Black Lightning (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Shadow of Death: The Book of War

Previously on Black Lightning The purpose of Black Lightning was to kill Tobias for literally shoving my father's articles down his throat until he died.
Uncle Gambi discovered the bodies of a bunch of kids who disappeared 30 years ago.
He thought they were dead, but they're alive, and they're kept in some kind of suspended state.
He's dead, you idiot! What about "alive" didn't you understand? Dad.
Dad, wake up.
I'm gonna cloak this place against all surveillance, satellite, you name it.
You just need to stay inside.
I wish I could come to work with you every day.
I bet.
But as soon as these fools stop tearing up the city and your school reopens, you're going back to class.
"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.
" Malcolm X.
Hey, go wait in the car, son.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
All you were supposed to do was blow the whistle on human experimentation in Freeland.
Instead, you exposed corruption, Al.
You named names.
- Good! - No, no! Tobias Whale's been indicted.
His corrupt ass needs to get indicted.
You're playing with fire here, man.
The last thing you need to be doing right now is pushing for another story.
But my editor killed it.
But you know that already, don't you? Take my advice and leave this alone.
Think about your son.
I am thinking about my son.
I had Jefferson take that damn vaccine, and it was tainted.
Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? There's no reason to get yourself killed over it.
No! There's no reason for you to get yourself killed.
All the reason I need in the world is sitting in that car over there.
More violence on day three of the riots after the shooting of unarmed Andre Carter by Freeland police.
Residents are advised to stay home.
I've owned this store for over 20 years.
Now, I don't condone riots, but they didn't have to shoot that boy like that.
He was running away.
I got one.
Need a little help out here! Stop resisting! Fever of 105 and irregular heartbeat.
Is this normal after defibrillation? - Or did I - You saved his life.
That's what you did.
What's going on? He's got a short circuit in his powers.
It's compromising his nervous system.
Okay, okay.
Well, we need to get him to the hospital.
We can't.
The ASA is looking for us.
So is Lady Eve's old cartel, and not to mention The One Hundred.
He'll make it.
I know he will.
Are you all right? Sure.
I'm a freak from a family of freaks, and my dad's got one foot in the grave.
I'm fine.
Well when you say it like that.
All right, not funny.
Who were those people with Khalil? Are they like us? Meta-humans? Not exactly.
Meta-humans have organic powers, which means they come from within.
Theirs are artificial.
That albino man, he's their leader.
His name is Tobias Whale.
He takes a kind of a serum which is like a super steroid.
It makes him age slower and get stronger over time.
At this point, he's got the strength of three men.
My guess is he's the one who turned your ex-boyfriend.
Why? It's what he does.
That man has a gift for seeing the worst in people and bringing it out.
That spooky-looking woman with him, she's called Syonide.
She was found in a dumpster when she was an infant, with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.
Oh, my God! Tobias pulled her out of an orphanage when she was eight years old.
She was malnourished and abused.
He clothed her and he fed her.
And he trained her to become an assassin.
When she was fully grown, he had carbon-fiber body armor implanted under her skin.
And if she wasn't crazy before that procedure, the pain did the rest.
What did they do to Khalil? I'm not altogether sure.
But it looks like he's gotten an implant with a synthetic liquid metal.
It's bracing his spine, but it's also causing Khalil's body to produce a neurotoxin like a snake's venom.
It causes instant paralysis, so they weaponized him by giving him darts as a delivery method.
They made him into a weapon, but he's not like that.
Yes, he is.
That young man had a choice, and he made it.
He is with Tobias Whale, the worst of the worst.
Sweetheart, whatever you may remember, he is not your Khalil anymore.
If you wanna stay out here for a while, okay.
I'm going back in.
Tobias, I'm sorry.
I know you said not to kill Black Lightning.
I I I I couldn't help it.
So this is what, an apology? Yes, sir.
Sy, what do you think? Should we accept Painkiller's apology? Good question.
I have one too.
Can you put a dart in me before I shoot you full of holes? I know the answer to that one.
Have a seat.
"I am unlike other men.
The laws of convention and morality do not apply to me.
" That's Napoleon.
And he was a weak-ass Frenchman.
You're Painkiller.
Never apologize.
So you killed Black Lightning when Proctor wanted him alive? I'm not mad.
Martin Proctor was down with Lady Eve.
I always knew sooner or later he had to go.
Just gonna have to be sooner, that's all.
Real soon.
