Billions (2016) s06e07 Episode Script

Napoleon's Hat

1 Previously on Billions The city's down.
It's a perfect opportunity to rebuild.
All of this is some big romantic gesture? I think we should both proceed with caution.
I came here to hire you.
There's a war going on, between the very wealth you are trying to accrue and the rest of us.
The stakes are absolute.
New Yorkers will be riding in style in time for the 2028 games.
And you'll be the hero to take them there.
The governor of New York will be.
Isn't this getting too expensive to be worth it? Not until the torch is lit in Manhattan.
After we eat, it's off to Palazzo with our soft targets.
The place is loaded with talent.
Thank you for taking the time to see There's no money without the cars.
No but you did promise it to the MTA.
We'll make an undirected donation of two billion dollars to the MTA tomorrow morning.
Without a source close to Prince, you'll just be guessing blind at his attacks.
You can get me the names of the contenders for Prince's list.
MPC, meet the final piece of the Prince List.
Indiana A&M.
Are you leaving? Why? You down for another round? Oh, you so want to.
But you haven't allowed yourself a free morning since junior high, and now you're stuck.
For breakfast.
It won't just be the two of us I I could use your help.
And your charm.
Colin Drache is coming over for a meeting.
He's gonna get us primed for the final vote at the end of the week.
He's gonna want his palms greased, that guy.
I have a workaround.
You think he keeps himself in Brunello Cucinelli taking "workarounds" instead of fat envelopes? That's why you need to be there.
I can't let him get me like Napoleon's hat, two corners.
With you there, he can't ask for a payoff.
I love New York.
Who doesn't? It's a fine city.
It's a fine slogan.
But even the most fervent amoureux de New York would have to concede, your public transportation is an insult to both the public and transportation.
If you go by what exists now, sure.
But by the time the games are here Let me guess.
Your trains will be as speedy as Monfils himself and won't smell like liquefied humanity.
I'm meeting with the MTA later to sell them on a brighter future.
I've got a lead engineer and private funding all lined up.
It's as good as done.
There's a deadline.
You'll get an agreement within the next three days? Yep.
Just in time for every Commission member to write those grand three letters, "NYC," on their ballots.
I've seen the subway plans myself.
There remains one matter to discuss.
A delicate one which we could address if we were a bit more like un chapeau de Napoleon.
Perhaps I could return or Oh.
Oh, no, there's no need for a return visit.
This outlines an initiative I'm funding with Indiana A&M seeking a greater level of international diversity.
It allows certain members of the ICS to select which kids in their community deserving kids get the scholarships.
Now, the school will have final approval, but it'll make some of your commissioners heroes.
And do a lot of good around the world.
I've got a C.
stuck into the Prince List.
Stuart Legere, President of Indiana A&M.
I got a call from him on my way in.
Prince is offering scholarships like a Pez dispenser.
Scholarships are a bad thing now? We've gotta talk scholarships.
All above board.
- You want to think so.
- What are you worried about? He's giving them to members of the Olympic Commission - to use as leverage - That's mom's apple pie compared to what usually happens in the grapple for the games.
Chuck's gonna go after them.
- Oh, come on - I'm telling you.
Let me coordinate with Indiana A&M, help them language their announcement so it's clear they were seeking these students.
And with the recipients, make sure they declare the scholarships on their taxes.
There's merely been an introduction, a connection made.
That's a level of care beyond legal due diligence.
Which is what we need, because Chuck is going to go after them.
My guess is, somewhere inside this is a direct bribe of sorts, a quid pro quo.
I sometimes think I'm a good guesser, too.
Like when Howard Stern used to have the Rosie head filled with jelly beans.
But no matter how sure I was, - I never got it right.
- That they became friends is one of the great shocks of my lifetime.
It's wonderful.
But these scholarships are not.
My nose never lies.
It's like that toucan in the Froot Loops ads.
And I smell something.
You hired me to anticipate Chuck's moves.
If he finds out about this, he's gonna try to make it look real look bad.
The Olympic announcement is in three days.
He will see this deadline as putting pressure on you to shore up the bid.
And Chuck Rhoades thinks that any wealthy plunger in a tight spot pays his way out.
That guy.
A Cypress Hill song comes to mind.
I can't picture you listening to that.
Lot of years in basketball locker rooms.
Raps along, but never says the curse words.
So we need to only talk about every part of that, or never speak of it again.
