Billions (2016) s05e07 Episode Script

The Limitless Sh*t

Previously on Billions I really need you to come through for me now.
Cuz I'm scared shitless.
I'm sorry.
I didn't match.
Yonkers is you.
You are Yonkers.
You stink of the place.
And now you're back in it.
Before the funds land with us, we can designate them to a public good.
Like a law school clinic.
I will do you the courtesy of treating you like professionals.
Do me the same.
I'll have another.
I am not young, but she will be.
I want to know what the rest of you can do to help make this bank happen.
There's an opportunity here.
We show him we are where he should put his investable cash not into some bank.
The art world's been good to me lately.
It's gonna get me my bank charter.
But I need you to rip a letter on my behalf out of the SEC and grease the skids to a charter.
For the original glamor shot? Sure.
Come on, man.
I-I don't I don't do portraits.
Well, I think we both know otherwise.
Since you're in there, maybe you can see when I can expect some art out of him.
We should all do dinner [AXE.]
Me, you, Tanner.
Maybe I'll bring someone, too I know you meant no harm, but harm is coming.
Homemade sushi, sashimi, and other small Japanese bites.
I sent Ryan to Japan to stage around, and this is what he came back with.
I have been waiting all day for this.
To eat? He practices intermittent fasting.
I only eat in an eight-hour stretch, and then I don't eat anything for the other 16.
Keeps my head clear while I work.
Flow state.
You've tried it.
I've tried it all: Keto, fasting, gluten-free I'm an intermittent eater, 16 on, at least, gluten-heavy.
Also a way to go.
I'll bear that diet in mind for the reception.
Why don't you just serve me, fucking grilled? [WAGS.]
Not a fan of getting feted? [TANNER.]
Just all the talk.
He can't stand the buyers' what do you call it? - "Bullshit interpretations.
" - Yeah.
You know what question really drives me insane and it happens every goddamned time is: "How do you know when it's finished?" Well, sometimes it's hard to tell She's talking about a Jackson Pollock - we saw at gallery.
- Yeah.
Why not three splatters less, or two more? That's what makes Pollock Pollock, right? [TANNER.]
He can just stare at it and say: [TANNER.]
"That's it.
It's complete.
It's finished.
" That's what makes you an artist.
Otherwise, you're nothing.
I'm gonna have to be careful when I talk to you.
No, no, you need to engage with artists and art and learn from it.
This art stuff's gonna be important later in our life together.
A strong appreciation makes for a well-rounded child.
No No real artist gives a fuck about talk.
They want you to look at the work, understand it, and then jump out the window without saying another word, because you never need to see anything else ever again.
What if it's a buyer asking the questions? Same deal.
Oh, the mythical incorruptible artist.
Impervious to temptation.
If you buy me a ticket to Japan, I'll go, but unlike your your cook, I-I can't promise you anything for your trouble.
As long as you came back inspired Oh, this one was born inspired.
You should see him work.
It's insane.
No, yeah, it must be something to see.
Oh, it is.
He reminds me of how you used to be a guy doing what he was born to do.
Before I became a burned-out hack? [CHUCKLES.]
Don't put words in my mouth.
You know what? All this talk of art makes me want to see the work.
I'll stop by tomorrow.
Oh, no, I'm not ready to show it.
No, huh? Alright.
Well, you let me know.
Welcome to the NYAG! Now, I feel no guilt when I tell you all that I consider you my smartest students.
Oh, I'm sure that my colleagues and I will all benefit greatly from the work of your nimble legal minds.
When I look out at you all, I'm reminded of my younger self.
And in the words of your Billie Eilish, "The best of me, the best of me is you.
" We know you must be eager to get started, and we have an exciting first assignment.
Now, when it comes to the office of the Attorney General, courage is a must.
Courage to aim for the highest targets without flinching.
To brush away the dust from the reticles on your scopes and take dead aim at even the loftiest of our government.
So today, you're gonna go after a cabinet member.
Yeah, Secretary of the Treasury, Todd Krakow.
We have records of his every statement and action.
Your task is to build legal cases [SACKER.]
and arguments against him.
Let's find his lost tapes, his stained blue dress, his perfect call.
Let's get to work! - [WAGS.]
Yes! - [AXE.]
Yes! Come on! - [AXE.]
Oh, yeah! - [WAGS.]
Fucking yes! [AXE.]
You can fucking smell that fucking That may sound like a joyous Kwanzaa celebration to you - Kwanzaa was last - Well, it ain't the sounds of a goddamned Chanukah festival of lights either.
Or the motherfucking eve of motherfucking Christmas I really don't think you want that phrase on the record, - there are HR considera - No.
