Black Summer (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


I'm not gonna rape you.
OK? Trust me, I'm one of the good guys.
I don't do this kind of thing.
I promise, I got a family.
They're in Texas, huh! With my sister.
I hope.
Hey, you speak English? What about you? Yeah.
Yeah, I speak English.
You got a family? On the East Coast.
Husband? No, no.
Probably not.
But, um I'm not I'm not a dead weight out here.
I know how to handle myself.
I survived six weeks without him.
If you can get me to the stadium, I can help 'cause I know people, people who can help.
And, uh, I can pay.
Hey, hey, alright.
I'm I'm not gonna dump you, OK? Thank you.
You won't regret it.
I promise.
You gotta do the right thing, right? Be the the good person? - Yeah.
- I don't think any of that matters anymore, huh? [LAUGHING] [CHUCKLING] Hey.
Hey, you got a gun? No.
Hmm A gun? Hey.
Look in the glove.
Look out! Shit! Navigate.
I I wish I had my glasses.
We need to stay near the 118, huh? Yeah.
Hmm Take it about 10 miles 'til we hit the 112 and take it to downtown.
I-I'm just trying to figure out where we - where we are.
- We just passed Bennington.
- I wish I had my damn glasses.
It-it-it's just [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] - What?! - In two "block.
" Two, two, two blocks? - Two? Two blocks.
- Yeah.
- Keep your eye on the road.
- Left.
- Two blocks from what? Left? - Keep your eye on the road! - Two blocks, turn left? - [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] - You're sure? - [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] Alright.
[SPEAKING KOREAN] What? What? The truck? Have they been following us the whole time? [SPEAKING KOREAN] What the fuck do you want? [SPEAKING KOREAN] What? Gas? Do you think they want our gas? I think she's right.
Motherfuckers! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - [INSECTS BUZZING] - [BIRDS CALLING] Should we help them? Hey.
Only if you want to get shot.
[MAN SCREAMING] [PEOPLE SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] [MAN]: Run, run! Run! Run! [GROWLING] [INDISTINCT TALKING] [WOMAN SOBBING] - [WOMAN SCREAMING] - Go, go, go! - Go, go, go! - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - [MAN]: Go! Go! - [WOMAN]: Get away from me! - HELP! - Come on! [DISTANT MAN]: Oh, fuck! Get off of me! Oh, shit! - [DISTANT WOMAN]: Fuck! - [DISTANT MAN]: Get off her! Get off her! Fuck! Let her go! [WOMAN SCREAMING] [ZOMBIE ROARING] - Shit! - [WOMAN SCREAMING] Fuck! [WOMAN ROARING AND SNARLING] This road sucks.
We gotta get off this road.
No, no, no, no, no! No! [SPEAKING KOREAN] I know this isn't the road, but I'm trying to find another one.
[WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] - No, it doesn't matter.
- [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] It doesn't matter.
Look, this road is shit! [SPEAKING KOREAN] No! No, no, look.
Give me that.
Give me the map.
This road, I know this area, OK? Let the man drive, OK? I know my way around here.
I used to work around here.
- [CLANKING] - What the fuck was what?! OH, MY GOD! Son of a bitch! What the fuck?! [SCREAMING IN KOREAN] - Where are they coming from?! - Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - Watch out! - Ah! Oh, God! - Look out! - Heads up! Go! Oh, my gosh! - Motherfuckers! - [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] Faster! [TIRES SCREECHING] - Faster! - I'm trying! I'm trying! We're good! We're good! - No, we're not good! - We're good! - No.
- We're good.
- [HYPERVENTILATING] - We're good! We're good, OK? We're good.
Everybody good? We're good, OK? [GRATING NOISE] [WEIRD CLANKING] Goddamn! I'm dragging something.
Shit! - [SPEAKING KOREAN] - What? - Uh, brake, brake, brake.
- You want me to stop? - [REPEATING KOREAN WORD] - You want me to pull over? - [REPEATING KOREAN WORD] - You sure that's a good idea? [SPEAKING KOREAN] I don't think we should stop.
I'm gonna stop, alright? I'm gonna pull over.
This is too dangerous.
This looks clear.
I won't leave you.
I promise.
We'll be here.
- [SPEAKING KOREAN] - I said I won't.
Now, hurry up.
It's OK.
Be careful.
[CAR BEEPING] It's back there.
Check back there.
[GRUNT] [GRUNT] - [HONKING] - GET IN THE CAR! [HONKING] - [ZOMBIE GROWLING] - [HONKING] [DRIVER]: Get back in! Let's go! Get around! Let's go! - Son of a bitch! - No! - You motherfucker! - [SHOUTING IN KOREAN] Get off my car! - Hang on! - [GRUNTING] Hang on! Aaah! - Go! - [TIRES SCREECHING] He's not pulling off.
Not pulling off.
He's still there.
- He's still there! - You get off my car, you motherfucker! OK, be cool.
- [KNOCKING] - I think we lost him.
We're good.
We're good? You guys good? - You're good? - I don't see him.
- You're good.
- [SCREAMING] Hang on! Die, you motherfucker! Get rid of him! - Just hang on! - [ZOMBIE GROWLING] [TIRES SCREECHING] [TIRES SCREECHING] [ZOMBIE GROWLING] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - Let go, you crazy bully! - [WOMAN TALKING INDISTINCTLY] You guys, don't Fuck it! No, you motherfucker! Let me go! Let me go! Get my hammer! Grab my hammer! In the bag! Grab my hammer! Hit him in the head! Hit him in the face! Hit this motherfucker! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Let him go! [ZOMBIE GROWLING] AH! [ROARING] GET OFF, YOU MOTHERFUCKER! [TIRES SCREECHING] Fuck you! [ENGINE ROARING] [ZOMBIE ROARING] Alright.