I choose "B.
" So The harbor is mined here.
We do it right, we sail through to dry land.
We do it wrong, bang.
Thank you, Kate.
You pay her to lock it down.
You pay me to make it work.
These scholarships will be 99.
4% pure when she's done.
But even that Ivory Snow might not be enough to bring this home.
Salt Lake City lost the '98 Winter Games because they were giving out saltwater taffy while Nagano was comping resort vacations.
We're playing with a boa constrictor here.
We don't get away without being squeezed.
The games are part of my long-term plans for myself and this city.
But I have an angle.
The Olympics are under pressure to move past the sordid reputation.
I'm the guy offering to usher them into a new age, a fully respectable one.
My gut is that they're not looking for free sushi dinners and massages this go-round.
Maybe they just want to camouflage it better.
Nah, I saw Colin's face when I handed him that folder.
It was exactly what he was looking for.
No one puts on a read better than you, Mike.
But do you want to be the first person who really tried to get the games to New York City with no grease? Or the person who got the games to New York City? - Hi.
- That event tonight at Kevin's school - I forgot all about it.
- Tonight? I missed it entirely.
My mistake.
What, are they accepting donations of valuables now that they've cleaned out our bank account? Just as painful.
Carnival fundraiser.
They have us down as volunteers to work the booths.
That implies we were willing.
Neither of us has attended a Parent Association meeting this year.
I'm guessing they wouldn't accept a paralegal in our stead? Not if we want to remain in good standing.
Kevin's gonna be applying to colleges soon.
And if you can't get him into Yale, we're gonna need them to jam him into Don't say Cornell.
I was hoping you could take one for the team.
I would.
I will.
Next time.
Work is I'm asking for a favor, Chuck.
Which I would love to do for you.
Hell, at next year's carnival, I'll do the dunk tank, and I'll let you take the first shot.
I just don't think I can make it happen right now.
Ten times the efficiency.
Zero accidents.
Zero delays.
Easier said than built.
Only slightly so for Ms.
She's put the full force of her engineering genius and her network building experience into complete signal overhaul.
I've already designed the routing systems and run simulated tests.
This will save lives and lots of money in the long term.
Mayor Johnson.
I didn't know you'd be joining us today.
Would've waited if I had.
Since you couldn't buy us a new subway, I wanna hear how Mike Prince plans to save the subway we've got.
Two words: Olympic Express.
An express train service to and from Olympic venues.
It'll incentivize more tourists to use mass transit, and, with the higher fares, it will be a major revenue generator for the MTA.
I love to walk down Fifth Avenue and window shop.
It's fun to imagine wearing all those pretty things.
But as soon as you step inside the store and flip over that price tag, the illusion is broken.
I'm stepping inside the store this budget cycle, coordinating closely with all city agencies.
I'm sorry, Mike, we just can't afford luxury items.
Well, that's the best part.
Won't cost the city a thing.
I have commitments from prominent financiers, including Sruthi, to provide all the funding.
- Every cent.
- Yeah, sure.
We might as well build a private train just for Mr.
Michael Prince while we're at it.
There's nothing but upside for the MTA on this.
Nothing in this city comes free.
Sorry, Mike, we don't need you.
We don't want to be indebted to private investors.
We're floating public transpo bonds to raise the funds the MTA needs.
You want to see the Olympics come to New York.
I know you do.
I can't be seen doing your bidding.
Not this term.
Especially after all that drama with Rhoades.
I was standing up there being shouted at, too.
By voters.
Cute idea, though.
Olympic Express.
Maybe for 2036.
Well, that's that.
Not over.
Stand by.
Your company will be wiring signals by next week, one way or another.
I'm just looking for a little courtesy here, Nadine, between our offices on interstate fraud.
No, New York did not "steal" anything.
And for the record, I was trying to help.
I was the one behind the Boss and Bon Jovi playing that show.
Don't lose faith, New Jersey's still in the hunt.
Stand by.
New Jersey AG.
Her governor's pissed 'cause New York snaked the Olympic bid.
But it hasn't even been announced.
I'm aware.
But there have been whispers.
I had the whole thing tilted their way and not Prince's.
Something happened that night that overshadowed the show and put New York back in the lead.
That's where we need to be looking.
- Karl! - Reporting.
Work with Dave to get me the chopper manifests from the night the advance team flew to the Stone Pony.
I need to know everyone on board to and fro.
