Black Lightning (2018) s03e01 Episode Script

The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of Blackbird

Last season on Black Lightning You've been classified a clear and present meta-human threat to national security.
The Pit is a black site which exists on no map and from which there is no escape.
I've been studying Green Light for some time now.
And I understand its components and neurological effects better than anyone.
Ever since I came back alive and when I'm around people and when I look at them, it makes them tell the truth.
I don't want anything to do with you.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
Stand back! Those meta-humans are out of the pods.
Odell's gonna wanna claim them.
You are close to stabilizing the pod kids, the Markovians know it.
And if they can obtain you and force you to do the same for their meta-human army They'd be the most powerful country in the world.
I'm swearing in Black Lightning, Thunder, and whatever you're calling yourself.
The Markovian War is coming.
And Freeland is ground zero.
Maryam Luqman.
Date of birth.
April 16th, 2004.
Your enhancement? I don't know the technical name for it, but I can blend into any environment, basically making me invisible.
Like a chameleon.
When did you start using Green Light? I didn't.
I've been here almost a month and you ask me the same questions.
I go I went to a private school, Chatiers.
Most of the kids there were white, so everything about me stood out.
Kids learn about Muslims on social media and the news, and they make comments.
"Is that a bomb in your backpack?" They filled my locker with pork ribs, and they would call me names like "Bacon Slice.
" Anyway, I The school, they were having a gym party, and I wanted to go and, for the first time, my parents said that I could.
My friends and some boys, they thought it would be funny to put Green Light in my food.
Of course, I flipped out, they accused me of using drugs, kicked me out of school, and by the time that the girls could confess what they did, it was already too late.
They had already put me in a pod.
You know my name.
Devonte Jones.
Date of birth.
June 28th, 1992.
Your enhancement? I don't have no enhancements, man.
I don't got powers, I don't got none of that, man.
Look at me.
Do I look like I got enhancements? Only enhancements I got is hypertension and type two diabetes.
When did you start using Green Light? You gotta be Yo, when y'all gonna let me out of here, man? Name.
Jefferson Pierce.
Date of birth.
September 12th, Confirm.
I'm not answering another damn question until I speak to my family.
My father took me to the clinic to get the vaccine and [GRUNTS.]
Please return to your NICHE and you will be emancipated.
It's been precisely 37 days since the children escaped from their pods and most of them have not been located.
The government's reaction? Separating any suspected child from their parents, and putting them into detainment facilities like the one behind me until they've been cleared of the meta gene.
Just moments ago we were told by a source that Deputy Chief Henderson will be holding a press conference later today regarding the government's quarantine of Freeland.
We hit the streets of Freeland to see how its residents are reacting.
Where is Black Lightning? I don't see him.
I blame his black ass, that's right.
Soon as he come back, got all these soldiers rolling up in these streets, arresting anybody they want, they don't care nothin' about our community.
People just gonna have to face the fact that Black Lightning is dead.
And that Blackbird has taken his place.
She cares more about the people anyway.
And that's the overriding question in the streets.
Has Black Lightning, who appears to have abandoned the city again, been replaced by the woman people are calling Blackbird.
I'm Jamillah Olsen, for Clap Back News.
I'm scared.
- [GUARD 1.]
Easy now.
- [GIRL.]
I'm scared.
[GUARD 1.]
Back up.
This right here is an abomination.
Really is.
[GUARD 2.]
Stay where you are.
Stop now.
Get on the ground.
We will shoot you.
Light his ass up.
Ned? Ned Creegan? I prefer Cyclotronic.
Cyclotronic? [CHUCKLES.]
That's funny.
Why all you metas gotta come up with these corny ass names for yourselves? You about to give me another one of your speeches, Commander? You abandoned your sisters, your brothers, - and your country - The only time my country ever cared about me was when they found out I had powers.
Did they try and cure me? Help me? No.
They put me in every war zone on this planet, killing over and over and over again.
