Billy The Kid (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

A Debt Collected

[BILLY] Previously on Billy the Kid
I've been ordered to appear
before the district court
to face those charges
of false accounting
and embezzling state funds that
Murphy and his pals cooked up.
[BREWER] One of the sheriff's
deputies I got friendly with
told me that McSween's gonna
be served with a warrant
for accessory to murder.
What, so he doesn't even
make it to the court?
No. He told my friend that
once McSween is behind bars,
he'll be found guilty and hanged.
Sheriff Brady will be along
shortly and once we've arrested
McSween in front of the courthouse,
all of our troubles will be over.
[BILLY] Well, that's not
happenin'. I'm gonna stop Brady.
I'm ridin' into Lincoln. Who's comin'?
Our very own Sheriff Brady gunned down
by a criminal gang of
outlaws and murderers
all lead by one man who goes
by the name of Billy the Kid.
I know that no one
will ever be satisfied
until Billy the Kid
swings on the end of a rope.
Señorita Del Tobosco,
I just wanted to introduce myself.
If I want justice, I have to
take the law into my own hands.
Well, I can't understand,
you told me you changed.
Please go. Now!
Sheriff Brady's murder on
Main Street in broad daylight
is an appalling and horrifying crime.
[RILEY] I can assure you, Mr. Walz,
it won't be long before you're
hearin' of Billy the Kid's demise.
[WALZ] Mr. Catron has just
appointed a new sheriff
in Lincoln County. A sheriff
who's pledged to drive
each and every gunman and
outlaw out of this territory
and restore law and order.
I suggest you co-operate with him.
My name's Garrett, Pat Garrett.
[TUNSTALL] Jesse Evans
is a real danger to us.
We do what we want, boys.
We are the fuckin' law.
Where is The Kid? I
want to hear him bleat.
Where is he? Huh?
You still have a chance, Jesse.
Take it.
He-yah, he-yah!
[RILEY] You had Billy
The Kid in your sights,
and you let him go.
He vanished like a fuckin' ghost.
[BUCKSHOT] I'll kill him.
I'll do it myself.
Well, that's the spirit.
We go after Billy. That's
all. That's what this is about.
Hurrah, hurrah.
Hurrah, hurrah!
[JESSE] Buckshot. Nice of you
to show up. Where have you been?
They told me what happened.
You had The Kid in front of
you. You didn't throw lead.
You can't imagine.
The Kid came up on me
just like an Apache.
Came outta nowhere.
It's what we're here to do,
kill the fuckin' Kid.
If you ain't gonna do
it, you know I will.
[BUCKSHOT] I know where he at.
How would you know that?
That's my business now.
Why don't you go back to sleep, Jesse?
I'm goin' to collect my reward.
Mmm, those are tasty, Brewer.
Well, that's my pleasure, Mr. Coe.
- Thanks, Billy.
- Thanks, Billy.
Someone's coming!
Someone's coming!
Is that Buckshot?
What the hell is he doing?
Maybe he had a fallin' out with Jesse?
Wants to join us?
You guys stay here.
I guess I know Buckshot
better than any of you.
I'll just go find out what he wants.
George, be careful, the
bastard's a good shot.
Yeah. I'm aware.
Finger on the trigger.
Hey there, Buckshot.
How's things?
I got a good reason to be here, George.
What would that be?
Well, we ain't telling.
How'd you find out we were here?
I know an old Indian scout.
Same as you. He found ya.
There's gotta be a good
reason why you came out here.
Sure there is.
I come to capture The Kid,
alive or dead.
I'm gonna claim that reward.
Have you gone crazy, Buck?
It's not just Billy.
There's several more
Regulators in there.
You don't stand a chance.
[BUCKSHOT] I'm gonna claim that reward.
Come on, Georgie, move.
You know what? You're still
wanted for killing Tunstall,
so maybe you should surrender to us,
since we're the new law here in Lincoln.
Put that rifle down!
Throw up your hands!
Not much, Mary Ann.
- [COE] Fuck!
[MAN] Charlie!
You fuckin' coward!
Where you at?!
[GRUNTS] Fuck.
What the hell are we going to do?
Y'all stay here.
It's me he's after.
[BILLY] Ah, shit!
Night, night, darlin'.
