Billions (2016) s07e09 Episode Script

Game Theory Optimal

[KATE SACKER] Previously on Billions.
What is that? A fire crackling?
Yeah. Lobby bar. It's homey.
- All of you are gonna get one.
- This'll track your sleep,
your resting heart rate,
and other vitals
in the name of well-being
and productivity.
You wear it 24/7.
- FBI!
- Spread out!
- Dr. Gilbert, my name is Chuck Rhoades.
- You know I'm innocent.
- Innocent?
No, I cannot credit that assertion.
We'll make a dang fortune.
And this is the kind of idea
custom-made to campaign on.
He's one of the heads of the firm.
Young guy named Philip
Charyn finds himself
on the opposite side of Prince.
Sounds Byzantine.
[WENDY] It seemed to me
that he was asking me
to bring you in on the situation.
- Do I need to call a lawyer?
- You sent for me.
You didn't tape an "X"
to a telephone pole,
but you asked for a meet just the same.
[WAGS] I love that you're ditching
your race for Congress.
You should go long, Purell.
I'm not ditching a thing.
But you're still here?
Most important actions
a president can take
are those that assure
that no nuclear weapon is ever fired.
If a hostile nation state
were going to initiate,
I would be open to launching first
in order to shut them down.
Even if it may mean the end
of the world as we know it.
People without self-doubt
should never put themselves
in a position of complete power.
They're the only ones who should rule,
because the other people
let self-doubt rule them.
That would never be me.
Now we take our time ♪
So nonchalant ♪
And spend our nights ♪
So bon vivant ♪
We dress our days ♪
In silken robes ♪
The money comes ♪
The money goes ♪
We know it's all ♪
A passing phase ♪
We light our lamps ♪
For atmosphere ♪
And hang our hopes ♪
On chandeliers ♪
We're going long ♪
We're gaining weight ♪
We're sleeping long ♪
Hope you enjoy. Take your time.
Thank you, Sal.
you've been eyeing me all night.
You're the only other person
in the establishment.
Not sure where else I might look.
I didn't say you were looking at me.
I said you were eyeing me.
Of course you're looking. We're talking.
But, uh,
your eyes keep searching my face,
trying to find an answer.
Only thing is,
you're dancing around the question.
Once a cop, huh?
Even in retirement.
Not observant
'cause I was an officer of the law.
Reason I was an effective
officer of the law,
reason I rose in the ranks as I did,
that's because, to start,
I had the power of observation,
you want to know what that really is?
I suspect I'm gonna hear
your perspective on it.
So, yeah, sure.
It's the refusal to look away.
We all want to,
especially when we glimpse something
we'd prefer not to see,
or we notice something
we'd rather not deal with.
You know, guys know their
wife is stepping out on them
months, years
before they bring themselves
to accept that knowledge.
Same way an investor has that
sneaky feeling in his stomach
that his money guy is lying to him.
But he writes it off to the last
veal parm he had for lunch
And you think you've noticed something
in how my eyes are
alighting on your face?
If you stall much longer,
we're gonna have to ask
them to open for breakfast.
And they didn't even do that for Sinatra
when he was sitting back over there
in the sanctified seats.
Well, I'm sure they would have,
if he'd asked.
Chuck, we've supped.
We've libated.
Now's the time.
Now is the time, huh?
Okay, okay.
Now is the time.
Just out with it, Rhoades.
The practice of making sure
a guilty man goes down,
whether the evidence exists
or needs to be helped along,
when no doubt exists in the minds
of the arresting officers,
their peers, et cetera.
It used to happen sometimes.
Still does, I'm sure.
Guy would stick a bag of
dope in a wife-beater's car.
That kind of thing.
Because you knew the world
would be better with him gone.
Yeah, but
it never works the way
the cop thinks it will,
flaking a guy.
Not really.
Somewhere between the idea and
the execution, things go wrong.
You gotta have the evidence
of guilt of the actual crime,
not the crime you think he might commit
or also committed.
The one you're arresting him for.
Or else?
Anima in periculo.
You remember some of the
Latin the nuns gave you.
That brings a smile.
But if I wanted to ensure
my soul would never be in peril,
I'd have become,
I don't know, a veterinarian.
[SCOFFS] Yeah.
But still, this is different.
What it does to a person's
insides to frame someone.
And that's still not why it's on my
"do not recommend" list.
The problem is,
the system collapses
under its own weight.
Not right away. Soon enough.
Those lines on the road to
justice exist to serve everyone.
They should not be traipsed over.
