Billions (2016) s06e04 Episode Script

Burn Rate

1 Previously on Billions The very first New York Olympics.
The city's down, hurting.
It's the perfect opportunity to rebuild.
Selecting a host city is a very political process.
I want to make an impression, but as I understand it, the men and women of the commission don't look kindly upon strangers bearing gifts.
The office is not where my new war is going to be waged.
Not at first.
The venue matters less than the message.
No, I realized it's not one billionaire having his way with the City.
The overall effect of the billionaire class they're a scourge.
Prince has different priorities.
He seems to be after more than profits here.
- So, what are you saying? - I don't know yet, but I know he's not Axe.
I am hereby creating the Prince List.
Shedding all the dirty capital currently invested.
From now on, clients will have to qualify to invest with us.
Sometimes you just have to break some shit.
Make them know that no one is safe.
You promised me a winning season, Chuck.
I'm running out of time if I'll have to quit.
I can't lose my MVP yet.
I need you, Kate.
Okay, boss.
What do we do when the carpetbaggers and the land barons try to shove us out of the way? We shove back! Take back our city! Take back our city! I was approached.
For a job? Nobody said anything about a job.
It's a job.
You did good by coming to me.
So, obviously, I'm not going Oh, no, you're going.
But you're going for me.
You'll be my Vincent Terranova.
It's natural to celebrate, to go big.
Especially with the tools you have here.
- The fun and the talent in this room.
- You think it's gonna go on and on and on.
It's never gonna end.
But we know that's not true.
You all in this room are not immune to the mistakes other people make, where they spend more than they make.
The burn rate gets them every time.
I've had 52 players drafted in the NBA.
Thirty-five are in the league right now.
My suggestion to them and to you: Put the first million away! Forget you have it.
You put yours back in this fund, you know five, six, seven years, you're a multimillionaire.
With that behind you, no fear.
No anxiety seeps in.
You have a clear mind to think good thoughts.
All of a sudden, you get in the zone, and you're doing stuff you don't even believe you could do, and you win championships.
National championships.
And when you win a national championship I've never played basketball, but I'd follow this man through the gates of hell.
don't let the burn rate drag you down, because at the end of the day, it's about winning championships for all of us, isn't it? Coach gave us a great deal on the speaking fee.
He really did.
Worth every cent.
And I hear he's donating it to charity, so a win for all.
State-of-the-art facilities, accommodations, transportation.
Designed to accommodate any and all environmental concerns.
Everything pristine.
Yeah, well, I tell you, Mike, the whole thing'd be a lot more believable if there was, uh, dirt somewhere.
I mean, just New York City's never been this clean.
It was never my mandate before.
I told them, make it dazzling.
Dazzle the man, don't leave anything to the imagination.
And that's what I'm gonna do when the Games are actually here.
You know, they used to have a sundae at Haagen-Dazs called the Dazzler.
I think they still do.
You know, it's dulce de leche ice cream with, like, ribbons of caramel, and then more dulce, more caramel.
Then you'd put whipped cream on it, and then they would just cover the whole thing in, like, hot caramel sauce.
It earns its name: the Dazzler.
I would guzzle that sucker down.
But, you know before long, I'd start to feel milk-sick and bloated.
And, you see, I'm afraid it's going to be the same way with the Olympic Games here in our city.
Could be delicious, but more likely to make me ill when the voters paddle my ass - 'cause they don't like them, so - Everyone loves Chuck Rhoades changed the conversation before it even started, all right? Now, we wouldn't be selling the Games, we'd be defending them from the jump.
And the city council, legislator, activists, they're all going to crap on this Olympic bid and they're going to tag it with regulations, and that's after you jump through a bunch of fucking hoops first flaming ones.
You can't win if you forfeit before the tip-off.
Yeah, well, the only winner in this hopeless fucking outing is going to be your chief legal counsel in billable hours.
You and I, we can solve these issues together.
The Games are never coming to the city without the governor's support.
I hope that I can count on it.