Ah, shit!
We gotta do something.
Buckshot, hold your fire!
I'm comin' out.
You can take me alive.
- [WAITE] Get him.
- [MAN 2] Go, go, go.
Puttin' my rifle down.
It's just you and me.
Don't. Leave it.
Fuck you. Fuck. [GROANING]
You lookin' for me?
- You looking for me, huh?
Here I am.
Middleton and Brewer are dead.
I can report that Charlie will
live. He's been very lucky.
Thank you.
Mr. McSween asked me to pass
on some news to you, Billy.
It seems they've
appointed a new sheriff.
Name's Pat Garrett.
Pat Garrett?
That's what he said. Does that
name mean something to you?
It sure does.
I need to speak to him.
I don't think you should
ride into Lincoln, Billy.
There's Wanted posters up all over town.
You could be shot on sight.
Then I'll write to him.
[BILLY] Dear Pat, been a while.
Congratulations on being made
sheriff of Lincoln County.
I always knew you'd make
something of yourself.
Look, things have changed since
you left and they're gonna try
and bend your ear to their will,
but don't listen to the House.
Don't listen to Murphy or Riley.
Murphy belongs to the Santa Fe ring,
and Riley's just a killer.
They're both crooks.
Lincoln is a cesspit
and what it needs is cleanin' up,
and you're the man to do it
with the help of the Regulators.
[BILLY] Always your
friend, William H. Bonney.
- [GARRETT] Deputy.
- [DEPUTY] Mornin', Sheriff.
Whoa, whoa.
Who is this?
His name is Buckshot Roberts.
Recent member of Jesse Evans' gang.
What happened to him?
He said that he could hunt
down Billy the Kid on his own.
That's what he told Mr.
Riley up at the House.
That he'd hunt The Kid down
like an animal and kill him.
Looks like, maybe, it
was the other way round.
Did he tell anyone he'd
found The Kid's hideaway?
No, I don't think so.
We'll just have to keep looking.
Tell Jesse Evans I want
to see him right away.
Yes, Sheriff.
And, uh
find Mr. Roberts' family.
He needs a decent burial.
Go on.
Mr. Walz. Welcome.
Sir Del Tobosco,
may I introduce you to Mr. Catron?
Of course I know who you are.
It is a pleasure.
May I present to you my wife, Isabella?
How about we go inside?
It's damn cold out here.
Of course. Please.
[ANTONIO] Can I offer you
some champagne, Mr. Catron?
No, thank you. I'll take a whiskey.
Whiskey, por favor.
This your family?
Yes. Yes, it is.
I'm guessin' they're all dead, right?
how can I help
you, Mr. Catron? Please.
Are you kiddin' me?
You know who I am?
I own Catron Bank and Trust.
- Yes, I know.
- Well, maybe you don't.
But Mr. Walz is about to tell
you. Isn't that right, Mr. Walz?
Yes, indeed.
The fact is, Mr. Del Tobosco,
that over the last two
years you have applied for
and been given many substantial loans
from the Catron Bank and Trust.
As a result,
you are in debt now over $100,000.
I don't normally call
personally on those in debt
to the bank, Mr. Tobosco,
but for you I have made an exception.
You see, $100,000 is
a large amount of money
secured by your property
and other interests,
so I'm curious how and when
you intend to repay your debt.
You had no need to
travel this far to ask me
this question, Mr. Catron.
I could have reassured
you a thousand times
for the fact is that I am
in the process of cashing in
several investments and
selling property in Spain.
Is that right?
Do you take me for a fool?
What do you mean?
I mean you're lyin'.
I don't buy all this family wealth shit.
There is no family wealth.
And if once there was, it's long gone,
probably spent by and squandered
by all these dead guys around the room.
You think I believe in Spanish gold?
No, of course not.
Your ancient titles and
your sense of entitlement
don't impress me one bit.
I'm an American.
We don't do that stuff.
We deal in what's real.
And you're not real, not to me.
[WALZ] So, Mr. Del Tobosco.
Here's your bill to pay.
It's your, um, total borrowings
plus, of course, accumulated
interest, plus fees.
And here
is a letter.
It's a letter from you to the bank
agreeing to repay all
monies owed in full
within 28 days,
or forfeit this property.
We expect you to sign it.
