Black Spot (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

En abyme

1 [sinister music playing.]
[heavy panting.]
[faint whispering in the wind.]
- [Fuchs gasps.]
- [squeaking sounds.]
[Fuchs shouts.]
BLACK SPO [voices speaking.]
How is he? [Nounours.]
Lots of blood, but it's just a surface wound.
Leila said we could go see him.
Good thinking, calling the fire department.
- They're not back yet? - No.
No, the dude says his girlfriend is still stuck in that cave.
It's like a goddam labyrinth, could take hours - His girlfriend? - Yeah [Fuchs.]
I'm telling you, it was there, right behind me! [Fuchs.]
I could feel it I don't know what it was.
I'd never been so scared! [Leila.]
But you're unscathed You're not listening! Nathalie's still down there with that thing! OK.
Hold still.
The firefighters are doing the best they can.
We need her full name.
Her name is Nathalie Duval.
Any relatives we need to inform? I don't know her family.
We haven't been together that long.
She moved in with me a month ago.
Do you often go spelunking? No.
It was my first time.
She said she knew the way, but we got lost [sinister music playing.]
Then that thing got close to us I could feel its claws its paws that were groping for us in the darkness.
We've got to do something Please.
Help me You're gonna be OK.
[inaudible speech.]
Some days I'd rather deal with corpses.
What do you make of it? The man's raving.
He's still under shock [Leila.]
His parents died in January.
He was depressed.
Perhaps he had some kind of fit.
He took over the farm with his brother.
No, his brother runs things, he just secluded himself in his parents' house.
He also drinks a lot.
At Sabine's, he got in a fight, and I had to knock him out with a bottle.
- Really? - Yeah.
Almost full.
You think he's been drinking? [Leila.]
He denies it, but I'll test his blood.
[phone vibrates.]
[sinister music playing.]
- [Laurène.]
So? - [Bertrand.]
It's been like this since this morning.
We'll find the virus.
Give it some time.
That symbol I've seen it across town.
- Is there any message? - No, that's it.
They must think it's funny I'll see what I can do There was an accident in the cave.
- How bad is it? - I don't know yet.
I should seal the entrance.
A lawsuit, that would be Let's keep each other posted.
[door opens and closes.]
Hi Gérald, how does it feel being back? [Gérald.]
Laurène? Let's talk about that district attorney.
He's been asking a lot of questions about us.
I don't like that.
So, you're losing sleep over this? You have nothing to hide, right? He needs to be taught manners.
I'm the reason you run this brigade, remember? In spite of your hand.
Never forget this.
What am I supposed to do? Keep him busy.
Here's an idea: he could find Marion.
[sinister music playing.]
[door opens and closes.]
- [lively music playing.]
- [Sabine.]
Here you go.
There are no traces of peanut oil, nuts, almonds, soy, sesame or wheat? Enjoy.
Don't you have an office somewhere? Why would I waste any time commuting? This is where crazy stuff happens.
And your establishment is growing on me.
No roosters to wake us up That's because they were all eaten by the crows.
- Interested in the Steiners? - They're part of the local landscape.
And they've been pretty busy lately.
They shut down the sawmill, sold their slaughterhouses Is it the recession? Don't you worry about them.
They've got their hand in everything.
Gérald Steiner owns this bar.
- You work for him.
- Hm-mmm.
We have shouting matches at the Town Council.
If I were you, I'd check this area out.
Lots of people moved out last month.
I didn't travel so far just to eat tomatoes and be manipulated.
What are you not telling me? Maybe I just want to watch them crush you like the others.
We spent four hours down there, it's all we found.
- Is that all? - Yup.
Fuchs could've lost it when he got hurt No other footprints aside from his.
You're sure you looked everywhere? There was nobody down there.
- She could still be in danger - Listen Laurène, I got injured because of your bullshit.
So, if I say we did our job, it means we did our job! Hey, calm down That dude's been screwing with us.
Let me tell you, I won't go back.
A bit of a douche, but he knows his job They all said nobody's down there.
I say it's a mistake to stop the search.
Well, then Did you get in touch with the woman's family? [crow squawking.]
What? What's the matter? [Hermann.]
