Billions (2016) s03e12 Episode Script

Elmsley Count

1 [Grigor.]
Previously on Billions You want an unprecedented raise in record time.
So how are you going to help me get the first ten stacks? We need Grigor Andolov.
I just want to see you work a little bit harder for it.
You breached my threshold and threatened me.
Just wait a second Drop your credentials at the guard's desk.
And GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! What the fuck?! What, exactly, did you do? How do I get you to break your letter of intent with Oscar Langstraat? It basically solves our problem.
You sold out my relationship in order to do it.
He said I was off the raise team.
I won't stagnate.
Not for Axe.
Not for anybody.
I'll talk to him.
With someone like Taylor, what they need is forward momentum, above all things.
Where the fuck did Jeffcoat get all this money? TexasSouthCable.
I want you to launch an investigation into Jock Jeffcoat's brother and TexasSouthCable.
Nothing makes me feel so alive as putting my head in a tiger's mouth.
We're gonna get Jock on trying to stop it.
Obstruction of justice.
I'm putting you on the raise team.
Fuckin' A.
Onward and upward.
There's gonna be 30 Bil on the table, get ready to help me haul it outta there.
It looks like you're ready to get into business.
I need a meeting with your boss, Grigor Andolov.
dramatic music [Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me" playing.]
The Sands is proud to present a wonderful new show, a man and his music.
The music of Count Basie and his great band.
And the man is Frank Sinatra.
You smell that? You smell that? That's money, son People who have never been near money will say: "I smell money," when entering a casino or showing up at a sales conference.
They, of course, can't because they don't know how to recognize the scent.
But you? Like a shorthaired pointer on a dabbling duck.
And I am telling you, Sef, I smell money.
How did all these people get in my room? [laughter.]
Come fly with me, we'll fly, we'll fly away Gentlemen, today's the day! - How much is on the table? - By the close of the event, 30 billion will be earmarked, invested, captured.
If we don't walk out of here with at least a third of the available capital I've teed this whole thing up so that you will.
Come fly with me Should I give you "napalm in the morning" I already got a version Then "no vice but beggary"? How 'bout Nick Saban? [Southern accent.]
Roll Tide Roll! That's fucking impressive.
I count on it.
Where's Taylor? I have a text.
They say: "Soon.
Organizing some last-minute things.
" Pitch doesn't work without Taylor.
They better make it.
dramatic music I was just asking myself if I would.
And you know what? I would! Wow.
Every day you live this life you learn something about yourself.
Delightful! If you're delighted, just imagine how it makes me feel.
That's good.
You didn't even flinch.
Like the titan, Lee Iacocca.
That's important.
To business then.
I read your approach in the materials you sent.
What's your market outlook? I could tell you that interest rates have topped out for the near term, that the tax and regulatory climate are favorable, that growth is looking somewhat robust I could also read your tea leaves or the creases in your palm or divine the future by cleromancy Cleromancy? Casting bones.
But I'm no gypsy.
So instead I'll tell you that my anticipation and my reaction to moment by moment changes in market conditions are lightning quick.
And cutting edge tech: a quant piece that wasn't even in place during the past year that reflects my already positive results.
But it's all words.
And words have very little to do with how I decide things.
What then? Internal process.
Like your casting bones.
But inside.
Last question Why are you leaving Axe? After all, he made you.
We can debate that statement some other time.
As for your question: the same reason you leave a house that has a furnace leaking carbon monoxide: It's the only way to survive.
I like this image.
They say you can't taste it or smell it or even know that it's putting you to sleep.
But I always think I would: most people are already sleepwalking through their lives.
So they don't even notice.
How could they, it's only a matter of degree.
dramatic music You crushed it.
I'm glad I brokered this meeting.
I have to talk to him, but I imagine money will be flowing shortly.
So your suite is the largest one.
Because there is more demand for you than we can fit.
- Hey, Sara.
- Hey, Axe.
I didn't see you down on the list.
Yeah, I'm not here to invest, so I didn't want to take a spot.
I know you've said you'll never take Spanx public And I won't.
