Billy The Kid (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

An Invitation

[BILLY] Previously, on Billy the Kid.
Gentlemen, I'm here to ensure the safety
of the women and children.
I'm warning all of you to go home, now!
Why don't we try and
leave; get out of Lincoln?
Charlie, we're not runnin' again.
[BILLY] If Dudley sticks to
his word and stays neutral,
we may get escorted out of here.
They're not comin' out.
So we need to get them out.
Riley's up to something.
We burn them out.
[RILEY] Set fire to the house
and they'll come squealin'.
Burn it down!
You're supposed to be neutral.
You're not supposed to
take sides. Let us pass!
We have to do something.
What else could we possibly do?
I'm going to Colonel
Dudley. I'm going to ask him
to stop this madness.
Are you out of your mind?
He's hand in glove with Riley.
I've already told you. I will
not interfere on your behalf.
Mr. Catron is actually
very concerned, Mr. Riley.
Now with the reputation
as a murder capital,
as a lawless outlaw infested place,
who is going to invest their
money in Lincoln County?
Billy ain't ever gonna surrender.
Well, that's crazy! That
makes no sense, Jesse.
[JESSE] Why don't you
ever get it, Riley?
You're talking about Billy the Kid!
Billy the fuckin' Kid!
- He is different
from you,
and he is different from me.
Sheriff, I had not thought to see
so many lives undone.
That has been the way
of it here in Lincoln.
But the fact remains that
you let Billy the Kid escape.
Sheriff, I strongly advise you
to hunt him down
and remove him, forever,
from the American imagination.
Mr. Riley. What can I do for you?
Have you heard the news?
What news is that?
The news of Governor Axtell
having been removed from office.
Apparently, it's the
result of an investigation
by one Mr. Warren Angel
and that we've already a new governor.
His name is Lew Wallace.
He's offering a general amnesty
to just about everyone guilty
of crimes during the war,
so long as they are willing
to hand over their guns
and renounce all forms of violence.
Yeah, sure.
We know that's gonna work. Right?
The amnesty doesn't apply to those
already indicted for murder.
I myself have been tasked
with forming a posse
to hunt down the worst and
most violent gunslingers
on both sides of the conflict.
[CHUCKLING] Well, you know
who you've got to find, Sheriff.
It's the Kid!
He's behind almost half the shootings.
You stop him, you stop the killing.
Oh, I am holding warrants for
the arrest of Billy the Kid.
But also Jesse Evans
and members of the Seven Rivers Gang.
I'm not here to take sides.
We know that you and
the Kid were uh, friends.
That might explain why
you're soft on him
Good day.
Y'all might want to look at this.
Recently installed State
Governor, Lew Wallace,
set to travel to Lincoln County
to offer a general amnesty
to all involved in the
recent Lincoln County War,
if they give up their
guns and renounce violence.
The most infamous character
involved in the war
is the outlaw Billy the Kid.
If they're offering us a pardon,
I think that's a pretty good deal.
Look, we don't know
anything about this new
Governor Wallace, okay?
[BILLY] He may be our best chance,
but we have to tread carefully.
What are we going to do?
Garrett's gonna come looking for us.
We need to lay low, see
what this new governor does.
If you need to go to Mexico
to be with your family,
I understand.
No, I choose to stay with
you and fight if I have to.
Take this. Look after yourself, okay?
We'll be home soon.
- I love you.
- Me, too.
Billy, it's always gonna be like this.
We're always gonna
be hunted and hounded.
We're never gonna get
free. Not around here.
Not until somethin' changes.
I know, George.
All right, boys, it's a
day's ride to Las Tablas.
Juan Patron's friend is
waitin' us, let's go. Git up.
- Come on. Let's go.
Hola, Señor.
Some kinda party.
- Billy.
Hola, Sheriff.
Mornin'. You the mayor of this place?
Si, señor.
We heard that Billy the
Kid came through this way.
Billy the Kid and his gang.
No entiendo
Billy the Kid! He was here. Yes? Yes?
[MAYOR] Señor, you're wrong.
I'm wrong.
You hiding 'em?
No comprendo
Me no me no English.
No English. I thought so.
Anyone here speak English?
Do you speak English?
Was Billy the Kid here last night?
No, Señor.
You didn't see him?
No, Señor.
- No?
- No.
If you tell me the truth
If you tell me which direction
Billy the Kid took off at,
you can have all of this money.
