Black Butler (2008) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

Can you believe this?
In the old days, one could swim everywhere, even in this river.
Nowadays, the polluted downtown of London resembles a rubbish dump.
Mr. Havock, what is that?
That’s the Cutty Sark.
She was constructed to carry the freshest tea of the season from China to our nobility.
Is she faster than a steamer?
If you believe the sailors’ talk, she won’t lose to anyone, as long as there is wind to fill her sails.
Cutty Sark…
That’s how they refer to that witch.
Don’t stare at her, or you might be caught up in the twigs of her broomstick.
Anyone who boarded her
could probably go to some distant country…
I wonder.
She has been decommissioned since the opening of that canal in Egypt.
The era of old ships has come to an end.
A new era is about to begin.
Cutty Sark?
What is it?
His Butler,
It would seem nobody around here knew him.
I see.
Looks like a robbery.
He was probably killed elsewhere, and his corpse was then disposed of.
The victim was killed by a single stab wound to a vital point.
It seems too efficient for a mere robbery.
It could be some mafia dispute, then;
Italian or Chinese.
There are also rumours about the appearance of a strange, new drug.
At any rate, we will have to identify the victim first.
There is no need for that.
This man’s name was John Stanley.
This is his identification.
Have a look at this, please.
What are you planning to do?
Informing the authorities is a civic duty.
Isn’t that what you always say?
Don’t say something you don’t believe.
What are you up to?
Say it clearly!
Well then, I will deign to tell you, Mr. Randall.
I want to have a look at this man’s personal belongings.
He didn’t have anything with him,
not even something that would help identify him.
Well, I am happy I could be of some assistance, Inspector Aberlain.
Let’s go, Sebastian.
That brat.
Why does Her Majesty trust a child like him?
The Queen’s Guard Dog…
Is something the matter?
Your expression is even more cynical than usual.
How can I make a pleasant face under the circumstances?
You are too modest.
Watching that face of yours is always very pleasant for me.
I am just at something of a loss.
The information is too scarce.
A corpse was found at Regent Dock this morning.
The victim’s name was John Stanley.
He was running a shipping company.
This man was acting on secret orders from Her Majesty.
He was a member of the underworld.
Lord Ciel, he was one of your kind.
Her Majesty is entrusting you with a mission:
to find a certain item this man was carrying, and dispose of it.
Am I not to look for the culprit?
Indeed not.
Her Majesty only wishes for the item to be disposed of.
That is all.
So, what is the item?
That is a secret.
Then, how am I supposed to find it?
Her Majesty is hesitant to reveal all the details, even to you,
Her most trusted Guard Dog.
It would seem that, even if driven by curiosity, you are not to confirm the contents under any circumstances.
We must conduct a thorough investigation first.
On what subject?
The reasoning behind Stanley’s murder.
Was his death mere mischance, or…
Or was it somehow connected to his assignment?
Shall we begin by searching for eyewitnesses to the crime?
Leave that to the Yard.
To learn of Romans, one must ask a Roman.
A murder scene is his patch, after all.
What an unpleasant smell.
So, you have finally found your way here, Young Earl.
It feels strange to face each other under these circumstances.
However, I, for my part, always thought such a day would come.
What day?
Hi! Welcome, Young Earl.
It’s been a long time.
Let’s leave the small talk aside.
Lau, I have something to ask of you.
You are so impatient.
For you, Young Earl, to come all the way down to my den…
It must be that.
So, it has already reached your ears.
I expected nothing less of the president of the Chinese trading company Kunlun’s English branch…
Or rather, from the head of the Shanghai mafia organisation Green Gang, Lau.
I really don’t like to be addressed as such, though.
It’s so formal.
Don’t you agree, Lan Mao?
This neighbourhood has been left under your control.
You should be best placed to understand the tensions in the area.
Of course I am, abiding by your own orders.
After all, this is the price I pay for being allowed to do business in this country’s underworld.
Well, then…
However, Young Earl, there is something I would like to know first.