Mike, public opinion is 2% positive on this.
I believe cancer is polling at 3%.
Chuck's stunt only worked 'cause it lit a fire under something that's already lighted.
I am not getting in the bucket bailing relay line next to you on this one, all right? Buzz me when you got something that'll work.
God, is the stink of losing actually sticking? I don't want that gamy shit on me.
If he's right and we're stuck in a municipal swamp, we need - Some serious legal firepower.
- Yes.
White-shoe firm.
Maybe more than one.
A fixer at bar.
A street fighter.
A master of the dark arts.
Bill Barr's a little controversial right now.
Someone to navigate the land mines, specifically the ones planted by Chuck Rhoades.
We have to hire from inside the government, to backslap and crony our way past the city council.
You're saying hire the guy who set the speed traps, and you'll always know when to slow down.
Hell, we hired Spyros straight from the SEC, and as lame as he is, we haven't gotten calls from enforcement for two years.
Someone like Manhattan D.
Seems likable, but full-on pit bull.
She'd be perfect, but she's a lifer.
M-Tap, I think he's right.
Oh, I'm right, 'cause this is the down and dirty, and I happen to be both.
Yep, and if you can add Neil Young to your band, you do it, even if you were already getting by with Crosby and Nash.
Do it.
Now, on another front: Colin has the advance team from the International Commission of Sport in from Europe.
They need to leave so happy Ah, that's why you came to me.
The down and the dirty, as you said, yes.
So that they go home to their masters and tell them we're the ones that should top the short list.
And that the gift bags you'll hand them will be pendulous and heavy as Bo Derek's You can't just bribe them.
Everyone's willing to bribe them.
Don't use the "B" word in front of me.
Come on.
Yes, but the point is, if we were the bribing type which we are not they need to be made to feel special.
Pretty certain we have different ideas on "special.
" Well, since you two are already happy bunkmates, do it together.
No way.
No way you get all that crap in that pack.
Now, if you had a spatial algorithm and someone who knew how to use it along with you, maybe.
Oh, I guess that'd be you.
Do you want to come along with your spatial-packing algo? As your worthy Sherpa.
I'll start optimizing the algo to our route for strategic climate-to-weight Oh, bud, buddy.
Yeah, no.
Big no.
So, you don't want Company? Help? Unh-unh.
I'll stuff it in with a toilet plunger and throw away half of it if I have to.
But I won't have to, because Rolf shows us how.
Feeling that Jack London, Elizabeth Gilbert call, huh? I don't aim to leave for another eight to ten months, at least.
Just pre-planning.
- Once you've saved up enough.
- Right.
No shame in the frugality game.
I'll peace once I have 600k.
But for now, it's more about grooving the feeling.
Active anticipation has psycho-physical benefits, and you can afford the time off.
But why do this here and not at home? I had enough at-home time, thanks.
And the fantasy is, you go right from work, like one day you just stand up and grab your rucksack and take off from your desk into the sun-drenched deck of some Turkish hostel in the summer.
If reality were as good as the fantasy, we wouldn't have had to invent "The Sims.
" If we start talking Sims, I'll never get back to work.
I lost all of 8th grade in service of one particularly needy pet Sim dog, an Akita.
Thing is, fantasy or reality, you aren't calculating opportunities lost.
To your career.
To your development.
Come on, you never think about getting free? No hidden agenda.
I too have considered and calculated an out number.
Assuming it's a little steeper than the cost of a Pittsburgh duplex, huh? How much? Twenty mil? Fifty? - About twice that.
- Oof! Boss wants a beach house and a ski chalet.
No, they do not.
Or that's not the why, anyway.
It's not for lifestyle.
I plan to leave once I've accrued enough personal capital to drive real, measurable, prosocial advancement.
A 5% withdrawal rate to protect against principal erosion? Exactly.
One hundred million is a solid starting point to build a legacy of truly effective humanitarian progress.
Okay, but if my math is right, and I'm p-sure it is, you still got a while before you get to temple-run.