What that sound is, is a funeral dirge.
And that funeral is ours.
That cheering is for Krakow [DOLLAR BILL.]
rubber stamping Axe's federal bank charter.
- It's really happening? - Happened.
Fast tracking it Now, I joined the party when I first heard about us becoming a bank Because it sounded sturdy.
But the more I researched Yeah.
The worse it fucking is.
Man the turrets and start loosing ordnance on whatever you see.
Because it's gonna be eat what you kill soon enough.
Wait, are you hunting or at war? Both.
As you all better be.
We're going to have to deregister as a hedge fund.
This place will become a family office, to separate commerce from banking.
No outside fees to cover our salaries.
Redundancies will become clear.
To him.
Some of us will be Midsommar'd.
Yes! Exactly! I don't actually know what that means, but it sounds Horrible.
Utterly horrible.
Axe, um If we do When we do get the bank charter, how much are our lives changing? - Will our jobs - No, it's not a problem.
It's not? Well, it's not my problem.
And don't ask another guy about your future.
Make your own fucking future.
It's like my own mother took the form of your body.
I can almost taste her ggori gomtang.
It's chilling [BEN KIM.]
But, we have all been through so much together.
Lean and fat times.
We always come through at Axe Capital.
Is this an overcorrection to conditions? [BEN KIM.]
Shouldn't we just ride it out? Fucking right we should.
As the Pittsburgh Steelers do.
And that consistency has served them well.
- Best-run franchise in - Second best.
Like Coach Belichick says: You wait till halftime before you start making adjustments, it's too fucking late Change is scary.
I know.
But this is gonna be better for all of you.
Maybe not all of you.
You know I didn't really say what I feel down there.
If I said what I really believed Boss.
I know what you were thinking.
It was pellucid without you even saying it.
Like I was hearing your thoughts.
Really? What was I You just wanted your fucking coffee and couldn't believe the weakness you were witnessing.
You were also thinking about the 16 trades we made this morning, and, at one point, I saw you look toward the front desk, and calculate the value relative to cost of having two receptionists there.
What kind of Derren Brown mindreader bullshit is this? It's not bullshit.
It's this Vigilantrix.
Our next big play.
We are not a bank quite yet.
And we may as well fucking crush it one more time before we become one.
This drug, Axe, it's the killer app in the pharma space you've been chasing.
It's a focus ratchet, a productivity booster.
The audience at a pharma conference got one to try.
But after I had a taste, I copped the whole box.
I read about the trials.
That's the thing, huh? It sure is.
It's the Limitless shit.
It's got me firing on all It's giving me crazy mental clarity and acuity.
I'm even using words like "acuity.
" And "pellucid," yeah, I heard.
The stuff works.
If it's got me thinking like you, imagine who it'll have you thinking like.
Attorney General Rhoades, we'd like to discuss our assignment.
Please, come in.
We have a problem with the assignment, sir Well, an ethical objection, really.
I see.
Please, explain, Merle.
We're concerned that the process you've asked us to follow feels, like improperly motivated.
It's backwards.
To just try and find something on Secretary Krakow.
Aren't we supposed to start with a crime and then build a case? It feels super targeted.
Like the Muslim ban or something.
You have been very fortunate in your short lives to read the sharpest legal scholars and discuss the most famous cases.
you have never stood naked before judge or jury.
You have never made a single compromise of conscience.
You have never had to weigh justice against loyalty You know, lawyers are, importantly, storytellers.
So allow me to weave you a yarn.
An old folktale goes: A Sicilian woman and an Arab trader fell in love.
But the Arab had a wife and children back in Tunisia.
So he told the Sicilian woman that he loved her, but he had to go back to his family.
That night, the Sicilian woman cut off his head while he was sleeping.
She hollowed out his brains, and she turned his skull into a pot, where she planted herbs.
And you can still see ceramic pots painted like Arab heads in Palermo today.
There are several lessons that can be taken from this grisly tale of passion, but the one I draw is this: If you harbor split loyalties, and fail to take a side, your mind may become nothing more than the soil for mint sprigs.
If you have any doubts about your ability to complete this internship or your allegiance to this office, leave now.
Anybody else? No way.
Now let's get back to it.
Do you still have any contacts in the Treasury Department? I was in the Katzenjammers with the Deputy Assistant Secretary.
Did I know you could carry a tune, Ms.
Sacker? - What can't I do? - Good.
Then I'd like to see Krakow's schedule of meetings.
Maybe there's a buzzsaw we can run him into.
Send him to the mill.
Thank you all for joining this emergency assembly of the Shine-Lucence board.
We are facing a crisis.
As all of you know, we use tin to produce our solar cells.
