Black Lightning (2018) s02e15 Episode Script

The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha

[JEFFERSON] Previously on Black Lightning She's here to realize her full potential for the benefit of all of us.
Wendy could prove to be more revolutionary than the tank or the machine gun.
[LYNN] You let me in right now! She's powering up too fast! Can't you all see that? [ANISSA] Grace? Grace.
Are you in here? [GRACE AS OLD MAN] You should not have come here.
I already know there's meta-humans in the clinic.
But no one but me knows where they are.
[TODD] Those Leavenworth subjects turned covert assets? They're the exact same people inside those pods we took out of that clinic basement.
[TOBIAS] So, who do we wake up first? Marcus Bishop.
He can control and emit vibrations.
[MARCUS GRUNTS] Jeff, the facility is under attack.
[MUTED GUNSHOTS] [TOBIAS] How soon before all my metas are at full strength? Four days if I push it.
Since I'll be renting these super freaks out to the highest bidder, the more there are, the merrier my bank account will be.
You're about to be the most powerful meta-human arms dealer in the world.
I'm gonna make him pay, Khalil.
I'm gonna put Tobias Whale in the ground.
Revenge is not the right thing, justice is.
Revenge is justice.
[LALA] Why won't you let me die? Because you still have work to do yet.
[R&B MUSIC PLAYING] [POLICE SIRENS WAILING] [MALE POLICE OFFICER 1] Freeze! Wait right there! [MALE POLICE OFFICER 2] Get on the ground, now! [MALE POLICE OFFICER 3] Put your hands up! Hands up! Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm on y'all's side! Don't shoot me! [MALE POLICE OFFICER 4] Get down on the ground! You gonna shoot me? I'm on y'all's side! What you doin'? Don't shoot me, I'm on y'all's side! I'm tryin' to help you! Don't shoot! Please, don't shoot! Please don't [GUNSHOTS] [JEFFERSON] I love these potatoes.
[LYNN] Jennifer made them.
And she has promised to help me prepare dinner twice a week.
Huh? Well, these are delicious.
Yeah, I bought them at that new shop on Williams Street.
I threw them in a pan and heated them up.
[ALL LAUGHING] - [ANISSA] Sorry I'm late.
- [LYNN] Hey.
Everything okay, honey? Yeah, I think so.
Look, it's not me, it's a friend, okay? It'll be fine.
So, a family meeting? Seems very official.
I just thought we needed to talk.
I mean, a lot has happened.
I mean, Khalil had A new meta showed up in Freeland and helped kidnap the vaccine kids.
Now, look, I know that you are eager to just jump into the fight.
And I know that you are eager to take revenge.
And everything in my fatherly body wants to tell both of you to stay out of it, but your mother has helped me see that I need to father in a different way.
- Go Mom.
- [CHUCKLES] Your father wants to protect you.
That's a good thing.
But I need to be able to trust you.
Okay, I need to know that we are all rowing in the same direction.
So, I've come up with a code, three rules that we will follow.
- Rule number one.
- [CLEARS THROAT] We don't tell anybody who we are.
Well, that's for you two blabbermouths.
Mom and I are good on that front.
[CHUCKLES] Rule number two.
You always have backup.
Gambi counts? Gambi counts.
Your mother and her best friend "Shotgun" count.
[ANISSA AND JENNIFER LAUGHING] Hey, but no going it alone doing anything power-related, okay? Okay.
Rule number three, we don't kill, ever.
Uh-uh, Dad, Tobias killed Khalil.
And he tried to kill you.
I have not forgotten anything that Tobias has done to me, believe me.
But killing him won't change a damn thing.
Okay, no telling folks, no going all Robin Hood I understand those.
This doesn't make sense.
Tobias needs to go.
- You know that.
You know it.
- This is not open for discussion.
If either one of you doesn't go along, I will tell Gambi to lock up your suit and throw away the key.
Okay, whoa.
I am a grown woman, so I can't I can't keep you from wearing a hoodie and going out stealing money from gangsters, but I can keep you from pretending that the suit gives you license to make bad choices.
Do you agree to these rules? - You mean your rules? - And? Don't look at me.
You guys have to figure this out.
- [JENNIFER] Could you pass me the potatoes? - Yeah.
[GASPS] Damn it.
- [SIGHS] Can I borrow something? - Yeah.
[SIGHS] Okay.
[SIGHS] I got it.
I got it.
Then wake them up.
Three, two, one.
[CHUCKLES] I know this is disorienting.
You've been in those pods for 30 years and the world has changed.
Who the hell are you? All you need to know is that I am Tobias Whale.