Don't look at him. Look at me.
Don't look at him. Look at me.
It's a lot of money.
You could buy anything you want.
Anything you want.
Anything you want.
I don't know.
I never saw him.
I wish I did.
All right.
Let's go.
- Adios, amigo.
- Hyah!
You think they gonna
catch up to us again?
[BILLY] Probably, so I'll draw Pat out,
y'all head back to Lincoln.
So we split up. As soon as we lose 'em,
we meet back at Charlie's farm, okay?
Let's go.
Easy. Whoa!
Hola, Señora McSween.
Hola, Juan. May I introduce you
Mr. Huston Chapman from Las Vegas.
Mr. Chapman is a lawyer.
I have hired him to prepare
a case against John Riley
for the murder of my husband.
Señor, welcome.
You can stay at my house
as long as you need,
as our guest.
I'm extremely grateful
to you, Mr. Patron.
Por favor.
- Careful with that.
- Please, this way.
Thank you.
How are you?
I'm well, thank you.
What you got there, boy?
Oh, you got a big 'ol burr there.
Just a little further.
I know there's an old military
post around here somewhere.
I just gotta find it.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's him, all right.
We finally got him.
Stay quiet.
Let's go.
[DEPUTY] Get him, boys!
Come on!
[DEPUTY] Goddamn it!
[DEPUTY] Come on. Get him!
He's gettin' away!
[DEPUTY] You all right?
Damn it!
I don't trust this new governor.
- Governor Wallace?
- Yeah.
They sacked Axtell.
They'll try and get rid of me next.
It's part of a conspiracy.
And Wallace is part of it.
The next thing you know,
they'll close down the House.
They'll go after my interests.
The general pardon is
just a part of the plan.
You understand?
Well, sir, I can see
that if he pardons
Billy and the Regulators,
then he's more or less chosen sides.
He's isolating the House.
So, where's the Kid?
No one knows, sir.
They say he killed a couple
of the sheriff's deputies
who were out looking for him, and, um
Well, that he's on the loose
If there's to be peace
between the sides,
it's got to be on our
terms, not Wallace's.
Riley'll do whatever we tell him to.
He's got no choice.
But the Kid, the Kid
has to want to come in
from the cold. He's on the
run and wanted for murder.
I've been thinkin'.
If we can fix it
that the House and the
Regulators come together
and make peace between themselves,
then Wallace will stay out of Lincoln
and out of our business.
Sounds very good, sir.
There has to be someone who
can reach out to the Kid?
Guarantee that, if
he comes in to parley,
he isn't going to get killed.
Can you find that person?
Yes, I can.
- Get into Lincoln right away.
- Yes, Mr. Catron.
Oh, Walz, how's my daughter?
She's fine.
Thank you, Mr. Catron.
Why isn't she pregnant?
I want grandkids.
Is it her fault or yours?
We're trying.
Maybe you're firing blanks.
You know what I mean?
Hey. Thank you.
There's a letter for you.
A letter from who?
What's it say?
It says Riley and the
House want to make peace.
They want us to meet
in the center of town,
no officials present, just
this man named Edgar Walz
who works for Thomas Catron.
He's gonna lay out the
terms of the treaty.
[CHARLIE] What do you think?
I mean, they'd have to
guarantee our safety in Lincoln.
[CHUCKLES] That's a long shot.
It sure is.
[BILLY] Unless they're
afraid of Governor Wallace.
He's willing to come in
as long as we can guarantee his safety.
[WALZ] Hmm.
That's good.
We've got the boy on the run.
He's desperate, that's why
he's willing to talk about
peace and pardons.
I say we let him twist in the wind.
You really are not that smart, are you?
Of course we should meet the man
who's the biggest danger to
us all, as soon as possible.
Now, Jesse, write back to him.
Tell him that the
meeting will go through
and that his safety
is in fact guaranteed.
And that it has to be soon,
or this new Governor's
going to wreck our plans.
[SIGHS] I've told you before, Riley,
this war has got to end.
It's ruining every business
in Lincoln, including yours.
[WALZ] Gentlemen, good evening.
My name is Edgar Walz and I represent
the business interests
of Mr. Thomas Catron,
of whom by now you
must have surely heard.
We are here to make peace.
So, may I ask you to kindly
leave your, um, guns and other weapons
just over there
before we go out to our
meeting in the street?
