you were in this, that you'd used him to hook me in.
He went off book there.
And you just affirmed the whole thing, that you entrapped me.
I trapped you.
Oh, there's an important legal difference.
Well, I won't be in here for long.
A macher like you? You'll make bail.
But it won't feel like freedom for a long time, maybe ever again.
I might have underestimated a part of your character.
- Really? - Yeah.
I didn't realize just how desperate you were to feel like a man.
You sacrificed over, what, 27 million dollars, every penny you had, just to catch me? And almost broke your father and your best friend in the process.
I may be ruthless when it comes to dealmaking, but you're as trigger happy as Machine Gun Kelly, spraying everyone in sight.
Well, that may be.
But, I'll tell you, when I think about all that money I lost, just to see you in this place, all I can say is worth it! I hope so.
Because the moment I walk out that door, I am never coming back, even if I have to spend a hundred fuck it, a thousand times what you did, to make sure.
Tell yourself that.
Maybe that'll help you on all those sleepless nights you have staring you in the face.
Nah, it won't matter.
No amount of money is gonna erase the video of all those lackeys you poisoned, or wipe out the trading records of your tampering with the stock, manipulating the market.
You let your hatred of me put everything you hold dear in jeopardy.
I'm gonna find it.
Whatever it is.
Whatever thread you left behind, however small the one that threatens everything you are.
We both know it's out there.
You know exactly what it is.
You were talking about sleepless nights.
It's what you'll wake up thinking about in the dark, shaking, because I'm gonna find it.
You know I will.
And I am gonna pull on it, and I'm gonna pull on it until your whole fucking world unravels.
And when I am done, you won't be governor.
You won't be the U.
You might not even be an attorney at all.
Yeah, I might go down behind all of this, but one thing is for sure, you are gonna be right there next to me.
Like I said before, Bob worth it.
Josh Ritter's "Homecoming" [Sacker.]
Are you kidding? I feel a change in the weather I feel a change in me The days are getting shorter And the birds begin to leave Even me, yes, yes, y'all Who's been so long alone I'm headed home Headed home The nights are getting colder now And the air is getting crisp I first tasted the universe On a night like this A box of wine, an alibi And the hunger in her eyes In the place where the tree of good and evil Still resides Still resides Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming She said, "Show me what you got, babe I'm not like other girls Just give me your bad self And a place for us to make a stand And I can move the world Lift the valley from the floor, honey Little town in the sky They'll say that it's a miracle And you'll know damn well they're right Damn well they're right Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming We'll get just a little bit higher Get a little tongue-tied Gonna try to find whatever ever made time That kind of immemorial That time before the fall Yeah, that time before the autumn Really turned the corner Drive east of Eden Till we'd start to feel the west We were never far from nowhere You could see it from the edge of town Honey, baby, wonder how it'd feel now Somehow I can't believe That it could feel like before, but The air's getting colder now The nights are getting crisp I first tasted the universe On a night like this Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming Homecoming Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming Homecoming Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming Home Homecoming Homecoming, homecoming Homecoming - Homecoming - Hey, now Oh-oh, oh-oh Homecoming, homecoming
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