Black Butler (2008) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Kuroshitsuji Ep1
TL Pada
Once one has rejected faith, it is impossible to pass through the gates of Heaven.
Would someone who believed in God summon you?
Then, I will ask thee but once:
Is it thy wish to form a contract?
Enough! Form the contract and grant my wish!
Young Master, it is time for you to wake up.
A poached salmon with a mint salad have been prepared for your breakfast.
Toast, scones and French pastries have been prepared as an accompaniment. Which would best suit your taste today?
This morning, after breakfast, an authority on the Roman Empire,
Professor Hugues, will be visiting. After lunch will be Mr. Damian from the Poseidon Company.
Ah, the one who was left in charge of manufacturing stuffed animals at the Indian factory.
It seems he is Italian, and we are sparing no effort in order to provide the best hospitality for his satisfaction.
This fragrance… Earl Grey?
It is Jackson’s Earl Grey.
I will await your arrival at the dining table. Well, then…
How was that?
Let us leave the fun and games for later, shall we?
Yes. I agree, Sebastian.
His Butler,
His butler is talented.
Ow, ow, ow!
What is wrong, Young Master, for you to do something like that?
Nothing. That was to be expected.
Finian, has the weeding been done in the inner garden?
Meirin, have the sheets been washed?
Bard, were you not supposed to be preparing tonight’s dinner?
You are fine just as you are.
If you have time to be lazing around like this, get to work!
Good grief.
The silver is like a mirror without a hint of tarnish.
The tablecloths are as new, without a single stain.
The white roses of which the young master is so fond are incredibly beautiful, without a blemish.
The pinnacle of our hospitality, dinner,
will be prepared from the finest and most luxurious hand-picked ingredients.
This is indeed the first-class Phantomhive welcome.
Even when it is so busy, the young master is…
We have a guest coming.
This is our chance!
You think I’ll let myself be treated like an idiot forever?
We’ll get one step ahead of that Sebastian
and make him go “Ah!” in surprise.
What good does it do for you to say it?
But still, that’s a wonderful idea!
We can’t simply rely on Sebastian the whole time, can we?
All right, then. The plan is finalised!
Let’s get to it!
I’m hungry. I want something sweet to eat.
You cannot, Young Master. We're having a guest for dinner tonight, are we not?
Come on, just do it. Something like a parfait.
I cannot.
Oh, yes. About the portrait in the hall…
Take it down.
The head of the Phantomhive estate is now me,
Ciel Phantomhive.
Just how did things end up like this?
I thought it might be effective if I tried using the herbicides directly on the garden…
I thought we should bring out the tea set we prepare for guests,
but I fell and it all crashed…
There was some raw meat left out and I thought I should cook it.
So, with my flamethrower…
Ah! We’re so sorry, Sebastian!
Our guest will arrive just after six.
That gives me just a little over two hours.
It would be impossible to get premium-grade meat or a tea set within that time.
What should I do?
Very well! Calm down!
You should all learn from Tanaka and calm down a little.
Everyone, please listen to what I say and act immediately, just as I instruct.
We will pull through, somehow.
This is…
We have decided to implement a stone garden as seen in le Japon.
Genius! How excellent.
What an elegant garden!
I thought it appropriate that tonight’s dinner should take place out here.
Please take time to relax in the mansion until then.
My, my. Just as one would expect of the Phantomhive family.
I can’t wait for night to fall now.
We made it!
To think the pebbles I rushed off to buy could become such an amazing garden!
If those who serve the Phantomhive family couldn’t pull off something like this, then what would happen?
There is still a long way to go.
While the young master is negotiating with our guest, let us do what we can.
Yes, sir.
The progression of East Indian jewel technology is really quite remarkable.
Many brilliant people have also been raised there—
Entranced by the eyes of the dead.
That’s unlucky. I’m out for one turn, eh?
It’s an opportune time right now!
I would like to continue to expand my company’s business
and secure a larger workforce.
It’s your turn.
Oh, yes.
Well then, excuse me.
Yes, and five.
About that, though. If I were to receive assistance in the form of another £12,000…
I’m sure this would not prove to be without benefit for you either, Count.
I would become the Phantom Company’s legs in South Asia and leapfrog right into even more—
Lose your legs in the Forest of Confusion.
It’s your turn again. I’m out for a turn, after all.
All right. Six.
Wait, that’s three.
Um, but…
You lost your legs, right?
From this point on, you can only travel half the distance.
Aha, this is quite the severe board game, isn’t it?
Is there no way to restore my legs?
Something once lost will never return.
Your body is burned within the crimson flames.
How are the preparations?
I’m making them, but…
Is this all right?
Yes. It is perfect.
Sebastian, I found them!
Really, now…
This is why I always tell you not to run inside the mansion.
You’re right! I broke my glasses and now I can’t see very far ahead.
Nonetheless, now I have no more worries about our main event.
Good job, everyone. Now you can leave the rest to me and just relax.
Please try your best to stay calm. Stay calm, as much as possible.
He said it twice.
Just now, he said it twice.
The preparations for dinner have been made.
Oh, the dinner in that stone garden?
I have been greatly anticipating it!