- You were a soldier.
- Come on.
I was a petty criminal.
Doing time for stealing a minivan.
Not a murderer, an assassin.
You made me that.
That's true.
I did.
And I have to take full responsibility.
Markovians breached the compound with a special ops strike team and one meta.
All dead.
- The children? - All accounted for.
Put Freeland on lock down.
I'm Commander Carson Williams.
You know those children aren't getting out of that place anytime soon.
And maybe you guys are used to seeing this kind of stuff, but I'm not.
That was a war zone back there.
That Cylophonic, tronick, whatever the hell his name was, he was trying to get to those kids.
And we're just riding back like nothing happened? Some of those children came from the clinic.
Is that a coincidence? Betty, you are a nurse.
Just do your job.
How they got there, what happens to them is up to the government, not you and not me.
Has the clinic become one more place to identify metas, then turn them over to the government? We were there with the good Reverend and the Congresswoman to make sure the government is treating those children humanely and according to the law.
You think that's humane, collars on their necks like dogs? Anissa, you're okay with this? Of course not.
- Stop the van.
- Betty, wait.
I'm not gonna be a part of this, it's wrong, Anissa.
It's wrong, that thing attacked the facility for a reason, and these idiots, including this bitch sitting in the front seat of this van, know more than she's telling us.
Those are children being separated from their families.
And ain't no telling what happened to their parents.
Betty, don't.
Betty, what, are you gonna walk? Betty.
Betty, come back.
The door is open if you wanna follow her.
I don't give two shakes of a lamb's ass what you need or what you want.
There's no way I'm going on television and letting myself or this department become the face of your experiment gone wrong.
You will follow orders, Deputy Chief.
I'm not a part of your damn army.
You and everything, from the heavens to the smallest crawling thing in this stain on the map you call a city, is under my command.
And either you will follow orders, or I will find the next person in line for your job do it, fire your black ass, and make sure you don't find another job until you've defaulted on your mortgage, your daughter's school tuition dries up, and your wife leaves you.
- Hey.
Hey, enough.
Get off of me.
I'm guessing you don't understand the situation, Deputy Chief.
This ain't no damn street fight, this country is on the brink of war.
How we handle this crisis in Freeland will determine the future of warfare.
Now you either with us, or you with them.
News conference before the day is out.
Wait, what are you doing, they're watching? - I don't care.
I missed you.
- Oh.
Besides, I'm horny as hell.
I missed you too.
- Can we go home? Well, you gotta get out of this suit, don't you? - Yes.
- So then let me help you.
Sorry to interrupt.
What the hell is your problem? There was a Markovian attack on one of our facilities today.
They sent in a strike team and a meta to try to take the children.
Well, sounds like a personal problem to me.
Not really, Mr.
There is a clear and present Markovian threat, and until that is eliminated, we cannot allow you to leave.
Or you, Dr.
What? Whoa, law, you don't get to say a damn thing about what my wife can do.
The only person more valuable than Black Lightning at this point in time is your wife.
They already have Dr.
So consider this protective custody for your good and the greater good of the country.
Agent Odell, now I only came here because we agreed that my girls, my wife, would be left alone.
And you made the best decision for you and your family.
Yeah, well, my patience is running thin.
Believe me, you don't want to see me when I lose my patience.
I'd like to see that, just not now.
But as a gesture of good faith, - go ahead, you can take that off now.
- [BEEPS.]
Have a, um good night.
An 8:30 pm curfew begins immediately.
Anyone found on the streets of Freeland without the proper paperwork will be subject to arrest or prosecution.
Freeland PD is working closely with the ASA to help Freeland get through these extreme circumstances.
So, we ask the public to please cooperate.
If you see anything or hear anything that you feel will lead to meta engagement, - please call our hotline at 1-800-55 - [TURNS VIDEO OFF.]
It's getting worse.
God, I'm so glad Dad's coming home.