I do, so I gotta serve my master, get paid, and make sure I can move the needle even before I hit my number.
To that end, there's something we need to work on for Prince.
- He asked you to? - Not yet.
I do love a Taylor Ham.
I made a swing out to Jersey and nabbed 'em.
Nothing like the original.
Absolutely so.
Tremendous sandwich.
The pork roll.
John Taylor original.
And you, Chuck Rhoades, went out to Jersey and snagged us a couple.
I did.
- I bagged a few for us.
- Ah.
It's a shame the Olympics only come every four years, or else I'd have guys like you and Prince playing fetch for me up and down the Eastern Seaboard on the regular.
Could fire half my staff.
Governor, I am a longtime friend and ally, while Mike Prince is Between us, I told him he's mostly shit out of luck.
So you're with me on this.
That's what I told Prince.
And it might be true.
Listen, I know I got to take a flume ride with one of you two lunatics on this.
I just haven't decided who I win with yet.
And you both need me more, so I finally got my balls back.
Can you hear 'em clank? Loud as the cymbal crashes on "Hungry Like the Wolf.
" But perhaps this isn't a decision that requires a great show of inner steel.
Perhaps it merely requires remembering that we, both of us, serve the people.
And Mike Prince's grand plan, it doesn't really serve them.
We know this.
You may know this.
But I may need a little more convincing.
I have an ask.
I need your input on a new hire.
Trader, PM, or analyst? Lawyer.
I need one from the other side to break trail with city and state lawmakers.
I know what you're asking, and I have the answer.
Kate Sacker is the name you know you need to say but can't quite bring yourself to.
Is she as good as they say? Steel-trap legal mind, charisma, knows how to work the angles.
Has political ambitions too.
Learned at Chuck's elbow.
Sounds amazing.
Is she gettable? No.
She's completely loyal.
- Right, who's next on your? - There's no next.
Kim Philby seemed loyal too.
And he broke a nation's heart.
What's my best first move? Nah.
I'm going to respectfully stay out of this one.
Things are fraught enough between me and my ex-husband without me steering you in the plucking of his personnel.
There must be something that would induce you to do it for me, to make it worth it.
I'm not that transactional.
And it's not just because of Chuck.
Sacker's special in all the ways I just mentioned, but in intangible ways too.
The thought of bringing her in here? Even if I dealt with the Chuck-of-it-all In here is not the place it used to be.
We're different.
I want to believe that that's true.
Consider it.
You hear what you're asking, right? You hear what I'm offering, right? So will you? Well, if anyone could give Jersey a fighting chance, it's Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.
I'm glad to hear you fellas are down for the cause.
I'll send you details.
Great stuff.
Just great.
Thank you.
The Boss and Bon Jovi.
You starting a band? We may have a meeting across the river, if you know what I'm saying.
Let's switch to you knowing what I'm saying.
It's time.
I need you to get guys like that donating to me.
- Playing for me.
- And they will.
We will.
Soon enough, but not quite yet.
We got big stuff on our plate.
I need to start raising money, building a staff, doing the grip-and-grins in my district, the kinds of things I cannot do while I'm on the state's dime.
I get it.
We all had to hit the pause button for months.
But everyone's plans have had to take a back seat - for the greater good.
- That was fine for a while.
No more.
All due respect, I need big cases with big wins to burnish the rep, or I need to get out.
We are going to have big cases.
You will.
Very soon.
We're stopping Citizen Prince from buying off the greatest metropolis in the history of mankind, which will cement your political place.
You've stayed the course with me this far.
All I ask is that you use your instincts and hang in with me a little longer.
We're finally doing the good thing for good reason, and it will be good for you, Kate.
You know what the most powerful four-letter word is? I don't curse much.
" I know how to unlock it for our benefit, and to help a whole whack of people.
We give Wi-Fi away as part of our gift to New York.
- That a huge - There's a company.
People of the World.
They use blockchain to siphon unused Wi-Fi from existing networks of major telecom companies, then bundle the undetectable excess for civilian use.