It would be nice to identify her first.
I called all the women named Nathalie Duval in the region, and none of them are missing.
Do we have a number, the name of her boss? No, the number doesn't work and at her "workplace", nobody ever heard of her.
The guy who rents out caving gear, says Fuchs came alone to his shop.
So, where the hell is that girl? Maybe she doesn't exist.
[sinister music playing.]
[faint whispering.]
I picked up all the books about symbols Anything about these trees? [Cora.]
No, but I'll keep looking.
New ones pop up all the time.
You're supposed to be training.
- [Rudy.]
Don't you have a competition soon? - Rudy, seriously, who cares? [Cora.]
Come on, help me! We'll go faster.
Look at this.
The only one I found - is the tree of life.
- [Rudy.]
Wow, that's great.
It comes from Celtic and Nordic myths.
As for the "A" -shaped trees I still don't understand The anarchy symbol? [Roman.]
You're no run-of-the mill-bookworms.
You don't look like a librarian either.
Tell that to the judge who sent me here.
So you're a bad boy, huh? [Cora shrieks.]
See, I'm doing a dangerous job.
Aren't you supposed to be working? "Hello, I'm Roman, I'm here to help you guys.
Check out this month's selection.
" You got a tough girlfriend.
- She's not my girlfriend.
- [unsettling music playing.]
I'm not lying.
Y'all think I'm crazy.
I'll show you she really came here! Nothing in your story adds up.
What? Nothing in your story adds up.
My girl's dying down there and you're gonna waste time? - Let's go check that thing out.
- She does exist! Why would I make it up? Fuck! [Fuchs.]
I'm positive it was here.
It was here.
Oh shit.
It has to be there.
Dammit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! [Fuchs.]
It was here.
I can't believe it.
Her stuff was right here, I Fuck! Fuck! Fuck [sinister music playing.]
It's all gone.
My phone.
My phone.
Here it is.
I'll call her.
You'll hear her voice [Laurène.]
We tried that number.
It's not in service.
[automated voice over phone.]
The pictures.
The pictures.
Hold on.
I took hundreds of pics.
I'll find them.
It doesn't make any sense.
Does anybody else know her? [squeaking sound.]
I'll be right back.
- I found his chick.
- Very funny.
I mean, come on, what can we do? Look at all this.
The guy's off his rocker! So what? Doesn't prove anything.
Well, it proves he never had a girlfriend! That's what it proves.
Enough with that bullshit already.
So? Did you find anything? I don't get it - Let's go back to the hospital - Don't touch me! - Calm down.
- I held her in my arms I kissed her, for fuck's sake Relax, you'll be OK.
[faint whispering.]
You're the one who deleted the pics.
What? You deleted these pictures now she's dying alone in that cave, all because of you! Because of you! - Calm down! - [Fuchs shouting.]
Calm down Relax [Nounours.]
Relax! You're not helping me! What do you want me to do? There I hate doing this.
What are you doing to my brother? They need a family member to sign this.
Is it what's best for him? [man.]
You know, I got used to his fits.
He needs help.
I'm on the other side of the property, I can't watch him 24/7.
He just won't leave our parents' house Did he ever mention that Nathalie girl? No [man.]
I'm not surprised he made her up.
He's so lonely.
We're always busy with the livestock, the harvests, the pens that need fixing We don't have time to go to nightclubs or TV shows so we can meet people.
We got to go.
The hospital will keep you posted.
By the way, I heard about a fight at the Eldorado.
- Can we go now? - Nothing serious just some drunken behavior.
He had a fight with Gaspard Bellan.
He works for the Steiners.
Laurène! I'll drive.
What do you want? [Gaspard Bellan.]
I'm just looking around.
Do you have a decision to make? [Vanier.]
We didn't know the offer was from you guys.
It's a substantial sum, you shouldn't overthink it.
Doesn't matter.
I'm still not interested.
I get it.
Better watch out for your kid This road's a real danger.
[sinister music playing.]
We'll call in Bellan tomorrow morning.
If we got to go and see him every time he stirs shit, let's just get him a desk next to mine.
What's the link between the cave and the girl? [Nounours.]