28 days?
That is ridiculous.
- No one
- I advise you to sign it.
Maybe there is some hidden wealth.
If so, now would be the time to find it.
I have no intention
of signing your letter.
You're making a very big mistake.
Forgive me, but it is you
who is making the mistake.
You have no idea who I am, but
I know exactly what you are.
I'm going to ask you to
please leave my property.
You're an amusing fellow.
Full of bullshit
but amusing.
[MR. CATRON] Where are my gloves?
[WALZ] Hold this.
Who is it?
It's me, Jesse.
All right.
[SIGHS] Gentlemen.
Came in to tell you that town
is more or less locked down.
Apart from the McSweens, there's no sign
of any of Tunstall's
gunmen or supporters.
And what about The Kid?
He's nowhere to be seen.
After the slaying of Buckshot Roberts,
we found where he and his
gang had been hiding out.
Blazer's Mill, been abandoned.
What with the heat on them,
the law at their heels
and a price on their head,
they probably quit the territory.
Billy ain't gonna quit.
Jesus Christ! Who's there?
Uh, sorry boss.
Walz just rode in.
Mr. Walz.
So good to see you.
I'm sorry I've come so late.
Mr. Catron asked me in particular
to come and speak to you.
He, um regrets having placed you under
such financial pressure,
but he has an idea that
uh, might alleviate it.
He wants to help you.
Well, all right, then,
Mr. Walz. Have a seat.
Shall I pour you a drink?
And I suppose we'll speak in private.
Actually, no. [CLEARS THROAT]
This idea of Mr. Catron's will involve
Mr. Evans and his friends.
Now please, gentlemen.
So, Antonio Del Tobosco
is an incredibly wealthy Spanish man.
He lives out of town.
Keeps his head down.
However, he owes Mr.
Catron a lot of money.
And, well
He's refusing to pay.
Hmm. So?
So Mr. Catron thinks
it's time to collect.
Now Mr. Del Tobosco
has a beautiful house
full of treasures,
just magnificent horses,
and, um
Spanish gold.
Now, if you and Jesse here
can take hold of these treasures,
then Mr. Catron is willing
to share the benefits
and profit with you and the House.
How does that sound?
Is this something you can do?
You know, I heard something
about that Del Tobosco family
from that drunk who runs the hotel.
[BECKWITH] Sam Wortley?
Sam Wortley, he told me that
Billy had got real friendly
with Del Tobosco's daughter, Dulcinea.
- Said they often rode together.
- Hmm.
Figured that he was pretty sweet on her.
Us showing up there
might help flush him out
of his hiding hole.
Jesse, that's just one more good reason
to pay them a visit, ain't it?
Mr. McSween.
This is Judge John Wilson, Billy.
It was he who issued the
warrant for the arrest
of those responsible for
John Tunstall's murder.
Pleasure, sir.
The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Bonney.
We are fighting on the same
side and for the same thing.
I know it's dangerous for you all
to come into Lincoln,
but it's very important
for you to know that the
House is not the only one
with friends in high places.
Indeed not. I have a
friend on the Supreme Court.
I have written to him
with accounts of fraud,
corruption and murder
involving virtually the entire
federal officialdom of New Mexico.
This has produced results.
The administration has
designated Frank Warren Angel
as a special agent,
charged with investigating
the death of Tunstall
and the Lincoln County War
as well as the allegations
of corruption against
Governor Axtell, and U.S.
District Attorney Catron.
So, after all, there
are people on our side?
Of course there are. This is America.
[CHUCKLES] Remind me again the name
of the special investigator.
His name is Frank Warren Angel.
if the angels got our backs,
I don't see how we can lose.
What we gonna do?
Well, I guess we'll go
down there and we'll
ask them nicely just to open the gates.
How we gonna do that?
Hey, Fig. Get up here, you fucker.
Don't you think
Do you reckon I look like
our friend Billy Bonney?
All right, come in hard, boys.
Yup, yup, yup!
Up on the roof!
Papa, Papa.
Let's go, let's go.
Don't shoot! Wait.
[MAN] Hold up!
We've been sent by Mr. Catron.
I'm not here to beg you
or to plead with you,
but to ask you
do not come in my house.
My family are inside.
And if Mr. Catron wants
my belongings, everything,
my horses, my cattle, he can have them.