Well then, let’s leave the rest for later.
Ah, even without continuing, it is quite clear that I am going to lose.
I don’t like quitting a game in the middle.
Ah, I mean, having the flexible spirit of a child must be one of the requirements of being a manufacturer.
That is why the Phantomhives are the number one toy manufacturer in this country.
It really is admirable!
Tonight’s dinner is a Beef Tataki-don prepared by our own chef, Bard.
Sliced and layered
Sliced and layered
Sliced and layered
Is this a dinner?
Yes. Don't you know?
This is a traditional delicacy passed down since ancient times in Japan!
It is a feast filled with appreciation for those who have completed a hard job.
That is the power of the dish known as Donburi!
Donburi, banzai!
This is just a small thank you we would present to you, Mr. Damian,
for working so diligently on behalf of the Phantom Company.
You’re amazing, Sebastian.
Nice follow-up!
What a unique presentation!
Just what you expect of a first-class Phantomhive welcome.
We have prepared a wine that complements the fragrance of the soy sauce.
Yes, sir.
Don’t space out. Pour the wine into the glass.
Ah, yes!
Hey, isn’t the little lady acting a bit odd?
Ah, y—you can’t, Sebastian! Making a face like that…
Meirin is spilling all the wine!
Where did the tablecloth go?
There was a small stain on the cloth, so I had it removed.
Please pay it no mind.
I am sorry to have disturbed you. Please enjoy your meal at your leisure.
I am humbled, Count Phantomhive.
He really is talented.
He only did what was natural as my servant.
It is as my master says.
I am but a butler.
Note: This also translates as “A demon and a butler”.
My, I am awed by your proficiency.
Well then, about the contract…
Before that,
we have to finish the board game.
Indeed, there is that.
However, I am very sorry, but my next appointment…
Children are very demanding when it comes to games.
You know that as well, don’t you?
Well then, would it be all right if I used your telephone for a moment?
I have brought you some tea.
I shall return momentarily.
What is this? The fragrance is weak.
I brought out an Italian tea to match our guest’s tastes.
In Italy, coffee is the main aperitif, so there are not very many good after-dinner teas.
Does it not suit you?
No, I don’t like it.
I shall bring the dessert.
Yes. Be diligent until the end,
as befits the hospitality of the Phantomhive family.
Yes, my lord.
Really, I can’t keep up this babysitting.
Yeah. I’ve already sold off the factory.
Now all that’s left is to fatten up my wallet with the money that kid gives me.
The workers? I don’t give a damn about all that.
Ah, nothing. Anyway, I’ll leave the rest to you.
Yeah. There’s no problem.
After all, we’re dealing with a child.
Must be my imagination.
Entranced by the eyes of the dead.
How ridiculous.
It’s not here either.
Nor here.
What a spacious mansion.
I can’t find my way back to the lounge!
Entranced by the eyes of the dead.
D—Don’t come any closer!
Was that our guest just now?
Hey! If you don’t hurry up and carry it, you’ll get another earful from Sebastian!
Ah! How embarrassing. I messed up again!
Ah, but I was able to get that close to Sebastian!
Ah! What a shameless and lecherous maid I am!
Out for one turn.
Are you all right?
It’s twisted! It’s twisted halfway to Sunday!
Hey, what’s wrong?
The guest…
Lose your legs in the Forest of Confusion.
Where are you heading?
The hospitality is not yet at an end.
We still have dessert left.
After all, you can only move half the distance once you’ve lost your legs,
so why not sit back and relax?
Damn it! I can’t see anything!
Is this a storeroom?
Damn it! How narrow.
What is this?
It smells sweet.
My, what an impatient guest.
To think you would even go so far as to lay your hands on a dessert that is still in the oven.
Open up!
Please, open up!
Oh, do people from Italy not know?
Here in England, we have many desserts that utilise meat tallow, like plum pudding and mince pie.
Have your body burned within the crimson flames.
What was that voice just now?
I dunno.
Oh, Sebastian!
Thank you for all your hard work today.
Won’t you have a bit of lemon meringue pie?
Lemon Meringue Pie
Sweet things wash away fatigue.
Such a nice person!
We’re so grateful!
Oh, yes. Bard,
a merchant will be coming by later.
Please ask him to have our oven changed for a new one.
The oven?
Mr. Damian, I hope the Phantomhive estate’s hospitality satisfied you to the very bone.
Mamma mia!
That distasteful cry; he sounds just like a pig put out for slaughter.
To think he thought he could get away with staying quiet about selling off the factory,
then ask me to fund a larger workforce.
The foolhardy fraud.
Something once lost will never return.
The wallpaper will have to be restored, too.
Mother! Father!
The head of the Phantomhive estate, hm?
The young master is also known as “The Queen’s Guard Dog”.
Even with that small body, he has great determination.
Everyone, as you sit and sip your tea,
please enjoy the young master’s bravery as he takes on a drug syndicate,
and my own display of a glorious, silver judgement
as the butler of the Phantomhives.
Be sure not to miss it.
Next time on Kuroshitsuji:
His Butler, The Strongest
His Butler, The Strongest.
I am but a butler.
We shall await you next time
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