For god's sake! There's no link, because there is no girl! [Nounours.]
You need to accept that.
We can't always follow your weird hunches.
- Are you done now? - No, I'm not done.
I mean, did you see where he lives? [Nounours.]
It's like the set of Psycho.
No wonder he went nuts.
- I can't believe it - [Nounours.]
What? Over there [Laurène.]
That's Siriani.
What the hell is he up to? I don't even want to know.
[water running.]
Is it true that a woman went missing in the cave? No.
Turns out we were wrong.
- Are you sure? - [Laurène.]
- Why? - I don't know.
Just a feeling.
I felt something this morning.
Like a gut feeling.
Does it ever happen to you? From time to time I'm not sure it's worth looking too much into it.
This book mentions the local cave system.
It was used for group burials by Celtic tribes.
My parents loved that kind of stuff.
- Why did you bring these books? - A class project.
At least you'll stay out of trouble [sinister music playing.]
ARDUINNA I'm going to bed - [Cora.]
Good night! - Good night.
[sinister music playing.]
[faint whispering.]
How were the fields yesterday? Hello, Major.
Yeah, I got a bit lost.
Nothing to see anyway.
It's already been sold.
I know.
- So, what were you doing there? - Me? I'm looking for a lady who doesn't exist.
Aren't we all? I heard you called in that tough guy who works for the Steiners.
- Bellan? Yes.
- Yes.
And? I thought maybe you needed some help.
Fuchs was dead drunk that night.
He assaulted me, I just defended myself.
And you didn't see him since? No.
I got a life.
Do you know much about caving, Gaspard? Wait, what are you saying? I went down that cave to take care of him? You gotta be crazy to want to go down there.
You do enjoy hanging out nearby.
Must be the clean air.
Several neighbors of the Fuchs brothers crossed your path recently.
[phone ringing.]
Well, it's a small town.
What's unusual is your effect on people: they all moved out They all sold their property to a property company based in Luxembourg, ACSI.
Do you know who runs it? - [Bellan.]
No - [Franck.]
I don't either, I couldn't find out.
But I'll bet that's why you had a fight with Olivier Fuchs.
That's bullshit.
He wouldn't sell his parents' house, so you nudged him a bit.
I have no connection to that company.
That's true.
The job you've been doing for 13 years, for the Steiners, is "technical director".
What does that entail? I solve technical problems.
[phone ringing.]
I know they're behind all this.
You're making sure nobody refuses their offers.
Just like with the Vaniers, whom you visited yesterday.
You threatened the son! A little kid on a bike Now that's what I call a tough guy! I'm gonna tell you something My sister got killed by a bad driver.
She was riding her bike.
I've been asking for years for road signs in the turns.
I'd never threaten a kid, they all know that around here [unsettling music playing.]
except for you.
That's enough.
[door opens and closes.]
That was uncalled for.
Look, Major You come here, nobody knows you, and you sling gross accusations Luxembourg? It's a real country, you know? Plenty of stuff outside of Villefranche.
Don't you mess up my world, then! The company bought lots of property thanks to your mayor friend Oh, I get it You want to take down the Steiners.
Is that you golden ticket home? Go ahead, open an investigation.
You know that will lead nowhere.
The question is: are you in on it or are you just blind? They're up to something.
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
Why would I need your help? I've been watching you, Major.
Things revolve around you here, but You're lonely.
[sinister music playing.]
Sign here Next time I can show you the cells.
I know you'd love that, fucking faggot.
- What? What did you say? - [Bellan.]
Some say it's all normal, but I can't stand it.
Makes me want to puke.
Makes me want to hurt you.
Just like that Fuchs faggot How the hell did he get himself a chick? What chick? You're into chicks now? What chick? I asked a question, got it? What chick? Hey, hold on The night I kicked his ass, a car came over to pick him up.
A blonde chick came out and kissed him.
All right? Get the fuck out of here [door opens and closes.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
We should've believed him, instead of sending him to a mental hospital.
Help me convince the firefighters.
No! We can't send them back down there! We don't know if we'll find anything There's a girl.
Bellan saw her.
She's been trapped for 24 hours, let's try! Bellan saw a woman.