What about the other side?
Well, I have made the
same request to them.
And I will not convene this meeting
until all guns have been surrendered.
You have my assurance.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Now, if you would be so
kind to follow me, please.
Gentlemen, please come closer.
[WALZ] Listen, you all
know why you're here.
We've come to make peace.
These are the terms of the peace treaty.
Is everybody ready to listen?
This treaty states
that no one on either
side can kill anyone
on the other side without
withdrawing from this treaty;
and that neither party
will give evidence
in a civil prosecution
against the other.
Also that both sides will
render all possible aid
in resisting the arrest
of anyone on either side.
anyone who fails to live
up to this agreement
will be executed.
Does everyone agree with the terms?
No other way.
[WALZ] Good.
Now, shake hands like you mean it.
Well, fuck it, it's
what we're here to do.
[RILEY] Wasn't so hard, was it?
This is good. We made peace!
- I say we celebrate!
This is a good bit of fun.
Sure. I just hope it lasts.
Ah, you worry too much.
- You always did.
- And you never worry enough.
Do you remember that girl
we were both interested in a while back?
Sure. Barbara.
Mmm. Yeah.
I wonder where she's at right now.
I don't know.
Probably making her kids supper,
tuckin' 'em into bed.
You know, it feels like 100 years ago
running cattle off the range.
Those were some good times.
They were somethin'.
I guess nothing lasts.
Don't get sentimental on me now, Jesse.
See ya around, Kid.
- Hey.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Watch yourself.
No hard feelings, Kid.
Ah. Just a few, Mr. Riley.
Just a few.
Give me a drink. Hey. Hey!
You take care of that young man.
- Good night, boys.
- Good night.
Good night.
I want to treat y'all
to an oyster supper
at Callum's right now.
- Who's comin' with me?
Let's go, everybody!
[MAN] Where's Riley?
Oh, well, look who's comin'.
- Hey.
- That's Mrs. McSween's lawyer.
What's your name?
My name, sir, is Chapman.
That's right.
You're that fancy lawyer
that's tryin' to take us to court.
I think you should dance.
What the hell, Olinger? We made peace.
Kid's right.
We made peace, everybody!
Do you know who I am?
You, sir, are Mr. Riley.
Say my name again.
That's right, you fuckin' arsehole.
Let me pass, sir.
Riley, let him pass.
Oh, shit!
Billy the Kid wants me to let him pass.
Sir, let me go.
We gotta go, Tom.
Well, boys, let's go get those oysters.
- Governor Wallace.
- Mr. Wortley, I assume?
At your service, sir.
This is your establishment.
Wonderful. Take my bags, please.
Of course, sir.
ride up to Fort Stanton,
tell Colonel Dudley I'd like to see him
immediately, please. Thank you.
Colonel, at ease.
Thank you.
is this your official report
for the events that happened in Lincoln?
Yes, sir.
As you have no doubt ascertained
from reading my report,
the situation I faced at
that time was untenable.
And it was with great reluctance
and lack of any other lawful authority
that I ordered my troops into Lincoln
to restore order and to
protect the women and children.
Yes, Colonel.
Did my predecessor, Governor Axtell,
authorize your actions?
He implied that I was
doing the right thing.
Colonel Dudley,
you are hereby removed
from your command,
by the order of General Macdonald,
effective immediately.
I have reviewed the evidence,
and I concur with his judgment.
Against all protocols in
the name of the U.S. Army
you took sides in this dispute.
You allowed the burning of that house,
and you allowed the murder of McSween.
It's disgraceful conduct.
Good day, Colonel.
Good day to you, sir.
- Come.
Begging your pardon, Governor.
But I've taken the
liberty of bringing you
my finest whiskey.
Thank you, Mr. Wortley.
That's very kind of you.
What's that letter?
Someone just dropped
it off for you, sir.
Thank you, Mr. Wortley.
[BILLY] Governor Wallace,
I came to Lincoln to make peace,
to lay aside my arms.
But once again, the House
has destroyed that peace.
I hope that you are true to your word
and that you really do want
to help clean up Lincoln.
Last night, I witnessed
the murder of the lawyer
Huston Chapman, and I can
testify to the killer's name.
I have indictments against
me for what happened
in the Lincoln County War,
and I fear that if I give myself up,
my enemies will kill me.
But if these indictments
can be annulled,
I will tell all.
