Black Butler (2008) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

This is…
England’s mother, our beloved Queen Victoria, has graced us with her presence!
Oh! Her Majesty!
To actually see her…
She certainly has lost some weight.
God save our gracious Queen.
Long live our noble Queen.
God save the Queen.
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen.
Her Majesty declares,
“We have not seen you in some time, and are sorry to have concerned you.
However, our constitution has improved remarkably,
and now we are even able to come and sample curry.
We wish everyone well and hold great expectations for this food
that my late husband loved so much.”
Well then, to the cuisine!
His Butler,
Has it begun?
You’re such an idiot.
My god, Lord Soma,
my strength is all for you!
Incredible! That Indian man’s hand has a life of its own!
And what a splendid fragrance!
This is God’s… No, Kali’s right hand!
Today will be a piece of cake.
The Funtom Company is amazing, too!
The fragrance is just as exquisite!
Damn! That butler!
Hey! What is he doing?
That can’t be…
What is he thinking, putting chocolate in a curry?
How disgusting!
That’s a sweet maker for you!
His advertising puff is certainly unique!
No. They’re wrong! That’s a bona fide ingredient par excellence.
Cacao butterfat and milk;
the bitterness blended with the spice and the sugar
brings out the fullness of the rich spice even more.
How did you, an Englishman,
ever come up with such an idea?
It was by my master’s order.
Why don’t you do something useful and crush it into the curry?
As long as my master gives an order,
I will make it happen, no matter what it may be.
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
He has a way with words.
Is that supposed to be sarcasm?
What an unbelievably humble bond.
Prince, you really won’t forgive me, will you?
No. That is why
I can’t afford to lose!
What’s that?
A blue shrimp?
A blue lobster!
The legendary lobster said to live only off the coast of Brittany.
That deep cerulean that even compares favourably to Chartres Cathedral.
Wrapped in its delicate, colourful shell,
it’s just like a fine lady in a blue dress.
Hidden underneath that dress
is a delicate sweetness of the highest quality, said to lead people to delirium.
As you can see, this is the highest quality ingredient for a curry!
It is not merely some cheap little additive!
With all my strength,
I shall defeat you, Sebastian!
Time’s up!
Now the judging will commence.
First up is the Persian Tub’s Beef Curry.
There are large pieces of beef generously mixed in.
This is quite splendid.
However, this flat taste and fragrance…
It’s abominable for a professional cook to be using curry powder!
This is your own home spice, isn’t it, Doll Company?
What is it?
One thing alone stands out, producing an amazing fragrance.
But the overall balance is poor,
and it’s overpowered by the fragrance.
Well, I’ll give you points for trying.
Next up is Chef Agni from the Harold West estate.
May I present my curry.
Lobster and a seven-flavoured sauce.
What amazing brightness!
The tender meat spreads a delicate sweetness throughout your mouth the moment you bite into it.
Moreover, with a seven-flavoured curry,
each flavour blends harmoniously with the lobster.
Ah! This is…
The graceful beauty I met at the ball.
Like seven jewels adorning your overwhelming elegance.
A heart-shaped, golden brooch,
a sapphire and pearl bracelet, a garnet necklace,
a cameo cut pin, and on your fingertips
a diamond and emerald ring!
All of them to bring out your beauty even more!
I had my heart stolen by you!
Such high class!
Will the winner be decided just like that,
or will we see an even better appraisal?
Our final contestant is the Funtom Company!
I humbly present my curry.
Th—This is…
Are you toying with us?
He’s frying it?
What are you doing, Sebastian? Are you trying to make doughnuts or something?
It is complete. This is our company’s curry.
And I’m saying, where is that curry?
Wait just a second. This is…
What’s that?
From the inside, the curry is…
This is the curry that our company proudly presents.
It is called Curry Bread!
C—Curry Bread?
This is…
This is delicious! The fried bread’s crunchy and fluffy crust
creates a superb gradation together with the thick curry, which is perfectly formed.
What’s more impressive than anything else
is the architecture that keeps in the taste and fragrance of the curry.
The moment you pierce it with a knife, it is all released!
This is the alluring young lady I met at the dinner party.
By day, she was a childlike, teasing little bird,
but in the evening she revealed her true face,
and what was there was no less than a true lady.
I want to embrace you!
Once again, what is this high praise?
Has the victor become less certain?
Sebastian, you are…
Now we shall allow the judges time to deliberate on their verdict!
During that time, everyone, please help yourselves to whichever curry suits you!
Oh, yes. The Queen didn’t try any.
Isn’t she going to judge?
She probably isn’t judging out of consideration for her health.
However, there is a possibility she will try a curry she is interested in.
Depending on that, the judges’ impressions will change.
The bestowal of the Royal Warrant is down to Her Majesty.
The popularity of our curry is overwhelming.
Overconfidence is dangerous.
Sebastian’s Curry Bread is also…
There’s no need to worry, right,
my dear husband?
Meena! Why are you here?
If by chance the prince saw you, it would—
He already did.
You met him? You can’t mean…
You knew, and were purposely trying to prevent Meena and me from meeting.
What are you doing?
Your retainer is fighting on your behalf.
Are you going to simply leave him like that?
No. I’m just reflecting on things.
I didn’t know anything. No. I didn’t even try to find out.
Meena’s thoughts and Agni’s feelings.
If you know that, why are you standing out here like a statue?
You’ve thought about it, right?
What a master should do for a retainer who fights on his behalf?