Me too.
Man, this is all so bizarre.
Code word "bizarre" confirmed.
Call Gambi.
- Calling Gambi.
Call secured.
- Girl, Gambi pimped your ride out.
- [GAMBI.]
I'm here.
- All the kids are in cages.
Metas everywhere, military everywhere, Yo, it had to be at least 50 of them.
Betty's face and Ms.
Reek's smug, satisfied face Ooh, I swear it took everything I had not to go off up in there.
We need you in that clinic, Anissa.
It's a hot spot for identifying metas, so you did the right thing.
Soon as your father gets home we'll come up with a plan for the facility to get those kids out.
Oh, and there was a new meta there as well.
He said his name was, uh, Cyclotronic? He can make things disintegrate into nothingness.
It was just like this weird black ash, then this Commander Carson Williams called the meta by his real name, uh, Ned Creegan? All of it was crazy.
I gotta go, Anissa.
I may have found a weakness in the ASA's perimeter.
Talk soon.
- [BEEPS.]
Anissa, good to see you.
Would you like for me to turn on the lights? Yes, please.
- Shonda.
- What's up? - Play Chaka Khan.
- Of course.
I will love you anyway Even if you cannot stay I think you are the one for me Here is where you ought to be I just want to satisfy ya Though you're not mine I can't deny ya Don't you hear me talking, baby? Love me now or I'll go crazy Oh, sweet thing [SIGHS.]
- Shonda.
- What's up? - Mirror, mirror.
- Of course.
Oh, sweet thing Don't you know you're my everything? - Hey.
- Hey, Uncle Gambi.
We don't have much time.
But listen, Dad was supposed to come home today.
Odell stopped by the house and said that Mom and Dad have to stay with the ASA, something about helping fight the Markovians.
Your mother's research is important to understanding and controlling these metas and your father is biologically priceless.
Odell is protecting his assets.
Okay, so what do we do? We follow the plan.
Your father can take care of himself, and your mother certainly can hold her own.
We have to continue to destabilize the ASA's presence in Freeland.
The soldier you saw at the facility is Commander Williams.
He's like your father in that he is a product of the original vaccine trials.
He's a meta that can mimic the powers of any other meta that he comes in contact with.
Sheesh, that's a hell of a power to have.
He needs a special serum to keep him healthy.
He's basically got sickle cell for metas.
The other meta you saw is exactly who Williams said he was, Ned Creegan, Cyclotronic man.
He was a part of the government's meta force project that was run by Williams.
I found an ASA convoy with metas heading to the detention center.
I need you to intercept it.
The window of opportunity is small, but will be fruitful.
Everything you need is on your computer screen.
- Jennifer all set? - Yep, she's at the house.
- Be careful out there.
- Got it.
I'll be watching.
- [THUDS.]
Down on the ground - Freeze.
I hope you all don't mind.
We gonna take us a small detour.
These days, everything's live in HD.
And we're watching it like it's a form of entertainment.
Like it's a reality show.
We see kids in cages.
We see children taken from their parents.
Some of them may never ever see their parents again.
Now, does that sound familiar to you? But the president and his administration say they're breaking the law.
What laws are these children breaking? - They say the parents are breaking the law.
- How? All the parents are trying to do is get their children out of Freeland, so that they won't be taken away because they might be a meta.
Not long ago, Jim Crow was the law of the land.
Laws are not infallible, my dear.
Remember that.
Listen, I gotta stop now.
Just one more question.
Blackbird stole a bus transporting people.
No one knows what happened to those people, and several soldiers are near death.
What do you think about her actions? We don't know what happened to Black Lightning, if he's dead.
We don't know what happened to Thunder.
But it is good to know that we have somebody out in them streets fighting for the people.
Even though she's breaking the law? See, there you go with that "law" again.
I'mma pray for you, sister.
Thank you, Reverend Holt.
It's good to see you.
I was just talking about you.