What incident are you referring to?
So, he was just back-channelling at his own convenience, again.
Anyway, how about going upstairs?
It’s so stuffy down here.
You should back out of these dealings quickly.
Haven’t I advised you of that before?
“Long ago, Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly.”
Young Earl, there are people in this world
for whom reality is just too much to bear.
I sell dreams to such people.
Well, even though it’s you asking, unfortunately, I’ve never seen such a man.
That aside, how are things progressing between you and Maria?
The truth is, Landlady…
Congratulations, Abby, my boy!
You really know how to handle a girl.
But isn’t that bad?
You are a police detective, after all.
If you don’t marry soon…
I have already asked for her hand.
What was her answer?
I see, I see. Isn’t that wonderful?
You, who had no one to depend on, can finally start a family.
That’s why I want to make this city a safer place;
a place where children can grow up safely, as it should be.
I understand, Abby, my boy.
If I learn anything, I will surely let you know.
I’m counting on you, Landlady.
Let me see…
If there were anything in this neighbourhood people would kill for,
it would be drugs.
Someone has started spreading new merchandise lately.
To be frank, it’s causing me some trouble.
New merchandise?
The city is awash with rumours that it is very effective, though cheaper and lighter than opium.
They call it “Lady Bran”.
“Lady Bran”?
A white lady?
Is something wrong?
That person who was found in Regent Dock… What was his name again?
John Stanley.
It is believed to be a false name, though.
Never seen his face.
As far as the drug dealers go, I should know most of them.
Lan Mao, what about you?
There you go.
I am searching for a certain item that the man is supposed to have been carrying.
“A certain item”?
There’s a good chance Stanley was murdered because of it.
For that reason, there is something I want you to do.
What is it, Young Earl?
I want you to put out a rumour
that I have obtained some important item from the man found dead at the docks.
That’s easily done.
Would it be too much to ask why?
If such a rumour were planted,
then the one who killed Stanley and took his belongings may start doubting the authenticity of the item he stole and come after me.
I see. You are using yourself as a decoy.
One should expect nothing less from the Queen’s loyal Guard Dog.
Young Earl, I have always wanted to ask you:
why are you rendering such devoted service to the Queen?
She only makes unreasonable demands.
You wouldn’t understand;
you, who have left your home and are drifting in a foreign country like a rootless blade of grass…
So it would seem.
Well, Cao, will you please release the information requested by the young earl?
It would seem that he has obtained a certain document from the dead man.
A document?
Young Earl, this could develop into an ultimate game between the two of us.
Hello, my good fellow.
Mr. Havock told me you were collecting rubbish at the Regent Dock this morning. Is that right?
Y… Yes.
Then, would you please tell me about the witch you supposedly saw?
About the Cutty Sark?
Please take care of this.
Meirin, you have been working for the Phantomhive household, have you not?
Still am and all.
Would you lend me that?
A white lady…
Sebastian, do you think that woman is involved in this incident?
You currently resemble nothing so much as a lost puppy.
I am but a pawn in your hand.
Isn’t it slightly ridiculous for a player to ask a pawn’s opinion?
I am still here.
That means my desire has yet to be fulfilled.
Yes, exactly.
And I am still performing the role of Guard Dog under Her orders,
as a descendant of the Phantomhives,
just as many of my ancestors did.
Yes. As always, nothing has changed,
but still…
Stop it!
Let go, you stupid dog!
You can’t do this, Plu Plu!
I told you to let go!
Sebastian, do something about that stupid dog!
As you command.
Pluto, house.
What on Earth is the matter with him?
Could it be the mating season?
M… Mating?
For some reason, he seemed extremely interested in Meirin’s pocket.
My pocket?
Aren’t those Funtom Company candies?
Someone gave them to me.
They’re awfully popular in London now.
I heard they’re sold out everywhere.
But just when we said we had no idea, a kind lady gave them to us, saying:
“Please try them”.
That’s really something.
Even the adults are crazy about them, she said.
It seems that you feel great after eating them.