I remember the days you didn't have to take roll call in a whirlybird.
Now that I think about it, things have changed for the better.
Haircuts haven't.
Beer neither.
But, yeah, some things.
I'll go get started.
And maybe you should get back on those scholarships.
I'm here to catch flagrant law-breakers.
I'm good with that.
But I can't go in on hunting an upstanding guy sticking the tips of his Purple Labels over the line.
There is another kind, besides the flagrant and the line-toer, and that is one who believes there is no line for him.
Because his stature, because his wealth, gives him the divine right.
And you think that's Mike Prince? - It is.
- If you're going after him because his ego is too big, everyone who lives north of 14th Street is guilty of that.
Maybe the whole damn island.
Look, it seems like you want to prosecute the idea of this kind of wealth itself.
But the courts don't offer a cause of action for that.
They oughta.
You say that because you are from it.
Only those with wealth have the privilege of resenting it.
But, for the rest of us, it's that dream that makes things go.
The life-changing fortune that comes along with it.
You're telling me you didn't raise your kids to aspire to more? I've certainly raised mine that way.
Part of why I took the shortest maternity leave on record at the defender's office.
That American myth is just as sweet as an ice-cold Coke, and it's been guzzled down by folks on the lower rungs who don't want to tax the rich because they think they'll be that rich themselves someday.
And tell me you don't hope your kids spend more time with theirs than you did.
I want them to have it all.
Only guys like Prince get that.
People like him, who accumulate such outsized power and lucre, threaten the very thing that makes America truly great, democracy.
An equal voice for all.
That is a crime in and of itself.
I'm aware of exactly where the American Dream falls short, believe me.
But we're not about to flip an entire system of wealth and privilege by netting one Mike Prince.
Just promise me.
If we get to the end of this and there's no crime, we move on to some real criminals.
I'll do you one better.
I'll let you pick the next target.
I'll look for a lever to move the Transport Workers Union to get them to pressure the MTA Board.
No, no more of that.
The Board isn't the issue, Mayor Johnson is.
They were with us till she walked in.
But she's all cashed up for subway improvements from a new bond issuance.
Then what do we offer her? She couldn't handle the political heat from Rhoades and his Godzilla routine.
She said as much.
Then you need to make it hotter for her to stand against the Olympics rather than for them.
I'll take the Skyway, you know? High above the little one-way, sure.
I'll set up a Zoom with those fine folks.
I've looked at them all, Chuck.
All legit.
And, honestly, some pretty deserving kids are gonna get to go to college.
College will be better for it, too.
Proud we are of all of them.
My old firm had a digger on payroll.
I asked him to look into Prince and the Olympics.
He found no evidence of illegal activity - in connection with the bid.
- Yet.
He hasn't found it You wanna make a man dance? Hit him with a subpoena.
You should've seen the guy at Sky Star Aviation scramble to get me these manifests once I showed him the stamp.
Michael Prince, not on board.
Scooter Dunbar was listed, but also didn't fly.
The rest was Commish advance team, except for Wagner and one Colin Drache.
Michael Wagner.
The Captain Trips for this merry band of pranksters.
I made a great spirit guide in my salad days.
Loose, breathable clothing is key.
Wagner was the only Prince employee on board.
Your bloodhound doesn't know how men like Prince think.
I do.
He's insulated himself.
Prince only would've sent someone like Michael Wagner in his stead for one reason.
Wagner carries the black bag.
The man wears decorative rings, for Christ sake.
We really can't jump to legal conclusions - based on accessories.
- Oh, yeah, we can.
Karl, find out who this Colin Drache is.
We're off to a meeting across the river.
You shouldn't have shit-canned Lauren.
- Come again? - That came out wrong.
That's not what I meant.
We need an IR person.
We need something.
Every time there's a ratings change, our switchboard lights up with calls from panicky investors.
Not our actual switchboard, which we don't have, - but like our metaphoric one.
- I get you.
Using the ratings to punch holes in our investment theories.
Like sick people using WebMD to second-guess their doctor.
More like people using Moody's to bust my ball Surely you can handle that.
I can handle drunk Gerard Butler wannabes nudging up against me at Minnows with their Fiddlehead IPAs.
Doesn't mean I want to waste my time on them.
Rankin's releasing a slew of upgrades and downgrades later this week.
Sure to bring a fresh onslaught.
Maybe there's a way we can preempt these kinds of calls.