But what if the guy isn't only guilty,
but a continuing and
enormous danger to society?
To the world?
So it is some kind of permission
you're after, not guidance.
I can't grant it.
I won't.
Bad for you. Bad for the whole deal.
You want absolution in advance,
take it up with a commissioner
of a different department.
Why can't you get this guy
under the legitimate
weight of your own office?
Because this guy can't be
got with normal methods.
He's a king.
But a mad king.
Now you said something.
Old days, when a king was confirmed mad,
that's when his own court
was ready to depose him.
Help depose him.
They usually ended up without
their heads for their trouble.
Well, if they were in the court,
they probably had it coming.
Find them.
Use their own outrage against him.
I happen to care about at least one
of these particular courtiers.
Then there's only one thing to do.
Drink, my friend.
I was sitting there at my desk,
waiting for everyone
else but you to leave.
And I sat there for another hour
I think there's a mutiny in the works.
Circumstantial but strongly suggestive.
I was doing my usual
post-decision review process
You do that? How often?
Once a week, so I don't get sloppy.
And whilst reviewing,
something came clear.
The moment I went to tell
Prince I was leaving the firm.
The idea to do that, to leave,
wasn't really mine.
Who whispered it, then?
Wags put it in my head,
and I don't think it was out
of the goodness of his heart.
You think he wanted to get rid of you?
He came on like he was
looking out for me.
He doesn't do that.
And that insight made me
rethink something else.
A few times,
when I've approached small groups,
they changed the conversation
or stopped talking entirely.
Should we wake Prince?
Not yet. No.
When did this happen?
Who are the groups?
I took contemporaneous notes. Here.
Let's pull it up.
- Pull it up?
- Yeah.
As old Warner Wolf used to say,
"Let's go to the videotape."
We record everything except
privileged conversations.
You record those too, don't you?
Don't we? Come on.
I have been walking and
thinking about this all night.
After the eating and drinking, I mean.
Hmm. I inferred that part.
The kids are sleeping,
so let's keep it quiet-ish.
Easy. Not that kind of drunk.
The inquisitive kind.
Come on.
Fire away.
How do you convince
somebody you won't hurt them
if you really mean it?
Do you need me to play along
like I think you're
asking theoretically,
or about some random
person I don't know?
I do not, no.
I have been ruminating
about what caused you
to send your charge Philip to me.
Sent him because he asked.
Do you need me to play along
like that's true?
I do not.
But I do need a reason
to keep this going.
The Philip thing made me fairly certain
that you see Prince the way I do.
Before I respond to that
I need to know.
What do you see in him that's different
than what you see in any other target?
Well, the self-interest is the same.
The scope and scale of
the ambition is not.
Nor the grandiosity of vision.
Sure, others of his general
stature bilk society
while padding their own pockets,
but not a one of them that
I have personally chased
had the desire or capability
to get to where his hand
was on the nuclear button
so he could press it first.
Yeah, well
Yes, this guy would, or could, at least.
"Could" is unacceptable.
What if I agreed with that?
What then?
I am back at my reason for the visit.
How do I convince you it would
be safe for you to work with me?
In what way?
I can't find a path to
get him within what I do.
But with someone on the inside,
the path would reveal itself.
If not to bring him to justice,
at least to stop his ascent.
As you know, somewhere deep
that I would stop short of
causing you irreparable harm
at this point, I, too, am close
to feeling that in the reverse.
Jesus, it's late.
I sound like I'm in
a Tennessee Williams.
But it doesn't matter what I feel
about how you'd treat me.
Not really.
What matters is,
for what you want to try,
for it to have any chance of succeeding,
I'd have to enlist other people.
I have enlisted other people.
But I can't vouch for you to them,
because you would hurt
them if you had to
without more than a moment's thought.
Well, at least you grant me
that I would take that moment.
I can see that you've grown.
But it doesn't change the
finality of my position.
I can't vouch.
And even if I did,
they wouldn't believe me.
Not after
everything they've seen you do.
Thanks for answering the door.
I've also felt the kind of
misalignment you describe,
but not from Wags.
Let's just see what was going on.
[WAGS] zooming up
the fucking polls
there is a potential
equal time issue.
[WENDY] We definitely
need her out of here.
[TAYLOR] running for Congress.
And duty for Prince?
[WAGS] The hazards of staying.
So the cameras are pointed away
from the PMs at their desk,
away from the Bloombergs.
There are zones of safety,
and with that,
this is mostly legal.
You take over your enemy's company,
you put in appropriate measures
without exposing Prince unnecessarily.