You're a celebrity now, young lady.
Everybody's a celebrity nowadays, Rev.
I don't know about that.
- Yeah.
Be ready, we'll get them through and across soon.
It's gotta be soon.
Room is getting crowded, and a room full of scared meta children ain't a good combination.
I hear you.
People are saying Black Lightning's dead.
Feels like he is in here.
Excellent work.
How's everyone holding up? Oh, we gotta get them out of Holt's church, ASAP.
It's getting crowded, and a lot of them are losing their faith and their patience.
The hole in the perimeter should be big enough by tomorrow night.
All right, good.
You, uh, you had something you wanted to show me? I picked this up a few moments ago.
Cap, I, uh what the hell? [CAPTAIN.]
Spit it out, Barnes.
Uh, Cap, a leopard just ate Sergeant Thomas.
A what? - [BARNES.]
A leopard.
It just ate, Sergeant - [GROWLING.]
It was a little odd to say the least, so I took a look around.
That's Grace.
Another one? Yeah.
Thank you.
You were at the detention center today with the clinic delegation.
Sorry, I'm I'm Jamillah Olsen.
I'm a reporter for Clap Back News.
In town, I thought, for a couple of days, but now that no one can go in or out, kinda stuck.
You always come to bars lookin' for stories? No.
I come to bars looking for a beautiful woman like you to talk to.
Talk? - Yeah, talk.
- Okay, so you shooting your shot.
You're a reporter? Indeed.
So, if you're trying to find somebody who doesn't want to be found, how do you go about that? Depends on the person.
You trying to find someone? [LAUGHING.]
I am.
I don't usually do this kind of thing.
I'm not judging.
- I don't do it that often.
- Okay.
I mean I'm just saying that Damn it, woman, this is not an interview.
Okay? Just nervous, I guess.
Don't be.
Come here.
You okay? Yeah.
That didn't sound very convincing.
When I went to the bar I was hoping to Run into your ex, Grace? Right, I told you.
Now I'm here with you, and it's like, what am I even doing? Like [SIGHS.]
It's called loneliness.
That's why you're here.
I suffer from it as well, and you shouldn't feel bad for wanting a cure, because it hurts.
No pressure, but I'm here if you ever want to get another drink or talk.
'Cause whatever this is it's good.
I've been talking to some of the people in the community.
They think the clinic is being turned into a place where they identify possible metas for the government.
You know people think a lot.
Like I thought I thought that reporters dealt in facts, not rumors? Ouch.
Where is she? All right.
This damn girl.
Please step in.
You winning or losing? Excuse me? You winning or losing? I always win.
You mind if I sit down? Yeah, go for it.
What's your name? Jennifer.
Jennifer, it's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
I guess if there's a bright side to all these police and soldiers being around, it's at least we can walk the streets without worrying about the 100.
There is that, but you aren't afraid they may pick you up one day, put you in a camp? [CHUCKLES.]
Okay, real talk? I'm like crazy paranoid about it.
Get in.
I said get in.
Oh, it's over, buddy.
Good night.
Man Turn that damn thing off.
What the hell is wrong with you? Uncle Gambi did not make that cloaking device so you could be running the streets.
You do know that there's a curfew? Okay, so you just gonna not, you ain't gonna say anything.
- It hurts, Anissa.
- What? It hurts.
My powers, they're growing inside of me.
And if I don't use them, it hurts.
Who was that boy? He was nobody.
I met him at the pizza joint, okay? He was walking me to the metro, that's it.
Look, I know all of this is hard for you.
You can't be just a regular teenager.
All that drama since we was in that motel has robbed you of any kind of normalcy.
You don't deserve this.
We don't always get what we deserve.
That's true.
But, Jen, you can't be out here like this.
You don't know if that boy's a spotter or what.
We don't know when Odell plans on letting Mom and Dad out.
All we got is us.
It's way too dangerous.
