Billions (2016) s04e04 Episode Script

Overton Window

1 [Grigor.]
Previously on Billions This is an object lesson.
People learn much better when heightened emotions accompany the instruction.
Epstein's vacated New York Attorney General's seat is there for me.
But the moment I poke my head up, Jack Foley will come after me.
I'd like you to meet Douglas Mason.
He's my father.
I thought you were ready.
To use your "preferred pronouns" They're the ones used by those who respect me.
Taylor knows I'm front-running their positions.
Stop fucking with Taylor Mason.
"I am chomping at the bit to be your next Attorney General"! I need your assistance.
Starting with the primary.
You want me to help put you in the State Attorney General's office.
I do.
[suspenseful music.]
[dramatic music.]
[Bob Dylan's "World Gone Wrong".]
Strange things have happened - Like never before - [Johnny.]
We're gonna be here all fucking night.
If we don't get caught.
We're not gonna get caught.
Well, you sound pretty sure for someone wearing bright fucking yellow like you're in Kill Bill.
I'm in camo, bro.
In this lot, I'm fucking invisible.
I can't be good, baby Besides, we're getting paid well enough Honey, because the world's gone wrong [indistinct conversations.]
- Feel bad this morning - Ain't got no home No use in worrying 'Cause the world's gone wrong I can't be good no more Once like I did before Once, when I was a boy, I lost a hundred bucks - I didn't have at a carny game.
- Hard to feature that.
But, uh, before you really launch in I was very young.
I thought the game was to knock down the pins.
The game though, was to get people to pay to try to knock down the pins.
Which, of course, didn't go down.
And, uh, the guys playing the game were carny workers.
- And you were merely the - Sucker.
Today, your opponent thinks an election is taking place.
But he doesn't know how many of his voters are already en route to a free junket with fresh Buffalo nickels in their pockets.
Or that parents in his best districts have been forced to drive their kids to school instead of getting down to the voting booths because the school buses were all out of commission.
By day's end, it'll be the lowest voter turnout in primary history, which will allow you to eke out a victory.
And then you will be the presumptive Attorney General of New York goddamned State.
This is where you do some version of the happy dance.
And I know just the jig I'd throw down on if I thought that were so Flatfoot and buck, like they do in the Ozarks.
But, uh, sadly, no matter how few vote today, I'm not gonna book a win.
The thing to remember, Black Jack, is that the only folks who win in a Mexican standoff are the rest of us.
Because all the Mexicans die.
T-This situation is different.
I don't see how.
You have your guns trained on my boy, my boy has his trained on you.
Anyone fires, everyone fires.
Death to one and all.
But if no one fires, everyone survives.
- [chuckles.]
- [Senior.]
And thrives.
Well, I may not see the narrative just the way you do.
Because I may not be as worried about dying in the gun fight as you are.
As long as the boy goes down, too.
Now is not the time to throw away a lifetime of pragmatism.
Perhaps I'm doing just the opposite of throwing it away, Charles.
Perhaps I'm doing the most pragmatic thing I know to do.
And that is: to make certain this office stays pristine.
At whatever cost.
So have no doubt: Your boy shall never be the Attorney General of this proud state or of any of the lesser states of our great nation.
Not on my watch.
And if that means he goes public with some story about metals and bridges and me, so be it.
But he can't prosecute it anymore.
And I hardly think that story will capture the imagination the same way his degenerate sex life will.
By 5:00 p.
tomorrow afternoon [Foley.]
he declares he's withdrawing from the primary, [Foley.]
or I go public.
What he has on you is that strong? If he exposes it, my chances are flushed.
Could just be posturing, knowing that you don't actually want to trade blows.
Charles Rhoades Senior would have sniffed that out.
I may have to lay down to him, get out of the race.
"Always outnumbered.
Always outgunned.
" As Mosley said it best.
That's the state of play for guys like us.
That's what we need to get us up with the sun.
You can't quit.
All I have to do is say the words.
But you won't.
You know and this isn't easy to say: you were the most formidable opponent I ever had.
'Cause you read me.
My chest was out, sure, but inside it, my heart was racing when I knew that you were coming for me.
I'll admit that cheers me.
Well, then take it in, man.
Let it fuel you.
Then fight on.
You know I will do everything humanly possible right up until his deadline.
I'm a phone call away if you need me.
[door opens.]
Karl! [door closes.]
Find out why Foley is so willing to engage in this brinkmanship.
There's something here I'm not seeing.