I heard some talk about you
giving out tracker rings
before I got here.
We assumed people would figure it out.
And stop looking for anything else.
Devious. In a good way.
If you had all this stuff recorded,
why didn't you know?
It's like the NSA under the Patriot Act,
pulling down all communications.
When you record everything,
you can't review.
So you wait until circumstance dictates.
Then look for keywords
and trust it's all there.
I'll have this sent out and
have the sound cleaned up.
But I can tell by body language
they weren't talking about the Knicks.
It was after that
conversation in the elevator
that he broached the idea of me leaving.
You know, for my benefit.
I don't want to dignify the colloquial,
but "suss" does feel appropriate.
We should fire them all, for starters.
Look at this.
I had hoped the sixth sense was wrong.
This was taken when they
were in England together,
reportedly in the hotel.
I hired an expert on
English architecture
and antiquities weeks ago.
Still waiting for some
kind of verification.
We will move quickly and
decisively when we know more,
but we need the rest of it first.
So, we're not waking him.
Not tonight. But soon.
You're thinking about all the things
we can see with these cameras.
Don't do that.
Pretend you don't know.
The other way is a path to despair.
Just tell me the bathrooms aren't
It was a discussion, but no.
That was a bridge too far.
I want out.
I wish I could just bail on all of it.
I wish I could, I guess, go backwards
to before I knew so much,
before there was so much
reason to be alarmed.
The burden of what you know
and what you believe will happen
I can see why you'd
just want to erase it.
Or, if not erase, I could just leave.
Absent myself from the situation.
From Prince Capital.
Let it all fall where it will,
you know, despite what I believe.
What's prompting this?
Today. Now.
Chuck came to see me.
Proposed joining sides.
You and he? Working together?
On this?
And he's right, tactically,
if I could trust him
not to harm my people,
and I I almost do.
I can see why this
this interaction, this question,
pushes you to make your own plans
to scale the wall to freedom.
But picture yourself,
in whatever setting,
seeing Prince ascend
whenever you turned on the television
or opened your browser.
Seeing Chuck with that kind of
hopeless conviction on his face
kind of convinced me that I
probably can't stop it anyway.
So if I was some other place,
some other job,
maybe helping people,
maybe lifting people up,
perhaps I'd feel I was
doing some fucking thing.
Then explore that path.
Put the word out.
Which probably means
just checking that folder
you have in your inbox.
The one that has all the
incoming from headhunters,
hiring executives, CEOs.
I have. As soon as Chuck left,
I opened that very folder
and saw a few things worth considering.
Then consider them.
But also consider
that as you get closer
to any moment of huge import,
huge impact, huge challenge,
the desire to flee becomes
almost overwhelming.
Sometimes that instinct serves us.
And sometimes it's trying to protect
what doesn't need protecting
and is, instead, stopping us
from taking that very risk
we absolutely need to take.
You've been out all morning.
You rescheduled a court appearance.
You skipped the Chiefs' meeting.
You have Allerd running back and forth
to the records room
for old case files all day.
What are you doing?
I had to reschedule that hearing
because I needed to be
at a different hearing.
What hearing?
A sentence-reduction hearing.
[SCOFFS] I've had a hell of a morning.
[JUDGE] We are here on
the Government's Rule 35,
motion to reduce defendant's sentence
for substantial assistance
to the government.
How is the government represented?
Your Honor.
Wait uh, no. No. Absolutely not.
This man is conflicted.
He-he's gonna try and screw me.
Sir, the nature of this hearing
is to reduce your sentence.
Due respect, Judge, not with him.
It is a trick.
He visited me in prison to harass me.
- He's gonna try attack
- [JUDGE] Sir.
Counselor, calm your client.
Trying, Your Honor.
The defendant is highly agitated.
I-I'm inclined to
[CHUCK] Your Honor, please.
Not what I'm here for.
I see there are visits by you.
Does the defendant have
grounds for his claims?
Your Honor, the defendant has
provided substantial assistance,
as described in the government's papers.
[GILBERT] He's here to mess with me,
I'm telling you.
He's he's getting my sentence reduced
so that he-he can lock
me up for something else.
[JUDGE] You will sit quietly
until the government
states its case, sir,
or you will be sent out of the room.
Mr. Rhoades, I will give you
about two short sentences
to establish the capacity
in which you're here.
If I don't like it, you're out.
And we will figure out who else
will represent the government.
Despite Dr. Gilbert's
reasonable concerns
about my intentions,
I am here to argue that
his sentence be ended now.
All final years lopped off.