Establish our own ratings criteria.
Cool idea, but I don't even have nights and weekends as it is.
That would involve hundreds of hours of analysis.
We could crowdsource it.
Tight-lipped bunch in that place.
- I got the bartender talking.
- How? I recognized the tattoo artist who did a piece on his neck.
Learned that trick last time I was a prosecutor.
- So what did we get? - He heard some of the foreigners saying their next stop was "The Palazzo.
" Palazzo.
High-end cathouse.
Or it was.
They shut down during COVID.
I thought they never reopened.
You missed the email blast? Well, let's go.
Where is it? You're asking me? Hey, I'm not judging, but you're the Overton Window guy, so I figured No, no, I'm outta that game.
So we have to find Palazzo.
It's our Fleur de Lis.
I think I know how to solve the MTA issue.
A move has been made.
Is it going to work? Let's go see Prince.
Maybe we wait a beat on that, until after I make my play.
Mayor, call for comment from the Post.
Seems Mike Prince is in talks to sell that new subway tech to Minneapolis.
Minneapolis doesn't even have a goddamn Headlines are gonna murder you for passing on it.
"It's A Twin Pity, NYC Loses Out Thanks to Her Honor.
" And so forth.
Get Mike Prince on the phone for me.
No glory in helming a third-generation family business, I'll tell you that.
Sure, my name's on the door, but if I make money, it's expected.
Everyone in the clan has their hand out waiting to be filled, so I can only fuck it up from there, which makes me ornery.
Someone with very little to lose when it comes to tangling with a new competitor.
I like the direct threat thing.
You don't see it so much anymore except from guys like you.
It's bracing.
I'd love you to go further.
To put it bluntly, you'll wake me up.
You have.
You don't make enemies of the well-entrenched.
Even if you win, the cost is too great.
Plus, you'll embarrass yourself.
We're an institution.
We have expertise, track record, client relationships.
You issue one inaccurate rating, some errant data point, and you lose all credibility.
As an investor, too.
So let me buy your crowd sourcing algorithm from you, salvage whatever I can.
That was a quick zip around the corner from Extortion Ave to Payoff Lane.
You'll walk away with your reputation intact, a little change in your pocket.
You see your track record as an advantage? You haven't upgraded your system since Nelly came out with Country Grammar in 2000.
Not even after you rated subprimes triple-A during the housing bubble.
None of you did.
The beauty of my algo is that it's extracurricular for me and very low-cost to operate.
Say you're right, and there's a glitch.
No, several.
We can weather them until we prove ourselves and outperform you.
Besides, I have another offer already.
And like you said, it might make sense to sell, given the hats I already wear.
"Offer"? Shit.
- Standard & Poor's? - I can't say.
Look, my main reason for starting this is accuracy.
Whoever actually runs the thing.
I'll match, no, better their offer.
Sure, I'll let you.
Because, much like your family, I'm interested in seeing you do better.
Thank you, Taylor, this is the right But I need to make sure that certain city issuances of certain city authorities are examined and rated accurately, low as that might be.
That's more old school than You're old school as a barbershop quartet.
Your hairstyle alone could make this happen.
Otherwise, I put you out of business, and you can explain that to folks at the next reunion.
What do you say, guys? Hmm? You came.
I said I'd try.
As did you.
Now I guess they've assigned us to work together.
I guess they did.
Well, uh, much as I appreciate the backup, I think I've got the bobbing for apples under control.
Fresh water and apples for each contestant.
Sanitized bucket.
Feel free to take off.
And suffer the disapproving glares of the coven of PTA moms as I leave? Fat chance.
I'm sticking it out.
I think one of them hexed me on the way in when she found out I didn't RSVP.
- No takers yet? - Not a one.
It's a dreadful game, really.
Your face submerged, inhaling water.
I'd never equate the two, but it's not unlike waterboarding, I'll tell you that from experience.
Oh, it's a story for another time.
Taking a break from your billionaire bashing to turn this place commie, too? Save it for the ballot box, sir.
I want to get into it now.
No, you walking inferiority complex.
Why don't you do us all a favor and go find yourself a therapist instead of picking fights with greater men? Unless you want him to drag you for paying your nanny - and housekeeper off the books - Shut the fuck up, Karen.
Ohh, pal, that is a line you do not want to cross, unless you want to end up like Andy "The Hawk" Price, knocked out standing by Sugar Ray.
Thanks for getting my back.