[dramatic music.]
[keys clacking.]
I know you rarely take the time to look after yourself.
[coffee cup slides.]
A latte, the way you like it, and a ginger scone.
Animal-free, gluten-free.
Of course.
Are you heading back home soon? I planned to, but Materials on what a proposed business? Yes.
Lattice grid fins, you know? Your white whale.
A mathematically based enhancement.
Ups efficiency to unheard of levels.
Perhaps you can take a look.
Or I could take you through it I don't want to be in a position to say "no" to you.
Hey, who says you're going to, huh? Wait'll you see the tech And I thought the extended visit was about our relationship.
It was.
It is about us.
I could use a hand a financial hand with my endeavor, is all.
[exhales sharply.]
But it's pretty special.
It really is this time.
Please, look at it.
When you can.
[rock music.]
- [Axe.]
You alright? - [Rebecca.]
[engine revs.]
This thing is fun to drive.
Want to take it for a lap or two? I have to head to the airport.
So, you're leaving out of Houston.
Are you sure you don't want to join me? You sound like you want to join me.
We can run a friction test up there.
In the name of science.
I've been wanting to do the zero-gravity flight for years.
I have the whole aircraft to myself.
I paid 165K.
I would've paid whatever they asked.
But I'm gonna have to leave the vomit comet to you Wimp.
That might work another time.
But I really can't.
I got to deliver a sickening ride of my own today to the CEO of Noon to Night stores I mean, how do you not turn a fucking profit with two thousand locations selling soda and cigs? You're sitting with Evan Robards? Nah.
Chris Sacca first.
He's throwing his shares behind me.
Then I "big stake" Robards before he takes the stage at the shareholder meeting.
He hits the bricks.
I leave with two board seats.
Have fun storming the castle.
Oh, I will.
Send me a pic from the stratosphere.
[engine shuts off.]
[car door closes.]
So? Nice ride.
How much? $132,000.
I'll take two.
What color do you want? [dramatic music.]
- - [telephone ringing.]
[employees murmuring.]
[shoes squeak.]
[breathing heavily.]
[horns honking.]
It's leaking, Axe.
It's leaking and it's gonna blow and there's nothing anyone can do about it Who the fuck is this? Carter Calloway, from Baton Rouge Okay.
Slow down, breathe, and tell me what's going on.
An LNG terminal at the port has a perforation.
It wasn't detected until it was too late and when those vapors build up - Boom.
- Ka-boom.
The tank's gonna explode.
Then the shrapnel from that will set off other tanks Are you sure about this? [Carter.]
It's science.
It's inevitable.
Gonna go up like a bullfrog with an M-80 in its ass.
Who else knows about this? No one.
But everyone's gonna.
I want your business, that's why I called you.
You said if Yeah.
I know what I said.
We'll do business later.
First I need to know which company.
I gave you all I got.
Whatever companies are involved are gonna try to keep it quiet as long as possible.
- But at some point - Fireball.
You've got 3, 4 hours at the most before the whole world knows.
Keep me posted with whatever you hear.
[dramatic music.]
We need to get out of natural gas.
Which position? All of 'em.
Natural gas's going to take a dump.
Pipelines, shipping all its corollaries everything tied to it's gonna go along for the downward spiral.
So get set, get everyone ready, and get it done at the open.
[dramatic music.]
- Make all trades through the dark pools - so it masks what we're doing.
That way, we'll preserve our head start.
Which will not be a long one.
There's the opening bell.
[opening bell ringing on monitor.]
[keys clacking.]
- Whoa! Whoa! - Hey.
What's going on? - Motherfucker! - Computer's down Fuck.
Where's IT!? The Bloombergs are fine, it's Axe Cap's network that's been disabled.
- So our whole system is offline? - I'm already on it.
I ran a reboot [keys clacking.]
[computer buzzing.]
What the? Won't reboot We've, uh, we're being hacked.
Brute force attack.
Someone's gained remote access to our servers The entire reason for your existence is to make sure that is not the fucking case.
I thought since the EternalBlue exploit, we took protective measures and backup.
This situation is supposed to be impossible.
And a hummingbird shouldn't be able to fly sideways.
But it does.
The more reliable rule of the world is: The aggressor always moves forward the science first.
But we do have backup.
So go get it working.
[knock on door.]
Foley is terminal.
Started in the liver.
The guy is so tough he didn't see a doc until it was everywhere.
Even when it's your enemies, you hate to hear that.