Dr. Gilbert has tended
to fellow inmates.
He's helped guards
with their health care.
Taught CPR and other
first aid in the facility.
Saved lives.
That is impressive.
But that is really what
he's supposed to be doing.
I don't see it as grounds for reducing.
[CHUCK] Your Honor,
in the current climate,
anyone who improves the prison system,
makes it more humane, more functional,
they are providing substantial
help to law enforcement.
Now Dr. Gilbert has
provided useful information
and proven himself a
valuable member of society,
both inside the prison and out.
Motion granted.
And sentence is hereby
reduced to 26 months,
which have been served.
Defendant should be processed out
by the Bureau of Prisons immediately.
Would you like to return to your
cell to collect your belongings?
I'm, uh, happy to never go
back if I don't have to.
Clerk, see about getting
this man some street clothes.
Enjoy dinner tonight at
home with your family.
Dr. Gilbert, before you go,
there's one thing I
would like do in return.
You have no right to ask anything of me.
Not a goddamn thing.
What the hell do you want?
To give you the opportunity to
state exactly what I did to you.
Give the full brace.
Leave nothing out.
I let the attorney general convince me
that breaking the law was necessary
to upholding the law.
Rhoades hoped No.
He knew that I would receive
the maximum sentence,
and he got just that.
Planted evidence,
and left me to rot
behind bars for his sins.
Not my own.
He betrayed me
Okay, erase this insanity right now.
- No, sir.
- You got the man early release.
How about having him say that, at least?
Not the drill on this one.
Needed the damning stuff.
- It's insanity.
- Saying it twice
doesn't make it so.
It was so before I said
[SIGHS] Chuck, man,
this is not the time to blow yourself up
while making amends.
Oh, it's always the time for that.
And it's a nice side benefit of this,
but that's not what I'm doing here.
I'll wait you out,
'cause the longer I do,
the longer this all stays
right here in the room with us.
If you stay, you're kind of co-signing,
- uh, whatever he does.
- I'm not.
Mr. Schirmer,
did you try to stop the defendant
from committing career hara-kiri?
I'm not leaving.
I'm not letting it happen.
Whatever the fuck it is.
Little favor, if you don't mind.
A company asked me to give a talk.
Mental. Huh.
Telehealth start-up.
Even better, tele-mental health.
Online therapy.
With the current microscope on Prince,
I want to make sure it's a place
I can be associated with.
Paid speaking gig. Nice.
It can be.
If you could just skim their financials,
let me know they're solvent,
there are no red flags.
That'd be good.
Eu entend.
That's Portuguese.
You know, instead of sitting there
with that Amerigo Bonasera
undertaker look on your face,
check the frame.
Or, no, give me your phone.
Maybe that's better. Yours is newer.
My phone is kind of permanently
in non-record mode these days.
Probably best. Okay, I'll use mine.
I'm center frame?
Can you just nod?
That doesn't make you complicit.
Maybe fill me in on the exact plan.
See these files?
These represent every case
wherein I cut a corner.
The blind trust violation of Ice Juice.
Arranging voter suppression
to win my AG election.
Remember Hap Halloran,
the municipal administrator?
Bribed him by providing a second
honeymoon for his wife and him
in Puerto Rico.
Organized a heist,
pulled by Jackie Connerty.
[LAUGHS] My God!
Just hearing myself say it out loud.
Organized a heist.
- A heist?
- [CHUCK] Yes, sir.
No, that was a fun one, actually.
A real peach, it was.
[CHUCK] And it did someone a service.
Leah Calder.
We stole back the ring
her spoiled son gave
- her almost daughter-in-law.
- You know, I-I-I
I don't really need to
Actually, yeah, don't tell me.
But it was wrong and
a dereliction of duty,
and as such, I have to catalog it
and speak it into that
recorder right there.
You don't. You really don't.
Assuming now these files are,
uh, your notes on all of your
I hesitate to call them
your illegal actions
[CHUCK] Stop hesitating.
These files represent the wins only.
The video will be the full truth.
The breadth of the thing.
I intend to lay it out,
as with the Dr. Gilbert video,
case by case.
What do you keep checking for?
Well, when someone
does something batshit,
you call in reinforcements.
I had hoped they would show up
- before you rode the lightning
I hear you're going full Section 8.
Talk to me, son.
Got your due diligence on Mental.
That was fast.
That's why they call me the cheetah.
They do not really call me that.
Anyhoo, their business model
is strong like bull.
They hire the doctors full time,
so no per diem work.
Nobody has to deal with
the insurance company.