Yeah, but when you do, let me know.
See ya, Axe.
Oh, ho, ho, I thought the velociraptor was extinct.
And yet it walks amongst us.
A velociraptor doesn't walk.
It stalks, hunts, kills, with great stealth and speed, and if you want him to prove that to you, - keep fucking talking.
- [Axe.]
Easy, pal.
They're just jealous 'cause we got a waiting list.
Because you're the freak show, the ten-in-one.
Everyone wants to take a look.
But after they stare at the bearded lady for five minutes, they'll walk down to my suite, hand me the grisbi.
After today, everyone will know that Axe Capital is just like Atlantis, this once great land, now totally underwater and feels like a figment of someone's imagination.
[indistinct conversations.]
[siren wails in distance.]
[door closes, bell dings.]
Sorry to interrupt the rebalancing of your lower body meridians.
- Will you excuse us, please? - Uh-huh.
Target letter announcing the investigation into Zeb Jeffcoat.
Once it's signed and the hard copy is sent along with the PDF, there's no turning back.
The proverbial Rubicon.
We cross it and Jock goes on the offensive.
And even though that's what we want Intimidating nevertheless.
dramatic music We are in the chute We can expect Zeb to call his big brother immediately [Chuck.]
And for him to go batshit.
Or Or he's cool as can be.
But there's no way he's cool enough [Chuck.]
to simply let this play out in court.
Since it would lead back to him.
He'll confer with his lawyers.
But not in a way that will leave a trail.
Ultimately he will fall back and make his move [Chuck.]
to derail the case.
And that attack will come on one of two fronts.
He will either ruin, threaten, pressure or otherwise discredit and destroy you, since you'll be bringing the case.
Or he will try to compromise [Chuck.]
who he surmises to be the star witness.
Now, if we can leak to him that Ashley Cutler is the key and is in our neck of the woods, Jock will likely head to New York.
But the question is: which move will he make first? If he digs on me, he'll come up with a bouquet of begonias.
I did as hard a vet on you as one could do.
I knew to get where I needed to get I'd have to be Jackie Robinson clean.
Then I want that witness.
Which means he can either try his luck with the head of the State Police over whom he has no sway or he can call me, and implore me to use my particular set of powers to aid in his cause.
My phone has to be the one that rings.
Yes, we need that to happen.
But what if it doesn't? You and I know Cutler is a weak witness.
But Jock might figure that too.
And if he's patient enough, he might just wait it out.
Then you do the thing: impanel a grand jury, and schedule Cutler.
It invariably leaks and Jock knows we're going forward.
But if, but when that call does come, and we know we've got him following along, you can't just offer him help.
No, he'll sniff it out, of course.
Ask for something, big.
For yourself.
So he believes you're in it for your own reasons.
And then it's time for The Prestige.
Put your shoes on and get ready.
[indistinct conversations.]
Only Ricky Roma gets to show up late.
Well, I am at the top of the board.
What the fuck? Uber If you're gonna go around, go like a rich person.
Take a chopper.
I'm here now.
Let's do this thing.
dramatic music Remember: they are not buying your proprietary trading platform, they are not buying your strategies, they are buying you.
Remind them that we have the answers.
That they are safe in your loving arms.
Like Barry White.
Oh, he'd have had them hands in the air, weeping and singing along.
So, yes, exactly like Barry White.
suspenseful music There are only two things these allocators really want to know, but they'll never directly ask: Can we be trusted? And are we special? We nail those.
We nail this entire thing.
Welcome, everybody.
Thanks for coming.
Now, you've read all our stuff.
You know my Sortino ratio proves that we get a higher rate of return with less downside vol.
How we avoided the XIV liquidation by selling our VIX positions two weeks before everybody else did.
And you know who made sure we did that? Taylor Mason! [applause.]
Over the past year, we've seen the lowest market correlation of any fund in the business.
You will, of course, want to know why and how.
So come sit in and shadow me for a day, because it's like asking a magician how they do their tricks.
We all know it's not magic.