It's what makes them cheaper, safer, and easier to manufacture than lead.
We believed that we'd been sourcing that tin [CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD.]
from safely and humanely run mines in Australia, but we just became aware [CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD.]
that a middleman has been selling suspect tin [CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD.]
to our smelting facility.
Our supply chain Vice President can tell you more.
I tracked the tin back to here.
- Where, exactly, is "here"? - [SHOUTING IN DISTANCE.]
The Congo.
There's militia.
With guns.
They're strong-arming people into the mines.
It's as bad as they say.
Worse - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Shit, I've gotta go Allow me to be the one to say what we're all thinking: This is no bueno.
Tin from the Congo is a conflict mineral.
The mines are controlled by violent anti-government warlords.
Like I said, crisis.
We'll be looking to you all [CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD.]
for immediate recommendations You know how in Shane shit, in every Western worth its sand the main dude can escape, ride off if he wants, but then decides to stay and fight? - I'm Shane? - No.
You are not! You are Mike Prince.
And as your deputy Shane wasn't a sheriff.
I keep meaning to see that one.
But the point stands.
You ain't sticking around to fight.
What's recommendation number two? There isn't one.
You're supposed to take recommendation one, or what the heck are we doing? We can't risk this story breaking and us still be in this company.
So you want me to go Warriors style.
Like I just said, I don't want you to stay and fight No, no, no, like "Warriors, come out to play-ay" The Warriors were an unaffiliated mixed-race street gang in 1970s New York Progressive Who got blamed for a murder they didn't commit.
Caught uptown in enemy territory, they had to make their way back home to Coney Island with all the other gangs gunning for 'em.
So they ran.
Or they fought and ran.
How'd I miss a story like this It's a movie.
On my list.
But while fictional unaffiliated street gangs may not have any choices, multibillionaires do.
Not running.
You can find me some board members to back our play, but I'm sticking and turning this around.
This company is screwed and our position right along with it.
Should we come forward to the press immediately? - Should we dump out? - Or both? We don't have the benefit of a track record.
If word of this leaks, it's a deathblow to a young firm with our mission.
In the impact space, I'm not sure a track record even helps.
Bill McGlashan was the king of impact investing.
Then Varsity Blues and his head rolled into a basket.
People are merciless when it comes to doing good.
And McGlashan even had Bono.
We need a rockstar in our corner, too Mike Prince.
Go to him.
Enlist him.
Team up.
Together we'll have a better chance at swaying the board into doing whatever you decide is best Whoa.
Axe would flip the fuck out.
He almost burst into flames when he saw Prince at the Vanity Fair shoot.
Their "Fireside Chat" was Alien vs.
No fucking fear.
If we win, by making money, Axe will be happy.
So win, then tell him how you did it.
It could work.
It's worth a shot.
But you will feel his wrath if we engage with Prince and make it worse.
Then let's make it better.
I'll reach out to Scooter to broker the meeting.
Let's get active, people! Traders, you're being paid to trade.
We're in the moving business, not the storage business.
So bring me some fucking scalps for my wall.
Mineral people, I want exposure.
Get me longer than the Hunt Brothers in 1980! We've gotta grab the rock, bring back the shiny shit.
Um, I'd like to join in the zesty and aggressive approach.
But I've got to say: I'm not sure what we're supposed to do.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You guys are running last gen.
I need you next gen.
Victor! Purely optional.
But for those of you who are ready to cross the threshold and become a version of himself with the energy of a 17-year-old, the focus of a 30-year-old and the wisdom of a 100-year-old, step the fuck up.
Let me tell you: I have never felt so focused, and with all of you at the same level on this v-shit, I think we're looking at 85% returns on the week, to say nothing of the quarter.
Sounds good, Axe.
Give me a few of those Major League beans for the Mase Carb crew.
FDA approval pending? Oh God, I don't want diarrhea, involuntary muscle spasms, psychotic delusions It says "in rare cases," you fucking baby.
I'm in.
But I'm gonna need some water.
Good to see you again, Wendy.
And you, Taylor.
Lauren, your rep precedes.
Now, how are we gonna disarm this bomb before it blows up in our faces? Please have a seat.
Maybe we need to throw it over a cliff before it does.
I used to love those cartoons where the coyote would get his fingers caught in the bomb right as he released it.
He'd blow up and then be back to himself after the commercial.
- Reconstituted.
- But we Yes.
Once we blow up, no reconstitution possible.
So I, too, want to avoid an explosion here.
We'll listen to any plan you may have, but we remain unsure if we're taking part.
Until such time as it's clear our agendas are aligned, anyway.
What do you see as first steps? We need to re-source the tin.