They do it for you.
Major employee and patient retention.
They seem to be insulated
from the current healthcare crapshack.
And they have a strong market share.
So they're a winner.
Not full-on Simone Biles, but close.
The bridge between the therapeutic piece
and the business piece is
not as strong as it could be.
But you're just giving them
a pep talk, right?
I believe so.
Do Do you think I should pass?
No. I think it's got potential.
It's a cool comp.
In fact, I might want
to make an investment,
buy some shares on the private market.
Go ahead.
Thanks for the info.
Ira texted that word to me.
I figured he was just
allowing his anxiety
to get the better of him,
as his people have a wont to do.
We come by it honestly.
The ones that didn't have anxiety
got run through by Cossacks.
[SENIOR] No doubt.
And in this case, as back then,
you were exactly right.
It's the only word.
Destroying yourself when
you have enough people
wanting to destroy you already?
Confessing when no salvation
is actually available.
At least his people put their
sins on the head of a goat
and killed the damn goat.
we'd just leave it in the woods.
And, uh, easy on the "my people" stuff,
how about?
Yeah, you're right.
I'm tense because I'm
watching our boy fall apart.
So I'm-I'm letting fly
like I'm at the club,
not out in world.
You're right that I am
not after salvation.
Oh, this is worse
than even I feared, then.
You are wallowing in your guilt.
Do you think I've never felt guilt,
I've felt it rise up to
the bottom of my throat,
do a reach-around and
tickle my epiglottis.
But did I self-immolate?
- Guessing you did not?
- [SENIOR] No.
I discharged it with a
weekend on Isla Santana,
in the West Indies.
That's real? Isla Santana?
One huge fee covers open bar
and unlimited assignations
with an international staff
of professionals, right?
I've-I've heard legend, but you've been?
You can confirm.
Oh, I-I have emptied my pockets
and my glans in that blessed place.
It is real.
So real that I had to play some golf
to get a break from all
the discharging of guilt.
Came back a new man.
I don't think a trip
to Debauchery Island
is gonna do it for me.
You should get tested for low T.
[IRA] Chuck, you're obviously right
that true guilt can't be assuaged
by a romp in the sun with nubiles.
But that doesn't mean
that this is the time,
is the place, is the venue,
is the forum
You know, much as I have enjoyed
watching you flail about,
assuming that I am
determined to bayonet myself,
I just
I can't let it go on any longer.
You two are my most loyal compadres,
and as such,
I will invite you inside the lean-to.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Uh, just an afternoon
green juice for me.
No, no, I found one.
A winner, that is, I'm pretty sure.
I want to put it in front of Prince.
A private company I think
will be good for him.
For all of us. MPC.
Have you run it by Philip and Taylor?
They're occupado.
How would you like to present with me?
Well, I wouldn't.
You haven't even heard the idea.
I'm sure it's good.
I'm just not sure you're sure.
What about Tuk, or someone else?
Look, I know how you feel.
It's not easy going in and pitching.
But if it's strong enough to do with me,
it's strong enough to do on your own.
You just have to be strong enough.
Hey there, boss.
I got a seat reserved
for you on a bullet train
about to leave the fucking station.
Um, that is the way
the opening of a pitch
sounds around here, no?
I mean, some people's.
Why don't you just tell me
what it is while I take a look.
Can do, can do.
Company is called Mental.
In the telehealth space.
- You can see all the
- Yeah, we've been wanting
to get into health care since
we quietly slid out of Korlera.
Cool model with video therapy sessions
and AI support.
Direct insurance billing,
juicy receivables.
They're poised to be both
very profitable and very good.
For, you know, da people.
Which is our brand.
I'm doing it again.
Where'd you come up with this?
Thank you.
I like it. I'll consider it.
Can I have my tablet back?
Does not augur well, all of us here.
We are not filled
with lightness and joy, no.
Take a look at this.
It's a screenshot I grabbed.
I see Taylor.
That's the foreground element, yes.
They are at the hotel where they
stayed when they went to London.
You say "hotel"
like it has quotation marks around it.
Indeed. Sacker and I had suspicions
that there are mutineers in the company.
And then I remembered this image.
I'm guessing it is not a hotel.
No. Not. Expert confirmed.
I have a printout of the report,
but you don't need it.
What you need to know is this:
This molding is a unique design.
One of a kind.
Decorating the walls of Haddon Hall,
a castle owned and,
when this picture was taken,
occupied by Bobby Axelrod.
It is high risk.
High danger.
Asymmetrical return if you're right.