It's the opposite of magic.
It's grinding, focused work, it's sitting on their bed for weeks, months at a time, working slip cuts, perfecting the Elmsley Count so that the audience never sees where the cards really are.
It's not magic.
But when the effect is presented, it sure feels like a miracle.
And if you invest with us, you will be behind the curtain with Axe.
And me.
All the mysteries revealed.
Nothing kept secret from you.
Nothing held back.
Fully transparent work.
I could go on but But there are bars in New York City some of you want to hit before they close tonight.
Look, Taylor is the single most effective manager of money I have ever come across.
They are the future of Axe Capital.
And I'm just thrilled that you're all gonna get the opportunity to work with them directly alongside me and the team.
[cheers and applause.]
[door closes.]
[mid-tempo music plays on speakers.]
I've got him.
Who you got? Beer tonight? No, you need something stronger.
Pulling shit again.
What shit? He's using FBI to hide a witness who's bad for Jock Jeffcoat.
What do you think you know? That Chuck is helping his boss's legal troubles go away.
And you're helping him dramatic music Me? [Connerty.]
You're on the text transcripts, Kate.
Getting favors from the FBI.
- - How did you, uh Administrative subpoenas.
Blessed from on high.
So either you can help me.
Or go down with Chuck.
[glasses clink.]
Well, you're right about me needing that stronger drink - Mm.
- Um, can we? - Boilermakers? - Mm-hmm.
[Dave the Bartender.]
Two coming up.
You got the rest of it backwards, though.
- Do I? - Yeah.
You can't mix in here and try to take Chuck down.
Not on this one.
He's finally doing it, Bryan.
The right thing.
He is not helping Jock by hiding the witness Jock has been telling us which cases to pursue and which ones to drop.
Like the Lugo nightmare.
So us having to look the other way, stuffing all the bullshit down.
It finally got to be too much for Chuck.
He is going after him.
He's doing that Chuck thing but for the right fucking reasons this time, all the way.
[Michael McDermott's "Never Going Down Again" playing.]
Fuck! Yeah.
So let us drink our boilermakers and let him finish You can take him down over something else if you still feel that you have to.
And if you do, I promise I'll stay out of it and leave it between the two of you.
[glasses clink.]
Did it! [cheers and applause.]
Six billion dollars committed.
In one morning.
We are back! All the fucking way back! [cheering.]
Wendy, Wags and Taylor.
They all came through for us huge.
Let's have a big shout out for all three of them! [cheering.]
The Hold Steady! [The Hold Steady plays "Entitlement Crew".]
Tequila take off, Tecate landing Sorry about the centerpiece, thanks for understanding Hard branding, soft salesmen, Campari commissions I was sitting in the kitchen Trying to guess where she was living now [cheering.]
[door creaks, closes.]
[inhales deeply.]
It's not exactly like we thought.
[keys jingle.]
Then what is it? We have it flipped.
Chuck's going after Jock, not covering for him? Sorry to drag you up here There's an Acela back to Washington tomorrow at 8:00.
dramatic music This is new.
What? I come over all the time.
Not without an agenda.
A man can't want to see his own father? A man can.
Not this man.
This is big game, you're after.
Big fucking game.
The only problem is: no call yet.
Make your man do what you want him to do, not what's good for him the object of any worthwhile contest.
Well, there is one move we've been holding in abeyance, because it might bring him along too quickly to a fatal mistake or walking away free.
Better to play fast and aggressive with inferior matériel, than let them be exposed later.
Rommel? Me.
If the end game is coming sooner or later even if it might crush you, I say: Bring it on.
Shift the pressure of the decision from you, to him.
Let him have to avoid the mistake.
Or see the one move that might get him through.
dramatic music Epstein.
Do it.
Pull the trigger on the grand jury.
Let's see how patient Jock is.
[indistinct conversations.]
- Hair of the dog? - No.
[door closes.]
It was, indeed, some party last night.
But I fear it might be over.
Meaning? I've been making follow up calls to book the money that was pledged at the race.
I'm having problems locking it in.