But we can't be noisy about it.
I'd propose a year-long transition plan.
- To a new source.
- That we sell the board on.
And we slow down order fulfillment, so we don't sell any more Good.
In theory.
If we can ensure that the story of the scandal - doesn't get to the press.
- What about board members leaking? That's a real risk.
Who are you worried about? Not sure.
I was hoping you could profile them to determine who might crack [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Look, I know you said you're not sure if you're in, but it feels like we're already rowing in the same direction.
And we have a conference room you can work in [SCOOTER.]
before we have to call the board back.
We're on it.
Thanks for coming down, Pete.
Much as I hate being here, I figured I should show up [DECKER.]
and avoid the subpoena sure to follow.
Wise choice.
Now I know you've gone well beyond selling memberships at your robo-gym, into the physical-transformation through-science space.
Specifically, that you're helping athletes boost performance and beat drug tests.
Hold on a sec, I never, never, ever Let's not.
If you didn't, you wouldn't be here.
I wouldn't need you.
Need me to what? Put me with a certain type of doctor that can help out with a family member's kidney situation.
Where are we at exactly? Well, uh, it seems my father wasn't healthy enough to pass the workup to get on the donor list.
They always try to pick off the least viable.
So step one is getting your dad's numbers [DECKER.]
to where he can get on that list.
But it's a long wait.
Years Yeah.
Up to five years.
And that is a death sentence for him.
Which brings us to part two: If I can't move him up the list, once you get him on it, I need you to locate me a donor.
Murky waters.
But I have a guy.
He's a-a "doctor" [CHUCK.]
An MD? Does he still have an MD? Did Hippocrates have one? You want to put me on the stand or you want me to fix your dad? My guy's the right man for the job.
EPO, platelets, clean this, clean that.
He'll tune your pops up like a Stradivarius, [DECKER.]
so he passes the test to get on that list.
And he could find you an organ.
That's just what I need.
I want to meet ASAP.
I'll arrange it.
$5,000, up front.
This guy don't take Blue Cross.
I see.
And what's your piece of that? Piece? Me? I'm just here to help.
Let's go, gimme what you got, hit me hard So, I didn't know what you meant by 'grab the rock' before, but now I do, and I have to say it's brilliant - Right - I mean a tech and aerospace play that can harvest one mid-size meteor - And the yield would be - Fucking outsized So, I think I'm seeing the macro play: cornering the rare mineral market Bam.
Beyond gold and platinum, we're talking cobalt, - tungsten, rhodium - Right We'll control production on every cellphone - from now until - Till they're fucking obsolete.
Space-X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and all their feeder tech.
Lots of opportunity to roll up a strong ground game And speaking of ground game, we've got to bring in the geo-political piece.
Big things happening in their political landscape If their election tilts the way it looks like pro-mining, pro-business we're talking about a base, with massive government incentives, good launch sites, strategic partnerships that'll make this whole thing go.
We need it.
We should dump out of $3, $3.
2 billion worth of our other positions in order to free up capital for the mineral play.
It'll be more than fucking worth it.
Say the word and I'll come out of the chute like the German bobsled team at Lake Placid.
I said it.
Go do it.
You ever see the show "The Good Doctor", Chuck? Can't say I have.
Well, he's a-a great and feeling young man, despite this outer affect that would suggest otherwise.
And he's without a care for money.
And the good doctor here is the same? Nope.
Dead opposite.
I did that "care for the patient" thing for years.
But they kept suing me, the fuckers.
Now, they can fuck themselves, unless they're willing to pay me to unfuck them.
But where this man, Dr.
Swerdlow, and the Good Doc are similar is: They both are excellent practitioners of their crafts.
And mine is, to get men like your father worthy paying customers exactly what they need, before it's too fucking late.
Still saving lives.
But getting me some beach houses on the side, ya know what I'm saying, baby girl? See? I told him not to pretend to care, Chuck, that you wouldn't you wouldn't go for that.
Certainly not.
Not a chance.
No way.
Got it.
What's the actual way this happens? Well, this meeting is $5,000 cash.
That happens now.
Okay, here's how we fix this thing.
Fix meaning repair, but also fix meaning rig the system.
Why say that part out loud? Cuz it's fun.
What we'll do, once your payment is complete, is run a course: Platelets for red cell count, blood pressure meds, something to improve his glomerular filtration rate And I'm not just talking about fucking around with Bardoxolone.
I've got some special shit from Mexico City that'll really do the fucking job.
Oh, and also a clean urine deposit before his next exam.
And how is that, uh, particular deposit made? With a special turkey baster, right up his cock.
If this shit backfires, and my dad dies of an infection caused by this rug merchant, I'm coming for you.