Tobias [CLEARS THROAT] Tobias who? Your new boss.
- [GRUNTS LIGHTLY] - Now, sit your ass down while I educate you on what's about to happen.
[SIGHS] [SNIFFS] Let's get started.
[MALE REPORTER] The rest of this is just too graphic to show.
Bystanders say the young man, affectionately known as Cape Guy in the neighborhood, was caught in a magnetic storm.
[WOMAN] Cape Guy wasn't trying to hurt nobody.
He was one of those Green Light babies, I mean, high as a kite, wanting to be a superhero.
But all that metal flying around I mean, he was more scared than the police about everything that was happening.
[MALE REPORTER] A hero and veteran for his country who suffered from PTSD.
News sources reveal that his wife believed that he may have been self-medicating with the drug Green Light.
And, while we haven't been able to confirm that Cape Guy was a Green Light meta, it is increasingly clear that Freeland police are now willing to shoot first and find out later.
[AGENT ODELL] What a shame.
It proves that Freeland is a dangerous place for young people with powers.
Did you get any leads on the kidnapped vaccine kids? No, the trail has, as they say, gone cold.
How long can they live without treatment? They were stable, I'm not sure how the move might have affected them.
I doubt the kidnappers were careful.
They might all be dead.
That would be a shame, too.
[TOBIAS] How are they? [DR.
Stewart did a wonderful job of taking care of them.
They're actually better than they've ever been before.
[TOBIAS] Good.
How long until they can be awakened and join the prison metas? A week or two.
What then? My army of metas will make me richer and more powerful than I ever dreamed.
And I plan to cram my victory down the throats of everyone who tried to stand in my way.
Spoken like a true gentleman.
[JEFFERSON] Okay, look, it's a tragic fact, black men die every day in Freeland.
So, why have you focused on this one? Todd Green was near the free clinic the night it was broken into.
I think the radiation we found near the break-in site was from the power supply sustaining a pod which held a meta-human.
The same meta that showed up to steal the vaccine kids? Yes.
You think Todd Green was involved in the theft? Unemployed academic? Not exactly the resume of a master criminal.
According to his cell phone, the day he was fired, the kid was in the neighborhood of Club 100.
You think he was working for Tobias? It was just a theory, until he was found blown up.
And we both know that's Tobias's MO.
So Tobias has the vaccine kids and a meta from the free clinic? Or metas.
We don't know how many there were.
One or worse than one.
Your lead is dead.
How do we find him? The radiation from the power supply sustaining for the pod, or pods, is very low-level, so it can't be tracked by satellite.
But I've installed Geiger counters around Freeland, hoping to triangulate a location.
The pods aren't moving.
Radiation flies with the wind.
Wind speed and direction will be my measurable elements.
[JEFFERSON SIGHS] Do I have this on right? [SIGHS] That's for your arm.
Okay, got it.
[JEFFERSON SIGHS] Floating radiation leading to lethal metas Just when I thought being a parent couldn't get any more stressful.
Jeff, there isn't a parenting book for what you and Lynn are trying to do, but you're doing a hell of a job anyway.
Yes, yes, yes.
They gonna add it up and they gonna eat it down.
Who's that? No.
Not "Who is that," "What's that.
" Roadkill possum.
[CHUCKLES] You know, sometimes I try to bring something back that's particularly pustulent.
[SNIFFS] Just a little [BREATHES DEEPLY] pungent.
Why? I don't know.
To push myself, you know, Latavious.
Just trying to get better at what I do.
[STAMMERS] What's on your mind, son? I thought I was supposed to kill Jefferson Pierce because he killed Earl, but, it turns out that I killed Earl.
There's nothing but pain for me in this life.
And who do you blame for that? Tobias Whale.
Tobias Whale.
You know he killed Lady Eve, too.
[EXHALES] She brought me here to Blackbird, taught me how to use my gifts, and to love Love her [STAMMERS] and the work that I do.
But now there is a hole in my heart and it cannot be filled.
Where Tobias goes, heartache is sure to follow.
That's why I was thinking that maybe he's better off dead.
I wholeheartedly agree.
[GAMBI] Okay, Jen.
I'm going to direct an electric charge toward the sleeve.
Now, if the material does what it is supposed to, it will absorb that charge, then disperse it, - so that it doesn't add to your energy load.
Now, I can't control the amount of power that you generate, so you still need to work on controlling your emotions, but I'm hoping this will prevent anyone else from overloading you.
- Sounds like a plan.
- Now, if you get at all uncomfortable, just signal me, and I'll shut it down.
- Okay.
- Ready? You sure she's going to be okay? I've taken every precaution.
But, if you're worried, I've got these gloves.