What fucking problems? Problems reaching people.
They're dodging.
I'm feeling like somebody slipped us a Cosby.
dramatic music Where the fuck is Taylor? They're here before me most of the time.
Not sure.
Sent a text this morning, didn't hear back.
Huh ["Entitlement Crew" playing.]
I feel I've been abandoned Never got to say goodbye to you Give my best to the Entitlement Crew [Axe.]
And no Mafee today.
I figured it was the whiskey flu.
dramatic music [Taylor.]
A new kind of organization.
Top down but not imperious or impetuous.
And you can make more than you do now.
With a partnership stake.
Goddamnit When? Now.
Taylor's making a move.
They've played the Elmsley Count on us.
So we wouldn't see their real cards.
Pretended to be one of us For just long enough to take our personnel and our capital.
All of it.
Tell me she's fucking here.
She is.
I saw her.
Is there anything I can do to stop Taylor from officially opening? You could file, and we will, for intellectual property theft, for tortious interference for both the investor piece and any employees they enticed away, and these suits will have to be defended, but But we won't win.
We won't win fast enough to injunct them from opening.
File anyway.
Let's get Taylor distracted from the bottom line.
Let's see how they do with split focus.
Now, who's actually gone? And who's on the fence? So far, it appears that other than Mafee, only Ben Kim sleeps with the fishes.
As for the cash: 500 million came onboard, three and a half billion went with Taylor, the other two billion pulled back, went elsewhere Didn't want to be involved in a family fight.
I'm gonna quarantine a few traders I have my doubts about before this thing spreads like black death.
- [door opens.]
- [Helena.]
Ben Kim is here.
He just got off the elevator and went to his station.
The important thing is: I said no.
So you're not a spy? 'Cause you showed up late on this particular day.
So you can see how I'd wonder.
I can.
But I'm not.
I said no.
Walk us through how Taylor approached you.
mid-tempo music [car horn honks.]
Where did you come from? Wrong question.
Where are we going is the right one.
Is it? Come work for me.
I already do.
At Mase Cap.
You're leaving.
But Axe has been loyal He promoted me.
In title, yes, after I told him to.
But what kind of money bump did he give you? He gave you a paper title as a way to keep you running in place.
But I will give you an entire field to sprint down.
Ben, I'm sorry to have to tell you, but Oh, no Taylor told you not to give me the raise.
So that I would be dissatisfied and go with them.
That's pretty sound from a game theory perspective.
This ain't no game.
But Taylor treated it like it was, and you fell for it I don't mean that.
I was suckered.
And now I will have my turn.
So now that we know why you didn't give me more money, do I get the Finish that sentence at your own peril, Ben Kim.
Though you do have a future here.
And one that'll have you getting as rich as a feudal lord if you keep performing.
Are you in? I am.
[footsteps depart.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
dramatic music At a time like this, I suggest looking within.
To see what you what we may have done to cause this.
We rebuild our business as we rebuild our selves.
Or, don't look inside.
Do what I do instead.
Go drinks, dinners, parties, funny massage joints with every fucking whale in the Street and poison that bitch's name to them.
For starters.
[cellphone buzzes.]
[cellphone buzzes.]
[cellphone clicks.]
General! I'd like to see you.
Something I can help with now, here? Come on over to the hotel.
Better to talk there.
And I'm on my way, sir.
[cellphone clicks.]
Here we go.
[cellphone buzzes.]
[cellphone clicks.]
We must meet.
suspenseful music Nice place.
Once I own every townhouse on the block, I'll put them all together.
Make a real home, you know? Quilts on the beds, needlepoints on the walls, healing crystals in every window.
Until then, this one is a place for special conversations.
They can hear it? They hear everything, but they know exactly what happens when someone speaks out of turn.
As, I imagine, your man does.
I do.
So, you know you have a problem, yes? Yes.
Because you don't have pest control.
So the pests are running all around the place with no consequences.
But I'm very good at dealing with pests, with vermin.
I have a perfect score with Consumer Reports.