I know.
Yet I'm here.
Which should tell you the level of my faith.
So, after all this, if my other moves don't work, and I can't jump him to the front of the queue how do we secure an organ? - You mean the kidney itself? - Mm.
That puppy comes from this pupp-ette right here.
She's an illegal just over from El Salvador.
And a match.
She'll be out of lockup soon.
And she's willing to sell one.
In fact, she almost already did, but the fucker croaked too soon.
She'll do anything it takes for the 38K it pays.
Influx at the southern border [SWERDLOW.]
isn't all that bad.
Lots of desperate people willing to sell their parts.
She wants to do this! Even I can't do it.
Is there any alternative? Oh, shit, yeah.
I can change gears like an Aston Martin with paddles on the steering wheel fast and smooth.
For the right price, I can get your old man in a scratch and dent.
Maybe we've covered enough for the day No.
You brought the man here, let him speak.
Let the man speak.
Diseased donor, Chuck.
Hep C.
These people need money.
They're willing to share.
And then we treat your dad for the underlying problems.
Heard enough.
More than enough.
Might have to box my ears after this so the ringing replaces your fucking words.
I'll just take my cash back, please, and we'll all go on with our lives.
No refunds! Look, Charlie, your reaction is normal, usual.
But you will reflect upon this.
If times get desperate enough, which they will, you'll call me.
They usually end up calling me.
They always call.
I've profiled the board members.
Vargas is fucking wobbly.
She'll need to be bought off or taped up in bubble wrap Otherwise she'll spill to management or to the press.
Or both.
Alright, I changed my mind or I've come to another state of mind, based on your work.
I applied the five-year, 50,000-foot test.
I looked at our decision from above and from the future.
And? No slow transition.
We can't let another day pass with this company buying conflict minerals.
The story will leak, as you say as it always does.
Then, even with what we're planning, the company will be gutted by regulators and the stock price with it.
So we break the story immediately and halt all production.
And we use the new clean tin source.
Even though it won't start up and get to capacity for six to seven months.
Long term this may be the way to a big win, but Yeah, I know.
The company will take a catastrophic loss for the next three to four quarters.
Look, I don't expect you two to take this bumpy ride with me so I'll buy Mase Carbon out of its position in the company.
It's only fair.
There's the Mike Prince I was warned about.
Did you stunt this entire thing? Was that supply chain guy just in a box at your office? Look, I can see how it looks like a move but I'm not making one.
Did you gin up a different solution to this thing to come out a winner while we were sitting here working? Is that what's behind your sudden interest in buying our shares? I get why a life spent working by Axe's side would make you ask.
But no, it's a genuine offer, because you threw in with me.
The way my company is structured, I can afford to grind it out for a while.
I know you're built differently.
But, heck, if you don't trust me, you can buy my position out.
That's a story that doesn't hurt the company.
Or we can share.
You make the call.
I just want what's best for the solar space.
I believe him.
Me too.
Don't buy us out.
We won't buy you out.
We'll ride together.
We'll stay in the company and take the bumps and bruises along with you.
It's the right thing to do, and it will, eventually, become profitable again.
Not many can play the long game.
I'm impressed.
Oh! Welcome.
Thank you for coming.
Donna will show you where to set up.
Blood drive! Blood bank is here.
Stop in, get typed and donate, huh? I have the material from the Yale group.
Nothing very chewy No.
Not going to get Krakow out of office.
- Nothing that'll stick.
- So we have to If we can't take him out, we have to make him take himself out.
The old B3 bomber trick? The last great Mamet.
And yes.
That's exactly it.
"Secretary Krakow, we cannot confirm "the investigation into corruption, nor your role in same.
" Yeah.
That'll work on him.
- Especially him.
He's in town for an economic advisory panel at the New York Fed.
Invite him over.
What's behind the forced audience in the outer borough? Beyond the chance to catch up, you mean? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Uh, well, I want to tell you that I can't confirm the investigation.
What investigation? There is none.
I'm sure.
I mean, I am not saying that they're looking into those tax shelters of yours - Of mine?! - Or those cap gains Yeah, no, okay.
What I'm What I'm trying to say is: I can't let on, officially, that it isn't.
Probably nothing.
If we were to officially tell you that there were a probe Oh, Christ, there's a probe.
He's a friendly.
If there were a probe, it would be against federal officials using their positions for illegal personal gain.
Good thing I don't traffic in that.
No, of course.
But, shit Who have they gotten to? What level? We don't have names, just cabinet level, though.
Cabinet level! Trust no one.
And think about how this will play.
