Black Lagoon (2006) s02e01 Episode Script

The Vampire Twins Comen

1 I have a big gun, I took it from my Lord Sick with Justice, I just wanna feel you I'm your angel, only a ring away You make me violate you, no matter who you are! It's all up to you, no one lives forever Been burn in the hell, by all those pigs out there It's always been hell, from when I was born They make me violate them, no matter who they are! Get down on your knees! Get a good head on your shoulders! If it's for your guys, go to the end of the Earth Do what you think, give it with dedication I'll put out your misery! You made a mess! For Christ sakes, this rotten world! Shit out of luck! Go with my vision! Light up the fire! Right on the power! Weapon I have it all! Weapon I have it all! Who was it, big brother? Who was it that said "The ultimate love is cannibalism"? Edgar Allen Poe? No, big sister.
He had a case of necrophilia.
Richard Matheson? You may be right.
I wonder if they ever enjoyed this scent.
The smell of life flowing out.
The scent of iron rust and seawater.
The smell of a man's last gasp.
We're very fortunate, big sister.
Perhaps the people of this city will start moving now.
This makes eight people.
We even ended up killing some we hadn't planned on killing.
Everyone will be coming to kill us.
This'll be fun, big sister.
Yes, big brother.
Yes, I can't wait.
Yes, Lagoon Company here.
Oh, hi Mr.
What? The meeting is canceled? Yeah.
I'll be in touch as soon as there's an opening in the captain's schedule.
What is it, Rock? The meeting's apparently canceled.
Maybe something urgent came up.
- You think maybe it's that, Dutch? - Yeah.
It's got everyone running around.
- What are you talking about? - Come on.
Haven't you heard anything, Rock? No.
There were killings.
I hate to say it, but there's nothing unusual about homicide in this city.
Yeah, there's nothing unusual about killings but when they're targeting Hotel Moscow, that's a different story.
Hotel Moscow? Five corpses with ties to the Russians have been laid down - this past month alone.
- Revy.
That info's outdated.
It's now six.
In any case, someone out there is trying to light the sky with fireworks, Rock.
In this city where the balance of power walks a tightrope on its hands.
There's gonna be blood shed before this one's said and done.
Another one's been killed.
This time it's an accountant.
Are we in Beirut? Mogadishu, perhaps? Stop it, Balalaika.
This is why we're having these information sessions.
We're living in a period of coexistence.
I'd prefer to place some importance in this equilibrium we've earned after all the bloodshed and bullets.
Miss Balalaika.
Oh, Mr.
Chang? When did I ever say I wanted coexistence? There you go blabbing away again, Fry Face.
An Ivan from the countryside trying to be a queen? You've gotta be joking.
Go back to digging your potatoes at your sovkhoz.
You know, I hear the bowels of an Italian smell like those of a pig.
- Is that true, Verrocchio? - You bitch! Watch your mouths, both of you! What do you think the purpose of this information session is, anyway? Sure, we have grudges against each other that stick with us.
However, we're living in a time when we should be cooperating for the sake of our own benefit.
If it'll help our business, then you're free to say anything.
But you can feed your damn personal honor to the dogs.
That's what it means to be part of the mafia, right? Miss Balalaika.
This may be news to you But my men have fallen victim as well.
A member connected with the 14K and one directly affiliated executive.
In the whore house on Rachiada Street.
Killed the same way as your guys.
What's going on, Chang? Someone's trying to shift the balance! Abrego! Look at me! You've gotta be kidding me, Balalaika! Sure I've had my share of issues with you but our differences have been resolved! Then Abrego.
You can direct the questions about the true culprit to Verrocchio.
Don't be ridiculous, Fry Face! We also lost one of our recruiters! That makes nine bodies.
These killings weren't done by anyone from the city.
These were done by a drifter.
Someone who doesn't know how things work in this city.
So, now that we've determined that these incidents were committed by an outside force, we'll work together to hunt down the perpetrator.
We will also make a joint declaration.
It'll avoid unnecessary bloodshed through misunderstandings.
Any objections? - I don't like this.
It's a farce.
- What the hell did you say?! Cool it with your rashness, Balalaika.
I doubt it's in your best interest to blow up this whole city.
Is this supposed to be some social gathering, Mr.
Chang? Shall we play a hand of gin rummy? The reason I came here today is so that we can make our positions clear.
Hotel Moscow will not forgive anyone who is involved in obstructing our operations in any way.
We will denounce and destroy them, then kill their parents and siblings.
If necessary, even their pet dog.
