Black Lagoon (2006) s02e03 Episode Script

Swan Song at Dawn

1 I have a big gun, I took it from my Lord Sick with Justice, I just wanna feel you I'm your angel, only a ring away You make me violate you, no matter who you are! It's all up to you, no one lives forever Been burn in the hell, by all those pigs out there It's always been hell, from when I was born They make me violate them, no matter who they are! Get down on your knees! Get a good head on your shoulders! If it's for your guys, go to the end of the Earth Do what you think, give it with dedication I'll put out your misery! You made a mess! For Christ sakes, this rotten world! Shit out of luck! Go with my vision! Light up the fire! Right on the power! Weapon I have it all! Weapon I have it all! Even though I'm offering 150 thousand? Doesn't matter! Kill them then don't forget to pick up the cash on the ground when you're done! Right.
Do not move, guys! Negotiations have been broken off.
- Damn you! - There they are! Jodorowsky here! Encountered enemy at Point Pskov! Roger.
How dare you! Stop it, Eda! It's Hotel Moscow! They've come out, big sister.
It's the Russians! Yes! Hey, big sister Let's confuse the Russians.
If we can randomly eliminate a few, they'll return to their main base for sure.
Very well, big brother.
Let's take separate routes and corner the Russians! - I wish you success, big sister.
- Yes, big brother.
- I love you.
- Yes.
I love you.
We lost the targets during combat.
But we've clearly shown ourselves to the enemy.
Instruct them to proceed and assume that the enemy has taken the bait.
All units, continue with the plan.
Lavochek Unit, Lobosfski Unit, complete level two preparations and proceed to the final location.
Target Two located behind Jodorowsky as he's retreating.
Confirm the number of targets.
At once! Baronin to Okchabriagin.
I have only sighted Target Two.
I repeat, I have only sighted Target Two.
Private Eugene here.
We have located the target that is following Jodorowsky.
We only see one body from here as well.
Target Two is securely locked on to Jodorowsky's ass.
I'll drag him along to the planned location.
- So only Target Two has taken the bait? - That's correct.
That's fine.
Then make sure to corner that one without mistake.
Don't take anything for granted.
They're extremely clever.
Let them believe that they have the advantage.
With that in mind, proceed to the next stage and stir up confusion.
I'll have my subordinates take them on mafia-style.
Not to worry, we're almost at the park entrance.
We'll make the first shot.
Focus all your efforts on getting the target disturbed and furious.
Frustration will dull the target's senses.
That's when we'll turn the tables.
Sergeant, it's time.
- Take command of the final unit.
- Yes.
Best of luck to you, Captain.
And you be careful, too.
Now Guess it's about time we put an end to this boisterous merrymaking.
How do you expect me to return to the church empty handed? We should've agreed to that offer! You got too greedy! How dare you! Who do you think it was that saved you from getting your balls torn off by those guys from Hotel Moscow?! Well?! I was born without balls, you monkey-girl! Idiot! You're asking for it, you shit! We'll have a duel! Sounds like fun, Revy! Of course, it will be more fun after you get more holes in your ass! You know I really don't care anymore.
I didn't get a penny outta this.
I'm going back to the office.
Call me if something comes up.
Hey, wait! What about me?! - What do you mean? - What do you think?! I don't wanna walk into the line of fire alone to go get my car! Come with me, Revy! We're friends, right? You can go on your own.
You're not a kid.
Wha How could you be so cruel?! Hi, miss.
How long have you been there? I've been waiting until you were alone.
I didn't wanna face the two of you all by myself.
There's something I want you to help me with.
As soon as big brother kills the Russian lady, we'll have to flee.
But we killed Verocchio and his men, who were supposed to arrange all that.
You fool.
You knew all that, and yet you killed your guardian? Besides, now you no longer have an obligation to kill Balalaika.
So why continue? Why? Why? Why, you ask? What a question.
That's so funny! Because we want to.
There's no other reason at all.
We want to, so we do it.
But that's not important right now.
I want you to introduce me to an escape specialist.