- We struck a nerve.
- Yeah.
I think it was the combo of a smug smile and boat shoes.
There's a lotta those around here, unfortunately.
The year Sperrys or a Vineyard Vines blazer shows up on Kevin's Christmas list is the year we transfer him to public school.
Should we have that convo again? We always said we'd revisit it if there were good reason.
We'll think on it but probably, yes.
- Mike.
- Hi.
Uh come in.
I don't want to jinx it, but I have reason to believe things are looking good for the games right now.
The mayor called me for a meet.
In person.
Only one reason for that call.
Kickass, Michael Prince.
Nicely done.
I had Skyline flown in from Cincinnati, a celebratory four-way and five-way.
You're still the only Midwesterner I know - who can handle it.
- You know I can, but I have dinner plans that I can't get out of.
Oh, no sweat.
I-I should have checked.
You're still coming to the announcement event though, yeah? Of course.
That's the whole reason I'm here.
Win or lose, I want you by my side.
What's up? It's been nice, being here and seeing more of each other.
And there's a small part of me that wanted New York to lose, for the games to go to Prague or Mexico City.
So you could challenge yourself on another nation's soil, no home field advantage? No.
To see if you'd put in the effort.
I need to be training at altitude in the mountains.
Would you pull yourself away from your company, fly to me on a Friday night? Make calls and dial into meetings from my base camp? Now that it's so convenient, we'll never really know.
Well that's the point of having your own jet, right? The freedom to commit to what you love.
I'd bring the hotspot, the sat phone, whatever it took.
But we're lucky we don't have to deal with that added strain.
We get the best of both worlds this way.
I'm gonna finish getting ready.
I'll see you at the thing.
Fortune favored me tonight at the silent auction table.
I'm surprised you bid on something.
Only under great duress.
A dinner at home for two by Chef Daniel Boulud.
Nicely done.
I'm sure it'll be exquisite.
Well, uh, actually, I don't have a special someone to share it with at this juncture.
And I can't face asking Ira or my dad to join me.
Why don't you take it? Yeah, make a special night of it for you and a friend.
I I don't really have anyone to ask either, at the moment.
Why don't we enjoy it together, at the house? It's a fine idea.
Check my calendar.
I am damned if I work too closely with billionaires and damned if I don't work closely enough.
It's a tough spot.
The headlines haven't been kind.
And now you're also saddled with every subway delay and malfunction.
If I can be blamed for the subway's failures, I plan on taking credit for its success, too.
Which is why you're here.
It is.
I'm here to tell you that we don't need any money from you or your "steering committee.
" And even if you shower Minneapolis with your gifts, we have a subway upgrade plan of our own in place.
That's not what you said on the phone when you begged for this meeting.
Because I hadn't explained my situation to the governor yet.
But it seems he recently fell into two billion in unexpected cash.
A kind donation from a generous, civic-minded individual.
And Sweeney's diverting it to the MTA's budget.
With that and the new bond issuance we're planning, the hole's all filled in.
We're going to announce our upgrade plan tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to the headlines.
I can take plenty more than my train tech to the Twin Cities.
I could take my business, my holdings, my taxes.
Your job isn't to fix the trains.
It's to keep the whales like me swimming in your waters, raising the tides for everyone.
Oh, I've seen Blackfish.
But now I know from personal experience, too.
Trying to work with you only makes you hostile.
You're free to swim where you please.
Two billion.
Sweeney's using my own money to block me.
The Prague and Mexico City bids have sent contingents to Athens ahead of tomorrow's vote.
They've set meetings.
That means one thing: They've found the vulnerable among the advance team, and they're going to be very persuasive in person.
The Olympics aren't going to be my curtain call.
I plan on having a lifetime of grand projects, as you know.
My reputation and my career are inseparable.
So we're back at square one.
With one day left.
Never feels like it, but that's the best place to be.
We're bringing the ball up, they're in a full-court defense.
Lotta pressure.
But you keep control and break the press.
Nobody's back, and it's an easy bucket.
We just gotta break the press.
You're a man with an eerily extensive knowledge of New York's darker corners.
Do you know where "Palazzo" is? Not sure.
I did go to a pretty incredible place once in Okinawa called "Whisper Alley" when I was detailed to a Department of Defense trip with some generals, though.
There was a hell of a banana show, and they served sake with a habu viper in the bottle.
You know what? Never mind.