I will sign it all over to him.
You go and tell him that.
But don't cross my threshold.
You have no right.
Well, we're going to do it anyway.
I have armed men inside.
They're not gonna stop us.
Get outta the way, old man.
I said get out of the way.
You're devils.
- You're devils, all of you!
No, Papa!
[MAN 1] Did you check that room yet?
[MAN 2] Everyone done
in here! What do ya got?
Whoa. Whoa.
- Shh.
Hey, hey.
I'm not gonna hurt ya.
You're Dulcinea, right?
You're Billy's girl.
I wouldn't hurt Billy's girl.
Billy and I
we're friends from from way back.
He's like my own brother.
Don't move.
Put the gun down, Dulcinea.
Please. Listen to me.
I'm not going to hurt you. Please.
- Ahh!
- Shh.
I don't know who the gunmen were, but
I know it was connected
to a recent visit
by a man who owns a bank in Santa Fe.
Thomas Catron.
He threatened to make
my father bankrupt.
We know all about Catron.
Let's go.
They killed everyone, Billy.
My whole
- My whole family.
- I know.
But you're safe, though, okay?
With me.
I'll protect you, I promise.
And I will avenge your family's death.
I swear it.
One of the gunmen
pretended to be you, Billy.
That's how they got into the compound.
He said you were like brothers.
I-I don't know who he was.
I think I know.
Mornin', Jesse.
Look that way.
Mr. Riley.
Sheriff Garrett, it's good to see you.
Is Murphy around?
Come in.
Major Murphy.
Sheriff Pat Garrett has
decided to pay us a visit.
Come on in, Sheriff.
Mr. Murphy.
How are you?
All right. Can't complain.
Find it hard to get up out of this chair
to properly greet ya, so
forgive me if I don't.
Don't worry about that.
Do you drink whiskey, Sheriff Garrett?
Not in the morning.
Aye. Suit yourself.
Oh, sit down.
Do you remember the first time we met?
Sure do.
Sheriff Brady had just arrested me.
That's right.
Well, I was the one
who persuaded him to
get you off the hook.
Train you up as a lawman.
That was very good of you. I'm grateful.
You've come at a very
difficult time, very difficult.
There's a full-scale
war going on out there.
So, I understand.
We're fighting for American values here.
You know that, right?
American values against carpetbaggers,
out-of-staters, criminals, murderers.
That is what Mr. Catron
led me to believe.
I know you used to ride with Billy.
And now it's
Now it's your job to hunt them down.
How do you feel about that?
It's my job to administer
the law in Lincoln County.
And I hope that you will assist
me in that endeavor, Mr. Murphy.
Oh, I will.
Dependin' on what side
of the law you're on.
The law doesn't take sides.
Oh, no?
The Kid killed your predecessor
right out there on Main Street.
Shot him down in cold blood.
Whose side are you on about that?
I'm on the side of justice.
Well, then,
we're not so different,
are we, Mr. Garrett?
Not so different at all.
You and me,
we're partners here,
because that's all we want
here in Lincoln, justice.
That's all we want.
And all I want, Sheriff Garrett
is nothing more
than to see that Billy the fucking Kid
hanging on the end of a rope.
You get me?
[DULCINEA] Why are all
these men here, Billy?
Because we're going
to take over the town.
Can you really do that?
Now is the time.
The people of Lincoln are tired
of the lawlessness and the chaos.
And the Mexicans are
sick of being exploited.
They want change.
Mr. Tunstall tried to give it to 'em,
but he couldn't.
I intend to succeed.
You know we're not moving
out for a few more days yet.
So, I could move you somewhere safe.
Thank you.
Whoa, boy.
Hola, Manuela.
This is Señorita Dulcinea Del Tobosco.
She needs somewhere safe
to hold up for a while.
I'm hopin' she can stay here with you.
Sí, Billy. It's no problem.
gang killed her whole family.
What for?
I told you I didn't understand
why you needed to go to war.
To become an outlaw again
and to risk your life.
I didn't understand, but now I do.
I was so naive,
but everything has changed.
I am so sorry this happened to you.
I don't want you to die, Billy.
I want us to be together.
I want us to be
together for a long time.
That is all I've wanted since
the first moment I saw you.
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