So if I promise you that I will make your problem disappear, your problem will never, ever return.
I can't allow Mr.
Axelrod Shut the fuck up! dramatic music I understand what you're offering.
But I cannot ask you to do it, at this time.
If it were me and I were standing as naked as Paris Hilton and twice as fucked, I would not hesitate.
I know you wouldn't.
And that perhaps it's what's called for.
So, then, you want me to do it? You have to say it.
I have to hear you.
Why are you willing to do this for me? Look at this from my particular set of binoculars.
I gave you my assets.
At least in part because Taylor was going to help manage them.
So when they fucked you over.
They fucked me over, too.
But I ask your permission because, really, she is your property.
Not mine.
Well, I'm grateful for your loyalty.
My loyalties are clear.
Can I respond by tomorrow? [Grigor.]
Shame about Taylor.
So smart.
Loss for everyone.
You seemed to take that seriously.
Damn right.
When I've suggested such actions in the past, you never even considered it.
Well, once a guy like that puts it on the table, you have to think about what happens if you say no as much as if you say yes.
If you decide on something this final, it shouldn't be farmed out, it should be done in-house.
I don't know.
Look, I need to think about what other options I have.
And how to protect myself no matter which choice I make.
And I need to look Taylor in the eye.
[elevator bell chimes.]
[elevator door closes.]
Shit, Axe, look, it was time for a change.
I'm sure you thought so too.
I want to thank you, of course.
Figured I would when the dust settled Shut the fuck up, Mafee.
You did what you did, you got your money, but no amount I give to charity will help me atone for the ass fucking I will give you in this business.
You hearing me? Now go get your new fucking master.
The palace coup is complete.
Today you settled all family business.
I get that you're angry.
But I think it's because I left before you could finish me off.
You think I was acting against you? The undercutting, the manipulation, and public, and private, humiliation.
The lies and broken promises.
All while I good soldiered it and made you money.
But how long, really, was it going to be before you sent me off to slaughter? Wrong.
I wasn't getting rid of you or working against you.
You were on the inside.
We were succeeding together.
I trusted you in a way that I almost never trust anyone.
It may have seemed unorthodox, but that's the truth of it.
And now you've taken from me.
You've stolen from me, under false pretenses.
And you've betrayed me.
I did what I had to do to survive.
And to win.
You've got to understand that.
I did it for me, not against you.
Congratulations, now you have your own shop, billions under management.
You're moving even quicker than I did.
I'll surpass your assets under management, at the rate I calculate, in three years at the earliest, eight at the latest.
You're ready for the summit.
But you know what they call that spot up on Everest? The Death Zone.
Some people that make it up, and then they make it back home.
But there are countless more, fucking dead, encased in ice for all time.
That's where you are now.
And very few people can even survive on the available oxygen up here.
Even fewer can perform.
So we'll see.
Young lungs.
So yeah, we will.
dramatic music You know your history, so you know what happens to usurpers.
Charles Edward Stuart, for example.
Bonnie Prince Charlie.
His troops slaughtered.
Him exiled from the kingdom More like on the run for the rest of his life.
And that was one of the more civilized responses.
You have to know that anything I do to stop you is warranted.
I anticipated that being your reaction.
So do what you must.
And I'll defend as I have to.
General, I didn't expect to see you back in town so soon.
Makes two of us.
Listen, the reason I called you over is there's a legal matter of some subtlety that I may need your help on.
I'll be as delicate as a scrimshander then.
There's a prosecution in the works.
If you can call it that.
More like a political hatchet job.
Against you? Nah, against my brother.
Designed to splatter on me.
Down in Texas? Well, who's prosecuting? Perhaps I know him and could give a nudge, help steer him away.
New York.
State of.
[taps paper.]
Alvin Epstein.
Rep on him is he is a straight fucking shooter.
Epstein presents a real problem.
I know him enough to nod at him, but I'm afraid I've heard the same thing as you about him.
He's a crusader type.
Probably not enough dirt to dig on him either.
Forget about him.
I know who this whole thing hinges on.