Oh, he’s there! Prince!
The tasting has already started!
If you don’t hurry, it’ll all be gobbled up!
Here. Have some of this.
This is delicious!
Your khansama’s Curry Bread has an incredibly kind taste to it.
Why did you do that?
You know how much the prince felt for you.
You always seemed to have such fun!
Someone like you would never understand.
You were a Brahmin, and yet you threw it away.
Now you’re just a khansama. How would you know?
Then, for what reason did I…
Don’t ask me.
That’s right! I’ll climb higher and higher,
using as many men as I can on the way!
Chef Sebastian of the Funtom Company,
Her Majesty wishes to partake of a Curry Bread.
Could I please ask you to bring one over here?
Please enjoy it, Your Majesty.
Her Majesty declares, “A food that is easy
for even children to eat, requiring neither knife nor fork,
fulfilling both the rich and the poor,
allowing both children and adults to partake of it equally
is commensurate with my goal of creating a kind and pure country.”
Treasuring children and the future, this kind stance moves Her Majesty greatly.
Don’t make me sick!
That’s too sugary. Equality? The future?
For this bountiful country, where there are no hardships,
what a pretentious queen!
Meena, stop at once! You’re in Her Majesty’s presence!
Get lost!
Restrain her!
Shut up! Curry is
rough and spicy!
With her flowing legs carrying her and her inviting hip pose…
She is truly just like the Kali statue!
Your Majesty!
It smells! It smells of hatred and desire!
The stench of filth!
Are you trying to become like Asura, the one who faced Kali?
It’s the demon’s job to become the head that Kali holds, right?
Sebastian, kindly rewrite the legend.
Stop that Kali.
Yes, my Lord.
What happened?
An Indian woman went on a rampage!
This is…
You are quite skilled.
That is a demon-hunting goddess for you.
I am… I am a French chef!
I hate spicy things!
Pardon me.
Agni, what is this?
I do not know. After eating the curry, all of a sudden
Meena and a portion of the audience have…
Father told me of it once.
It reacts to the darkness, desire and impurities in people’s hearts
and drives them into demonic madness. It is a forbidden spice.
you were bearing that great a burden in your heart?
It is not your fault, Prince.
If she has succumbed to the effects of the evil spice, then…
I know that. You don’t have to tell me, Agni.
Up to now, I blamed my loneliness
and Meena’s situation on other people.
No one should care for a brat like that,
but even though I am quite hopeless,
you have always stayed by my side.
I’m sorry for not noticing it until now.
Please will you keep being my khansama?
Stop Meena, Agni.
Jo ajna!
Has there ever been a time when my spirits have soared this high?
Now I have become one with my god!
I shall support you!
You have become even more potent. Has something happened?
Yes! Right now, I am invincible!
Then, I shall leave the two on the right to you.
You have a most splendid butler, do you not?
It seems there will be no need for me to make an appearance.
But do you not think this peculiar?
If that was the power of the spice,
then why is it that just one group of people was affected?
If that were the case, there should be many more going out of control.
After all, there is no one in this world
who is truly at peace with themselves.
Wait, Meena!
The idiot!
This is the only way to calm Kali!
Now come, Meena!
Prince Soma!
Forgive me, Meena!
Sebastian! The Curry Bread!
Make them eat your Curry Bread!
A kind curry created by a demon.
How absolutely like him. A completely ironic joke.
However, if he has decided to imbue it with kindness,
then its power is perfect.
Take this!
Just what is happening?
You really are the worst.
Her Majesty declares,
“The kind Curry Bread
is able to subdue evil spice and appease the souls of those in the grip of evil.
The Royal Warrant’s destination is clear.”
What will happen to them?
They will not be mistreated.
Master Ciel, you did a sterling job today.
Also, for obtaining the Royal Warrant,
I congratulate you sincerely.
I have a word of appreciation from Her Majesty.
Her Majesty declares,
“I have put you through a great deal of trouble.
I am ever watching your work.”
I am the light and Master Ciel is the shadow.
Our positions may be different, but I believe our wishes are the same.
Please continue to use your strength for Her Majesty’s benefit in the future.
I shall.
Well then, I shall take my leave.
Thank you, Ciel.
If I hadn’t met you, I would have remained an ignorant, selfish child.
From now on, I’ll learn lots more,
and travel all over England… No, the world, and become a fine enough man not to lose face to anyone!
Master Sebastian,
the prince and I have gained so much from you all.
I could not begin to thank you.
Please raise your head.
I merely fought on my own behalf.
I have done nothing to be thanked for.
Just as the gods you believe in, Kali and Shiva,
could take the pain they held and see their mistakes,
so it is with you both.
Also, I doubt a bonding experience without pain would be a fruitful one.
To be taught my own country’s teachings by an Englishman…
I am truly humbled.
Nationality does not matter.
Wherever and whenever you are, there are always similarities.
Between humans, that is.
That’s true. Just as the sunset by the bank of the Ganges
and the sunset of England are both beautiful.
Meena! Meena!
Let me go!
I am so glad we came to England.
The prince and I have both made the best of friends.
Friends, you say?
That is the first time someone has called me that.
Stop it! You’re getting me wet!
Young Master, is it really all right
for me to serve someone other than you?
Can you change on your own?
Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly, all the way to the back.
Oh, yes.
Not going to the toilet at night because you’re afraid of the dark
is completely unacceptable.
Next time on Kuroshitsuji:
His Butler, Isolated.
His Butler, Isolated
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
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