How long? Few weeks.
Which is why he's going full suicide vest.
Goddamn, he's committed.
I hope I face my own end with the same "fuck you" to the world.
It's my fondest wish for you.
Some folks inside Justice are saying he's been back channeling negotiating immunity for his heirs.
Gimme what you got on Mr.
[dramatic music.]
I always knew he was a pervert.
A profane man to his end.
Once that's out of the way, he knows that even if I drop what I have on him, it won't splash onto his family.
They'll keep the wealth.
Oh, heavens.
The great man's final move.
There may really be no stopping Foley at this point.
[dramatic music.]
Blood in the water at Axe Cap.
Cook says they're under some kind of cyberattack.
Maybe there's a move here for us.
I'm the one who sued for peace.
Do you believe that offer was accepted? - I don't.
- Might there be something we could do to take advantage of the situation there? Something that wouldn't be construed as warring, merely opportunistic? Yes.
Have Mafee call around.
See what Axe Cap was slinging when the attack hit.
[dramatic music.]
- Phone's down - Mine too.
- Fuck.
- Um, not to pile on, but in the spirit of aggregating all the information - we currently have - Ben! The direct links to the trading desks are down too.
Motherfuck! [indistinct conversations.]
Okay, "here" is dead.
So we trade like we're not here.
Use EMSX on your mobile devices.
Do not sign onto the network, use cellular.
I have my laptop.
Same deal.
Stay off our network.
I've got a hotspot.
- I'm up.
- Attaway.
Now we ride you like Justify.
Sell fifty thousand shares Con-Pipe, at the market.
Sell 100 thousand Southern Gulf Petro at the market.
Go through the dark pool algo we can't have anyone see what we're offloading.
You're literally breathing down my neck.
I can literally feel h-hot breath Say "literally" again and I will light you on fire like a dragon of yore.
First trade is confirmed Second one is through.
Now let's It froze.
I'll force quit and reboot Go to mobile apps My shit's locked up.
I'm jammed up like I ate a pint of rice.
Yeah, this is a concerted attack, so anything that's mobile that's been on the network the past couple of days has probably been malwared.
Fix it! [dramatic music.]
This is Grigor.
He's the only one with the financial and tactical resources to take us totally off the grid.
Guess he wasn't so sanguine as Taylor was with us front-running 'em.
Guess not.
How should we go after him? We can't.
Not yet.
First, we're gonna hold the fucking line here and pare our losses.
Protect our book.
Use resources of our own.
What are those, exactly? At the moment, that's you and me, pal.
Like Huey Lewis crooned we're going back in time.
Who's ready to do some smilin' and dialin'?! Heads up.
Pump up your Reebok Blacktops, we've gotta do this old school Fuck, I don't even have any trading desk phone numbers anymore.
Which of you tenderfoots has the numbers [Wags.]
for the prime trading desks? We all pretty much use Bloomberg chat these days.
Get the CEO of every prime on the phone They're the only ones we got numbers on.
I want them to walk down to their fucking trading floors and set up open lines with us.
Okay, everybody, here.
Use there burners, call friends on the outside.
Have 'em get on social media and get direct dials from anyone who can make a market on one of our names.
Do you think you're still gonna get to your Chris Sacca meeting on the Noon to Night shares? Hi.
Where are you? On my way to the airport.
Okay, look.
I hate to do this, but I need a big fucking favor.
One that would have you missing the vomit comet.
But if you do it for me, I promise you that I will re-book it.
And I'll even go with you.
[dramatic music.]
- [blows.]
- What the fuck is that? That, my young lass, is a Filofax.
The vaunted little black book.
It contains the names of some world class ladies Who are grandmothers now, if not fucking dead And also the number, written in un-hackable ink, of an old broker friend on the Toronto Exchange, who can move some shares nice and quiet for us [clears throat.]
Hey, Rebecca.
I was just getting out of here.
I'm late.
Well, Axe is.
I'm here in his stead.
Seriously? I didn't send Mark Cuban.
Uh, no, you didn't.
But I'm here.
And I'm gonna work with you on getting the CEO out.
Come here.
Those shares? I dumped 'em.
So I can't back Axe.
That's not what you told him you would do.
Look, either way, it's moot.
I no longer have a horse in this race.
Honey, baby, sweetie it's your dear old Uncle Wags.
Haven't seen you since that tray of kamikazes we stared down after Sohn Jared! Yeah.
It's actually Bobby Axelrod.