Seedy financier type I knew in the old days, Ashley Cutler.
He's had his nose bent about me and my brother for years.
I bedded his sister back in the day, truth be told.
So did my brother.
She was something of the town scooter.
But that aside, if I could somehow get ten minutes with him, I'm sure I could remind him what really matters to him and his family.
General, I think you should fall back and just let this play out in court.
Let justice take its course.
Safer that way.
Yeah, I could.
But no, I'm gonna give justice just a little bit of fucking help.
suspenseful music Well, a course of action comes to mind that could get you what you want, but it's a dangerous one for me.
So if I were to engage on your behalf, I'd expect something in return.
[chuckles softly.]
Would you now? Well, I can't say I'm a hundred percent surprised.
A man looking out for his own interest is a man who can be counted on.
What do you want? To be guaranteed my post until the end of the administration.
Chuck, you pull this off, how could I live without you? Granted.
And Southern becomes the sovereign district once again.
I call my own plays from now on.
Well, I didn't realize my input was so rankling to you Fine, I give you your latitude.
Then I will do all I can.
You'll hear from me soon.
There are men, with the kinds of resources I have, who would deal with this betrayal swiftly and without mercy.
And are you one of them? Am I? Without mercy? Without regard for Taylor the person? Not sure.
I'm that angry.
That I'm sure of.
What if you didn't go anywhere? Did nothing.
Most people in the business will think you sent Taylor off, invested with them.
Maybe you still can? He who makes the money wins.
Or take comfort in the knowledge that the betrayer will suffer for their actions.
Suffer how? Internally? Yeah.
And when the reversals show up, which they will, and Taylor has to go it alone, with no one to turn to They will have down years.
And they will spiral.
It's unavoidable.
All you have to do is wait for it.
dramatic music I don't know that I can.
Well, General, it is indeed Cutler at the heart of this.
I've subpoenaed him on a federal matter.
New York State is gonna scream, but I'll deal with that.
I have him installed in a hotel under guard.
I know that an assuredly private conversation is of the essence for you.
So I've landed on the spa [Chuck.]
He'll be in a room [Chuck.]
that's safe for that conversation.
You'll be able to know to see that he's not wired.
I have trusted FBI watching him.
suspenseful music [Chuck.]
And at the appropriate time, [Chuck.]
I'll have them pulled off the detail Yeah? We're out.
You will then have your time with him.
I am moved by your loyalty, grace, and tactical efficiency.
[glasses clink.]
Gracias, amigo.
[cellphone buzzes.]
Alvin? We got him.
It worked.
I can play you the tape.
Oh, yes! I-I'll come right over to your office.
I can't be sure my office isn't bugged.
Meet me at yours.
Very good.
suspenseful music [gasps.]
Jesus Christ.
Just me.
What do you want? You.
You think I'll actually come with you? Haven't you done enough damage? I'm building, not destroying.
That's where you come in.
I'm assembling a place that's tech-centric, but I want my people as frequently tuned and upgraded as the software.
And I don't want them merely calibrated to make money.
I want you to make sure their whole selves are being attended to.
It's a place free of any arrests, or indictments, or insinuations.
It's a place where we can be our best.
Nice ideas.
But you are no moral fucking compass.
For a moment, I thought you might be.
Because you needed me to think that.
But you used me.
If anyone has been using people for their own ends Oh, don't even try that shit.
You preyed on me and my empathy for you.
Programmed me to get you what you wanted from Axe being part of the raise.
So fuck you.
You don't seem to understand I'm not just offering you a job for my sake.
I'm offering you a fresh start, for yours.
A re-set from your slew of fuck-ups.
You let things devolve at Axe Capital.
You didn't see me being pushed out the door.
You couldn't stop Axe from succumbing to his own worst nature.
Instead you succumbed to it.
And who knows what other fallout you've created or at least allowed elsewhere in your life.
dramatic music You're a brilliant person.
You have a lot of answers.
But you are very young and there's a lot more to this business - than you've learned so far.
- Like? It is not just about numbers and decimal points.