So free public Internet can start now in New York as a goodwill incentive pre-Olympics, and continue gratis through the Games for athletes, and to cover the influx of tourists.
Dumpster diving for bit rate.
- You have a line into it? - Yes.
Here's the pitch: New Yorkers get it gratis, courtesy of the Games.
Free Internet in the five boroughs is the holy grail.
And we set it up so that every time a New Yorker uses it, someone in sub-Saharan Africa gets the same allotment of Wi-Fi.
It's a do-good, feel-good, look-good play.
The greatest trio since Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay.
What's it gonna cost? Twenty-two million, and we control the company.
Do it.
You seem like a man who needs antioxidants.
Hmm, shit, you're right.
How's this whole "Tango and Cash" thing going? Ah, the Stallone-Russell classic.
Which one is Stallone in that? - Tango.
- Glad you know that one, Wags.
Which is why you will relate, personally, so well to certain of these folks on the advance team.
Make them feel special.
I will handle the business forward part of the evening, the front of the El Camino, as it were, and you will Organize the junk in the trunk.
I already went to the trouble to get I don't need the granular detai Are those Quaaludes? That's right.
, Beiruts, Bandits, Wagon Wheels.
They're not Lemmons.
I couldn't get that lucky.
But they are Rorers.
Our friends will feel as warm and fuzzy as a baby kitten on the cover of Cat Fancy.
Can you legally possess those in the U.
? I have a prescription of sorts.
Another reason why I won't be there for that part.
Neither will I.
I'll just hand them out.
I'm working on a project that Chelz and I have decided to try, you know? She's got this app which tells her when she's when she's ovulating.
So when the thing bings or beeps or whatever it does, I need to hop to.
I have got to be home and ready by 5:30 a.
that morning, guns loaded, so to speak.
Well, at the appropriate time, I cannot wait to wish you mazel.
Tango and Cash, or is it more Bialystock and Bloom? I can't quite tell.
But I think I like it.
Night, gents.
Initial infrastructure costs in sub-Saharan Africa are hella-spensive.
Yes, as most things of value are.
The numbers, they just they don't It's a sucky thing to say, but I'm just gonna say it.
We should dump the Africa Wi-Fi piece.
Not dump it, but hold it.
If that capital is rolled into marketing and development, the company comes out of the Olympics stronger I'm sorry you did say it, because this is all about the Africa piece.
That's the whole thing.
We'll still make money, and do good.
It won't be as much money.
Barely any, really.
Willing to pay that price.
Me too.
More than willing.
That's what I always say.
It's not really.
It just seemed like what I should say now.
So nice to see you.
And you.
Wasn't she incredible? Oh, I'm buzzing.
I still remember how I felt reading Crenshaw's 1989 paper on intersectionality for the first time in law school.
So how have you been? Bene.
You? How goes Axe Cap? It's not Axe Cap anymore.
I mean, okay, but Different name on the shingle.
Different vibe.
- So you say.
- No, no.
It's, uh, different.
This guy gives a shit about more than money.
He still makes plenty.
It's weird, but in a good way.
But weird.
- Hmm.
Sounds like it.
- Yeah, like right now, we're engaged in this big municipal project, poised to make major impact, but still facing public-sector resistance.
You could hear what that sounds like, if you wanted.
Hear it how? Come by for a half hour.
Meet the guy.
The whole thing.
You suggesting I walk into your offices? That's right.
Well, thanks anyway for thinking of me.
You know, Kate sometimes staying too long is a bigger risk than leaving too soon.
There's never a right time to make a big change.
It's good running into you.
You too.
Act interested, but coy.
Be your charming self.
Engage enough to keep them flashing the bait, but make them work for it.
Elida Geisha? Thank you.
Thanks for coming, Kate.
Wendy said I had to sit with you.
She said the same about you.
Nice to be here without a warrant.
Love what you've done with the place.
No basis for warrants in these parts anymore.