You can call me "Axe" if it makes you feel good.
I figured why be so impersonal as to let a few keystrokes run our life, why not reach out and touch? Don't be scared, no need to be frightened.
I'm giving you a call because I heard good things about you, Jared.
And I come bearing gifts.
Three hundred thousand Drill Southern to go I know it's tough, that is why I'm calling the young master.
He's putting me up on a hundred, to work two hundred behind it.
At the market I'm sitting on half a mil Bay Pipeline and I want to exit quick and silent as Le Samourai It's an old French movie.
Nevermind And the next time I get a good call, you're getting it too.
Go out and buy yourself a longer boat come bonus time.
Forty-nine low.
Stop me out at forty-eight and a half.
Yeah, you and me at the Open.
My box on Arthur Ashe.
Simmons, sir.
Yeah, I'm calling you "Mister" 'cause this one might hurt.
How much can you take? One fifty? Put on your fucking hard hat and I'll get your commish at five cents a share instead of three Two hundred and fifty's a lot better.
Sure, sure.
You and me at the Open.
My box on Arthur Ashe.
You got it.
I too, come from the old school.
The old math school that is.
Allow me to be our office Cartesian.
Got it from a guy at a gas desk.
Large block of natural gas dumped through a dark pool, but he knew who was behind it.
Lots of big prints like that going up around town.
Feels like Axe Cap trading out of the sector.
You know what? Let's sell our positions satisfy the buyers out there.
Depress the price.
Maybe kill it.
Love it, boss-people.
Why you stiff-arming me, Pete? I know my guys have taken errors from you when you've needed it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa I need you to clean me up on Gulfport LNG, what do you mean you're not a buyer? If you tell me you can't bid me, this is the last time we speak.
How'd you just fucking satisfy your need? I'm running into would-be buyers who already bought.
Me too.
Keep jamming.
I'll believe that you're satisfied when I hear you moan and shake like an old washing machine And you will tell me who finished you off.
We are sitting down over a porterhouse and discussing every fucking detail of this.
[cellphone closes.]
You, me, at the Open.
Oh, my box on Arthur Ashe.
[cellphone closes, thuds.]
Someone's flooding the market with our names.
- Taylor? - Probably.
The Street is seeing that our prints are going up, and they're talking.
Taylor knows we're having a panic yard sale.
And they're piling on.
Yeah, well, wouldn't we? Why's everyone sitting here dumbstruck like they're at fricking Cirque du Soleil? I'd like to help.
But I've never made a voice trade in my life.
None of us have.
We don't know how.
What about a big trade? A sensitive one? Those have to happen by phone.
Mafee did them.
When this is over, we are having a fucking seminar.
Believe that.
Ever think you'd miss Mafee this much? I miss him like the case of crabs I had freshman year.
[indistinct conversations.]
Listen we've got to undercut Taylor.
Sweeten the deals and up the pressure.
Find some fucking squirrels who've been dying to get in our pants.
We're already shoving it down people's throats out there, what do we do now? Shove harder.
- How's it going? - [Axe.]
You? - Sacca's out.
- Out? Apologies and all that.
So fucking forget him for now.
My sleeves are rolled up.
My chin's tucked.
Fists raised.
I'm ready to scrap.
I knew I liked you for a reason.
You're gonna kill a CEO.
Oh, you're damn right I am.
[dramatic music.]
There it is, [Senior.]
Elysian Fields.
It's grandiose.
The name should invite dreams.
This development is my legacy.
Hell, it's your legacy too.
Generational wealth, Sonny, beyond you, beyond your kids even.
As long as certain expedited approvals come through.
And I'm counting on you for that.
One: today is primary day.
The last place I should be is where I can't speak to voters.
Two: I can't speak to voters anyway because I have to quit the race.
Three: Even if I didn't have to quit, this would be a disaster.
It's the worst possible moment for me to lubricate a situation for you and create a possible scandal.
It hasn't always been convenient for me to haul you out by the ass from whatever bear trap you got into either, Sonny.
Well, as I said, I couldn't be much help even if I were willing.
Foley can't be moved.
- Everyone can be - He's got a cancer, Dad.
Moving through him like a race car on the Bonneville Salt Flats fast and full steam ahead.
Ah, Jesus.
That buckles a man at the knees.
Even me.
And it buckles you, too.
On all counts.
So you can stay here and keep looking for your future out there.
I've got to go and face mine, which starts at five o'clock today, whether I like it or not.