That doesn't prove anything at all.
I'm sorry Laurène, but it's a "no".
You could've told me you were interrogating him.
That's not part of my job.
By the way, does a company named ACSI ring a bell? What are you talking about? The attorney got that into your head? You didn't answer the question.
We sold properties to them in order to fund municipal projects.
Things are tough for the town.
I'm doing my best.
You don't believe me? - I'm going down there.
- OK.
I'm not asking you to join me.
Hermann's waiting for us with the gear.
Don't you think it's crazy? - I do.
- [car engine starts.]
[unsettling music playing.]
Is this the midget-sized harness? Yeah.
Down there, the walkie-talkies won't work.
You'll be on your own - You gonna be OK? - Yeah, don't worry.
You have three hours until I send the Cavalry.
Remember, fallen rocks can wobble.
Can you say something uplifting now? [Hermann.]
Of course! If you see the monster, take a picture Funny guy.
You good? [sinister music playing.]
I found out what the "A" is.
Nutjobs called "The Children of Arduinna".
That's the Celts' fauna and flora goddess.
Usually, they only use the "A" as their signature.
Yeah, right.
Such poets.
[Cora sniggers.]
Yeah, poets that like playing war.
They've been sabotaging construction sites since the '70s, across France.
That's weird.
They're like super old.
Well, they're in Villefranche now.
Do you think it's connected to Marion? I don't know, but they're here for the Steiners.
Taking Marion was the best way to hurt the mayor.
Rudy, I'll call you later, OK? [Rudy.]
- OK.
- Mwah.
[water dripping.]
I'm not gonna lie.
I have no idea where we are.
It's so cold down here.
[woman gasps.]
[faint whispers.]
[woman sighs.]
Laurène! What? Check this out [Laurène.]
Two sets of footprints Men-sized shoes on that side, - and smaller ones here - Fuchs wasn't alone.
They must've gone that way.
A new path just opened up! [Nounours grunts and groans.]
[Nounours gasps.]
[woman wailing.]
- Did you hear that? - [Nounours.]
What? [woman speaks.]
[grunting and groaning.]
- [Nounours.]
Are you OK? - [Laurène.]
Come on.
[suspenseful music playing.]
The tracks split here.
One of them went back.
The small ones keep going.
There could be another exit.
Yeah, maybe What I do know, is I need a break.
If I don't loosen this up, I'll sing falsetto.
[woman sobbing.]
I'll be right back.
Don't stray too far [woman sobbing.]
[faint whispering.]
[woman shrieks.]
[Laurène coughs.]
[Laurène screams.]
Laurène! [music intensifies.]
[music abates and stops.]
Leila, I panicked down there, first time it ever happened.
Every man goes through this, darling.
At least you didn't see the monster.
What? What happened? I don't know what it was.
I couldn't tell the others.
I felt something cold, [unsettling music playing.]
freezing swarming near me in the darkness.
[heavy groaning and panting.]
[woman wailing.]
[faint whispering.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[woman sobbing.]
[music intensifies.]
Marion! Wait! Don't do this! Marion, it's me, [somber music playing.]
Laurène Remember me? It's over [Laurène.]
Wait, I'll help you.
It's over.
We're going home.
I'll take you home.
[squeaking, scurrying sounds.]
He's coming! - Huh? - [Marion.]
He's coming.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Who? Who's coming? Tell me! [Marion screaming.]
Marion! Laurène! [unsettling music playing.]
Laurène! [heavy breathing.]
- [Nounours.]
Sir? - Adjutant Ferrandis.
Pardon me, but I couldn't help following you.
- Laurène needs help! - [Franck.]
I know.
I didn't come for her.
What are you talking about? Move over! I noticed the way you look at me.
- What are you talking about? - [Franck.]
I'm not bothered.
You fancy me, I fancy you, no need to lie to ourselves.
No one can see us.
No one can hear us.
Let the stallions of pleasure bray.
[music intensifies.]
[screaming and shouting.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[music intensifies.]
- [Laurène.]
Take my hand - [unsettling music playing.]
[Marion sobbing.]
Trust me We need to get out of here It's all over [Nounours.]