If you're around any of this conduct, you need to stand up for your integrity loudly and condemn any illegal moves by your colleagues so it's clear when the tapes are heard.
I appreciate the warning.
How many languages do you have? Python, Java of course.
I can also do stuff in JSFuck.
And I used to dick around with Malbolge, but just for fun.
Spoken languages.
Not programming.
Even though that's hot in a different way at a different time and when an entirely different person is telling me.
- Just English.
- [RIAN.]
Weirdest thing.
This stuff I am suddenly remembering all the Spanish I took in high school.
I'm banging through language proficiency tests on here.
I think I will be officially bilingual in like an hour.
I'm going to work in there.
For optimal focus.
That's impressive.
I'm impressed.
I already was impressed by you, and this'll Yeah.
I know.
I see how you stare.
I don't stare.
I look sometimes.
Just look.
Look turns into a stare after like 20 seconds.
You know, they say you're truly bilingual when you can dream in the other language.
I can't wait to find out.
Yeah, I think that'll benefit the most people Absolutely.
The whole idea of easing is to allow credit to flow to those who Yes.
That's why we have to approve this Hey, can we pause the note-taking for a second? Jim, been meaning to tell you I worked it out for you to jump on the Mesa-Comm board when your term is over.
I won't have it! I won't be party to it! And I won't have it! [KRAKOW.]
The backslapping.
The favor trading! You're supposed to be thinking about the citizenry.
Not your own pocket book! Oh, what the hell, Secretary Krakow.
I don't even carry a pocket book.
And you, Stan take this down I know who you paid off for your seat, and I know who you're paying off for your next one.
And I'm not just gonna sit here and I'm not going down with the ship, God damn it! You hear me? Because there is coronavirus on it, and that shit spreads.
And what the fuck happened to trust, huh? I look around this table, and I do not see friends.
Whoa, what the fuck, Jesus, Krakow.
I won't be a part of a criminal enterprise I will not be a part of a criminal enterprise! I will not be a part of a goddamn criminal enterprise! - Hey.
- Hi.
Quick drink before we go? Yeah.
I'm gonna wash my hands.
Where are you? [WENDY.]
Approved Approved Good.
I want to know whether he's made any progress or not.
- You should ask him.
- Right.
Do me a favor.
Take some pictures of what he's got, then send them to me.
You know what? I'm not doing that.
It's a bad ask, and I'm not playing.
You're supposed to help me harvest the most out of my people as I have been all day.
Their work product is mine by extension Except he's not one of yours.
Not like the rest.
So learn to wait.
Or, again, ask him yourself.
God damn it You good? All good.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
How's it going? Get everyone in the office yet? Only about 16 people have donated so far [SIGHS.]
Hey! Let's go, everyone! Blood drive today! Roll up those sleeves and get in there! Let's show the blood bank that the hearts of NYAG are full of generosity! Don't think you all are exempt because you're new.
Get in there and give blood! [FUNKY MUSIC.]
Blood drive! Ya bleed yet? Oh, I already gave.
I give blood regularly, actually.
You're a true mensch.
I like getting the juice box at the end.
Sometimes it's orange, sometimes it is apple.
They even give ya a cookie sometimes if you know to ask for it.
You know what never changes, though? - What's that? - The amount of blood they draw.
470 milliliters is a little less than a pint.
Your nurse in there is taking 600.
To borrow from the Ray Charles songbook.
Why do you want our blood, Chuck? I didn't know if this fell within our agreement, but hell, everything should.
Uh My father.
If I don't find him a living kidney donor, he'll die before he reaches the top of the waitlist.
If I can even get him on it.
And if someone here is a match? How would that not be coercion, not to mention a HIPAA violation? I will handle the matter delicately.
And indirectly.
You ever heard of James Davenport? I don't believe so.
Enlighten me.
He was an itinerant minister during the First Great Awakening.
Known for giving fiery, passionate sermons.
Developed quite a following.
One day, he was preaching at a bonfire.
He worked himself into a frenzy.
He started denouncing clothing as a symbol of vanity.
Took his own pants off and threw them into the fire.
Totally broke the spell His congregants decided he'd lost his mind and they left.
You've got a devoted flock here, Chuck, but you are getting pretty close to throwing your pants in the fire.
Where we at? We are on the verge! - Of? - [WINSTON.]
Space and time.
Punching through the envelope of pure profit.
Axe is about to execute a huge move multi-sector play.
Meteor minerals, geo-politics, market makers.
He's actually using a me-developed trading tool! Already sold out of $3-plus billion worth of crap to do it.
And, more importantly, today he finally saw me! He actually saw me! I need you to translate what he is saying.
Into Spanish? English first, please.
Yeah, my head's in another space.