What if you defy him anyway? Let him say what he says.
Deny it.
Tough it the fuck out.
Even if I could weather the public shaming, I'd lose anyway.
How do I ask Wendy to face that crap? Well, if she's angry about it, let her give you a good smack later.
A win for everyone involved.
Well, I'm glad to see you've got your legs under you again, Dad.
[sea gulls cry.]
Dead soldier.
Gimme a "45.
" Thank you, peach.
Listen, do this for me and you'll have a fucking angel on your shoulder your whole career.
I'm a good friend but a bad fucking enemy.
Solid choice, Kevin.
I need a freshie.
Book one-thirty TransCon Petro.
I took a little bit of a hit at twenty-eight.
Wags, we don't have much time, - news is breaking.
- People are hearing shit Port's in lockdown, evacuation underway.
Eighty thousand shares offloaded through my Canuck on the TSX.
Ice, ice, baby.
It's wrong.
Where's it wrong? [whispering indistinctly.]
All of it.
All of it's wrong.
The whole thing.
[dramatic music.]
Foley is going to come forth.
With what he knows about me.
About us.
The only way to stop him is for me to bow out.
That's his demand.
Then I'm sorry that it's over.
Does it have to be? - I think so.
- Well, what if I fight? What if I take the humiliation.
Lean into it.
Proceed despite it.
Then you will lose and we will be a laughing stock.
- Are you sure? - Are you fucking insane? Tell me why I am.
I'm sure of a few things, first, the Overton Window that which is an acceptable part of the public discourse.
This behavior our behavior is so far outside that window it might as well be on fucking Mars.
Yeah, but the window is shifting.
And isn't it our responsibility to You want it to have shifted.
Maybe it has.
But not that much.
And don't forget: part of you wants the humiliation.
Needs it.
But I don't.
I can't live with it.
I I won't live with it.
We cannot take the chance that Foley is serious.
Oh, he's serious.
Then that's it, Chuck.
And that you can live with? Me just capitulating? In silence.
I can.
And so can you.
You have to.
Walk away.
I just want to scream, Wend.
At the situation or at me? - Yes.
- I know.
And if you need to do that to move on, then do it.
But then, sure as fuck, move on [groans.]
It'll be okay.
We'll find the next adventure together.
[soft music.]
Be watching at 5 p.
to see me bend the hell over.
Hey, I've seen it before.
[exhales deeply.]
[indistinct conversations.]
- I'm sorry - Evan, can I get a moment - Rebecca.
- [chuckles.]
You know, it's a shame that branding thing didn't work out between our companies.
It's a bad time for me right now though.
I'm about to do the soft shoe for a room full of fucking morons I mean my valued shareholders.
Well, I'm here on behalf of a certain shareholder.
And believe me, he's no fucking moron.
In fact, he holds eleven percent of your company's outstanding shares.
Eleven percent Bobby Axelrod? Mm-hmm.
Just give us a minute [man.]
Come on.
Let's go.
What does he want to tell me? It's over.
- Over? - Your time as CEO of Noon to Night.
Yeah, I don't think so.
I believe I can rally my board to give me another few quarters No such thing as a "few more quarters" in this world.
Not your board anymore either.
I'm here to make you think again.
Uh, stock price is weak despite buybacks.
Per store revenue's in the shitter.
Brand awareness and support are at all-time lows.
Did you sleep with a junior VP out of Seattle at the company retreat? Hell if I know, but people are about to start asking He wants to take it to the press? I'll go to war with Axelrod any fucking time.
Guy's the Al Capone of Wall Street for Christ's sake Mnh.
You won't be going with him.
You'll be going to war with me.
He'll sign his shares over and I will use all my credibility, all my connections, all those women who buy all my products to turn their fucking backs on your company.
On you.
So what you need to be asking yourself is: what do you want in your go-bag? I don't care if you have to jam it into your grandmother's goddamned IRA account.
It Take it.
Fucking take it! Right fucking now! Or suffer my wrath forever! [trader.]
But Wags, listen, you know I hate you now.
[explosion on monitor.]
- Ohh.
- Ohh.
That's fucking that.
Every single institution on or attendant to the Street is gonna be dumping like a dray horse on an all taco diet.
But it's gonna be too late for them [closing bell ringing on monitor.]
[cheers and applause over monitor.]
AAAAAAaaaand, it's over! We got out of about 90 percent of that toxic trash.
[cheers and applause.]
Yeah! Whoo! Whiskey! If you don't want to live in the "about" of it all, I have specificados.