Who's got 'em? We don't have them, sir.
The only lead we could find to Tobias is a street thug who works for him.
Goes by the name of Lala.
Really? That's it? A black drug dealer with a rap sheet? That's a rare find.
This the best you all could do? At the moment, sir.
And the warehouse called.
Putting the pods there taxed the power grid.
There's been a brownout.
The backup generator kicked in after 60 seconds, but the pods from stage-one are failing.
Actually, the pods are okay, but the subjects inside are How long? Ten hours.
Unless we can get a DNA sample from a meta-human with stable DNA to rewrite the bad DNA from.
In ten hours, I could be back to square one? We'll still have the four stage-two subjects, sir.
As of now, they're stable.
Four? Four subjects? Forget an army, that's not enough for a study group.
Everybody, stop working! I know you all think I'm a hard-ass.
I'm a hard-ass because this is a hard world.
And now, we've got people running around with superhuman powers.
They are bioweapons, and we have to have more of 'em than anyone else.
It is up to us to make damn sure that if the American flag gets any redder, it's with the blood of our enemies, and not ours.
Find Black Lightning's body and this meta-human girl.
We're confiscating the DNA we need.
And let's find this Lala, see if he knows anything.
Let's make America great again.
Failure is not an option.
So you've known Dad the whole time he's had powers? I knew about his powers before he did.
You see, kids from the first experiment who got powers usually had a flare before their powers actually manifested.
What was Dad's? Oh, he he had two.
First, he instinctively shocked a couple of riot cops who were trying to whale on him.
Then he got up and ran away, straight into an electrical fence that should've killed him, but he absorbed the energy without even meaning to.
So why didn't you tell him what he was? Well, it wouldn't have done him any good to know until it was a reality.
It actually took him 15 years to fully manifest.
And that's when he decided to become Black Lightning? No.
He made that choice when he saw that Freeland was losing hope, and he knew he could provide it.
Okay, we are literally walking down memory lane, and this isn't helping us.
I need to go out there and find Martin Proctor before he finds us.
Anissa, we are safe here.
This whole property is shielded against surveillance.
And right now there are satellites looking for us, listening stations trying to pick up our communications, maybe even drones we can't see.
Sweetheart, you are the strongest among us.
The best place for you is right here with us.
Come on.
Yesterday, I felt this coldness in my stomach, and I'd never felt it before.
And somehow I knew it was death.
And now I realize it was the exact moment that you flatlined.
We have a connection.
I need you to find that connection and follow it back to me.
I know you're thinking, "Why is this funny-looking Negro always messing with me?" I love it though.
Something about your velour tracksuit-wearing ass I just like dragging.
Anyway Now, that's what they mean when they say "levelin' up.
" Ah! - You hit like a bitch.
- Mmm.
The Devil deals the cards.
That's a corny-ass line too.
But it's effective.
I took your life in order to make my purpose your purpose.
I spent a cool mil on your reanimation program.
It's time for you to pay that back.
Is LaWanda and Will alive too? No.
Just side effects of the reanimation.
Eventually everyone you killed is gonna come back to haunt your black ass.
Tattooin' themselves on your body until there's no skin left.
" It's time to get back to work.
Suspended, Jefferson? Haven't I told you that education is the power they can't take away from you? He started it.
Oh, but you finished it, right? Except you didn't.
Sit down.
Because you got suspended, and he didn't, 'cause you broke his nose.
You think that's the end of it from him or one of his friends? I'm not scared of them.
An eye-for-an-eye mentality doesn't solve anything, son.
Just makes the whole world blind.
So, what I'm supposed to do? Just let him hit me and not do nothing? Listen, whose life is this? Mine's.
And what're you gonna do with it? - Live it by any means necessary.
- Mmm-mmm.
Speak up, son.
What are you gonna do with it? Live it by any means necessary.
I love you, son.
Love you too, Dad.
I gotta get back to work.
- Read the Constitution.
- The whole thing? Mmm-hmm.
Oh, you're not gonna sit around here all day and watch TV.
I'll quiz you at dinner.
Jeff? - Jeff.
- What happened? His nervous system is shutting down.
Mom Is he gonna be okay? I told them not to bring me here.
I'm sure you did.
Where's Tobias Whale? I wanna tell you, but But I can't.
Then why ask to speak to me? You're wasting my time, boy.
Cuffs hurt.
They too tight.
Don't try to tell me you people aren't used to those.