Oh, boy.
Everyone's carrying a gun.
It's as if we've made our way into the world of Clint Eastwood.
There's a lunatic wandering the streets thinking he's some sort of punisher.
A giver of punishment.
But punishment for what? Who knows.
Right now, Roanapur is like popcorn.
It's simmering on heat, waiting for the right moment to burst.
Have you heard, Revy? They've announced a reward.
- How much? - Fifty grand.
And that's not local currency.
It's U.
They're really serious about this.
We should go for it, too.
You have any leads? Nothing.
But normally an outsider shouldn't be too difficult to find.
That's right.
An outsider would stick out like a sore thumb.
It's not that big of a city, after all.
That was the case with the Lovelace family's maid.
But no one has a clue which could only mean that someone's providing a hideout.
But we don't know who.
So, like the saying goes, suspicion creates a bugbear.
Well, I really couldn't care less, as long as it doesn't lead to a shooting spree.
You worry too much, Bao.
This is a neutral district.
No one's gonna start anything here.
Howdy, Two-Hands.
You're drinking the cheap stuff again! How's business?! Eda! D-Damn you! Who's she? Th-That sister from the Rip Off Church! Well, well.
You brought the handsome boy with you.
Hi! How've you been? Ditch this boar-girl and hang out with me, won't you? You might've come fishing for men, but this one's off limits.
I'll kill you.
Wow, you're scary.
Hear that, handsome boy? This girl's eternally nagged with irregular menstrual periods.
You asked for it, Eda.
Come on, we'll take this outside! Don't get so excited, Two-Hands.
I didn't come here to pick a fight with you.
I've got a great story.
One that's worth some hard cash.
It has to do with catching that culprit, right? - You know? - Revy and I were just talking about that.
I doubt there's a single soul left in the city that doesn't know.
Oh? Is that so? Man, this isn't fun.
Well, at least that means less explaining on my part.
There are some already on the move for the bounty.
The mafia go without saying, but they're also freelance assassins.
From what I hear, the Yun brothers, Big One Emilio, Ronny CK That's incredible.
This place is a sample city of assassins.
There are others, too.
Tooth Decay Johnny, for example, is laughable.
He came to order a rifle to hunt elephants.
What's he thinking? He probably thinks he's up against some dinosaur.
If he shot a human with that, he'd have nothing left to show but dust.
We'd better get moving if we want to get our hands on that money.
Fifty grand is too large an amount to ignore, Revy.
You're right about that.
Haven't you got any other new information, Eda? There's one thing.
Early this morning, the Caribbean Bar on Buran Street was crushed.
Hotel Moscow is in position to battle.
Having a subordinate killed, I hear Fry Face is furious.
Good to see you.
Any information? A waiter was found alive.
Though he's on his last breath.
This is what happened.
They arrived early morning, at about four o'clock.
Twins, dressed like they were gonna attend a funeral.
I hear they were spooky brats like something outta the movie, "The Shining".
As the bartender tells them, "This is no place for kids" they pull out one of your Bougainvillea Trading business cards, and say We get our customers from Miss Balalaika's place.
We were told that tonight, we could find our customers here.
Haven't you heard? Go around to the back.
Thank you, mister.
Our customers will recognize us as soon as they see us.
We'll use that corner, okay? If at that moment the bartender had the foresight to contact you he wouldn't have been killed.
His luck ran out when he decided not to call you at such a late hour.
Moments later, your staff came on time to collect the evening's earnings.
The collector asked how business was and as the bartender said, "Not too great" Hi there.
You wanna play with us? Please, mister.
Let's play.
Sakharov! It's them! They're the ones! They figured it out.
These men are pretty clever, big sister.
You're right.
Big brother, we need to do this better.
It can't be helped, can it? What should we do, big sister? Guess we have no choice.
We'll call upon an angel for them.
They say heaven's a nice place, after all.
Right, big brother? No, you mustn't.
You mustn't run away.
Big sister.
Let's bring that one back with us! We'll play with him until our next job! Yes, let's do that, big brother.
Yes, big sister.
Damn! This guy's heavy, big sister.
Help me.
You're a boy, big brother.
Ladies don't carry heavy things.
Then, after they pushed the collector onto a car that had been parked close by they returned and fired rounds until no remaining body moved.
What's the make of the car? It's license number? A black sedan.
All we know is that it's a Japanese make.
We're still searching for its whereabouts.
Oh, and one other thing.
They're white, but not from an English speaking nation.
They apparently gave greetings in an unusual language.
Buna seara.