It is everything I have told
you to have the acorns to try.
Thank you.
Ain't saying it's gonna work.
Just saying I understand.
And like Watson's 17th hole
at the '82 Open,
ballsy to claim when you're
staring down Nicklaus.
- And had he failed
- [IRA] But he didn't.
Called the birdie, hit the birdie.
May Chuck be so lucky.
I guess I'm not your attorney anymore,
so I have no real standing
to advise you against this.
And I won't,
because as your friend, I get it too.
The first time I bent the rules.
Actually, let me be more clear.
The first time I abused
my position of office
and broke the law
the first I remember, anyway
was back when I was a line prosecutor.
I had this witness who wanted to recant.
[SIGHS] So, I made it clear to him
that that was not gonna work.
[ALEXIS] So, yeah, thanks for coming.
Really great to meet in person.
Okay, are we gonna talk
about the supposed topic
of my pretend speech?
Or do you want to tell me
what I'm really doing here?
- Of course.
- Damn, she's good.
The speech was a smoke
screen so you could get me in
and hire me as a consultant?
Since I have a combination of skills
in therapy and performance,
and a grounding in business.
Am I close?
You're not far off.
The speech was a smoke
screen for consulting,
which was a smoke screen
for the real position.
[ALEXIS] Our CEO is stepping down,
and like you said,
you have the unique qualification
to take the seat.
You give us the best
chance to do good work,
and you can help people
do and be their best
and build a profitable
company along with it.
[ROBIN] You'd own a nice
piece of the company.
You'd be responsible for the day-to-day
- as much as you want to be.
- A lot, we hope.
[ROBIN] Plus how and where we expand,
how to keep our therapists
doing optimal work.
The vision of the company.
- [ALEXIS] Our former
- [ROBIN] Soon-to-be-former
Right, soon-to-be-former CEO
has a very limited vision
of what this company really can be.
As founders,
we spend most of the time pushing him.
Leading from behind.
We want someone who's eyes-forward,
and we think that's you.
The compensation package.
- We have to assume.
- Come on, we know.
Yes, we know that Wags and Wendy
were also with Taylor,
and went to Axelrod when
they were in London,
supposedly on company business.
My allies,
lined up against me with my enemy.
Fire them all. For cause.
That's the feeling, yes, but
[LUKE] Yes, but if you fire them now,
the bulk of the C-suite
of your eponymous firm,
you'll look like a bad hirer
and a worse manager.
Things will feel unstable.
Plus, they will have a story to tell.
And they will find a way to tell it.
Out in the world, free radicals.
It is far too dangerous
to keep them here.
I can create a pathway,
work it so that when they are fired,
they will be forced to sign NDAs
in exchange for our promise not to sue
and seek prosecution of each
one for corporate espionage.
Not now, Kate, but
Wendy. Come see me.
Meet in my office in 15.
Stay here.
Consider scenarios.
But do nothing.
[CHUCK, ON VIDEO] The first time
I abused my position of office
- and broke the law
Despite what's said on here,
it's a lot of wins
represented on this video.
Big ones.
Cases and ops I was
proud to be a part of.
- And bad people went to prison.
- I know, Karl.
And nothing that happens
will change my scorecard.
Our scorecard.
This isn't my swan song.
You don't want me to talk you out of it,
- I'm not going to.
- Good.
Now I'm gonna want all that on a drive
that can't be copied.
All right.
What's the thing?
I've become aware of Mental,
and your involvement.
I don't think it's a conflict.
I'll be speaking and advising,
helping get their therapists
rowing in the right direction.
They're giving me stock as comp.
All okay.
I agree.
But I have info about the company
that might help shape
your next steps with them.
The CEO is stepping down.
The board will want someone with
your credentials to take over.
That tracks. They hinted around it,
but I'm here.
I didn't take the gig.
You know, one thing I've learned
about how to make my
people more effective
is to let them stretch.
I won't lose you if I
encourage you to take leaps.
I-I'll still need you to work with me
and my top performers.
But also, you could help train
some of the Mental therapists
to work with our younger people.
Synergies are there.
Don't mistake this as being
entirely selfless on my part.
I make a score on the company.
And I know that when I
get to the White House,
you won't just stay here
with the folks that are left.
But now, maybe I lock in half of you.
Thank you, Mike.
So I wanted to sit with you privately
and ask you some important questions,
because, in a way,
I feel like you speak for
the whole trading floor.
Have any of you considered leaving?
Hey, I just got back.
I signed a two-year contract.
I have two years left as well.
Do you feel you're growing?