I'll live in the "about of it all.
" I think I'm responsible for saving us about seventy million today! [cheers and applause.]
We took a 48 million dollar hit today, instead of eating the 512 million dollar exposure we were facing at the open.
All hail our lords and saviors, Robert of Axelrod and Michael of Wagner! [cheers and applause.]
Huh? [chuckles.]
Mafee has the scuttlebutt.
We bled 'em.
Your idea did.
We cost them plenty by selling when we did and you saved us a massive loss in that sector or at the very least a several months-long forced hold by selling before that terminal went up.
Virtual group high five.
Strange confluence of events, Axe Cap's computers going down right on the cusp of a sector-killing industrial accident, allowing us an opening.
I agree, it was.
And that's how I am going to continue to think of it, you know? Act of God, as they say.
What's the Russian word for God? Good question.
Glad I had someone's guidance this morning.
Hey, I did my job.
You did yours.
That's the way it oughta go.
[mid-tempo music.]
[drawer opens.]
[stylus tapping.]
Russian made circuitry.
It was plugged into the network.
It has wifi and cellular data cards, to give it remote access.
And it was powered off the main outlet, allowing them to just wait for the right moment.
Someone who came for a meeting wasn't who they said they were.
Put a protocol in place so that can't happen again.
I will.
[knock on door.]
We're back up! We know, you simple fool! Go run a security audit.
Clear out the whole Admin file and rebuild it.
And call CyberBuoy to make sure it's done right.
I'll go supervise.
It is going to be six months before we can rebook our anti-gravity flight Gonna be six months before anybody in the business talks to us.
But [exhales heavily.]
I feel like I'm fucking floating right now.
How did you do it? I showed him the hieroglyphics on the cave wall and he folded.
For a 13 million dollar exit payment.
Pennies on the fucking dollar! But you're gonna have to force the board to make good on that.
Uh, shouldn't be hard, since I got you three board seats one of which I'm taking.
I owe you.
You do.
And payback's gonna be steep.
Gimme some of that.
You two are animals, drinking it warm.
- I need some ice.
- Oh.
I can I'll get it.
[door opens.]
[footsteps departing.]
[door closes.]
Grigor didn't beat us this time.
He almost did.
But not quite.
He won't stop trying.
No, he won't.
Until all his chances are taken away.
It's the wake of all evil Fraunces.
Washington bid farewell to his troops here.
Even at my best Even though I never got my troops again Just the farewell.
I don't see any other way either.
I go out there.
Give up.
Everyone moves on.
I wrote it all down for you.
[clears throat.]
Let's see here.
And so for reasons having more to do with familial commitments than a lack of desire to do the job, I hereby Yup.
That's about it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Anxiety and sorrow Gimme a few alone.
Uh, yeah.
I'll get out there, tell 'em a couple minutes.
Self-destruction and failure Have beat my head in I laughed out loud once I won't do that again Always traveled the hellfire road To chase the sweet smell of sin I am a troubled man [indistinct conversations.]
I am a troubled man [camera shutters clicking.]
I am a troubled man [indistinct shouting.]
I am a troubled man So many things Have fallen through my hands I am a troubled man [camera shutters clicking.]
[music fades.]
Not gonna read that one.
[breathes deeply.]
"A lie," the wise man, Winston Churchill, purportedly said, "gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
" [chuckles.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
But, uh, I have a feeling that this truth will find its way quick enough.
And it's high time for truth, too.
For openness.
For unburdening.
I am not here, as most politicians might be, to ask you to trust me.
Instead, I am asking if I may trust you, with my deepest fear, which is that you might know me, who I really am.
The job of the prosecutor is to expose that [Chuck.]
which is hidden away, the evil, the dirty, [Chuck.]
the crooked and the untruthful.
To shine light and reveal what's under all that darkness.
And I have come to realize that in order to do it right, I must first shine that light on my own dark parts.
Which is why I have asked you all here today.
[camera shutter clicks.]
[exhales deeply.]
Y [clears throat.]
You know what? I'm just going to say it.
Uh I in my private life in the confines of my happy marriage with my consenting wife practice sadomasochism [camera shutters clicking, all murmuring.]
[dramatic music.]
Uh, yeah.
[chuckles nervously.]
Bondage, dominance, uh, all the rest.
[exhales heavily.]
Uh [chuckles.]
Even just saying it like that I can feel my shoulders loosen for the first time in decades.