I've been gauging the situation on the ground talking to local officials, scientists, diplomats.
On the ground in Chile.
I'm fluent in Spanish now.
But no one could really grasp the concepts I was throwing at them.
I must be too far ahead cognitively.
I have more than a little Spanish.
Give me a sample of what you said.
Yo quiero chilaquiles verdes en la biblioteca despacito, - con un lado arroz.
- Got it.
What's that Tom Cruise says in "A Few Good Men"? Yeah.
This drug is warping your judgment.
This isn't the Limitless shit.
It's the Scarface shit.
No, no, you're missing the train.
Go see Victor, see if he has any more, and then climb aboard.
I could use another supercomputer on the project.
I'm thinking we trade the Asian markets all night long You've got to stop.
And ditch.
My brilliant new analyst thinks she's suddenly bilingual, but she just made an elaborate lunch order on the phone with Chile.
Of course.
What else would you say? If it's not quant or impact, you don't buy in.
And that's if your motives even check out - in the first fucking place - I see.
I know you haven't been completely sure about me, but ask yourself if you can trust me now, because I'm telling you: It's likely the Socialists win in Chile.
So you lose your government support for the planetary mining base there.
And if you don't let me put your whole plan back in the box, and cancel your meteor play before the trigger gets pulled, we're going to take a massive loss.
God damn it Why are you messing with me? You trying to sabotage the bigger play? Am I supposed to trust you? How? Think about this: You know financial loss and market inefficiency and just plain error offend me more than almost anything a human can do to me.
If you listen to me, and I'm fucking you over, you'll still have all that capital you freed up.
And you'll still be miles ahead of the competition.
So you can take more of that stuff and come up with your next plan, as well as kick my ass out the door.
But if I'm telling you the truth, and you go ahead, you're gonna lose 3 billion fucking dollars And consider this: success.
Let's say you're right about this whole crazy plan.
You somehow pull it off and harvest more gold, platinum, tungsten, and cobalt than the world has ever known it will all end up as worthless as sand, because it will glut the market.
Scarcity is the only thing that gives that stuff value, and you will have fundamentally destroyed that.
Pull the plug.
Do it.
Shut 'em down! Shut down your Bloombergs and back away from your keyboards immediately before we make any more stupid fucking trades! - All done, sir.
- Mm.
Sorry to tell you, but no one in the office is a match.
But thanks for your donation to the blood drive.
It'll do a lot of good.
You see the thing? The Krakow thing? I just sent it to you.
I simply won't, I can't, I'm not, part of a criminal enterprise.
I expressed same, and suddenly I'm bounced, [KRAKOW.]
which is fine, great! [KRAKOW.]
I'm done.
Back to what I do best, making the ca-ching machine go ca-ching.
The man detonated a suicide vest.
Unless someone put him up to it.
Either way, he's out.
Fired by the White House.
His whole slate's been spiked, including My national bank charter.
God damn it.
Back to square fucking one.
Get Victor on reviving this.
Give him all the resources he needs.
Tell him to think broadly.
Use his Ivy League brain and his Far Rockaway street smarts.
And get me Wendy.
For the night.
Didn't come back after her meetings.
Important stuff.
Maybe we can move a part of her agenda forward.
- Who are you? - You must not watch Rachael Ray.
- No.
- You should.
- You're Mary Giuliani.
- Axe sent me.
I'm here to set up for the viewing party.
There is no viewing party.
No, Tanner, if Axe says there is, there is [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
The question is: Will you be here for it? Knew you'd call.
I just need your services to get him past the medical workup.
I can find the kidney myself.
Okay, Chuck.
It's your decision.
But you're still gonna have to pay full price.
Sure thing.
I already have.
And this is 38K for that little girl, Pete.
I trust you to see she gets it and keeps her full complement of organs.
Sure thing.
Whatever you say, boss.
I gotta kill the deal for her spleen? - Yes.
- Okay.
You can start working your magic with my father now.
Dad, we're ready for you! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
- Thanks, Mary.
- Thanks, Axe.
DJ D-Sol, so, come on, how about selling me a piece of your bank? I'm really sorry, but Marcus isn't for sale at any price.
Really? Lasry, you want to talk some sense into him? I wish I could, but he's not changing his mind.
- Sorry.
- Sorry, Axe.
Alright, guys.
Well, enjoy the show.
Thanks for coming.
Good to see you.
Thanks for having us.
Have a good one.
- C.
, what's up, man? - How you doing, Axe? - Glad you're here.
- Thanks.
Thanks for having me.
- I like what I see.
- Yeah, it's good, huh? Check this out.
Weird shit.
I think you'll like it.