Maybe that road sucks after all.
Hell, uh next time, I'll listen.
You know, that was the first one I ever seen so close.
Shit! Those fuckers are worse than I heard, huh? I remember the first one I saw.
It was behind a fence, so we It couldn't catch me, but it just it just kept coming after me.
Banging against the fence, like a rabid dog.
And I I remember thinking "This used to be somebody.
And now just look at him.
" He just You know, he seemed so so trapped.
I couldn't even tell if there was a real person still in there somewhere.
You know what I think? I think we're all being punished.
For everything.
For all the bad shit.
[SPEAKING KOREAN] - What? - I think you missed her turn.
Where? Back there? Shit! [SPEAKING KOREAN] And where is that? - [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] - OK.
- Left on that one? - [WOMAN SPEAKING KOREAN] It's that truck again.
- [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - Motherfucker! [ENGINES HUMMING] What do we do now? Nothing.
- Give me that hammer.
- You're going out there? No, no, no, no, no.
I don't think that's a good idea.
- [SIGHING] - Alright.
You know, I heard it was worse on the roads than on foot.
I'm beginning to understand why.
[SOFTLY]: I'm not scared of you, little bitch.
You won't win no gas.
Let's see what you got, motherfucker.
[ENGINE ROARING] - Hang on back there.
- [TIRES SCREECHING] He's still there.
He's still there.
Goddammit! [SPEAKING KOREAN] Right? Right here? Right turn here? - Yeah, yeah, you go! - [TIRES SCREECHING] Go! Go! Go! [TIRES SCREECHING] Hang on, lady.
[TIRES SCREECHING] - I think you lost them.
- Alright, alright.
Alright, relax.
- Jesus! - Please, we need your help! - Let us in! - Take us to the next checkpoint They're after us, man, let us in! - Shut the fuck up! - [ZOMBIE GRUNTING] - We got food, water! - Let us in! I'll suck your dick! Whatever you want! - Just let us in! - Open up! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] You good? Yeah.
You OK? You good? Yeah.
You got a picture in there? - "A picture"? - [SPEAKING KOREAN] Your mom? She looks like you.
Is she alive? [WORD IN KOREAN] You're looking for her? [WORD IN KOREAN] You'll find her.
Hmm? We'll go to the stadium, and you'll find her.
Mm-hmm? [SPEAKING KOREAN] You wanna hear something crazy? A few months ago I was working on those poles right up there.
Man! Shit changes, huh? William.
William Velez.
Ooh Kyungsun.
- Ooh - Kyungsun.
- Kyungsun? - Kyungsun.
- Ooh - Kyung - Kyung.
- Call me Sun.
- Sun? Sun? - Call me Sun.
Sun? That's a pretty name.
Thank you.
How about you, lady? Barbara.
Barbara Watson.
" Well, Barbara, Sun, I can't say that it was nice meeting you, huh? Ha ha ha ha! But here we are, huh? Here we are.
"Here we are.
" How much? How many bullets do you have? About one and a half clips.
How many is that? Not enough.
We need weapons, ammo.
A fucking car would be nice.
Is there someone from your unit that we can call? Contact? No.
What do you mean, no? You saw it back there.
What about the army? The-the National Guard? The CDC? There's nobody.
Like the man said, we're on our own.
Ain't that the car we saw earlier? Yeah, it's the same car but it's a different driver.
Where is her mother? [ENGINE ROARING] - Please, please, please.
- Let's go! - Come on, you gotta sing now.
- Please, I'm begging you.
- Come on, please.
- Come on.
- [SPEAKING KOREAN] - [WILLIAM LAUGHING] Oh, uh Oh, the sun shines bright In the old [WOMEN]: Kentucky road 'Tis summer - [SUN]: And the people are - [WOMEN]: Gay - The corn - The corn tops are ripe And the meadow's in the bloom - What birds? - [SPEAKING KOREAN] - Birds.
- Oh, I know birds! - While the birds - I'm good.
Make music all the day [BARBARA LAUGHING] Weep no more, my lady - AH! - [TIRES SCREECHING] Motherfucker! [BARBARA]: We can't lose this fucker! - Fuck you! - [SUN SPEAKING KOREAN] Look out! [TIRES SCREECHING] Fuck! Come on, motherfucker! Come on, you pussy! Oh, little bitch! You ain't shit, motherfucker! [SPEAKING KOREAN] - Hang on! - [TIRES SCREECHING] Fuck you, motherfucker! - Put your seatbelt on.
- AH! You like that, you bitch! [SPEAKING KOREAN] How do you like this, motherfucker? Come on, bitch! Pull over, you motherfucker! Pull over! I'm gonna fuck you up! - I'm gonna fuck your world, bra! - [SUN SPEAKING KOREAN] Come on now! Fuck! [CONTINUOUS HONK] [GRUNTING] - [SPEAKING KOREAN] - [WILLIAM MOANING] - Hey! Hey! - [ZOMBIES GROWLING] Go! [SUN SPEAKING KOREAN] - Hold the door! - Go! Come on! Please! No, no, no! Hold the door! - Please! - Go! [ZOMBIES GRUNTING AND GROWLING]