I am a masochist.
In order to achieve sexual gratification, I need to be tied up, punched, pinched, whipped, kicked or otherwise tortured.
[camera shutters clicking.]
By my loving wife And here's the bigger truth.
All of us need something, right? You know, I don't know what you do in your bedroom, [Chuck.]
with your loved one, but I do know this: [Chuck.]
you're probably a little embarrassed about it.
You probably don't want the rest of us looking at you while you do it unless that's your thing and if so, great.
But wouldn't we be better off [Chuck.]
if we didn't let shame win.
If we didn't feel sheepish, didn't feel like we had to hide what moves us? Chuck, are you still gonna run? - [groans.]
- Chuck, how [indistinct shouting.]
[shouting stops.]
There are those who believe that I have just ended my legal and political careers.
They don't think you can handle what I just told you.
In fact, uh, political opponents of mine were plotting to use it against me.
I said "bring it.
" And that's why I told you I was here to trust you.
Because I know that you can handle it.
That you may laugh a little.
But that at the end of the day, you'll get it, because you want the truth.
At worst, uh, maybe it won't stop you from getting to the polls to support me.
At best, maybe on the way you tell someone who you really are.
Maybe they like it.
And maybe you feel just a little more comfortable in your own skin.
[camera shutter clicks.]
As I finally do in mine.
[John Mellencamp's "Troubled Man".]
Thank you.
[indistinct shouting.]
People up on the east side People on the gravel road People of many colors Whose stories will never be told Too late came too early For me to face myself I am a troubled man I am a troubled man I am a troubled man Oh, Lord I won't do anything But hurt you if I can I am a troubled man [cork pops, laughter.]
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
This cork is symbolic of the exit polls popping huge for Chuck Rhoades, your next Attorney General of the State of New York The future of justice in this state.
Here's to all or nothing gambits the only way to live.
Hear, hear.
[glasses clinking.]
I'm gonna need the room.
Sure, of course.
Why don't we, uh, fall back into the outer office That's not gonna be far enough.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
You're a real politician now, aren't you? That's right.
But the distinction you failed to make is: winning politician.
- At all costs? - Yes.
Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.
More Churchill? You blow up my fucking life and more Churchill.
You can shove him up your ass.
And believe me, he'll fit.
What would you have had me do, Wend, lose? Yes, Chuck.
For once in your fucking life, you could have taken the L instead of humiliating me utterly and absolutely.
Are you sure about that? That I'm humiliated? I'm pretty goddamned sure.
How am I supposed to face my colleagues, my friends, strangers? Our children? Okay.
Eva is too young to know.
And as for Kevin at a certain age it becomes time to see your parents as real people, not perfect beings I'm getting them out of town.
I'm sending them to my parents.
God knows how long will be long enough Well, as for the rest of them, maybe wait a second.
And see how you poll.
Because they loved what I had to say out there.
The frank talk.
The numbers make that clear, and I can only imagine that you going along for the sake of your husband are gonna be viewed as hero of the people.
I don't care.
Poll numbers? You motherfucker.
We discussed this beforehand.
I made my position crystal clear, and you agreed and then you went off and did it anyway.
I freed us from the yoke of secrecy, from Jack fucking Foley.
And I did not just "go off" so don't just try to draw this up like I'm some impulsive, disorganized amateur.
What? So you planned it? You discussed it with someone? With your your campaign people Ira? [gasps.]
Of course.
You ran it by your daddy, didn't you? What, did you have him mark up that ridiculous speech? No.
He didn't know exactly what I'd do.
He just seeded the idea that maybe I should get my back up.
Because he's a seasoned political operative.
A power player Holy shit, is this marriage getting crowded.
How many dicks is a woman expected to have in her face? Wendy, I am gonna be Attorney General.
So let's just talk this out like two rational human No.
I am done hearing you talk.
[dramatic music.]
[door opens.]
It's all you say it is, Dad.
Let's do something with this.
You're gonna help me raise capital? I am.
I'm going to put things in motion right away.
Because it's a strong idea, well executed.
And also because I want to.
For you.
I'm gonna be in business with my child.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
You blew the doors off with that speech.
I did not expect you to come across with that.
Neither did Wendy, to be honest.
I will have to deal with that.
For certain.
I already am.
She's gonna beat your ass for it.
That is the first and last of those.
I doubt that.
Hell, if that's the price you gotta pay to move the conversation along Exactly so.
What, uh What other price might I be paying? [inhales sharply.]