Then I'd love to know what this meeting is about.
It's about me offering you the role of lead counsel for New York City's first ever Olympics.
Nice and shiny.
Why me? Your granular expertise in city bureaucracy, balanced by panoramic understanding of the political landscape.
We want you at the epicenter of this undertaking.
Leading the farthest-reaching legal proceedings the state has seen in a decade.
There's just the tiny wrinkle of my current boss and entire career history.
Why would you trust me? There's nothing illegal happening here, so we don't need you as our co-conspirator.
Our only crime will be ushering in a new era of opportunity.
A safer, cleaner, more prosperous New York.
For who? Your investors? When Sinatra sang about this place, when Jay-Z and Alicia Keys did, they meant it.
They captured that romance and the possibility of what this city could be.
When you look around now, is that what you see? - Of course you don't.
- Of course you don't.
The city's been gored and gutted.
We're gonna turn it around.
The Games bring so much in their wake.
Free cultural events.
Free Wi-Fi.
Sounds grand.
Where do I fit in? I need someone to bushwhack through the legal thickets so I can make all that a possibility.
Think about how landing a well-run Olympics could play for you in a congressional run.
Nice info, but it's not at all clear that this would help if those were my plans.
By the time I'm done, this city's gonna be begging for the big top.
And you'll be touted as the woman who cleared the way to make it all possible.
Yeah, okay.
Why don't I send over some good names.
Thanks for the pricey coffee.
You were right.
It was a job offer.
My experience with government in general, and, I think, this office, was the driver.
Oh, I bet.
What'd you pick up? They are going to vivify and beautify this fair city, first for the Games, then for all of us in their wake.
- But there are, of course - Regulatory Measures and thickets of Rules, I'd imagine, that need Just the sort of sharp knife I carry, yep.
All sorts of infrastructure improvements, from buildings to the shit flying through the air connecting the world, which he's going to give away for free.
Sure, they will need someone like you if they think the telecom and wireless folks are going to welcome whatever he's got planned.
Not going to be me.
You want me to pass right now, in front of you? No.
Not yet.
In 24 hours, you're going to pass.
First, I know who I want to take that job: Ira Schirmer.
And I know what I'm going to do about this bullshit, pandering free Wi-Fi initiative too.
You're a wealthy man.
Young wife, young child.
You have it all.
But you know what you don't have? An alpaca? Might be kind of tough in the apartment.
But, no, it's true.
I saw Downey on the newish Letterman thing.
- Alpacas - Relevance.
Being in the mix.
I want this? This sounds like a pain in the ass.
You need this.
And I get it how? Prince offered Sacker a job steering him through the legal quagmire.
You go be his baby driver instead.
That guy is too smart to go for this.
He knows I'm your friend.
My best friend.
And you lead with that.
This is why you're perfect for it.
You know my moves and - And he sees right through it.
- Not if you declaim: I won't hurt Rhoades personally.
I love the man.
But this is business, and I will be your lawyer, and couldn't betray you without risking my license.
So I'm an asset, and you're running me at him.
You been reading Ambler? Yeah, a bit.
The Zaleshoff books.
And I can tell you, it's not going to work.
He's he's too smart.
So you go further.
We use those very smarts and his ambition.
You tell him that your friendship with me is hurting you professionally.
You've lost clients over it.
You have to show that you're not afraid to go against me, that you know my moves and how to blunt them.
And you commit to it and mean it.
I can mean it if I have to.
As you have shown me in the past.
Go do it.
Can't wait to finish building this boat for you.
- Can you hurry it up? - Yeah, I am.
I'll have it done for you in three years.
That includes greening, right? Has to.
I need this thing carbon-neutral.
No carbon footprint.
Not just the power plant.
Stem to stern.
That's what I do.
Ira, of course I know who you are, but not why you're calling.
Well, how could you know before you've heard my spiel? You may be magnificent, but you're not Carnac.
- Ira? - I'm calling because you're looking for a legal eagle.
One who can be a big blocker against the government.