You enjoying yourself? Oh, yes, very much.
But you were right.
Pictures on a phone would not have done these justice.
And yet somehow it feels like a party for one.
Well, your artist seems to be handling the situation very well.
Well, he's making the best of it because he has to.
And because he's a professional.
He is the real deal, isn't he? You should try the canapés.
They're delicious.
I love the composition, the world of this painting.
You seem like you're holding up.
You know, maybe Axe is right.
He owns it all.
He's keeping me fresh.
He's trying to push me to go further.
- That's generous.
- Yeah.
Tanner, these pieces are stunning, even in their raw form.
Well, thank you.
How impasto will you go? I studied art history back in college.
My husband ex-husband has a fund.
I did very well in the divorce.
I'm a bit of a collector.
I can see that.
Which one of the pieces inspires you? [CHUCKLES.]
I love this one.
And why is that? It's about growth, the tenacity of life.
The universality of biology.
The birth-death cycle.
Your work is so understated.
It invites you to stop and look again.
Or else you might miss the significance.
I'm not sure subjecting the artist to some dime-store interpretation is the way to Sometimes.
But sometimes you find someone who who has an eye, who gets it.
What else do you see? I see passion.
Absolutely incorruptible.
Unless you're a socialite with a nine-figure bank account with a sweet tooth for abstract art.
That went about as expected.
The admixture of art and commerce, almost as intoxicating as whiskey and water.
And almost twice as likely to cause bar fights.
What could be solved has been solved.
Which is most of it.
There will be cap-gains exposure from the sell-offs.
We'll manage that by rolling back into new, more earthbound, positions.
Thank you for the sanity and competence.
A non-intoxicating yet utterly essential pairing.
And hardly any bar fights.
I have had one, you know.
Bar fight? It was just after seeing Y Tu Mamá También.
In a theater.
I was all hopped up, and some kid Willard Broxton from my high school went into his usual routine, ripping into me.
And I just decided, not today.
Did you throw the first punch? The only punch, yes.
And swore never again to give in to that emotion.
I also haven't watched that movie again for fear of what it might provoke.
Like Axe and Magnum Force! Yeah.
But tell me.
You don't usually traffic in tales of pugilism and cinema.
- Something you want to say? - There is.
You will see a loss from Mase Carbon on the books today.
It will grow.
Those are fighting words.
Was it because you had to look after our shop? No.
I can't blame Vigilantrix for this.
And the loss isn't a one-time thing.
We are going to carry it for a while.
Prince and I put our heads together - on the impact scandal - Prince?! Wendy and I made a calculated risk to work with him because there was real long-term upside.
You mis-fucking-calculated.
What happened? Prince convinced me to take the short-term hit in order to rebuild Shine-Lucence publicly and preserve the pristine reputation of Mase Carbon Actually, that's not strictly what happened.
- I volunteered.
- No, you didn't.
Even if you think you did.
Yeah, and if you did, it's 'cause he wanted you to.
- Tell it.
- That's not how it happened.
I think maybe the half-life of that Vigilantrix - is making you angsty.
- Nope.
Born this way.
Stoked it.
- I preserve it.
- I know.
But Prince he almost ate the entire loss himself, to buy me out of the company.
But then I saw the sagacity in his plan, and I insisted Textbook fucking manipulation.
He played you.
And me by extension.
He duped you into taking that loss.
And now that's on my fucking sheet.
I bet he'd already pared his position before all this going public with the story bullshit started.
Sounds to me like an act of war.
Sounds that way because it is that way.
You know what? That fucker made me believe he was laying down No, of course not.
The ol' sneak attack from behind.
Is there anything I can say to get you to see it differently? There is not.
You ready to become a wartime consiglieri once again? Pop had Genco.
You have me.
You know why they called it going to the mattresses when mob families went to war? It's mentioned in 1 but never explained.
General idea.
It's because you had to move out of your home and hole up someplace where no one could find you, with all your men.
But you had to do it quick, so that you'd get the jump on the rival family before they got the jump on you.
So you had places stashed around the city, with the mattresses on the floor.
And that is where you would make your stand until you nailed the boss of the rival family.
And once you got him and all his soldiers fell into line, that's when you'd go home to your comfy bed and your wife and kids.
And that's what we're about to do? We sure are.
Get me Bach.
Get me Hall.
Get me anyone who can help us find out what is near and dear to Michael Thomas Aquinas Prince.
Because when I find out what matters to him, I am going to fucking destroy it.
And him right along with it.
Shit outta luck Hardwired to self-destruct Go On the way to paranoia On the crooked borderline On the way to great destroyer Doom design We're so fucked Shit outta luck Hardwired to self-destruct Ow
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