What are those? They're viscoelastic, so they absorb energy.
I developed them when you were a kid, in case you overloaded.
When she was a baby, I never imagined we'd end up here.
I hear you.
The material's working.
Okay, Jen, you can power down, I'm gonna let you out.
So you didn't feel anything? - Nope.
- Awesome.
Okay, when will the full suit be ready? Well, not until I finish the insulation.
Until then, it's probably more harmful than it is helpful.
But come on, I'll show you how the whole thing fits together.
[PIANO MUSIC PLAYING] Why are you bleeding so much? Dad! You don't want to see the suit? No.
I'll wait.
I recognize that look.
What? The look on your face.
You are thinking sappy thoughts, aren't you.
No, I'm not.
What were you thinking about? Lunch.
You pick.
Okay, I'ma go get changed.
Do you ever get a static problem? You mean with the electricity? Mmm-hmm.
Good, because I don't want the powers to mess up my hair.
[LAUGHS] That's better.
You are getting way too serious.
So, this code Yes? Look, I know you want us to make good choices, all right.
Somebody throws me shade at school, do not power up.
- [CHUCKLES] - There's a cat caught in a tree, call the fire department.
Freeland gets attacked by a giant marshmallow Uh, s'mores for everyone? [LAUGHING] But Tobias, he's a totally different category, Dad.
Think about it, all of our problems come from him.
It doesn't matter.
Freeland would be better off if he were permanently gone.
You don't mean "permanently gone," you mean "dead.
" And, it's not about whether he deserves it, though the Good Book says it is not our decision to make.
It also says "an eye for an eye.
" Which is an idea older than the Bible, Jen.
Hammurabi's Code.
It was meant to limit vengeance, not justify it.
Khalil died because you put him out front.
Doesn't that matter? [SIGHS] You know, I have had a long time to think about my powers, Jennifer.
Some days I feel like I have it all figured out, but most of the time, I have no idea No idea why God saw fit to put this burden on me.
The only thing I know for sure is that those with the greatest power should not be able to decide who lives or dies.
No, that is a path that can only lead to darkness.
You hear me? Yeah, Dad, I do.
- [ANISSA] Hey.
- [GAMBI] Hey.
Oh, she's going to like that.
I hope so.
But more importantly, when it's finished, - I hope it will keep her safe.
- Keep her safe? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] - I'm nothing if not predictable.
- [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] What do you need, sweetheart? So, I've been looking for Grace, but, Uncle Gambi, what I'm finding is raising more questions than answers.
So, an elderly Asian man with wicked martial arts skills almost kicked my ass, a half-eaten horse is just [SIGHS] I could have guessed all day and never gotten to those.
- His eyes.
They - What about them? They changed at some point.
It was like he morphed, I guess.
He might be a shapeshifter.
Metas come in many different forms.
- Is that what it sounds like? - Yes.
And it could also explain the horse, if his true form is that of an animal.
Did his eyes look human? Yeah.
Well, I I don't know.
If he was a meta, the real question is, what did he want with Grace? You didn't tell her about your powers, did you? Because if she told someone else No, no.
I definitely didn't.
Sweetheart, if she loves you the way you say you love her, she will find her way back to you.
I've arranged for you to meet a woman named Perenna.
She's a therapist and a healer.
She's gonna help you understand your powers and hopefully be at peace with them.
Perenna, that's a pretty name.
You'll like her.
Do I have to go to her? I think, to start off with, we'll have her come to you.
Okay, good.
Are you nervous? About going back into Freeland? It's been 30 years.
Everything I knew is gone.
I'm not nervous, I'm just sad, I guess.
It feels lonely.
It's hard to think about going back into a world that's moved on without you, especially given that you have rare gifts, but you have a choice about what to do with your powers.
Once you can control them, you can use them or not.
You'll always be a meta, Wendy, but that doesn't mean you can't be a teacher or a doctor.
I can't remember what I wanted to be.
I'll make sure you have time to remember.
I'm here for you, okay? Anything you need.
Look, I know you don't like working with Agent Odell.
I appreciate that you stay.
It'll be okay.
[LAZARUS] Look, I know it's only a semi-automatic.
I'm sorry, but I ain't never had much use for guns.
It'll do.
I can understand why you'd want to be armed, I mean Everybody's armed, but know this, no gun is more powerful than you are.
You see, your real weapon, Latavious, is that while you can die, you can always be brought back to life again.
And I know, it'll be painful.
[STAMMERS] The dying, the returning, the returning, the dying But it'll be worth it.
It will allow you to do great things.
I don't want to do great things.
I'm tired.
I know.
I just want to rest.