Ah, and you're the Chuck whisperer? The Chuck neutralizer.
Your friendship is widely known.
As is attorney/client privilege.
I'd be sworn to work on your behalf and keep everything confidential.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a man like Rhoades - has friends ready to - I won't hit him personally.
Even though I know what an utter hemorrhoid he can be when you're against him, I love the guy.
But it's important for me professionally to be seen to stand up to him.
And when I do, I will sit his ass down.
Let's get together and talk in person.
I'll have Kristy get with your office to lock in.
Sounds good.
You really got with the spirit there.
What can I say? - You can't consider it.
- I consider everything.
It's a setup.
You know it's a setup.
He had to know we'd think that, and called anyway.
Look, it's moot unless you guys close tonight, so let me worry about the barrister.
You nail your part.
Chuck Rhoades is fucking with our Wi-Fi play.
Someone is coming for what's yours, folks.
You're big telecom.
We can't let that happen.
Rhoades has mobilized big telecom against People of the World.
They're calling it piggybacking, signal theft, antitrust, even though it's excess signal that no one's using.
We need PR firms.
We've got to spend against this move.
Ballpark it for me.
Thirteen and a half million.
Okay, I'll get into it.
Thank you.
The Games in New York City will be a sports and a cultural event.
It'll be the only way you can still see the Gates again.
We've secured the rights with Jeanne-Claude and Christo's estate.
That is something.
It's not nothing.
Let's move to dinner.
If Jeanne-Claude and Christo aren't blowing you away, I imagine Chef Scott and his team will.
Oh, I know this lot.
This is as interested as they get without being absolutely committed.
Welcome, members.
This is the whole hog.
Understand, folks, that I have slow-cooked and hand-pulled for you to enjoy to the fullest.
Hear, hear! Yum! And there'll be more stops pulled out after that, don't you all worry.
Remember, I'm gone after dinner.
Yeah, after we eat, it's off to Palazzo with our soft targets.
Place is loaded with talent.
Clean talent.
And I mean clean.
Ladies, gentlemen, other.
Everything they'll want.
And all documented, vaxxed, and virus-free with antibodies onboard.
Then I'll peel off, too.
What? No, no, no.
Gentlemen, if you both depart, our friends will become uncomfortable.
They'll have you right there with them.
This is what you're getting paid for.
Yes, but if one of you doesn't partake, they'll be looking for cameras.
They'll imagine it's a setup.
A blackmail play.
It's happened before in Bogotá.
But Bogotá never had the Games.
- Oh.
- Exactly.
Well, I've done my part.
So it's on you, Wagsy.
Now excuse me while I pander to my audience.
Who is hangry for some hog? Whoa! Whew.
You scared me there with your Batmobile.
What brings you up to the triple digits? We have to talk.
It's your time, Kate.
America doesn't elect pessimists, it elects those that see the brighter and better future.
The Olympics will do for this town what they once did for Greece.
And they'll do you some good too.
This isn't America.
It's New York.
And the only thing worse than a pessimist is a bullshitter.
If I come aboard and you are wrong, it'll be the end for me as a candidate.
I know what I'm doing.
You're smart.
Exceptionally smart.
That's why I want you on my team.
But be careful not to let your brilliance get in the way.
Having blind faith in anyone can be dangerous, even yourself.
Adam Grant talks about this in Think Again.
The best predictors of the future aren't smarter.
They're just willing to take one more look, one more time, than the other folks.
That's good advice.
But, uh, I'm aware.
If your mother asks how many eggs you want, and you say one, but she makes two and you eat both, who's better at math, you or your mother? Excuse me? What my old man used to say when I'd worked myself into a knot over something.
Doesn't matter how good your gut is, don't double down on old instincts when presented with new insight.
Marc Andreessen calls it having strong opinions, weakly held.
Always being ready to change to the better idea.
- Bingo.
- Yeah, but I don't see how leaving to work for you, trashing the reputation I've built in the public sector, turning my back on my mentor A mentor shouldn't get in the way of your success.