[VICTOR] You mean our books?
Our returns?
It's been hard.
[TUK] Yeah, it has been hard.
Hard to make progress
building good momentum
when we're getting whipsawed around.
[VICTOR] Yeah.
Drop hot foreign money.
No more ESG. Go domestic.
"Do good"?
Fuck's sake, that's not a strategy.
It's been a real pain in the boccis
trying to find the alpha
through this noise.
Wait, are you asking us about
leaving because you're leaving?
Well, you all did kind of say
that all I was good for lately
was performance coaching.
- But that's a real need.
- Duh.
Will there be a new resource
put in place for us?
They're not gonna be
half as good as Wendy.
if you train them,
and they can get us back
to where you get us,
then, hey, get your ya-ya's.
This isn't a session.
Or it's a different kind of session.
I've made a decision,
and I want to do this in front of you.
Robin? It's Wendy Rhoades.
I'm accepting your offer.
I've got the DocuSign on my iPad,
and I've had my lawyer review it,
so we should be good to start Monday.
Me too.
And I will see you then.
- [MAYER] Well
You know, it's true, I I can't
abandon those people at the firm,
despite the state of my
relationships right now.
But I also can't abandon the prospect
of helping all those
other people out there,
Mental users who I
might be able to touch
through this new company.
And I can't run from what
Chuck has put in front of me.
I need to do it all.
And just think how good
you have made me feel.
I will go home tonight
knowing that I, too,
have made a small difference.
That's exactly where
I am going right now.
To try to do the same thing.
I'm bringing you something
I didn't plan on bringing you.
I get what you mean faster
than most anyone you know,
but even I need, like,
one or two more words.
Prince is so smart. So careful.
So intentional right now.
He just did something for me that I know
he couldn't have wanted to do,
but he did it
to make me even more beholden to him,
even more in his debt.
And I don't matter at all
compared to most of the folks
he's gonna really be working.
Yeah. He got himself
to where he got himself
because he's very fucking good.
So, the problem is,
if he is the existential
threat we know him to be,
and he's that good,
well, it brought me
to a certain conclusion.
The one that got you
to decide to bring us
whatever it is you weren't going to.
The conclusion that we can't do it.
Can't stop him.
Not alone. That we're depriving
ourselves of a weapon.
But that weapon
Okay, now I am there.
You're about to say
your ex-husband's name,
because while we have
certain information,
he has tools that we don't have.
Chuck? She's about to say Chuck?
He came to me.
But not in his old way.
He approached with an earnestness.
I was moved, actually.
You're saying he got you to trust him?
He's been working on himself.
Hold on.
Let me look at you.
This is bad.
You kind of look like
maybe he got to you.
As if you opened your heart to him.
No. No way.
Maybe I wanted to hear
what he had to say.
Maybe I wanted to offload
some of the responsibility.
But, yes,
I find myself trusting him again.
Adding law enforcement?
The top fucking prosecutor?
Making him privy to shit
we've done and will have to do,
that's bad for all of us.
I don't care what it
means for all of us.
I do, however,
care what it means for her.
There's something I have to do
before we go any further with this.
Are we supposed to just wait here?
- Mr. Wagner.
You don't know me.
Not really.
You may think of me as a right-hand man,
a second-in-command,
a facilitator, a fixer.
You may not take me very
seriously because of that.
But know this:
when I set my sights
on accomplishing something important,
I take dead aim,
and I systematically go over or
through everything in my path
until I have reached that objective.
So consider this your warning.
I know you've been sweet-talking Wendy,
making assurances to her,
saying a lot of shit I've
heard from you in the past.
But that woman is made
of the finest stuff
on this earthly plane.
Stuff that wretches like us
can only appreciate,
not truly apprehend.
She's ripped herself open
to help the people at
our company survive
the roughest of transitions.
And she deserves the
opposite of betrayal.
On this we agree.
Which is why I will not
allow you to hurt her.
And if somehow you find your
way around me and do hurt her,
if you cross her
or fuck her over,
then fucking you back
will become my mission
my sole motherfucking reason for being.
And then there'll be nothing
for you to hide behind,
because I will come for you.
I don't know how,
but I will figure it the fuck out,
and I will get you.
It is not my intention or my plan.
You have my word.
Your word means rat shit.
Bubonic plague rat shit.
Rat shit even the
other rats won't touch.
- You're right.
- I am right.
I mean, I know I'm right.
I'm right? You just said that?
Yeah. So, let's go.
I think we're just about
squared away on Wendy for now.
One issue left.