I want someone who takes their job seriously.
Tell me, miss.
There's no need to hide.
Come out here.
You could tell I was here.
You're amazing, lady.
It's no wonder your subordinates are so skilled.
I chased them all over, but couldn't kill a single one.
Now, what do you suggest we do, lady? Shall we take advantage of this opportunity and talk? Perhaps we can talk about that man we killed.
Anyone else would've died a lot sooner but that man lasted for quite some time.
He kept yelling to the very end, "Captain! Captain!" Over and over, while spitting out blood.
Is that so.
You're a cold person, lady.
But you know what? You'll be like that man soon enough.
It's just a shame that you don't have much time left.
That really is a shame.
I'm sorry to say this, little boy, but this is the end of the road for you.
But before that.
You'll have to apologize for your mischievous pranks.
Hey, kid.
First of all, kneel there before me.
- You're not serious.
- Kneel! It's the end for you, kid.
If only you had the ability to use reason, you would've realized that you walked straight into a trap.
You know, you're gonna die here, as nothing but a brat beyond repair.
Lady, you're funny.
What are you saying? I will not die.
I'm not gonna die.
Because I've killed so many people! We've killed many, many many, many people.
Therefore we can live on that much longer.
We can We can add on to our life.
We will never die.
We'll live on eternally.
So that's your religion, is it? That's a wonderful way of thinking.
But the correct answer is, as the song goes, "no one lives forever".
There you have it.
Now I could kill you by torturing you cruelly.
It's the least I could do to even come close to what you did to my subordinates.
But unfortunately I'm not as vulgar as you are.
So I'm just going to watch you die from here.
Judging from your wounds, you have ten minutes at the most.
I dedicate these few minutes before you leave this world to Saharov and Menshov's souls.
You probably wouldn't be able to understand.
Don't cry, you fool.
Captain? Sergeant.
I'm finished on my end.
That wasn't good, Captain.
I was chilled to the bone.
I had you stick with me through all this selfishness.
I'm getting too old for this.
I'm a little exhausted.
She's got a great singing voice.
It's hard to believe it's the voice of a crazed, bloodthirsty murderer.
Her voice alone is that of an angel.
But this has really taken an odd turn.
You can say that again.
The bloodthirsty murderer that starred in the night of terror in Roanapur is now our client.
Well, that's fine by me.
She's a client, just the same.
So, where's Revy? At first she was really pissed off about that girl but right now she's outside guarding the cabin just in case something happens to Rock.
That's a beautiful song.
Where did you learn it? I heard it on TV.
This song's one of my favorites.
But you know what? You're the first person besides my big brother that I've sung it to.
H-Hey! You seem different from everyone else.
It's like you're in a different place.
A different world.
Guess I'm just not used to this job yet.
You're a nice person.
You know, I'm really good at figuring out who's good and who's not.
It's me.
Balalaika? - I presume you know why I'm calling.
- Yeah.
In fact I expected this call sooner.
Hey, Dutch.
Do you realize what you're doing? Of course.
We're being paid extra for the additional risks involved.
You're not doing this for some obligation or sympathy, are you? - Do I look like a philanthropist to you? - Just checking.
It allows me to determine the position I should be taking.
We both just gotta do what we gotta do.
Am I wrong, Balalaika? - Dutch.
We're swaying south.
- You're right, Dutch.
I've already taken a number of steps.
I just noticed some guys that may have something to do with that.
No regrets and no grudges.
Good luck.
Roger, Captain.
- Sergeant.
- Yes? - Get me the E File of the trouble list.
- E? Insurance with a good return.
- The Vietnamese Navy? - Correct.
Quite impressive.
The power of Hotel Moscow - Are we gonna fight them? - Don't be ridiculous.
We're a torpedo boat, and we're up against missile ships.
Damn frustrating, but that eliminates the Hainan Island route.
What about Brunei? Where Mary Lee is.
No way.
It'll take too long.
Then the only remaining option within the range this boat will take us is Elroy in Pangkal Pinang.
Big Horn Elroy.
- Okay, that's where we'll go.