Unlike Chuck, I want to invest in your future.
Entwine it with my own.
The last thing I need is another father figure with ideas about my future.
Here's where I'm different from those you've come across.
I don't want to be the one giving advice all the time.
I want to take your advice.
I need it.
I'm not your father.
I want to be your peer.
Watch you score.
Bask in your glow.
That's a new wrinkle.
Still You see yourself as a civil servant.
I get it.
I, too, believe in service.
The thing you've got to ask yourself is, am I still serving best where I am? Or is there something better? Once you complete the job for me, that'll be your campaign office.
I see.
Twenty-four hours after you declare, your field staff already hired will collect and submit all the signatures you need before the filing deadline leaving you free to chase the real cheesecake.
You sure you know what you're buying? You think I'm concerned because you brought my Wi-Fi play back to Chuck? Yes, it did screw me up for a minute.
But I'd have been disappointed if you hadn't.
I love that you're loyal.
You did right by your boss despite the potential cost to yourself.
That's what matters.
It's how I know that you'll serve me loyally as well.
Until I help get you elected to Congress.
Gentle-folk, it's been a pleasure.
I look forward to doing it again in 2028.
I wish you good night and bid you adieu.
- Cheers.
- Thanks very much.
Fellows, exciting offer.
It seems our friends in New Jersey have arranged an impromptu private concert.
The Boss and Bon Jovi at the Stone Pony.
Choppers are waiting.
What the fuck? Colin, you said Jersey was on the sideline.
How did you let them into the game? I didn't let them anywhere, I assure you.
This is coming from outside.
A concerted attack.
Could this be Rhoades? Feels like him.
That's it then, I guess.
"It" nothing.
It's right there for you to finish.
Well, sure, like a diamond ring in a cesspool.
I just have to dive in, swim around, find it and clean it off.
However you want to say it.
Ride the damn tiger.
Go with them, get them back to the city, and give them an experience that knocks the taste of American rock and roll - right out of their mouths.
- My guns, they can't be empty.
Maybe you'll have a stray bullet left.
"Wrecking Ball," into "Blaze of Glory" with a twin acoustic guitar finisher of "Rosalita," in a tiny private club.
"Rosalita," damn.
Really incredible.
I mean, what can you hope to do when the other side has freaking Bruce? - And Bon Jovi.
- And Bon Jovi.
It's all the more impressive you got it done.
It really is.
I mean, congratulations, Scooter.
You saw the play.
I knew I had the man for the job.
But he was balking, and you got it out of him.
Really, unbelievably done.
"Him" is me, right? He manipulated me and you're congratulating him for it? Absolutely.
Always give props to the guy who made the assist.
The guy who scored already knows what he did.
I need a slap on the ass when I score.
That's how I'm wired.
Good job, Wags! Feel better? Yeah.
How'd you get it done, Wags? Considering your other agenda? Ahh! Wags! I'd heard of these guys who go behind closed doors and only talked.
I always imagined they were pathetic losers of the most desperate stripe looking for connection.
But I guess they had their reasons.
Like I did.
Uh-oh, that's my cue.
Give it another five or six minutes, then finish it off big.
You're a dear.
Good luck with your dissertation.
The truth is, we actually had a lovely chat before we got down to putting on the show.
Well, Colin said you guys killed it.
Figured out exactly which ones could be moved.
Bid round's looking as good as it possibly can.
Oh, thanks for warning me about Ira Schirmer.
I do know you were trying to protect me.
You were playing him from jump, to get Rhoades leaning.
Couldn't believe I didn't see it.
Won't miss it next time, sir.
I believe you.
Miss Sacker's already sat with him, so she can finish getting you prepped.
Oh, no.
My meeting just got canceled.
Son of a bitch.
They played the Albin on me.
Chuck? I fancied myself some chess grandmaster and brought my big piece out early.
Albin's a hyperaggressive counter.
I lost my advantage and failed to protect my goddamn queen.