Where's Tobias Whale? This idiot's got det cord in his mouth! A bomb mule.
Albino son of a bitch is smart.
He knew we could find Lala but not him, so he booby-trapped him.
Focus on Gambi and the meta-humans.
That has the clock on it.
We'll kill Tobias Whale when we're done.
- Oh, my God.
- How bad is it? His vitals are dropping through the floor.
We're losing him.
Jeff? Jeff.
Jefferson! Dad? Come on, sit down.
When Tobias came I should've I should've helped you.
You did help me, by doing what you were told.
Oh, but I always wanted to tell you I'm so sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry for, son.
Black Lightning? All the violence? Peace ain't always peaceful, son.
All the blood, broken bones, pain you suffered only you'll ever know it was worth it.
Was it worth it for you? Your death? I don't know.
What I do know is that I'm proud of you, son.
And I apologize for leaving you.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, son.
But you can't stay here.
Go handle your business.
Everybody, he's awake! Daddy! It's about time.
Dad, how do you feel? Take it easy, Jeff.
Take it easy.
My powers I can't feel them.
My powers are gone.
We did a search of power company files, looking for a surge in energy output right after the attack on Garfield.
Got a hit.
It was Freeland.
Let me see it.
I can't.
It, uh it won't come up.
That's because it's cloaked from satellite imaging.
That has to be it.
We are a go! Full tactical! Yes, sir! I've got your ass now, Peter.
So, Lala never came out of the ASA headquarters.
We can't tell if he exploded, either.
But some heavy tactical is rolling out of there.
Find out where they're going.
Your vital signs are back to normal.
Will I get my powers back? I don't know.
What happens when you drain a car battery? Well, it gets to a point where it no longer holds a charge.
My perimeter sensors are lighting up.
They've found us.
Anissa and Gambi can't do this by themselves.
Go, go, go! We're looking at 20 crack operatives, combat spread.
They're gonna breach attack from the front and back simultaneously.
Okay, so how do we stop 'em? We can't.
These guys are every bit as good as Delta Force and SEALs, maybe better.
And they're gonna be equipped with special weapons to deal with Thunder.
Our best option is to retreat.
Oh, Uncle Gambi, I'm not running away.
Then your mom, dad, and sister will die.
Okay, this is too much.
- Jen.
- I'm telling you, this is too much.
- Jen, we're good.
- Did you hear what he just said? - All right.
Listen to me! - I don't wanna die! Jen, listen! Listen! I'm gonna go out the front and I'll engage them before they hit us.
At the same time, Anissa, you make a hole in that wall.
I'll lay down suppressive fire.
You thunderclap left and right.
That'll shock them enough to give your mom, sis, and dad time to make for the woods.
- Got it.
- Okay.
I'm in their comms, so we're gonna know what they're up to.
Bravo team set.
We are go.
Wait for command - Okay.
- Jen, Jen Listen, listen.
There's an emergency tunnel under a forked tree ten yards into the brush.
All right? There's a palm reader on the manhole that'll open for any of you, but not for them.
At the end of the tunnel, there's a road where the van will be waiting.
Okay? Is everybody ready? We're ready.
All right.
Can you light this thing up without me powering it? Sure.
Okay, new plan.
I go out the front and draw their fire.
Anissa takes them out, you lead my family to the tunnel.
But without your powers, how can you do that and make it back? The suit's bulletproof.
But your head's not.
It's gonna be okay.
Jeff Be careful.
Take care of them.
I got you.
This is suicide, Jeff.
Light me up, old man.
Jen - Jen.
Jennifer! - Mom, don't get close.
Jen! Jennifer? Jen! Dad! No, Jennifer, that's enough! You're trembling! No! More.
Jennifer! Jen, you good? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- What? I'm fine.
I'm okay.
I just need to sit down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Be careful.
Take your time.
I'm okay.
I just need to sit down.
- Be careful.
Careful, careful.
- Okay.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
She's okay.
I'm okay, Mom.
Now, you are making a habit of saving my life, young lady.
Well, this is this is what we do.
Even if you win, the ASA isn't gonna disappear.
If they think there's some kind of meta-human arms race, they are gonna keep coming after you.
Your best option would be to take off, make a life somewhere with your family.
Whoa, and turn our back on the people? On Freeland? Let them make us leave? Nuh-uh, they don't know us.
I'll help in any way I can.
So that's it, then.