The thing that makes it matter is: Lasting relationships.
True loyalty.
Real trust.
No, I'm pretty sure there's only money, and it can buy all those things or at least the same result.
That's what you and Axe taught me.
That thing you said.
About keeping it 'in-house.
' Maybe pride.
I have the craft, you know? But doing it at a remove, that makes much more sense.
Oh, so you've been thinking about it, too.
The thing you said about saying no to someone like Grigor, that's where I've spent most of my thinking time.
How it ramificates out if I don't give the green light.
dramatic music Mission e-val.
Just as you would've for a superior officer back in the day.
If Grigor did this, it would be handled cleanly.
There would be an accident falling debris on the street.
An overdose.
A car crash.
A heart attack from a blockage no one saw coming.
They are employing a refinement of work flow in this area that is simply unmatched.
It would never come back to you as a matter law enforcement would bring.
But then Yes.
Then Grigor would have the thing on you forever.
Suddenly he decides you'll manage his money for no fee.
Then maybe he'll suggest that you pay him, for his silence.
And once you let him get the offer out of his mouth, once he let you hear it Then I have something on him now.
Almost as bad.
How you say yes or no will determine a lot.
And I have a question for you, too.
What is your objective? With regards to Taylor? Total destruction.
Not out of anger.
But if it becomes clear that I can be taken advantage of, that I can groom you, bring you along, prop you up, then lose you and a serious chunk of business, too I agree.
That's not a tenable situation.
And it's not tenable to have Grigor in my city, knowing that I'm either indebted to him or that I rejected him.
But you should know.
Should you move forward, even through me, that psychologically I do know.
Of course.
More than residue.
Whatever you decide.
I am ready.
Good luck.
Hey, Hall put extra security on Lara and the boys.
The kind they don't see.
[car door closes.]
So, have you come to a decision? I'm gonna pass on your offer.
I didn't have you as a squeamish man.
A little delicate, maybe, on the outside.
But I thought you were a man like me.
A man with steel in all the places one needs it.
Maybe we just need it in different spots.
So you're beyond this sort of thing, then.
Or you could say this: I was raised in a place that didn't require these extraordinary measures.
You weren't.
If you don't want to tell me to do it, but want it to happen anyway, that's fine.
I don't.
suspenseful music Fine.
Okay Then I will pull all my money, and I will give it to Taylor.
I promised I would give you a warning This is it.
Look, nothing in the way I operate my business has changed.
You loved it last week.
How can I keep my money with a man who won't kill for it? I don't want Taylor dead.
I want them alive to experience all that I am gonna do to them.
I'm gonna destroy them in ways that'll make them wish they got what you offered.
Why not? Have fun.
But remember, if what you do to them, costs me, we will meet again.
Until then, goodbye, Axe.
I'm expecting Alvin Epstein shortly, see him right in.
Morning, Kate You recognized I was a political animal.
You fed it.
Nurtured it.
And I warned you it might bite you.
That's where we are.
dramatic music Well, glad you could join us, Chuck.
Regrets, Chuck.
Tiger's breath was just too hot when it was right in my face I can't be sure my office isn't bugged.
Meet me at yours.
See you in Washington, General.
We'll break bread together soon, Mr.
That's a good man, right there, my new Deputy AG.
If you say he is.
That's right.
'Good' means something when I say it.
These people they're good, too.
They've proven it.
The young lady was kind enough to be of assistance.
And especially these young men.
Oliver Dake reminded me of our true purpose: Restoring justice to the Justice Department.
We reminded each other.
Now, General, I know things didn't end particularly well between us Certainly from your point of view.
Nonetheless, I gained clarity as soon as I left New York.
And then Mr.
Connerty came to me and we've discovered something of a putsch against you.
The fellas told me what you had in store for me.
So I decided to let Cutler sit there.
By his lonesome.
Naked and afraid.
Of course, by now, he's free, back upstate, with his loved ones.
Because there is no case.
There never was.
My brother's down in Texas, unmolested, as he should be, [Jock.]
tending to his flock.