And also, they said the following when calling each other.
Fratti mai soul.
Soula mai mare.
Don't let any of this information leak to the outside.
If the peace corps interfere, it could be troublesome.
Yeah, I know.
I like this city too.
That's right, hey, Balalaika! We're also joining in on the hunt! The reward's open to cops too, right?! He disgusts me.
I could puke.
But this was an error on my part.
I believed that as long as I sent my soldiers in two-man cells they would be safe.
Sakharov and Menshov clearly had their guard down, Captain.
I mean, who'd expect the assassins to be children? Remember Panjshir.
Half the enemies were children.
Even souls can accumulate fat.
Our souls included.
Exactly, Captain.
We shall be cautious about this in the future.
I do not wish for our combat power to dip any further.
Hire an investigative team from outside our organization.
- Think of them as pawns we can discard.
- Right.
Eight soldiers from that joint base have now died in battle.
No matter how many die, it's not something you ever get used to.
Ever since that day we pledged, we're prepared to die in battle.
I'm sure Private Sakharov would have said the same.
I won't let them kill any more, Sergeant.
I will have those kids pay for Comrade Sakharov's life with their blood.
I will direct my anger and hatred at them as I kill them! Oh boy.
How are things coming along? Has anyone caught the fish yet? Not yet.
But this isn't good.
One mistake, and this thing could get outta hand.
It'll make a typhoon seem like a summer breeze.
Balalaika is planning on using the services of Visotoniki.
Visotoniki? She's nuts.
Is she trying to flip the city upside down? Commando unit.
In their Ivan language they're known as the Visotoniki.
They're subordinates of that woman from before Hotel Moscow existed.
With her at the head each and every one of them functioned as a killing machine.
Repatriated soldiers of the Afghanistan war with significant battle experience they're known to have received enough training to fight a Third World War.
That's what sets them apart from other mafia.
Each having the ability to command and show no mercy.
I'd hate to be anywhere near them when they're pissed off I need at least a two hundred mile radius.
My mother has killed me My father's eating me My brothers and sisters sit under the table Pickin' up my bones, and they bury them Under the cold What in the hell are you guys What? We're changing our clothes.
The blood has dried and is like glue, so they can't be worn any more.
It's a lot of fun, you know.
If you stick a needle into his head, he twitches like a fish.
He still moves even though he's no longer breathing.
I think it's called "spinal reflexes".
The boss is red as a lobster with anger! Look.
I only said to dissect that Ivan bitch! I never said anything about kidnapping subordinates and using them as dart targets! Now would be a good time to put an end to this and leave the city! I've had enough of babysitting you! I can't believe those damn brats! They're far worse than having a couple loose screws up there.
Moretti! Those two are totally sick in the head.
No kidding.
Now we've gotta get rid of that corpse, too.
We can't just call a cleaner to do the job, damn it! Does the phantom killer know what he's dealing with? If so, the killer's gotta be crazy.
In this world, we come across them every once in a blue moon.
They're known as seeds of evil.
They're outsiders considered to be extra baggage even in the underground world.
Usually they go recklessly wild and wind up dead but once in a while you get one that's got instincts like a beast and a clever mind, they somehow survive.
The only way for these guys to live is to go nuts and spread calamity.
The one thing that they all have in common is they hate all kinds of things.
Not only do they hate things but because they hate so many things with a vengeance they no longer remember what they hate.
In the end, they involve everything around them and blow everything up.
Well, only the individual really knows what's going on in his head.
My own mind's filled with second hand knowledge from prison.
Rock! She asked for you by name.
It's the lady of the hour.
Miss Balalaika.
Hey, big sister.
What is it? What should we do? I'd love to give it a try.
We've never tried an Ivan before.
No, big sister.
I mean those guys.
We'll get rid of them eventually.
I hate being scolded and being hit.
It makes me wanna cry.
Don't you agree, big brother? Buna seara.
It has the nuance of something Italian.
I thought, given the work you're in, you might know.
I'm sorry.
I meant former work.
Buna seara.
Then how about the phrase, "Soula mai mare"? Anything will do.
Whatever comes to mind.
A place A name I sorta recall someone from the European branch teaching me something similar.
But I can't quite put my finger on it.
Vampire? What was that? What do you mean by that, Rock? Those words have something to do with vampires.
It smells very strongly of blood, big brother.
Let's take a bath.
But it's such a nice scent.
You're wasting a good thing, big sister.
Next Episode The Chinese woman from Lagoon Company and the sister from the Rip Off Church are also with them.
Crush them if necessary.