Chef Boulud says he will handle any dietary restrictions.
The only restriction will be my belt after I eat all this.
Though I have heard the bouillabaisse is Oh, yeah, no, it sure is.
I had it a few years back.
We did.
At, uh, Café Boulud.
With that weird couple we met at The Blantyre.
Oh, my God.
Oh, man, the folks you meet on vacation.
Should stay in your memory, before they take down five martinis, and never at your table.
Pick whatever looks good to you, Chuck.
I'm sure it'll be great.
Okay, good.
I have been looking through all of our Olympic dealings with my Chuck goggles on, and I found something.
The night you two entertained the advance team for the Commission.
The manifests for the helicopter company Jersey used that night have been subpoenaed.
Nothing can be linked to M-TAP.
Doesn't have to be.
Chuck gets one lead, announces an investigation, Commission gets rattled and goes with another city.
Do you all have everything locked down? That would be a question for Moi.
None of the professionals involved in that evening's activities are a liability.
Discretion is their craft.
Make sure of it.
Best for us all if I don't touch that one.
This Palazzo business.
Asking around with the criminals in custody, none of them can afford it.
All I've got is an old address.
It was becoming too well known, so they picked up and moved it elsewhere.
Well, these places shuffle locations like handsy priests change dioceses.
We could use some help on this.
There's someone I can ask.
We're sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service.
Madison, it's me.
I can't get through to the Palazzo.
Have you heard anything? Has there been any trouble? Ask around, would ya? Okay.
Let me know.
I'm here on business.
Thank you for agreeing to see me again.
I know that you had hoped to never have to.
That was a long time ago.
And you were a good customer before.
My favorite kind.
Not for the right reasons.
Oh, I needed it, yeah.
At the moment, though I see that.
You're different now, changed.
For the time being, at least.
I need its current location.
I didn't know any other way to find it.
That place doesn't offer what you're into.
Unless your arousal template has completely changed I just need the address.
Like I said Strictly business.
I see.
Oh, and one more thing you will absolutely need.
The password.
There's panic at the MTA.
Rankin Ratings Agency has just put New York's subway system - on Credit Watch Negative - Scooter! that's a warning to investors that their rating will be dropping soon.
There's already been a discussion of shutting down a subway line to cut costs I'm telling you this now before you see it yourself.
Mase Carb is buying MTA bonds.
People are spooked by the Credit Watch Negative and they're selling them like they're Beanie Babies.
But that's not all.
You'll see, when you look at our sheet, that we went to cash for this ahead of the announcement.
So you were prepared? You knew this was coming, and you said nothing to me.
I encouraged Rankin to take a closer look at the MTA.
And when they did, they agreed with me that AAA was too high.
Mase Carb will make a profit, and the MTA is now in a tight spot, which I believe is exactly where you need them to be.
We saw it as a win-win.
Your pronouns haven't changed, have they? You're using "we" to mean Yes, I knew.
So you both did this behind my back? - For you, you mean.
- I made the choice to ignite the fuse on a move that would solve your problem.
The mayor is on the phone.
She wants to meet ASAP.
Ask her to hold a minute.
The governor will be calling also, probably.
This could easily be seen as manipulation.
If word leaks about this, it could tank our bid everything we've been working for.
What's the rating gonna be, triple-B? - Double-B.
- Jesus.
My best move is to get ahead of this by calling foul now.
You were right.
I have the governor on the line now, too.
Leonard Supple.
MTA Board, is also on the phone.
They all want the same meeting.
If you really want, I can unwind all of this before the new rating is announced.
I can change it back and take my ratings algo off the market.
Tell them all I'm ready to meet tonight.
Lady Bertilak.
Members only tonight.
Hup! Let's move, people! Man up! Lets go! Go, go, go.
Ready? - Hands on the wall! - Police! Hands on the wall! Warrant? I've never seen a bridge club with so many patrons under 25.
I'd like to see 'em try and play a hand.
It's clear.
We got nothing.
It's all good.
They're gone.
They didn't find anything.
Damn right! Next time I pay every employee their full night's wages, something unspeakable is going to transpire, and I will be right in the middle of it.
We both should've seen this coming.
We've shown the stealth of a Santa Con bar crawl.
They were expecting us.
Now once, in college, I participated in what was called a "Hash run.
" The idea is only the organizer of the run knows the true route.
He or she marks it out with small piles of flour on the ground, but only intermittently.