Lala, if you kill Tobias, you'll feel much better.
[TOBIAS] Negro, you think this is funny? [MARCUS] I've taken out an entire village by myself.
I'm not about to practice fighting with this fool.
I'm no damn dog.
Black Lightning and this banana girl represent the only metas in Freeland that have ever gotten the better of me.
As much as I hate them, right now it seems like you aren't fit to kiss the bottom of their stupid-looking boots.
So, if you can't get yourself together and show some discipline, I'm gonna kill your black ass.
[GRUNTS] This idiot's worth millions of dollars.
What the hell are you doing? Saving you.
Suture his neck, please.
Don't worry, the blade isn't poisoned.
And a little blood loss will teach him a lesson.
[CLICKS TONGUE] [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You gonna shoot me? [MALE POLICE OFFICER 3] Get down on the ground! You gonna shoot me? [MALE POLICE OFFICER 3] Now! [CAPE GUY] Don't shoot me! I'm on your side.
I'm trying to help you! [MALE POLICE OFFICER 3] Down! [JENNIFER] Hey, Mom.
[SIGHS] I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Yeah, I mean, the world is about to blow up because of Cape Guy.
But, just a normal day in Freeland, right? - I'm sure - Black Lightning and Thunder will take care of it.
I know.
It's what they do.
We help.
Is there something else, 'cause I really am fine.
[SIGHS] I was also gonna ask if you'd be willing to talk to Wendy.
You mean Wind Girl? That's not what we call her, but yes.
About what? [SIGHS] Her wardrobe is 30 years out of date but Pinterest can help with that.
It's not about clothes.
It's about how you feel about having What? [SIGHS] It's probably not a conversation for the phone.
You want me to talk to her about all the juice and the feelings that come along with having the juice.
She's having a hard time adjusting.
From one weirdo to another.
You're not a weirdo.
You're the same wonderful, sensitive, smart, loving person you've always been.
[JENNIFER] But if you had known how all this was gonna go, I bet you would've considered a more vigorous birth control.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I wouldn't change a thing.
All right, yeah.
I don't have a problem talking to Windy Wendy, but what about the code? Rule number one is don't share.
I'm confident we can figure something out.
Masks and voice synthesizers? We will go full on Mission Impossible.
Yeah, all right.
Oh, Mom Yeah? Thank you for saying that I'm not a weirdo.
I know that's what you think, but it's still really nice to hear.
I love you.
Love you.
[CUTTER] So, who should we choose? Marcus is too weak, thanks to you.
He's an ass anyway.
I like Rebecca, but I don't think sending a woman would appeal to your target audience.
Hmm Men can be stupid that way.
I vote for Joe.
His powers will look good on camera, that's for sure.
Joe it is.
What are they doing here? - Training Wendy.
- No.
She has powers, but she doesn't know how to use them.
You almost killed her when you activated her.
- I'll be careful.
- I don't trust you to be anything.
Wendy's been stuck in a pod for 30 years.
And she's lost everything, except these powers that she didn't ask for.
And I'm not letting you anywhere near her until she can figure out how to handle that.
Stewart, whether she chose them or not, she has skills that could be of use No! She is gonna have therapy, okay? She's gonna finish high school.
She's gonna learn how to balance a checkbook or do pottery or whatever she wants to do.
And then, only then, can she become one of your soldiers.
I hear you.
I'll wait.
[JENNIFER] A half-eaten horse? I assumed.
I suppose it could have been half-rotten.
I know you're upset because you can't find Grace, and I get it.
It's totally understandable, but were you stoned when you went over there? Tell the truth, 'cause a fighting Asian man and a half-eaten horse sound crazy.
No, I wasn't stoned.
That's you.
- Yeah - That's what I saw.
And I Hey, your eyes? They change color? Uh [COUGHS] You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, no, they're the same.
Thought they were lighter for a second.
Where's Grace Choi? I got to go.
Where are you going? Uh-uh, you can't just go.
I tell you everything.
[SIGHS] Look, Gambi said something about a shapeshifter, someone who could be a danger to Grace.
Jen, I think the shapeshifter was Grace.
Grace is a meta.
And she ran because she thought I would reject her.
If I'd just told her who I was, then Find her.
Screw the rules.
Anissa, find her and tell her who you are.
[SIGHS] The world is unfair.
Governments control the police, the armies, and those with great dreams are left on the outside, lacking the tools to bend the world to their own will.
So imagine a single soldier strong as an entire army.
Imagine soldiers trained by the best military in the world.
I'm sending you a video from the dark web.
Tobias just unleashed a different kind of meta on Freeland for some kind of demonstration.