It’s like you become addicted.
Let’s see…
Master Ciel, these sweets were not produced by our company.
Though the wrapping paper is genuine,
the quality control of our company is too strict for such unsightly candy to make its way into the shops.
This is…
He passed his time limit!
It is a drug.
Morphine created from opium,
probably by refining it even further.
This is most likely the new merchandise to which Mr. Lau referred.
Lady Bran.
A visitor?
For me?
Hey, you!
Why are you sitting there?
That’s my seat!
The chair of Scotland Yard’s Chief Superintendent!
And it is exceedingly comfortable, Lord Randall.
You are…
I have a message from a mutual acquaintance for you,
Sir Arthur Randall.
To the candy factory. Make haste!
Damn it! How did our products get changed into drugs?
how does this matter relate to the secret orders from Her Majesty, and the corpse at Regent Dock?
I’m lacking some crucial piece to solve this puzzle.
Hey, Lan Mao.
Between being eternally unable to wake from a dream,
and being eternally unable to dream,
which do you think would be more unfortunate?
Still, both the dream that we deemed eternal,
and this very reality,
are destined to end someday.
Yes, Brother.
Resistance is use—
You really are reckless.
If I were not me, you would have died.
I only acted this way because it was you, Sebastian.
What’s wrong, Sebastian?
Earl Ciel Phantomhive!
I am detaining you on suspicion of violating the Medicines Act.
Young Master!
Oh, you would like to detain me, Earl Phantomhive?
You, a mere police officer, without a noble title?
Yes, Ciel.
You are suspected of being in league with a Chinese man by the name of Lau, selling a new drug.
With Lau? Don’t make me laugh.
He is but a pawn in my hand.
Besides, the fact that he was running an opium den was known and tolerated by Randall.
If that is a problem, then you should take him alone.
Lau himself was well aware of the risks of dealing with opium.
There is a Funtom Company warehouse in the Docklands, correct?
Just a short while ago, a large amount of opium was discovered there.
Given the vast amount, you could hardly talk your way out of this by stating it was for personal use.
It was found together with Funtom Company wrapping paper.
What about Lau?
He escaped.
Most of the police officers sent to arrest him were killed or wounded.
He as good as confessed his crimes.
What do you intend to do, Young Master?
Shall I obediently let myself be arrested here,
or shall I…
Sebastian, this is—
Shut up, you brat!
Aberlain, didn’t I tell you
to separate him from the butler at once?
don’t you realise what it means to point a gun at me?
If you want to resist, you are free to do so.
However, it would mean the end of your stained family crest – the end of the Phantomhives.
Just a short while ago, a personal order from Her Majesty was given to me.
Only the culprit himself knows that the item Her Majesty has been searching for is a document.
This being the case, please arrest both Earl Phantomhive and Lau.
Ah, there is no need to worry.
We will create an appropriate pretext.
Wh… What measures am I to take after the arrest?
In the name of Her Majesty the Queen of England,
until the matter is clarified,
all of Earl Phantomhive’s responsibilities and privileges are to be suspended.
If worse comes to worst and you defy the order,
it will be considered high treason, and you will be stripped of your title.
As for Lau, the president of Kunlun’s English branch, who is deeply involved in opium smuggling,
he will atone for his crimes with his life.
Ciel Phantomhive,
would you like to confess whatever you know of Lau’s whereabouts,
or that of Her Majesty’s personal correspondence?
No. I am awfully sorry.
Personal correspondence?
Is that the missing piece?
If I could, I would love to torture you.
Unfortunately, that has been forbidden by Her Majesty.
Should I question your butler instead?
Put up no resistance.
When the right time comes, I will call you,
and I will teach them what happens to those who humiliate me.
Do you understand, Sebastian?
Yes, my Lord.
Want to give me a whipping?
Pathetic. Open your legs to an angle of 90 degrees,
lower your centre of gravity and, as if you wanted to bore through me,
swing! Swing!
Next time: His Butler, Escaped.
His Butler, Escaped
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
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