You have to uncover the route as you go, wrong turns and all.
Sounds like an effective model for tricking yourself into running longer.
But not for an investigation.
I disagree.
There, the reward was supposedly in the doing.
There was nothing waiting at the end other than a fleeting sense of accomplishment and shin splints.
We may have gone down an unfruitful path tonight, but there is more to uncover.
But that's exactly it, Chuck.
We have no idea if that's true.
That presto change-o tells us it is.
If Prince wants to win the Olympics, he'll have to offer plenty more than one night at a sex club.
The final vote is in less than 24 hours.
When men like Prince are under pressure, they take shortcuts.
Yeah, so you've said.
But all we've got to show for that theory is an armed raid on a bridge club.
You know that was no bridge club.
Sure, but that's not how it's gonna look on the books.
Tough break.
Fuckin' Rankin.
We canceled the debt offering.
Set off a chain reaction across every maturity.
I assume you have a cash shortfall now, hence the meeting? Yeah, we'll, uh, we'll do your plan.
The Olympic Express, the signal overhaul, all of it.
And you're okay accepting private funds? We have to.
It's the only way we can keep the lines running at this point.
Oh, I'm a moon jelly.
I drift with the tides, and they've turned.
I'm back on Team Olympics.
I'm just happy I can help.
Sruthi? Let's get started right now.
Mark? We don't have a second to lose.
Colin Drache.
The unknown on the chopper that night? - I looked into him.
- Hmm.
If we're trying to catch a fixer, my money's on this bub.
He's not a Commission member? He used to be Commish, but he left under a cloud of suspicion after Sochi.
Word is he ended up with a villa on the Black Sea for his efforts.
He's "consulted" on all the games since.
Have any charges been brought? - Anything been proven? - Guy's a Vaselined watermelon.
Where there's smoke, there's always burning piles of money.
We're taking this to Sweeney.
I'm going to pass on another uninvited bust-in.
That hasn't worked out for me this week.
Call your private eye.
See what he can find on Colin Drache.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Drop that fork before you take a mouthful of bung! What the hell, Chuck? This is salad niçoise.
Uh-huh, so they say, but you never know.
If prepared the right way, pig rectum can pass for calamari.
- Often does.
- Yep.
Bung on your tongue.
And now you've ruined my appetite.
Mike Prince has prepared a golden brown Olympic bid, and he's served it to you with a smile and a little ramekin of marinara.
But, as with all things that man does, it's not as genuine as it appears.
This shit again? Look, Chuck, I tried playing for your side.
I really did.
The man came back with a baseball bat and took it to my budget like Sonny LoSpecchio in Bronx Tale.
And as with the offense that inspired that work, the truth of Prince's misdeeds will come out.
He's using a fixer to move the Commission.
Get ahead on this.
Stop backing the Olympics and save yourself from going down with him.
You got a case? Because every bid has a consultant, Chuck.
And most of these guys aren't winning any civic awards.
So surely you can prove all this.
Oh, I'm building one.
Hell of a case.
I want the Olympics now, Chuck.
In fact, I need them.
The games are gonna do good things for the city, like fix the subways.
And for me, it's gonna launch me onto the national political stage.
But think of the downside, the adverse consequences for the city.
So it'll enrich Mike Prince and his "steering committee" of other billies a bit more.
But none of this would've happened without their cash.
So the pros outweigh the cons.
Colin's here.
This'll be a quick meeting.
Let's go clinch these games.
Well, congratulations are in order.
You've put in one hell of a bid.
The Commission is impressed.
Well, we couldn't have done it without your guidance, Colin.
The stadium, the venues, the scholarships.
The Olympic Express was a great idea.
They really like the sound of that one.
As did the MTA.
You've now given them every reason to choose New York except for one.
As I say, all are impressed, but there are certain parties that, um, may still need to be inspired.
Would you gentlemen excuse us? I know what a two-person meeting means.
And I know what happens to someone when they go down this road.
You're gonna wake up tomorrow a different person in ways you don't see for a long time.
Even if it gets you the games, don't do it.
You know why Scooter went straight back to his office? Because he knows what I know.
I'll be fine.
Do you think Rankin will use our ratings program to actually issue better ratings? Or will they sit on it now that it's no longer a threat and go back to business as usual? Honestly, I don't know.
Are you here to clear your conscience? Tell me I did the wrong thing by selling to them? Honestly, no.