[GAMBI] I think he's created a mercenary army.
But with weapons no money can buy.
[CHUCKLES] Meta-human soldiers, now available to those who can afford them.
Where's Fire Boy headed? He's headed down Wilson Street, but there's not much over there.
Well, there has to be something.
Tobias wants more chaos, not less.
[COUNCILMAN PARKER TALKING INDISTINCTLY] Councilman Parker is showing off a new mall project.
He's giving a speech.
Dignitaries and press.
What did Parker ever do to Tobias? I have no idea.
Five hundred jobs is just for the construction.
Once this project is finished and these offices are filled with people, there will be more jobs.
Jobs in the dining industry [AUDIENCE SCREAMING] Don't just stand there, stop him! [JOE GRUNTS] [SCREAMS] Everyone, get out! - Get out! - [GRUNTS] [SCREAMS] Woo! [GAMBI] The meta's moving inside the mall.
You got to give me something.
He's heating up some pipes.
[JOE GRUNTING] - [JEFFERSON] For what? - I don't know.
They're gas pipes.
He's super heating them.
[FEMALE DISPATCHER TALKING INDISTINCTLY] Houses in west Freeland are catching on fire.
West Freeland? Jen is home alone.
I'm on it.
[LAUGHING] [GRUNTS] [JOE GROANS] [BOTH GRUNTING] ["FIRE" PLAYING] - You should tell him to retreat.
- No.
You said yourself, Black Lightning and Thunder are formidable.
One meta might not be enough to beat them.
- Let him try.
- And if he fails? Tobias, you can't sell a dead meta.
Joe, get out of there.
Let him go.
[GRUNTS] Figure out how to cool these gas lines and keep Freeland from burning down.
How long do I have to stay here? I don't know.
There's a fridge under the stairs and you have Internet access.
Yeah, I just have a ton of math to do, and this isn't my usual studying vibe.
Well, your dad and sister are working to put out those fires and I don't think it'll be long until [JEFFERSON] Where's Jennifer? Here.
Any news? The radiation algorithm has generated an address.
You know where Tobias is.
I know where the pods are.
We haven't finished cooling the pipes yet.
All right.
Well, I'll go watch over that location until you can get there.
- I'm sending you the address.
- Okay.
Jen, stay here and make yourself comfortable.
- I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Okay.
I wouldn't have said retreat if I didn't think it was necessary.
I did what you suggested.
No good can come from rubbing it in my face.
I'm not.
And I appreciate you meeting with me in private.
I think that Cutter is a little too possessive.
A long time ago, I was too proud to retreat, and I ended up indentured to a rogue nation and then the worst people in the US government.
I've lost everything because I didn't have the good sense to stop.
That sucks for you.
I'm smarter than you are.
It's not an insult.
It's a fact.
I'm smarter than virtually everyone I meet.
It's annoying, but I've learned to live with it.
What I lack is your genius for survival.
I think we'd make a good team.
I can't kill people with a whisk, but my big brain can solve a whole lot of problems.
So far, I'm not impressed.
And I actually appreciate Cutter's possessiveness.
We had to open a hole in the gas line to release the pressure, the gas company is on the way to fix it.
Shouldn't have any more fires downstream.
Have you seen anything? Nothing.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Where is Tobias? Who are you? It doesn't matter.
[CUTTER] How did you get in here? Where's Tobias? He's, uh - [GRUNTS] - [SCREAMS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] [COUGHING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Death is knocking, but ain't nobody home.
I can't really die, sweetheart.
How about you? [GROANING] [SCREAMING] All the time I put into this, and that Black Lightning and banana girl somehow show up and ruin [GRUNTS] [ALARM BUZZING] For a guy so focused on getting rich, you are very cavalier with your assets.
Only thing worse than a loud-mouthed Negro is a loud-mouthed white woman.
Todd would still be with us if he'd kept his mouth shut.
- [CUTTER PANTING] - I suggest you keep yours shut.
- Someone's here looking for you.
- Whoever it is, kill him.
Didn't work.
Let's go.
Rebecca, get everyone to the rendezvous spot.
I checked.
Your neighborhood is now safe.
Thank you.
Freeland's lucky to have them.
- Who? - Black Lightning and Thunder.
Don't you agree? Yes, they're They're quite something.
Hmm [SNIFFS] Have a good night.
Tobias just exited the building.
Can you hold them? - Oh, no.
- [JEFFERSON] What is it? It's Jen.
She's here She's wearing her suit.
It's not ready.
Damn! - [TOBIAS] What the hell is that? - Don't know, don't care.
[PANTING] You can't get away.
I will find you, and I'll I'll kill [SCREAMING]