Welcome to Michael Prince Capital, Kate.
So, where do I work? Wherever you want.
Welcome, Miss Sacker.
Allow me to show you the place.
The Olympics.
That's what I get for doing this.
You want to be on the performance coaching team.
To run it.
Use my talents to turn those athletes into medal machines.
Their goal, my goal, the country's goal: aligned.
So that my heart and soul are engaged in all of it.
It's not that you weren't transactional.
It's that you're very good at it.
And for the right reasons which pleases me.
I can see you aren't happy.
I imagine this is visible on my face and in my demeanor, yes.
And how could it not be so? You made a deal that you knew would displease me.
Once the telecom companies figured out what we were trying to do, the only move was to make a deal with them, include them, let them be a part of it.
So they get the pop for agreeing to provide free Wi-Fi - for the fortnight of the Games.
- Made the most sense.
The city gets nothing leading up to that.
Just two lousy weeks.
And the Africa initiative, that just dies? This deal doesn't contemplate an Africa piece.
But that was the whole reason I brought the idea to you.
- Ideas change.
- Or die.
It's back-burnered, not dead.
We were I thought we could and I know this sounds corny but it's the thing, right, that we are put in a position to do, and that's to change, to actually change the world, which is what this would have done.
What I would have done.
And now they get what? The consolation prize: a free tote bag? People love free tote bags.
Especially when they don't know what they could have gotten.
But, come on, what did you think your plan was really going to accomplish long term? - What was going to change? - You know the answer.
With Wi-Fi they could connect to the I don't have to spell it out for you.
You know the answer.
I do.
You know, I've lived through versions of this before.
More than that, Africa has.
There was a great initiative, with great goodwill and good intentions, to build wells in different places.
Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali.
Ones that really needed it.
Only once the wells were built, there was no money to maintain them.
So when they broke and fell into disrepair, no one knew how to fix them.
The people also became reliant on them.
So instead of making things better, the people ended up worse off.
This would be like that.
You'd get them dependent on the connectivity, and then, when it disappeared, they'd be lost.
Sure, it's easy to take that position now.
Nothing easy about it.
But I pick and choose my shots to make things better, so that when I do it, it works.
It holds.
It sticks.
That's what I'm going to do too, soon enough, full-fucking-time.
You have a number.
I do.
Gotta be a hundred mil.
That's the nine-digit combination that opens the lock to the escape hatch.
It is.
You must be within striking distance of that number, too, by now.
I am.
Getting there.
The problem is the number shifts when you see what it can and can't do.
I'm at over 10 billion.
I'm a philanthropist, like you, yet I haven't left.
Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach, and at your level, they should be.
- Why is that? - If this had been my cause, those struggling folks would be getting their Wi-Fi, regardless of the business end, with the money baked in to keep it going.
Infrastructure, technicians on payroll to keep it reliable, sustainable, so the well would never run dry.
Because even at a 150 mil a year personal OPEX, I can afford it, you can't.
So you're trying to turn this into an object lesson on scale.
Not trying to do anything.
That's what it is.
I'm independently wealthy.
You're not.
You're kind of rich, which is great.
But if you want to change the world, nine digits ain't gonna do it.
I can see that you are right that my number was faulty.
I have a new one now.
A billion.
Not hiding from you.
So I see.
How could you, Kate? It'd one thing if you had ditched before.
But now, when I'm doing it right? All the ways.
And winning.
For us and the folks.
I'd think you would know that this is the moment to stay, not leave.
But after all I taught you Oh, you did.
You taught me.
It's maybe how I knew to make the decision I made.
Maybe I'm ready to do some teaching, too.
To be a peer, not just an acolyte.
We could do that.
No, we can do that.
No, you made me wait.
Then you put me in play.
Some would ask, how could I have waited so long? And what would you say to them? That I felt I still had more to learn.
And I had the best professor.
What if that professor isn't done teaching yet? Then he'd better find someone who's still in need of those particular lessons because this student has already left the campus.

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