What I know now, señor, is that character cannot be taught or learned.
It is innate.
Some people have it.
These boys do.
Miss Sacker.
- You clearly do not.
- General [Jock.]
This is as fine a head covering as a man could ever hope to possess.
Yet you have it here as what, some kind of joke at my expense? [Jock.]
You ingratiated yourself to me, Chuck.
You inveigled yourself into my life.
You invited me and my wife into your house.
Only to do me like some combo of Iscariot and Salvatore Tessio.
Well, I'm gonna do you the same as they got.
Now, I'm sure you are aware, but I will say it for posterity.
This is not obstruction of justice.
Because that bullshit case was brought by Mr.
Not by you.
You had nothing.
And now you are nothing.
As of this moment, you are a trespasser [Jock.]
in these hallowed halls of the law.
You, Charles Rhoades Junior, are relieved of duty.
On power of the President, you are fired! Mr.
Connerty, as your first detail [Jock.]
as Interim United States Attorney for the Southern District, please show this gentleman out.
My pleasure.
What'd you manage to get for yourself, professor? I got to watch all this.
Yeah, look at him, going out like the teaser I always knew you were.
Enjoy this.
You've outplayed me.
And you have earned it.
But don't, even for a second, think that that smile on your face is gonna be there for very fucking long.
Oh, Chuck, that's not my smile.
This is.
[laughs evilly.]
Move him along.
Come on, Chuck.
Bryan, think about what you're doing, man.
Drop your credentials at the desk, and get the fuck out of here.
I've brought you some redemption Redemption Roasters Coffee that is.
To wish you good luck on your new venture, and because, to make it go, you'll be working all night long.
Thank you, Oscar.
How'd you find me? Word's traveling fast.
I also brought you this My letter of intent to come on-board with some seed money.
Initial investment of 500 million.
Thank you.
Would you like to meet up later? There's a secret new dumpling spot in Queens Doesn't even have a name, just a door.
I'd like to talk, to try I'm happy to put capital with you, because you're smart.
And I think you'll make me money.
But after what you did, I could never open myself up to you again.
Frank Sinatra's "One for my Baby" It's quarter to three There's no one in the place Except you and me So, set 'em up, Joe I got a little story I think you should know We're drinkin', my friend To the end Of a brief episode Make it one for my baby [cellphone vibrates.]
And one more for the road Hey.
I saw Taylor.
They tried to bring me aboard.
Can't imagine that went well for them.
Or are you about to shock me? Fuck them.
As I said.
That's right.
No, I mean fuck them over.
You have to.
We do.
Well, that's different from: "look inward.
" Yeah.
Well, you know what? I'm different.
Can't you make the music Easy and sad [knock on door.]
I could tell you a lot But you've gotta be True to your code Just make it one For my baby And one more For the road 'lo Bob.
You know, Wendy asked, and I said: Mm, you know, I'm no longer the US Attorney.
So there's no conflict.
And I have nothing against the guy.
Not anymore.
I said much the same.
So come on in.
Join us.
Love to.
So, you know how you're gonna go after Jock? [smacks lips.]
Some ideas floating around my head, yeah.
And, uh, Taylor? Yeah.
Got a plan that's starting to form.
[Velvet Underground's.]
["We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together".]
Tell him about it.
There's no one better at breaking down a strategy.
You want to hear it? Hit me with what you got We're gonna have a real good time together We're gonna have a real good time together We're gonna have a real good time together We're gonna laugh and dance and shout together Whoo Na Na-na-na-na Na, Na-na Na-na Na Na Na Na-na-na-na Na, Na-na Na-na Na Oh, baby, oh Na Na-na-na-na Na, Na-na Na-na Na Na Na-na-na-na Na, Na-na Na-na Na Oh, oh, oh We're gonna have a real good time together You know that we're gonna have a real good time together We're gonna have a real good time together Ohhh We're gonna laugh and dance and shout together Get it ready, now Na Na-na-na-na Na, Na-na Na-na Na Na Oh, baby, Na Na-na-na-na Na, Na-na Na-na Na
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