My name is Kid Antrim.
Billy the Kid.
[WALLACE] Mr. Antrim.
Proceed carefully into Lincoln
and make your way to
the old granary building.
I have the authority to
exempt you from prosecution
if you will testify to
what you say that you know.
Hello, Billy.
Governor Wallace.
Please, you can call me Lew.
Why don't you have a seat?
Billy, I have been very
anxious to meet you.
I have spoken to many people
since my arrival here in town,
many people. The Mexicans, the Anglos,
they all speak very highly of you.
They all testify to your
integrity and your honesty.
Billy, I'd like to offer you a pardon.
Allow you to re-enter the ordinary world
of law-abiding and decent citizens
where I think your abilities,
well, they will surely flourish.
That all sounds very nice, sir.
But how exactly is that possible?
you just agree, you commit
to sticking around Lincoln.
And you identify the
killers of John H. Tunstall
and the lawyer Huston Chapman.
In exchange, I will pardon
all your alleged offenses
and I will ensure that
you are not prosecuted
for the murder of Sheriff Brady.
I want you to have justice.
And I want justice
to be seen to be done.
I am the governor, after all.
Do we have an agreement, son?
You have a deal, sir.
William H. Bonney.
You're under arrest.
Put your guns down.
I should have known you'd be here.
I'm sorry, Kid.
Let's go.
Sheriff Garrett,
that went much better than I expected.
You and your men were
excellent. Thank you.
Thank you, Governor.
You and I have just arrested
the most wanted man in all of America.
I suspect it will be in all the papers.
And I am sure glad
that I had the idea of
luring Billy into the trap.
Wait, that's that's not what we
At least that's what
the papers will say,
which is a darn good thing
given it's an election year and all.
Now, Sheriff,
your job is to make sure that Billy
is escorted safely all
the way down to Santa Fe,
so he can make it in time
for his arraignment for trial.
Don't let me down on this.
Good afternoon, Sheriff.
Good afternoon.
Can I ask you a question?
That depends.
I just can't help wondering
how this whole thing is gonna pan out.
If you know what I mean.
Well, we've got a
special cell for you
so you don't get into any trouble.
And then, in due course,
you will be escorted
out of here for trial.
What exactly are the charges?
You know as well as I do
what crimes you've committed.
Well, yeah.
But, you know,
I've never betrayed a friend.
[MAN] Watch the north side.
Comin' through. Come on.
Make sure that door does not move.
[GUARD] Close the gate.
Come on. Get moving.
He is all yours.
Move it.
There's a lady here to see you.
Señorita del Tobosco.
To what do I owe the
pleasure of this visit?
My father, my mother and my brother
were all gunned down, Sheriff Garrett.
So far no one has been
arrested for these crimes.
Everything is still under
investigation, Señorita.
And there are arrest warrants
out for several people
that we want to question
about those terrible murders.
Like you, I want to see
that justice is done.
Is there something else?
Yes. Apparently, I need your permission
to enter the jail and
visit a prisoner here?
You talkin' about Billy the Kid?
I see no harm.
Unfortunately, I will just have to check
that you're not
not taking anything in to him
that might be useful.
Do I have your permission?
You can go.
Hello, Billy.
You got two minutes.
What are you
Be ready.
Jailer, I'm ready to leave.
True love, huh? [LAUGHING]
- Something's comin'.
[DEPUTY] Someone's comin', boys!
[MAN] Watch out!
You stay right behind me, okay?
No, no, no, no
[MAN] Look out!
[BILLY] Over here!
Over here. Over here.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
[BILLY] Boy, am I happy to see you.
[BILLY] Let's go. Let's go. Hyah!
- Let's go! Hyah!
Hyah, hyah!
[GARRETT] You can't win.
[BILLY] When are you gonna
learn this ain't a game for me?
Come down, Gabriel, blow your horn ♪
Call me home in the early morn' ♪
Send the chariot down this way ♪
Come and haul me home to stay ♪
Angels meet me at the
crossroads, meet me ♪
Angels meet me at the
crossroads, meet me ♪
Angels meet me at the
crossroads, meet me ♪
Don't charge a sinner any toll ♪
Angels meet me at the
crossroads, meet me ♪
Angels meet me at the
crossroads, meet me ♪
Angels meet me at the
crossroads, meet me ♪
Don't charge a sinner any toll ♪
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