[cellphone vibrating.]
[dramatic music.]
I saw I'm sorry to have seen Chuck's press conference.
I can't believe Look, I know what it's like to face public scrutiny over who you are.
How it must be even worse when it's been foisted upon you.
But you can still claim it.
Whatever's transpired between us, I can imagine you could use some support right now So, would you like to? Talk? [cheers and applause.]
Thank you.
[indistinct shouting.]
Thank you.
And And it's only because you threw your support behind me, because of your FAITH in me, that I stand before you now as the Attorney General of the finest state in the Union New York! [cheers and applause.]
Just beautiful.
- Thank you so much.
- The Governor for you.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Chuck.
Can't wait to work together.
Congratulations to you, Mr.
I'm eager to get started, sir.
You have fun tonight.
[indistinct conversations.]
- Is it done? - It is.
Outgoing AG approved it as a courtesy to you.
I made sure of it before we scooped him up.
My first act as Attorney General of New York State, even before I'm sworn in, was to freeze your funds in the United States.
[door closes.]
My second act is: Inviting you to leave our sunny shores.
former US Attorney and now Attorney General, congratulations! There are so many ways we could have met.
It is unfortunate you chose this one.
Like the musician says of the piece he plays: it chose me.
Did it? Or are you doing favors for friends on high? Because you must know that I am higher than any other friend you could imagine.
And my friends are higher still.
That notwithstanding, your business interests have been connected with blacklisted governments and the paperwork is prepared to have you declared an unregistered foreign agent with intent against ours.
There's only one choice that will preclude that: you firing up your private samolet and flying home or wherever else it is you call home.
[dramatic music.]
I know much about you.
Both from your own words and from other information I've gathered.
So I know that despite your predilections, you are a practical man.
Why don't we combine those facets and start our own friendship? Take time off before assuming office.
We will travel to places that have certain establishments you would not believe.
We would come back refreshed [Grigor.]
and with a whole new outlook on how we could work together.
Yeah, sounds tempting.
You and me, traveling the continents, the real world Lestat and Louis.
Alas, uh Ce n'est pas notre destin.
No? No.
A bit.
Now, I'd give you twenty-four hours to blow town, but you're too tricky, so I'm only gonna make it twelve, before I file the papers and you'll be removed by force.
Americans pretend to lead, but they are still provincial in so many ways.
It is truly sad.
[dramatic music.]
I, of course, picked up the scent of the Axelrod behind this.
As I did your recent attack on my systems.
But you shouldn't consider this as an attack.
Rhoades gave you a warning.
He's letting you leave.
That's a favor to me.
And a favor to you.
I hope you understand that.
What I don't understand fits on a fucking Bazooka comic.
Then here's one more thing for you to get your mind around.
I can be scared.
But I cannot be scared off.
More, uh, Chuck Wepner than Michael Spinks.
But they both lost in the end.
Because they were underprepared and overmatched.
I'm neither.
That is what Mr.
Spinks thought right up to 91st second of round one.
Probably did.
But he couldn't do what I can.
And what is that? Move like Jagger? Give away the kind of parting gift that I'm about to: the few billion that you have at Taylor Mason Capital will be unfrozen and released back to you once you land back home.
That's something.
But it is actually my money you're giving back to me.
I'm not sure how much gratitude that buys.
Do you want it or not? Yeah, sure.
Will I get it? You will.
The moment you land.
As I said.
Listen, here's the thing: after the cash hits your account, you may start feeling that you didn't get your satisfaction, that you have some further score you want to settle with me.
You're gonna want to tamp down that feeling.
It's true I didn't have you do my killing for me.
But don't let that trick you into thinking that I don't have the will or the ability to do it under different circumstances.
Like when I'm threatened You send someone after me here, they're gonna find that I'm a very insulated, protected and powerful man in these fucking parts.
And there is nothing that I won't do to defend what's mine.
You know, I don't think I will.
I rather like the idea of you stalking around, stirring shit up.
But here.
In America.
On the other hand, if you come to Russia or any of her territories, then, Axe, all bets are off.
You know, I don't think I will.
[Bob Dylan's "World Gone Wrong".]
Strange things have happened Like never before My baby told me I would have to go I can't be good no more Once like I did before I can't be good, baby Honey, because the world's gone wrong Feel bad this morning Ain't got no home No use in worrying 'Cause the world's gone wrong I can't be good no more Once like I did before I can't be good, baby Honey, because the world's gone wrong
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