High-low tactics.
Let's do this.
This is team leader Alpha.
All fire teams in position.
You are go, team leader.
Visual's dark, I'm moving up.
Got eyes on location.
Team leader Alpha.
We are not prepped for Black Lightning.
Request permission to abort.
Denied! They came out of the house to protect whatever or whoever's in it.
Take out Thunder and get in there.
- Buy me some leverage.
- Copy that.
What are you doing? They're coming after us.
Give me one of those.
Give it to me.
What? I grew up hunting with my dad.
Now let's end this, 'cause I want my damn life back! Talk to me.
Major firefight in North Freeland.
- A military team - Mmm.
Up against Black Lightning and Thunder.
That black son of a bitch keeps rising from the dead.
But this time, it's good for me.
Proctor's best are all committed.
Our best are right here.
Let's bring the party to him.
Sir, multiple shots fired, multiple perps.
We got a war going down in North Freeland.
Scramble SWAT.
I want everybody with a badge in the car.
Fall back! Fall back! Meta-human known as Thunder has been packaged.
Reel her in.
Bravo team ready for breach.
Mom! Damn it! Uh, sir, Freeland PD is on an intercept with our firefight.
Three minutes out.
You're not helping, Klovic! Damn it! Abort! Abort assault! Secure the stage-two pods for relocation.
Send the operatives' coordinates to the warehouse where they will secure the stage-two pods and provide escort for relocation.
Where, sir? Above your clearance, Klovic! I'll advise on site.
Breach mode, everybody! Breach mode! Sir! I'm hailing all of our agents, but getting nothing but dead air.
Burn the hard drives.
With me.
Go, go, go, go, go! Sir Proctor.
Proctor! Proctor! Where's tactical? Um They couldn't make it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're not going anywhere.
So Family affair? I knew it was you.
Yeah, and that's gonna be a problem.
I am a federal agent.
You will bring the weight of the United States government down on your heads.
That's bull.
I suspected when you didn't call in reinforcements after your Green Light lab was destroyed that this was a rogue operation, which means we're not up against the ASA.
We're just up against you.
Thank political correctness.
It's ruining the country.
The first Freeland experiment killed a lot of kids! And you thought it was a good idea to do a sequel? They would've wound up on welfare or in prison, anyway.
Jennifer! Oh, man! That was beautiful, little girl.
- Is that right? You want some more? - Jennifer.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Listen to me for one second.
Most of them are dying.
I can fix 'em.
You wanna save your people? Let's make a deal.
All I need is a sample of stable meta-human genetics.
You want to save Freeland.
I want to make America great again.
The ASA will back me up, especially when I give 'em the 411 on the Pierces.
I'll get a blank check and a get-out-of-jail-free card.
So, either we deal or I come back and kill each and every one of you.
You're a monster.
That's funny coming from you, Peter.
You're right.
I am a monster.
And he is not gonna hurt any more kids.
You all take care of the pods, I'll take care of the trash.
None of them are stable.
Okay, how do we get them out the pods? If you open the pods, they will die.
They're too unstable from all the How do we get them out? I The briefcase.
I need the briefcase.
Never mind.
I know someone that can help them.
People are always calling black folk paranoid.
We always paranoid until the truth comes out.
They had them children for 30 years, and that wasn't enough? - They came back to get more? - Damn.
Bye, Felicia.
This all ended with Black Lightning and Thunder, not the police.
That should tell you something right there, right? The government put crack in the ghettos, they gave heroin to the white folks in the rural areas, then they came back and put Green Light in Freeland.
And I know 'cause my son got caught up in taking that Green Light.
They gonna put something else somewhere else.
This is their MO.
Ain't nothing new.
The people of Freeland have a right to a full explanation of what happened in this city.
Hard questions are being asked of the US government.
And, in the meantime, although we do not condone acts of vigilantism, the people of Freeland and this department owe a great debt of thanks to so-called Black Lightning and Thunder.
They call us heroes, but the real heroes are you, the people who, despite the everyday struggles of life, continue to find hope, meaning, and purpose in what can be a challenging world.
We've been given a gift, a blessing from God, and we intend to use it to protect this city and its people.
From our man in the coroner's office Hmm.
Proctor's thumbs.
You Shut up! You better hope this works.
Well, damn! Thank the man.
No! Sy, baby, you're looking at the king of Freeland.
Long live the king.
First order of business, ripping the damn light out of Black Lightning.