Who do we actually trust
to oversee the place
once I put the others in a box?
Great. Done.
Call 'em in.
All of 'em.
Thank you all for
coming to this meeting,
this uneasy alliance.
That's a fucking understatement.
I have come to understand
what it will take
to make it possible for us to
work together in this endeavor.
And I have gone to those lengths.
This is a drive that cannot be copied.
It contains a cataloguing
of moves I have made,
extralegal and plain illegal,
that would flush me from office
and public life irrevocably,
would get me disbarred and jailed
if it were to come out.
Okay, and that proves what?
I have always been highly skilled
at earning people's trust
through means legit and illegit.
- And at betraying it, Chuck.
- Yes.
That too.
And so I realize that
now I need to give trust.
Wendy, I know
if I hand you this material,
you will never use it against me,
even if I deserve it,
for the sake of our children.
Sadly true.
But Wags will not hesitate
to ruin me,
as he just made painfully
clear in my office.
So my only question is, do you trust him
not to burn me with this
if I do right by all of you?
With my life.
Then I do, too.
[TAYLOR] Do you have a plan,
now that we can all trust each other?
I have a goal.
Take Mike Prince's billions.
Separate him from the thing
that makes him so powerful
and attractive to the voters.
Without his money he is Superman,
and the entire planet is Kryptonite.
And we're all suddenly supposed
to figure out how to do this
after we've been trying
and failing to do it,
jointly and separately, for months?
There is a way to us finding a way.
Another player, similarly motivated,
who would be a great weapon,
and one who is near
and dear to your hearts.
Prince calling me in for a meet.
Me too. Right now. At his house.
Same. That ain't good.
We have to go.
We light our lamps ♪
For atmosphere ♪
And hang our hopes ♪
On chandeliers ♪
We're going long ♪
We're gaining weight ♪
We're sleeping long ♪
And far too late ♪
And so it's time ♪
To change our ways ♪
But I've loved these days ♪
Are we?
This doesn't even look fun adjacent.
No. Not fun at all.
Wendy, Wags and Taylor have
been plotting an assassination.
My assassination.
Staying silent is the first wise thing
any of you have done in a long while.
Do you need me to get
security to escort them out?
I won't be firing the three of them
and making this public.
Not yet.
No, they're gonna be
punished in a different way.
First, they're gonna lose
every cent of bonus money
they have coming to them,
and their other money is
gonna remain in the fund,
gated, to insure no further disloyalty.
They'll also lose their reputations
when they lose the corporate
espionage suit we've filed.
Oh, that's right.
We haven't filed it yet.
But that's, uh
that's good to go, right, Kate?
Yeah. Hey, it's all ready.
Signed and sealed,
waiting to be delivered.
You're all frozen in place.
Wendy, you're lame-ducked here.
You'll execute your new CEO duties,
and if nothing else goes wrong,
you'll fully onboard
there after the election.
At which time you'll be fired.
If you haven't figured it out yet,
I'm a majority owner of
Mental through a shell corp.
Taylor, you're done.
No authority.
No log-in privileges.
A figurehead.
Call it garden leave,
but inside a glass box.
One notable exception to the
outward-facing status quo.
Wagner, you'll lose your ability
to authorize large trades.
And small trades.
And paystubs.
You can just kind of walk around
shouting nonsense
mantras to the traders.
So for you, nothing really changes.
And Philip.
[SCOOTER] Philip, my boy.
My boy.
Take a look at this.
plan you're considering,
leave me out.
Whatever you and Taylor
and I don't know who else
are thinking about doing, I can't.
Won't. I don't even want to.
I need, and I will have,
complete deniability.
As-is, right now,
there is nothing I could tell anyone,
nothing I should tell anyone.
I aim to keep it that way.
[WENDY] Then you do that.
My office? You fucking can't
[SCOOTER] Before you
complain about the violation
of your doctor-patient privilege, Wendy,
you should know that
Philip signed a waiver
before that session, didn't you, Philip?
Of course.
Yes, I did.
Philip will now be vested
with the sign-off power
Wags has been stripped of.
We're done with you.
So you can go.
You have the conn.
Make us some money
heading into the election.
Help me win.
Notify the on-call pilot.
Get the Global Express
gassed and fired up.
- Destination?
- London.
I'm going to Haddon Hall.
So before we end ♪
And then begin ♪
We'll drink a toast ♪
To how it's been ♪
A few more hours ♪
To be complete ♪
A few more nights ♪
On satin sheets ♪
A few more times ♪
That I can say ♪
I've loved these days ♪
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