I'm sure you had a reason.
I did.
Thank you for this.
Call me with anything else you turn up.
We've got to scoop up Colin Drache and sweat him.
I just got the Intel back from my guy.
We may finally have something.
There's a web of wire transfers attached to Drache.
Can they be traced back to Prince? Or to any rogue ICS members? We can't tell where the wires came from, or their final destination.
But Drache recently received five million dollars to an offshore account.
If that money came from Mike Prince Can we be sure? It's just as likely those wires came from the Mexico City or Prague bids.
Colin's had contact with all of them at different points.
Your P.
can't untangle the knot? Not without the voluntary cooperation of the banks.
Well, then there's only one way to know for sure.
If the confetti falls on New York tonight, we'll know that Prince's payment to Colin Drache got it done.
And we grab Drache right there.
Snatch him up before the announcement is made.
We sure Prague isn't gonna take this from us? The Vegas books had it at a 20.
7% implied probability.
London at 20 even.
So am I gonna have a bunch of angry construction workers busting my onions tomorrow morning? Nah.
I woke up joyful today.
My body tells me we'll win this.
Thank you to the candidate cities for your incredible bid presentations.
All were worthy.
But one bid stood above all the others.
And the International Commission of Sport has the honor of announcing that the Olympic Games in 2028 are awarded to New York City! Yes! You actually did the thing.
We did.
Hey, everybody, let's go out and celebrate with the city! This is exciting.
I feel like I won the gold.
I'm filled with patriotic fervor.
It feels heady, just like a whip-it.
Hey, good job.
- Well done, Mike.
- Thanks for your help.
You did a lot to make this happen today.
Thank you for the recognition.
But I thought you didn't like my move.
I didn't mind what you did.
I mind how you did it.
I'm not the drunk dad in the family.
You don't need to make secret plans about how to manage me at Christmas, where to hide the booze.
I can know these things.
2028! There he is.
New York, we did it! 2028's gonna be an incredible time in this city! Excuse me.
Drache is gone.
Vaselined watermelon motherfucker! Oh, of course he's gone, Dave.
He never existed.
But look who's still up there.
Mike Prince and friends.
Prince didn't pull this off all by his lonesome.
He and his cabal of rich cronies steamrolled the city and the state and elements of the goddamned Commission of Sport to get this done.
So we separate Prince from his power base.
Let him fall like the smoke from the fireworks drifting down on this fine city.
Well, another win for the good guys, right? I think it's a win for all of us.
The city.
The country.
The whole thing.
Smile, Chuck.
You're on the winning team this time.
I'm staying on my side.
And losers for now will be later to win.
Right? No surprise there.
We're gonna drink this down.
Oh, that sounds good, but I can't stay.
Why? You can come with, but I have to go back to the St.
Regis to pack.
Pack? - We just won.
- Hell, yeah, we won! But before the games, I need spend time in the mountains, climbing with prospective team members.
You're competing here.
Don't you need to practice on location? The best training atmosphere for me now, is out west.
- You know that.
- Yeah, but I thought we were gonna try, here, us? Like we talked about.
Yeah, we also talked about you being willing to fly to Prague, remember? Much shorter flights to Denver.
So the work falls on me again.
Is that how you feel? No.
It's not.
I just need to know that you're in it, too.
My level of commitment, to everything I do, has not been in doubt since summer camp when I was 8.
The rock wall.
They made us put on lipstick to climb it.
There were photos of heartthrobs, like Johnny Depp and Michael J.
And we had to put a big lipstick kiss on one when we made it to the top.
I had a different version of that action in the locker room at basketball camp.
The Olympics mean something very different to me than they do to you.
There's a gold medal waiting now, not some lipstick-smeared photo of River Phoenix.
This is everything I ever worked for.
And I need you to put in the time to do the work, and climb for the kiss.
Yes, you're right.
And I will.
Well, then, you can open that bottle of champagne.
I can pack in the morning.
I reached Wendy.
She sends her apologies.
She doesn't think Chuck's gonna show either.
Oh, really? Well, dinner is ready.
Would you, uh, get the children and maybe come and join me? - Yeah, I'll-I'll check.
- Okay, thank you.
They're not hungry.
Well, take a seat.
Have dinner with me.
This is a Long Island Fluke Crudo, with gooseberry and sea beans.
So good.
Holy sh, Chef, that's wow.
Thank you.
Bon appétit.

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