I'm telling you right now if I lose you, - I'm gonna lose my mind, girl.
So please, Jen, for real.
If you need to go out again, just let me know.
Promise me that.
I promise.
- I promise.
- All right.
Come here.
- It's cool.
You know, the test the experiments they did on me, must have opened a door in me in some kind of way.
Well, you've always been able to see through Yeah, but not without the suit.
Gambi's tech was always interfacing with my powers.
This This vision comes from within.
Like, naturally clearer.
Tobias? In a bad shape.
Doesn't look like he's gonna make it.
Issa? Oh, he looked fine.
I need to talk to Odell.
I need to see Issa.
Lynn, you can't do that.
The first thing he's gonna want to know is how you found out.
Well, I'll lie.
And if he uses Issa to make you answer? [BLUES MUSIC PLAYING.]
You okay? [TOBIAS.]
I'm dying.
How? Old age.
Time catching up to me.
Where is the briefcase? Where's the briefcase? Hidden.
Where? Where? I don't know.
Ask him again.
Where's the briefcase? I don't know.
When's the last time he saw the briefcase? When's the last time you saw the briefcase? When that bitch Lightning came flying through my window.
What's in the briefcase? What's in the briefcase? I don't think you wanna know.
Why? Because what's in it can Ask him again.
What's in the briefcase? [GRUNTS.]
Proctor wasn't a rogue agent.
He was always meant to be a scapegoat.
Proctor was working directly under orders from Odell, who received his orders from POTUS.
Odell was sent to Freeland to follow three orders.
Obtain all meta subjects.
Turn the metas into weapons.
And clean the Freeland project of anything and anyone who could link POTUS to the program.
You're gonna kill me.
So you can read minds now? No.
Snakes bite.
A lot of wisdom for a kid like you.
I stopped being a kid as soon as I got these powers.
Wish I had a choice.
Your powers are simple but devastating, and the truth is so rare and so dangerous.
I thought you came to kill me? I did.
I want to know what Issa is doing here.
He's here because the Markovians have no more use for him.
Markovians? Yes, Mrs.
Pierce, the Markovians.
The people I told you we were at war with, the people who are trying to destroy our country, the people who want to either enslave or murder your children, Mrs.
Yes, the damn Markovians.
It's been, as they say, one of those days.
They kidnapped him from his sister's home, tortured him for information that he didn't have, and left him for dead.
What? I know this is hard.
You cared deeply for him.
If you'd like, you can say your goodbyes before we turn him over to his family.
I'd like that.
Thank you.
I'll make it happen.
Where the hell are we? [WHISPERING.]
Quiet! I told you, people are listening.
Don't be shushing me.
I'm a grown-ass man, and I want to know where the hell are we going? [SOFTLY.]
There are voice-activated sensors in these woods.
If you value your daughter's life, you'll shut the hell up.
This could be some kind of setup, y'all.
We don't know who's behind this mask and who she could be working for.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Guys, come on.
Let's go, quick.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Jen? Yeah, we're still clear.
Oh, damn! Hey.
You got 'em coming from all sides and fast.
Stand down.
Is she all right? [DOOR SLAMS.]
Not the right move, Jen.
- Jen! - What? The Markovians are hunting down any metas they can get their hands on.
Uncle Gambi, you saw them blow Anissa through that hole.
She could be dead.
She could be.
She could be.
But we just have to wait, do this the right way, so we don't endanger her, you, or your parents.
What's the point of having powers if I can't use 'em? I know this is tough, but this is part of your training, probably the toughest part.
What do we need to do? You go home, we wait.
If we don't hear from Anissa by tomorrow, we come up with a plan to bring her back across.
Pierce, uh, Dr.
Stewart, I know what you must think of me, and to be honest, it's probably all true.
But what is also true that your chances of dying a natural death are not good.
You come from a family of metas and the Markovians are hunting you.
So, believe me when I say that you and your family are in the best hands possible.