- I'll contact him at once.
We're out on the sea, but I'm not able to see any of it.
How disappointing.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
I'm used to it.
Have you never seen the sea? Back when we were in Sicily and at the orphanage, all we saw were gray walls.
I was born in the rocky Carpathian mountain range.
It was always cloudy.
A very lonely place.
A particular dictator prohibited his citizens from having an abortion.
The purpose was to create more workers for this poor country but the fact was, if they were poor, they could not raise their children.
Massive numbers of abandoned children were taken in by state-run orphanages.
The children would become prime candidates for the secret police.
The dictator was killed and what remained were the countless orphans who received no love.
Once we were handed over to Sicily we were continually surrounded by blood and darkness.
We were kicked until we no longer moved and there were nights that I'd have red pee all night.
Big brother and I would often ask why God is so cruel to us.
But you know what? Both big brother and I realized something.
Other children would be brought before us.
And then as they cried, they'd be beaten with bats.
You know what then? The grown ups were laughing.
Big brother and I also laughed.
We thought as we laughed, that it was all fixed.
If the world keeps turning because of the people that are killed then our purpose in this world is just that.
People kill, get killed, and kill again and this creates a ring in this world.
But aren't you sad that your big brother got killed because of that? What are you saying? I'm right here.
I'm always with big sister.
Because we will live eternally, above this ring that continues forever.
We will continue killing, and the world the people and the two of us will always exist so we can kill.
That's why we're no longer sad.
We've learned to love the smell of blood, the sound of screaming and the warmth of bowels.
No! You're wrong.
This world is really here to make you happy.
Blood and darkness are only very small fragments of this world.
It's far from everything the world has to offer! Hey.
Don't cry, mister.
This is the first time I ever met such a kind person like you! So Here.
A gift for you.
- Rock? - Benny! Go check on him! I'll take care of the kid! All right! Well, well I see that the blood of your kind is also red.
Hey, stupid brat.
It's not only the Sis'.
I'm also really disappointed that you're not already dead.
You know, you have the same smell.
The smell of blood and rotten sewers.
You and I are the same thing! I couldn't care less about any of that.
You try teasing him one more time, and I'll kill you.
Also, if you say anything to piss me off, I'll kill you.
Damn it! Damn it! Why? Why did all this have to happen? Everyone ganged up on her and turned her into a tiger.
A man-eating tiger! Damn it! Rock.
You can't look directly at these things.
This is that sort of place, and it would be best.
- I'll I'll - What? Adopt her? Impossible.
That kid can never stop killing.
If only someone was just a little kinder to them they might've gone to school, made friends, and lived happily.
But that didn't happen, Rock.
So this story ends here, Rock.
Long time no see.
Yeah, it's been a while.
- So that's your cargo this time? - Yeah.
I hate to rush you, but were you able to get her a passport? I gathered everything she'll need, as always.
See you again, mister.
I hope to meet you again someday! Next time, we'll put together a lunch basket.
Just the two of us.
That sounds wonderful.
That really would be wonderful.
How beautiful.
The sky.
It's Hotel Moscow, Dutch.
Who else? You know you just trashed your career as a getaway man.
Yeah, I'm done.
I have a son in South Africa.
I got a letter from his wife.
He's only 34 but has been diagnosed with cancer.
In any case, I've grown tired of walking the tightrope.
This is my last job.
Hotel Moscow is paying me a pretty attractive amount for it.
Well, see ya.
Her last words were, "How beautiful.
The sky.
" That's so unfitting.
Rock! Bring a canvas.
We'd better cover the body.
Someday I want to run away That won't be necessary.
This is fine.
Just as she is.
to the world of midnight She can look up at the sky and gaze at the ocean as she sleeps.
Where the darkness fill the air Where it's icy cold Where nobody has a name iving is not a game There, I'll hide my broken heart Dying to survive There, no one can see me cry The tears of my lonely soul ind peace of mind ld of midnight Midnight Midnight Next Episode The reason I accepted this job is because I was told I'd be able to make perfect counterfeit money.