Laurène? Laurène? Stop this! Stop! [screaming and shouting.]
- [Nounours.]
It's me! - Marion! No! No! - [Nounours.]
There's no one here.
- [Laurène.]
I saw her.
There's no one here, we're hallucinating.
There's no one here.
- [unsettling music playing.]
- [Nounours.]
What's that bag? Stop! [somber music playing.]
Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, I beg you, I beg you! [Laurène.]
She's down here! She's down here! [Laurène.]
Let me get back down there, goddammit! [Laurène crying.]
What are you doing? Stop [Laurène.]
She's down there, I swear [Laurène.]
Listen Listen to me [Laurène.]
You have to do it.
I saw her, I saw her I was holding her, I saw her It was all over [calming music playing.]
I was so scared.
All this for a fucking backpack.
There's a card.
Nora Littardi.
No need to look for Nathalie Duval then.
What happened down there? Honestly, I don't know.
She must've gone the same way we did and found an exit.
What do you have? Five convictions for fraud.
Every single time, she fleeces dudes she pretends to love and then she disappears [Hermann.]
If she's a pro, she's gone [Nounours.]
Why Fuchs? He barely scrapes by.
- He's got nothing - His parents' farm.
Except it can only be sold if both brothers agree to it.
[clock ticking.]
[unsettling music playing.]
- What do you want now? - Where is she? - Who? - Nora Littardi.
Or Nathalie Duval, whatever.
Where is she? [Laurène.]
Is she gone? Stop playing games with us.
We know you were at the hospital to get your brother to sign Because you're selling the house Hey, you were ready to let him die down there! You know nothing! We're saddled with debt.
I've been working my ass off for two years while he was just clinging to that house.
That offer was our only way out! [Fuchs.]
All I wanted was to start all over again with Nora! She conned you, Mr.
No What we had was real.
Getting rid of Olivier was her idea You're not the first guy she conned.
Are you supposed to meet her somewhere? She said we were doing this for us.
She came here when she got out of the cave.
I thought it was all good, but she started saying crazy stuff, - just like my brother - Is she here? I loved her We were supposed to elope.
So I checked the plane tickets There was only one ticket.
That bitch was going to leave me here! Drop the ax! Mr.
Fuchs, what did you do? She'll stay by my side forever.
She'll stay by my side forever [sinister music playing.]
[crows squawking.]
Right under our noses the whole time It was gross I almost puked.
A disappointing end [Leila.]
How come you all went nuts in that cave? [Nounours.]
I don't know.
There was something on the rocks, moss or lichen [Leila.]
It could be hallucinogenic.
We should test it Too bad the mayor's sealing the cave entrance.
That's another unusual event to add to the list.
I'm serious, it looks like the ecosystem is reacting to something, right? Yeah.
- So, what was it like, Teddy Bear? - [Nounours.]
What? What was it like? What did it feel like? I didn't feel anything.
Perhaps it has something to do with my body mass [lively rock song playing.]
What's with the weird look? - Sorry.
No reason Sorry - [Franck.]
I'm looking for Major Weiss.
Sorry [Nounours exhales.]
What? - Nothing - Nothing The sale of the Fuchs house was notarized The Steiners always get what they want.
Did you think about my offer? Yeah.
You'll be fighting that battle on your own.
I'll do my job when you find evidence.
In the meantime, I belong to no one.
Can I have some beers to go? You'll have to choose sides eventually.
- Don't you see there's something going on? - Add that to my tab.
- Peanuts? - No thanks.
[crows squawking.]
[soulful song playing.]
I've already had a few.
You'll have to drive me home.
I heard things got hairy down there.
We don't need to talk about it.
Does it hurt? A couple more beers and I'll be fine.
I know you don't tell me everything.
I can't even hate you for it.
Oh but it's - You remember? - Are you kidding me? - You loved that! - You too! Do you remember the - Do you have anything left? - No I'm old now, too old for all this [inaudible speech.]
[music muffles in headset.]
BEL BRIETTE CAMPING SITE [sinister music playing.]
Let me go! Let me go! [Cora.]
Let me go! [Cora.]
Let me go! Subtitle translation by Thomas Isackson